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tJSLEY. CommiTittiTe Aimeomy of Vcrtebiates, Illus. fa. as 
Text'Sook of Anatomy. 6th Edition. 1164 IHus- 
tr ation a. 515 in colors. f lo.o 

■"* ~ICH. Human Embryolagy. 6tb Edition. 190 lU 



Therapeutics, MateriA Medica and Pharmacy, i jtl 


'" ^'^edica, Therapeutics, and 



SATRB. Organic Mateiia Medica and Pharmacognosy. 4tl: 

Ed ition. 302 Illustrations. |6.oc 

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Revised and ExUarged. Illustrated. 59- o( 

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of the Eye. $50 

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IIS Illustrations. 55 5 

HIRSCH. Compend of Genito-Urinary Diseases. 3d Ed. 52. u 
8CHAMBERG. Compend of Diseases of the Skin. 

6th Edition. Illustrated. ^z.< 


Practitioner's Medical Dictionary 

3d Rcvnscd Edition containing about 70,000 medical 
word!^ pronounced and defined 

"The third edition of tliis dictionary contains, so the 
compilers estimate, 20,000 new words, and the addition 
has been made without detriment to the compactness of 
the volume by the use of thinner paper, slightly reduc- 
ing the size of the type, and omitting unnece55ar>' illustra- 
tions. The result fully justifies the labor expended on 
its production, the book as it now stands Ij^ing com- 
plete, accurate, and up-to-date, as well as very pleasant 
to handle. iJuring nine months^ constant use we have 
failed to fmd any important omission. The dictionary is 
a little more inclusive than the title implies, as, in addi- 
tion to derivations, formulae are given and the dales of 
birth and death of those who have given their names to 
diseases or symptoms. The book may be recommended 
as a desk companion to all practitioners who wish to read 
intelligently and to write accurately."— TAr Lati^ti 

Ik Cloth, I4.00. With Thumb Index, $4.50 

^^ By George M. Gould, A,M., M,D, C*The Johnson uf 
I Medical Lexicography.** — British Medical Journal)* 





40,000 WORDS 






Autht^r of Gould's Mfdicat Dictionaries 


AS the Dictionary gives the derivation^ prLPmin' 
ciation. etod definition of words, the Cyclo- 
pedia furniflhe« e«ineral information con teeming 
medical subjects, 

A CONCISE practical volume containing a vast 
amount of inforniation on medical matters, 
including Diagncjsis and Treatment of Disease, 
with Formulas and Prescriptions* Emergencies, 
Poisons and Their Antidotes, Drugs and Their 
Uses, Nursing. Surgical Procedures, Doao List 
in both English and Metric Systems^ etc» 

Second Edition 




Medical Dictionary 




THE collateral SCIENCES 



GEORGE M. GgyLD, A. M., M. D. 

practitioner's DICTIONARY." ETC. 

40,000 WORDS 





Copyright, 1920, by P. Blakiston's Son & Co. 
Reprinted with correctionB and additions, 1922, 1923 

^MINTED IN U. tl. A. 

Or 13. 


"The changes in Medical Science," says the Brit- 
ish Medical Journal, "are so rapid that it is impos- 
sible for the most determined reader of the scien- 
tific pemmican supplied by the journals to keep pace 
with them. Each step in advance entails a corre- 
sponding enlargement of medical terminology. This 
necessary evil is aggravated by the new words 
which many find needful to express their peculiar 
ideas. From these causes comes the ever-increas- 
ing output of medical dictionaries in recent years. 
The number of new editions of these that is called 
for at short intervals shows the keenness of the de- 
mand." That, despite this lively rivalry, over 
500,000 copies of Gould's medical dictionaries have 
been bought by the profession is a proof that the 
present edition of The Pocket Pronouncing Medical 
Dictionary is justified. 

The English-Chinese Lexicon of Medical Terms, 
Compiled for the Terminology Committee by Philip 
B. Cousland, M. B., C. M. (Edin.), has been pub- 
lished in Shanghai by the Publication Committee 
of the Medical Missionaries of China, and in his 
introduction Dr. Cousland says that this most 
noteworthy Lexicon *'is largely based on Gould's 
Medical Dictionary and the Nomenclature of the 
Royal College of Physicians, England." 

In selecting the many new words that are con- 
tained in this edition of The Pocket Medical Diction^ 
Oiy, care has been used to include only those of 
sound and permanent value. To increase \\ve 
scope of the hook without materially addm^ \.o \\,s 
bulk therefore has been no small task. 



Idents and physicians often have ne«d 
imentary word-book that may be slip- 
pocket for hurried reference, and to 
sing reminder of the essential mean- 
e commonly used terms. Such books 
tly made for the benefit of the pub- 
ithan for that of the consultant, and 
a condensation so great as to result 
and inaccuracy, and err especially in 
of too few words— and those of decid- 
flavor. The little volume herewith 
avoid these faults, and particularly 
oned, by containing about double the 
rds included in the ordinary pocket 
y being made up of the words of the 
literature of the day. The addition 
tables of muscles, nerves, arteries, the 
borganisms, comparison of thermo- 
L and. above all, of a dose-table com- 
from the latest and best works on 
sa, must also prove useful. 






A. . . Argon. Anterior. Anode. Accommodatioc 

JJL Ana, of each. 

Abdom. Abdomen. 

Abt. feb. Absente febre, wben fever is absent. 

Abstr. Abstractum, abstract. 

Ace Accommodation. 

A. c Ante cibtmi, before meals. 

A. C Air-conduction. Anodal cIos!a8. 

A. C. C Anodal closure contraction. 

A. C. Anodal closing odor. 

A. C. S. Anodal closing sound. 

Ad. Add. 

Ad Ub Ad libitum, at pleasure. 

A. D. . . .- Auris dexter, right ear. Anodal duration. 

Ad grat. acid. ... .Ad gratam aciditatem, to an agreeable sour 

Admoveatur, let it be applied. 

Ad pond. cm. .... Ad pondus onmium, to the weight of the whole 

Adv. Adversum, against. 

Ad a vie Ad duas vices, for two doses. 

A(. Argentum, silver. 

Afit. vas. Agitato vase, the vessel being shaken. 

Aggred. feb Aggrediente febre, while fever is coming on. 

Ah. • • Hyperopic astigmatism. 

AL Aluminitun. 

AL dieb. Alterius diebus, every other day. 

Alt. hor. Alterius horis, every other hour. 

Aly. adstrict. Alvo adstricto, the bowels being confined. 

Ahr. deject* Alvi dejectiones, the intestinal evacuations. 

Am. Myopic astigmatism. 

A. M. Metric angle. Amperemeter. 

Amp. Ampere. 

An. Anode. 

Anat. Anatomy. 

A. O Anodal opening. 

A. O. C Anodal opening contxactioo. 

A. O. O. Anodal opening odor. 

A.C^A AnodiU opemng sound. 

M' -Aqua, water. 

^ *■*'• • MtM astricta, ice 


. Aq. buU. Aqua bulliens, boiling water. 

^ Aq. com. Aqua communis, common water. 

' Aq. dast Aqua destillata, distilled water. 

Aq. f«rv Aqua fervens, hot water. 

Aq. flay. Aqua fluvii, river water. 

Aq. font. Aqua fontana, spring water. 

Aq. mar. Aqua marina, ocean water. 

Aq. niv* Aqua xdvialis, snow water 

Aq. plttv. Aqua pluvialis, rain water. 

Aq. pur* Aqua pura, jmre water. 

Arg Aigentum, silver. 

iU. Astigmatism, arsenic, auricles. 

As. H. Hypeiopic astigmatism. 

As. M. Myopic astigmatism. 

Ast Astigmatism. 

A. S. Auris sinistra, left ear. 

At. wt* Atomic weight. 

Ao« Aunim, gold. 

Av Avoirdupois. 

Az Asote (nitrogen). 

B Boxon. Magnetic induction. 

Ba. Barium. 

B. a Balneum arense, sand-bath. 

Bals Balsam. 

B. A. U. British Association unit. 

B. C Bone-conduction. 

B. D Base (of prism) down. 

Be. Beryllium. 

B. I o Base (of prism) in. 

Bi Bismuth. 

Bib. Bibe, drink. 

B. L d Bis in die, twice daily. 

Biol Biology. 

B. m Balneum maris, sea-water bath. 

B. N. A. ......... Basle nomina anatomica, the Basle am 

B. O. ........... .Base (of prism) out. 

Bol. Bolus, a large pill. 

B. P. Boiling-point. 

Br. Bromin. 

B. XT. ........... . Base (of prism) up. 

BoIL Bulliat, let it boil. 

Bttt Butyrum, butter. 

B. V. Balneum vaporis, vapor-bath. 

C. Carbon. Cubic. Congius, a gallon. 

gzade. Current. Clonus. Closuro. 
odo. Cervical. CyUndet. 
^* • - • - Ca/cium. 


..... .Calef actus, warm, let U be made wiu-m. 

..... .Capiat. let him take. 


• Cubic centimetcf. Cathodal clci«iir«. 

ft** .Cathodal closure contXBCtioo. 
■ • * * » .Cathtnlal closure clooua. 

Cubic centimeter. 

Cathodal closure tetanui. 

. . . .Cadmium. CaudaL 

. * . .Cerium. 
. . .Celsius, 

, , , .Centigrade, 

, , . .Centigram. 

,. , .Ccntimeter-gnim-MCQQd unit. 

* , .Charta, paper. 

I . . . Chartuia. a amall paper. 

t. .Cibus, food, 


. . . Centimeter. 

. . .Ctas maner to-morrow morainip* 

k. tCras inane sumeodus, to be token to-mormw 
i Xraa noctc, to-morrow nieht. 


..... .Cathodal opening contraction, 

, Cochleare, spoonful. 

.... .Cochleare amplum. a tablespoonful. 

:..... .Cochleare Jtifantis, a teaspoonful, 

. , , . . .Cochlcsare magnum, a tablespoonful. 
.... .Cochleare medium, a dessertspoonful. 

... .Cochleare parvum, a teaspoonfuU 

.. ...Cola« strain. 

I.Colaius* strained. 
.Coletur, let it be strained. 
.CoUutorium, a mouth- wash. 
.CoUyriuin, an eye- wash, 
k • « . .Coloretur, let it be colored. 
.... .Compositus, compound. 
.... .Congius, a gallon. 
► . • . .Conserva^ keep, 
. , . . .Conttnuetur, let it be continued. 
, . . , *Continuetur remedial let tb 

« * . .CoQuft 2x3/Z 

. .ChQue s^imftzm mrtem, i^cdf mctxmfhtg^ to rnJm. 
m C^yrt^jc, JbmrJc 
lai^Oiia/ <^3ejut^ iffimatm. 


k C. P. 

Chemically piire. ^| 

If Cr- , . 

, Chromium. ^M 

V Crast, 

Crastiniui. for to-morrow ^M 

1 Crys. 

CrystaL . H 


Current strength. ^M 

^^Bi. . - 

Cesittm. ^M 

B^&. . 

Cuprum^ copper, Cubic. ^H 

1 Cuj. 

Cuius, of which. ^H 

be. V. 

Cras vcspere. to-morrow evening, ^^M 


A hundredweight. *^^| 


Cyanogen. ^^1 


.Cyathus, a glaaaful. ^H 

Cyath, vin. 

Cyathus vinarius. a wine-filass ^M 


Cylinder. Cylindrical lens. ^M 


Diopter. Duration. Density. Dose. B^| 


give. Symbol for doaed circuit, H 

r D* A, H. 

Disordered action of the hrart, H 

1 D.D.. 

. Detuf ad, let it be given to H 


Decoctum. a decoction. fl 


Dccxibiiufl. lying down. B 

D« d. in d. 

De die in diem, from day to day. ^M 


Degree. Degeneration. H 


.Deglutiatur. let it be swallDwed. ^M 


Depuratus, purified. ■ 

De. R. 

. Reaction of deisjenci-ation, ^M 


Dcstilla, distil B 


Del kir, let it hvi given. ^ -H 

^Btt. in du{]., 

Det. in 'Jplo. Detur in duplo. let twice as mtflfl 


be given. 'H 

^THeb. alt. 

Diebus alterius. on alternate days. H 

Dieb. tert. 

Diebns tertius, every third day, ■ 


Digeratur, let it be digested. •■ 

DiL . 

Diluc. let it l>e dissolved. *■ 


Bilutus, dilute. B 


DiluculOp at daybneaic. H 


. Dimidius, one-hail. M 

D. in p 

Divide in partes »quale!i, divide equally. H 

1 Div. 

Divide. ■ 

b^osec atv. so 

. f uerit. Donee a] vus soluta fuerit, until the bowiifl 


are opened. ■ 


Diroctione propria, with a propcf direction. H 


Reaction of degeneration, . ■ 


Dram. ■ 


Duration tetanus. ■ 


Durante dolore, while the pain laits. ■ 


. . Emmetropia. Electromotive force. Eye. ■ 


-- Erbium. _^J 


HHrbium. ^^^^^H 


^m^-i^' ^..^^^^^l 




. .Bjusdsm. of the same, 
, « Electricity. An eleutimry. 
. . BxnbryoIoBy . 
« .Electromotive force, 
, . .Bmplastnmi, a plaster, 
. . Emplastrum vesicatorami a blister, 
. .Enema. 

. .Erbitim. External resifltance. 
, ,Exliibeatur, let it be ^iven. 
. .Extract. External 

- JHihrenhdt. Flucinn. Fonnula. Field oi 

, . Pac, make. 
. .Fahrenheit. 
, . Faradic. 

. . .Fasciculus, a bundle. 
, , ^Ferrum* iron. 

. . .Pebre durante, while the fever laits. 
,,Pemoribus int^mus, at the inner side of the 

- .Filter, 

. .Fiat lege artia, let it be done according to rule, 
. .Fluidram. 
,«Plor^, flowcra. 
. jn.uidouQce, 

. . .Fiat mistura, let a mlxttine be made. 

* . .Folia, leavee. 

. . ,Fiat potio. let a potion be made, 
I , . .Fiant piluleD. let pUls be made. 
[...F facta dosi, in di\nded do€e$, 

. . .Fruatillatim, in small pieces. 
['♦ , ,Fiat, let it be made. Fiant. let thetn hr. made. 
|il. Fiat mafisa dividenda in pUuIaa, let a ma^ be 

made and divided into pills. 
L ►.Fiat ven«iectio, let the patient be bled, 

. ,,Gargariama. a gargle. 

. . .Gadolinium. 

. . .Gdatina qua vis, in any kind of ieUy* 

■, ..Gennanium, 

»», Gamboge. 

. , .Glucinum, CXyceryL 


^^^ Gutt. quibusd Guttis quibusdam, with a few drops. 

H Hydrogen. Horizontal. Hyperopia. 

Haust Haustus, a draught. 

H. D. . i Hearing distance. 

H. D. L. W Distonce at which a watch is heard by the 

left ear. 
H. D. R. W Distance at which a watch is heard by the 

right ear. 

Hd Hora decubitus, at bedtime. 

He Helium, 

Eg Hectogram. Hydrargyrum. Mercury. 

HI Hectoliter. Latent hypermetropia. 

Hm Hectometer. Manifest hypermetropia. 

Hor. decub Hora decuHtus, at bedtime. 

H. 8 Hora somni, at bedtime. 

Ht Total hypermetropia. 

I lodin. Intensity. 

i Optically inactive. 

Id Idem, the same. 

In Indium. 

In d In die, daily. 

Inf Infunde, pour in. 

Inj. enem Injiciatur enema, let the enema be injected. 

In pulm In pulmento, in gruel. 

Ir Iridium. Internal resistance. 

J Joule's equivalent. 

Juscul Jusculum. a broth. 

K Kalium. Kathode. Electrostatic capacity. 

Ka Kathode. 

K. C Kathodal closure. 

K. C. C Kathodal closure contraction. 

K. C. T Kathodal closure tetanus. 

K. D Kathodal duration. 

K. D. C Kathodal duration contraction. 

K. D. T Kathodal duration tetanus. 

Kg Kilogram. 

^.-j Knee-jerk. 

Kl Kiloliter. 

Km. Kilometer. 

Kr Krypton or Crypton. 

K. w Kilowatt. 

L Left. Light-sense. Libra, a pound. Lith 

ium. Liter. Length. 

La. , Lanthanum. 

Lag Lagena. a flask. 

Lat. dol Lateri dolenti, to the isainful side. 

Lb Libra, a pound. 

£- D. A heft dorsoanterior position Coi tVie ie\,vLs>. 

-^ -D'P' Left dorsoposterior portion Col tVve ietu^. 


f • I i^-t t •. 

t eye, 
,.,.Le!ft frofrtoanttrior posiiion (of tbo fetu«). 
^ . « .Left Croatopoit«rkir poBitioo (of th* letus) 
, . . Xithittm. 
, ^ ,Xtbr&, a pound. 

< . . X«f t mentoanterior position (of the f etu6) . 
- - .tLeft mentoposterior position (of the fetui) . 
.,.<■, .Left occipitoanterior position (of the fetu*). 

,»Loco dolienit, to the ps^inful spot. 

.^Left occipitopostenor position (of the fetus) 

..Left sacroanterior position (of the fetus). 

..Left sacroposterior position (of the fetus)-. 

, .Strength of pole. Meter, McridieS* noon. 
Miscc, mix. Mistura. mixture. Myopia. Mille. 
Micron; the iniDiL/nth part of a meter« 

. .MiUtampcre. 

. ,}ifacemte. 

..Manipulus, a handful, 

. .Mane pnmo. early in the morning. 

, .Manipulus, a handful, 

. .Massa piluiarum, pill-inass, 

..Matutinus, in the momtnji. 

4 .Molybdenum. 

, .Let A mixture be made. 

< .Magnesium.. Milligram. 

. ,Mica panis, bread-crumb. 

. .Minim. 


..Macula lutea. 

, .Millimeter. 

. .Micromillimeter. 

. .Manganese. 

. Medical Officer. 
. . . .Molybdenum, 
. . . .Medical Officer of Health. 
. , ..Molecular weight. 
- . . .More dicto, in the manner directed* 
- . . .More aoUto. in the u^ual way. 
I . . .Masrium. 
} . ..Membrana tympanl. 
i . . .Mucilage. 
! . . ♦Hyriagram. 
U t JdyriaTneter. 

« ..Nitrogen. North pole (of a TOBguetX 
...Natrium, sodiujn. 


Ifo Number. 

foct Nocte, at night. 

foct mansq Nocte maneque, at night and in the morning. 

Non repetat Non repetatur, do not repeat. 

O Oxygen. Opening of circuit. Octarius, a 

pint. Complete lack of perception of sou nd. 


0' Both eyes. 

0. D< Ocultis dexter, right eye. 

Of Official. 

01 Oleum, oil. 

01. res .Oleoresin. 

0. m Omni mane, every morning. 

Omn. bih. Omni bihora, every two hours. 

Omn. hor Omni horn, every hour. 

Omn. noct Omni nocte. every night. 

0. n Omni nocte, every night. 

0. S Oculus sinister, left eye. 

Os Osmium. 

0. u Oculus uterque, either eye. 

Ov ^. . . .Ovum, an egg. 

Ox OxyncieL , 

Oz Ounce. ^ 

P Phosphorus. Pulse. Pupil. Pondere, by 

weight. Pharmacopeia. 

P para-. 

Part, eq Partes aequales, equal parts. 

Part, vie Partibus vicibus. In divided doses. 

Pb Plumbum, lead. 

P. c Post cibum, after a meal. 

P. C Pondus civile, avoirdupois weight. 

Pd Palladium. 

P. D Potential difference. 

PD Prism- diopter. 

Panic, cam Penicillum camelinum, a camel's-hair brush. 

Ph Index of acitity or basicity or concentration 

of hydrogen ions in a solution. 

Phar Pharmacopeia. 

PU Pilula, pill. 

PocUl Pocillum, a small cup. 

Pocul Poculum, a cup. 

Pond Pondere, by weight. 

Pot Potion. Potassa. 

P. p Punctum proximum, near^point. 

P. p. a Phiala prlus agitata, the bottle having first 

been shaken. 

Ppt Precipitate. 

J'''. PreshyofpisL. 

^ ''• Pxinctxim remotum. far-point. 

'^^' »^*t, Pro rataastatis, in proportion to t\\e aRe. 


P. f. 0. Pro re nata, when required. 

PL Pint. Platinum. 

Pol? Pulvis, powder. ' 

P. 0. Trench fever, q. v. 

Q. Electric quantity. 

Q. 1 Quater in die, four times a day. 

Q. h. Quaque hora, every hour. 

Q. 1 Quantum libet, as much as you choose. 

Q. p. Quantum placeat, at will. 

0' Q« h. Qtiaque quarta hora, every fourth hour. 

Q< I. Quantum sufficit. a sufficient quantity. 

QnadrupL Quadruplicato, four times as much. 

Qootid. Quotidie; daily. 

Q. T. Quantum vis, as much as you like. 

R* Reaumur. Respiration. Right. Ohmic 


^. Recipe, take. 

Rid. Radix, root. 

I fits. Rasure, shavings. 

Rb Rubidium. 

I It D Reaction of degeneration. 

It D. A Right dorsoanterior x>osition (of the fetus.) 

It D. P Right dorsoposterior position (of the fetus.) 

R. E '. . .Right eye. 

Rect. Rectified. 

Reg. omb Regio umbilici, region of the umbilicus. 

R* F. A. Right frontoanterior jwsition (of the fetus). 

R. F. P Right frontojKWterior position (of the fetus) . 

Rep Repetatur, let it be repeated. 

Rh- Rhodium. 

R- M. A Right mentoanterior position (of the fetus) . 

R- M. P Right mentoposterior position (of the fetus) . 

R- O- A Right occipitoanterior jjosition (of the fetus.) 

R- O. P Right occipitoposterior position (of the fetus). 

R- S. A. Rig^t sacroanterior ixjsition (of the fetus.) 

R- S. P Right sacroposterior pKxsition (of the fetus) . 

R«»- Ruthenium. 

S. Sulphur. Semis, half. Sight. Sign. South 

pole (of a magnet) . Spheric lens. 

V The thousandth part of a second. 

S.*. Sectmdtun artem, according to art or rule. 

Sat. Saturated. 

Sfc. Stibitmi, antimony. 

Sc Scanditmi. 

8c. D, A- Right 8cax>uloanterior position (of the fetus V 

8t. D. P Right scapuloposterior position (oi the iebxs.^. 

^ t>, A Left flcapuioanterior position (oi the ietue.'^ , 

^ ^' ^' Left scapuloposterior position (o! the iet\\s^ 

^ - • Scmpulmn, a scruple. 

^'^^^ sacroanterior position (of t\ve ie\u^^ . 


^^8. D. P Right sacroposterior position (of the fetus). 

i {BSe Selenium. 

jMstd Sedes, a stool. 

^ Semih Semihora, half an hour. 

dL Silicon. 

Sig Signetur, let it be labeled. 

Sing Singulorum. of each. 

S. L. A. Left sacroanterior position (of the fetus). 

8. L. P Left sacroposterior position (of the fetus). 

Sm. :Samarium. 

Sn Stannum, tin. 

S* n Secundum naturam, according to nature. 

Sol. , Solution. ' 

Solv Solve, dissolve. Specific gravity. 

Sp, Spir Spiritus, spirit. 

Sph Spheric lens. 

Sr Strontium. 

Ss Semi, semissis, one-half. 

St Stet, let it stand. Stent, let them stand. 

Stat Statim, immediately. 

Stt. Sumet, let him take. 

S.V Spiritus vini, alcoholic spirit. 

S. V. r Spiritus vini rectificatus, rectified spirit of 


S. v. t Spiritus vini tenuis, dilute alcohol, proof 


Sym Symmetric. 

Syr Syrup. 

T Temperature. Tension of the eyeball. Time. 


Ta Tantalum. 

Tab Tabella, a tablet. 

Tb Terbium, 

T. d Ter in die, three times a day. 

Te Tellurium. Tetanic contraction. 

Temp, dezt Tempori dextro, to the right temple. 

Temp, sinist. Tempori sinistro, to the left temple. 

Ti Titanium. 

T. i. d Ter in die, three times a day. 

Tinct Tincture. 

Tl ThaUium. 

Tn. Tension. 

Tr. Tincture. 

-^>*. Tritante. 

^^JA- A troche, 

7^ ^Abw ' " ^^^' ^^'*°''""- 

» . . . "UJtimum ptwacripUiBMst preflcribed. 

^"^uentum^ ointment. 



Velocity. Acuity ol 

|k . Urine* 

.Ut dictum, a» directed. 
..Intends, to be used, 
.Vjftaadlum* Volume. 

, ..Volt 

b , - Voltaic altemativs. 
..Vehiculum, a vehklf 
.Ve*ica, the bladder. 
Vesicula, Veslcatorium, a blwter. 
L. t Field of visdon. 
t*. Vibration* 
t , Vinum, wine. 
..Vitellus^ yolk. 

, . Vitello ovi aolutus. disjsolved fn yoke of egg. 
, .Volt-meter. 
. See Vit, iw, sol. 
. .Volumetric solution. 
.Ventricles. Bleeding. VeneiJcction. 
. VeniKsectJo brachsj, bleediiiK from the arm. 
.Wolframium, tungsten, Work, Watt 

« 1 


. Wave-length, 


. Ytterbium. 

. Yellow spot (of the retina). 

. ^'ttrium. 

Contraction. (Ger. /^uckufig). 
(♦..*. .2inc. 
f*,., -Zirconium. 

.Zingiber, ginger. 

• Increasing strengths of contractiOQ, 







Symbols and 

Ab- Elements. 


, breviations. 







Foramens . 






















Spirilla. ' 























Movements. . 













Weights and 






Ph3^ician's Dose 






Veterinary Dose 





Cifix sisntfyinjs want or absence of. 
nbol of anode, argon ^ accommodaiiont ant^wr, 
ntraction oLana, of each; & term used in recipes. 
, prefix siKmfying from, removed from. 
Mb^-ak-<ik. Manila hemp. 

I'ter, Abortion produced by art, ' 

Spasm of the levator palpebrve superions m ex* 
t goiter. 

neot, a}t-bd/^mon{gy. Depression, falling. 
itioa« ab-dl-ytn-a^-shuH, Physical or mental decay. 
at/'Ott-tU A girdle-shaped bandaUe^ 
on, abap-iis'-ion. The old cbniJISi^hine, 
Otis, ab-ar-ihrt/sis, Diarthrosis, q, v. 
2^, ab*aT'ti^-U'laT. Away from a joint. 
i^tioil. 1. Diarthrosis^ q.v^ 2. A dislocation. 
V-w-ah. Motor incoordination in walking, 
, a*baf-mimt. DeCTease of pain or disease. 
aUwo/^ A slaughterhouse. 
aks'-t-al. Not situated in the line of the axis. 

atof or Conden^ser, A system of lenses attached to 
(cppo for condensing the light upon an object. An 
'm, ApocJtromat'ic* See Apochromatic Lenses, 
^t'cut Rings. Oval catgut rings for intestinal anasto- 
K A.*i Opera'tioD* lateral anastomosis of intestines with 

Lrden's Tests. Sero-dlagnosia tfists for (1) pregnancy, (21 
sr, (3) dementia prsecox. 

in, ait-'d</'mm. The belly ; the cavity in the body between 
lon^ and the pelvis. A., Pend'tilouB, a relaxed conditioa 
1 abdominal walls. 

\xud. Pertaining to the abdomen. A. An'^euryiin, anett* 
of the abdominal aorta, A. Aor'ta, the aorta below tha 
ixagm* A. Band' age. A* Biod'erp a support for the ab- 
!^ walls. A. Breathing. See A. Respiration. A. Car'- 
^cavity within the peritoneum. A. Cans' Ua, the semi* 
Hanglia, q, v. A. Getta'don. See A. Pr«inancy. K. 
^nascle-tmcingB on the abdominal walls. A, 'ML>jaf cift.%, 
£9cleM of the bciiy-waJi, A. Phtbl'ii*, tu\>eTCuWt AHaieafl* 






of the bowels oi peritoneum. A. Preg'nancy, extrauterine 
fetation in the belly-cavity. A. Re' flex, involuntary spasm 
of the abdominal muscles. A. Re'gions, the clinical divisions 
of the abdomen. A. Respira'tion, respiration carried on by ^^ 

the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. A. Rings, the aper- 
tures in the abdominal wall for the passage of the spermatic 
cord and round ligament. A. Sec'tion, celiotomy. A. Sur'- 
gery, the surgery of the. abdominal organs. A. T/phus, ty- TTT 

phoid fever. A. Vis'cera, the organs of the abdomen. 

Abdominoante'rior. Having the abdomen forward; said of a 
fetus in utero. 

Abdominocys'tic. Relating to abdomen and bladder. 

Abdominogen'ital. Relating to the abdomen and the genitals. 

AbdominohyBterectomyy ab-dom-in-o-his-ter-ek'-to-tm. Hysterec- 
tomy after abdominal section. 

Abdominohjrsterotomyy ab-dom-in-o-his-ter-of-o-me. Hysterot- 
omy after abdominal section. 

Abdominoposte'rior. Having the abdomen backward; said of 
a fetus in utero, 

Abdominos'copy. Physical examination of the abdomen. 

Abdominoscro'tal. Relating to the abdomen and scrotum. A. 
Muscle, the cremaster muscle. 

Abdominothorac'ic. Pertaining to both abdomen and thorax. 

Abdominouterot'omy. See Abdominohysterotomy, 

Abdominoves'ical. Relating to the abdomen and bladder. A< 
Pouch, the peritoneal pouch containing the urachus. 

Abducens, ab-di^-sens. 1. The sixth pair of cranial nerves. 3. 
A muscle drawing from the median line. A. labio'rum. Sana 
as A. oris. A. oc'uU, a muscle drawing the eyeball outward 
A. o'ris, the elevator of the angle of the mouth. 

Abducent, ab-duf-sent. Abducting; drawing from the center. 

Abduct, ab-dukf. To draw from the median line. . ^""^ 

Abductiao, ab-duk^-shun. Movement from the median line. 

Abductor, abHMb-ior, The tame as Abducgus, q. v, A. Au'ris, 
the abductor muscle of the ear. A. dig'iti quis^^, hailu'cis, 
in'dicis, min'imi dig'iti, pol'Ucis. See Muscles, Table of. 

Abemethsr's Fas'cia. The subperitoneal areolar tissue that sepa- 
rates the external iliac artery from the iliac fascia overlying the 
psoas. A.'8 Sarco'ma, a circumscribed fatty ttimor found 
chiefly on the trunk. 

Aberrant, ab-er'-ant. Deviating from the normal type. A. Ai'« 
teries, long, slender vessels connected with the brachial or axil- 
lary artery. 

Aberratio, ab-er-a^-she-o. See Aberration, 
Aberratioa, ad-er-a^-shuH. Deviation from the normal; abnor- 

nmljty of action; imperfact refraction or focaliaation of a lens. 
I^^^^T^^'*^' ^^^ ^'^oQual refraction of the different wave- 
o dltlnc ^^^^^'^^^ ^- -D/atan'tiaJ. Indistinct vision due 
e. jg., Men'taJ, mental derangement that may or 



k., Sphef*lc, ttnequal refmctioti 

k'U-^-shuH, partial , unnatunJ evKcufttiOfi 
; Absence; suspension, 

Rof tTBCSt including fit and bslftam. 
pe aA Hrptanf. 
t&n from A bits, CjjHthOu 
liHsOs, from needles of .Ahits pectinaki. 
l'-##-*i. The production of living by non- 
taneous generation. 
\ik. Not pertaining to biology, 

\t Allaying irritation. 
isbied tissir- ' ' *'>'; asthenia, 
d of the 5 >d. Weaning, 

IW'^. NOI.^,.. -i. 

It off. 

iachment of the retina. 

The removal of a part of the body, 
bn, ah-blef-Kf-ft-fih, ah-bk/'-ar-on, Coo^ 
iho eyelids. 

Blindness: want of sight. 
Detergent. That which cleanses. 

The process of cleansing the body; tbo 
Lc im purities by washing. 
f to the natural law or customary order. 
I'ity, A malformation; an irregularily. 
umUY^ A barking. 

«, Complete suspension, as of a functioiiL 
Mim. The true stomach of ruminating ani- 

way from the mouth, 

mote from the mouth. 

ddcarry; to arre^ the developn^ent oi dia- 

dy The killing of the unborn fetus, 
l-fff-tf-ttw. The means of killing a fetus. 
L Abortive; abortifacicnt. 
-faf-shent, A drug inducing abortion, 
U Premature eatpulsion of a fetus. A., 
n intentionally produced. A., Crim'loal, 
.bortion when not therapeutically itvdicatcd. 
ortion up to the fourth month, A^^ Fe'tMl, 
fowrtJ^ ntonth^ A^ latrampJet^', retention 

tfioad fetu^, A^ Onr^uJMr, iibartton vntbin 
eptiaa. A., ^pootm^iteoag, b bortion not 
» Tb0/»pffu^f/^ 9hortioo induced te 


Abor'tloxikt* One wbo makes a practice ol producing ab 

Abortive, ab-orf'iv, 1, Prematurely bom. 2» See Abon 

Abortus, ab-c/-tus. An abortion. 

Aboucha meQ t, ah-boosh* *nion {g) . The termioa tion of a fl 
eel in a larger one. 

Abou'lk, See Abulia. 

AbouLoma'aiA. St^ Abulofnania. 

Abrachli» ah-braf'kt'ah. Congenital absence of the arms. 

AbrachlocephaUar a^i-bfa-kt-o-se-fof-le^ah. Absence of the hcl 
and arms. 

AbrachiuB, ah-hra^-kt-us, A monster without artns. 

Abratio, ab-ixt' -b€-o, AnAbrasian, A* Coi^nen^ a scraping 

Abra'slon. An excoriation of the skin or mucous mcmb 

Abreactloa, ab-re-ak^-shun. Same as CaihatAh, q. v, 

Abrin, a'-brin. The poisonous principle of jequirity* 

Abrosls, ab-rt/ *se-ah. A wasting away, 

Abrotanum, ab-rot'-an-um, Artemisia abrotanumt g. v, 

Abmp'^Hoo^ A tearing asunder. Transverse fracture of i 

Abrus, a'Aftus, A genus of plants. A. pncftto'rius, Jequiritj 
the poisonous seeds used in trachoma. 

Ab9ces9, ab*'Sts, A circumscribed cavity containing pus. A«i Al 
ve'oUr, one in the gum or alveolus. A,, fiur'salr an abscenj 
the bursfle. A», Cbron'^lc, A., Cold, one of alow developmoo 
usual! y connected with a bone, joint, or gland. A., Conget'tifi 
one in which the pus appears at a point distant from where it 
formed. A., Emboric, an at>sccss in the clot of an embolisn 
A., Fe'cal, one in the rectum or large intestine. A^ Jsoblt 
ree'Cal, one in the ischiorectal fossa. A., Lacu''nar, one in tt 
urethral lacunte. A., Mam'mary» one in the female breas 
A., Metastst^lc, a secondary embolic ab&ccss. A., Phleg' 
tnonous, an acute abscess. A^, PTi''mary, one arising \ 
scat of infection. A,, PRo'aSf one due to vertebral dt| 
the pus descending in the sheath of the psoas muscles 
Resld'ual, one occurring in old inflammatory producti«1 
root, root of PoUnwnhmt rtrptans; alterative, astringent 
expectorant. A„ Scrofiilous, one due to tuberculous de 
ation of bone or lymph- glands. A,, Sec'oodaiyv Same ai A 
Embolic. A*> Sdlch-, one formed about a stitch or j 
A., The^'cal, one in the sheath of a tendon, 

AbscisBst, ab-siy^se. The transverse lines in a diagram sJ^ 
the relations of two series of facts. 

Abscission, ab-sish'-un. The removal of a part by . 

Abiconsb, ab'5k<ff^-S€-o, A cavity or sinus. 

Ab^HDce. Inattention to «urroundings. 

Absinthe, a6^«m/^, 1, Absinthium » 9. v. 2. A cordial < 
Jnff oil of wormwood and aroraa^c*^ 
AbtlatMn, aif-sinth* -in, CioHadO*. A i?<A»cmo\x% 



A di»ea<e ^tywfng meotal deteriom* 
kSebility « due to th« excessive tiae of abitinthe. 
iwood, the leaves and tops of Artemisia atf- 
Itimulant and stomachic thorite, 
L C idH I iO . Tb« main constituent of v 

( dts 
r A* 

tU. 1. Taking up by auction •"- 

srbj; a drug that produces . > 

bfftance that takes up excre 

km. A. Glands. See LympfKUics. 

I ioBtrument for measuring the thickness of 

ben two glass plates by capillary attmctloo* 

\-sktm. The imbibition of one body by 

^^ens after rupture of the capsule, A. Lines. 

^in*s. A. Spec'trujn* a spfttnim showing 

colons have been absorbed by the trans- 

\(f-HS> Moderate in matters of diet, etc. 
arising* detergent. 2. A cleansing agent* 
if. Same as Abst^rgmL 
mn. The act of purifying. 
tMty^ privation or selfdenial in diet» etc. 

A preparation containing the soluble 
S evaporated and mixed with sugar of milk. 
f-shun. 1- Blood-letting. 2, The process 
t Exclusive attention to one idea. 
'-turn. See Abstract, 

RKt-oi. Passing from tendinous into museum 
^ectric currents, 

A loss or defect of will-power. 
►-ma'-Rir-a/i. Mania with loss of will-power. 
U^'ShuH, See Ai^tacuatwn, 
I 1. A genus of shnibs and trees, 2* Gum 
JlA> Senegal: demulcent. 
Iff>alt, Inflexibility of a timb, 
, 1. A vertebral process. 2. The spinal 

keniation bs of a pricking with need lea. 

See Cintex Icctularis, 
)-on. The base of the anterior nasal spine, 
phy of the prickle-layer of the akin. 
^'fnah, A neoplasm or overgrowth of the 
e sldn. 

\t/-sis. Ajtj' tfueaase of tbff dermic prhkle- 
V^ ^eotfTml plifmeittatioa of the skin witb 

m«ae Jar jmoviug thorns f/oim wounds. 
■M ftias tif dlmiitishgid CArbon 




I Acurdia^ ah-kar'-de-oh, A monstrosity without a 1 

I Acar'diac. 1. Without a heart. 2. The subjecrt of acardia. 

■ Acaj-dlacuB, ah-kar-di'-ak-us. A fetus with no heart. _ 

■ Acardiohc'ioia. A bck of blood in the heart* fl 
I Acardioner' rla. Diminished nervous action in the heart. V 
^L Acardiotrophia, ah-kar-da-^o-tro' -fe-ah. Atrophy of the heart. 
K\ Acariaaia, akar-i'-a-sis. A disease dye to mi tea. 

^■B Acarlcldet ak-ar' -is-nd. An agent that destroys the itch-tnite. 
^^H Acarid, Acaridao, ak^-ar-4d, ak-a/'id-an. A mite, 
^ AcAiinosiSf akar-in-^i^-sis. Any disease due to the itch-mits. 

Acarodermati^tis. Dermatitis due to mitea. 
Acaroid, ay-ar-oid. Mite-like. A, Res'io, resin from the \ 

Xanthorrhtxa hastilis; used in gastric affections and diftrrb 
AcatQphobla* ak-ar-0'f</ -bt-atu Morbid fear of the itch. 
Acarpoua, ah-kat* -p tis, I . Applied to skin-diseasea without elevs- 

ttons. 2. Sterile. 
Acapnia. An order of the class Arachorida, to which belong tkkt 

and mites. A. ■ca^iei, the itch-mite. 
Acatalepsy. 1. Uncertainty in diagnosis. 2. Dementia. 
Acatamathesia, ah-kat-a-ma-ikt^-Mt-ah. I, A morbid bluntil^ 

the pertieptiona. 2. Inability to comprehend speech. 
Acatapha'sia, limbility to utter a complete sentence. 
Acathetic, ah-kaih^ef -ik. Not able to retain. A* Jaun'dtc*. 

Acaudal* Acaudale, ak-kcua/^al, ah-havZ-ddi, Taille 
Accel' era ns Nerve. A n^rve that increases the rata atid 

of the heart's action* 
Aceeterator, ak-seV-tft-a~tor, That which accelemtes. A. 0rl 

a muscle of the pcnts assisting the expulsion of urine and 

semen. See Musclts, Table of, 
Accentua'tion. Increased distinctness. 
Access, cik'-sts. The beginning or onset of a diaease. 
Accesslaa* ak-sssh'^MH. The same as Access, q, v. 
Accessories, ak-ses-<f-re~us. The same as Accpssory, q. v,i 

ad Uiocosta'lem. See Muscles, Table of. A. wULiati, h 

spinal accessory nerve. 
Accessory, ak'-sffs-o-ra or ak-ses' -^hre. Auxiliary; assisting. 

Gtanda of the Pan'creas, Brunner's glands, q. v. A. Nu'cleus, 

the origin of the spinal accessory nerve. A> of the Parot'ld, 

the aocia parotid is. a small gland. 
Accidental Abor'tion, ak-se-dentf'<jl. That due to accident. 

A. Hem'orrbage, hemcsrrhage due to premature placental 

Acciplter, ak-sip^-U-er. A facial bandage with tails resesabU 

hawk's claws. 
Acclimata'tioo, Acclima'tioDp Accllmatizatioo, ak-kli-^at-^ 
xAu». Becoming accustomed to a cVimat*, 
Accammodsdoa, aJk-^mi-o-d^j^-shun. AdaptaUorv*. iLdSvv<«ftsiuB&\ 
^ Aysclute^ accommodation of either «y* •ep*Ta**^Y* ^ 


ter of adjustine the eye so as to earn a cleat 
It diflTerent distances. A,, Histolog'ic, changes 
ry and function of ccIIr, folio wing changed 
IHeg'atJTe, the eye T^assive, at rest. A,» 
(rpcfiphcral light streak seen in the dark after 
imodatioa. A., Poaitlvc, that for near poinla 
traction of the ciliary mtijicle. A., Ranee of, 
Hrccn the nearest point of distinct vision and 
It* K Keflex, Argryll Robertson pupU. 
f-ofrf^o-da-tiv. Resulting from accommoda- 
f^^ inabiUty of the iris to respond to ac- 

^, A woman dehVcrod of a child. 
kmsh^moHigY . Parturition. A, Forc4 for- 
th the hand. 
\hi4f*, A man midwife. 
>V A midwife, 
m-lish^-^un. Increase by intexBtiiial 

or by fission of cells, 

Accumulation; an adherence of parts, 
iment that stores up electricity. 
Apathy; despondency; Iktlegsness. 
S9' It^HS. Without a belly, 
anesthetic mixture, composed of one fi^rt 
I of chloroform, and three XMirts of ether, 
Peripheric; not arising in a center. 


Acftrato«t>v ah-ser-at-c^-sis, A lack of homy tissue. 
Acerbity, ak-&erV*ii'4, Acidity combined with astiinsency* 
AcervuioniA, ak-ser-vwlif -mah. Sec P&ammotna, 
Acerrulus, or Acervulu* cer'ebrlf as-et* -vu-lus, C<mcreti 

matter near the base of the pineal gland; brain-aand* 
Acescence, as-€^-ens. The process of becoming sour. 
Acesceocy* as-ef-itn-st. Mild acidity; moderately sour> 
Acesio, Qk'S^'tt§'<ik, Rocovery; cure. 
AcestomAr as-MS-Uf-mah. Gmnulation'tissua 
Acetabular, as-«i-al/ -u-lar. Belonging to the acetabulunL j 
Aceub'ultun. The cavity that receives the head of the fen 
Acctal. a^-tUal. CnHuO?. A colorless fluid with 

properties, formed by the oxidation of common alcohd 
Acetaldehyd, as-ft-aV-ds-kid. Normal aldehyde CyH^O. 
Acetam^ld. CiH,vNO. A white, crystalline »oHd. 
Acetasllid, as-ft-an' -iUid. CiH»NO, Odorless, antipy 

Acetate, a^^et-at. A salt of acetic acid. 
Acetic, as-ef-ik. Pertaining to vinegar; sour. A, Ac'i 

Acid, A* E'ther, ethyl acetate, an anesthetic. 
Acetic, ay-et-in. C»Hi,(CtHiOt)». A glyceryl acetate, 
Ac'etol. Silver lactate; used as an antiseptic. 
Acetone, a/-r/-o». CiHnO. Dimethyl ketone; developed ^ 

body by fermentation of organic matters. For t© 

Cftautard, Gunning^ Lieben, Legal, Makrha^ L* Nobfl, , 

eoldt, Reynoids, Taylor, 
Acetone'mla The presence of acetone in the system. 
Acfltonitrilf as-«t-o-nV-tril, CaHaN. Methyl cyanid, 
AcetODU'ria* Presence of acetone in tho urine, 
Acetophenitidtn, as-at-o-fgH-if-id-tn. Phenacetin, q, 
Acetophenooe, as-tt-o-fZ-non. Hypnone, q. v. 
Acetous, as'-et-HS, Resembling or relating to vinegar. 
Acetoxone, as-elf-o-spn. Benzoyl-acetyl-peroxid. A 

line substance used as a germicide and antiiseptic. 
Acetpbenltldln, as-^t-fcn-if -id-in^ See PkenacHin, 
Acetum, as-^'tum. Vinegar, q. tr, 
Acetyl, a^'M'tiU CzNsO. A radicle supposed to exist la i 

AcetyUtox'yL An atoxyl Bufastitutlon product. 
Acetylene, as-tf-it-in. C;Hi, An odorous Uluminatitig | 
Acetylphsnylhydra'zin. CfvHioN^O, An analgesic and 

pyretic cryBtaUlne substance, 
Acetyltan'nin. An astringent powder used in diarrhea* 
Achalybemiat ah-kal-ib-t^ -me-ah, A lack of iron in the blood. 
AcheUla, ah-ki'-U-ah. Congenital absence of the lips. 
Acheiria, aJi-ki^-ra-ah, Congenital absence of the hando. 
Acheirugf ak^ki*-Tus. A fetus without hauda, 
AcMHea, ak-il-^-ah, A genus o£ b«rb», K, ^si^<t^ti\ 
I SoiL yAlTOWi M bitt«« tanie. 

Ida. fl 


A t^MOO^ tTom Achia*Q. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

M'-^f^ The conuDon tendon the ^^^^^^^^^^^F ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

imusdes, He'fiex, a ^^^^^^^^H^i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^V^^^l ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

U^bur^'iis. Inflammation of the buztt ^^^^^^V ^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| 

bdoti of ^^ ^H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

N/«V<«-aJ^. Pais in the tendon of Achilles. ^91 ^B ^^I^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Siune as ^(r/tt7i<7fcw>f. ^I&l ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

f-o-ih*. Division of the tendon of Achilles. ^^^S ■ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

W'M'drt^ik, A lack of hydiochloric acid ^Vh ^^ B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

fot^^st^ok. Green-hlindncas, .^^^^H k4 I ^^^^^^^^^^^1 

An absence or want of bUe. ^^^^^B ^hI I ^^^^^^^^^^1 

Pertaining to >lcib^J<i2, g. V. ^^^^^H ^^^ ■ ^^^^^^^^H 

ita lactea. a running sore on an iniant c head. ^^B H ^^^^^^H 

>*<m, A genua of fungous OTgantKzns in the ^^^M J^J H ^^^^^^1 

|»h'agtiB, the par^stte of Onychifmycosis , q. v. ^^^^^k ^^4 H ^^^^^H 

lamsite of Tin^a tonsurans, A. tchoenleioij* ^^BBI ^^B | ^^^^^| 

pamsite of ring-wonm. 

^^^Bl H ^^^^^^1 

^^c^-ah^ ak-roi' -ah. See ^4 chrfffna. 

^^^^K H "^^^^^H 

ik'kroi-0'si'ih^'me-<ih. See OUgochrotHfmia 

^^^k ^L ^^^H 

'tak. Pallor; absence of color 

j^^^KL ^T ^^^H 

\i>^y^*waK 1. Absence of color. 2. Losa 


^fftaf-ik. Without oolor. A* Leni. a lena ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^^^^H^ 1 ^^1 


^tic NucUar^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 


ment with one or more hydrogen atoms that can be rq»Iaoed by 
electropositive atoms. A^ Abief ic, Abietin'ic* C«4H«40», liom 
xosin. A^ AVric, from jequirity. CiiHmNsO. A^ Ace'tic* the 
acid of vinegar. CtH40x. A., Acetoace'tic Same as il., Di- 
acetic. For test see Gtrhardt. A^ Achille'ic. Same as A.» 
Aconitic: A., Aconific, C«H«0«, from leaves and roots of Aconi- 
turn napellus and other plants. A^ Acryric, CsHiOs. Iiom 
oxidation of acrolein. A^ Adip'ic, C6H10O4. from animal and 
plant fats by oxidizing with nitric acid. A^ Agar'ic, Acaiicfic, 
Ci»HaoOt+H20, a white i>owder, the active principle of a^ar- 
icin; used in night-sweats. A., Algin'tc, an organic substance 
from algse that combines with bases to form soluble and insol* 
ttble compounds. A., Allantu'ric, CtHioNsOs, from aUantoin 
by action of dilute nitric acid. A., Alloxypro'teic, a neutral sul- 
phur comi>ound found in the urine. A., Aiophafic Same as 
A., Fatty, A^ Amidoace'tic. S&&Glycocin, A., Amidobenzo'- 
ic, C7H7NO2. sometimes found in the urine. A., Amidosuccin- 
am'ic. See Asparagin. A., Amidosttccin'ic. See A., Aspar- 
aginic. As., Amin'o, large group of nitrogen-holding substances 
derived from the decomposition of proteins. A., Amino-ace'- 
tic Same as glycocoU, q. v. A., Angeric, CfeHsOs, from roots of 
Archangelica oijicinalis and Anthemis nobiUs, A^ Anis'k, 
CsHgOs, from oil of anise. A., Antirrhi'nic, an acid frpm leaves 
of Digitalis. A., Apiol'ic, decomposition product of apiol. A^ 
Ar'abic, C12H22O11, from plant mucilages. A^ Arsen'ic, 2H>As04- 
H2O, from arsenic by digesting with nitric and hydrochloric 
acids. A., Arse'niouSy Ar'senous, AS2O1, an alterative and anti- 
septic white i>owder. A., Asparagin'ic, C4H7NO4, from aspara- 
gin. A., Aspax'tic* Same as A., Asparaginic. A^ Au'ric, 
Au(OH)8, gold trihydroxid. A., Azo'tic, nitric acid. A., Ben- 
zo'ic, C7HSO2, occurs free in benzoin; made from toluol, urine of 
herbivorous animals, and from suint. • A., Blaf tic. See Anti- 
hydropin and Taracanin. A., Borac'ic, or Bo'ric, HsBOi, 
white, antiseptic powder, from borax. A., Borodfric, an anti- 
septic powder, a powerful solvent for urates and phosphates. 
A., Borosalicyric, a combination of boric and salicylic acids in 
molecular proportion. A., Bro'mic, HBrO», a colorless, acid 
liquid. A., Butyr'ic, C4H8O2, from butter and animal excre- 
tions. A., Cacodyric, ASO2C2H7, from cacodyl and mercurous 
oxid; used in psoriasis. A., Caffe'ic, C9H8O4, from, coffee. A„ 
Cahln'cic, or Cain'cic. See Cahincin. A^ Camphor'ic, CioHw- 
O4, from camphor; used in night-sweats. A^ Cap'ric, or Cap- 
rin'ic, CioHxoOs, from oleic acid. A., Capro'ic, C«lli202, from 
crude butyric acid. A., Capryl'ic, or Capril'lic, C8Hi«02, from 
butter and cocoanut oil. A., Carbam'ic, CH8NO2, is not known 
/a the free state; its ammonium salt is a decomposition product 
j^Cf^^^^^^' ^'' Carbazo'dc. Same as A., Picric. A., Cai- 
ag^i% ^^'OpAeiJo/ /ima codl-tar; valuable antiseptic and 

A., Oxynaphthoic, An 

caustic, A^ CarbonapbtboVU. sj, 

A., Ca 



A^ Cat 



A^ Chi 



A^ €3uA 


flbreid in 


A^ Cbro 

oxid; eau 

formed 1 

A^ Cliry' 



fruits. J 



said tOG 
stable CO] 
nzaed ab 
by heat. 
of protei 
found in 
tic, C4H« 
bine; sul 
from f ec( 
dation of 
A^ Feiai< 
from rhi 
femsd in 
acid witl 
^Ifai. tea 



9Sk, COt, a tmTispar«mt, odorless gti$. 
losidal coloring-matter from cochineCLU 
tiam'lc* See Cattknntin. A., CaMrHct 
hia'ic, or Catechu^ic. Same as Cattchin 
uutinHc, active principle of sentia. A.* 
p Ct.»H]iiNOa, from bmin- tissue, 
Cs7Ha40j, from beeswax and other 
ixture of chlorinated acetic acids. 
)ily liquid from barium chlorate, 
OTO the decompoaitioti of the bile-acids, 
from ox-bile. A.,Cho'Uc, SeeA^.Gly- 
Ic, derived from cholalic acid, A*p CbOQ- 
Id to be the chief constituent of amyloid 
idroinc, Ci-HyrSNOir. from cartilage, 
(, chromium anhydrid or chromium tri- 
The compound HaC rO** a caustic add 
lation of chromium trioxid with water, 
ime as ChrysarobiH, A., Cinnam'^Jc, or 
romstorax, tolu.etc; antitubercular and 
■f CiHbO?, from limes, lemons, and other 
Im'ric, CtH-O.SO-OH. found in urine of 
!kd in minute tracea in human urine. A., 
C^HtOi, an acid occurrine io three forms. 
Cresai A., Cryptophanlc, CtcHisNi-Oto, 
luantities in human urine. A., Cube'bic, 
diuretic. A., Cyan'ic, CNOH, a very un- 
'droxyl and cyanogen, polymerizing with 
cyaraelid (CHNO), when temperature ia 
, Cyanu'ric, CaHaNjOj + 2H jO, from urea 
,'ic, CaoHuNaOe, decomposition product 
dogs' tirine. A.* Damalu'ric, CtHisO*, 
estrotartar'ic, tartaric acid. A., Diace'- 
urine in diabetes. A»» IHIodosalicyric, 
ic and antipyretic powder. A., Dithio- 
ts lithium and sodium &alts used in med- 
Llicylic acid. A.» Excretoric, fatty acid 
r, A monobasic acid formed by the oxi- 
leohol and having the formula C„H«nOa, 
rom human bile. A., FUic'lc, CuHidOft, 
opteris fiOx-mas, A., For'mic, CHrOa, 
»nts, "nettles, etc.; prepared from occalic 
L, GaJ'lic, C7HftOi + HtO, found in nut- 
aUotan'niCt the tannin of tiutpaUs, A, 
g. V. A^ Oiutmm^Jc, or GIutMwia^ic, 
bw favKfuc^£ c(/ prateids. A,, Gtut&i^ic^ 
^pcfsing^ ^as. A., Glycerophagpiior'iCt 
^fltycrthia. A., Glrcocto^Jlc, CmJI^^ 

«w«»^3i* ma si^ki som^timtsm occur* 


ring in ttriae. A^ Glycttron^c, CeHuOr, found In txxino alter 
taking camphor, cuiare. moxphia. etc. A^ Gymnem'ic, CnHu- 
Ois7£roni the leaves of Gymnetnasylvestre; it obtunds the sense 
of taste for bitter or sweet things. An Hippu'ric, C»N»NOt, 
from urine of herbivorous animals. A^ Homogentis'iCy CsHsOa, 
same as A., Oxymandeh A^ Hydriod'ic, HI, used in aquaous 
V solution and in syrup as an alterative. A^ Hydrobro'niic, HBr, 

I used diluted in nervous conditions. A., Hydrochlo'ric, HCl, an- 

1 tiseptic and antipyretic. A^ Hydrocyan'ic, HCN,. found in 

bitter almonds, peach leaves, etc., and prepared from potas- 
sium ferrocyanid by. action of sulphuric acid; used diluted as a 
sedative. A., Hydrofla'oric, HP, colorless, caustic liquid &om 
calcium fluorid. A^ Hydroparacumar'ic, CsHioOs, occurs in 
urine in minute quantities. A., Hydrosulphu'ric, HsS, hydro- 
gen sulphid, formed during the putrefaction of albuminous sub- 
stances. A., Hyodiolal'ic, CuH^oOs, found in hogs* bile. A.» 
Hypochlor'ouSy HCIO, powerful bleacher and oxidizer. A., 
Hyponitrous, HNO, forms hyponitrites. A., Hypophos^phor- 
ous, — ^HsPOs — ^weU diluted, is a stimulant and tonic in nervous 
diseases. A., Igasu'ric, from seeds and surrounding pulp of 
nux vomica. A^ Indigosulphu'ric, CUH10S2N3O8. from indigo 
by the action of sulphuric acid. A., Indoxylsulphon'ic, CtHr- 
NSO4. found in urine. A., Inos'ic, or Inosin'ic, C10H14N4O11, 
found in muscle tissue. A., lod'ic, HIOs, from iodin by 
oxidation; caustic, astringent, and antiseptic. A., Xynu- 
ren'ic. See A., Cynurenic, A.» Lac'tic, CsHeOs, from milk 
or grape-sugar by lactic ferment. A., Linole'lc* found as 
a glycerid in drying oils. A^ Mal'ic, C^HeOs, found in 
fruits. A.. Malon'ic, C3H4O4, from the beet. A^ Ifaa- 
nific, C0H12O7, from sugars by oxidation. An Margai'iCy 
Ci7H*402, from cetyl cyanid and alcoholic potash by boiling. 
An Mecon'ic, C7H4O7, from opium. A^ Metaphoephor'ic» 
HPOs; used as a test for albumin. A^ Monochlorace'tic* 
C2H3CIO2, from chlorin by action of boiling acetic acid con- 
taining sulphur and iodin; used in xanthoma. A., Mu'clc> 
CoHioOs, from gums and sugars. A., Muriafic. Same as 
A,t Hydrochloric, A., Myris'tic, C14H28O2, from nutmegs, A.» 
Myron'ic, C10H19NS2O10, occurs as a potassium salt in the seeds 
of black mustard. A., ITeurostea'ric, C18H36O2, from brain- 
tissue. A., ITicotin'ic, C6H6NO2, from tobacco. A., Ni'tric, 
Aquafortis, HNO5, a fuming corrosive liquid, used as a caustic. 
A., mtrohydrochlo'ric, or ITitromuriaf ic, a fuming volatile 
liquid prepared from nitric arid hydrochloric acids; diluted it 
Is antipyretic and alterative. A^ ITitrosonl'tric, fuming nitric 
ac/if, A„ jrrtrom, HNOs, from decomposing nitrites. Ai, 
^^4^43, or Nudein'ic, CsoHsiNgPsOi?, from nuclein. An 
aZ a'^^J' ^'^'^02. found in olive, almond, and other 
^0.0^ ^ ^fP^^^: ^" ^^'^ containing the carboxyl group, 
* ^-^ ^^^^^i'^«r7c,H^O.. ordinary pho^horicwdd. 


the fi^ 




ons aan 
bolic ac 

an add 
dye and 
lead dio3 
etc A.. 
fironi ga] 
taon of ^ 
add. A 
and test 
ace'tic, ( 





m^ UrmlCv OaOn peroamic anhydrtfl; tt«e<l in cancer «a4 
Btrttxnons ^&nds. and as a histologic stain, A^ Oto'ic Sam« 
mm A** Capr^ic. A^ OzaFic, CsH jO < + 2H X>, from wood*sorrcl, 
oelltilose^ etc. A^ Ozalu^iic, CaHiN^4, oxidation product of 
Itfie acid A.* Oxybutyi'k. occura in diabetic urine* A^ Ox?< 
tamn'dtU CtHnO^, occurs in urine in acute yellow atrophy of 
th« liver A-, Oxynaphtho'ic, CiiHnO:i» Irom sodium-alpha- 
naphtbol; used as intestinal disinlectant A,, Oxyprote'^ic^ a 
ncutxal sulphur compound found in the urine. A.» Oxyprotein' - 
Ic. C^iHssNhOhS. occurs in nonnal urine. A^ Palmlflc, Cw 
HafOE« trom palm oil. A-, Paracreflo'dc, CfiHaOa, an Intestinal 
antiaeptic A^ Paralac'tic Same as A^^ Sdrct^ctctic* A^ 
pMraodyplieoylAce'tic, CbH^Ox. found in small quantities in the 
tuine. A,* Pcc^tic, CiiHiaOi6» Umo. pectin. A-. PerclHar'ic, 
HClOt, a volatile liquid: it forms perchlorates, A.^ Per- 
mangaofic, HMnOi, a monobasic acid. A^ Peios'mic. See 
A., Osmic A-t Phenacetu'ric, found in the urine of herbivor- 
ous animals, sometimes in human urine. A.* Phen^ic, car- 
bolac add, A^ Phosphocar'alCt CioHtTNaOn, a nitrogenous 
cactfMftlve of muscle. A, Phosphor'ic, H»PO<, obtained by 
OQEidlation of phosphorus. A,, Phos'phorous, HaPOj, a dibasic 
CKTadd of phosphorus. A^ Phosphotung'stlc. H3PO1I2WO3, 
an acid used as an alkaloid and peptone test. A*, Pic'riCf 
C«H»Ni07, from phenol by nitration; antiseptic; used as a 
dye and fixing agent. A., Pltiffl'bic, PbO;, pcroxid of lead; 
lead dioxid, A-, Propion'ic, CaHflOs, occurs in chyme, sweat, 
etc. A*i Prus^iic Same as A., Hydrocyanic, A.» Pyrobc/ric* 
H»B«07» from boric add by heat. A., Pyrogallic, CmH«0], 
froon galHc acid; used in skin -diseases, A,^ Pyrolig^neotts, 
acetic acid and homologues from destructive distil la- 
tkn of wood. A«» PyrophosplK/rlc, HiPsO?, from phosphoric 
a^d. A^ Qulo'lc* CtHiiO*. from cinchoim bark. A,» RicJat/'p 
kle« CiiHt40i« the active principle of castor oil A., Itosoric, 
CtpHitfOt, from Tosanilln by acdon of nitric acid; used as a dye 
and test for acids, k^ Ru'tic Same as vi , Capric. A^ 
Ruda'iCr C?&H}flOit». the coloring principle of rue. A.« Sallcyl- 
ace^tlCi C«HiOb. antiseptic product of sodium salicylate. A., 
SaUcyFic, CtHsOa* found in various plants and made from 
carboHc acid; antiseptic and antirhctmrntlc. A^ Salicyl- 
■tilphu'ric. See A,. Sulphosalicytic. A,, Salicylu'ric, CaH»- 
(OH)NOi, a compound found in urine after taking salicylic 
•ckL A^ Sarcolac'ac, CsiHoOn, found in muscles and blood, 
and fa urine to diabetes, rickets, etc. A., Sden/tlc, or Sder- 
Otfafic, C:xHt»NO», from sclerottum of Claviceps purpura 
(casort); hamostatic and antiepileptic. A.# Scopa'ilc. See 
Scop<»in, A^ Scynmolsulphu'rlc, add from the bila of the 
«hark. A., Stear'Jc, or Sfearinlc, CisHanOs* from soM a.mtna\ 
Aea. A^ Succia'ic, CJluOit from amber', anttspasmodv: axvd 
^uxittic A., SulphanQ'ic, or Sulphona'ic, CtHiKSO*, \aaed ii» 



kuyngitU and catarrh, and as a reagent. An Sulphocarbol'k, 
C«HoS04, an antiseptic and germicidal comi>ound. A^ Sul- 
phocyan'ic, CNHS, united to sodium or potassium to form a 
sulphocyanid (CNKS); occurs in saliva and sometimes in 
urine, milk, and blood. A^ Sulphoindigof ic, or Sulphoin- 
dyric. See A., Indigosttlpkuric. A., Sulphoricin'ic, or An 
\ Sulphoricinole'iCy a compound frona castor oil and sulphuric 

1 acid; external antiseptic in sldn-diseases. A^ Sulphoealicyl'ic, 

# CtHsSOs, a delicate urine-albtmiin test. A., Sulphu'ric, HtS04t 

' from sulphur dioxid by oxidation; very corrosive. A., Sul'- 

phurous, HsSOa. used as a bleaching agent and in diphtheria, 
skin-diseases, etc. A., Syl'vic, C20HS0O2, from rosin. A., 
Tan'nic, CiJIioOs, from nutgalls; astringent and. internal 
hemostatic. A., Tartar'ic, CiHeOs, from grape-juice and 
plants: refrigerant and antiscorbutic. A., Taurecho'Uc, Cse- 
H4&NSO7, occurs in bile. A^ Tell'uric H2Te04+2H20. the 
dibasic acid of telluriiun. A^ Thiolin'ic, sulphurated linseed oil. 
A., Trichlorace'tic, C2HCI1O2, used in gonorrhea and as urine- 
albumin test. A., Trop'ic, CgHioOt, from atropine A., U^ric, 
CSH4N4O8, found in urine and some oigans of the body. A^ 
Urocan'ic, or Urocanin'ic, CeH6N202 •h2H20, from dogs' uxinei 
A., Uroprote'ic, C66Hii6N2oS064-f-nH20, from dogs' urine. A^ 
Valerian'ic, Valer'ic, C6H10O2, from roots of Valeriana offici- 
nalis, sedative in nervous affections. 

Acidemia, as-id-e^-me-ah. A condition of decreased alkalinity 
of the blood. 

Acidifiable, as-id-if-i'-a-bl. That which may be made acid. 

Acidification, as-id-if-ik-a' -shun. The act of making acid. 

Acidim'eter. An instrument for determining the purity of acids. 

Addim'etry. The determination of the free acid in solution. 

Acidity, as-M'-U-e, 1. Sourness. 2. The combining power of 
a' base. 

AcidophQe, as-icP-o-fU, Capable of being stained readily by 
acid dyes. 

Acidosis, as-id-^-sis. Acid intoxication caused by an ab- 
normal production of acids in the body and their faulty 

Acidosteophyte, as-id-os^-ie-o-fU. A pointed osteophyte. 

Acidulate, (zs-ic^-ttrldt. To render acid. 

Acidulous, OS-id' -tirlus. Slightly acid. 

Acidum, asf^-id-um. An acid. 

Acinesia, as-in-^'Z9-ah. See Akinesis. 

Acinetatrophiat as^n-^t^it-n/ -/9-ah, Atrophy from want of exer- 
Adaetic;, a^-^-af-ik. 1. An agent lessening muscular action. 2. 

One ajTected with aJdneaia. 
^^Jfoan, as-sft^-^.^»w, Gispe-Uke, 
^^^^^a^"^ '^'^'^' ^-in-oB, Containing acim. 

^«-«r. SwAUest division of a giand. A Uvet-lobule. 

a noc 


a fort 
A. me 
A. pax 
of the 
with t 
of thei 
A. ■fan'] 
Uda. i 
the fori 




Acoin, d- 



^^^logy* < 


AcoQin, aj 

Aconite, a 





ous roc 



icorea, oi 

i Acoria* ak 

icorin, ak 


the tV^ 



!>t Tcfracting. 

ar'-de-ah. Pat«ncy of the ttvaX foiaffien. 
lis or hetj{lit of a diseaae. 
lion of the sebaceous elands framretaiaed 
utilium. A. artiada'liB, th&t caused by 
L atroph'ica. Same bs A. variolifoTmii* 
e edges of the eyelids. A* dUsemiaa'ta* 
A the sebaceous follicles. A. cenera'lis* 
k whole body. A. hypertroph'ica, an ex- 
>f Acne rosacea, q, v. A* indura'ta» a 
r, marked by chronic. Hvid indurations. 
) prolonged use of iodids* A. keraf(/sK« 
my plug takes the place of the comedo, 
ar eruption in the beard i barber's itch* 
cysts in the pancreas due to obstruction 
A* papulo'sa, that variety associated 
; jMipuIes. A. pkca'Us, tar-acne, due to 
I vapors. An ihinophy'ma. Same as 
Tosa'cea, chronjc congestion of the akin 
I'dca^ that form associated with scurvy, 
i A, vtdgaris, A. tar^tl, acne of the eye> 
^ «lorm with the pufitules grouped about 
p* A. vutgar'ls, common acne. 
Defective development of calves of tha 

\(ti^ Acelious . 

K A knowledge of drugs, 
jcyphenylguanldin; a white crystalline 
cal anesthetic in ophthalmic practice, 
of plants yielding arrow-poison. 
science of remedies. 

;4iN0n. An alkaloid from aconllin, 
) as Aco^HituM, q, v. 
, See Acottiiin. 
CtsHoNOii. The active prlndple of 

A genus of herbs, and also the polson- 
of A. napellus, tnonk's-Uood; e^rdiac 
id antipyretic. 

if. An involuntary voiditig of urine, 
, congenital absence of the pupU, 
utiable hunger. 

nitrogeBC»u*^/7X7t^/<? lyfcaMmutA 
A .oiaasrer ^I'thovt m trunk <fr body, 
>ttr of jjJjiDts. A, CMlMmtuB^ sweetSag; 

An MjipAjiaeits vsed £n teachiag 


Acou'meter. An instnunent for measuring acuteness of hearing. Aam 

Acouom'eter. Same as Acounteier. do 

Acouophonia, ah-koo-o-fo^-ne-ah. Auscultatory percussion. I Acnx 

Acousma, ak-oosf-tnah. The hearing of imaginary sounds. tiv 

Acouamatagnosis, ak-oos-mat-ag-ru/sis. Mind-deafness. Acrol 

Acouamatamnesia, ak-oos-mat^m-M^'Ze-ah. Inability to recall ' Acnn 

the memory of sounds. Acroo 

Acoustic, ak-ows'-tic. Relating to sound, hearing, or the ear. A. . Acroi 

ITerve, the auditory nerve. A. Re' flex, the mimicry of words. | Acroi 

A. Spot, the macula acustica. | of ' 

Acousticon, ak-ows'-tik-on. An ear-trumpet. || of 

Acoustics, ak-ows'-tiks or ah-koos'-iiks. The science of sound. \ Acroi 

Acoutometer, oJfe-oa-/om'-e^-«r. See Acoumeter. cw 

Acraconitin, ak-rak-on' -it-in. See Pseudaconitin. Acros 

Acraldehyd, ak-raV -de-hid. See Acrolein. Acros 

Acrania, ah-kraf-ne-ah. Partial or complete absence of the Acnn 

cranium. pro 

Acranial, ah-kra^-ne-al. Without a skull. ' Acrhd 

Acrasia, dh-kra' -ze-ah. Incontinence; debility. || A. ! 

Acratia, ah-kra'-she-ah. Failure of strength; weakness. Acn/i 

Acraturesis, ah-krat-u-re'-sis. An inability to micturate from Acnm 

atony of the bladder. Acron 

Acree-Rosenheim Formal 'dehyd Reac'tion in Testing for Pro'teins. The 

Put a few drops of a solution of formaldehyd (1:5000) in a nav 

solution of protein and mix well. After 2-3 minutes allow a ; Acnm 

little concentrated sulphuric acid to flow into the test-tube i Acxoa 

slowly so that the two solutions do not mix. A violet color J Acron; 

appears at the line of contact. i AcrofM 

Acrid, ak'-rid. Burning, pungent. Acropi 

Acridin, akf-H-din. C13H9N. Acrid substance from anthracene. 2. J 

Acriflavine, ak-re-flav'en. See Flavine. jn t 

Acrinia, ah-krin'-e-ah. A suspension of secretion. Acropi 

Acrinyl Sulphocy'anate, ak'-rin-il. An acrid and vesicating , Acropi 

substance found in white mustard. Acropi 

Acrisia, ah-krW-e-ah. An irregular course of a disease. Acrop< 

Acritical, ah-krif-ik-al. Without crisis. A^rop< 

Acritochromacy, ak-krit-o-krcZ-ma-se. Color-blindness. Acrosc 

Acroanesthesia, ak-ro-an-es-the' -ze-ah. Anesthesia of the ex- dad, 

tremities. AcroM 

Acroarthritis, ak-ro-ar-thri'-tis. Arthritis of the extremities. actii 

Acroasphyxia, ak-ro-cis-fiks'-e-ah. Asphyxia of the extremities. Acrosf 

Acrobistiolith, ak-ro-bis'-te-o-lith. A preputial calculus. AcroU: 

Acrobistitis, ak-ro-bis-ti'-tis. Preputial inflanunation. ' Acroti 

Acroblast, ak^-ro-blast. The outer layer of the mesoblast. Acroti 

AcrobysfitJs. See Acrobistiiis. Scroti 

AcrocepltaJJa, oAf-ra-sirf-a^'le'^. Haviosg a conic head. AcrAa 

^^f^^^^ ^^-«^-/fev^-.35w. A pedunculated wart. kjert 

a^-ro-ssH-e'-sis. Excessive motility; abnormal 8^ 

'^^crociaes^ ^^ 

^^f^eetfoxn of movement. 


WK^^i^''^^' Epidemic «cyth«iiift* 
liftd to ergotism. 

I, Acroaeeth^sia, ak-fo^s-th/se-ah. 1. Hypeiaensl- 
2. Pain in the extremities. 

b-fo^-^-ifi. C»H<0, Acrylic aldeliyd* 
aJk-'ro-ma'-fMr-d/t. Incurable ineamty. 

II. Inflammation of the nipple. 

f ak-ro-mtg^-at-^. An abnormal development, chiefly 
%6B of the face and extremities, associated with disease 
tuitary body or thyroid gland, 
k-r(f'me-al. Pertaining to the acromion. A« Proc'- 

ak-ro-mHi^-re'ak. Smallneia of the extremities* 
dc'ular. Pertaining to the acromion and clavicle. 
acoid. Pertaining to the acromion and the coracoid 

mtnL Relating to the acromion and the humenia. 
i, the deltoid muscle. 

The process at the summit of the scapula, 
mi/lc. Relating to the acromion and thomx, 
m, ak-rom'-fal-us. I. The center of the naveL 2. 
stage of umbilical hernia, marked by pouting of the 

B, ak^ro-mr-kof-Vt. Both acrid and narcotic. 

I, ok-fo-nnt-fG^-sis, Any neurosis of the estremities. 

-ro-niks. An ingrowing of the nail, 

ll» ah-ro-par-aY -ii-hi. Paralyaia of the extremities. 

B«la,aJfc-ro-par-*j-/^-s*-d/t. 1. Extreme parcslhesia 

Eified condition characterized chiefly by paresthesias 

tal ends of the extremities, 

igy. Pathology of the extremities. 

%k-rof^-€i-tht. Any disease of the extremities. 

ak'TO-fcf 'be-ah. A morbid dread of heights. 

I alMrO'pos''the-ah, The prepuce. 

i,ak-ro-poS'ikV-tis. See Acrobistitis, 

ak-fo-skle-TO-def^'Wah. Same as Sckfi> 

rifs. An artificial carbohydrate produced by thi 

a weak base upon formaldehyd. 

ilB, ok-fQ-sfas^'el-MS, Gangrene of the digits. 

% ak^o-thi'-me-on, A wart with several elevations, 

?-rd-«^*m. An absence or weakness of the pulse. 

ak'To-U^-mus, Pulselessness; aspKv:?!^, 

voTt/sht^ Tnw^A^ disturbance of tiie extremities. 

•^St: J^ertam/ng' t0 M c/tem/cit/ ecuopouud the 
t of fPA/cA isC^ff^^, (COOH). 
A jpeaas <^ Iterbs vffth c»tbArtic pixfpertl^^ 




banebeny. A, tiVh*, white cohosh, A. rub'rs, red 

Purgative and emfetic. 
Actinic, ak-tW^ik. Having the power of exciting chemic i 
Actin' to chrome. Red pigment from Actinias. 
Actmiam» af^-iinistn. The chemic property of light, 
Actiuiumi. ak'Hfi^^-um. A i&dio-active elefxient found in 

Actinodermntitis, ak-tin-o-der-ffuii^'tis, X-my denoatitte, 
Actin'ograph* Actin'ogram, See Skiagraph. 
AcHnomycea, ak-tin-o-mi' -sH. A genus of fungoid organisiRs; 

ray -fungus. 
Actiaomyco'sls^ An infectious disease of cattle and man due 

to the ray-fungxis. 
Acdon, ak'-shun. The performftnce of a function or prooeiasi 

pathology, a morbid process. A.^ Re'fleXt an in voluntas 

tion of one part of the body, due to an impression on womd 

ferent nerve end -organ. 
Activate) ak'-tiv-dt. To render active; said, for example, of the 

transformation of the inert zymogen into the active ferment. 
Activation, ak-Hv-iZ-shun. The process of activating. 
Activator, ak-tiva'-iiirr. The substance which activates. 

known as Idnase or co-enzyme in the case of fermentA. 
Active, ak^-tiv. Energetic; the reverse of passive. 
ActoU af/-toh Silver lactate; tised as an antiseptic. 
Actual Cau'tery, A white-hot iron used for cauterising. 
Acufilopressute, ak-u-f^-lo-presh-tir* Arterial compression hfit 

needle and ligature. 
Acuity, ak-u'-it-e^ Cleamesa or acutenesa, as of viaion. 
Acumeter, ak-ii'-met-sr. An instrument for testing hearing. 
Atumiaate, ak-t/'min-dt. Tapering to a sharp point. 
AcupTetBiaa, Acupressure, ak^-u-presh-un, ay-it-presh-ilr, 

compression of blood-vessels by means of needlejk 
Ac'upuncture* Bleeding by puncturing the tissues with needles, 
Acus,. a^'kus, A surgical needle. 
AcusticuB, ak-u*-stik'us. The auditory nerve. 
Acute, ak-ut'. Rapid; aevere; sharp; keen. 

[Acuteaaculiim, ak-u-ten-ai^-iilum. A needle-holder. 
AcutenesSj ak-ilf-ms^ Pertaining to the acute sit&ge of a disease; 
sharpness or keenness of visual power. 
Acutor'sioa* Acupressure with twisting rl the vessel. 
Acyanoblepsy, ah'Si-an-o-blep^-se. Blue-blindnesa> 
Acy anopsia, ah^si-an-oiZ-sf-ah. See Acyamfbltpsy, 
Acyesis, ak-si-^'sis. Sterility of the female. 
Acyitia, ah-sif-te-ak. Congenital absence of the bladder. 
Acygtlnervia, o^-iir-itw-er'-tw-a/t. Paralysis of the bl&ddear. 
Acystoner'vla. See Acysiinervia. 
Acystoneurla, ah^sis'ton-u'^re-ak. See Acystintfvia, 
AdMcrya, aM-daM'-re-ak, A deficient secretion ot tear** 
^dMctylia, aA^Jk-itT-0'ah, An absence of d\gi\.a. 






b, i^t^daJ^^iU-us. Without di^itA. 

pbbut, ad-am-an* 'to-blasU An cnamel-cell; ft columnar 
|l1 cell frotn wMch the eaamel of the teeth is developed. 
bic2's Reac tioa for Pro'teids, To a mixtyne of on« 
B concentrated sulphuric acid and two volumes glacial- 
poA add the proteid. At the ordicary temperature a 
^violet color is obtained slowly, but more quickly on 
^ The liquid has also a feeble fluorescence, and givea 
(Orpiton band between the lines B and P in the eolar 

uv'ple. See PomwH Adumi. 
piMOBLM', See Adams'Stokts's Distfose. 
fpfheur Syn'dromo or IHsease'. A fi3miptotn-coinplex 
l^g of bradycardia in association with epileptiform or 
^tifomi seizures. Heart-block is often present. 
Ill ad-aH^-s0-niH, A febrifugal alkaloid from the baobab 
pansonia digitala, 

pa. The adjustment of the pupil to light- vatiationa. 
p^ ad-4'faf'it-aht See Bulimiti^ 
^P BoimB as Comptemgnt, q. v. 

^ Ase'mia* Pernicious anemia. A/» Disease', bronzed- 
|liaM, oattsed by changes (e^ecially tuberculous) in the 
tpal capsules and neighboring sympathetic plexuses. 
j^id* morphea, 

pf-M^l'. To draw toward the center. 
jL ad^duJl^^shuH, Movement toward the median line. 
1^ od^duii^-tof. Effecting adduction, as a muscle, A. 
i hallu^'clB, loD'gus, mag'aus, min'imus, obli'quus hal* 
obli^qiius poyiicis, transver'sus hallu'cia, transver'sus 
See MmscUs, TabU of, 

ad-^l-o-mor' 'fus. Without definite form, 
tl^. ad-4i''/o-iaMs-€, The arrangement of cells into ded- 

\, ad^-nu/^Mfi^h, Mental distress; anxiety. 
Un. A gland; a bubo, 
^ ad-tn-aV -jt-aK Glandular pain. 
^'-tf^-Js. An enzyme which oonvcrta adenin into 
litlA, tid-^n^^^-lh^ 'Ht-ak, Functional weakness of a 

A. gas'trlca* that affectir^g the gastric glands. 

ah'dtf/ -drik* Without dendrons, as certain cells. 
By, ad-0H'0^-to-tne. The excision of a gland. 
^ ad-^H-^k-Uf 'p€-ah. The dislocation of a gland, 
braxls, ad-tn-etn-fraks'-is, Glandulat obstructioik 
^-^-tff-o^. Hodgkin's disease, q, v. 

ad-#w'-<f-omi. Of the shape of a gland. 
^'•tfKHtK. CtH»N». A letikomaiti from cc\l-iiuc\<^, 
^'*H-4^'tis, Iniiammation of a gUnd, 

Tim ojffumirw of a glandulat apyfaTanior.. 


Adeaoblact, ad'^'O-blast, 1. An embryonic filxituJuJar cell. 

Any active gland cell. 
Adenocarcinc/ina* A carcinomatous adenoma. 
AActnoceU, aif -en-o-sil. Sem Adenoma, 
Adenochondro'm&. A combined adenoma and chondronuL. 
Adenocystoma, ad-en-o-sis-td -mah. A cystous adenoma. 
Adenodynia, ad-en-o-dinf-e-ah. See Adenalsia. 
Adeno fibroma, ad-en-o-fi-brt/^mah, A ixbroua adenoma. 
Ad«noE:'rttphy. A treatise on the glandular aysteiru 
Adenoid, ad'-cn-oid, 1. Resembling a gland, 2, In the plufj 
same aa A. Vfgetation. A* Growth. See A. Vegftati&n, 
Tb'Bue. See Aitimal Tissue. A, Tu^mor, an adenoma. 
Vegeta'tloa, hypertrophicd adenoid tissue, as in the pharynx. 
AdenolifKima, ad~en-c-Jip-o*-mah, A growth having the chatmc- 

ters of both an adenoma and a lipoma. 
Adenolii^omatoaia, ad-tn-o-Hp-o-mat-^/ -sis. A dlflcaaed condition 
characterized by the development of adaiomatoiis Kpomata 
in the neck, axillas, and groins. 
AdenoiogadFds* See Ophthalmia neonatorum, 
Adenorogy* The science of, or a treatise on, the glandular syis- 

Adenolymi>^o^mA« A combined adenoma and lymphoma. 
Adenoma^ ad-^n-tf-tnah. A glandular tumor. A, defltni'enf, a 
deatnictivo form of adenoma. A. teba'cettm, a fatty tumor of 
the face composed of sebaceous glands^ 
Adenomalacia, ad-4fn-o-ma!-<2' -se-ah. The softening of a gland. 
Adenoooyoma. ad'en-o-mi-if-ntak. A myomatoiis adenoma. 
Adenomyxoma, ad'en-o-miks-o'-tnah, A growth having the char- 
acters of both an adenoma and a myxoma. 
Adenomyzoaarco'ma. Glandular myxosarcoma. 
Adenopathy, ad-en-op^-aik-e. Any disease of the glands. 
Adenopharyngi'Hsu Inflammation of the pharynx and tonaila. 
Adenophlegmon, ad-en-o-Jte^-nuttK Phlegmonous lymphadenitis. 
Adenophtharmia. Inflammation of the Meibomian glands. 
Adenosarcoma, ad-fin-o-sar-kc'-mah. A tumor with the char- 
acters of adenoma and sarcoma combined, 
Adenoaclert/ais. Hardening of a gland, with or without 

AdeDOsia, ad-en-i/*sis. Any chronic abnormality of the glands. 
Adenotome, ad'-en-o-iofn. An instrument for excising glands. 
AdenoComy, oJ-m-oi^'-o-tmr. 1. An incision of a gland. 2. Anat- 
omy of the glands. 
AdenyU a<f -^-nil. The radicle CftH 4N i. Its oxid is hypoxan tMn ; 

and its fmJd, adcnln. 
AdepB, otT'itps. Lard. A. aDtefl^iif^ go ooe g na ese . A. beiUEoi- 
oatufl, bonzoin&ted lard, A. la^ne, lanolin, purified anhyditms 
wool-fat. A. Ift'nBB hydro'sua, purified hydrous wool-fat. A. 
orfffus, mutton-auct. A. ffuirtus, hogs' lard, 
Adonnim, aA-iUf^'m^-ah, An absence or detect ot Ooa aVixcu 


f'WSHS, Poor skin devclopmcfit. 
pedect cutaneous nutrition. 
r. The union of two suriaces or jiarts ; heal* 
healing by fint intention. A*f Sec'oadanr* 
, Sticky \ tenacloutt; producing ftdhesion . h, 

fy surgicid dressing. 

>»K. A g«nvis of fernfi, A. Di'grum» maiden- 

I demulcent. 

pt/'OrV'jii. Deficient sweat, 

^nai''U-*xh, See Adiop^r****. 

ition or disease not congenitaJ. 

i-tm^or^'fe-sis. Local anemia caused Ify 

pt or abetce&s. 

K[. A hernia contaimng fatty tissue, 
fr, GravC'wax; a waxy substance from a«i- 
I in racist soils. 

imbined fatty and fibrous tumor. 
f-tu-us. That which produces fat. 
l/t. See Lipoma. 

^tty. A. Ar'teries, arterial branches supply - 
fiv'Bue, fat-cells united by connective tissue. 
Corpulence: fatty degetincraon. A* dolo- 
sharacterizcd by pain, nodualr formations > 
dy, and persistent bronchitis. A* bspfttiCAt 
of the liver, 
A fatty condition of the heart. A. imii»er- 

U^^r*-^. The presence of fat in the urine. 

U An absence of thirst. 

\ A beverage relieving thirst. 

t Tending to quench thirst. 

1 entrance. A- ad an' tram, that part of the 

^bovE the level of the mcmbrana tympaim- 

im, the opening from the third ventricle 

^lum cerebi. A* lAryn'giA, the opening tnVo 

chanical device for r&iaing and lowering the 

due that assists the action of another drug 
twtc'doti for Blood, Mix equal parta of a 
I of bcnzidin in alcohol or glacial acetic ackf 
rtm-cstid p«fr c^t.K Add t& this one C,€^ 
^m c)f blood; jf jtrrv^jj or blaff color dev^ops^ 
baa/d be »cid In ns&ctton. 



Adnate, ad^-ndt. Grown together. 

Adnephrin, ad-nef'-rin. One of the principles derived from the 
adrenals; a hemostatic, used in 1: 1000 somtion. 

Adneural, ad-nuf -ral. Situated at a nerve. 

Adnexa, ad-neksf-ah. Appendages. A. oc'uli, the appendages of 
the eye, as the lids and lacrimal apparatus. A. u'teri, the ovaries 
and Fallopian tubes. 

Adnexopezy, ad-neksf-o-pek-se. The operation of raising and 
fixing the uterine adnexa to the abdominal wall. 

Adoles'cence. The period between puberty and maturity. 

Adon'idin. C24H40O9. A poisonous glucosid from Adonis. 

Adonis sestiva'Us or vema'lis, ad-c^-nis. A plant used as a car- 
diac tonic. 

Adoral, ad-d-ral. Situated at the mouth. 

Adoscula'tion. Impregnation by external contact only. 

Adre'nal. 1. Near the kidney. 2. The suprarenal capstile. 

Adrenalin, ad-ren'-al-in. The active principle of the supra- 
renal gland. A. Chlo'rid, a salt of this substance used medi- 

Adrue, ad-ri/-e. The antiemetic root of Cy perns articulatus. 

Adscitidous, ad-si-tisf^'us. Added from without; additional. 

Adsorption, ad-sorp' -shun. 1. The power possessed by certain 
substances of taking up fluids (apart from capillary attraction). 
2. The process whereby a substance becomes a part of another 
and remains in a state midway between mechanical mixture 
and chemical combination. 

Adustion, ad-usf-chun. The application of a burning substance. 

Advance'ment. An operation to remedy strabismus, by which 
the insertion of an ocular muscle is attached at a point farther 
removed from its origin. A., Cap'sular, attachment of a i>art 
of Tenon's capsule anterior to its regular position. 

Adventitia, ad-ven-tishf -e-ah. The external coat of blood-vessels. 

Adventitious, ad-ven-tish'-us. Accidental, foreign, or acquired. 

Adynamia, ah-din-a' -me-ah. A deficiency or loss of vital power. 

Adjmamic, ah-din-am'-ik. Asthenic. 

Adynatus, ad-inf-at-us. Sickly; weakly. 

JB- See E-. 

Aeby, Plane of. In craniometry, one passing through the nasion 
and basion perpendicular to the median plane. 

Aedes calopus. See Stegomyia calopus. 

Aeration, a^-raf-shun. Admixture or impregnation with air. 

Aerendocar'dia. The presence of air or gas within the heart. 

Aerhemoctonia, a-er-henuok-UZ-ne^Jt, Death by the entrance of 

air into the veins. 
Aaria3, a-^'r^'^fi. Pertaining to the air. A. Conduc'tioo, hearing 

eiinytx^b air-vibrations. 
^^^as, a-^-if<^^. Carrying air. 
J^^oryn, a^^yi,^. Gaseous. 

One of the aerobia. 

^t^»n>i^ ^^,^. 



raqulHng air or oxygen to maintain life; 
lerobiot'iCt a-tr-diZ-ik. Unable to live without 

\.^^~b0-<m. Same as Aerobe. A., FAc'ulutlve, an 

which can exist without oxygen under certain condi* 

; which norrnalJy use« it. 

^ A device for collecting bacteria froiD air> 

a-er-t>~bi*-o-sis. Life requiring oxgycn, 

''fT'O'Sil. Emphysema of the neck due to abnormally 

l^ngeal ventricleB. 

a-er-o^kof-pos. Distention of the vagini with air 

Bladder-examfnation with the aerourcthro- 

Ka'sia. Subcutaneous emphysenia^ 

The science of gaseous motions, 
jfff. Any gas-producing bacterium, 
^pot. An instrument for collecting organic duat froiu 

thy, a-er-o-hi-dnyp^-aili'e. The treatment of diaeas* 
of air and water. 
-eV-o-jf. The science of the atmosphere. 
An Instrumetit for meafiuring the density of gases* 
a-er-p-mi'-krob. See Aepobion, 
a-vr-off-aih-t. Cais&on disease, q. v. 
la, a-er-0'peT'%i-{/'tuf'ah. Gas in the abdomen, 
a-er-oif-aj-e. The swallowing of air. 
, a'tT-Q-fff-bt-ak, A morbiti dread of a current of 

a-€f'-o-for, A device for inflating the lungs of a stilU 
Id with air. 

\(f'er'0~fit, A plant living eacclusively in the air. 
lOffraphp a^-er-o-pleik'i^^mO'graf. An instruinent to 
respired air. 
An instrument for the exatnination of air-dust. 
a-er-€>-sfat'''iks. The science of gases at rest. 
luetics, Aerothcr^apy. The mode of treating disease 
g the pressure or composition of the air breathed, 
tt-er-o-t}ior''aks, Pneumothorax. 
«ttr, Q-tT'O-to-nom'-e-ter. An instrument for measur- 
tension of the gases of the blood. 

Pertaining to the air and the tympanumu 

The Instrament used in aerourethroscopy. 
', a-ef-O'U-teAkfoif-ko-pe. Urethral examination 
after ditetation with air. 
*a-aoL Proprietary remedy said to contain oeona. 

a-^r-itr-iv-^r^'shHH. The method of arrestVni^Yveta- 
e^*itrting the cut end of an artery. 
77se instrument used in aerteriveniocL 


£8CtiIii8» €s^-]m-tus, A genus of tfees and shrubs; buckeye. iB. 

glalirii, Ohio buckeye. M, hippocast'anam, hoise-chestaut; 

the fruit and bark are antiperiodic. M, pa'via, red buckeye. 
JBtdvoautumnaL See EstwoaiUumnal. 
Athiopificadon* 0-ihS'O-pif-ik'af'Shun, A discoloration of the 

skin from the long-continued use of drugs, as silver or copper. 
Afebrile^ ahr-fel/~rU, Without fever. 
AfetaU ah-f/'tcU, Without a fetus. 
ASee^n, af-ek^-shun, A synonym of disease. 
Affen8i»alte, af'-fen-spal-tuih). (German for Ape's split.) The 

parietooccipital fissure; ape-fissure. 
Afferent. Bearing or carrying toward the center, or inward. 
AflBlidty* af'iri-i^e, 1. Relationship. 2. A synonym of attxao- 

tion. A^ Chem'ic, the force that unites different kinds of 

matter to form new comi>ounds. A., Elec'tive, the preference 

of one substance for another over a second or third. 
Affla'tus. 1. A variety of acute erysipelas. 2. A current of air. 
Affluence^ af'-lurens. See Afflux, 
Afflux, af'-fluks, Affluxion, af-fluJ^-shun, Affluxus, af-fiuk'-sus. 

The flow of blood or liquid to a part. 
Affusion, af'fu^-zhun, A pouring upon, as water on the body. 
African Leth'argy. "Sleeping sickness" among the Africans. 
Afrodyo, af'-ro-din, A proprietary aphrodisiac remedy. 
Aftannin, af '-tan-in. An infusion of herbs with formaldehyd 

and fijycerin used in veterinary practice. 
After-birth* The placenta and membranes; the sectmdines. 
After-brain, af'-ter-brdn. See Metencephalon. 
After-cataract, af'-ter-kat-ar-akt. A recurring catamct. 
After-images, af'-ter-im-a-jes. Continued retinal sensations after 

withdrawal of the object. 
After-pains, af'-ter-pam. Postpartum pains. 
After-perception. The perception of an after-sensation. 
After-sensation. A sensation lasting longer than the stimulus. 
Agalactia, ah-gal-ah^'te-ah. An imperfect secretion of milk. 
Agamogen'esis. Reproduction without fecundation. 
A'gar-a'gar. A gelatinous substance from algae. It is used as a 

nutrient solution by bacteriologists, and in the treatment of 

Agaric, ag-ar'-ik. A term broadly applied to fungi of several 

Agaricin, ag-ar'-is-in. An impure alcoholic extract of agaric ; an- 

Agaricus, ag-ar'-ik-us, A genus of fungL 
Agar'ythrin. An alkaloid from Agaricus ruber, 
A£a0in?ner'vU» An insufficient gastric nervous tone. 
^^6roamit,aA-^as-fro^nf/-rg-ah. See Agastronervia. 

^f^^^r^T. '''^'?'. ^" ^'^^^'^ compound. 

rpiUh'tie. ' * ^^ American planU; diuretic and antJ- 

2. Impo 

Ageusia, oi 
Agger nasi, 

of the n 






viduals 1 

group d€ 



1» Abnormal or irop«f«ctderelc»p«Bent* 

^K^. Poor dovelopnuent of the gcni- 

tanco that produces changes in the body. 

See Ai^HStia, 

A defect or loss of taste. 

■, An oblique ridge on the inner surface 

il the masdlla. Alto called ctisia gihrnoid- 

-at Miuaed together; aggregated. 
««*. See Agglutinatk^, 
cnmas, together. 2. A c4>«iguIatioa-phe- 
idng bscteriolysis, A.-*test. See Widai 

lesive. 2. A substance with adhesive 

kce in the blood-Berum of immunuted indi- 

ft property of agglutinating bacteria. 

0id, An agglutinin with the xymotoxic 


wl-^i&f. Same aa Zymophof§t q. v, 

To group or arrange in clusteis. A. 


K substance produced in the body by 

property of weakening the normal pro- 

the body. By some it is held that this 

ae virulence of the bacteria. 

Violent excitement; a shaking, 
in the number of the red blood-corpuscles. 
Congenital absence of the tongue. 
i. An inability to swallow. 
i. Arranged in clusters; grouped. A. 
nail« Q, V, 

Congenital absence of the jaws. 
BS of perceptive power, from diGease. 

The same as Agnathia. q. v. 
See Agenesia, 
9 Agffnfsia. 

JTtetary substance prepared Erom wool. 
ae proprietary name for a wool-fat, 
-as-is* Looseness of the teeth. 

xinsjtiT *€> Jts^ny^ or the period just prc' 

tnma dsstrwss, 3. Sterility. 


AgOf«phoblA« ag-or-af-o*-be-ah, I, A dread of opea spaces m 
pl&ceft. 2. A dread of crowds. 

Agostini's Reac'tioo for Glu^cose. To five drops of the urine adi} 
five drops of 0.5 per cent* solution of gold chlond aod Uuve 
drops of 20 per ce^t. potas&a solutiont and heat gently. lo tlw 
presence of glucose a red color will be produced, ^M 

Asrscnia, ag-rt/ -me-ah. See Agreniia, ^H 

Asrain'matUm. An inability to form gramjnatic scntencca, ^ i 

A^raplila, ah-gra* -Jt-aK An inabiJity to express ideas in writing. 
A., Ab'iolute, incapacity to form a letter. A,, Mo' tor, inability 
to recall the movements of the hand necessary in writing. A., 
Verb'al, a form in which a number of meaningle^ i 
be wntteo. * 

Agraphic, ah'graf*Ak, Relating to agraphia. 

Agremia. ag-rf'*mff-oA. The gouty diatheais, 

Agria, agf-ra-ah, A certain pustular eruption. 

Agridin'ium, A dyestulf used with arsonophenylgly 
trypanocidal properties. 

Agrimonyt af-rim-o-nt. The berb^ Agrimonia €upatnricts{ 
root is a mild astringent. 

Agrippm, ait-grip' -ah> An infant bom feet foremoat, 

Agrippf ous par^tu«, A foot presentation. 

Agromaala, ag-ra-ma'-n^'ah, A morbid desire for solitude. 

Agrypnia, ah-grip' -nv-ah. Loss of sleep; inaonnnia. 

Agtypootic, ah - grip-not' 'ik\ A drug preventing sleep. 

Agut, c^'gu. Malarial or intermittent fever. A»» Braoa-fou 
ft disease of brass-founders, similar to intermittent fever. 
BroWt intermittent neuralgia of the brow. A»-cake, 
larial enlargement of the spleen. A*, Cafenatiiig, aguR 
associated with other diseases. A.-drop, a solution of 
arseniatc of potash. A.p Dumb, A., La'tentf A^ Biasked, ague 
with no well-marked chill and cmly partial periodicity. 

Agurin, ag'-H-rin. Acetate of eodium and theobromin. used 
as a diuretic. 

Ahtfeld's Sign. Irre^Iar tetanic contractions affecting localized 
areas of the uterus, observed after the third month Of 

Ahypnla, ak-hip^ 'n«-alu lusoniniii. 

AiGhmophonila* A morbid fear of sliarply-pointed initnimeitts. 

Ailitirophobia« i-ht-ro-fo' -he-ah. A morbid fear of cats, 

Alnhum, h^'hum, A disease peculiar to negroes, chaiactet ttad 
chiefly by sloughing of the little toes. ^H 

Aiodln, ah-V-o-din. An extract of the thyroid gland. -^^k 

Air, dr. The atmosphere. A.-cell, an air-veside, q. p, wi 

Complement al, that inhaled after ordinary inspiration. A>.- 

doucbe, a current of air blown into a space or cavity. A.- 

bunger, dyspnea on both inspiration and expiration. A.- 

paa'gsge^ the nares, mouth, larynm, ttacTRjea. and \jv 

fitbes, A,*pump, an instrument (ot pTods3k)cit>8 it 


aining in the chest after a normai 
ftid'ual, that l<:f* in the lungs after com- 
A.-<ac. See A, -vesicle. A.-«iMice, a 
with air or other irases. A., Supplemeof'a). 
^ Tl'dal, that taken in and given out at 
L-ves'lclCt a puiinonary alveolus, 
h oxyiodogallate; antiseptic, 
mctk. A form of peripheia,l neuritis 

\h. See Akimsis, 

L Ijoss or imperfection of iDOtloo. A* 
oni muscular pain. 

%.>. tl'ba lAteFa'^Us, a white eminence on the 
rehtricle. A. al^ba medja'lls, a white area 
I nucleus. A. AufriMp the pinna of the ear. 
^angular space on the floor of the fourth 
DfcU'lis, the alar process of the ethmoid. 
Mi lateral part of the niedian cerebellar lobe. 
It wing of the sphenoid. A- oa^'ti, the 
if the nose. A. par'va, the small wing of 
kl'tis, the posterior part of the roof of the 
. ti'TuIe, that part of the inferior surface 
between the uvula and the amygdatee, 
lart of the broad ligament of the uterus, 
iralytic impairment of speech. 
Ipha amino-propionic add, CiH7NOit a 
ct of proteid matter. 
flO. A camphor from elpcamiAne, 
H»iO?. An oily liquid from elecampane. 
; axillary, A. Lig'ameats, the crcscentic 

Milkpox. Sec untler Mitk. 
sldn-disease characterixed by the fonxia< 
I, anesthetic patches, 
teness. A. ret'ini^ edema of the retina, 
tillodynia; inflat^imation of the retrocal- 
Uy secondary to osteitis of the os ca!ci«, 
Whit*. Either one of the corpora albi- 

h. The same as A Ihin urea, q, v. 

lU nodules found on the free edge of tbc 

'alvea in some infants. 

ml deficiency of pigment in the ^aanes. 

ibject of albinjsjn. 

iB^ Whft^ un'net, 

i^rt^sjy- JfM y-ftig batJj white und gi^y 

^^^tmibstnace used in rhinoJogy 
^r n-hitisb. A. oc-tUi, the 

« 1 



latter ia free from color. Dieaolve the predpltate in 
to which ia added a little potassium hydroxid. If the tdU' 
tion turns blue, heat gently until colorless. When coai apply 
the biuret test; if positive proteoses are present. 

Aldose, aV-dds. Any carbohydrate which, chemically emxAt^ 
ered, is a deri\^tive of aldehyd and a complex atcohoL 

Alecithal, ak-Usf -iih-al. Applied to ova having little or no food^ 
yolk. j^ 

Alembic, al-e»^-hik. A vessel used for distillation. ^H 

Atembrothi al-emf-brcftk. Muriate of mercury and ammonia. ^* 

Alep'po Boil, But' ton, or E'vU, A furunculotis disease of the face 
common on the shores of the Medttermnean Sea« 

Aletrla, ar-et-rin. An extract from Aletns. 

Al'^etriB farino'aa. Ague-grass^ colic- root; an herb used aa a diu- 
retic and alterative, 

Aleuke'mia. A deficiency of the white corpuscles In the blood 

Alsukocytosist ah-lu-ko-si-U^-sis. A diminished or insui^dont 
formation of leukocytes, 

Aleuroaatf al-t^-ro-nat. A powder containing 90 per cent vege- 
table albumin and 7 per cent, carbohydrates; used as a food 
for diabetics. ,^* 

Altmoot af'tt^rdn. Small grains of protoid matter in needs, t^^ 

Alexander's Opera '^tlon. A shortening of the uterine round fi^| 
ments through an inguinal incision, to cure rctrodiaplacflment/ 

Alexia, at-eks'-eck. Word -blindness; an inability to read. 

Alexin, at-eks'-iH, 1, Any defensive proteid, 2. The comple- 
ment in the theory of immunity, 

AlexJpharmlG, al-eks-^'/ar'-mik. A medicine neutralizing a 

Alexipyretic, al-eks-e-puref-4ki A febrifuge. 

Aleze, ah-idtif. A cloth folded several times to protect th© b©i3 
from becoming soiled from t^crcta or discharges. f^ 

Alc£e» af-je. A group of mostly aquatic cryptogams. ^H 

Algefacient, aHa-fa'-shent. Refrigerant. ^| 

Algesia* al-j^^se-i^* Extreme sensitiveness to pain; hypecei*^ 

AigesichroDometer* Ql-jt-39-kfo-naw*'Ct'ef. An mstrument for 
measuring the time required to perceive a painful sensation. 

Algesimeter, al-fes-inif-0i-er. An instrument for mcadari 
neous sensitiveness. 

Algesthesis, al-ies-th/'sis, A painful sensation. 

Algid, aV-jid. Cold, chilly, A. Cholera, Asiatic cholera. 
Stattf the cold stage of a disease. 

Alginuresb, aUjin-U'rt^-su, Painful micturition, 

Algogeo'lc, 1. Causing pain. 2. Lowering temperature. 

Algolagnia, al'go-laft -n9<ik. A form of sexual perversio 
which the individual desires the infliction of pa\n at the \\ 
of Mnothcr of apposite sex, 
^4gom*eier, An instnunant for moaaurlns iieivs\tvv«mi»». 


dt al'go-fc^-he-ah, A morbid fear of pain. 

-fiw. An unusual feelmg of coldness; adgororcHlL 

r, aUgos^-kop-e, Same ajs Cryoscopy, q, t», 

DiseoM'. Mycosia fungoidcsa. A.'i Ke'loid, true ledoid, 

'-f-6i. Nutritive. 

'-is-fs. Cormaendug epots of ematt-pox cnipHon. 

I, dl-yen-a'-shun. Mental derangetnent; insanity, 

; al^ -yen-ism. The science of mental disctrdei*. 

if-yrtt-tJl. One who treats mental diseases. 

, al'if-ir-ons. Having wings. 

^¥Af-OTm. Having the shape of a wing. 

nVAm-enU Nourishment; food, 

ry, alAm-tt^-ta-re, Having the quality of nourishing, 

nSr the mass of food after mastication. A, CanaK, the 

ire tube and accessory glands, A. Duct, the thoracic 

al-im-en-Uf'shun, The process of nourishment. 
ml, nourishing by injection of food into the rectum, 
\-4n-<l^ -sal. Relating to the nasal wings. 
al-^tyfaf-ik. Pertaining to a fat. 

4, dl-iS'f^-noid, The bone that in adult life forms the 
rtion of the greater wing of the isphenoid. 
f-w'-ar-»n, CkH^O*. A red coal-tar color. 
t, al-kal-0^-€nL Tending to become alkaline, 
kal-i. An electropositive substance combining wirh 
to form a neutral salt. A. AJ'bumin, a derived 

with an alkaline reaction. A. Albu'minate, a soluble 
used as a culture-medium. A., Caus'tic, the solid hy- 
f potaesitim or sodium. A„ Pii'ed, potassium or sodium 
A. Met'al, one the osdd of which combines with 
» form an alkali, 

Ir. An instrument to measure the strength of alkalies 
jTi aUka-Hrr^-ci'Te. *The use of the alkalimetcr. 
\i*'ka-lln. Having the properties of an alkali. A, 

salt with alkaline properties, as lime, A. Reac'tionp 
tng of red litmus-paper blue. 

al-ka4i>^-U-€. The quality of being alkaline, 
., al-kal-in-i/'Te-ah. Alkalinity of the urine. 
al-ka-iiiff-^-ah, A proprietary effervescent prepara' 

ttu Act of rendering alkaline. 

a!^-ka-loid, 1. Resembling alkali. 2. An organic 
vegetable origin causing toxicologic effects. A., 
a leukomaln, q. o. A^ CMdav'^ric, A^ Putrefac'tire, 

u. ^. />: 

72ftf zaetAixf a/'^cfrmni^terfag^MjksIoids la de£nit& 

y^ 77re h^j-h .4/j'.}^^a /&t£X^^, th» root yields u 

4 i 



Aikan'mn, Ai'kanin. I'rjc reii juiunn^-tnuctcr. Cl.HiiO*, fni 

Alkap'toB. See Aicapum. 

Aikapttmnria* ol-kap-tO'nuf-rt-iMk. zSm AlcaptomaritL 
Ailwriin, al'kar'-sin. Cacodylic acid. 
Al'kylMHi. Bivalent alcohol tadicala. 
AlkylluUl'oid. A halogen aalt of che alkyl tadicala. 
A AlkyLoiiBii* aiHtiV-O'jtn. See Aikyikaloid. 
f Al'kyl. Any univalent aicohui adicaL 

Allan Bom's Lic'unmit. See Hey's Liffmift. • 
AUantiaaia* td-ixn-li'-as-is. Sauaage-poiaoning. 
Allantoic, ai-nn-tc^ -ik. Relating to the ailantoia. A. GRalif 
don, the fetal cxrculation through the cozd and the mfpHIki 
veaaeio. A. Vea'icifl^ the hallow allantoia of certain «»«»^-'»»i- 
Aiiati»>wti, a/-aM'-«^-in. C-tHdNiOs. One of the producti of tli 

oxidation at uiic acid; also a constituent of allantoic fluid. 
Allantoia, ai-a9^-Uh4s. A fetal appendage or membxmne. 
Allantobndcoiit alr^n-ta-toks' -iit-on. The aauaage-poiaon. 
Al'len's Baac'tion for Pha'noL Add to one or two drops of tfa 
liquid to be tested a few drops of hydmchloric acid and the 
one drop of nitric ai:id. A cherry- red coloration is produced. 
Aileron. A substance producing allergy. 
Al'lergy. The altered ability ut reaction shown by an otgania 
that has been inoculated with liome specific sabstance. At 
iiuired immunity a^isuciated with anaphjriaxis. 
AUestbesia, al-^s-the* x-ah. The .iame as AUocktria, q. v. 
Alliaceous, al-^a^ situs. Resembling garlic. 
Allingbam'a Pain'fnl Cl'cer. Fissure of the anus. 
Allia's Sign. Rehucation of the fascia lata between the iliac cm 
and the trochanter major is indicative of fractuxe of the nee 
of the femur. 
Allium, aV-e-unt. A genus oi plants. A. es'pa, comxnon onicK 

A. satx'vnm, garlic; a diuretic ancf stimulant. 
Alloclxesthe'sia. The erroneous I<x*alization of tactile iniprrssiiiiM 
Allodiiria, ^lUo-kV-re-^i. Confusion as to the location of sensa 

tions in the two sides of the body: it is a Qibetic symptom. 
AUoIa'Iia. Any disturbance of speech of central origin. 
Al'IonaL A bitter ycilo^-ish pomier only slightly soluble ii 

water; hypnotic and anaijfesic. 
Al'Iopath, Allop'atliist. One practising ailoi>athy. 
Allop'athy. The treatment of disease by the use of medicine 
that produce phenomena different from those of the diersii 
Allorxliytbmia* al-or-riuif -me-aii. Variation in the interval of tlu 

pulse- beat 
Allotozin, alrO'toks^-in. A substance resulting from tissue mtu 
morpbasia which confers immunity to tuxins. 
AliotriodoatiM, al-ot-re-o-dcn^ -2he-<u\ . 1 . T taT\&p\a.Ti\AA|i XM^^tos 
onr? n/T^or to another. 2. Presence o£ teetVv \n abwwtaslT^WJ 


* pcrversicm of the sense of taste. 
o^ '-«/•#. A depmved or uim&tui^ ftppe- 

t^TS'oh. Foreign iQalters in the urine, 
f, ai-of-ro-pitmt al^*-ro*pe. A vanatiou 
I witbotit a change iu chrmic compoattion. 
Aa Qxidatitm-pToduct of uric acid. 

A ciyetsUinc body formed from 

be series of xanthin bases which, on oxidA- 


I intermediate product in the ooddatton of 

» uric acid, 

v-^h. Tlie presence of allo^ur bodies in 
tEmaUy large quantities, 
ftiicatioTi of two or more metals. 
^ee Pitmnta. 

Llent alcohol radide, CaHn, A. Al'cohol, or 
3«0; b. p. 90.6° C; inflammable liquid. 
NH I (CsHi) . A liquid aubstance obtained 

A llouid containing blood or blood* 

oil shaken with a mixture of equal parts ot 

L and oil of turpentine, becomes blue. A.*i 

Heat the liquid with a solution of bismuth 

in caustic soda and Rochelle salts; if it 

Uquid becomes cloudy ♦ dark brown, or 

jbr, and Anally a black deposit appears. 

iHlie kernel of the fruit of Prunus amygdalus, 

p of Prunus nmygdatus var, amara. 

til extract from the tincture of Alnus. 

kcus of trees and shrubs, alder; the bark of 

L sefru}attm\& astringent and tonic. 

I An absence of the lochia. 

h genus of plants of the Ely family. 

Bed juice of the leaves of severai speci 

|., Barba'does, that from Aloe vera, 

|A medicine containing aloes. 

IJin inability to speak, due to lesion of nerve* 

nual nutrition of portions of the body* 
tiitO?, The active principle of aloe. 
fkt Loss of the hair. A. adnaHa. See A., 
Iia'tap A. dTtnunscrlp'tar baldness appearing 
|bngen'ital, due to the absence of hair-bulbs. 
I associated with hyperemia, itching . and 
I from the scalp. A. loca'lis, A oeuriftc^f 
at Ais* stiff 0fsrj^ or m the course of a 
' un/rmma'Utr the ntpM Joss <ff Amdr io 



a debilitated state. A. tlm^plex, premature txUdBtat 

imi versa' lift, general denudalLon of the liaira af the body, 
Aloxaatt^a, al-oks-an* -thin, A yellow substance, C| Ji(iO«. i 

Ato« vera. 

Alpha-leu'kocyt«. One diftinUffrating durins blood -eosfulAtks. 
Alpha "OaphthoU al-fah-tuif'-ihol. A variety of naphthol. 
Alphasott aV-Jai'Cl, A proprietary liquid antiseptic used «« 

Alphol* aJ^-fal, OjtHiiOi. An antiseptic and anodyna oon- 
, pound. 
Atpbozone, at^'fo-tdn. A white crystalline powder derived Ifoa 

hydrogen dioxid by action of succinic acid. It ii imimI si 

germicide in dilute aqueous solutions. 
Al'soL A preparation of aluminum acetate and tartarUt 

substitute for corrosive sublimate. 
AlstODin,, af'SUt-nin. See Chlorvienin. 
Alterative, awf -ter-a-tiv. A medicine that alters the pj 

ot nutrition and excretion » restoring the normal body- 

Altema'tion of Genera'tion. A form of reproduction in v\ 

members can produce new beings nonsexual] y. while in 

final stage reproduction is always sexual, 
Althse'a officina^lis, Marshtnattaw; root is demulcent. 
Altmann^s Gran'ules. Round bodies staining re&dily with ca^ 

bolfuchsin, and regarded as cell -derivatives which have grcrm 

through the assimilation of fat. They are proliably allied lu 

RusseU's bodies. According to Ross, the substance which 

forms chromosomes. 
Alum* Aluinen» ar-unt, al^-u-nten. Sulphate of potassium and 

aluminium, A. Whey, whey from milk boiled with alum. 
Altiminat al-u^'tnin-ah, AliO*. Sesquioxid of alumiouxn. 
AlumUiated» aUt^'min-a-ted, Containing alum. 
Alumin'ium* A whitish metal with a low specific gravity, 
AluminoU al-u'-min-ol Sob Alumnot. 

Alununosis, al*u-m%n-(/-sis. The phthisis of aluminium^workeii 
Aluminum, al-^-mm-um. See Aliiminiunt. 
Alumnol, aUwtf-n&L Aluminium naphthol sulphonate; anti- 
AlTearium, al^«v-a'-fir^m. The external opening of the ear. 
Alvegolat's Pump. A mercurial air-pump used in estimating tbe 

gaseous constituents of the blood. 
Alveloz, af-vt-ldt. Dried juice of Euphorbia hti*rodoxQ: fibiifl 

solvent and mild caustic. 
Alveotar, at-v^^o^lar. Pertaining to the alveoli. A. At'Iht* 

the posterior dental artery. A. Bor'der, the portion of th< 

laws bearing the teeth. A. Pas'sage, one of the bronchioki 

of the lung. A. Struc'ture, having small, superficial cavitlw 

MS in the mucous n^mbrane of the stomacVu 

*eoimrlnm, al-fv-i^ia-'r^um. The aa^e aa Alwsar^wm, ^. %w 


in* al^'c4in. A substance obtained f2x>m the alveolar 

rork of the deutomerites of gregarines. 

Itis, al'-ve-O'li'-tis, Inflammation of an alveolus. 

lodMitaL Relating to teeth and alveoli. 

OMpOl-vt^Hhlus, 1. The bony socket of a tooth. 2. A call. 

in air-vesicle. 4. A honey-comb depression in the gastric 

osa. 5. A follicle of a racemose gland. 

, aV-v^-us. A trough, tube, or canal. 

, aV-vin OftaV-vin. Pertaining td the belly. A. Concre'tion, 

{tinal calculus. A. Discharges, the feces. A. Flux, diarrhea. 

at-VMS, The belly, or its contents. 

bia, ah'limf-fe-ah. An insufficient amount of lymph. 

, al-i^-in. A local anesthetic used in ophthalmic surgery; 

a glycerin derivative. 

• ah'-mahs. Milkpoz. See under Milk. 

ioe, an^'Ok-rin. A term applied to a nerve-cell entirely 

id of axis-cylinder processes. 

0, awl-a-doo, A German dressing for wounds; a fungus; 
bwoodor punk. 

im, am-<il' 'gam. An alloy containing mercury. 

in, atn-at^-din. A vegetable globulin found in almonds. 

in, am-aW-itr-in. CdHi&N02. An alkaloid from fly- 

ic, Amanita muscaria. 

, an^-ar-ah. Bitters. 

, am^-ar-il. The poison induced by Bacillus icteroides, 

Ag yellow fever. 

1, att^-ar-in. CziHisNs. An alkaloid of bitter almonds. 
til, am-as-e^'sis. Inability to masticate. 

t, ah-masf'te-ah. Congenital absence of the breasts. 
Mil, am-aw-n/sis. Partial or total blindness. A., Albu* 
/ric, that due to renal disease. A., Or'ebral, that due to 
i-lesion. A., Congen'ital, that existing from birth. A., 
B'tic, that associated with diabetes. A., Hyster'ic, that 
npanying hysteria. A., Re' flex, that due to reflex action 
Btant irritation. A., Sabur'ral, temporary, in acute gas- 

A., Ure'niic, that due to uremia. 
itiCtam-aw^rof-ik. Pertaining to amaurosis. A. Cat's'- 
% glioma of the retina. 

I>hobia, am-aks-o-fct-be-ah. A morbid fear of vehicles. 
, ah-maf -ze-ak. See Amastia. 
. A fossil resin from trees now extinct. 
grik A substance excreted by the sperm-whale. 
z' trout. Equally skilful with both hands. 
»ia, am-ht-^-pt-ah. Vision with both eyes. 
if, amrbUZ-sis, Miscarriage; abortion. 
ic, am-blof-ik. An abortifacient. 

phia, am-bU-af-ft-ah. A diminution o! the «enie ol XoviOc^. 
euttiM, am-ble-gH^'U-ah. Dimini^ed sense ol \8*\ie. 
»ls, am-bU'</-i^^.ah. Dimness of vision K^ Cta«i8^. 


amblyopia on one ade with associated hemianestlieBia. A. fi 
anop'sia, caused by disuse. A., Postmai^ital, caused by sexual 

Ambocep' toid. An amboceptor which has lost its cytophile group. 

Amboceptor, am-bo-sef/'tor. A hypothetical the i mostabUe sub- 
stance foimd in blood-serum after inoculation. It pasBc i MPfl 
two haptophore groups, vie., a cytophile and a comidflmeiito- 
phile. Synonyms: Immune Body, Reparative, SensitiMr, Dn- 
mon, Fixative, Fixator, Philocytase, Receptor of the Third Order. 

Ambrine, om^-bren, A proprietary preparation of paraffin wax 
and oil of amber for treatment of bums. Melt and spray the 
wound at 140** F. See Paraffin, Hull's formula. ' 

Ambro'sia. A genus of plants with styptic properties. 

Ambulance, amf-bu-lans. A vehicle for conveying the liok. 

Ambulant. A. T/pboid Fe'ver, walking typhoid fever. 

Am'bulatory. 1. A dispensary. 2. Shifting; walking about. 

Ambustial, am-busf-chal. Produced by a bum. 

Ambustion, am-bus^-chun. A burn or scald. 

Ameba, am-e^-bah. 1. A genus of rhizopods. 2. An individual 
of the above genus. A. bucca'lis, found in dental caries. A. 
co'li, occurs in the upper part of the large intestine. A. dyMO- 
ter'is, the organism responsible for amebic dysentery. A. 
gingiva'Us, one species found about the gums. A. histolyfica. 
Same as the A. dysenteric. 

Amebic, am-e'-bik. Relating to an ameba. 

Amebicide, am-e'-be-sid. An agent destmctive to amebas. 

Amebiosis, am-e-bi'-o-sis. State of being infected by amebas. 

Amebocyte, am-^-bo-sit. A leukocjrte. 

Ame'boid. Having the movements of an ameba. 

Ameb'ula. A merozoite having the power of ameboid motion. 

Ameburia, am-e-bu'-^e-ah. The presence of amebas in the urine. 

Amelia, ah-me^-le-ah. Absence of the limbs, congenital or 

Ameloblast, am-eV-o-blast. A cell yielding tooth-enamel. 

Amelus, an^-el-us. A monster without limbs. 

Amenia, ah-m^-ne-ah. See Amenorrhea. 

Amenoma'nia, Amoenoma'nia. Mania with joyous delirium. 

Amenorrhe'a. Irregularity or suppression of the menstniation. 

Ament, ahf-ment. 1. An idiot. 2. A catkin. 

Amentia, ah-merf-she-ah. The condition of defective intellect. 

Ametria, ah-m^-tre-ah. Congenital absence of the womb. 

Ametrohemia, ah-met-ro-hev^-e-ah. A poor uterine blood-suppl y* 

Ametrom'eter. An instmment for measuring ametropia. 

Ametropia, ah-met-ri/ -pe^ah. Abnormal refraction of the eye. 

Ametropic, ah-met-rop^-ik. Affected with ametropia. 

Ametropom'eter. See Ametrometer. 

Ametropom'etry. The measurement of ametropia. 

Amianthinopsy, am-e-an^'thin-op'se. Violet-blindness. 
AmM'g Z}bc or Strile, See Krause's Dis€, 














m cox 








I ^00 


f-btk. Not due to mkrooea, 
teipound derived from amnion^ by Iht (tib* 
A radicle for hydrogen. 
£taix:h in a stiiteof MDlution. 
i-o-beK^-Min. Sat Anilin, 
The hypothetic radicle of the amids. 
^$NiPOio> A derivative froin brain -Bubstance, 
ipK, Soluble starch. 
lA. An inability to imitate or gestuTe cor- 

gmpound derived from ammonia by the 8ub- 

Iphol ladlcle for hydrogen. 

^form. An antiumtic remedy. 

'A deodorant and an antiseirtic fluid* 

Mii'-rtw. Any compound derived from p«" 

B of one of the hydrogen atoms by the amino 

fe, EWrect cdl-diWslon. 

ft. Not produced by Jcaryokinesis. 

, Same as Amperemeter, q. v, 

ah, A pungent gas, NHi, very soluble in 

, a watery solution of ammonia. 

^^i'-ak-um. Ammoniac* a gum-resin from 

Unt: It is expectorant and laxative. 

H-c-ted, Impuegnated with ammonia, 

m-e^-me-ah. The theoretic production of 

bfption of ammonium carbonate. 

A soda-deposit used in the making of soap, 
pothetic alkaline base, NH^, existing only 

f^-re-ah. Excess of ammonia in the ttrlue. 
bary name for ammoniated phenylacetamid. 

'-ap'V. Treatment by sand-baths. 

A loss of memory for words. A., Audi- 

A.» Vis'uaU word-btindness. 
The same as Amnesia ^ q. v. 

ing to the amnion and chorion. 
The inner embryonic membrane. 
f^'-ah. A flow of liquor amnii. 
fc. Animals liaving an amnion. 
iife. Pertaining to the amnion. A, Cavity* 
don. A, Flu'id, the liquor amnii. 
f'tis. Sec Amnilis, 

(tniment for puncturing the fetal tnembrants, 
* Inflammation of the amnion. 
i maniacal condjf j<?/7 ort^piJeptic msanltysecn 


Amor'phlsm. A sbapeless state; absence of crystallization. 
Amorphous* ah-mor^-fus. Formless; noncrystallized. 
Amorphtis, ah-mo/'ftis. A cardiac monster without head or limbs. 
Amotio retinsB, am^-she-o.ref-in-e. Detachment of the retina. 
Ampelopsin, am-pel-o^ -sin. A tonic extract from Virginia 

Ampelother'apy. The treatment by grapes and grape- juice. 
I Amperage, atn^-par-aj. The number of amperes used. 

Ampere, an^-pdr. The unit of measurement of strength of an 

electric current. 
Am'peremeter. An instrument for determining amperage. 
Amphiark'yochrome. A nerve-cell staining peculiarly. 
Amphiarthrosis, atn-fe-ar-thr(/-sis. Articulation by fibrous tissue 

or strong ligaments, permitting slight motion. 
Amphiaster, am-fe-cts^-ter. See Dyaster, 
Amphibia, am-fiiZ-e-ah, A class of vertebrate animals capable of 

living both on land and in water. 
Amphibious, am-iit/'e-us. Having the characteristics of am- 
^mphiblas'tuUu The unequally divided human blastula. 
Ibnphibo'lia. The vacillating period of a disease. 
Amphicelous, am-fe-s^-lus. Excavated on both sides. 
Amphicrania, am-fe-kraf-ne-ah. Pain on both sides of the head. 
Ibnphicre'atin. One of the muscle-leukomains. 
Amphicreaf inin. A poisonous muscle-leukomain. 
Amphicyf ula. The cytular stage of the htmian ovum. 
Amphidiarthro'sis. A mixed gliding and hinge articulation. 
Amphigas'trula. The gastrular stage of the htmian ovum. 
Amphimicro'bian. Both aerobian and anaerobian. 
Amphimiz'is. The union of the germ-nuclei in fertilization. 
Amphioxus, am-fe-ox'-us. The lancelet (^Branchio^totna lance- 
olatum) , a semi-transparent lance-shaped organism found in 
sandy bays. 
Amphipsrr'enin. The substance of the nuclear membrane. 
Amphistomum hominis, am-fis-U/'inum howf-in-is. Also called 
Gastrodiscus hominis. A fluke fotmd in India and probably 
I>arasitic in man. 
Amphodiplopia, atn^fo-dtp-kf-pe-ah. Double vision with both 

Amphopep'tone. A mixture of antipeptone and hemipeptone. 
Amphophilous, am'/qf-il-us. Staining with acid or basic dyes. 
Amphoric, am-for^-ik. Resembling the sound produced by 

blowing across the mouth of a bottle. 
Amphorophony, am-for-off-o-n*. Amphoric resonance. 
Amphoteric, am-fo-ter'-ik. Having the power of altering both 

red and blue test-paper. 
Amphoterodiplo'pia. The same as Amphodiplopia. 
AatpJJJSca'tioD. In microscopy, an increase of the visual area. 
'^tnpliaer, am'-^U-^.^, A device for increasing magnification. 

























erin, ] 

Amyly a 
oil; 1 
fluid 1 





l?-ar-dfc. See A 

u^r-i/'bik. Livine without air* 

h^i-er-d-bt-vn. A microbe living without air 

I The dressing of wounds with air exclusion. 

^S'th^-^e^, See *4«*f/A««a, A. doioro'sa* p&in* 

«-f(''j«. Nervous deafness. 

Pertaining to the anus. 

u-tp'-sis. A restoration to health. 

^p^-tikn An agent restoring strength and hta 1 1 h 

W-jin. CitHi&N^Oa. An antipyretic and anal 

wH^-»€-{^, Insensibih'ty to pain. 

U^j^'Sik, A remedy that relieves pain, 

fl-ft^-sin. See A ntipyrin. 

M^><th, Painlessness, 

m aa Analgtsic, 

pin* Same as Creotin. 

nmaip an'-al-og. A part or organ similar in func- 

HJHIlii different in structure, 

V'^jrv^. Conforming or answering to. 

^'^, The resolution of a body into its eleniortl. 
ICf that of gaseous compounds. A,, Gravimet'ric, 
ve determination by weight of the elements of 4 
n'ic, that of animal and vegetable tissues. A^ 
he determination of a simpler compound into 
ance may be resolved. A., Qual'^itative, the de- 
f the nature of the elements of which a body ts 
i., Quan'titative, the detemnnation of the pro> 


Anapboretic, an^f-or-e^^. An agent checking pereplmtion. 

Anaphrodisia, an-af-ro-dis^-e-ah. A diminution of sexual power. 

Anaphrodisiac, an-af-ro-dis' -e-ak. An agent alloying sexual pas- 

Anaphylactin, an-ah-fil-ak'-tin. A substance supposed to produce 
anaphylaxis; assumed to be part of the proteid introduced by 
the first injection. 

Anaphylaxis, an-ah-fil-ak'-sis. The condition of decreased resist- 
ance to the action of a toxin or a drug. 

Anaplasia, an-ah-pla^ -zt-ah. The tendency of certain tissues to- 
ward reversion to an earlier or embryonal type. 

Anaplastic, an-ap-las'-tik. Pertaining to anaplasty. A. Smr'- 
gery, anaplasty. 

An'aplasty. An operation for the restoration of lost parts; graft- 

Anaplerot^c. Flesh-renewing; promoting granulation. 

Anapnograph, an-ap'-no-graf. An instrument for measuring fbe 
speed and pressure of the respiratory current. 

Anapnoic, an^^ip-fu/'ik. Favoring respiration. 

Anapnometer, an-ap-now^-et-er, A spirometer. 

Anapoph]rsi8» an-ap-off^-is-is. An accessory vertebral process. 

Anarcotin, an-ar'-ko-tin. C22H28N70. An alkaloid of opium; It 
is sudorific and antipyretic. 

Anarithmia, an-ar-ith'^me-ah. An inability to count. 

Anarthria, an-a/-thre-ah. An inability to articulate distinctly. 
A. litera'lis, stammering. 

Anasarca, an-as-ar* -kah. General dropsy. 

Anaspa'dias. A urethral opening on the dorstim of the penis. 

Anastaltic, an-as-taV-iik. Astringent; styptic. 

Anastasis, an-as^-tas-is. Convalescence. 

Anastate, aW-as-tdt. A product of anabolism. 

Anastole, an-as^-to-le. Retraction, as of the lips of a wound. 

Anastomo'sis. The junction of vessels or hollow organs. A., 
Cru'cial, an arterial anastomosis in the upper part of the thigh. 
A.* Intes'tinal, the formation of a commimication between two 
peats of an intestine. 

Anastomotic, an-as-to-mof -ik. Pertaining to anastomosis. 

Anastomof ica mag'na. A short branch of the femoral artery. 

Anatherapeu'sis. Treatment by increasing doses. 

Anatomic, an-at-owf-ik. Pertaining to anatomy. A. Ta^berde. 
See Verruca necrogenica. 

Anatomist, anraf-o-mist. One versed in anatomy. 

Anatomy, aiuaf-'iMfne, The science of organic structure. A., ^- 
plied', anatomy as applied to diagnosis and treatment. A., 
Compar'ative, a comparison of the anatomy of different animal 
orders. A., Descrip'tive, a study of the individual parts of the 
body. A., Gross, anatomy aa studied by the naked eye. A., 
MfcroMcop^ic, that studied under the microscope. A., Mor'Md, 

^^ Mtudr ofdueaaed structures. A., Re^giofuO. the study oi 









Anconal* • 







for Dis 







by lirin 




then ai 








body. iL» Tcfognphric anatomy of 
to other parts, 
i pulse- wave with three breaks on lh« m* 
be to be applied by rubbing. 
Without axote or nitpogen 
^'TH'Oh. A deficiency of urea in the tirin©. 
Proprietary name for a mixture of boric and 
iGtitiitc for iociofortn. 
I. Sue Anchyipps^ 

The fixation of a movable vitcut. 
Same ai Alkannin. 
hU-o-byf* -ar-cn. See AnkylobUphonrn 
■gtosf -^-ah. Sec A n kytogtoss ia. 
An abscess at the inner acgje of the eye. 
See MAnkyhsis. 
il-o~sio~ft^f-<i5'4s. See Dochmiasix, 

olecranon, 2, The elbow. 
Toward the elbow. 
k See MuscUs, TabU of, 
^grah. Arthritic pain at the elbow, 
I Pertaining to the elbow, 
ii Resembling the elbow. 
m-^/'Um, See Ankyioglossia. 
f See Wormian Bents. 
i The petrous ganglion. A/i ITerve, See 

I compound gamboRe pill. A.'e Reac'don 
letween Quin'olin and Pyr'idjn Salts. The 

tthe latter, when boiled with water, are 
ble double salts with the eiiminatioo of 
&C1), whereas the former remain in boIu- 


phe position usually assumed In the early 

Ihe patient, who seeks to alleviate the pain 

Id Bide. 

Mit-o-me. Human dissection, 

\ for Cyst'sin. To the hydrochloric acid 

illrops of dilute feme chlorid solution and 

|b liquid will become a dark purplish red, 

jPresence of milk in the male mamma. 

^h. A hermapbrodite — female type. 

«»-HS. Hcrmaphxoditic. 

pi-itf , A hermaphrodite— -male t3np«« 

ft. The science of man. 

W^-^^ A loortitd fcMT of Bien. 


Aaectsiia, ansfi^'ias-iH. A product of bactem! action, ^th u 
inOuencG on the vasomotor nerves contrary to ectamn, q. r_ 

Anelectrnde, an-^l-iek'-trdd. The positive pote of a battery^ 

AnelecbrotOQUK* an-€i-ek'trot''0-nus. The decreased Ixt 
activity in a nerve in the neighborhood of the anode. 

Anera Opera ^tion for Ao^euryBm. Ligation on the cardiac aid* 
dose to the ancur>'sni. A.'i Probe, a delicate probe for e9(plo^ 
ing lacrimal canals. 

AnematosiSp an-c-wat^i'Sis. Same as Anemia, Idiopathic. 

Anemia* AnicEiiia, an-^-ttu-iih. A deficiency of blood or c 
corpuscles. A., Addlnon'a. S&mc as A., Idiopathic, A^I 
maknrt* doclmiiasis, q. v. A., Bftsen'tlalp A, Idiopath'k, thsi 
cattsed by disease of the blood or the bload-m.iking organfi. 
A. lympliatlcA. See Lympitadinoma. A., Hiiusni't doc)i* 
miasis, q,v. A» PerQi'cloxu* Satne h& A,, idiopathic. At 
Pri^tnary. Same as ^,, Idiopathic, A» SeVondary or Symp* 
tomat'ic, that due to a distinct cause, as cancer, etc. 
A, Sep'tic, one which is secondary to septic canditions, usually 
about the mouth. A., Splenic, that attended by enlarged 
spleen. A., Tun'neL Same as Dochmiasts, 

Anemic^ an-ctn^-ik. Pertaining to anemia. A. Mus^mttr* a soft 
blood -murmur, 

Anemom'eter* An instrument to measure force of wind. 

Anemone, an-^ntf-^hrtf, A genus of ranuncuLaceoufi herbs, A« 
ptilsatil''lat Pulsatilla; it is an alterative and depressant. 

Anemoolii* an-tfu^-o-niH, A toxic principle, CjoHmOh from 
Anemone pulsatillii, 

Anemopathyt an-em-op^'Oih-e. Treatment by inhalation. 

Anem'oscope, An instrument showing the speed of the win 

Anemot'rophy, A deficiency of blood nourishment. 

Anencephalla, ait-en-sf/-a^4a-<ih. An absence ol the brain. 

Aneoceph&lohe'mla. An in sufficient blood-supply in the 1 

Anencephaious, an-^n-stf-al-us^ Without a brain. 

Anenceph ''alus. A fetus havitxg no brain. ^h 

AnenterouB. an-^Ji^-ter-ns. Having no intestinal canal. ^H 

Aa«rgiCt an-et'-iik. Inactive, A. Stu'por, acute dementia. ^^ 

Aaeroid, atf-^-oiik Dispensing witli fluid. A. Barom'tter. 
See Baron\0t0r. 

Anttrytbropsia, an-^r-ith-fof^-se-iik. An inability to aee red, 

Aoeain, atC-^s-tn, Same as Aneson, 

Anesba an^-ts-is, A remisdon or abat^nent of a disease, 

Ane'soa. A proprietary aqueous solution of acetoneH^hloroform; 
hypnotic and locsal anesthetic. 

Anesthesia, ttH'€S'tht^'ie-ah, A state of insensibility, A. angio- 

8p«a'^tica« loss of sensibility due to spasm of blood vessels. A, 

Bul'bar, anesthesia due to a lesion in the medulla oblongata. 

A.f Cen'ttmL tbAt due to a lesion oi IW central necve-sysi 

A., Cer^^nl that due to a lesion ol tb© bt»«s, 

, anfmthrnJA 4W aaA aid* of tlk* bcidv duetA^(;«fB.Ua3k.\i 




other fiidft. A^* Disso'clAtod, loss of pain and temperature 
aeiuHUkms, the tactile: sense being still present. A. dotoro''&a, 
loss of aensibility in a Tegion of the body, associated with pain 
da« to a lesion of a nerve-trunk, the painful sensation being 
referred to the anesthetic region, A„ Gcn'eral, one affecting 
the wboie body. A., Gir'dle, a band of anesthesia encircling 
the body, A«, Infiltra'^don^ local anesthesia effected by sub- 
cutatxeou 5 injections. A,, Intraneu'ral, local anesthesia effected 
by injection into a nerve trunk. A., Lc'cal, that limited to a 
part of the body. A., Mix'ed^ anesthesia brought about by the 
use of tnore than one anesthetic agent. A„ Mus'culRr, loss of 
the tnuscle-sense. A,, Olfac'tory, anosmia. A,, Op'tic» 
amaurosis, A.» Par'tial, anesthesia in which some degree of 
sensibility is still present. A^ Pedph'eral, that due to lesions of 
the i>eripheTal nerve-system, A-, Pri'mary, temporary insen- 
sibility to slight pain in the be^nning of surgical anesthesia. 
A*, Rec'tal, that produced by the injection of an anesthetic 
agent into the rectum. A., Re'gional, chat limited to a part 
of body supplied by an afferent nerve which has been cocain- 
ized. A., Sex'ual, anaphrcklisia. A., Spi'nal« (1) that due to 
a lesion of the spinal cord ; (2) that produced by the injection 
of an anesthetic into the spinal subarachnoid space. A., Sur'- 
fical, that induced for operative procedures. A., Tair'tile, lo^ 
of sense of touch. A., Tberm'k, loss of temperature senae. 
A., Uniiaf end, hemianesthesia. 
■ Aoe»tbeslixieter, an-ts-ikes-im^-t-er. An instrument to measure 
the amount of an anesthetic administered in a given time, 

AoMthetic, afi-€^ihff-ik. A substance producing anesthesia. 

Anes'thetist. One who administers anesthetics. 

Aaestbedea'tlon. The act of producing anesthesia. 

Anes'^tbetizer. One who administci^ anesthetics. 

An^ettaoU CtoHitO. The chief constituent of oils of anise and 

AsMthyl, an^eZ-Uiil. A mtnture of one part methyl chlorid and 
five parts ethyl chlorid; used as a local anesthetic. 

Asetic* an-ef-ik. Relieving or assuaging pain; anodyne. 

Anetus, an*-€t'us. A generic name for intermitt^snt fevers. 

Aneuria, ak-ni/-re'aK A lack of nervous power. 

Aneurysmt an^-^-rism, A dilatation of an artery. A.» Abdom'i* 
aal, aneurysm of the abdominal aorta. A. by Anastomo'siSp 
the dilatation of a number of vessels forming a pulsating tumor 
under the skin. A., Arteriove'noiiB, the simultaneous rupture 
of an artery and a vein, the blood being held in the cellular tis- 
sue, A.» Cii'soid, a tortuous lengthening and dilatation of 
pfttt of an artery. A,, Compoaiid% that in which one or more 
of the coats of the artery are ruptured, the others dilated. ^, 
DlMactl&f* ooe in which the blood forces its way beVWMstv t'c^t 
^omtg of art Artery. A^ Faise, one due to the tuptute oi fiX\ 

Cte ctmta laf an mrtery and the retention of tVi» b\oad \xY "^^^ 



surrounding tissue. A., Innom'inate, that of the innominate 
artery. A., Mycof ic, one due to the growth of bacteria in the 
vessel wall. A., Rac'emose. ^raR2L'& A. by Anastomosis. A.» 
Sac'culated, a sac-like dilatation of an artery conununicating 
with the main arterial trunk. A., Var'icose. Same as il., ' 
Arteriovenous. A., Ver'minous, one containing hematozoa. 

Aneurysmal, an-u-rW^mal. Pertaining to an aneurysm. A. 
Diath'esis, a body-condition favoring the developnoent of 
aneurysms. A. Va'riz, swelling of a vein from the entrance of 
arterial blood. 

Aneurysmoplasty, an-u-riz'-mo-plas-te. Restoration of the artery 
in aneurysm; reconstructive endoaneurysmorraphy. 

Aneurysmorraphy, an-u-riz-mor' -af-e . The suturing of an an- 

Anfractoos'ity. Any sulcus between the cerebral convolutions. 

Anfractuous, an-frahf-tu-us. Convoluted, sulcate, sinuous. 

Ancei-, aWje-. For words so beginning see Angi-. 

Angelica, an-jtV -ik-ah. A genus of plants with tonic properties. 

Ancel's Wing. A scapular deformity with projection of the spine. 

Angiectasis, an-je-ehf-tas-is. A dilatation of a vessel. 

Angiectopia, an-je-ek-ttZ-pe-ah. Abnormal position of a vessd. 

Angiitis, an-je-i'-iis. Vascular inflammation. 

Angileucitis, an-je-lu-si'-tis. See Angioleucitis. 

Angina, aW-jin-ah. A sense of suffocation. A. acu'ta, simple 
sore-throat. A. laryn'gea, laryngitis, q. v. A. ludovi'd, 
A. ludwig'ii, acute inflammation of the submaxillary glands. • 
A. parotide'a, the mumps, q. v. A. pec'toris, pain and op- 
pression about the heart. A. sim'plex. Same as A. acuta, 
A., Streptococ'cous, that due to streptococci. A. ton'sillaiifl> 
the quinsy, q. v. A. trachea'Us, the croup,. 9. v. A., VIn» 
cent's, a diphtheroid inflammation of the throat due to a 
spirillum and spindle-shaped bacillus. 

Anginopho'bia. A morbid fear of angina pectoris. 

Anginose, aW-jin-dz. Affected with angina. 

Angioatax'ia. An irregularity in the blood-vessel tension. 

An'gioblast. An embryonic cell developing into vascular tissue. 

Angiocardiokinetic, an-je-o-kar-de-o-kin-et^-ik. A drug which 
stimulates the vessels of the heart. 

Angiocarditis, an-je-o-kar-di'-tis. A combined inflammation of 
the heart and large blood-vessels. 

Angiocav'enious. Relating to angioma cavemosum. 

Angiocholitis, an-jt-o-ko-li'-tis. Inflammation of the bile-ducts. 

Angiodystrc^hia, an-je-o-dis-tr(/'/e-ah. Defective nutrition of the 

Angioelephanti'asis. A large subcutaneous angioma. 

Angiogenesis, an-je'C-jen^-es-is. The development of the vessels. 

Angiogliomt, an-je-o-gU-iZ-niah. Vascular tumor of the sirinal 

-^^^gAv^ntfii^ att^-f'^'O-gra/. A form of sphygmograph. 

























■ial, 1 


Shy, On^ft'O^'fa'-J^, A description of the ved&eli. 

rmtomiL, an-iw-o-k^r'ai-o* -mak, A skindiacaaMs with ^ngio- 

aod cutaDOOUs induration. 

LCitii, an-i§-o~lu-5i^'tii. Inflammation of the lymphatics. 

1&. A venous caJculua; phlebolith. 

Ef, QH'i§-(^'<hit, The science of the blood* veeyels and 


nplii'tis. Same as Angicleuciiis. 

npho'nuu A tvunor of lymphatic vessels. 

I* aH'i<t-</ 'tnah. A tumor formed of blood -vessels. A. 

u/sum, an angioma filled with blood- siniisea. A», Telan* 

'dc one composed of dilated blood- vesseU. 

ilflda, an-fe-o-fHal-a^'S^-ah. A aoftcning of vcssel-walb. 

ster, an-je-on^-ei-tr. An instrument for measurins the 

tCT and tension of vessels. 

focar^diac. Pertaining to the muscles of the vessels of 


anFi&^Mttirct-^tah^ A vascular and muscular 

Kpc^tomy, Resection of all the cord-elementa of the 

Re except the va», with its arten* and vein. 

ttfoaist an-jf-o-Hu-rif-sis, A neurosis of the blood -vesselS' 

nrotic, an-ie-o-ntt-rof-ik. Pertaining to angioneurasas. 

B^ma. a neuro&Ls chamcterized by the presence of circum- 

d noninflammatory swellings. 

taa, an-jt'O-no'-mah, Ulceration of a vessel. 

acreati'tia. Inflammation of the vascular tissue of the 

ralyaiSt an^'e^^-par^ -is-is. Vasomotor paralysis. 
thy, an-je-^i/'ath'^. Any disease of the vessels. 
tMtf, anf-ft-o-piaS'la, Plasllc surgery ufvon blood-vessels^ 
tiexia* an^je-o-rekf'sis. Rupture of a blood-vessel. 
rco''ffiA. A vascular sarcoma, as of the spinal cord. 

bsn/ate. A hardening of the vessel -walls. 

kli'tis. Inflammation of a salivar^^ duct. 
W an-j*-</-sis. Any disease of the blood-vessels. 
, aff-J€-<hspazm, A vasomotor spasm. 
, an-je-o-sftaf-iik. Pertaining to angiospasm. 
I^da. A constriction of the blood-vessels. 
Dilatation of the blood-vessels. 
Inflammation of the blood-vessels of the ear. 
'mjt an-jt^of^-Yn*, The dissection of blood-vessels. 

af^'jf-o-trib, A powerfiil forcepi used in forcipres- 

W Olf-J*-fl 



The degree of divenrence of two lines. A., Aotq*" 
; formed between the head of the humcnia a.Tui ^\xtt ^M 
A- AJ'plM, that formed by the intCTScttiotv ol ^^cuti^| 

[ the crptic axis. A, of Ap'ert>jie, fhat Vtvc\\ideft^ 
I ioiflfnff the opposite pointa ol fhe v«*^V^*^ 


of a lens and the focus. A., Bior'bital, one formed by the in- 
tersection of the axes of the orbits. A., Car'dio-hepat^c, the 
angle formed by the junction of the upper limit of hepatic dul- 
ness with the right lateral line of cardiac dulness. A., Cos^tal, 
that formed by the meeting of ribs at the ensiform cartilage. 
A. of Devia'tion, that formed by a refracted ray and the pro- 
longation of the incident ray. A. of Eleva'tion, that made by 
the visual plane with its primary position when moved upward 
or downward. A^ Epigas'tric. Same as ^4 ., Costal, A. of In'- 
cidence, that at which a ray of light strikes a denser medium 
and undergoes refraction. A. of Jaw, the junction of the lower 
border of the ramus of the mandible with its posterior edge. 
A. of Louis, A. of Ludwig, the angle at the junction of the 
gladiolus with the manubritmi stemi. A., Op'tic. Same as 
A., Vistial. A. of Pu'bes, that formed by the junction of 
the pubic bones at the symphysis A. of Reflec'tion, that 
which a reflecting ray of light makes with a line perpendicular 
to the reflected surface. A. of Refrac'tion, that between a 
refracted ray of light and a line perpendicular to. the refract- 
ing surface. A., Rolan'dic. See Rolandic, A. Sig'ma, one be- 
tween the radius fixus and a line from the hormion to the 
staphylion. A., Subcos'tal. Same as A., Costal, A., IHs'tial, 
that formed at the eye by the ray of light from the extrem- 
ities of the object. 

An'glesey Leg. A kind of artificial leg. 

Ang'licus Bu'dor.' English sweating fever; contagious, malig- 

Angophrasia, an-go-fraf -ze-ah. A drawling speech. 

Angor, an^gor. A term synonymous with Angina, q. v. 

Anguillula, ang-wil-u'-lah. A genus of nematode parasites. 

Angular, ang^-gu-lar. Pertaining to an angl^. A. Ar'tery, the 
terminal branch of the facial artery. A. Gy'rus, a certain con- 
volution of the brain. 

Angula'tion. The formation of angular loops in the intestines. 

An'gulus. An angle. 

Augusta' tion. A narrowing; constriction. 

Angustura, ang-gus-tti^ -rah. The dried bark of Cusparia febri- 

. fuga; it is used as a tonic and febrifuge. 

Angustu'rin. C10H40NO14. A tonic alkaloid from Angustura. 

Anhalo'nin. CisHisNOs. A poisonous alkaloid from Anhalon- 

Anhaphia, an-haf -fe-ak. A loss of the sense of touch. 

Anhedonia, an-hed-cf -ne-ah. Complete loss of the sensation of 

Anhelation, an-hel-a^-shun. Shortness of breath; d3^spnea. 

Anhemato'sis. Defective formation of the blood. 

Anhidrosis, an-hid-nZ-sis, A deficiency of sweat. 
Aiihidrotic, an-A^-rof-ik. An agent that checks sweating. 
^nbi^tii^ Axibis'tooa. StntctureieBs; not oigaoised. 















A condition of dlmini&bed senim 

drid. A chemlc compound formed from ati 

awal of a molecule of water. 
f-drus. Not containing water. 
I An inability to recoeni^e vtolct raya« 
A shapeless, pamsitic fetus, 

A term applied to Cormlcss fetal mon- 

f-sit. See Anhidrosis, « 
I An aniiin compound formed by aubftlitutlng ri 
? the hydrogeo of NJI«. 
An amin,'CftH7N<, from nitrobenzene by letiue- 
antiseptic and hypnotic, A. Rath, inflam* 
kin from anilin poisoning. 
-tJif-o-fiL ReadiJy staining: with anilin-cotors, 
I fLntipyretic combination of antipyrin and anti- 

A disease produced by the fumes of antlin. 
|L An organic being with life and power of 
lum, the carbohydrate radicle of mucin. A. 
pral heat of the body« A. Magnetism, mesmer- 
iSUrch* glycogen, q. v. A* Tis^Buet the textures 


^kai, A microscopic organism. 
i4m-<it'i3'i/-shHn. The pnx:es8 of assimilatioo. 
I A yellow resin used in plasters, 
b. A substance distilled from bone-oiL. 

An electronegative element, 
'-g-ak. An absence of the^iris. 
h^df. Containing anise. 
iku^'TV-ak. Enuresis, q, v, 
|w herb Pimpinella anuumitht fruit » expecto- 

\ Ci-jHuNjOi, An alkaloid derived from anise 
*»'k(/ 'fe-ah. An inequality of the pupils, 
ff-o-si-tt/sis. Abnormal inequality in the size 

CtHsO. Phenyl-methyl ether. 
I inequality between corresponding limbs. 

A difference in the refraction of the two eyes. 
^is-o-me-ifop^Ak. Affected with anisometropia. 
l»pe*ah^ Inequality of visual power in the two 

ji'SCS'tkeiif-ik, Of unequal power; saXA of palru 

iOtr«plc Doubly tefractivei. 

€ ^ 


phonic acid, obtained from ichthyol. Its 33 per cent, aqueous 
solution combines with phenols, etc., to form anitols. 

AnitoU att^-it-ol. Any one of the soluble compounds formed by 
anitin with phenols, cresols, etc. ; germicidal. 

Ankle, an^-kl. The joint between the foot and the leg. A.-boiio» 
the uppermost bone of the tarsus. A. Clo'nus, A. Jerk, a sue* 
cession of rhythmic muscular contractions in the calf of the leg 

(when the foot is suddenly flexed by pressure upon the sole. 
Ankylobleph'aron. Adhesion of the edges of the eyelids. 

Ankyloglossia, ang-kiUo-glo^ -e-ah. See Tongue-tie. 

Ankyloproctia, ang-kil-o-prohf-te-ah. Stricture of the rectum. 

Ankylosed, an^-kil-dzd. Fixed by ankylosis. 

Ankylosis, ang-kil-c/sis. Union of the bones forming a joint, re- 
sulting in a stiff joint. A., False or Spu'rious, that due to 
rigidity of surrounding parts. A., Ligament'ous, when the 
medium is fibrous. A., True or Bony, when the connecting ma- 
terial is bone. 

Ankylostoma, an-kiUos^-to-mah. A species of strongylidae. A. 
duodenale, the hook-worm. 

Ankylostomiasis, ang-kH'O-sto-mi'-as-is. See Dochmiasis. 

Ankylotia, ang-Hl-ct-she-ah. Union of the walls of auditory 

Ankylotome, ang'-kil-o-tdm. A knife for cutting the f renum linguie. 

Ankylourethria, ang-kil-o-u-re' -thre-ah. Urethral stricture. 

An'kyrism. Articulation by one bone hooking upon another. 

Ankyroid, ang-kW-oid. Hook- shaped. A. Cav'ity, the descend- 
ing comu of the lateral ventricle. 

Anlage, ahn-lah-geh. (PL, anlages or Anlagen.) 1. A primary 
constituent of the germ or organism. 2. A constitutional 

Annectant, an-ek^-tant. Joining. A. G/ri, the gyri connecting 
the occipital and parietal lobes. 

Amiidalin, an-idf -al-in. Aristol. 

Amiotto, an-of-o. A red dye from Bixa orellana. 

An'nuens. The rectus capitis anticus minor muscle. 

Annular, an'-u-lar. Ring-like. A. Lig'ament, the ligament 
around the wrist and ankle. 

Annulus, an'-u-lus. A circular opening or margin. A. abdomi- 
na'lis, one of the abdominal rings. A. abdom'inis, the inguinal 
ring. A. cflia'ris, the boundary between the iris and the cho- 
roid. A. flbro'sus, (1) the fibrous part of the intervertebral 
fibrocartilage; (2) thefibrous ring around the auric uloventric - 
ttlar valves; (3) the circular fibrous attachment of the tjrm- 
panic membrane to the tympanic plate. A. mi' grans, a die- 
ease of the tongue marked by crescentic bands of rash spreading 
over it. A. os'seus, the tympanic plate. A. ova'lis, the oval 
margin of the foramen ovale. A. tra'chee, any one of the 
CBrtHa^aouB rings of the trachea. A. tympan'icus, the tym- 
t '- jMutic lia^. A, umblU'ciu, the umbilical ring. 


Ano'd i 
in su 







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ik'Sif't-al. PefC&ini&s to anus and ooccyx, 
Preventing feau-» paia, etc.« #. f. aaeBthe&ia 

brtaining to the asode, 

positive pole ol a galvanic battery. 

An absence of the sense ol smelL 
fshe-ah. Absence of the teeth. 
> A medicine relieving pain. 
ah. Freedom [rotn pain, 

Ji-ii5. Dc\-iating from the ordinary. 
That which is aootnalotia. 
NcKorecognition of objects seiett, beard, 

•g-ah. Congenital absence ol the nails. 
K'ttJ, Innominate. 

Upward fitrabisTBus. 
A genua of raoaquitoa. The -4 » ctavlger 
! of thi» genus act as hosts in the devdop- 
[ paiaaite. 

}^ika^'fM-ak. An absence of the^eyea. A. 
ary state of cye-soekct and orblt» 
phthalmia. 2. A person bom without eyes. 
Disuse of the eyes from certain defects, 
^ . An absence of the testicles. ^ 
% A being devoid of the testicles. 
i^l. Relating to the anus and rectum, 
^<jk. An absence or a loss of the appetiUs. 
r»pff-a^. Obliquity of vision: squinting. 
IIk A loss of the sense of r-mell. 
*-ii«-ah. Same as Anosmia, 

Relating to the anus and spine. A. 

A defective dcvdopment of bone. 
Absence of the pinna of the ear. 
i monster destitute of cars. 

Without a tail. 

k-al. Pertaining to both anus and bladder* 

ah. Insufficient oxygen in the blood. 

A, atlan'tis* a loop formed by filaments 

ond cervical nerves, A. capUtift, the »ygo- 

cc7K'ea. See A. sacralis, A. hal'leri, loop 

irve connecting the facial and g^ossopbaryn- 

pe» a part of a uriniferous tubule. A, hypo- 

' ned by the ramus deacendena and the second 

Jsierves. A.tntcrgenicula'riSi fibers connecting 

dies. A. intestina'Us, snjF ^oop of the sanUi 

v?alM'r^ ar Itfai/for'nih^ tJja upper iajninA 

r t^ t/m HuJajfnus. A. Jumbm ^lis a loop 


made of bmnchea of the lumbar nerves. A., i^eduticulif'fllib 
the ventral stalk of the thalamus, A. oi Reil. Same as A,^ 
p^ffdurtcuJaris, A. ■acra''tlft, joming the gangHon impar with i 
sympathetic trunks of the two sides. A. Subcla'via, a \tH 
formed by a nerve fvlamcnt running from the middle to! 
inferior cervical or first thoracic ganglion and pajssing in I 
of the subclavian artery. A. vieusaen'iL See A, subd 
A. wriBb«r'gil, a nerve filament joining the right greal 
splanchnic and right vagua nerves. 
line, an'-ser-lH. Relating to a goose, A. SkiD, gOf^sc-fleaJi. 
*Aatacl<l, ant-as'-id. An alkali. Neutmlizing acidity, 

AntacJdin, antas'-id-iti, Saccharate of lime. 

Antacrid^ ant-ak^-rid. Correcting acridity » 

Antftgoaism, an-ta^ -o-niam. Opposition, as of muscles or dn 

Antag'onlat, A drug neutralizing the affects of anothex, orl 
muscle opposing the action of another. 

Antalgic, ant-atf-jik, A remedy relieving pain. 

Antalkaline, ant-aV-kal-in, An agent neutralixing alkali. 

Aotaphrodis'tac. Lessening venereal desire. 

AntPpoploctic, ant-ap-O'pleh^'lik. See AntiafiopUtic, 

AQtarthritic, ant-arthrif-ik. See Antiarthritic, 

Antflsthen'ie, Tending to correct debility. 

Antasthmat'lc. A remedy for the relief of asthma. 

An ta trophic, ant-at-ro'-fih. Correcting atrophy. 

Antebrachial, 'an-Uf-bra*-ke-al, Pertaining to the for) 

Antebrachium, an-te~bT(f -ke-um. The forearm. 

Antecurvature, an-ie-kMt* 'Vat-ur. A slight bending forw-ard, 

Antedonin, un-i«-df/ -nin. An animal pigment. 

AntefiexiiDn* an-te-fte^-shun. A bending forward. 

Anteloca'doa. Anterior displacement of an organ, 

Antemetlc, ant-em-et^-ik. See Aniiam^iic. 

Antemortem^. ante-moi* -tern. Before death. 

Antepartum, an-tv-par^-tum. Before childbirth, 

Antepyaltk, ant-ef-t-aV-tik. Preventing nightmare, 

AntepyretiCf an-tepi-rtf-ik. Prior to the development of fevtr. 

Ante'rlor. Situated before or in front of. 

Anterograde, atj^-ier-o-grdd* Extending backward. 

Anteroinfe^rior. Situated in front and below, 

Anterointer''nat. Situated in front, to the inner side. 

Anterolateral, anter-O'laf-ir-al. In front and to the side. 

Aateromediian, ayt-ter-o-mt^ -de-an. In front and to the middlfl|J 

Aatcropari'etal* Anterior and also parietal. 

Anteroposterior, aH'ier-o-pos-iff'-r0'Or, From before backward. ' 

Anterosupe'rlor. In front and above. 

Ante version, o«-/e-urf'-ffAiaii. A turning or bending forward, 

AntheUx, anf-ka-liks. Same as Aniihellx, q. v, 

Aathocyanim, an-f/w-si'-a n -in . The reddlakv a,Ti4 \Avk,\t^ t 
found In the cell sap. 

irward, ,^J 


A fietms of herbs; also the dowen of A 
b stomachic tome. 
'tttm-or^af^^ Checking hemorrhage. 
i male sexual organ in plants. 
',. See Aniiarin. 

if-fu-ak, A morbid desire for flowpre. 
L j>opular name for erysipelas. 
f-mah A diiluae swelling. 
f-ni0-ak, I. The preaeflce td the Barillui 
2. Asphyxia. 

C 1 <H 1 0. A hydrocarbon from coal -tar. 
Diseases marked by formaiton of car- 

n, A poisonous ptomain obtained from cul- 
!r anthracis, 
ak'fu/'Sis, Black rot, a disease of vines. 

Resembling^ anthrax. 
L Instrument for determining the Amount of 
he aifi 

hrak'-o-nt-ftiv^sis. The necrotic oonver- 
^ a black masa. 

*'Sis, 1 Carbunctilar disease. 2, Lung- 
tiOs. A reaction-product of benzoic, gallJCi 

il«0j. Crystalline substance from anthm- 

Di, A derivative of alisaHn; antiieiitic, 
etary preparHtion of tar. 
1. A carbuncle. 2. The dieeaSe produced 

o-^pof^en-a. Tlie seience of the origin of 

Uro-pog^-ra-ff. A treatise on man. 

oid. Resembling ntan. 

y-o-lit. A petrified human body. 
|p?-por-o-;>. The science of man. 
Be measurement of the human body, 
fcn-thro-po-tftot' -fus. Shaped like a nuin. 
SttnnibaUsm; the eating of human flesh. 
ve&T of society; a symptom of mental dift 

BT* The science of human dtrueture. 
wro^pot^'t^-ntf. Human anatomy, 
^in excreted by human lungs. 
droj/Ak, Correcting dropsy. 
*Ak. Prcventinff b1w*p. 


Antiaditis, an-Urad^-tis, Tonsillitis, q. v. 

Antiagglutinin, an-te-ag-lvf-U-nin, A substance having the 

power of neutralizing the corresponding agglutinin, q. tf, 
Antiaggressin, an-U-ag-res^-^n, A substance having the power 

of neutralizing the corresponding aggressin, q. v. 
Antial'bumate. A product of imperfect digestion of albumuL 

► Antial'bumid. A (product of the digestion of albumin. 
Antialbu'min. A preformed substance of the proteid mdecule. 
Antialbumose, an-Util-W'mds. The form of albumose convert' 

ible into aatipeptone. 
Antiamboceptor, an-t^^m-ho-sep^'tor, A substance which in- 
hibits the action of an amboceptor. 
Antiapoplectic, an-te-ap-o-plekf-tik. Correcting apoplexy. 
Antiarin* att^-U-ar-in, Ci4H2o05+2H20. A poisonous cardiac 

depressant from the Javanese poison-tree, Antiaris toxicaria, 
Andarthritic, an-U-ar-Uiritr-ik, A remedy against gout. 
Antibacte'riaL Arresting the development of bacteria. 
Antibechic, an-U-hekf-ik. ReUeving cough. 
Antibilious, an-te-hiP-yus. Opposing biliousness. 
Antibiotic, an-te-bi-of-ik. Tending to destroy life. 
4ntiblennorrhagic, an-te-blen-or-ai'-ik. Preventing gonorrhea. 
Antibodies, aW-te-bod-is. The characteristic constituents of the 

blood and fluids of immune animals. 
Antibotolin, an-te-hof -u-Un, An antidote against intoxication 

by the Bacillus botulinUs, 
Antibrachitun, an-te-br<f-ke-um. The forearm. 
Antibromic, an-te-br</'inik. A deodorizer. 
Anticalcttlus, an-te-kaV-ku-lus, Relieving calculus. 
Anticancrin, an-te-kang^-krin. The same as Cancroitit q, p. 
Antfcardium, an'te-kar'-de-um. The epigastritun. 
Anticarious, an-te-ka^-re-us. Preventing caries. 
AnticaoS'ticon. A preparation of soluble water-glass; 
Anticheirotonus, an-te-H-rof-o-nus, See Antichirotonus. 
Antichirof onus. A spasmodic inflection of the thumb. 
Antichiorin, an-te-klo/'in, A mixture of glucose, basic bismuth 

formate, and sodium bicarbonate, used in treatment of 

Anticholerin, an-ie-koV-er-iu, A substance obtained from cul- 

ttires of cholera bacillus, and used in treatment of cholera. 
Antic^ipating. Occurring before the regular time. 
Anticlinal, an-U-kW-nal, Sloping in opposite directions. A. 

Ver'tebra, the tenth thoracic vertebra in man. 
Anticomplement, att'te-kow^'ple-ment. A substance which 

checks or opposes the action of a complement. 
AniiconvuMve, aH-ts-kon-vul'-sm, Relieving convulsions. 
AaeicoM, an-u^-jhts. Anterior; in front of, 
^^<ay,ia, aH'/,-si-U?l'^s-in. A substance opposing a cytoly- 

^^^be^acum. G/,,«^W;««ihetanceusediadiabet€a. \^^ 


znannite, ui 

Antidinic, an- 



Antidotal, an- 

An'tidote. A 





Antidynoiu, a 



Antiemetic, an 


Antiephlaltic, < 

Antifat, arff-te-. 

Antifebrile, an 

Antifeb'Tin. S 



Antigen, aW-te 

the body is 

Antiheliz. Sei 

the injectioi 
the latter's i 
Antihidrotic, o 
Antihydropic, i 
Antiif.tenc, an- 

anilid, caffei 
through the 
and allied b 
igftOBoiL Pre 
AatHe'siic. I 
iaiilepaia* an- 
tetilithic, an- 

laiOnietic, a 

F-iin. A muttiire of 
i of sugar by dmbetics. 


saccharin and 

A rcniedy iiaed in vertigo. 
Of'-thtt'tH. A subsUnce derived trom th« 

and used in diphtheria.. 
L Actins as an antidote, 

counteracting the action of a poison. A., 
Eianges the chemic na ture of the poison. A., 
lat prevents Bbsorption of the poison. A., 
tat counteracts the phyeiolojcic effects ot a 

i^-us. Resembling an anodyne. 
Is'kraf-ik. Relieving dyscrasiae. 
lU-fft-tct^-ik. A remedy against dysentery « 
if'tA'. A remedy against emesis. 
Stance neutralizing the digestive enzymes. 
^•^^al^-tik. A remedy a^nst lughtmare. 
n agent lessening fat. 

Antipyretic; reducing fever. 

ffr^fMn*'iaiAv. Arre9ting fermentation. 

it lessening the secTetion of milk. 

ny substance which when inoculated is to 
of causing the production of antibodies. 

T ridge of cTctenial ear, opposite the helix. 

hetn^ik-Tt^-nin, A synonym of Antimi^ 

f-moV-is-in, A substance produced by 
KLoIytic serum and capable of neutralixing 

drot^-ik. Lessening the secretion of sweat. 
drop^'ik. Relieving dropsy, 
etic substance obtained from cockroach^. 
'-ik. Relieving jaundice, 
t antipyretic remedy, said to consist of acet 
1 bicarbonate, and tartaric acid, 

apjiUed to the lessening of acidosis 
on in the body of sugars, alcohol, glycerin, 

pitning to antiketogenesjis, q, v. 
f antipyretic resembling antikamLitia. 
\ against the plague. 

Revulsive treatment. 
h-af* 'jik . Preventing sJ eef?, 

J^rtft^e^tijiiT the fannaC/cm of aUcuJ/, 
}^ of ffyff ear pppc3Sit& th^Jobe; the tm^^s. 

Jii^Jjeti'fig' syphilis. 
\ suhstAjic^ opposed £o the activity ofm 


AntilysBic, an-te-lis'-ik. Curative of hydrophobia. 

An'timere. Any segment of the body bounded by planes at lii^t 
angles to the long axis of the body. 

Antimetropia, an-te-me-trc/ -pe-ah. Hypermetropia in one eye 
and myopia in the other. 

Andmiasmatic, an-te-mi-as-maf-ik. Curative of miasmata. 

Antimicrobic, an-te-mi-kr</-bik. See Antibacterial. 

Antimigraine, an-te-mi'-grdn. The proprietary name for a mix- 
ture of caffein, antipyrin, and sugar. ^ 

Antimonial, an-te-mo'-ne-al. Pertaining to antimony. I ^^^tW 

Antimonium, Antimony, an-te-nu/ -ne-um, an'-te-mo-ne. Sb. 
(Stibium.) A metallic element; at. wt., 120; sp. gr., 6.7; 
melting-point, 432® C. Constituent of tartar emetic, etc. 

Antimycotic, an-te-mi-kof-ik. Destructive of fungal organisms. 

Antinarcotic, an-te-nar-kof-ik. Relieving narcosis. 

Antinau'sea. A proprietary name of a remedy for sea-sicknen. 

Antinephrit'ic. A remedy for renal inflammation. 

Antinervin, an-te-ner'-vin. An antineuralgic mixture of brom- 
acetanilid and salicylanilid. 

Antineuralgic, an-te-nu-ral'-jik. Relieving neuralgia. 

Antineuritic Vitamins, an-te-nu-rit'-ik vVtah-mins. See under 

Antinion, an-tin'-e-on. The frontal pole of the cranium. 

Antinonnin, an-te-non'-in. The proprietary name for sodium 
orthodinitro-cresylate ; insecticide. 

Antinosin, an-te-ni/sin. The proprietary name for the soluble 
sodium salt of tetra-iodo-phenol-phthalein. 

Antiopsonin, an-te-op'-so-nin. A substance retarding or destroy- 
ing the action of an opsonin. 

Antiparalytic, an-te-par-al-ilf-ik. Relieving paralysis. 

Antiparasif ic. 1. Destroying parasites. 2. An insecticide, q. v. 

Antiparastati'tis. Inflammation of Cowper's glands. 

Antipathic, an-te-path'-ik. Unlike; opposite; adverse. 

Antipathy, an-tip'-a-the. Aversion, dislike. 

Antipeptone, an-te-pep'-ton. An ultimate variety of peptone. 

AntiperiOdic, an-te-pe-re-od'-ik. Opposed to malaria. 

Antiperistal'sie. Abnormal movement of bowels toward stomach. 

Antiperistaltic, an te-per-is-tal'-tik. Exhibiting antiperistalsis. 

Antiphlogistic, an-te-fio-jisf^ik. An agent reducing inflanmiation. 

Antiphthisic, an-te-ti'-sik. An agent checking phthisis. 

Antiphthisin, an-te-ti'-sin. A modified tuberculin. 

Antipilus, an-te-pi'-lus, A proprietary hair remover. 

Antiplastic, an-te-plas^-tik. 1. Preventing gmnulation. 2. An 
agent thinning blood. 
Ant^netunotox'in. An antitoxin opposing pneumotoxin. 
AntiproBtate, aft'/e-zmfs^-tdt. One of Cowpers glands, q. v, ^ 
Aatiproetantia, InOammation of Cowper's glands. 
°^P^tic, an-Ur-pru-rit^'ik. Relieving itching. 
ivmo^c, an^u-si/^rik. Effective against itching. 


pU^r^fat^-Hv. Prerventitig putrefaction. 

pi^-ik Unfavorable to suppuration. 

4§~pt^*0'nm. The comixiiejrcial name for sodium 

koed in cyo disisiAes. 

rbe employment of antipyretics io fever. 

I. Reducing temperature. 2. A febrifuge. 
JdHliNjO. a febrifuge derived from coal-tar. 
tm-tt-pi-rcif-ik. An agent curative of bums. 
\rta'TQi/-4k, Curing hydrophobia. 
Ic, an-U-ru-fnaf-ik. Correcting rheumat!am> 
In, an'U'fu*~niatAn, Proprietary remedy for rhcu- 
>ntaining sodium saUcylste and methylene-blue 

A proprietary remedy for scabies, containing bal- 
ru, boric acid, etc. 

, an-iC'skor-bu'-tik. A remedy for scurvy, 
CftHiBrNO. Ao antiseptic, analgesic, and anti- 

^Hr//-s»5. The prevention of flepsts. 
^IK^ep^'tik, Preventing, or destroying, the germa 
,ction, or suppuration. 

1. Systematic employment of antiseptic measures 
A mixture of thymol, boric acid, iodid and sulphate 

Cinchonin iodosulphate, a substitute for iodoform. 
H-ii'sZ-rum. A serum having the power of agglu- 
id precipitating another scrum. 
Antistalagogue, an'tt-si-at* -a-sog. See AnttYialic. 
A substance lessening the secretion of saliva. 
a»'ts-spa^~min, A proprietary name for naroein- 
1 Bodium salicylate; a sedative and hypnotic 
le. Countemcting or curing spasm. 
n~t€'Spa/-tik. An antispasmodic, 
l/cia. The streptococcus-antitoxin. 
in-tt'St/-dor-<il, Diminishing perspiration. 
an't€-stt*-dor-in. The commercial name for « 
correct sweating. 

im A remedy for the relief of ayphiUa. 
Mn4ith*-et%-ar, I, Opposite to the thenar. 2. A 

► aH-ie-thc/-mik. Opposed to high temperature, 
k an'tg-ther^-min, CuHnNiOi. An antipyretic. 
D, aH't^-ihromf-bin, A substance of the nature of a 
kaving the power of retarding or preventing coagula- 

^nOf^tz^^-*^, Ojtpos^ ta poison tag. 
**s.&jAr<-/>K A substance devefopucS jji the t>ody 
we/ag^ a fcarJa. A., Arti^chU, An Antitoxin pro. 
fw^n elaei/jc cument tlircntgh m tcaUc bouillon. 


Antitragictts, an-te-traj'-ik-us. A muscle of the ear. See Mus- 
cles, Table of. 

Antif xagus. The process of the external ear opposite the tragus. 

Antitris'mus. Trismus occurring when the mouth is open. 

Antitryptic, an-te-trip'-tik. Antagonistic to proteolysis. 

Antitrope, apf-te-irdp. An organ forming a symmetric pair with 

Antituberculotic, an-te-tu-ber-ku-lof-ik. Correcting tuberculosis. 

Antiuraf ic. Preventing the deposit of urates. 

Antivenene, Antiven'in, an-te-ven'-en. The blood-seruxn of ani- 
mals rendered immune to snake-poison. 

Antivenereal, an-te-ven-e'-re-al. Antisyphilitic. 

Antiz3nnotic, an-te-zi-ntof-ik. Preventing fermentation. 

Antlia, anf-le-ah. A syringe or pump. 

Antodontalgic, an-to-don-tal'-jik. Relieving toothache. 

Antozone, antf-o-zon. Hydrogen peroxid; a disinfectant. 

Antracele, an'-ira-sel. Hydrocele of the maxillary antnun. 

Antral, an'-tral. Pertaining to an antrum. 

Antrec'tomy. Excision of the walls of the mastoid antrum. 

Antritis, an-trV-tis. Inflammation of a cavity, as an antrum. 

An'trocele. Same as Antracele. 

Antrophore, aW-iro-for. A soluble, medicated bougie. 

An'troscope. An instrument for examining the maxillary antnun. 

Antros'copy. Endoscopic examination of the maxillary antrum. 

An'trotome. Instrument for cutting open an antrum. 

Antrofomy. Incising an antrum. 

Antrotympani'tis. Chronic purulent otitis media. 

Antrum, an^-trum. A cavity, especially in bone. A. of High- 
more. Same as A. maxillare. A. mastoi'deum, the cavity of- 
the mastoid bone. A. mazilia're, a cavity in the body of 
the superior maxilla. A. pylo'ri, that portion of the stomach 
immediately in front of the pylorus. 

Anum, a'-num. See Anus. 

Anuretic, an-u-ret'-ik. Afifected with anuria. 

Anuria, an-t^ -re~ah. An absence or deficiency of urine. 

Anus, af-nus. The extremity of the rectum. A., Artifi'cial, an 
artificial opening, the natural one being closed. A., Impef'- 
f orate, one with the natural opening closed. A. vulvovagina'- 
lis, an anal opening communicating with the vulva. 

Anusol, af-nus-ol. The iodoresorcin sulphonate of bismuth. 

Anvil, an' -ml. The incus. 

Anydremia, an-id-r^-me-ah. See Anhydremia. 

Anypnia, an-ip^ -ne-ah. See Anhypnia. 

An'srtin. See Anitin. An'ytol. See Anitol. 

Aorta, a-or'-tah. The main arterial trunk. A., Abdom'inal, tlM 
portion below the diaphragm. A., Arch of, the curved part 
extending from the heart below to the third dorsal vertebra. 
A., Descend'hig, the aorta below the arch. A., Thora'cic, the 

ixart included in the thoracic cavity. 















•t^-ok. Same as Aortasten&fit, 

aining to the aorta. A. Arch'efc See 
a munnur due to diseaM ot the aortic 

all ai the aorta, A. O'peninCi the poeterior 
I diaphragm. A. Pies' us, a nerve plexxis lymg 

be eides ol the aorta. A. Valve*, this valves 
Bung into the aorta. 
I Infiammation of the aorta. 
Iftenlng ot the aorta, 
hif-st*H-t/-sis. Narrowing of the aorta. 

m-ak. Morbid dislike of the mate sex. 

porbid love of solitude; melancholy, 

I A want ol passion or ieeling; indiflfereace. 

hNOs A derivative of atropin, 

i fissures in the human brain that are also 

UL-hAnd, a hand having the thumb and digits 

k Without a fildn. 
mh. Imperfect digestion; dyspepista. 
pti. Laxative, opening. 
»r-lar>5i5>. Cessation or lack ot peristalsis, 
wraA, An opening. A. ante'rior ventric'uIJ 
ke vulva cerebri. A« aqasMiuc'tut cooto'lee» 
met of cochlea, on the petrous bone. A. chor*- 
^^ ning of the canal for the chorda tympanJ 
the anus. A. cana'lis inguins'lisi the 
eztero'a aqueduc'tus vcsdb'uli, cxt«msl 
neduct of the vestibule. A. Inf e'rior canalic'- 
iferior opening of tjTnpanic canaliculus. A. 
I quar'tl* the foramen of Key and Retdua. 
ric'uU qua/tlf the foramen of Mageodie. A, 
Nafvs. A* pel' vis supe'rlor, the superior 
A, sca'lA vestiVuU cooh'leei an opening 
libule and the scala vestibuli of the cochlea. 
Irertebral foramen. A. supe'rior canalkf'aii 
ng for the smaller petrosal nerve. A* tym- 
cbor'dsB, opening of the iter chordae pos- 
tympanum. A uteri'na^ opening of the 
> the uterus. 
An opening or orifice, 

f-icts). The tuimnit or extremity ot any- 
the point of rnaximum impulse of the heart 
^wall. A- Mur'mur, a murmur heard over tba 

See Aphakia, 
See Aphakic . 
An £nMbt!Jty to strsl/isw. 


Aphakic, ah-faf-kik. Without a crystalline lens. 

Aphasia, ak-faf-ze-ah. Loss of power of speech from cortical lesion. 
A., Amne'sic, want of memory for words. A., Atax'ic, inability 
to articulate words. A., Conduc'tion, that due to lesion of 
the conducting path. A., Mo' tor. See A., Ataxic. A., 
Sen'iory, inability to remember or understand words. 

Aphasic, ah-faf-zik. Resembling or affected with aphasia. 

Aphemia, ah-fe^-tne-ak. Motor aphasia; anarthria. 

Aphephobia, af-e-f(/-be-ah. A morbid dread of being touched. 

Aph'eter. Supposed substance causing muscular contraction. 

Aphonia, ah-f</-ne-ah. A loss of voice, due to peripheral lesiocL 
A. clerico'rum, clergymen's sore- throat. A. parano'ica, stub* 
bom silence in the insane. 

Aphonic, ah-fe/-nik. Characterized by aphonia. 

Aphoria, ah-fcZ-re-ah. Sterility of the female. 

^hose, aJf'fdz. A subjective sensation of shadow. 

^hrasia, aJt-fraf-ze-ah. An inability to speak from any cause. 

Aphrodisiac, af-ro-dW-e-ak. Stimulating the sexual passion. 

Aphth«e, a/'-//(«. See Thrush, A., Cachec'Hc, aphthae beneath the 
tongue, with grave constitutional symptoms. A., Conta'gioiii, 
Epizoof ic. Same as Foot and Month Disease. 

Aphthenz'iA. Impaired ability to articulate sounds. 

^hthoid, af'-thoid. Resembling aphthae. 

Aphthongia, af-thon^-e-ah. A peculiar form of aphasia dus to 
muscular spasm. 

Aphthous, af'thus. Marked by aphthae. 

Aphjrsiopur'purin. An animal pigment. 

Apical, af-pik-al. Pertaining to the apex. 

Apicectomy, a-pis-ek'-to-me. Apicoectomy, a-pe-ko-ek'^io^me. 
The excision of the apex or root-end of a tooth. 

Apilocater, a-pe-lok'-a'ter. Instrument for locating the apex of 
a tooth. 

ApUn, ap'-e-in. CtyHwOi*. A glucosid from parsley. 

Apiol, ap^-e-cl. A stearoptene, Ci2Hi404. from oil of parslsy; 

ApioUn, ap'-e-o-lin. A proprietary enunenagog from jMusley. 

Ap'ion. A decomposition product of apiol. 

Aplacental, ah-pla-senf-tal. Without a placenta. 

Apianatic, ah-plan-atf-ik. Without spheric aberration; rectilin- 
ear. A. Lens, a lens correcting aberration. 

Aplasia, ah-pla'-ze-ah. Defective development in a tissue. 

Aplastic, ah-plas'-tik. Structureless, formless, not plastic. A. 
Lymph, nonfibrinous lymph incapable of organization. 

Apnea, Apncea, ap-ne^-ah. A temporary cessation of breathing. 
Apneamatoais, a/^nu-mat-d-sis. Noninflation of the air- vesicles. 
ApaeumiM, ap^nu^-me-ah. Congenital absence of the lungs. 
^^coalOa, ap-o-ak-oft'^it^n. CsHuNOn. A poisonous aWa- 
/<»</ /ram aconitin. 

ap-^s^H'^sis. A discharge, flux, evacuation. 





ittc, ap-o-kr(!hmae''4k. Without color. A. Leaf, a 
\ a high correction of ^pheiic and chrcunatic aberra- 

ap^o-htf-d^An, CiiHiiNO*. An alkaloid from 

np'os-f^'4^, A glucosid from Apocynum, 
ip'Os'-iti-iH. An extract from Apocynum. 
ap-os^-in-nrrt. A genus of plants^ dog'^-bane. A* 
Lum, Canadian henip; it is an anthydropic tonic. 
i monster without feet. 
Pt/'iar, Having no pole. A. CellVi nerve-^cellB with* 

'Wa'ter, ap-ol-in-d'-ris. A German allcaline minefal 
^y changed with carbon dioxfd, 
A phenetidin citrate used in neuralgia. 
k, ap-o-mot^'ftn, Ct7Hi7NOt. An artificial alkaloid 
tcfm moTphin; it is a i>owcrful emetic. 

ap-o-fni* -^t-in, A principle from brain -substance. 
in** An anodyne containing chloral. 
Ilptiy, ap-cn-H-roif'ra'ft. A description of aponeu* 

fcr, ap-<m-u-n>l^-<^-f€. The science of aponeuroses, 
^p^n urTo'-sis. A fibroui expansion of a tendon, 
W^^op-'On'Ui'TO'si'-tis. Inflammation of an apon- 

ip-4m-iA~T0^ 'ik^ Pertaining to an aponeurosis. A« 

eep fascia, 

)«. A knife for dividing aponeuroses. 

r, ap'on'U-roi'*C'^n9, The division of an aponeu- 

p-thfiak^-is^ Amenorrhea , q. v, 
p-o-fijf -^-qI. Pertaining to an apophysis, 
>-off-4s-is, A bony protuberance or outgxo'wth. 
'ris, the orbicular process of the temporal bone, 
the processus gracilis of the maleus, 
ENsrtaining to, like, or affected with, apoplexy. 
I Apoplectoid, ap-o^plek'-H/'Orm, ap-Q*plekf -ioid, 

ma. Producing apoplexy. 

^-o-pUks'-t-ah, Apoplexy. A* u'teri, a sudden 

^•pUks-9, Paralysis from rupture of a cerebral 

Bulb'ar, that due to a rupture of a blood-vessel 

dla oblongata. A., Cap'lUary, a form due to rwp- 

lUaries. A„ InM'tavear'cfs^, th^t marked by a pro* 

if of vptasc/ousaess frt^jj JeaJcBge of blood from M 

j««5^ ji., J'!aa/^I/!f, xjxtplexy due ta m rupturs of& 

f /JB £Ai9 j>o/fs vsralii. 




"o^ry pmneachyiBM. 

A., PtMl'tnoaary, escApe of 
T>/ev » rsAme for 


those cases of death from coma in which no cerebral lerion is 
found. A^ Spi'nal, rupture of a blood-vessel of the spinal 
cord. A., Splen'ic, (1) flow of blood into the splenic sub- 
stance: (2) contagious anthrax. 

Aporetin, ap-o-re'-tin. A cathartic resin derived from rhubarb. 

Aposiat cihrpcf 'te^ah. An absence of thirst. 

Apositia, ap-o-sit^-e'ok, A loathing for food. 

Apostads, ap^s^-tas-is, 1. An abscess. 2. A bony exfoliation. 

Apostema* ctp'O-sU^-ntah, An abscess. 

Aposthia, ap-os^ -the-ah. Congenital absence of the preimce. 

i^KMitoli's Treatment. Treatment of uterine affections by elec- 
tricity, the positive pole being placed in the uterus. 

Apotheca, ap-o-iM-kah, An apothecary's shop. 

Apothecary, ap-otW-e-ka-re. A druggist; a seller of drugs. 

Apothema* Apotheme, np-oth'-em-ah, ap^-o-thetn, A brown 
powder formed by the evaporation of a vegetable infusion. 

Apbtheter, ap-otW-et-er. A navel-string repositor. 

Apozema* Apozeme, ap^Z-etn-ah, ap'-o-zim, A decoction. 

Apparatus, ap-ar-a'-tus. Instruments; a ntmiber of organs 
which act together in the performance of a definite function. 

i^pen'dage. That which is attached to an organ as a i>art of it. 
A., Auric'ular, the ear-like projection of the cardiac auricles. 
Am Ce'cal, the appendix vermiformis. A., Epiplo'ic, appendicula 
epiploica. As. of the Eye, the cilia, eyebrows, lacrimal appara- 
tus, and eyelids. As., Fetal, the amnion, chorion, placenta, 
and cord. As., Moss-like, short processes seen on some nerve« 
fibers in the granular layer of the cerebellum. A. of. the 
Ovary, the parovarium. As. of the Skin, nails, hair, sebaceous 
glands, and sweat glands. As. of the Uterus, the Fallopian 
tubes, the ovaries, and the uterine ligaments. 

Appendectomy, Appendicectomy, ap-en-dek'-tO'ine, ap-etirdis^y' 
to-me. Excision of the vermiform appendix. 

Appendices epiploicss, ap-eW-dis-iz ep-ip-lo'-is-e. See Appendk- 
ula epiploica. 
' Appendicial, Appendicular, ap-en-dishf-e-al, ap-en-dik^'-U'Jar. 
Pertaining to the vermiform appendix. A. Col'ic, the pain of 

Appendicitis, ap-en-dis-V-tis. Inflammation of the appendix ver- 
miformis. A. oblif erans, that resulting in the obliteration cf 
the lumen of the appendix. 

Appendicostomy, ap-en-dik-os' -to-me. Incision of the appendix 
vermiformis for the purpose of irrigating the colon. 

Appendicula, ap-pen-dikf-u-ldh. A small appendage. A. 
cer'ebri, the pituitary body. A. epiplo'ica, or A. pinguedfau/n, 
little masses of fatty tissue, covered with i>eritoneuni, jnx)- 
jecting from the large intestine. A. vermifor'mis ce'd^ the 
appendix vermiformis. 
^pendix, a/>-fift^-diks (pi., appen' -dices). An appendage, an 

adjunct. A., Aaric'alar, a process of the auricles of the heart. 
















Ird piece of the sternum. A., EpJpl</ICg 
kendagM of the peritoneum of the la.j tte 
psm'tot the worm-shKped process of the 
• Same AS A., Ensifotm. 
Hscious reception of a sensory impression, 
% desire for food. 2. Ltiat. 
HoTusontally flattened. 
|fi. A flattening. 

for the broad, thick skuU of dwarfs, 
ptient for applying medtcmes to a part. 
H. The act of £tting together; the state 

I Loss of undenttanding for Ibe uses of 


I Ahsence of the anus, 

pti&cially elongated labia minom, 

ah. An inability to fix the attention, 

ojk Partial or complete absence of the 


f-st-ah. Paralysis of the tactile 
eJjt, An inability to whisper. 
A lofis of consciousness, 
i^i-af-U-ah, ap-ii^-ai-iBm, Lack of saliva, 
er without limbs or feet. 
%k-no-ittorf-us, A term applied to a 
g Bystematically. 
iTellow pyoktanin; an antiseptic, 
{ring no pus. 
Without fever- 
^. The afebrile condition. 
: A. destilla'ta, distilled water. A, lor'- 
pmmerce, A. labydn'thl, fluid filling the 
A. oc'^uli, the aqueous humor. A. re'gla. 
3 muriatic acids. 

&p-svr^li*-tis. See Aguocapsnlitis. 
ifduct. A., cer'cbri, the infundibuluta. 
^tion of the skin by water-jets. 
I A canal. A. of the Coch'lea, a canal 
d of the scala tympani to the juguUr 
t the canal leading from the third to the 
|B brain. 

fatery; pertaining to water. A. 
p&a. the cornea and Vena. A* £x' tract* a 
g drug made from the aqueous solution. 
In the anterior charobcr of the eye. 
apsii^li''tis. Serous iritis. 
f A pentose, CftHv^i; guxa-sugar Snao 

i A ciMS €^ ^rtArcfpodf to wbiob belttof 



ticks (atnrt)t mites (HftgftatuUdm)^ ftpiden (aratuiddi, isd 
scorpions {scorpionida) . 
Arachnitis, ar-ak'iii* -lis Infiammatic}!) of the arachiioiil bmbk 

Arschaoiil, ar-af/'twid Resembling a web. A. CatHIt, l&l 
space between the arachnoid and dam tiiater. A* Mon'- 
brane, the serous membrane of the brain and cord. 
Arachnoiditis, ar'ak-notd-V'tis, See Arachnitis* 
Arachaopia^ ar-ak-ttO'pi^-ah, The arachnoid and pia tosetbefn 
Araa's Green Ciia'cer. "Cancer vert d' Aran," CMoroina; nuUif* 
nant lymphoma of the orbital cavity associated with geant 
leukemia, and tending to form metastases thftmgh the iyiB> 
phatic system. A/s Law, fractures of the base of the dodl 
are the reault of injury to the vault, the extension taking p\m 
by (nadiation along the line of the shortest circle. Tho frac' 
tures of tho base which occur by <:&ntri-coup are exceptions to 
this law, 
Aran-Ducheane's Diseased Progressive muscular atrophy 
Arantius, Body of. Corpus arantil; a small 6brocartilsglnaiii 
nodule located in the center of the free margin of the semilunsf 
valves. A., Canal' or Duct of» the di-trtus venosus. the snulleff 
of the two branches into which the ui tbilical vein divides 
entering tho abdomen. It empties uito the ascending 
cava and becomes obliterated after birth. A., Lig'amei 
the obliterated ductus venosus ot Arantius. A,, Veo'tiic] 
a depression at tho inferior angle of the fourth ventricle 
Arsrobaf ar-ar*</-ha. Chrysarobin, Q. v, 
Ar'bor vVtm* 1. The treelike figure in a section of the oei 
lum; ttlHO applied to a similar appearance of the interior 
ol the cervix uteri. 2, The tree Thuja occidefttatis. 
Arhorizs'tion. The branching o! the ncr\»e-cell processes* 
A r' bulin , C i- ♦ M 4 1 ii + H jO. A glucosid found in Uva ursi. 
Arc, arl/ Part of a circle. A.^ Binaur'sLU a meaauremient 
the lop of tho head from the center of one auditory meatus to 
th» other 
Arcado. a/-kad. Arch. ^| 

Arcauum, tir-ka'-num. A secret medicine or nostruin. ^| 

Arcstura^ ar'kai*tt*'r<U$. An outward curvature of the forehfl 

of horses. 
ArcelHf a/-»*-itt. ArecoHn hydrobroroate; an active 
Arc tn 6«rcl«» ark ong sair'kL (French.) The opi 

spasm often »eon in hysteriod convulsions. 
AfOllf tsTf-h, A term applied to ^'arious curved portions 0! 
body. A.( Abdominothora'dc, the lower boundary of 
/font of the thorax, A., Alve'olar, that marking the oul 
iff the a/veoJar processes ot the ^aw. K. ot Knif ta. See 
Att, Aor'tic, vascular arches accotnpQ.Ti7\Tvft ^* 
iLtchct. iU** BirAii'QhkL Eve cctlumwa ^ ^^\:k£ 


l^tal, thft arch of the tfbi. A*» Cru'rel, 
A4» Den^tatf the curve formed by tha 
lie teeth. A., Fem'ond^ Pcmp&rt'c ligunent. 
Inferior loop of the typical vertebm. A*| 
I branchial arch of vertebtates. A., M«iid$b'- 
tochial arch, developing into the lower jaw. 
Luperior loop of the typical vertebra. A., 
ItfoTmed by the radial and ulnar artcriea in 
I hand. A., PhAryn'g«al. the ftfth pair of 
I A., Plan' tar, that made by the external 
Lnch of the dorsal artery of the foot. A., 
leuTved margin of the frontal bone that forms 
fy o( the orbit, A. of Ver'tebra, the part of a 
|iy two pedicles and two laminas, bounding 
ten dorsally. A.« Via'cera. Same aa ^.» 
af k* that fonned by the malar and 

'-sis. Spontaneous generation. 
t*-0S-is. See Arckebiosis, 

The cavity formed by the inVAgiita^ 
] vesicle. 
bif. A wandering celL 
hon. Pub too thick to flow, 
f4ffo^-r9'Um, The cellES from which spore 
nediately derived, 
A standard type, 
i dyaster forming polar bodies, 
anular areola aurrounding the geimioal 

/-lik. Pertaining to the archihlast. 
or composed of archiblastie tissue. 
\s-t*f. The embryonic alimentary canal. 
Ilolet coloring matter from the lichen Roe- 

paf-fon^ The WolflBan body. 

kf-rcm. A primitive neuron. 

^l^-le-um. The rhinencephalon, 

tarn. The blastopore. 

jSnflammaticm of the rectum, 

j^ Hernia of the rectum, 
plas'ma. 'rho substance composing the 
the astral-rays, and the spindle- fibers ii» 

Prolaptie of the rectum. 
f-€-ah. Rectal hemorrhage. 
ha discharge of blood. 
»- sUtg-ncf 'fir. Stfg At^A&si^Mewir, 
p^im-^-^^, Jir^'tsJ coamtrtctioa. 



ArctAtloa, afk-U/'shwi, A oonstrktlcm of the luBien ctf A 4 

ArctiuiD, arf^-te-um. A (fcnMs of plants. A. Utppa, burdo 
root ia diuretic and tonic. 

Arcuate, a/'ku'tii. Bent like an arch. 

ArcuatioQt ar-kn-a'-skHU. Curvature. 

Arctiltia, ar^-ku'lus. A cmdlc to protect diseased parts. 

Arcus, ar^-kus. A bow, arch, or ring. A* Aor'tfB, the arch of tb« 
aorta, A. arteria^nun, the arteriae arciformes of the kidnejr. 
A. artericr'aus m&''nus, the palmar arch, A. arterio'tui pal 
pebro!, an arterial arch along the edge of the eye^Jid. A. 
arterio^eus pe'dis, the plantar arth, A. atlan'tis, the arch of 
the atlas. A, OJCiUa'riAt arch fanned by the axillary arter/ 
A. car'pi dorsa'lb, the posterior carpal arch. A. co'll iatcsti'pi. 
the transverse colon. A. cor'ceie* ^e A, senilis. A., crural 
Poupart'5 liganmont. A. cmra'lJs profun'dua, the deep crufiii 
arch. A. deatft'lis, the dental arch. A. lau'cium, the palatini 
arch. A. glosaopalati'^iius, the anterior pUIar of the fauces 
A. hi^'ticuB, a branch of the renal artery su]3plying the pelva 
of the kidney. A. jugalis, the xiygomatic arch. A. jureaa'lii, 
a white riny around the cornea occurring in youn^ individuaii 
and resembling the arcu!^ senilis. . Ai ma'jpr ventric'uU, th« 
great curvature of the stomach. A- meduUa'ria, th« ion 
A. mf &or vcntric'uU, the lesser curvature of the stomach. 
OOCJpftoipArieta'tis, an annectant gyrus between the sup 
parietal lobule and the occipital lobe. A. palati'nj, the ] 
of the fauces. A. polatoglos'sus. Same aa .4. gtossapalatU 
A. palatophorynse'iis, the posterior pillar of the faucess A 
palma'^riBp the palmar arch. A. pbaryncoepiglot'tictu. foldi 
of raucous membrane passing from the plmrynx to the cpi- 
glottis. A plaata'ris, the plantar arch. A* poplite'uSt the 
arcuate popliteal ligament. A. oeni'liSp a rinif of opacity at 
the edge of the cornea seen in the aged. A, Benriis leo'ds, i 
ring of opacity about the equator of the lens occurring ia the 
aged. A, spiralis, the zona urcuata in the organ of Corti A. 
aubpu'bkua, the pubic arch. A, auperflcia'lis vo'Iib, the supe^ 
ficial palmar arch. A. supraorbi talis, the supraorbital i ^ 
A. tar'seus, the tarsal arch. A. tsdr'si oc' uli. Same asA.ari 
Sits patpeiyrts, A. thyr&caxtilagin'eus, the arch formed by I 
superior thyroid arteries and the thyroid cartilage, A. tti- 
ohea'lis ante'rior, the arch formed by the inferior thyroai 
arteries in passing over the trachea. A. un^guinttm. See 
Lumda. A. vascuto'si, arches formed by branches of the rcnil 
artery in the kidney. A. veno'sus, (1) anarch joining the aote- 

Lrior jugular veins: (21 the venous arch in the palm of ti» 
hand; (3) a venous arch on the back of the fingeis.^fl| 
WBTtebra'ih, a vertebral arch, A. -voWtVft, \>\(b pukVcaax n^f 
A. zygomtitfiomt the sygomatic arcfh. ^| 

feat, ar^'de^tL Burning; levet\sU A. ?k^VifV\a, la aj 

uli. th<! 
ch. S 



by Si 


Vfo1«oe lii&t; burning. A. vui'tim, burning pam 

Any space with boundariea. A. acus'tica, or 
y, (1; the receptive center for audition in the supe- 
l gyrus; (2) an area in the lateral angle of the floor ' 
lourth ventricle. A., Bro'ca's. Same as A . parol fa^icria, 
j» alopecia areata. A. cribro'sa. Small pcrfomted space 
ntemal auditory meatus through which pass filaments ol 
litory nerve. A, embryona'Us. Same as A , germinaiiva. 
tniiuitfTa, the germinating spot of the embryo. A. 
Dc'ii. BsLmft as TTigpninm hypoglossi. A. intercntra'Us, 
ipedujicula'riSp an area at the base of the brain between 
txa cerebri. A., Mo' tor, the emissive center for voluntary 
the precentral convolution. A., Occip''ital, (1) that 
5 occipital bone above the superior curved line; (2) the 
the brain beneath the occipital bone. A. opafcM.^ 
ae circle round the A. peltucida. A. paratennina'lis, 
, the mesial aspect of the embryonic cerebml hemi* 
^A. p&rolfacto'ria (Brocsc), a small vertical gynia 
kthe corpus callosum and continuous with the gynia 
(a. pellu'eida, the light central portion of the A. ger^ 
A», PoAtpon'tile, that of the metencephalon com- 
be olivary bodies and the lower lateral portion of the 
Uttm. A. poBtre'ma, on the floor of the fourth ventricle be- 
; aia cinerea and the tenia ventriculi quarti. A., Rol- 
I See Rotandk^ A., Sen'sor, Seo'soryi or Seaso'rial, the 
L of the cerebral cortex in which sensation is per- 
A.» Sep'^tal, the mesal surface of the walls of the sep- 
dum. A«, Somesthe'tic, the area for body feelings or 
ation in the postcentral convolution; the entire re- 
i psychic sensor area. A, va'gi, the trigonum vagi 
A. vaAculo'sa, the sp»ace in the area opaca 
[-vessels first develop, A,» Vi''sual» the area of 
t cerebri, vis. , the cuneus and superior occipital gyrus, 
lion b perceived. A. viteWna, yolk-area outside th^ 
i in mesoblastic eggs. 
f^^kah, A genus of East Indian palms. A. cat'echu, 
ties the areca- or betel nut. 

i'A poisonous tcniacidal alkaloid, CrHiiNOt-f H-.O, 
I from areca. 
% brown-red coloring-matter from areca-nut. 
irV-^Jin. A vermifugal alkaloid, CiiHiaNOj, from 

m^ A sand-bath; 

Desiccation; the act of drying, 

an application of hot sand to th« 

riog'UkB discoloration; colored ring a-toviTkA ^ii» 
■M. the iatereticei in oonnecUve tiasa% 


Areolar, ar^-o-lar, Pcsrtaining to thu areata; full of intenlm 

A. Xis'eufl, connective or cellular tissue, 
Areotn'eter. An instruTncnt for measuring specliic gfftvilf«| 

Arffamblyoptfl, ar-gam-hk-c' -pe-ak , Disuse- amblyopia. 
Arsaa, aT^glia^. The dove-tick. Found in doveeotii and | 

roosts, it may give risw to edema or urticaria in man. 
AFgneidm, ar-gas^-e-de. A family of ticks, practically all 

hers of which are pathogenic to man. 
Arseatam''icl. An antiseptic preparation of silver 
Argentam'm. A proprietary antiseptic silver solution. 
Arsentft'tlon. A stamitiK with ailvcr. 
Argen'^ti nl'tras. Lunar caustic, a valuable eseharul 
Argentic, ar-jen'-tik. Containing silver. 
Argedtinc, ar'-jen-tin. Like silver, 
Ar'goatoL CgrHaN-OHSOj, Ouinas^'ptol silver; a sur&t 

septic and astringent. 
Argent' onio. A silver compound usc^d in eye-diseases. 
Atgen't^Mn, gen., argenU. Silver, a metallic element; 

salts and preparations ute U8<?d in medicine. 
ArgillA, ar-fU^-ah. White or jjotters clay. 
Arginase, ar'-iin-as, A fennent which has the pover of «] 

arginin into urea and ornithin, 
Aigijiin, a/jin-iH. Guanidin-diamino- valerianic acid. 

stance formed in the cleavage of the prot«in molecule. 
Argol* ar^'gol. Impure tartar of wine, ^^^^ 

Arson* ar^-goft. An inert gaseous element. At, wt., 10. ^^M 
Argonl])» ar^'go-nin. A soluble, antiseptic silver salt. i^| 

Argyll Robertson Pu'pil. Loss of the pupil reflex to li^ht; iSl 

in tabes dorsalia, paretic dementia, Si^mctimes in encephalo 

nmlacia, senile brain atrophy, syphilis, hydocephalus, ctc 
Argyria, Argyrosis^ ar-jt'-rc<tft, ar-jurt/^sis. Cutaneous staimni 

from the continued use of silver salts. 
Argyrol, ar^-je-roL Silver vitellin, A soluble, nonirritating fil^ 

prcjDaration, used in the treatment of various ini 

of mucous membranes. 
Arhiaeacephalia^ ah-rin-^n'S^-af-k-ak, See Cyci 
Arhinia, ah'ti'-nff-aJtr Congenital absence of the 
Arho'vin. Addition-product of diphenylarain 

benzoic acid cater, used in the treatment of gonorrhea, 
Arhythmiaf ah-riih'-nw-ah. An irregularity of the heart's actiioii 
ArhytluoJc, aii-rith'-.tiik. Without rhythm; irregular, 
Arica Bark, ar-^-kah. A variety of Peruvian bark. 
Aricin, ar'-is-in. CaaH?f,NtO*. An alkaloid from arica bark, 
Aristogeoic, ar'-is-io-jen-ik. The highest form of eugenics^ 
Af'htoU Odorless antiseptic powder, C-nstl'i*l'^i, ttom thyio?' 
ArUtoSochUkt arHs-to-W-ke-ak, k feenua ol ^vto'tvVtA' 
The dried rhizome of A. serpentaria. \a t\ve 

he nost^^^^H 
in and tJl^H 

^^^^^^^ AROMIN 

^tihW^Mn. Bhtrr principle of acipentjifi*, n, » 
Ql'^'j€. The art of dinmtf, 
|meiit< When, the eye» beins closed, a ammU 
ia placed between two crossed fingera of one 
t touches the mdial aide of one and the uln&/ 
If, the sensation produced ia that of two objuctsi- 
*>-iih-ttto-ma' -fie-itk. A xoorbid teadeticy to count. 
I'niitt* A small depression, directed forward aod 
li lower portion of the lacrimal sac; it i» not con- 
lliclio''ma, granular conjunctivitis; trachoma. 
t A doctor s outfit of medicines or instruments. 
ks Degenera'tion* Hyaline degencra'tion of the 
Lof Hcnic s looped tul>«s in diabetes. 
jf-re-um. See Anna nwnUir turn, 
■UT, A bar of soft iron on the nriagnct-polcs. 
A reddish clay ti.sed as a togth-powder. 

The annular ligament of the wrists 
form of chronic itch prevalent in the iToited 
of the Civil War. 

A £enujs of herbs; the flowers and roots of A 
as a cardiac stimulant, 

A glucosid obtained from arnica. 
The fibers which form the inner third of the 
(bral peduncles. A/s Canal', a small canal in 
ion of the temporal bone transmitting Arnold ^ 
See Bi*raud's Valv0. A.'« Gaog'lionp tht 
A.*0 Groimd Plex'ua,a plexus formed by the 
nonmeduUated ncrvc-fibcrs in smooth rauscu 
ioate Canal\ a nonconstant canai in the 
11, internal to the foramen rotund urn; it 
iperficial and deep petrosal branches that have 
to one nerve. A^'b Lig'amentt the ligament 
;_body of the incus with the roof of the tympanic 
'bmne, the pigmentary layer of the iris. A/s 
lar branch of the pneumogastric nerve. A.'s 
operculum of the island of ReiL A,*B Recur'- 
ry branch of the ophthalrnic division of the 
anastomoses with the trochlear nerve and Is 
Khe tentorium cerebeUi and the posterior pari 
>bri. A/s Stra'tum Reticula'tum. the network 
fibers connecting the occipital lobe with the 
before they enter the latter. 
-ik. 1. Spicy; fragrant. 2. A spky, atimu 
ids, certain orgsmc acids occurrias in bAlsams, 
J^wrlOetrt j» ml^ture^ of nutmeg, fruis^^t cinsia - 
A. Tiac'^turef, mo alctsholMC solution of 

A sueciifdat3«uixi for hops, 
fii ^kutla^ froas urine. 


Arophene, ar'-o-fSn. A local dental anesthetic. 

Arrack, ar'-dk. An alcoholic drink made from fermentad rice. 

Arrecto'res pi'li, or pilo'rum. ^ Muscles, Table of. 

Arrest, ar-est'. Stoppage; detention. 

Arrhythmia, ah-rith^-me-ah. See Arhythmia. 

(Arrosion, ar-</-zhun. Atrophy of a vessel-wall due to pressure. 
Ar'row-poi'son. See Curare. 
Ar'rowroot. See Marania. 

Arsenate, aZ-sen-dt. A salt of arsenic acid. 

Areenauro, ar-sen-avZ-ro. A solution of the bromid of gold and 
arsenic; an antisyphilitic remedy. 

Areeniasis, ar-sen-i'-as-is. Poisoning by arsenic. 

Arseniate, ar-$e^-ne-at. A salt of arsenious acid. 

Arsenic, Arsenicum, ar^-sen-ik, ar-sen'-ik-um. As; at. wt., 74.9; 
sp. gr., 5 . 727. A chemic element of grayish- white color. Por 
tests see Bettendorf, Marsh. 

Arsenicism, ar-sen' -is-izm. Poisoning by arsenic. 

Arsenicophagy, ar-sen-e-kof'-a-je. Habitual eating of arsenic. 

Arsenoben'zol. See Six Hundred and Six. 

Arsenoblast, ar-sen' -o-blast. See Masculonucleus. 

Arsenophenylgly'cin. A synthetic arsenic compound, a substitu- 
tion-product of atoxyl, used in trypanosomiasis. 

Arsin, ar'-sin. Arsenetted hydrogen, AsHs. Very poisonous. 

Arsonvalization, ar-$on-val-is-a' -shun. The employment of elec- 
tric currents of great frequency of interruption. 

^sphenamine, ars-fen'-am-in, A new name for salvarsan, q,v. 

Ar'tarin. An alkaloid, C2oHt7N04, from artar-root; it is said to 
be a cardiac stimulant. 

Artar-root. Probably the root of Xanthoxylutn senegalense. 

Artefact, ar'-te-fakt. An artificial product. 

Artemisia, ar-tem-W -e-ah. A genus of plants. A. abn/tannm, 
southernwood; a stimulant and tonic. A. absinth'um, worm- 
wood; used as a tonic and vermifuge. 

Artere'nol. A proprietary drug, said to have an action similar to 
suprarenal preparations. 

Arteria, ar-te'-re-ah. 1. Artery. 2. The bronchial tubes. 

Arteriagra, ar-te-re-a'-grah. Neuralgia of an artery. 

Arterial, ar-te^-re-al. Pertaining to an artery. A. Va'rix, a vari- 
cose artery. 

Arterialization, ar-te-re-al-iz-a^-shun. The oxygenation of blood. 

Arteriarctia, ar-ter-e-arhf-te-dh. Same as Arteriostenosis. 

Arterin, ar'-te-rin. Arterial blood pigment. 

Arteriocap'illary Fibro'sis, Arteriofibrosis, ar-te-re-o-fi-br</-sis. A 
JSbrous stenosis of capillaries and arterioles. 
ArteHognm, ar-^-re-o-gram. See Sphygmogram. 

\rt,tr/^J '5' ^''-^'''^'^'^-'''^'A' A description of the arteries. 
^V^'*fJ»' ^Ae««a//vesseiso/ the renal pyramids. 
^|2^^r./i^-^^/ A amaa artery. 

<^»ar.U^r^i'^fe. The science of the arteries. 


ki luiomei 

saxe oi a 






ArtsriovcK ' 

ArtcrldSt c 

mansp el 


Aitery* or'- 

TabU of 

for oomf 




ArthtiTi Or 


Arthritii, c 

chronic ; 


lonn SOI 

See A 











if en. A softening of the Arterial coats. 

ff» ar'4§^0-<mif-€'t$r. An instnunent for measuring the 

ly. Any disease of the arteries. 

o'sis. The hardening of the arterial walls. 

/sis. Contraction of the lumen of an artery. 

i, car-W-rw-^htdm, The knife used in arteriotomy. 

Uar-tt-n^f-o-niM. An incision or opening of an 

DOS. Pertaining to both arteries and veins. 

Ion, ar-le-re-o-ver'-zhun. A method of arresting hem> 

yy turning the vessel inside out. 

:er. Instrument for arterioversion. 

r-U-ri^'Us, Inflammation of an artery. A. AfttQuf" 

ironic endarteritis. A. oblif erans. See Endarteriiis 

ttr-€. A vessel carrying blood from the heart. See 
Arttries, pp. 72-77. A.-constricf or, an instrument 
ressing an artery. A. For'ceps, a hemostat. 
ir'tkraf'grah. Gout. 

ar-thraf'je-ah. Pain in a joint; gout; arthritis. 
f» ar-thr€k^'to-fM, The excision of a joint. 
ds» ar-thretn-pi-^-sis. Suppuration in a joint. 
■thrik. Pertaining to a joint. 
'thrif-ik. Pertaining to arthritic or gout. 
r-tkri^'tis. Inflammation of a joint. A. defor'mans, 
iflammation of a joint with deformity. A. fimgo'sa, 
lus disease of the joints. A., Gonorrhe'alt a severe 
letimes accompanying gonorrhea. A.» Rheu'matoid. 
Mfarmans, A^ Ureth'raU gonorrheal rheumatism. 
I, that due to gout. 
av^'thrit^m. The gouty diathesis. 
'riusL. A bacterium reproduced by segmentation. 
ar'throk^'Os-e. Caries of a joint. 
ar'-thro-siL A swelling of a joint. • 

liftis. Inflammation of the cartilages of a joint. 
I* ar-lkro-kU/ 'Se-ah. An operation for breaking up 
>sed ]oint to produce free movement. 
l» ar'thro-kli'-sis. Ankylosis, or its artificial produc- 

ar-ikro-d^'sis. The surgical fixation of a joint. 
\r-thr(/'d8-ah, A joint with a gliding movonent. 
., ar-thro-din^-e-ah. See Arthralgia. 
-esis, ar-thro-em-pi-e'-sis. Suppuration in a joint. 
ly, ar-throg^-ra-ff. A description of the joints. 
/jdlsi. i. Tbe unnatural fiexure of a joint. 2.T«^iav9 
a. 3. Permstent contracture of a joizxt. 
u 500 ArthrocUisis. 
\» ar-tkro-Uth-i'-as'ts. Gout. 




ArthrolysiB, ar-throF-is-is. The division or removal of 

and bone from an ankylosed joint. 
Arthrology, ar-throV-o-je. The anatomy of the joints. 
Arthromeningitis, ar-thro-men-in-ji'-tis. Sjrnovitis, q, o. 
Arthronctu. ar-thron^-kus. A swelling or tumor of a joiiit. 
Arthronearalgia, ar-thro-nu-raV-je-ah. Pain in a joint. 
Arthropathy, ar-throp'-ath-e. Any disease of a joint Mm 

Charcot's, an arthropathy seen in tabes, in syringomyiUB, ui 

at times in general paresis. A., Osteopol'miMUUya llidl^i 

disease, an enlargement of the ends of long bonet In koi 

standing pulmonary disease. 
Arthrophyma, ar-thro-iV -mah. A tumefaction of a joint. 
Arthrophyte, aZ-thro-fit. A hypertrophy of a joint. 
Ar'throplasty. The formation of an artificial joint. 
Arthropod, ar-throp'-od. A member of the phylum arthnpodti 

which embraces Crustacea, insects, and spiders. 
Arthropyosis, ar-thro-pi-o'-sis. See Arthroetnpyesis, 
Arthrorheu'matism. Articular rheumatism, q. v. 
Arthrosis, ar-thr(/'sis. An articulation or a jointing; a lataie- 
Arthrospore, ar^-thro-spor. A spore formed by fission. 
Arthrosteitis, ar-ihros-te-i'-tis. Inflammation of the bony parti 

of a joint. 
Ar'throtome. A knife used in surgery of joints. 
Arthrotomy, ar-throf-o-me. An incision into a joint. 
Arthroxesis, ar-throx-e^-sis. The scraping of fungous growtbi 

from a joint. 
Artiad, ar'-te-ad. An atom having an even quantivalence. 
Articular, ar-tik^-u-lar. Pertaining to a joint. A. Rhlill'uMlHWb 

rheumatism of a joint. 
Articula'ris ge'nu. See Muscles, Table of. 
Articulate, ar-tik^-u-ldt. 1. Divided into joints. 2. Distinct, 

clear. A. Speech, the expression of ideas by spoken words. 
Articulation, ar-itk-u-la' -shun. 1. A joint or an arthrosis. 3. 

The enunciation of words. 
Articulatory, ar-tik^-u-la-to-re. Pertaining to articulation. 
Artic'ulo mor'tis, In. In the act of dying; the moment of 

Artifact, ar'-te-faci. Same as Artefact, q. v. 
Artificial, ar-te-fish'-al. Made or imitated by art. A. Abof'tiin. 

See Abortion. A. A'nus, an opening made in the abdomen to 

give exit to feces. A. Respira'tion, aeration of the blood by 

artificial means. 
Aryepiglottic Folds, ar-e-ep-e-gloif-ik. Mucous folds between the 

epiglottis and arytenoid cartilages. 
Aryepiglof ticus. See Aryteno-epiglottideus in Muscles, Table cf, 
Aiyteaoid, ar-ff-y-nofd. Cup-sbaped or ladle-shaped. A. Gu'- 
^X^et^ certain cartilages of the laryta.. A. Muf'cla, a mmda 
o/" tite laiynx. 
'^nrtmaf^d^eua. Arytenoid' 9um. See Muscles, Table of. 

iiyteacAAirtift. I 


AnfetiAa. AMia 

the root of se v 

Aisp^**i as-af-i' 

AsaproU o^'-op 

tained from b 

jlaaiol* a^-ar-oi 

Asarnm, asf-ar 

ginger or Can 

Asbestos, as-hesf 

Ascaricide, 05-^ 

AscaridsB, as-ka 

belongs the re 

worm ioxyur 


ilacaris, a^-kar- 

vronns. A- li 

iu'xis* the wh 

Ascending, as-e 

ation of nen 

center. A. I 

tending upwa 

Ascbaivon's Vei 

and liquid al 



Ascites, as-si'- 

ascites in wl 

jlicitlc, as'if-it 

Aidepiadin, as 

Aidep&iiSi <^^- 
butterfly we 

Aadeii'idin. 1 

^iV pin. A : 

2t is diaphoi 

fyUepion. as- 

tained from 

Akococcos, c 

f^yceUs, cox 


I Imemareaua, 

1 gSl^s and! 

I A^coapora. 

I A^coft. -^ 



ation of the arytenoid cartilAgM or mui- 

is-a-ftf-^-dak, A fetid gvtm-resm Ifwin 
I of Ftrttla: it ie aniiGpasmodic. • 

defective artictiUtion due to & deft paUtcv. 
aCiaHi4S^Oi. + 3HiO. A substance t»V* 
bthol; antipyretic and antiseptic, 
iuO. A substance derived from i4j^af|im% 
genus of herbs. A. canadeo^fte. wild 
ke-root; Is an aromatic stimulant. 
L fibrous variety of hornblende. 
A medicine fatat to ascaridcsa, 
A family of nematode worms, to which 
I (ascajis luffiiyricotdts) and the thread- 

cnce of ascandea in the bowel, 
t ascartdtts*) A genus o£ parasitic lound* 
trdei» the commoo rouud-worm. A* ttich- 

Rifitng. A. Degiioera^ don, a de£etiitr« 
1 progressing liotn tl(C periphery to the 
a paralysis beginning below and ex* 

^Minute glub\ile9 formed by agitatiag ni 

j-Uhdak^'Hl-its^ Affected with syodact > 1 

pay of the abdomen, A. cbylo'sua, 
l^fiuid contaitis chyle, 
ted with ascites. 
I- in. See A ickpin . 
I^t A genus of plantB. A< tubero'ia, 
powerful diaphoretic, 
(irvent preparation of Atckpias. 
Ktract from the root of Asdepias iuberosa ; 

A re$iiioua substance, C^tiH^tOi, ob- 
i sytiaca, , ^ 

A genus of the family of Schitio- 
[.globular cella held together in a gelatin- 

-(is, A group of Ivingi . inctuding A sprr- 

^4iC0d by or m an m&i^us. 

* &fjyjn^ihauc gJaads situate at thp 

A iMM^ oI>tmmmd from cod-Uymr ml 


v-^'i(#^m« A g«nus oi Certtt; «evefal species 

Not r«produc(ns hy means of spores, 
-af'Wf'id'ah, See Asafeiida. 
s-an-a*~sknn. The improvcixient of cftidtaiy coa* 

tHmf-U-thhl, Capable of being anaimilatcd, 
lis-im-it^af'shun. The act of absorbing nutriment, 
sO'she-di'-fd, Joined, A, Move'menlSi coincident 

of muscles other than the leading one. A. Paral'- 
^m* paralysis or spasm of associated muscles, 
^eo'Cer, The center controlling associated move- 

C, AnteMor^ that part of the frDnial cortex 
the motor area. A, C, Hid' die. the bland of Rcih 
'rior, that part of the cortex situated between the 
a at the equator and the area for vision in the 

s'-<f-mins, A tendency to alHtemttoa of words 
same vowel sound. 

[complex substance occurring in brain* tissue. 
*-M0'ak, Motor incoordinatioti for standing, A< 
cnbined motor incoordination for standing and 

!*'*♦*. Having no directive tendency. A. lTe«dle. 
Its oonsisting of two needles of equal magnetic 
ad exactly reversed in direction. 
\ deficient secretion of sebaceous matter. 

1- The stellate structure surrounding the ccnfcro- 
rbe stellar group of chromosomes during Ic^ryo- 

ak-sft-rf-og-nff-sis. Loss of the stcreognostic 
ower to recogniite the shape and consistency of 
ic junction of occipital, parietal, and temporal 

Kot connected with fitcrnum. 2. Absence of 

l9l^'He-Qk, Congenital absence of the sternum. 

rr-tf«f. Star-shaped 

t/-if«-o/i, A loss of strength; adynamia. 

i€n*-ik. Feeble; without strength. 

r. An inatniment for determining asthenia. 

f^Sr-ihe^t'o'-fts-ah, Weak or painful vision. A., 

Ative, that caused by strain of the ciliary nwscle. 

pi J^rturjrsiaa/ (fyspaem with oppressi<fn. A^ 
Uff ^c. ^ijt,n» Gf usthina patients A., X?p*- 


pep^tie, due to nervous reflexes through the vagus. An Ri^ail, 
that sometimes accompanying Bright's disease. A^ Thy'iifc, 
spasmodic dyspnea due to an enlarged thymus. 

Asthmatic, az-maf-ik. Affected with asthma. 

Astigmatic, as-tig-malf-ik. Affected with astigmatism. 

Astigmatism, Astig'mia, ah-sti^ -mat-izm, A vistial defect 
usually due to unequal curvatures of the corneal meridians. 
\ A condition of the eye in which the rays of light from a point 

do not converge to a point on the retina. A., Qoapwmitft 
when complicated with myopia or hypermetropia. A^ Cot'- 
neal, due to inequality of curvature of the different meridiAns 
of the cornea. A., Irreg'ular, when different i>arts of a me* 
ridian have different refractive powers. A., Lentic'ular, that 
due to imperfection of the lens. It may be acquired or congm^ 
iialt and may complicate hypermetropia ihyperopic or hyper- 
metropic) or myopia (myopic). A., Mixed, that in which one 
principal meridian is myopic, the other hypermetropic. 
An Reg'ular, is when the two principal meridians are at rls^ 
angles to "^ach other. A., Sim'ple, that in which one principal 
meridian is normal, the other myopic or hyperopic. 

Astigmatometer, as-tig-mat-om'-et-er. See Astigmometer. 

Astig'mic. See Astigmalic. 

Astigmom'eter,,or Astig'moscope. An instrument for measuring 
astigmatism. ' ' 

Astigmos'copy. The measurement of astigmatism by ■ the 
astigmoscope; the use of the astigmoscope. 

Asto'matous, Asto'mous. Without a mouth or an oral openiiig. 

Astragalectomy, as-trag-al-ekf-to-me. Excision of the astragalus. 

Astrag^alus. 1. The ankle-bone. 2. A genus of plants. 

Astraphobia, Astrapophobia, as-trah-fo'-be-ah, as-trap-o-fo^-he-ah. 
A morbid fear of thunder and lightning. 

Astiiction, as-trik'-shun. 1. Constipation. 2. The action of an 

Astringent, as-trin'-jent. An agent producing contraction of 
organic tissues or the arrest of a discharge. 

Astrocyte, as^-tro-sit. 1. A star-shaped bone-corpuscle. 2. A 

Astrokinefik. A term applied to the motions of the centrosomes. 

Astropho'bia. A morbid fear of the stars and celestial space. 

Asturian Rose, as-tu'-re-an. The same as Pellagra. 

Asylum, as-i'-lum. An institution for the care of the incapable 
and the destitute. A. Ear, hematoma auris. 

Asymbolia, ah-sim-b(/'le-ah. The same as Asemia. 

Asymmetry, ah-sim^-et-re. A want of symmetry or proportion. 

MyncUtiMm, ah-sinf-klit-izm. An oblique presentation of the 
fetal be&d at the superior strait of the pelvis. 
f^^jgiM, oA-sm^^^fe-ah. An absence of coordinaU aotUwu 
!ra^^ ^'^'^■^"^* 5^P'<iity; dementia. 

^ ^^**»^f»f-ah, A deficiency of the synovial fbM. 















AsyttemAtie, ak'sis-ti'mat^-'ik, DUtvM; oot limited to any system 
of nerve- filj«rs. 

Asys'tole, Asytto'lU, An imperfect ventricular systoJc. 

Atactic* tH-<ik'-iik, Irregula^r; atypic. 

AtactiU&tt ak-tak'U'-U-iih. Inability to recognize tactile Itnpi 

Af ATissi. A levensioa to ancestial type of structure or function. 

Atarus, af-av-us. An ancestor. 

Ataxapha'sia. An inability to arrange words into sentences^ 

Ataiflaf Atuc'y. An incoordination of muscular action. A.* 
Faultily or Hered^itary, sclerosis of posterior and lateral columns 
of the spinal cord, k^ Hyster'ical, tbat alTecting the muscle«| 
of the leg in hysteria. A,, Locomo'tor* a disease of the postcrii 
columns of the spinal cord^, marked by fulgurant pains* 
coordination, disturbances of sensation, etc. A,* Ho' tor, ii 
ability to coordinate the muscles in walking. A., Stat'ic, mi 
cular incoordination in standing. A., Ther^mal, irregular fluc- 
tuations of the body- temperature due to incoordination. A., 
Vmsonu/tor* a relaxed state of the blood-vessels due to disease 
of the vasomotor center or nerves. 

Atajfiacnun. The tracing made by an ataxic individual. 

Ataziagrsph, at-akZ-e-a-graf^ An instrument for measuring tl 
fwsiying in ataxia. 

Atariamne'tic. Affected with ataxia and amnesia. 

Ataxic^ at-aks'-ik. Pertaining to or affected with ataxia. 
Apha''Bia, aphasia with ataxia. 

Ataxoa^ynamia, at-aks-o-iik'din~0' -tne-ah. Ataxia associated w 
muscular weakness. 

Ataxopbemia, oi-oks'thft^ 'mt-ah. Ataxia in speech. 

Ataxopho^biar An excessive dread of disorder . 

Atelec^tasia. Nonexpansion of air-cells in lungs of the new-bi 

Atetia, Atelclosis, at-^it-ah^ at-t-H-i/'sis, Persistence of tl 
child's characteristics in the adult. A., Asei' ual« that type in 
which the sexual organs arc implicated. A*, Sex'ual, that 
type in which the sexual organs develop normally. 

Atalocardia, al-H-o-kaf'-dt-ak. Poor development of the heart, 

Aleloceph'aloua. Having an incomplete skull. 

AtelocheL]ia» ai-fl-o-ki" -U-ah. Poor development of the lips, 

I Alaktctkeuia^ atrtloki'-re-ah. Defective development of thi 



[tat^l'^glos''e-ah. Poor development of the tongue, 
Atelomys'Ua. Poor developraent of the spinal cord. m 

Atelorradildla. Defective development of the spine. J 

AtheLauniia* ak-thti-as^'inus. An inability to sucklCt from some 

defect of the nipple. 
Atballa, ak'-Hu'^le^ih. Absence of the nipple. 
Att^^riau Ao alcoholic aoliition of ammonium pytogaWaiie,^ 
ak'tk^^mik. Without heat; without ns» ol 



c c^ 


AtberomBt ath-er-c^-maJt. 1, A soft encysted tiimor. 

degeneration of the arterial walls. 
AtheronLKslaf ath-er'0'mc^-$e'ah. Atheromatous degeneratii 
Atheromatoiu, ath-er-o'-mat-us. Affected with atherotJia. 
Atherc/BiB* Patty degeneration of arterial walls. 
Ath«told, atk'-€l-oid. Affected with athetosis. 
A the to' sis, A disease in which there is an inability to l 

one position of the fingers and toes. Posthemiplegic \ 
Ath'lete's Heiirt. Aortic incompetence from strain. 
AthrepsU, ahthret/'Seah. Befective nutrition in children, 
Athyreftf ah-tki're-ah. The condition due to absence of the thyi 

gland or from insufiiciency or suppression of its function. 
Athyroid'ea, Athyroida'tion, Athy'roidlsm, Athyro'ais. Same 

AUtyrm, q, V. ' 

Atlantadf at-lan'-tad. Tcwnrd the atlas. ^M 

Atlantal, ai-lan'-tai. Pertain int; to the atlas, ^H 

Atlas, al'-ias. The uppermost of tlw» cervical vertebras. 
At^lo-ajr'old, Relating to atlas and axis. 
Atlodidymua, ai-h-did^-im-iis. See Athdymns. 
Atlodymus* at-lod'-im-us, A monster with two heads. 
Atmiatrics, Atmlatry, at-nuat'-riks, at-mV-alre. The 

Atmidiatrica, q. v. 
AtmidUt'rica. The treatment of disease by vapor, 
Atmocau'^ais. Therapeutic cauterization with sti-tam. 
Atmoeau'tery. Apparatus for practising atmocausiA. 
Atmograph, aff -mo-graf. A spirograph, q. v. 
AtmokauslSr at-nuhkt/-sis. Se« Atmocausis. 
AtmoLysis, at-t$tof-is-is. The analysis of a gaseous 1 
Atmom'eter. An instminent to measure the exhalations, 
At'mosphere. 1. The air or gaseouB mixture surrounding 

earth. 2. A unit of pressure. 15 pounds to the square inCh 
Atocia, ai'o'-se-ak. Sterility of the female. 
Atom* a^-om. Thu ultimate unit of an element. 
Atomic, at-oni*'ik. Pertaining to an atom. A, Heat, the spM 

heat of an atom multiplied by its atomic weight, h* Tll#C 

the doctrine of simple definite proportions in chemic combl 

tion. A, Weight, the weight of an atOTu as compared 1^ 

that of an atom of hydrogen. 
Atomicity^ at-o-mW-ite. Quanti valence. 
At'omizer* A spraying instrument. 
Atonic, Qt-ifW-ik, Having a want of tone or i 
Atony, at^-o-ne. A want of tone; debility. .!.....« 

Atophaa» at'-o-fan, Phenyldnchoninic addr phenyldiinoUn t 

borne acid« Eliminates uric acid in gout and rheumatiam, 
Atopomeaorrhe'a. Vicarious menstruation. 
Atoxyl, tii-t>ks''il, CiH4.NHi.AaO<OH)'i^a compound of arse 
add and anaJin« used in skin-dlfeasea atid \t\ *\ee?p\\yf iKtNas 
AtrabitUry, ai-rak-bU'^-^-re, AflectM V^tVv mtXa-tvciYi^aJ 
Ctp^muJem, the suprarenal capeu\eB. 

nFemor 2, Ifygtteri' 

nperf oration of an openintf or of & cana 
^racteirijeiKl by atresm. 
[of atrium. 

Mning to both auricle and ventricle, 

A fomi of poisoning fram eatinu 

Itieart. 2. Part of cavity of tympamini 
|int of entrance of pathologtc organisms. 
I of plants. A. beltadon'oAf deadly 
Rfucterized by atrophy. 
ler'-mah. Atmphy of the skin, 
usting of a part from a lack of nutritK»n 
Dphy of the liver with yellow pigmenta 
»t in which the organ assumes a brown 
lion, atrophy of a part from constant 
bcen^tric, that of a hollow organ, lessen - 
Cor'related, the atrophy of one part 
kl of another, A., Grmy^ degenerative 
r disc, making it gray. A., Idiopath'k 
IVe wasting of groups of muscles depend 
ikanges in the muscles themselves. A., 
fibig muscles. A., ProgreB'sive Mus^'ctilAr. 
pfked by progressive wasting of muscles 
■ associated with immlysiii. A,, Red, a 
Ibongestion, A.» Sim'ple, due to decrease 
pal cells. An Trophoaetirot'ic. that due 
I of the nervous supply of an organ Of 
Berve-atiophyi leaving only white con- 


ajNOs. Active principle of belladonna 
Ibi. The condition produced by the pro- 

ition of physiologic effect of bclladonrka. 
nder the influence of belladonna, 
lame as Atropinism. 
EHl of rose. 

I The direction of the will or thought 
m particular aensation. A., Cea'tra), the 
bntal remaking of the image hy thff mind 
% vixjMJ sttefpeioQ Is sdntgattfd A„ 
hnt //7 t^I^ the coBsct'ousrt^se rec<igaizes 
WJ*ss jsju/t/p/e sfnmms of synchronous 
W^l audit&ry, etc. A^ Mul'tiple 
pw or mare- gyachronoas tanem or 


sounds or lines of such tones or sounds ftre recognised by 
consciousness. A., Hul'dple Syn'chronous Cen'tral ^^'iial» the 
imagining or mental reproduction of multiple synchronous 
visual trains without the objectively formed images. A.* 
Mul'tiple Syn'chronous Vis'ual, that when the attention 
recognizes two or more discrete sets of retinal images at the 
same time. A., Sin'gle-stream Au'ditory, that when a mono- 
tone, a sound, or series of single notes or sounds, is listened 
to, exclusive of others. A., Sin'gle-stream Cen'txal* that 
when the central vistial attention, without objectively form- 
ing images, follows the i>assing of imagined single or tmi- 
tary images in single file. A., Sin'gle-stream Cen'tral Au'di- 
tory, that without the objective audition. A., Sin'gte-stream 
Vis'ual, that form of visual attention existing when the eyes 
follow a linear concatenation of single or unitary macular 
images to the exclusion of all others. A., Vis'ual» that ex- 
isting when the eyes, consciously, observe a fixed or moving 

Atten'uant. Increasing the fluidity of the blood or other se- 

Atten'uated. Wasted; thinned. A. Vi'rus, a weakened virus. 

Attenuation, at-ten-u-a'-shun. A thinning or weakening. A. of 
Vi'rus, a weakening of a virus by repeated inoculation. 

Attic, ctf-ik. The portion of the tympanum above the atrium. 
A. Disease', chronic suppurative inflammation of the attic. 

Mtollens, at-oV-em. A term applied to muscles that elevate. 
A. au'rem. See Muscles, Table of. 

Attraction, at-rakf-shun. The tendency of particles to draw to- 
gether. A., Cap'illary, the force that causes fluids to rise in 
fine tubes or intjerstices. A. Sphere, the central mass of the 
aster in karyokinesis. 

Attra'hens. 1. A muscle that draws. 2. An epispastic. A. 
au'rem. See Muscles, Table of. 

Attrition, at-rish' -un. An abrasion or a chafing of the skin. 

Atjrpic, ah-ti^-ik. Irregular; not typic. 

Aubert's Phenom'enon. An optical illusion by which, when the 
head is inclined to one side, a vertical line is made to appear ob- 
lique toward the opposite side. 

Audiometer, aw-de-ontf-et-er. An instrument for measuring the 
acuteness of hearing. 

Audiom'etry. The measurement of the acuteness of hearing. 

Aud'iphone. An instrument for aiding the power of hearing. 

Audition, aw-dish'-un. The act of hearing. A., Chromaf ic^ the 

association of a color sensation with sound. 
Auditory, ait/'dU-o-re. Pertaining to the act or organs of hearing. 

-^ '^^^ ^^« cerebral center for hearing. A. Cap'sulo^ the 
prixaitive auditory organ, formed by the invagination kA t\ie 
J^oas stratum of the epihlast. A. Cen'ter. The same aa A. 
'^' 9' V, A. DyBCBtbe'aia. Same as Dysacusis, q. v. k. 

^within which a sound may be hMi 
I ¥rithin the internal ear. A. Mea'tuE, the opeo- 
Ar Tferve, a portion of the eight b pair of cranial 
^dei, the nudci in the oblongata giving ri«e to 
icrves. A. Da' sides, the small bones of Una mid- 
It or Sac, the invagination of a thickened patch 
the side of the hind brain» beconiitig the audi 
;JL T«eth» tooth-like tubercles in the cochlea 
I* Ves'ide, the ectodermal aac from which b de- 
embianous labyrinth. 

1^. Bulging of the epigastric Tegtoa in cases of 
Ardial effusion. 

|lk. The ganglionic nodes in Auerbacb'spIeTCas. 
lilexus myentericus, a sympathetic plexus ait- 
I the longitudinal and circular zttUActilar layers 
|al tract, 

^Short and feeble breathing heard just above the 
|D placing the stethoscope over the trachea; it 
|3ieal stenosis. 
^tizet'icB, substances incTLtasing the actioa ol 

\a'-ihtts, A monster with two lower jaws. 
Ihe anterior portion of the third ventricle 
pnembrane covering the aula, 
ttaon of the choroid plexus within the aula, 
'"he Assure of Monro, 
peculiar sens&tion^ — ^for example^ like a rising 
receding an epileptic fit. A., Blsc'trlc, the 
ids the reception of the static current A., 


Aaripuncture, au/'re-pungk-tur. Therapeutic puncture or i>aTa- 
centesis of the membrana tympant. 

Auris, au/-ris. The external ear. 

Auriscalp, avtZ-ris-kalp. An instrument for cleaning the ear. 

Auriscope, av/-ris-kdp. An instrument for examining the ear. 

Aurist, cntZ-rist. A specialist in diseases of the ear. 

Att'riiim, Tinni'tus. Ringing in the ear. 

Au'rum* gen., auri. Gold; the chlorid is used in medicine. 

Ausculf, Aus'cultate. To examine by auscultation. 

Auscultation, aws-kul-ta'-shun. A method of determining the 
condition of an organ by listening to the sounds produced by 
it. A. Tube, a stethoscope. 

Auscultatory, aws-ktd'-ta-to-re. Pertaining to atiscultation. 'A. 
Percus'sioii, auscultation practised during percussion. 

Autacoids, aw'-ta-koids. Internal secretions. See Hormone^ 

Atttech'oscope. An instrument for self -auscultation. 

Autecic, aw-te'-sik. Living absolutely on the same organism. 

Attteciou^ Autoecious, aw-te'-shus. 1 . Referring to parasites hav- 
ing but one host. 2. Same as Monecious. 

Autism, aw^-tism. Morbid or phantasmic day dreaming. 

Autoaudible, aw-to-avZ-dibl That can be heard by one's self; 
said of heart-sounds. 

Autocatheterism, aw-to-kath^-et-er-iztn. Self -catheterization. 

Autochthonous, aw-tohf-thon-us. Formed in the place where it 
is found. 

Autoclave, au/-to-cldv. Instrument for sterilizing by steam. 

Autoconduction, aw-to-kon-duf^-shun. Treatment by high-fre- 
quency currents in which the patient is acted upon inductively 
by the currents in the solenoid without actual contact. 

Autoc3rtotoxin, atu-to-si*-to-tof^-sin. A cytotoxin generated in 
the body through the action of absorbed products of degen- 
erated cells. 

Autodigestion, aw-to-di-yesf-chun. Digestion of the gastric walls, 
from disease of the stomach. 

Autofundoecope, aw-to-fuW-do-skop. An instrument for observ- 
ing the vessels about the macular region of one's own eye. 

Autogenesis, Autogenetic, aw-to-jenf-es-is, -ef-ik. Self -produced. 

Autogenous, aw-toj'-en-us. Self-produced. A. Vac'cine. See 
Homologofts Vaccine. 

Atttographism, av/-to-graf-izm. A hysteric condition in which 
tracings may be made on the skin. 

Atttohypnotism, aw-to-hip^ -no-tizm. Self-induced hypnotism. 

Autoimjnunization, aw-to-im-mu-ne-za' -shun. Immunization pro- 
duced by processes resident in the body. 
AutoJafectioa, aw-io^n-fekf-shun. Self-infection. 
iataiaacuiM^tioa. Reinoculation by virus from the same person. 
'^/OBj^/feo, ow'to-iH'tokS'ik'af-shun. A morbid condition 
uced by poisonous products elaborated within the body. 


i^vahti^. The oi>emtien of wsshtng out 

f4n, A l^n which « produced in an orfcanilsin» 
troyiftg the ceUs of %]xixt organism. 
B, aw-t^l* -is'is , aw-iol-it'^-ik. The pTtx*eM of 
Ittrrins in tissues under pathological condition^- 
^"-at-ism. A condition in which action* are 
nit consciousn^s or intention. 

A morbid fear of personal UQcleaxUiness. 
n*'<Mnus, Independent, 
►<HW#. Self-law; not subject to external lav^ 
pj, aw-U>-oi!-ihal~ino/'ko-p€. The exaxntsm- 
ior of one's own <?yo. 
f^f^-sg-ah. Autodigestion, q, v, 
^ff'-aj-itw. Self- consumption, 
'-O'jV. The act of feeding on one's self, 
fi/*h9-ak. A morbid fear of solitude. 
'-©-»»#. 1. In auscultation* a change in the ex- 
>ice caused by the condition of the patient's 
Itered resonance of the patient's voice aa heard 

% att-Uffl-ihalf-mO'sk^p. An instnunent for 

own eye-ground. 

^laS'ig. The repairine cuf a wound by grafting 

p from the xx^ticnt's body, 

, A postmortem examination, 

\5p. Any instrument for self-examination. 

^(hift. Self-examination. 

portion of a double monster nourishing the 

A stethoscope for self-examination. 
K mental state foHowring shock; marked by 
III and judgment « and by abnormal reapon- 

jf-twm*-ttus. Capable of spontaneous division. 
-tke/-ap-e. The s{)ontaneous cure of disease, 
isoning by onc*a own aecrctlona. 
je symptoms due to self-poisoning- 
poiaonoua substance originating within the 

W'to-tfana'/H'-shun. The forcing of blood to 
» by bandaging the limbs. 

^. Traasfplanting an organ from one place to 
pacie person. 

p^ &mtt body, 

wm'-^^^^nrm. 77iv pJaCe cuUui^ rmidf use of 


ij/V- A jxirihad af stscertaiairiB the 


medittm best suited for a given bacterium. Drops of various 
solutions are placed on a plate culture of a feebly nutritive 
medium; the bacterium will grow best over the area most 
suitable for its development. 

Anzesis, awks-V-sis. Auzetic, auks-ef-ik. 1. Increase in size 
or bulk. 2. An exciter of reproduction. See In vitro. 
k Anzocardia, atvks-o-kar'-de-ah. The normal increase of the heart- 
I volume during the diastole. 
' Ava, Ava Kava, ahf-vah kaW-vak. See Kaya Kava. 

Avalanche The'ory, atZ-aUanch. The view that nerve-influence 
increases in intensity as it passes toward the muscle. 

Avascular, ah-vas'-ku-lar. Not vascular; bloodless. 

Avasculariza'tion. Rendering bloodless, as by compression. 

Avascttlarize, ah^vasf-ku-lar-iz. To render bloodless. 

Avellis's Symp'tom-com'plex. Paralysis of one-half of the soft 
palate, associated with a recurrent paralysis on the same side. 

Ave'na sati'va. The conunon oat, a nutritious food. 

Avenin, av-e^-nin. An alkaloid, CseHsiNOis, from oats, used as 
a nerve-stimulant. 

Aviation Ssrndromet Orve-a' chun. Headache, tinnitus aurium and . 
labored inspiration occurring in aviators. 

Avitaminosis, ah-vi-tah-min-o^-sis. Disease due to lack of vita- 

Avogadxo's Law. Equal volumes of all gases, at like tempera^ 
ture and pressure, contain an equal number of molecules. 

Avoirdupois, av-or-du-poW . A common English system ol 
weight, in which 16 ounces equal a pound. 

Avulsion, av-ul' -shun. The wrenching away of a part. 

Axanthopsia, ah-xan-thof/se-ah. Yellow-blindness. 

Axenfeld's Test for Albu'min in U'rine. Acidulate with formic 
acid and add, drop by drop, a 0.1 per cent, solution of gdd 
chlorid, and warm. If albumin is present, the solution be- 
comes red, then purplish, and, on the addition of more gold 
chlorid, blue. The blue color is also produced by glucose, 
starch, tyrosin, uric acid, urea, leucin, etc., but the red color is 
characteristic of albumin. 

Axial, Azile, aks'-e-al, aks'-il. Pertaining to an axis. A. Cnr'- 
rent, the central current in the capillaries. A. Neuri'tis, in- 
flammation of a nerve-axis. 

Aiilenuna, aks-il-entf-ah. The sheath of an axis-cylinder. 

AxiUa, aks-il'-ah. The armpit. 

Axillary, aks^-U-a-re. Pertaining to the axilla. A. Ar'tery, the 
artery of the axilla. A. Glands, the lymphatic glands of the 
axilla. A. Plex'us, the plexus of nerves in the axilla . A.Re'- 

gfon. A, Space, the axilla. 
^^If^ a^-stft. A vamisb-like substance produced by an insect, 
^^cus a:et„ts; it is a vulnerary and resolvent. 
*t a^ f^-*--^-/>^/-^/ In a direction toward the axone. 

-«•' i. -^»«na«iaaiy line through the center of a body. 


verrtebfft. A., Badcra'atal, a line from the has* 
iddle of the anterior border of the cerebral sur- 
tphenoid bone. A,, Bosifa'ciiU, a lino from the 
Icr of the cerebral surface of the sphenoid to the 
it. A., Binaufic'uLar. a line joining the two atiric- 
A., Ce'liac. Same as Celiac Artery, See TaiZc 
A-, Ccrebrospi'nal, the central nervous system, 
the central core of a nerve-fibre. A.» Fron'tal, an 
le running through the eyeball from right to left, 
oding with the mov'ements of elevation and de- 
tho cyebalL A., Ifeu'ral, the cerebrospinal axis. 
line from the corneal ap«!x to the macula lutea. 
m line through the eyeball coinciding with the line 
-trac'tion Fofceps* A.-trac'tor, a forceps for 
tion in the peh ic axis. A., Vis'ual, the straight 
object through the nodal point to the macula 

lo'lem'-dh. See Axilefnma. 

ak^-on, aks'dn. 1. The body-axia, 2. An iln- 
rve-ceU proceijs of the second order. Cf. Dendrite^ 
tion, disintegration and loss of function of the axis- 
k-biU, A.<hil'lc»ck, the pyramidal projection of 

protoplasm from which issues the axon. 
An instrument for locating the axis of astig* 

*£Kp|ium. The material surrounding the fibnllay 


iiA5-eHjp««' -/V-tti». Reticular structure of the 

^'jt-ah, 1. Lard. 2. The internal fat of the 

In. See Ft*chnn. 

^-ar-ak. The root-bark of Melia asedarach; it 

A ferment from certain insectivorous plants. 
'O-am^ -il-um. Animal starch; glycogen. 
CiiHicN". Yellow crystals from nitrobeoscne, 
llieii'zoL Sec Astyheftsene. 

Destitute of H\Kng organisms, 
HtN04. A red coloring-matter from Htmin. 

sty-o-sper^-fw-ah . An absence of sperma toxoids . 

'm»-ah. The presence of urea ia the blood. 
p-ten-^'Sis, Any disease duo to excess of ni- 
system, as scurvy, 
im/. Nitrogenized, 
-tfi-f^'ok. The presence of mtTogetiAwAdVop 

bnommlly large amounts in the uirinc or lcc«»- 
'ff-a/f. An increase of urea in t\ie vliim. 



AzoTyhwatnid,(iz-ok-s«-ben'-sin. Ci2HioNsO. A reduction-a 

pound of nitrobenzene. 
Az'nlMie. See Cerukin, 

Az'tilin. A name for several blue anilin pigments. 
Azygos, a^-ig-os. Without a fellow, as a muscle. A. u'n 

See Muscles, Table of, 
Azygous, ouf-ig-us. Not paired, as certain muscles and vein 
Azymic, ak^si'-mik. Not causing fermentation. 
AzymouSt os'-im-nf . Unfermented, unleaveiied. 


An antifriction alloy composed of tin C^) , unti- 
l copper (1). Also used occmstonally m dentistry, 
dies, granules in bactem staining more dccisly 
t of the cytoplasm. 
W'OJi, Same as Piroplasma, 
uom'eDon or Re'^flex. "Ph'fnomcne des orteih.' 
1 of flexion of the toes on exciting the sole of 
i connected with a lesion c^ the pyramidal tract 
[ in organic, but not in hysteric* hemiplegia. B.'a 
Ution or absence of the Achilles tendor* r. fl< ic in 
i as distinguished from hysteric Ktatic^i 
L A berry, 

L Aphonic pectoriloquy. The whispered vuite is 
^through a serous, but not through a purulent, 

f^ar-in. Poisonous alkaloid from Baeckaris eoridi- 

A synonym for Acm rosacea, q. r, 
Wi/^wm. Shaped like a berry. 

Resembling little rods or bacilli. B. Lay'er. 
(oontts of the retina. 
IW-fne-ah. The presence of bacilli in the blood. 
^-is-id, A substance destroying bacilli. 
hts-il^'ik-ul-iuf. The cultivation of bacilli. 
p^.^^>?*:'?»t RcsembUsia a bacUlu^ ,^ 

A TABLE OP BACILLI.— (C<m<«Mi#«r.) 


B. acidiformanB 

B. aerogenes, I, II, 

lU (Mmer). 
B. aerogenes capsu- 

latus (Welch and 


B. aerogenes meningi- 
tidis (Cantinij. 
B. aerophilus (Libor- 

B. albicans i>aterifor- 

B. albuminis (Bien- 


B. albus (Eisenberg). 
B. albus anaerobies- 

cens (Vaughan). 
B. albus cadaveris 

(Strassmann and 

B. albus putidus (Mas- 

B. of Allantiasis (Mul- 

B. allantoides (Klein). 
B.aUii (Griffiths).... 

B. of Alopecia Areata 

(Kasauli and Sabou- 

B. alvei (Cheshire and 

B. amylobacter 

B. amylobacter (Van 

B. amylobacter (Van 


B. amylovorus (Bur- 
B. "amylozyme" 

B. anaerobicus lique- 

faciens (Sternberg). 
B. antenniformis 

B. anthracis (Rayer 

and Davaine). 

B. anthracis clavifor- 
mis (Chauveau and 

B. aquaticus lique- 
faciens (Podrowsky). 
B. aquatilia (Lustig) . 
B. aquatilis (P. and 
G, a Frankland). 
B. aquatilis iSuores- 
cens CLustig). 

Where Found. 

Liver, yellow-fever 

Healthy alimentary 

Blood and viscera 
in cases of infec- 
tious emphysema. 


Air and water 

Skin in seborrhea. . 

Feces. ^ 



Blood of cadaver. . . 


Poisonous sausage, 


Decaying onions . . . 

Hair and Scalp 

Bee larvae, foul 

Fermenting cellu- 
Arable soil, manure. 

Pear blight 

Water (Paris) 

Intestines, yellow- 
fever cadaver. 

Blood in cases of 
anthrax, water, 

Anthrax, soil, etc. . 




Zymogenic, pat! 
Cnromogenic (gre< 






Pathogenic, syn 

Zymogenic, chfon 

genie (green). 
Pathogenic, chron 

genie (brick-red] 




Zymogenic, phy 



Water (Aosta) 

Well water (Kent) 

Water \ S^ipto^ViTf^Sft 

Pathogenesis um 







A TABLE OP BAClLLl.^(Contini0d,y 


B. "C" (Foutin) 

B. cadaveris (Stem- 
B. canalis capsulatus 

3 JMori) 

B. canalis parvus 

B. candicans (Prank- 

B. of Canestrini 

B. capsulatus (Mori) . 
B. capsulatus muco- 

8us (Pasching) 
B. capsulatus smithii 

(Theobald Smith). 
B. caiabiformis (Kac- 

B. camicolor (Tils). 

B. carotarum (A. 

B. caucasicus (Kern) 
(Syn. B. Kephir, 

B. caulivorus (Gallo- 

B. caviae f o r t u i t u £ 

B. cavicida havani- 
ensis (Sternberg). 
B. cavicidus ( Brieger) , 
B. of C^azal and Vail- 

B. of Chancroid (Du- 

B. chauvaei (Bollin- 
ger and Peser). 

B. of (Solera In Ducks 
((^mil and Toupet) . 

B. choleroides (Buj- 

B. chromo-aromaticus 

B. of Chyluria (Wil- 

B. dnctus (Ravenel) 

Whekb Found. 


Yellow-fever cad- 
Sewage (Berlin).... 

Sewage (Berlin) .... 

Soil , 

Diseased bees 

Sewage (Berlin).. . 
Nasal secretions, in- 
fluenza (man). 
Intestines of swine 

Stomach of dog... 

Water (Freiburg)... 

Carrots and beets. , 

Kephir granules. . . 

Potatoes and pelar- 

Guinea-pigs, exu- 
dates after inocu- 
lation with liver of 
yellow-fever cad- 

Intestine of yellow- 
fever cadaver. 

Human feces 

Cheesy nodules of 
peritoneum and 

Soft chancres 

Tissues of animals 
with * 'quarter evil.' ' 

Blood of ducks . . . . 


Diseased pig 

Chylous urine 


S, arcuJans (Jordan).! Water. 

B. cloacao (Jordan).., Water and in corn 
/ affected with "Bur- 
/ riU'0 disease." 


Chromopuoos (led- 





Pathogenic, cfanoio- 

genic (pinlO. 



Chromogenic (fleili- 

genie with Sttcdta- 
romyc0S kefir. 





No growth in artifi- 
cial cultures. 
Pathogenic, ■ymbi- 
otic-zymogenic with 
Micrococcus acidi 
para lactici. 

Pathogenic, methyl 

mercaptan odor. 

Pathopienesis nnde- 

Zymogenic, chtomo- 

f^enic (bright yel-> 

B. ooet 



B. cdi 


B. « 

B. ooh 


B. of 
B. cot 


B. oop 


B. ooi 



B. cni 


B. ci 



B. c 

B. C3 

B. c: 

B. c; 

B. ••: 

B. < 

»LB OP BACILLI.— <Chirt6i«irf) 

Wamui Found, 



Water (SchuyDdn) . 


Intestines of men 
and uninuUs (com- 

Alimentary tract in 
vellow- fever case£. 

Yellow-fever cad- 

Huxxkaa liver *. 

Conjunctivitia and 
xerotic masses in 

Ca«es of "pink eye/ 

Water (Chemnitz),, 

Earth and intestines 
of hogs. 
Human feces. . . . 




Chromogenic (cad - 
Plathogenic, ay mo* 



(coral -red). 

Zymogenic, fniit- 

Uiee odor. 



Chromoparoua (ye! 




Photogenic, chrom- 
oparous (gTt«a). 

Eh- Blue milk Chromoparoua 

I' (blue). 

Jew- Water, ,..,,..,,.. Chromoparous 

ido) . Urine in case of cy«-i pathopenesi* node- 
litis. 1 termmed. 

Hailstones . Saprophytic 

A' — 1 Salt cod^h which J Chromagvmc (psdJ* 
J } Tmit tunned ited. / , ^. 

/ / mopSlIouai 

* •/ Sf€x>d £n cane* of / I^tiHWBnie* 
^ry^Aamm sodo- / 

Atmospheric dust. , 

Sour pine-bark liq- 
Water (Dorpat) 

Human sputum . , . . 

Carc^LSses of domes- 
tic animals. 
Water (Panke),.,., 

Water (Freiburg),.. 
Water (Dorpat),.-. 

Blue milk , 

Blue cheese; ^ue„. 
Sea-water. ,,,,... 
Blue milk 


ChrcRnogenic (blue), 





A TABLE OP BAClLLl.-^iPoniinued.) 


Whbrb Found. 


B. dendriticua (Bor- 

B. dcnitdficans (Gil- 

tmy and Aberson). 
B. denta^lis viridana 

(MUler), ^ 
B. dflvoram (ZiiiimOT- 

B, diantM (Arthur 

and Rolley). 
B. diatrypeticus easel 

B. diffusus CP. andG. 

C. Frankland). 
B, diphthcriae (lOebs 

and Loeftler). 
B. diphtberiffi colum- 

bamm CLoefHer). 
B. diphtherij^ vitu- 

lorum (Loefflci^. 
B, dysenteric (Chan- 

iomesse and Widal). 
B. dysodes (ZqpO... . 
B. Eberth's. See B, 
B. endocarditidis cap- 

sulatUB (Weich^el- 

B, enteritidb (Gaert- 

B* entomo toxic on 


B. epidermidis {Bis- 


B. erodens ( Raven d) 
B. erysipdatos lepdris 

B. erysip«lato3i suia 

B. erythrospoTus 

B. ethsc^cug (P. 

FmnkJand, F o .- , 

and Macgregof). 
B, etbaceto^suecimcus 

(P. Franklaud and 

B. eKptieuTno-enter- 

itide 91115 (Klein}. 
B. facultatua (Sade- 

bach and Fraenkel ) . 

B. fieiinana (Vsii&hari) 
B. fUifofmb (TM'a) . . . 
B. filiforraifl havani- 

Water (Turin) . . . 

Soil and air 

Carious dentine. . 


Bacteriosis of carna- 

Soil and water 

Diphtheric mem- 

Diphtheric exu- 
dates in pigeons 

Diphtheric exu 
dates in calves. 

Intestines in dysen- 
tery cadavers. 


typhi abdominalis. 

Viscera in cases of 

Intestines in allan- 

Diseased squash- 
bugs (Anasatris- 

Epidermis between 


Erysipelas in rabbit 

Erysipelas in hogs. . 

Putrefying e g g - 

albumen, water. 

In a solution of am- 
monio- ferric cit- 

Swine with hog 

In nonmalignant 
pharjmgeal myco- 





Phytopathogenia ' 

Zymogenic. , . 

Chromogenic (green 







Zymogenic, patlib' 




Chromoparous (red) 




Pathogenesis unde* 

Water Saprophytic. 

Water (Freiburg).... Saprophytic. 

Liver of yellow-fe- Saprophytic. 

ver cadaver. 

SalivB of catB and Pathogenic. 

Scnl ChTomopaTOua tytsl- 

I low). 




Water. . . . . 
Air and water « 


ChrotflOfAMiQIIIA QTCl* 

Water^ . 

iitg infusiotii. 
Glacier ice and 

Wfcter and in 



i_\«i (yel- 
lowish •! 



mopaiwtis (flttOft»- 

Zymogenic^ e b r o * 

I mopamus (yellow) . 
Water..,, |Cbr : ruii« 


Soil , 

Milk in JutUtid 

Nasal secreticms in 



Air and wattr , . 

Putrid infusions ct 

Air and water 

Rotteo eggs, water. 







' Saprophytic 

C n roxn og P n ic 
(c hP3me ' yellow) . 

C n romogcnic 


Zymogenic, ehro> 


Diseased hon »y- ) ^Utogwaic, 

Soil - - - ./ Smprophytic 


koaenio Cdark- 
elioi ■ 


A TABLB OP BACILLI.— (Co»«Hi«*d.) 


B. ginglymus (Rav- 
B. glaucus (Maschek) . 

Bj. " Golden-y e 1 1 d w 
Water'* (Adametz 
and Wichmann). 

B. gossypinus (Sted- 

B. gxacilis (Zimmer- 

B. gracilis anaerobi- 
escens (Vaughan). 

B. gracilis cadaveris 

B. granulatu8( Babes) . 

B. granulosus (Rus- 

B. graveolens (Bor- 
doni-Uffreduzzi) . 

B. of Orouse Disease 

B. of Guillebeau 

B. gummosus (Happ). 

B. guttatus (Zimmer- 

B. " h"^ (Rosenberg) . 

B. halophilus (Rus- 
B. hansenii (Rasp- 

B. havaniensis 

B. havaniensis lique- 

faciens (Sternberg). 
B. of Havelburg 

Whbrb Pound. 

B. helvolus (Zimmer- 

B. hcminecrobioph- 

ilus (Arloing). 

B. hepaticus fortuitus 

B. hominis capsula- 
tus (Bordoni-Uffre- 

B. of Horse-jrox 
(DieckerboS and 
Grawitz). . 


Soil. . . . 

Bacteriosis of cot- 
ton plant. 


Human liver. . 



Epidermis between 

Viscera of diseased 

Ropy milk and in- 
flamed udders of 

Ropy infusions of 


Water (Main) . 

Air and water . 


Stomach of yellow- 
fever cadaver. 

Callous lymphatic 
glands in guinea- 

Exudate of guinea- 
pig after inocula- 
tion with liver of 
yellow-fever cad- 

Cadaver of a rag- 

Pustules of horses 
having acne con- 
Whit rust of hya- 
cinth bulbs and 




Cim>niogenic (shill- 
ing yeUow). 








Zymogenic, patho- 



Chromoparous (vio- 

Chromogenic (yel- 

Chr omogenio 

(blood-red). . . 























Whbrb Found! 


B. liyaUnus (Jordan). 

B. liydrophilttB fuscus 

B. of Ice-cream Poi- 
soning (Vaughan 

B. icteioides (Sanar- 

B. of Icterus (Karlin- 
sky and Ducamp). 

B. ilidzensis capisu- 
latus (Karlinslm. 

B. implexua (2im- 

B. incanus (Pohl)... 

B. indictts (Itoch) 

B. indigoferua (Qaes- 


B. indigoferus ( Voges) 
B. indigogenes 


B. influenzas (Pfeif- 

B. of Intestinal Dii>h- 

theria of Rabbits 

B. intestinus motilis 

B. inunctus (Pohl) . . . 
B. invisibilis 

B. iridescens (Tatar- 

B. janthimis (Zopf).. . 

B. of Jefferies 

B. of JequirityOpl 
thalmia (de Wecki 
and Sattler). 

B. of Kartulis. 

B.."Kiel.*' See B. 
B. of Kitasato. SteB 
B. of Koubasoff 

Water, sewage 

Well water 

Ice cream and 


Alimentary tract, 
yellow-fever cad- 

Blood in case of in- 
fectious icterus. 

Hot sulphur springs 
(Ilidze, Bosnia). 



Stomach, £. Indian 


Infusion of indigo- 
plant leaves. 


Air; nasal secretions 
in influenza. 

Intestine, yellow- 
fever cadaver. 




Water (Panke) . 


B. lacmus (Schroeter) 

B. lactis acidi (Mari>- 


B. lactis aeroirenes 

(AbelouB). , -_ 

B. iBctiB BJbua (Loef- / Milk. 

Alvine discharges in 
sununer diarrhea. 

Infusions of iequir- 
ity seed and in je- 
quirity ophthal- 

Conjunctiva in 
Egjrptian catarrhal 


ruber kielensis. 

pestis buboniccB. 

Carcinoma of stom- 




Pathogenic, zymo- 
genic, produces 

Pathogenesis unde- 




Chromoi>arous (red- 

Chromogenic (indi- 


Pathogenic, zymo- 
genic, chromopar- 
ous (indigo-blue) . 






(greenish- yellow) . 

Zymogenic, chrom- 
oparous (violet) . 



Pathogenesis undo 


Chromoparo u s 


Alimentary tract in 
heaJthy persons. 


A TABLE OP BACILLI.— (CoH«ni«rd.) 


B. lacctia cyanogentis 

B. lactis erythrogenes 

(Hueppe and Bagin- 

sky). . 
B. lactis i>eptoxians 

B. lactis pituitosi 

B. lactis saponacei 

O'V'eigmann and 

B. lactis viscosus 


B. of Laser 

B. latericeus (Adam- 
etz and Wichmann). 
B., Lemon-yellow 

B. leporis lethalis 

(Gibier and Stem- 

B feprae (Armauer 

and Hansen). 
B. leptosponis (L. 

B. of Lesage 

B. lethalis (Babes). 

Sea-water and mud. 
Water and milk. . . . 
Water, frequent 

Lungs of diseased 

Yellow-fever feces. . 

Bitter cream 

B. of Letzerich 

B. of Lichen ruber 

B. limbatus acidi lac- 
tic! (Marpmann). 

B. limosus (Russell).. 

B. liodermos (Loeffler) 

B. liquefaciens (Eisen- 

B. liquefaciens bovis 

B. liquefaciens com- 
munis (Sternberg). 

B. liquefaciens lactis 
axnar (Preuden- 

B. liquefaciens mag- 
nus (Luederitz). 

B. liquefaciens parvus 

B. liquidus (P. and 
G. C. Prankland). 

B. litoralis (Russell) . . 

B. lividus (Plagge and 

I'roskauer). } 

£f. JuceoB (Van Tieg- Water. 

^ ''^^^cet Dysentery of fowls 

Whbrb Pound. 

Blue milk 

Red milk 

Pasteurized milk. 

Slimy milk 

Soapy milk 

Water and ropy 

Diseased mice 



Intestines of yellow- 
fever cadaver. 

Leprous tubercles... 


Green alvine dis- 
charges in infants. 

Tissues in case of 

Urine in nephritis. . 

Lymph in Lichen 



with soil. 
Mice inoculated 

with soil. 
Water (Thames, 



Water (Berlin) 

(blue, triphenyl- 







Chromogenic (brick- 

Chromogenic (lem- 

Pathogenic. • 





Pathogenesis unde- 






Zymogenic. , 







ft. of 

B. lu 

B. of 

B. hi 


B. lul 


B. of 

B. ly 

B. I 
B. m 

B. ] 

B. ir 

B. « 

B. 1 


B. o 


B. X 

B. 1 





B. 1 




JLE OP BACILLI.— (C<mffi*i*Ai) 









Hopa tliat liad be- 
come "warotit'* 

Sypbilitic lesioiis.. 

Carious teeth . . , . . . 


.Periviscenil fluid of 

Pi&hes, , 

Hydrophobic saliva. 

Feces of pellagra 

Air and soil; Roman 


Cfties of glanders. . , 

Swine ana ferrets af 
fected with plague 

Liver of yellow- 
fever cadaver. 

Blood in cases of 

Meconium. ,«.,,... 

Water and soil 



Wormy apples. 

Paibo^enens nnde- 

ie nni ncd. 

S|jccki"ic paUiogent- 
ms disputed. 

Chromoparou* (yel- 

Chromoparous (yel- 

ChromogenlQ (yel- 

Pathoge nests unde- 

Spjecific pathogene- 
sis disputed. 

Chromogcnic (car- 
min or magenta). 


Wdl-water (Spola- 

Pu5 in case of puru- 
lent meningitis. 

SewagCt 6oil 

Air, water, 

hay -dust. 

Potatoes. . . , 





Pathogenesis unde 




Pathogenic, chrtv 

mogcnic (eroetalo 


2hr< . 
(dark violet). 



, (bUck). 

Water„ and on pota* ZytnoRemc^ chrotno- 
toes. I genie (pinJt CO rvQ/. 

Air. vpxtsr, aiilJc, jM>-I ZymGg^inc. 

Y./ffJte^stinAJ tmct of f ^ytaogonic 
he^Jt/iy j:>ersofss. 

A TABLE OF BACILLI.— (Coniinii0d,) 

Nam K. 


B, mimbilis (Hauser),' Dec&ying 
] matter, 
B. mollusci (Domeni 

B. muooek capsulatis 

B. tnucDsua ox^n^ 

B, multiformis tn- 

diorrhfixidis (Hq- 

B. multipedkulosua 

(FlucE^ej . 
B. munseptictia 

B, muiigepttlcus pleo- 

morphtis {K a r 1 i o- 

B. muacoidea (Libor- 
B, jnyccsidestFIucKge). 


Mollu5Ciiin cQDta- 
Limgfv in pnctuncmia 

in frequent. 
Mucous membrano 

ot xtostTils. 
Diseased haii^ in tri- 

dhorrhexU nodcjaa 

Ait and water 

Water (Panke) 

Uterine discharges. 

Water, soil, cc 

Soil, water, hail. 

B. myc^idea roseua I Soil 

B. necfopborus (Loef-i Eye of rabbit inocu- 

fler), I lated with condy- 

I loma. 
B, of Necrosis of Liveti Badger 

in BadecTS (EbGftli).! 
B. of Necrosis of Liver^ Guinea-pigs 

in Guinea-pigs 


B. of Nocard.. p. 

B, No. 41 (Conn) . . . . 
B, nodosuB parvus 

(Lnst^arten) , 
B. nubilua (F. and G. 

C. Frcnldand). 
B. ochraeeus (Zim- 

tnemmnn) . 
B. oederoattB acTobi- 

ctis (Klein). 

B. DBdcmatla maligni 

(Pasteur, Toubertf 

and Chkin berl ain) . 

iVibrion sepiiqiut of 

the French.) 
B. oleffi (Prillieujt and 

B. oleffi tuberculotsis 

B, oogene^ fluorescens 

CZoerkendoerf er) . 
B. ooj^enes hydrosul- | Rotten eggs 

phuncuis (Zoerken 

Abscesses in cattle 

having farcy. 


Healthy human urc 

Water (Thames). ., 


Exudates of guinea- 
p i g s inoculated 
with garden soil. 

Soil, dust, intestines, 
of man and mam- 
mals, also in musk. 

Disease of olive tree 

Disease of olive tree. 

Rotten eggs. 




Pathogenesis dr 







Chromogenic (red)' 


Patho|?ened8 tmdB* 

Pathogenesis und»' 








Phytopathoficnic . 


Zymogenic, chnomo* 
parouB (pale green) 


B. I 
B. of 
B. ov; 
B. oxi 

B. ox- 

B. P 

B., P» 



B. I 

B. j 


B. : 













ind BeckfsrJ 
I minutissi' 


^s pemicio- 
^ns (Lau- 

*AmSM OF ^ACmJLT.^tCoHmm^J 



^ Bensaud) 
iis ovatus 

hs (Van 


fr (Pmnk- 

and Yer- 

aH (E. P. 


^ oreaceiui 




as fried- 


Whbrb Found. 


Pennenting leg:u- 

misous seeds. 
Cases of osteomye- 

Skin in eczema aeb- 

orrhifu- Linv 



Blood in infection!} 
res cm b li n g 
typhoid fever» 

In case of paraty 
phoid . 

Ckrcass of hog, , , . 





Beer-wort .... ' 



Blood and lympha- 
tics in bubonic 

Parasitic on leg- 

Pxis in emphysema. 

Sea-water. . , , 

Luminous sea-fish. 
Sea-water , 

Sea-water, and on 

Sea-water, and on 

Soil» manure.. . ., , 


See B, iactis pituiios 
Water, , , . , _ 



Zymogen lc< 




Pathogenic to phyl- 
Zymogen i 

Chromogernc \>iiay 
Pulmonary exudates Pathogenic, «ymcK 
m croupous pneu- 1 genie, 
Pneutnonia of mb- Pathogenic, 
bit, ^ 

Blood in case of 1 Path^^w?/^. 


^W- / Corr-<faJ3^. 







B. prausnitzii 

B. prodigiosus (Eh- 

B. proteus fluorescens 

B. of Pseudodiphthe- 

ria (Belfanti). 
B. pseudoedema (Li- 

B. Pseudopneuxnoni- 

cus (Fluegge). 
B. pseud OS epti- 

cus (Bienstock). 

B. pseudotuberculosis 

B. pseudotuberculosis 

B. pseudotubercu- 
losis i n Rabbits 

B. pseudotuberculosis 
xodentium (Pfeiffer). 

B. psittacosis (Widal 
and Sicard). 

B. puerperalis (Engel 
and SpUlmann). 

%SX '""^''^ 

B. punctatus (Zim- 

B. of Purpura haem- 

orrhagica (Babes 

and Kolb). 
B. putrificuscoli 

B. of Pyemia (Belt- 

B. pyocyanetis (Ges- 


B. pyogenes fcetidus 

B. pyogenes soli (Bol- 

B. radiatus (Lueder- 

B. radiatus aquatilis 
^. /adJcico}a (Byer- 

Whbrb Found. 

Water, soil 

Food materials, etc. 

Viscera of diseased 

Human mouth and 

Mice inoculated 

with garden soil. 

Exudates in mice 
inoculated with 

Viscera of horse 


Tuberculosis nodule 
in rabbits. 

Found in rats. . . . 

Blood of parrots 
and human beings 
having psittacosis. 

Cases of puerperal 

Gangrenous tooth 

Water (Chemnitz).. 

Viscera of purpura 

Water, feces 

Blood in pyemia . . 

Air, dust, water, 

Pus ,. 

Exudates of rat in- 
oculated with gar- 
den soil. 

Exudates of mice 
and guinea-pigs in- 
oculated with gar- 
den soil. 


^^^^/cifonnia (Tat- 


Tubercles of legu- 
minous plants, 
Arable soil. 


Zymogenic, chxoxno- 

genie (red). 







Pathogenesis unde- 

Closely allied to B. 




Pathogenic, zywo- 
genic. chromopa- 
rous (blue to verdi- 
gris-^reen, p y o- 

Pathogenic, eymo- 































A TABtE OF BACILLI.— (Conlfitfiwf.) 


B. secalis (Btirrill). 
B, " Seidenglanzen- 
der" (Tfttattjff). 
of Senile Gan- 
nc (Tricomi), 

B. septicaexniiB hasm- 
OdThagicsB (Stem- 
B. aepttcus ncumina- 
tus (Babes). 
R ^^ntirtis agrigenua 

;us kemto- 
.„„.„ iji(Bab«8). 

B. septkus sputi 

B, septicus sputigen- 

U5 (Fluegge) . 
B. septicus u 1 c e r i Gi 

sangTsnoRi (Babea). 

B, septicus vesicsG 


B. BcssUis (Klein) 

B. smaragdino ptoos- 

phoreftcens {Katt). 

B. smara^dinus fee- 

B. of Smegma ( Bunge 
and Trautcnrothji - 

B. solanaceanim (B. 

B, solidus (Luederit»). 

B. soli tori ufl (Rav- 

B. sorghi (Kdlermann 
and Swingle) 

B. of Southern Cattle 
Plague (P. S. Bil- 

B. spinifems (Unna) , 

B. stolonatus (Adam- 

eti and VVichniann). 
B, Btolonifcrus (Pohl) 
B. striatua albus (von 

B. striatus flavus (von 

B. striatus viridia 

(Raven el). 
B. fitueticri (Ueh- 
nmaa and Netx- 

Whiers Foumd. 

See S, sea. 

Well -water (Dor- 

Dlood and tissues In 
cases of senile gan> 


Blood in septicenua. 

Blood in 

Garden soil. 


Cadaver: septice- 
mia foil owing ker- 

Human saliva 

Healthy and pneu 
monic nputum. 

Cadaver;' septice- 
mia following gan- 

Urine in cystitis. 

Blood of cow. 

On luminous fishes 

Nasal scretions in 

Smegma, ....,.., , , 

Brown rot of solana 

ceous plants. 
Mice arter inocula- 

tion with garden 


Sorghum blight. . . . 

Blood of cattle with 
Texas fever. 

Skin in eczema seb- 


Marsh-water. , 

Healthy nasal secre 

Healthy nasal sec re 


Soil .. 







Photogenic . chromo- -l 

genie (emerald - 

Pathogenic, chro-^ 

mogenic (green). 




Ph ytopat hogentc . 


Chromogcnic (gray- 
ish' yellow). 


LE OP BACXLLr^^C&nHmttd.} 

Whirs Foimm. 

Chromogenic (p&l«- 

Pathoseneftis not e;^ 

di»h -brown;, 

i Hair and scalp in 
WatCT; , 


Fermenting soluticm 
of calcmm tar- 




Arabic soil, horse- 
dung, and ti^ues 
of persons dead of 

Sea-mud *..... 

Veee table infusions. 
Diseased hair 

Pathogenic, xymo- 


Chromogenic (gold- 


Zymogenic, patho- 


A TABLE OP BAClUA.-^Ctmtinugd.} 


WflSRB F0U»D. 


B, of Tuberculosis of 

B. tumescens (Zopf). 
B. tussis convulsivoj 

B. typhi abdominalis 


muri uc 

B, t y p h i 

B. ubiquitus (Jordan), 
B. ulna tCohn) ..,.,, 

B. ulna (VIgnal) 

B. of Uptadel {0cs6- 

S. ure® tLeube) . . , , . 

B. ureas (Miqud)** ... 

B. vacuolatus (Rav- 
enel). , 

B, vaginalis (Dod(9r> 

B. varicosus conjunc- 
tiva CGombert), 

B. vascularis (Stern- 

B, vascularum (Cobb), 

B. venenosus 

B. veneaosus b re vis 

B. veneao8u8 invisi- 

bilis (Vaughan). 
B. venenosus lique- 

faciens (Vaughan)* 
B. ventriculi (Rac- 

B. vermicularis (P. 

and G.C.Fmnkland), 
B. vermiculosus (Zim- 

B. of Verruga peru- 
ana (Izciuierdo). 
B. verticlllatus (Rav- 

B. violaccua (Becker). 

B. violacous (Fmnk- 

B. violaceiis lauren- 

tius (Jordan). 
B. virens (Van 

B. vixesoeas (Frick) . . 

B viHffans , . . 

Diseased grape- 


Sputum in cases of 

Water, milk .sewage ; 
and blood, urine, 
feces, and tissues 
of typhoid-fever 

Disea^d mice 

Air, water, sewage. 


Normal saliva 

Intestinal oontents 

Soil, water, manure, 

old urine, etc* 


Soil „....,,. 

Normal vagjnal se- 

Healthy conjuncti- 
val sac in man. 

Viscera of yellow- 
fever cadaver. 

Gummosis of sugar 


Water . . 

Water. , . ; 

Water. ........... 

Stomach of dog. . . , 

Water (Lea) , . . 


Nodules in cskstts of 
Peruvian wart. 
Soil ,.... 

Water. .. ....... 




In gre^ eputum. . . 

Wa.tC!S- . . , 



Pathogenic, c) 

nic. ^B 



Chromoparouf ( 










Chromogcnic (fl 

Patho^enesii u 





( green). 

ABLE Of BAdttLt.-(ei.iiaaasa3' 





Wrsrk Fouwo, 


Water , 


Air, wa t 

Ropy beer, ,,.,.... 
Rapy beer ^n^d m^Jc 

' r 

Viscous sacchariTie 
Ropy wine 




Putrefying matter. 

Bitter milk 


WcU-wflter (Dor 



Yellow-fever cadav- 

pfstis bubonic^, 

Bacteriosisof ladiau 

I com. I 

I Air and water , I 










be Heart. The diastole of the heart, 
p'tion. A term for amyioid degenerfttion. 

H-€ih. Microorganisms; microbea; schizomyce'^ 

ifv-af. Relating to or caused by bacteria. B. 

Ilk as Bactarin. 

^-ie-ris-^-dal. Destroying bacteria. 

k'-risid^ See Germicide, 

i genus of bacteria, according to Dav&ine. 

ke-re-f'-fne-ait. The presence of bacteria in the 

ffin. Any vaccine prepared from a specitlo 

w-re-oid. Simihur to s rod or a bacterft^m^ 
f^^sr-^tr-^s/^^ih^^ij:^ One ve/sefd £n bacteriology. 
^.nf-£^*^-n!^jk. TAff sc/e^aoc of uticrooigAnisms^ 
fc»v'^*V*'-*r-**. A a^>eci^c Antibody dev^oped 



in the blood by the action of any one bacterium and cupafatt 
of cauBing tbo dmntegration of the same bacterium. 
Bacteriolysis, bak-U-re-of-is-is. The duintegration of bacteria. 
Bacteriol]rtic» bak-tt-re-ol-i^ -ik. Pertainine to bacterid yaii. 
Bacteriopbagep bak-U-rt-o-Jagt*, Destruction of bacteria by f51te 
L- passing lysins or autolysis. 

KpSacterloproteiiai hak-te-rt-o-pft/'te-in. A toxalbumin, 
B Bacteriopur'piiriti. A purple pigment forroed by Btggiatoa, 
W Bacterios'copy. The microsrcopic examination of bactena. 
^ BacterioLher'Bpy. The treatment of diseases by bacteria. 
Bacteriotoi'ia^ A substance poisonous to bacteria. 
_B§ cj6rlttlll« bak-te^-re-um. A genus of fission-fungi 




Whsrb Pound. 



B. accidentalis tetani (Bel- 

fanti and Petcarolo) , 

B. aceti (Hansen). 

B. aceti (Peters) 

B. aceticum (^Baginaky). . 
B. aceticum (Skjilder). . . . 
B. acidi lactici (Groten- 

B. acne contagioax (Dieck- 

erhoff and Grawiti). 
B, aeri:i minutissimus 

B. amabilia (Dyar) ,...,., 

B, ambiguuB (Wright) 

B. amethystinus (Eisen- 

B. amethystinus mobilis 

(Germano) , 

B. anaerobicum (Fluegge). 
B. annulatua (Wright) . . , . 

B. apil(Bri«i), 

B, apthosus (Siegel) , 

B. aquatilis communis 

(ZLmmermaim) . 
B. aquatilis stUcatu* quar- 

t u a (Weichs«?lboumr . , 
B. aurantiacum (Trelease) 

B, aureo-flavu8( Adametz), 

B. hetje fArthur and 
B. bovigcpticus (Kiti) ,,., 
B. hrassfeoe (Lehn and 

Pus tn a case of 

Sour beer; wine. 

Sour dough 

Beer-wort. ► . . . . . 

Beer-wort. ...... 

Feces, water, 

Acne contagiosa 

in borsesn 




Milk. , . 

Bactcriosis of cel- 
ery pUnta. 

Liver and kid- 
neys in cases of 
"Maul-" and 
" Klauenicucbe ," 


Soil , 


Water. ,......,, 

Bactertoais of 


■" BueEelaeuclftft. 






(bright -yellow). 


(blue- violet). 







\ Y'B.t.\vCU4«Ktf:,, 

Sauerkraut ..... .\ TivnvQ^ww.. 



Whbrb Found. 



tumeo-flavus (Dyar). 

nimwim (SchrOter) . . 

ocalis fortuitus ( Vig- 

localis minutua (Vig- 

tA Buffalo Plague 

u t y r i colloideuxn 


mpestris (Paxnmel) . . 

' Canary-bird Septi- 


pitatum (Davaine) . . 


tenola (Dujardin) . . 
udatut (Wright) . . . 
Dtrifugaxis (Wright). 

(E n g e 1- 



diolex» gallinarum 


alogenes (Stem) 


rysogloia (Lafar). 

Poisonous meat. 

Putrid infusion of 
Healthy saliva.. 

Healthy saliva. . . 

Buffaloes having 
an infectious 

Butter (frequent) . 

Decayed turnips, 


Infusion of albu- 
minous sub- 




blood in typhoid 




Wild pigeons . . , . 

Chicken cholera, 

Case of angiocho- 
. litis with meni- 
Air, water 

Epidermis in ec- 

Human cadaver. . 

itreus (Unna and 


treus cadaveris 

rassmann and 


idnutua (Wright) . . . Water 

lerens (Wright) Water 

li aerogenes (Lemb- | Dog-dung 

i anindolicum. Dog-dung 


i comaume (Bacber' / Abundant in hu- 
/ man feces and 
/ those of domes- 
/ tic animals. 

Zymogenic, path- 


(brown to 




(golden-yellow) . 


Zymogenic, chro- 
mogenic (cad- 





Zymogenic, chro- 
mogenic (green- 

(green). ^ 



(yellow, 1 i p o- 
xant h in). 




Zymogenic, path- 

B. convolutua (Wright) . , . 
B. of Corn-stalk Disea&c 

B. eunicviU pneumonicua 

B. cunictilicida iniinobtUB 


D. cuniculicida septicua 

(Lucet) , 
B, cuniculicida therm- 

ophUus (Lucet). 

B. decidiosus (Wright)... . 

B. d e c D I o r a n s major 

B. decoloratu minor 


B. delabens (Wright) . . . . . 
B. delta (Dyar) .... 

B, dendriticus (Lustig) . . . 
B. denitrificans (Gayon 
and Dupetit), 

B. denitrificans (Stuetzcr 

and Burri), 
B. denitrificanB agilis 

(Ampola and Garino). 
B. diphtherise avjum (Loir 

and Duclaux), 
B. diphtheriae cunicuH 

B. discissum (Dinwiddic) . 
B. domesticus (I>yar) . . . . 

B. donnitator (Wright) , , 


B. dubius (Bleisch) ...... 

B. 4ubius pneumoniae 
(Bunsl and Fedem). 
S. duplicBtus C Wright). . , 
B. dysentctisB Jiqnefaciens 

T>'phoid stcM>ls. 

\ ellow-fevcr ca- 

Conjunctival ca- 
t a r r a h and 
chronic inflam- 
niation of con- 


"Corn-sLalk dis- 
ease" and 
branch o-pneu- 
monia of cattle. 

Lung plague of 

Cause of a spon- 
taneoujs rabbit 

Epixootic of rab- 

Ei^idemic of rab- 
bits and guinea- 



Air , , . , 

Water , . . 


Water. .....,.., 

Air, soil, straw, 
liorac-dung, etc, 

Horse manure. 

Manure. ,..,., 

Epizootic of fowls 

Intestinal diph- 
theria of rabbits 




Rusty sputum oi 


CascB of d^BCTk 
tory va. 3apati, 









gcnic with Bt 
lerium coli (H 







(bright- yeltoi 
Pathogenic* < 



Whbrk Pound. 


B. djTieiitejis vitulorum 

B. dlenbacHensis <St\iet- 

xerfttid H&rtleb). 
B,cmphysemato8us (Prrsn- 


B. encbclys (Ehrepberg) . . 
6« endoraetntidia (Kaul- 

6. epssloa (Dyar) 

B. eq^uiHbtestXDBtis (Dymr 

B,eU (Dyar) , 

B, exsatbematicrus ( Babes 
tod Oprcscii). 
" ' (Wright)..-. 

B. Eecftiii alcaHgcoet (Pe- 

B. EiiimontensiB (Wright) 

B. ftruiaceuiii C ^ 
B, felis septicus (Ft 
B. femtgineus (Jjyar) . , , 

S, fimbriatus (Wright) . . . 
B. gmtinius ruber (Di'ar) , 

B. fiadittri (Beyerinck) ,. , 

I flohioeua (Wright) 

B. fhorescena (Lcpicrre) . . 

rsF'ftnoraaoens foUoceus 


B. fluoresoena immobllis. . 
B. fluorescens incognituis 

B. fiuorescens mutabilis 

B, fiaoTcscens schuylkilli- 

easis (Wright). 
B, friedberffensb (£b«rt 
iLod Mandry). 
B, furfuris (Wood and 
B^ ftiACUS Uquefadens 

£tiorcacens convextis 



pallidot (Dyar) 
^ '" (Klein).,,. \ 

Dy scntery of 
Atmospheric dust 

Soil and roots ol 
small grains. 

Gaseous phleg- 


Liver abscess. . . . 


Horse manure. . 

Hetnorrhagic in- 
fection in man. 



Sour dough.. ..., 
Septicemia, cats. 

Air. , . . 



Water. . . . . 
Air, water. 


Air, water - 


Poisonous sau- 

In tanner's bran- 
plump soak. 


M. Itmforme f 


Sea- water. , . , . . 
Enteritis in fowlR 


Chromogenic (yel- 
low, lipoxan* 





Pathogenesia un- 



Zymogenic, chro- 

(salmon-pink) . 

Zymogenic, path- 














(y eUowish-green ) 






A TABLE OP BACT£RIA.->(6\>M<»Hti#d.) 


B. gamma (Dyar) 

B. gelatinosum betse (Gla- 


\ genictilatus (Wright) . . 

I. gingivae pyogenes (Mil- 

J. gliscrogenum (Malerba 
and Sanna-Salaris). 
B. gummis (Comes) 

B. hsmatoides (Wright) . 

B. hsmorrhagicus (Kolb) 

tidis (Vassale) 

B. haemorrhagicus scpticus 

B. haemorrhagicus veneno- 
sus (Tizzoni and Gio- 

B. of Hemorrhagic Septi- 
cemia of Swans (Fioren- 

B. hessii (Guillebeau) 

B. hudsonii (Dyar) 

B. hyacinthi (Wakker) . 

B. hydrosulphureum pon- 
ticum (Zclmsky). 

B. icterogenes (Guamieri). 

B. indigonaceus (Schnei- 

B. inutilis (Dyar) 

B. javaniensis(Eijikmann) 

B. kochii (Hansen) 

B. krallii (Dyar) 

B. kutzingianum (Hansen) 
B. lacticus (Gunther and 
Thierf elder). 

B. lactis (Lister) 

B. lactis aerogenes (Esche- 

B. lactis innocuus (Wilde) 
A iBcujxatas (Wright) 

B. larvicida (Dyar) 

Whbrb Found. 



Mucigenous beet- 


Diseased teeth. . . 

Mucinous viscid 

Gummosis of to- 
matoes, figs, al- 
monds, oranges, 


Septicemia cad- 

Hemorrhagic ne- 

Septicemia in 

Purpura haemor- 


Ropy milk . 

"Yellows" of hya- 
cinth bulbs. 
Ooze (Black Sea). 

Liver and blood 
in acute yellow 
atrophy of liver; 
typhoid stools. 




Air i 

Air ! 

Sour beer j 

Milk ' 


Milk and intes- 
tines of milk-fed 



Diseased larvae of 
silkworm (Clisio- 
CAtnpa fragUis). i 


Zymogenic, phy* 


Pathogenic, chro- 
mogenic (yellow- 

Zymogenic, ino- 

. duces gUaorin. 


(blood -red). 








Zymogenic (HsS) 


Chromogenic (in ' 





B. leucaexniflB 

B. levans (I 

3. lindoltun 
B. lined* (1^ 
B. litoretun < 
B. of Liver A 

3. lucens (N 

3. ludwigii C 

B. luminosus 

B. lumixiostu 
B. hxteuna (L 

3. maddoocH 

3. martinexi 
and Dyar). 

B. monarhfft 

B. monad if or 
B. m orb if 
B. morbilliO 

B. mori (Boy 

3. moltistna' 
B. mxuipestii 

B. muriseptic 
3. navictUa 

3. nebuloBua 
B. oezibilis 
3. nitrifican: 

3. nitroao, 

3. oblongun 
B. oedematis 


3. oUe (Arc] 
B. OTchiticus 


,.OP BACTERIA.— (Continued.) 

Wbbkb Fovhd, 

Dog with leuko- 
Sour dough . 

Water, soil...., . 


Case of liver ab« 

Hot B u I p H u r 

Abdominal cav- 
ity of Amphipod 
Crustacea (Tali 
Sea-water. , . . , , 


Permeti ting 

Liver of yellow- 
fever cadaver ; 

Diseaeed larvae of 

the "nun"TOoth 

(Liparis mon- 

Typhoid stools. . 
Cow with puer- 

pcml fever. 
Urine in CAse of 

Diseaaed m u 1 - 

berry trees. 

Water , _ 

Pla^e of field 

Wet rot of pota- 



Water .... 








Ph y topathogenic. 



Pathogenic, z y- 


Guinea-pig inocu- 

iilated with con- 

taminated nu- 

clein solution. 

Tuberculosis of 

K f o}}vff trees, /' , , 

^shffTj. 0/ar$dgired horse. / Pu thogtfalc. 

L. , ^ . ./ Wkier, , / Chfomogct3ic 

/ / Cbrigbt-yeilow). 

Phy toj>a thogeaic. 

A TABLE OP BACTBKlA.'-iContmmd.y 


B. oxylacticiis (Dyar) . . . . 

B. pallescens (Henrici) . . . 
B. paradoxus (Kruse and 


B. pastetiriantis (Hansen). 
B.'periplanetee (Tichomi- 


B. pfluegeri (Ludwig) . . . . 

B. phasiani septicus 

B. phosphorescens (Cohn) , 

B. phosphorescens pflue- 
geri (Foerster). 

B. photometficum (Eng- 

B. pini (Vuillennin) 

B. of Pneumonia in Tur- 
keys (MacFadyean). 

B. pneumonicus liquefa- 
ciens (Arloing). 

B. pneumosepticus 

B. porri (Tonmiasi-Cru- 

B. of Potato Scab(BolleY) 

B. primus fullesii (Dyar). 

B. pseudo-conjunctivitis 

B. pseudo-influenzse 

B. pseudotyphosus (Loes- 
B. pullulans 

B. putidum (Frick and 

B. putredinis (Davaine) . . 
B. pyodmnabareus (Ferch- 

B. pyogenes ansrobicus 

B. pyogenes foetidus lique- 

faciens (Lanz). 

B.pyogenea minutissimus 
g. pyriforme (Hansen) 

Whbrb Found. 



Liver in case of 

Beer wort 

Diseased cock- 
roaches (Peri- 
planeta orien- 

Luminous meat 
and fish. 

Diseased pheas- 

Fish and sea- 

Luminous fish . . . 


Galls on alpine 


Exudates in lung- 
plague of cattle. 

Rusty sputum in 



Water , 

Conjunctival se- 

Secretions in 
broncho - pneu- 
monia, otitis 

Water; liver ab- 


Air, water. 

Decaying plants. 


Stinking pus of 

Brain abscess 
after otitis me- 

Pus in man 









Chromopbo r o u 8 
(green), photo- 






Pathogenesis un- 





Chromogenic (red- 
yellow), odor of 





B. i1 

B. r 


B. r 

B. r 

B. s 

B. I 

B. \ 

B. ( 

B. s 

B. » 

B. s 

B. o 

B. s 



B. f 

B. f 

B. \ 



B. f 







A TABLE OP BACTERIA.— (Can/«»«^(i.) 


Whbrb Foitnd. 


B. ibodochrooB (Dyar) . . . 

B. tfannopatluse suis (Kitt) 

B. rabersaxdiiw (Du Bois 

B. rabescens (lAnkester) , 

B. ragostis (Wright) 

B. nlivae minutissimus 
B. lalnioneus (Dyar) .... 

B. nhiioiiica (Emmerich 

B. Mmgainarium (Smith 
ud Moore). 

B. (photobacterimn) sar- 
cophilum (Dubois), 
fi. SBiTBcem cola (Dyar) . . 

B. Mcundus fullesii (Dyar) 
B.septicus putidus 

B. of Sheep-pox 

B. ibniosus (Wright) 

B. of Spoxadic Pneumonia 
k Cattle (Smith). 
B. tputigenes crassus 

B. mtttigenes tenuis (Pan- 

B. nbochraceus (Dyar) . . 

B. tnipestif er (Salmon and 


B. ndsepticus (Schutz) . . . 

B. lulcatus liquefaciens 


B. Kdpnuieuxn (Rosen- 

B. tadiyctonum (Fischer) 

B. tenno (Dallinger and 


3. termo ( Vignal) ..... 

I theta (Dyar) 

3. tlogcnsis (Wright) 

I tncheiphnua (Smith). 
I tamboMtH (Tmmbusti , 
odGalootti). \ 


Erysipelas of 
Sardine oil 



Saliva . 


Trout disease 

Infectious leuke- 
mia in fowls. 


Leaf of pitcher- 

Air. : 

Cholera cadaver. 

In cases of sheep- 
pox or "Schaf- 




In phthisis and 
catarrhal pneu- 


Hog cholera. . 

Swine plague. 


Stools in cholera 

Putrefactive ma- 

Normal human 



Diseased melons. 


(rose-color) . 

(carmin-red) , 
zymogenic, odor 
of trimethylam- 

(bacterio - pur- 

















(evolves HsS). 


(yellowish-gray) . 



Wkbrs Pound. 

B. tularcDse. , . ,. , 

B- ureas CJakseh) 

B, uvGB (Cu^ni and Mac- 
B. vacuolatus (Dyar) 

B. vaginsD CBocderlein) . , 

B. of Variola (Cose and 
B. vermifonne (Ward) . - 

B. vemicofiiim (Zopf), 
B. violaceum ( Bcreonz.ini) 

B. violaceus aacchari . 
(Agerand Dyar). 
B, viridia (Lesa|;e) 

D. xylinuni (Brown) , . , . . 

B. zeta (Dyar) 

D, zopfii (Kurth) 

Squirrel^ rabbit; 

trans, to man, 

Diseased grapes.. 

Bladders of Utri- 
cularia vulgaris. 

Vaginal so<:re- 

Vesicles in case of 



Putrefying e g g - 

Air. ............ 

In "green diar- 
rhea ' of chil- 

Solutions of 

Air ..,.,,. 

Intestinal tract of 


Pathogenic. ^H 

Zymogenic, ^" 





Symbiotic -moo- 
gcnic with Saeck- 
aromycts pyiif- 




(gf eenj . 



{o range- reC 


Bacteritt'rin. The presence in the urine of bacteria. 

Bacteroiit, bak^-te-roid. Sea Barter iauL 

BacuUlorm, bak'-u liform. Rod-shaped, 

BacU fca'-*f. Bengal quince, the dried unripe fruit o( MgU m» 
melos, a tree of India; used in diarrhea. 

Baelz's Disease'', Progressive ulceration and ultimate dettructkr 
of the mucous glands of the lips. 

Baer*! (t.) Law* The more sipecial forma of structure arise CAl 
of the more general . and tliat by a gradual change. B/b Veiicll 
the ovule. 

fiaeyer's Resection for Glu'cose, Indigo is formed on boilin|r a lih 
cose solution with orthonitrophenyl-propiolic acid and sodlui 
carbonate. When the glucose is in excess^ this blue is ooi 
verted into indigo white. B/b Reac'tioa for In^dol, a watei 
solution of indol to which has been added two or three drops ^ 
funding nitric acid and then a 2 per cent, solution of potase 
um nitrite drop by drop, yields a red liquid and then a red pr 
ciiiitatc of nitrosoindol nitrate, Ci>;His(NO)NMHNOa, 

Bag of "WtktcTB, Petal membranes containing the liquor amali 
BagnJa, l>aH'-^'i>. 1. A bath-houaft, '2. A. "hoviMi c>l ^toaV^teoM* 
Sagot'a Lo 'cmS An esthc'sia Mix" ture . Cocain Tciy dTOtV^ow^ 






nd npartein stilplmte. 0,0B gm.; this is dissolved in I or| 
of boiled water. 

irier bdn-mak-T0^. A watcf-bath used by chtmists 
ir'ft Outer Band, Line, or La7er. A white band in the layer 
ee pyramidal cells of the cortex cerebri. See also Gen- 
«5d Vicq d'Atyr. B.'s Inter^nal Band or Line, a white 
between the layer of large p>Tamidal celk and the poly- 
sous layers of the cortex. B.'s SijEiLr difference in the size 
\ pupils in paralytic dementia. 
haf-kcf-kg. Sec under Leg. 
ITnts. Hernial protrusions of the synovial membrane of 
qnts through the fibrous capsule. 

t itch. Eczema caused by handh'ng yeast, B,*s 
smelling salts; Bubcarbonate of ammonia. B/s Stlff'^^ 
corns on the fingers from kneading dough, 
^bat^-ans. 1, An apparatus for weighing substances. 2, 
lonious adjustment of related parts. 
ba^*an-ik. Pertaining lo the glans penis or clitoridis. 
n. The application of a pessary or suppository. 
1^ bat-anA^-iis, Inflavimation of the glans penis. 
iMiBorrbe'a. Gonorrheal balanitis. 
Iftftty^ Plastic surgery of the glans penis, 
Btthitis, bal-an'O-poS'thi^-tis. The same as Balanilis^ q. v. 
beputial, bal^an-o-ftre-pttf-shal. Relating to the gtana 
taid prepuce, 

bai-atf^of-y-ah. Purulent balanitis. 
bal-an-tii^ 'de-unt,* See Paramecium. 
\b€U'-ckn-us. The glans penis or clitoridis. 
\ Body of. The yolk-nucleus or idiosome, a small body 
r the nucleus of the oocyte. 
bahbu'-iite-H. Stamraeriag. 
I b€rwl(f-ne$s. Alopecia, congenital or acquired. 

DfaMBse'. Chloroma, chlorosarcoma» a fatal disease 
dhood. with postmortem Endings of greenish-yellow or 
ik'gray fibrosarcomas in various parts of the body, espe- 
the periosteum. 

Ikaine. Pour uprights fixed to bed posts, ooaneoted at 
Kl ends by adjustable slats, 
■•ock'et Joint See Diartkrosis, 

Opthalmoplegia externa, characterized by the loss 
IfDluntary movements of the eyeball, with preservation 
utomatic movements and integrity of the movements 
pupil. It is seen in hysteria and exophthalmic goiter, 
1^ bal-is^-mus^ 1. Tremor. 2. Choreic movements. 

The distention of a cavity, as the vitgina, by air. 
)lgat, baJ'Oi-moftig), A falling back of the letAiA in ia*«to 
ntcTua is suddenly pushed upward by t"Ue Smftci \a 
B., O&tdAT, the fail ing of opaq.ue patticVeA ^tv «. 
httmor a/ter movements of the eyebaW. 


Butl^thromniiui. A round antemortem cardiac clot. 

Bftlm^ bahm, A soothing application or ointment, S«e Mflin 

B. of Gil'ead« Mecca balsam. 
Balmouy, bal'-mo-tw. The herb Cfwhne glabra, us^d bs a < 

artic and anthelmintic. 
BiUneatioa, bai-ne-a'shun. The act of bothing. 
^^ikalaeologirr bal-ne-of-o-je. The science of baths and bathings 
I^B&lneother'apyt The treatment of disease by baths; water-cui 
f ' Bftl'^neum. A bath; in chemistry, a water- bath or sand-l 
B. MJt^nm, a sand-bath. B. lu'temn» a mud-bath. 
Btlianit bawl^-sam, A compound of an oleorcsin with benxdefi 
cinnamic acid. B. Ap'ple, the fruit of Mamoi^dica halsamim 
VTiinemry and purgative. B. of Mec'ca, true balm of Gilcad.« 
exudate from Commiphora Qpobalsamum, B* of POTUfi i 
balsam from Myraxylon pereira. B. of Tolu', a substance i 
Myroxylon toiuiferHm. 
Bali4mation»&att'/-ja»H-£r'-jAM«. The act of renderiag bals 
BaUamic, hawV-sam-ik. Pertaining to or resembling baiaam. 

TiQC'tttiet compound tincture of benzoin. 

BaUer'ft Fat^necro'sia. An acuta disease of the pancreas i 

areas of fat-necrosis in the interlobular tissue of that organ, i 

the omentum and mesentery, at timea also in the pcricardiij fi 

ant! bone-marrow. 

Buntierger'B Bul'bar Pii1b«» Pulsatbn of the jugular vein— ti 

buibus veneo jugularis— synchronous with the systole, in tj 

- cuspid insufficiency. B.'s Disease^ saltatory spasm. Bi 

^^1 Fluid, an albuminous mercuric compound used in tbe %x\ 

^H ment of syphilis^. B/s Hematogea^ic Albumiau'rla, albuminu 

^^K occurring during the later stages of severe anemia. B.*i Si| 

^^M aliochiria; perception of a stimulus applied to the skin of t 

f^m extremity at the corresponding place on the other extreinit 

B**f Type of Hypertro'phic Pul'monary OBteop'tttby^ a form 

which painful thickenings of the long bones, especiaJly of \ 

forearm and kg^ are a prominent symptom. 

Bandage, han'-ddj, A strip of musUn or other material for bid 

ing wounds, fractures, and dislocations. B., Clr'cular* circuit 

turns about the part. B., Fiff'urc-of-S, the turns crossintf oi 

another Hke that figure. B., ObUqae\ covering the part I 

oblique turns. B*. Recur^rentt the turns returning successivel 

to the point of origin. B.^ Spi'ca, the turns resembling tl 

arrangement of the husks of an car of com. B., S^yi^ral, < 

turn covering one- half of the preceding. 

Baodelette. ^arr'-rf^ie/. A smaU bundle. B.ofHoche. Sec Hoc* 

Bandl'B Ring. The line of depression sometimes fdt on digiHJ 

pressure just above the pubes during labor-pains 1 it i 

sponds to the site of the internal o« utcriu 

Bmn^doiin. A mucilage from qmncc-seftAft, lot ccjoSLtsm* \^«^JiJ 

Baa'dy-i^, Bow-leg. 

of the Eip\ecn with progrcwive 
: cirThosi&. 

pianL A method for the reduction o( cor 
I from Sftgcharine and faiinikc^otis food^ 
i of reducing flesh by dleiine 
md from BapUsia tineiofia 
A genus of plants. B, tincto'da, vritd 
fttive and febrifugal. 
^Rlucosid from Bapthia Hn<;tofi4i. 
daid from BapiUia Uncioria, 

Gonorrhea, q. v, 
\e-kor'€*-aJt. Gonorrhea in women 
jȣ pointing. 

phantiaiisarohum, B. If uts. SeeJatropka. 
^ AnalointCiTH^uO?. from Barbadats aiots 
able from the Barbary Slates. 
! Bnbrris. 
See Sycosis. 

aralytic affection common m India, 
new term for veronal, q^ v, 
i^ntomca, q. v. 

Rtiate between organic and congenital 

Jormer the oscillations of the eyeball 

*nt follows the physician s finger moved 

|tcly from right to left» and from left U 

I the oscillations disappear under these 

tThe posterior fasciculus of the internal 
► elbow-joint; it is attached above to the 
B of the internal condyle and below, by 
b the inner side of the olecranon {jroceas. 
pnfey or thirty drops of blood collected in 
fallowed to stand for twenty-four hours 
|ed clot and a small amount of serum if 

:en from a typhoid fever patient. In 

er hand, the clot will retract considera- 

of scrum will be formed. 

Uy-like mass of microorganisms £oun<l 

rtnim«nt for testing the sense of pres- 

ez'troM, On« part copper acetate dis 
of water; 5 c.c. of acetic ac-id caa- 

^ ^Mi;ia2 acetic acid, added to 2000^ 
fjtOMF jvmevojf tne/f a detjftrtwe soiutioti^ 
^^u^ox/d is s^Kiducifd. but not wbt?n 

BarillJi, baril'-aK Imfikire saodiimi < 

Barium, baf-re-Min, A metal of the alkaline group. 

Eark, hurk. The cortex of the wood of estogens. B.fl 

cinchona. ' 

Barkow'i Llg'ameDt. Ligamcntotis bundles lying in lh« I 

tissue of the olecranon fossa; they pass from the upper bd 

of the fossa vertically downward to join the deep i Hw 

the posterior ligament of the elbow-joint. ^H 

Barley» bat*-la. Uordeutn vulgare, a cereal used forl^H 

water, a tititritious drink inadc of an infusion of bailey^ 
Barlow'ft I>beaBe'. Infantile scurvy, generally associated 

rickets, and characterized by subperiosteal hemottli 

especially of the long bones , with painful swellings. 
BATQes's Bag or DHa^tor. A lyre-shaped rubber bag for di 

the uterine cervix. B/« Cer'vical Zone, the lowest fourth c 

internal surface of the uterus. B.*» Curve, the i 

pehac circle having the sacral promontory as its i 
Barograph, bat'o-graf. A self-registering barometet; 
Baromacrometer, ha^^ -o-^nak-rom' -^"bt. An instri 

weighing and measuring new-bom infanta. 
Barometer. An instrunient for measuring air-prei&ure. 

Aii''eroi,d, one made by use of a vacuum. 
Baroflcope, bar'-o-skop. An instrument denoting chac^ 

pressure without measuring its absolute weight. 
Bftrosma, bar-ijs'-mak. A genus of African shrub 

species yield buchu, 
BarosmlDt bar-o^-min, A diuretic extract from buchu. 
BaroBtheoicSt bar-oS'then'-ilts, Exercises to promote condi 

ity in the spinal nerves. 
Barret >che»t, bar' -el-ckest A globu lar form of thorax. 
Barren, hat* en. Sterile, incapable of producing offspring. 
Bartholin's Duct. The largest of the ducts of the subU 

gland. B.*B Fora'men, the obturator fonunen. B.'t Glau 

vulvovaginal gland. 
Bartholin'lan Afa'^scesa. An absce^ of Bartholin's gland. 
Bartholin ltls» har-iQ-le-ni'-tis. Inflammation of Bartholin's i 
Barton's Ban" dage. A bandage for the lower jaw. B/sFiac 

the separation of the posterior portion of the lower art 

surface of the radius. 
Baruch's Sign. The resistance of the rectal temperature 

bath of 75° for fifteen m^inutes, with friction; It i 

monic of typhoid fever. 
Baruria, bar-n^-re-att. High specific gravity of tber t 
Baryecoia, oar-e-ek-oV-ak. Dulncsa of hearing; deafo 
Baryglo8siar bar-€'glos'*€^ch. Thick, slow utt«n 
BAiylalia, bar-^laf-k-ak, TbicTtncss ol a^tch. 
Baryphonia, bar-if-f(f'n€'ah, Diffi^f^Uv ot a^itecti. 
BJiryahmiM, ba-rish* -tne-ak , Gloomy sl&t& ol tsati^ 




sal. Pertaining to the base, B. Gangli«, the ganglia 
cf the brain. 
Morvement by which a 

1. The lower part. 2, Chief substance of a mixture, 
idanent or radicle with which an acid may unite to form 

% Diaetse'. Exophthalmic goiter. 

bt Mem^brane. Delicate membrane beneath epithelium. 

if bak'fon<jS)\ The base of the bladder. 

i Mix'titf e. One of iron and ammonium acetate. 

t^~€~aJ. Same as BasaL 

bas-e-ar-ak-ni'-tis. Inflammation at base of 


sik. 1* Having properties opposite to acid. 2. 
r. B. Salt, a salt largely basic in nature. 
tmUu, bas-^kro' -mat-in. That part of the chromatin 
an affinity for basic dyes. 

tbas-4s'-it-«. The power of combining with a base. 
l. Relating to the base of the skull. B- Al'ls. See 

bas-idf -e-um. The spore-generating organ in some 
bigher ftmgi. 

, bas-if-a* 'Shal. Pertaining to the face and base of the 
B* Ax'ia, a line from the gonion to the stibnasal point. 
bas-e-hi'-aL Applied to the two bones of the hyoid 

bs'W^aJ. Toward the base. H 

^/'il-ar. Pertaining to the baae. as of the skull, B. ^ 
^« the artery at the base of the brain. B. Mem'hrane, the 
membrane of the cochlea. B. Proc'es*, the portion of 
feiput in front of the great foramen. B, Su'tttre, that 
by the junction of the basUar process of the occipital 
nd the sphenoid. ^ 

bas-i-latf-rr-al, Basilai' and lateral. H 

bas-i'lem' -ah . Easement membrane, q, v, 
US-ilf*%k. Any important structure or drug. B. Veis, the 
^ yietn of the arm. 

p fMnt^meot. Ceratum resiflBe, made of resin (35) , wax 
pd lard (50). ' 

bas-iV'iS'is. The crushing of the fetal slew 11 in labor, fl 
An instrument for breaking up the fetal skull. ^ 

bas-e-ak-sip* -it-cd. The bone forming the central 
the skull. B. Bona» the basilar process. 

bas-e-O'srs^-trum, The same aa Bo^tiyst^ <l, v. 
The hyoid portion of the hypog\ossMS "ffvvrtcXt. * 
The middle of antctiot maTftm cS. 


Basiotic, has-e-of-ik. Relating to the base of the ear. . 

Ba'siotribe. An instrument for crushing the fetal head. . :- 

Basiof ripsy. The operation of crushing the fetal bead. 

Basirrhinal, bas-ir-i'-nal. Relating to the base of the brain and 
the nose. B. Fis'sure, a cerebral fissure at the base of the ol- 
factory lobe. 
i Basis, baf-sis. Base, q.v. 

I Basisphenoid, bas-e-sfe'-noid. The base of the sphenoid bone. 
f Bas'ophile, Basoph'ilous. Readily stained with basic dyea^ ■■ 

Basi^liilia, bas-o-fiV-e-ah, An abnormal condition of the blood 
in which the erythrocytes develop basophile granules. 

Basophobia, bas-o-f(/-be-dh. Inability to walk or to ttand emct 

Basophobiac, bas-o-f(/-be-ak. One afflicted with basophobia. 

Bass-deafness, b&sf-def-nes. Deafness to certain bass notes. 

Bassora Gum, bas^-or-ah. A mucilaginous gum from Persia. 

Bassorin, bas'-or-in, C12H20O10. A mucilage from tiagacanth. 

Bast. The inner bark of exogenous plants. 

Bastard, fro^-tord. An illegitimate or a spurious child. 

Bastian'8 Law, B.-Bruns's Law. When there exists a oomplete 
transverse lesion of the spinal cord above the lumbar enlaigo- 
ment, the tendon reflexes of the lower extremities are abolished. 

Basyl, baf'Sil. The electropositive constituent of a salt. 

Bateman'8 Disease'. Molluscum contagiostmi. B.'s Droi»i^ the 
tinctura pectoralis, a weak tincture of opium, camphor, and 
catechu; a popular remedy in coughs. 

Bath,&a^. 1. A bathing-place, room, or medium. 2. AninuneT' 
sion. B., Acid, one containing nitric and hydrochloric acids. B^ 
Air, one with free exposure to air and the use of but little watw. 
B., Al'cohol, one in dilute alcohol for fever-patienta. • B., 
Al'kaline, a bath containing potassium or sodium carboaat& 
B., Bog, one containing bog-mud. B., Bran, one containing bailed 
bran. B., Brand, cold bath in the treatment of typhoid fever. 
B., Mercu'rial, one in the vapor of mercury for syphilis. B^ 
Mud, one containing mineral earth, for rheumatism. B.9 
Nau'heim. See Schott's Treatment. B., Pack or Sheet, wrapping 
of the body in wet cloths. B., Rus'sian, a vapor bath. > Bi, 
Sand, immersion in hot sand. B., Sitz, immersion of the 
buttocks and hips. B., Sun, exposure of the naked body to 
the sun's rays. B., Tur'kish, one in which the bather is placed 
successively in rooms of higher temperature, then nibbed, 
and finally stimiilated by a cold douche. 

Bath^miam. The force regulating nutrition and growth. 

Bathmotr(q»ic, bath-mo-troiZ-ik. Pertaining to an agent (nerve* 
impulse) modifying the excitability of the heart musde. 

JBaihjrUmneHc, bath-il-im-nef-ik. Living in deep water. 

MiO^ ^oA^'sAe-a/f, A retort. • 

^topbobiM, dat^a-fi/'be'^. A morbid fear of great height*. ' 

Wif^*^^«*^. A plastic operation for the cure of raiwla. ■ ' 

tTKcti^ 6a^-ras-fn. A poisonous accretion from toad-sksa. 



















tifjfefiected Leyden jara or galvsTrfc ,_„, 
Removal of the ovaries in order to eLiminiittlf 

Placenta with n»rginal msertion of cord 
Same as Lennander's, q. v, 
I'Bter. The external conjugate diameter ot the 

te« Blandin's Gland. B/s Valve, the ileocecal 

blent. The ratio eacisUng between the total 
tjd the ether stjlphoric acids of the urine; it 
Mcr cent. B/s Reac''tion for Dex'troM. To at' 
I of grape-^tsgar add bcnaoyl chiorid and at 
[hydrate, and shake until the odor of bcnxoyi 
ira. A precipitate of benzoic acid ester of 
\ produced which is insoluble In water and 

imanti't Test for Cyt^thk* If a solution of 
I in caustic soda with benzoyl chJotid. a voJu- 
ite of benzoyl cystin will be prciduced. The 
lirs as sUlcy platen, readily soluble in water, 
iible in an excess of cau&tic soda. 
twtff-shii-K*H, A form of acupunctuxie per- 
tng with needles dipped in irritating oil. 
An immovable dressing of plaster of Paiil 
two cIoth«. 

les* Small capillary hemorrhAge;8 found in 
pericardium of infants who, as the result of 
' made premature efforts at breathing ik 

^ berry of tauris nobilts, 2. M^yrica cetifna, 

bid froni bay cum. 

The astringent root of Staiice brasititmu. 
'rogressivc general paralysis of the insane, 
miliary tubercles. 

kward displacement of the leg-bone&4 
myrciffi. q. v, 

ris ftohilis, yielding bay berry. 
le as Mvlluscufn contagiosHm, 
. Psoriasis buccalis. 2. Scrofulous ulcer o! 
tythe'ma, erythema Induratum scrofulosorum* 
kmonly seen in strumous individuals; it attacks 
^ Jmmediatety below, more //»7w<aoii/^' tlurn the 
' occum'ng^ in d/^use tlJ-daSnmi patchy or in 
)if jtt jfi^y/ ^nd gmduaJJy assuming a violet 

Py i>e sup^j^cial c>r de^fp, a quMrter of an 
cw JO d^^^^^ef oj^y ijff slowly 


absorbed, or necrose and slough out, leaving a very liukdiat 

Bdellepithe'cium. A tube for applying leeches. 

BdeUium, deV-e-um. The name for two gum-resins.- B^AftktM, 
from Commiphora africana. B., Ind'ian, from Commipkora 

Bdellometer, del-lomf-et-er. An artificial leech. 

Beaker, be^-ker. A wide-mouthed glass vessel. B.-ctUit floblet- 
cells, q. V. 

Beale's Fi'ber. The fine spiral fiber surrounding the procMS <d 
some of the sympathetic ganglion-cells of the frog. 

Bearberry, b&r'-ber-e. The shrub Arctostaphylos uua ursi; ^ 
leaves are astringent, tonic, and diuretic. 

Beard's Disease'. Nervous exhaustion; neurasthenia. 

Beard-Valleiz's Points. See Valleix's Points Doulounux. 

Bear'ing-down. A feeling of pelvic pressure in certain diaeases. 

Bear's-foot. The plant Polymnia uvedalia; used as a remedy for 

Beat, hit. The pulsation of the blood in the heart and veisds- 
B., A'pez, the stroke •of the heart-apex against the chest- 

Beatty-Bright's Fric'tion Sotmd. The friction sound produced 
by inflammation of the pleura. 

Beau's Disease'. Asystole; cardiac insufficiency. 

Beaumte-Colles's Law. See Colles's Law. 

Beaumte Sign. Retrosternal pain in angina pectoris. 

Beauvais's (Landr^) Disease'. Chronic articular rheumatisin. 

Bebeerin, he-W-rin. C19H21NO3. Active principle of bebeeni 

Bebeeru, he-he^-ru. The bark of Nectandra roduei. 

Becca'ria's Sign. Painful pulsating sensations in the occipital 
region during pregnancy. 

Bechic, bek'-ik. 1. A cough-medicine. 2. Curing cough. 

Bechterew's Ac'cessory Lemnis'cus. Same as B.'s Tract, B.'i 
Disease', ankylosis of the vertebral column , associated, as a 
rule, with muscular atrophy and sensory symptoms. B.'i 
La/er, the layer of fibers between, and parallel to, the.taagea- 
tial fibers and Baillarger's layer in the cerebral cortex. B.'i 
Nu'cleus, the nucleus of the vestibular portion of the auditoiy 
nerve. B.'s Reac'tion, the minimum strength of the electiic 
current necessary to provoke muscular contraction reqairet a 
gradual diminution at every interruption of the current or 
change in density, to prevent tetanic contraction whkh wiU 
occur if the initial strength is maintained. It is obierved is 
tetany. B.'s Sign, anesthesia of the popliteal space in tabes 
dorsBlis. B,'§ Tract, the central tract of the tegmentum that 

passes between the mesial side of the superior oUwry V»A9 
"•K^* Qpera'tion. To cure epilepsy due to adhesion! tewXtaai 

fxDxn f n 


lin^s 8 


and CO 

teria i 
a sore 


Beef. b^J 
lean n 





has tx 
the ef 
ing n 




the s 




FRtions on the skull. The dkull defect {§ 
^1 fascia and muscle, 

Picrotoi'iji. The alkaloid reduces Feh- 
■he application of gentle hcuu B^a Siga» 
pi of the retinal arteries in ejtophthaimic 

Imia occumog through the eapb^nQui 
M A vascular^ bony nucleus, of lcntic^4ar 
|he cartilage of the lower epiphysis of the 

S^-sevcnth week of fetal life. 
^ containing quinin, extract of digitalis, 
^they are used in gout. 
upport for the body. B.-bug* the insect* 
»t infests beds. B.-case, a form of hys- 
ktient persistently lies in bod. B.-paa* a 
she excreta from bed-patients. B.-MrOf 
|pres5ure on the bed. 
Alt, roundish, ulcerative patches in sym- 
tides of the posterior portion of the hard 

[cattle. B.-ez' tract, the soluble fibijtt of 
iccated, B.-teA'» the soluble extracttv* 

I C*ra. ' 
Exophthalmic goiter. 2. Localised 

A genua of Schia&myctits. 
Aphonia* an early symptom 

I and blood -serum of an individual wbj 
ndered immune against a certain infec- 
transferred into another indi^ndual with 
: the other also immune. B/» Se'rum^ 
^antitoxin, B.'s Ttt^lase* an immunii- 
borrhexis nodosa. 

eructation of wind from the stomacVi 
t^ott's Awurysm, B.'fl Dbea6e\ 1. Set 
il Bell's Paralysis, B.'s Law, the anterior 
motor; the posterior^ sensory. B/B 
n: acute periencephalitis. B/s MusYle* 
dge on the inner surface of the bladder, 
A the ureteral openings and ending in the 
Iv&l'yslB, peripheral paralysis of the facial 
aoa, upward and outtrard raJIiag of the 
pi ti> tr/oit^ the ey'tr of the atTcct^d side 
^ysis. S.'s Hespi^rmtofy Nerve^ tht- Inx^ 
; caavtiiAivieJkcmJ tic 


BelUdonna, bel-ah-donf-ah. Atropa belladonna, a poisoaoua 
plant; used as an anodjrne, an antispasmodic, and a cycloplegic- 

Belladon'nin. An alkaloid, C17H2SNO4, from belladonna. 

Bell-Bemhardt's Phenom'enon. See Bell's Phenomenon, 

Bellini's Duct. One of the excretory ducts of the kidney. B/s 
Lig'ament, a ligmentous band extending from the capsule of 
the hip-joint to the greater trochanter of the femur. B.*8 
I Tubes* the straight uriniferous tubules. 

' Bell-Magendie's Law. See Bell's Law. 

Bellocq's Can'nula. An instrument used in plugging the nares. 

Bellows Soimd, beV-dz. The bruit de Soufflet, q. v. 

Belly, fre/'-e. The abdomen. B.of a Mus'cle, fleshy part of a muscle. 

Belooeplu/bia. A morbid dread of pins and needles. 

Belt, belt A girdle for the waist; a zone; band. B., Abdomi- 
nal, an elastic support used in pregnancy and after operations. 

Bence-Jones's Bod'ies. Peculiar bodies, consisting of albumose, 
^'ound in urine in certain bone-marrow affections, especially 
neoplasms. B.-J.'s Cyrinders, long, cylindric formations de- 
rived from seminiferous tubules, sometimes seen in urine. 

Ben'edikt's Syn'drome. Paralysis of the motor oculi on one 
side, and tremor of the arm of the opposite side. 

Benfl^^ beng. A name for Cannabis indica, q. v. 

Bengal Quince, beW-gawl kwinz'^ Bael, q. v. 

Benign, Benignant, be-nin\ be-nig'-nant. Not malignant; mild. 
B. Tu'mor, one that has no tendency to recur after removal. 

Bennett's Cor'puscles. Large epithelial cells, filled with fatty 
detritus, found in the contents of some ovarian cysts. A 
smaller variety of Bennett's corpuscles is also known as Drys- 
dale's corpuscles. B.'s Frac'ture, a longitudinal fracture of the 
first metacarpal bone, extending into the carpometacarpal 
joint and complicated by subluxation. 

Bent-back. Affects soldiers; due to a blow in the back. The 
pain is relieved by bending forward. The posture remains 
after pain disappears. Treatment by psychotherapy. 

Benzacetin, ben-za?-et-in. Acetamido-methyl-salicylic acid; it is 
used in neuralgia. 

Benzal'dehyd. CtHbO. A liquid from oil of bitter almonds. 

Benzanal'gen. C18H16N2O2. A derivative of quinolin. 

Benzan'Uid. C6H.s.NH(C7HoO). A crystalline febrifuge. 

Benzene, 2>en'-2^M. CeHe. A liquid hydrocarbon from coal-tar, 

Ben'zidin. NH2.C6H4.C6H4.NH2. A colorless crystalline sub- 
stance, used in blood-tests. 

Benzim'id. C23Hi8N20-.'. A substance from oil of bitter almonds. 

Ben'zin, Benzin'um. A purified distillate from American petro- 
leum; a solvent for fats, resins, etc. It is not benzene, 
SgazoM/t^ deM''Si?-dt. A salt of benzoic acid. 
Beazottted, def/'oo^-ted. Impregnated with benzoic acid. 
^aazota, Aeft'-go-tff, An antiseptic resin from Styrax benzoin. 
^^o^oiw^ 6eH'g0^'in'Ol. An oily liquid used as an cxcipfent. 







of c 

































8ame M BmiMif . 

CioH70(C:H<0), An iTitcnial airtfeepttc agent. 
An antiseptic and sermicida! compound, 
iiiO». A colorless ant itubrrcul otic powder 

CtHsO. The radicle of benzoic acid, oil of 
etc. B.-ec'coniii* C»«Hi»NO<, a by-produut 
•u'geool,Ci7Ht»0 3. crystalline substance used %n 
I B*"tuai'acoL Same ae Bemosol, B.-phearUl 
ii^NiO, an antiseptic. B.-pseudotrc/pQia* ii local 
coca, B.-4al'iclD. Sec Populin, B.-tro'- 
bHiCONO.a powerful local anesthetic. 
psm. A varicose aneuryj»m having its sac in the 
ktely surrounding the vein. 

|ent« The suspenaory ligament of ttie pericar- 
btachcd to the third and fourth dorsal vorKbres. 
bid of niucou£ membrane found occasionally id 
, which it separates from the nasal duct. 
4n. CsrtHnNOi. An alkaloid of barberry. 
A genua of shrubs, B. Tutca'iis, barberr>' ; 
nt and antiscorbutic, 
or» bff' -gam-ot. Bee Bergapttne. B., Oil of, a 
rind of Citrus bergamia; histologic clearing 

[iO<. An oily substance from bergamot~oU. 
3>+ H«0. A nerve tonic from saxifrage. 

Paresthesia in youthful subjects, of one of 
Etremities, without objective symptomg. accom- 
fckness. B/s Sign, an elliptic or irregular shape 

rstimes seen in the early stage of tabes and par 
and in pat&lyais of the thit^ crankl nerva. 


tricle. B.'s Gnm'ular La/er, the deep layer of cells lining th« 

acini of the pancreas. 
Bemhardt's Paresthe'sia. Abnormal sensations., especially, d 

numbness, with hypesthesia and pain on exertion, in tho xeg^na 

supplied by the external cutaneous nervo of the thigh. 
Bernhardt-Roth's Symp'tom-com'plez. See Bernhordl's Pansr- 
^ Ihesia. 

Bernheimer'B Fi'bers. A tract of nerve-fibers extending fxom the 

optic tract to Luys' body. 
Btrthdof 8 Test for Phenor. An anmioniacal solution of phenol 

treated with sodium hypochlorite produces a beautiful blue 

. BerthoUet's Law. When two salts in solution can, by double 
/ decomposition, produce a salt less soluble than either, this 

salt will be produced. 
BertUlonage, bar-te^yo-nazW . A French system of recording the 

anatomic peculiarities and measurements of criminals. 
Bertin's Bones. The sphenoid spongy (turbinal) bones. B/t 

OoKumnSt the fibrovascular septa which lie between the Mat- 

pighian pyramids of the kidney. B.'s LIg'ammit, the 

HioCemoral ligament. 
BexyUitun, her-iV-e-um. A bivalent metal. 
Betnier's Rheu'matism. Simple chronic articular rheumatism; 

chronic arthrosynovitis. 
Beitiality, bes-che-aV-ii-e. Unnatural connection with a bjeaat. 
Beitttcheff's Mix'ture or Tinc'ture. The ethereal tincture of 

chlorid of iron; it is used in erysipelas. 
Bettendorf 8 Test for Ar'senic. On heating a solution of stannous 

chlorid in concentrated hydrochloric acid, specific gravity 1 .19, 

with a solution of arsenic or arsenous acids in strong hydro- 
chloric acid, a brownish turbidity or precipitate of xnetallio 

arsenic and tin is yielded. 
Beta, W-tah. A genus of plants, including the beet. 
Betain, be'-ta-in. A ptomain, CsHnNOa, obtained from certain 

animal and vegetable substances, including the beet. 
Betanaphthol, ba-tah-naf'-thol. See Naphthol. 
Betaozylmtu'ria. Presence of betaoxybutyric acid in the uzhiie. 
httAfh^'tel. A tonic and stimulant masticatory made from a 

few grains of areca-nut rolled in a betel-leaf. B.-leaf, the leaf 

dl Piper betel. B.-nut. See -4r^ca. 
Betin, be^-tin. A precipitate from tincture of beet; a substitute 

for ergot. 
Be'toL CitHisOj. Naphthalol, q. v. Salicylic ether of naph- 

Betukt bef-u-lah. The birch-tree. 
BHuita, d0f^'U-Uu. CstHioOt. A substance from white birch- 
jBfirV Of^mat'ceUs, or Gi'Aat Pyr'unids, Large gangtion-ctUa 
nfoMf ia the deeper Uyen of the cortex. especiaUy Ui the 




odins frontal convolution and the pameantml lobule. 
They are usually armnged in small groups of from tki«e t* 
five that are known as Detz's nests. 

«Tui*i Incis'ion. To expose the gall-bladder. A vertical inei- 
sion along the outer border of the right rectws muscle. 

ezoar, b^-saar. An intestinal concretion of herbivora, 

ieuld'B MaBtoidi'Hs. Destniction of the apex of the xziajtoid 
process with a tendency to the formation of an abscess in the 
neck. B.*8 Symp'tomt the appearance of an tndammatory 
Bwelling a short distance below the apex of the mastoid process 
is evidence of mastoid suppuration. See B/s Mastoiditis, 
B.*! (von) Gang'lioii* a ganglion in the interauricnlar septum 
of the frog's heart. 

IliaaC* bang. A name of Cannabis indura, q. v. 

\%-, hi, A prefix signifying "twice" or ''two/' 

litl'i Teit for Pea4oM. Reagent: To 600 c.c. of 30 per cent. 
HCl add 1 gram of orctn and 26 drops of 10 per cent, ferric 
cblorid solution. Four to 5 c.c. of this reagent are heated to the 
botlinff point and withdmwn from the flame. Add the sus- 
pected itrine drop by drop, up to 1 c.c. or less; a green color 
win appear if pentose be present. If dextrose be present in 
the urine it should first be removed by fermentation with a 
pure culture of yeast. 

Ilaxia], bi-ak^-e-al. Ha^nug two axes. 

tCbisic, hi-ha*'sik. Having two hydrogen atoms Teplaceable by 
bases, as certain acids. 

lilwriap bO^-er-in, Same as B4b0etrin. 

liberate, hi'-hc-rat. The same as F*y'rohomt€. 

fll>ulous. bib^'U-lMs. Having the quality of absorbing water, 
B. Pamper, blotting-paper. 

licapitate, hi-kap'-it-dt. Having two heads. 

^ptular, bi-kap^'Su-lar. Having two capsule;i. 

SeubonAte, bi-kar'-bon-at. A compound of two equivalents of 

ctlbonic acid and one of a base. 

iGmdAte, hi-katt/-ddt. Having two tails. 

iceUttlar, bi-seV-u-tar. Composed of two cells. 

icepliAlic, Bicephalous, bi-stf-^V-ik, bi-sef^-al-us, Ha\nng two 
heads, as a fetal monster. 

Iceptuduf* bi-s^f'-al-iis. A monster with two heads. 

ieq»s» bi*-sep$. Two-headed ; applied to muscles. B. bra'cbiS* 

B* fsm'orls. See MtiscUs, Tabk of. 

tdutfs Cajxar. A <^nal which was supposed by Bicliat to exist 
between the subarachnoid space and the third ventricle. B.'ft 
Plt^ball, the buccal fat-pad; a mass of fat lying in the space 
between the buccinator and the anterior border of the massetor ; 
it i« especially well developed in infants. B.*» Fto'wit* tV*e 

ttmaMverse curved fissure which passes below tbe egAexiVaTti. "\X* 

Eitim corrcapondins to the beginnitig of \.V« 'S^ 
It n&ordB passage to the pia tnaXet, ^\i\c\v l^ja:™* 
ft i 



within the hemispheres the tela choroidea and choroid i^exus. 
B.*8 Mem1>nuie. See Henle's Fenestrated Membrane. 

Bichlo'rid. A chlorid with twice as much chlorin as a proto- 

Bicipital, bi-sip'-it-al. Pertaining to the biceps muscle. 

Biconcavef hi-kot^-kav. Hollow on both surfaces. 
k Biconvex, bi-kot^-veks. Rounded on both surfaces. 
I Bicomute, bi-kor^-nut. Having two horns. 
r Bicuspid, bi-kus'-pid. Having two cusps, points, or fangs, as 

Bidder's Gang'lions. An accumulation of ganglion cells in the 
interauricular septum and the auriculoventricular groove of 
the frog's heart. 

Bidermoma, bi-der-nuZ-mah. An embryoma in which two layers 
of the blastoderm are represented. 

Bidet, be-da^. A washing apparatus for the genitals. 

Bidigital, bi-dij'-it-al. With two fingers. 

Bieg'8 Entot'ic Test. When words are audible only on being 
six>ken into an ear-trumpet connected with a catheter i^aced 
in the Eustachian tube, but not through the ear-trumpet as 
ordinarily applied, there is a probable lesion of the malleus 
or incus, which interferes with conduction. 

Bielectrol'ysis. The electrolysis of two substances at once. 

Biennial, bi-en'-^-al. Occurring every two years. 

Bier's Hypere'mia. A method of treatment by artificial ptoduo- 
tion of passive congestion in the part diseased. B.'s Lo'col 
Anesthe'sia, anesthesia in a limb produced by intravenous 
injections of half per cent, cocain after the part has been 
rendered bloodless by elevation and constriction. 

Biermer's Ane'mia. See Addison's Anemia. B.'s Chance of 
Pitch, in hydropneumothorax the tympanitic sound is lower 
in pitch when the i>atient is sitting than when he is lyiiog down. 

Biemacki's Symp'tom. Analgesia of the ulnar nerve at the 
elbow; it is observed in tabes dorsalis and paretic dementia. 

Biesiadecki's Fos'sa. Fossa iliaco-subfascialis. A peritoneal 
recess which is bounded in front by a more or less well-defined 
fold, the inner surface of which looks upward over the psoas 
toward the root of the mesentery, the outer extending toward 
the crest of the ilium. 

Bietf s Collar. A zone of lenticulo-papular syphilid on the neck. 

Bifid, bV-fid. Cleft; divided in two; forked. B. Spine» spina 
bifida. B. Tongue, one cleft longitudinally. 

Bifocal, bi-f</-kal. With a double focus, as a lens. 

Biforate, bi-fo^-rai. Having two apertures or pores. 

Bifurcate, bi-fer*-k6t. Divided into two branches, 
Bifarcatioa, di-ySfr-JIxj^-shun. A dividing into two branches, . 
Bigaster, Ift-^ay-fer. Having two bellies, as a muscle. 
94g»/ow'g Zigs^ment, Y-ligament of the hip-joint. Sec 
-ff^r^tH's Ltgament. B/§ Sep'tum, the calcar feinotate. » 











BOe, Mi 












B. Ac^ 


B. » 











Bilin> Di 



ur of oorapftct Msstte \n 

ont of the lewer tiwchantcr. 

Tho corpora quadngemmH, q. v. 

I the corpora bigemina. 

InstTuineat for extracting vesical 

til. TVo-sided; pertaining to two sides', 
B. Sfm'mttTft the aytrtmetin,' of ritfht iinfl 

l^teml Ryrmnetry. 

bitter liquid secreted by the liver. B. 

tied in the liver; glycocholic and tauroi-hoIiL- . 

^tchset, Mylius, PetUnkofer, Strasshttrg, v. 

['menls, the coloring-niatters of the hiU- 

[Capranica^ Cutiissct, Dragendorff, Dumoni 

GlHtinskt, Gmetin, Hnpperl, JoUes, Afar^- 

osmhach, Smitk, Siokvis, Tnt>usseau, Vits^ 

See Schistos^mnm, 

' Pertaining to the bilei convejiring the bile, 
prmed in the liver; the glycocholic and taaro- 
pCol'ic, colic from the passage of galI-«tones. 
Hanoi's Distast, B. Dycts. the duets 
prith the liver. 

Un. BUe-secretion ; the excretion of bile. 
pi4n. Blue pigment obtained from bilimbin, 
i-a'-£^«iK. The formation of bile. 
%d»f A yeUofT substance produced, byj^c 

tnl'ecttoo by the 


BilabnUf , hi-loi/'U-iar. Having two lobuiet. 
@Llociilu-| bi'tokf'vlar. Having two cells, or coffifNiiixaeata. 
Blmjinout, bi-tna' -nta. Having two hands. 
BimaooAl, bi'tttnn' -u aL Two-handed ; ambidcjttrotis. 
Blmai^told. Rdating to the two mastoid eminences. 
^■Atnuyi bi'-nct-re. Compounded of two elements. 
^BttDaural» binaii/'-raL Having or pertaining to two ears. 
^^Btnd«r, bind'er. A band worn around the abdomen after labor. 
^^Bladweb, bind' ■fvcb. The same as Neuroglia, 
j^blnift Tc«t. Let a vibrating tuning-fork bo held on the 

until It has ceased to be audible; then close cither car» and tht 

fork will be heard again for a certain period. If this perio4 

1^ of secondary perception be shortened « there exists a lesion cf 

|V the sound conducting apparatus; if normal and yet de&fnca 

" be present^ the perceptive apparatus is involved. 

Binootiltr, bin ol/-u kir. Pertaining to or adapted to both eyeli 

B. Vli'lon, normal vision with both eyes. 
Blnoculus, bin-ok^-H-hi^, An Xfhaped bandage for both eyes. 
Blnotkr hin-ot' ik. The same as BttujuraL 
Blnu'cltAf, Binu'cleated, Having two nuclei, 
Elochemlftry, bi-okent'-is-trg. The chemistry of living tissuei. 
Blodynamlcst bi odi-Mam'iks. The science of the vital forces, i 
Biogen, bi'-oftn. The same as Bioplasm. 
Blogsaetlt, bi-o-jen^-rs-is. The genesis of living beings ffofll 

liviti<j< beings. The reverse of Abiogen^siSt q, v. 
ltlo>s«inetkt bi-o-itn fi'-ik. Relating to biogenesis. 
BlOklflftifii, bi-okin^fiks. The science treating of the movf 

msntN of living organistms. 
Blologtit, bi oV*o-iisU One versed in biology. 
Blalocy* bi ot*-o i§. The science of life and living things. 
fHolyilip bi-Q^'%s-is, The destruction of life; death. 
Qlolytlc, bi oW'ik. Tending to destroy life. 
Blumeter, ^it^rw' #1 #r. An instmrnent for measuring life-i 
II to met ry, bit om*-tt-rtf. The measurement of life. 
Blondi^i Ftu'W, A mixture of orange-green, methyl-green, 

ttcid fuijhsiii; it bi used as a histologic stain, 
monom'ks. fiionomy, bi <tn*-o-nnt. The science of the laws of lifl 
BLo[»h'«Bltm. The capacity of al>»orbing living matter. 
Riuphsgoui, W-tf/'-ai-ia. Feeding on living organisms; a tei 

spplifMl to insscttvoroua plants. 
BlophyilolQffyi bi o fit t-of-o-it^ That branch of biology incli 

ing organogeny, morphology, and general physiology. 
Bbpliism. W'Oplaum, Any living matter; protoplasm. 
BlopUstt bi* if plasi. A mass or cell of bioplasm; a ptastidule. 
Biopsy. Th* rBuioval of a piece of tissue from the living 
tor dlMgno9%ic purposes. 
motam* Relmtim to bo\,\\ ox\^\\A. B. Kii'i^«. S««tAnct<. 
JW0P^(M(pr. Examination of tlus body lo aacwtaVu U VAa 


p* bi'Q-stat'-iks^ Physics and inechanics of living bodies, 

liipira'tioDl Meningitic respiration; rapid, short breath- 

nerrupted by pauses lasting from several seconds to half 

j^te, sometimes observed in healthy subjects dunnjgr sleep; 

Irequently in meninfiitis. in which it is an unfavorable 

b^tic sign. 

[ Biotaxy, hi-c-tak^-is, bi'-o-taks-e. 1. The selectivoi 

''of living matter. 2. The systematic arrangement 


tor'-tJt, Pertaining to life; vitaL 

I The science of vital functions and Tnanifestations, 

I bi'Ot* -(h tne. Vi V isect io n . 

|ioid. A gelatin capsule with two comparlments. 

^c» bi-paT-O'sil'-ik. Parasitic upon a parasite. 

II, hi-par-i'-ei'dL Relating to bath parietal bones. B. 

it«r, the distance from one parietal eminence of the cia-^ 

yo the other. 

t> h%p*-ar-us. Bringing forth two at a birth. 

^ bi'par*-t:i. Consisting of two portrons. 

f-ped. Having two feet, 

Kl«, hiper^-fo-rai, With two perforations. 

%i'pc^'lar. Having two poles. B. If erve' -cells, ners'e- 

dth two prolongations of gray matter, 

Ite, MorrisoD^s, Hunter's formula: bismuth subnitrate 

iodoform t6 oi; liquid paraffin 8 oz^ or q> s. Used 

ting wounds, 
y, bi-pu-he-of-chme. The same as Jschiopubiotomy. 
liny tree of the genus Betula, The oil (birch tar) csf J?* 
lid the volatile oil of B, hnta are used in pharmacy. 
Ir^mala* The last two figures of the sp«?ci1ic gravity of 
hne roughly indicate the number of j^rains of solids to the 
of urine. B.'s Sign, a welUdefintd zont* r.f dulncss with 
be of the respiratory sound in hydatid cyst of the lung, 
bit CeUi. Cells of certain forms of t'pithelial cancer. 
live, BireMn'gent. Doubly refractive, 
I bi-rin'-e-ah. Congenital double nose. 
' Ber'nla. Intraperitoneal inguinal hernia; hernia into 
jlpnal process of the peritoneum 

^h. The delivery of a child; parturition. B.-mai'k. 
^us. B. Pal'sy, paralysis pn>duced during birth, 
^''lal. Relating to the two acnoniia, 
^vt'toiu See FuTUHCulns orienlalxs, 
$sK Endemic dysentery in India. 
L husek' -shun. The act of cutting in two, 
F bi-stks'-u-ai. Being of both sexes; hermaphrodftlte. 
k bis'f€^-r0-^its. Having two beats. 
m-tf-e-ok. Renting to the two Uaec crests, 
ISe^ BMieltlafic. Relating t o both lacYiui . 
p or Bat* ton. See Fu runctd »a orwntolis . 

Bismuth methylene digaWate; ^atrkTvattt^ 




Bte'mtttan. A compound of bismuth, resorcin, and tannic acid; 

used in diarrhea of children. 
Bismuth, biz'-muth, A pinkish-white crystalline metal. 
Bismuthol, biz-mu^-thol. An antiseptic and astringent conqpound 

of bismuth and sodium phosphosalicylate. 
Bismutho'sis. The absorption of bismuth into the sjrstem. 
^Bittephanic, bi-stef-atif-ik. Relating to the two stephanions. 
iMBittort, bisf'tort. The herb Polygonum bistorta; the rhizome is 
' astringent. 

Bistoury, bis'-to-re. A small knife used in surgery. 
Bisulphate, bi-std'-fdt. A sulphate containing twice as much 
sulphuric acid as the normal sulphate. 

(Bitemp'oral. Belonging to the two temples. 
Bif noben. An East Indian remedy composed of salt, myro- 
balan, and iron. 

Bitot's ^K>ts. Xerosis conjunctivae. Silver gray, shiny, trian- 
gular spots on both sides of the cornea, within the region of 
the palpebral aperture, consisting of dried epithelitim, flaky 
masses, and microorganisms. Observed in some cases of 

Bitrochanter'ic. Belonging to the two trochanters. 

BittexB, biferz, A term for a medicine with a bitter taste. B^ 
Aroma' tic, medicines uniting the properties of aromatics and 
simple bitters. B., Sim'ple, medicines that merely stimulate 
the gastrointestinal tract. B., Styp'tic, bitters with styptic 
and astringent qualities. 

Bittersweet, bif-er-swit. See Dulcamara. 

Bitumen, bU-i^-men. Mineral pitch; asphalt. 

Biuret, bV-u-ret, C2H5N3O2. A substance obtained from urea. 
B. Reac'tion, a test for proteids, made by adding a few 
droi)S of Fehling's solution with a resiilting violet color. 
See Piotrowski's Reaction. B. Reac'tion for Ure'a, melt 
urea completely in a dry test-tube; continue the heat for 
some time. When cold, dissolve in water, add abu n dant; 
caustic soda and a dilute solution of copper sulphate drop 
by drop. The solution becomes first pink, then reddish-^ 
violet, and finally bluish- violet, according to the amount oi^ 
copper stdphate added. 

Bivalent, bW-aUent. Having a valence of two. 

Bi'valve. Having two valves. 

Biventer, bi-vetf^-ter. A muscle with two bellies. B, ceryi'cii. 
See Muscles, Table of. 

Bivential, bi-ven'-tral. Having two bellies, as a muscle. 

Bizzozero's Blood-plate'lets. Small, round, or elliptic, nonnu- 

. deated bodies found in the blood of mammals, including man« 
B. 'g Cor^ptucles, See Neumann's Corpuscles. B.'s Cryt'tals. 

See C^rca^'s Crystals. 
^c^Afe*. /. An absence of light. 2. A pigment reflectitig tio 
/IwAit A AJ^der. See PHnos, B. Ash, the tree FroxmtW 

^rk IS & mild tosi^^^^^B^iit. B, 

Can'cer. Sec AfeHnthmy. B. C&hotliL 
I>eaU)< See Piagitg. B, Dfftft, the coni« 
Dna. B. Drop, the vinegar of opium. B. 
er of Africa, B.-h«a(L See Comtdo. B. 
orphoufl graphite. B. Meft'slet^ a inalijg* 
B« Tongue. See Glossopkytia. B. 
; of black matter, as in yelJow fc\^r. B. 
t«alomcl in lime-water. 
See Rubus. 
A malienant malarial fever with hematurift. 
iaC'like receptacle for the urine. B<» 
py to urinate from lack of muscular power. 

rtitis, q. V, B,t Ex'Btropby of. abtsenoe of its 
deficiency of tlie corresponding part of the 
Irritable, a state marked by constant d^-sire 
lleck of» the constricted ixfttion continuoua 
^ B., rfer'vouSr a iitate marked by conntant 
W'with inability to perfoTm It completely.* Bi# 
fcith pouches formed betwetm the hypertro- 
pcrs. B,, Staia'iiieriiig, a spasmodic action of 
png irregular urination. B.-wQnii« the larva 
pccus. B' -wrack. See Fitcus wskuhsis. 
Iter or pustule. 

Congenital asymmetry of the ears. 
ills containing iodid of iron. 
|| nonirritating. 

Er The sublingual ganglion^ a small gaQgt^ 
lying between the lin^rual nerve and the sub* 
l.*s Gland, a muci^iarous gland situated near 
tngue in the median line and opening by 
L the lower surface of the tongue. 
Bd. See Elandin's Gland, 
itict* See Stenscn'ji Duct. 
mil. A synonym of protoplasm., q. v. 
I The Emiall, clear space in the fecundated 
por of the nucleus. 

^kar^'de-ah. The genninal spot of the ovunt 
poma, blas^-to-sit, blas-ti>-se'W-ma}i, Thf^ 

ykil. The fluid of the blastosphere. 
fi'tiax. The getminal vesicle. 
yd«nn* Germinal membrane of an ovum, 
ule. The hollow sphere formed by the pro 
BHpregnated ovum. 
Bpilar jfjrtfftJi due ta » jBitjxxsfgamsnj^ 
mO^ Oa€! oftiw seguieiits ofiha ovmn a/ltof 

m etf Imcfdi'ii^ fungi^ 

BtAStoiUTceteif bhsto-mi-s^'iiji. Saccharomyceta; or btiddbs 

Btutomycedc or Blftstomycotic, hlas*to-mi-s^*iik, bhs-tihmM* 

ik. Pertaimug to budding fungi. B. Derma ti'tia, anbifliiB' 

matory disease of the akm produced by a specific buddlm 

Bkstomyco'ftii. The state of harboring btaatomyceteflw 
Blaitopliore, hla^-to-for. The portion of the sperm-eell not 

forming a spermatozoon^ 
BlaitophyFlum, One of the primary layers of the blastodem 
Blftttoporet blas^-to-pc^r. The orifice of th« bl&stuJa. 
Blai'toaphere. A hollow sphere containing the blastomereii. 
BUstola, bUif'tii-Uih. The two-loyerfHl embryo. 
Blaatislation, hlastuW-shufi. The formation of the bloAtuk; 
Blaf ta (Periplanera) orknta'liB. The cockroach; a remedy {or 

dropsy in Russia. 
Blaud'a PiU« A pill containing: sulphate of iron and carbonate <?( 

potash; it is used in anemia, Rtncnorrhea, etc. 
Bleach' log Pow'der* A disinfectant mixture; chlorinated limr, 
Bleai- Eye,i bUri. An eye affected with ulcctiated blepharitis. 
Bleb, blth. See Bulla. 
Bleeder, bl^'dtr, \, One who is suffering fitmt hetnophilia, 9 ti. 

2. One who lets blood. 
Bleed'er^a Diftease'* Sec Hemophilia. 
BletmadeaitiB, bkn'Qd'€H-i*-iis. * Inflummation of mucous foUl* 

Bleanelytria, bUn-el-U* -re-ait. Vaginal catarrh; leukorrh^. 
Blennenteriat hkn-en't^-re-ah. A mucous flow from the boweJi, 
Bleamathmia bkn-isth' -tne-ah. Pharyngeal catarrh. 
Bleonogen'ict Bleunog'eapus. Secreting mucous. 
Blecmontetritis, hktJt-o-m^t'tri*'iis. See Endometritis. 
filennophtharmla* Catarrhal infkmmation of the conjunctlvB* 
Bleaooptysl«, hlen-op^-tis-i^. Mucous expectoration. 
Blennorrhft'Bia, 1. Gonorrhea.. 2. Copious vaginal dischani« 
Blennorrhea, hlen-or-^-ah. The same as Blennorthagia. 
Blennorrheal, blett-or-t^-aL Gonorrheal, 
BleanosiSp bUtt*t/-sis. A disease of a mucous membrane. 
Blenaothorax, blen-o-iiio/'aks. Pulmonary catarrh. 
Blennoria, blen-m' -T«-ah, The presence of mucus in the urine. 
BlffpharadenltiB, bUf-at-ad-eH'^^-tis. InfLaramatton ai the Meibb 

mian glands. 
Blepharalf bUf^-ar-cd, Relating to the eyelids. 
Blepharism, bUf'^^tr'irtn, Spaem of the eyelid. 
Blephflrttll, ' ' * ^ Inflammation of the edges of the ty^ 

*• w aarglna'Ito, blepharitis affecting the cil tar 

. .Jsi. B. •quamo^Mf one attended by seal 
y«a, that attetnded ^X\i. u\<s:«TOX\o(a. 

• same as BUf>lMJrad«nit«, 

tenonut of t\i<i TTvaTB;\t\« r* X\vfc «y<S^N^ 


in of 


Blepluiro«tbero''iiui. An aiheromatous tumor of tbi? eydid. 

BlephftTOchaLssiB, hlef-nr-o-kai a'-sts, R taxation of the sldn of 
the eyelids. 

Un^terocliroi&idro'sis. Pigmetitation of the eyelid. 

Blaptkarcmccy'fiiB. The formation of a blcpharoncus, 

BltpharoQctis, Ukfarong'-kus, A tumor or swelling of the eyeKd.J 

Ekepharophlma'ab. Abnormal smallncsa of the palpeb 

fibpliftropluTpUsty, hUff-ar-off-rt-plas-i^, Plastic surgery of 1 
cydtwow and lid. 

BlipliaiQplast* bkf'arHhplast. Tlie centroaonie in trypanuaoma. 

BtopfafttTOplaity. A plastic operation on the eyelid. 

Bkpluiropleciaf bUf-ar^-ple^-je-ah. See Ptosis. 

fikpliaroptosis, blefar-O'tt/sis. See Ptosis, 

BkpharopyorrWa. A purulent discharRe from the eyelids. 

Blepharorrhaphyp blef-ar-or^-a-fe. Suturing of the lids, 

Bicipb'aroftpasm. Spasm of the orbicularis palfiebrarum muscle, 

Bleph'orostat* Instrument for separating lids during opera tionit. 
leno'tis. Narrowing of the interpalpcbral opening, 
lyne^'chia. Growing together of the eyelids. 
tomj, bUf-ar-of-o-me. An incision into the eyelid. 

BlMTMd This' tie. See Carhenia^ 

Bletiic's Groove. The slight groove in the embryonic eye that 
markfi off the fundus of the optic cup from the zone that aur- 
lounds the periphery of the lens and corresponds in position 
with the future ora serrata. 

Blind, blind'. Without sight. B, Spot, the point of entrance of 
the optic nerve on the retina. 

BUndness. MtMcf'-rurj. An absence of vision. 6., Blue. Stie BIum. 
B., CoVott deficiency of color perception. B., Cor'tical, due to 
lesion of the cortical center ai \i5i0n. B., Day, partial blinds 
oess by day with better vision at night. B.* Men'tal or Mimd.^l 
Saroe aa B,^ Psychic. B^ Kightt normal vision by day, but] 
subnarmal at night. B,,, Ob'jject, apmxia. B., Psy'chic- 1 
tight without recognition, from brain lesion. B., Redp tnabilityj 
lo diatineuish red, B., Snow, conjunctivitis from the glan 
of the sunlight upon the snow. B., Soul. Same as B., Psychic. 
Bt, Word, inability to understand written or printed words. 

BUnldflft blinks -ing. An involuntary winking. 

Blii'ter. 1. A vesicle containing serum. 2. An agent piroduc- 
tng a bleb. B., Fly, See Fly. B., Fly'iog. See Flying. 

BUtltrlnc &ff^f'-er-i>if . Producing a blister. B, C«^r«t«* can- 
Ihftfldal cerate. B. CoUcydion, cantharidal collodion. B. 
Fa'p«ff« paper saturated with cantharides. ■ 

BUMk. A stoppage. B.. Heart-. See Hmrt. ■ 

Blocq't Disease^* See Briqmt's Ataxia. " 

BkKMt /*/m/. The ttutiitive Ruid ciTUulating in tVkC aiXtrtes ^t\^ 
B.'^^t, act abnormal anicroficoptc body "m litVae , cata- 
oi coaguJAUd blood. B.^eU, a b\ood-cotpu«t\e. 'ft-- 




clot, a coagixlum, B.~cor'puacle», the cellular elements of t 
blood; blood-cells. B."Cra'ftls, the mixture of the constituenl 
of the blood. B.-crys'tais^ crystals of hematoidin, q. u. B. 
disc, a blood-platetet. B«-Js^andi, erroups of corpuscles 
oped in the first days of embryonic life, in the mesoblsj 
B.-lefting, the abstraction of blood by opening a vein, fi. 
pia<|ues. Same as B^-plateleU. B.-ploB'ma, the fluid porti< 
of the blood. B.-plateletB, B. -plates, pale discs found in normal 
blood. B.-pO]^soalog, absorption of toxins into the bl* 
See Septicemia. B.-pre6''sure, the force exerted by the bl< 
upon the vessel- walls. B,-root. See Sangninaria. B,-9hoif 
red OCRS due to turgescence of blood-vessels; ccchymosed. 
^^.g,, the eye. B.-strokCi, apoplexy, B.-tube. See B. -vessel 
B.-tu'mori a hematoma; aJso an aneurysm, B.-ves'sel, all 
artery or a vein. For tests, see Adlcr^ Atntinp Bretntrf 
JIayetn, Hoppe-Seyler, Koberi, Ladcndcrff, Pacini, Rttbmf^ 
Salkowski, Strutv, Van Deen, Wfrtult v» Zaleski, 

Bloodless. Without blood. B. Op«ra'tion, one in which 
blood ia expelled by compre^ssos from the part to be operal 

Blood'y,Mk4J'-*. Of the nature of blood. B. Flux, dysenl 
q, \K B. Sweat. Sec Ephidrosis. 

Blowpipe, bU/'pip. A short tube used to direct a pencil of ftw 

Blue, bin. A color. B. Ba^byt a child with blue disease 
Bliod'oees, an inability to distinguish a blue color, B. Co'hoihfl 
caulophyllum , q. v. B. Disease'. See Cyanopathy. B, FUg. 
See Iris, B* Gum-tree, the EitcalypUiS globulus. B. Man^ a 
compound piVI of mercury. B. Oiot'meDt, mercurial ointmcnU - 
B. Pill, a pill made from blue mass, i^. v. B* Stone* Sec ~ 
Vitriol. B, Vision, cyanopia, B* Vif riol, cupric sulphate, 

Blumenau's ITu'cleus. The lateral nucleus of the cuneate nuch 

Blumenbach's CWvxm, The inclined surface of the sphenoid hotti 
which lies behind the posterior clinoid processes and is 
tinuous with the basilar process of the occipital bone. B.' 
Proc'ets, the uncinate process of the ethmoid bone, 

the*! Test for Lead in Po' table Water. On the addition c 
a 1 per cent, alcoholic tincture of cochineal a precipitate i 

Boat's Sign- The presence of lactic acid in the gastric contents U 
cases of cancer of the Btonriach. B.'s Test. In cases of intestini 
atony a splashing sound can be obtained on pressure upon 
abdominal wall after the injection of a small f4uantity (2(J0 fe 
00 C.C.) of water into the bowel. B/s Test for HydrocMo'i 
Ac'id hi the Contents'' of the Stom^ach, In 100 grams dilut 
alcohol dissolve 5 grams pure resorcin and 5 grams whiti 
sugar. Spl^ead a few drops of this reagent in a thin layer up« 
mnd beat geoUy . \{ a g\ass rod d\^vfc4. \ft \\yt 
i drop of the tillTfltU Itofm. VYk« 
c ji pioduceti 


the sunken appearance ciT the bdly seen 
t emaciation ; scaphoid abdomen, 
', minute canal passing obliquely down- 
iTOugh the Tnembrana tympani from the 
iner suiface of the latter to the umbo, 
outer surface. B.'b Ganglion, the supm- 
^ small gangl^fonn enlargement at the 
por and middle dentai branches of the 
ferve. B/b G«p, tVr interval existins in 
|»cn the costid and lumbar attachments 
Fl Mus'cle, the triticeoglo^us muscle; a 
iing from the cartiUgo triticea in the 
I upward and forward to t>ie ton£ue« 
Ither with the posterior part oi Ihc hyo- 
fSuund or tubular cavities opening into the 
tibe thyroglo$sal duct; like the latter, they 

Sh. B,'i Valve, a small f ol d of the lining 
"ial duct, near the punctum lacrimale. 
The posterior efferent (pterygopala- 
lenopalatinc ganglion. 
Epidermic abscesses caused by pyogenic 

illate protozoa. 

i^nimal frame with its organs. 2. A 
I of matter. 4. The main portion of aa 
( See AHoxttr, B., AmyU'ceoui. See 
pB.* Cav'crnou*. See Corpora cazn'rnosa^ 
^thin the thomcic and abdominal waltli. 
» Same as Bs., Nissl's B., CQ^iaiyi 
kte; Fim'hriAte; GexLic/uUte. See under 
r, ^& Atnboc€ptor. B.-loust^ Pedicuius 
po-seed, bits of fibrin, cartilage, or ol 
bic granulation tissue, found in enlarged 
k Bf., Metachromafic» small granules 
ping differently from the surrounding 
llry. See Corpora olivaria. B., Ferine' al. 
f the vulva and anus, B., Pitu'Uary, 
Bv Strfate^ Trap^ezoid, and for cponymic 
fing word, 

les crustosa; Norwegian itch, 
t Alliu'mili. Treat the liquid with acetic 
tion of potassium ferrocyanid drop by 
late of albumin will be formed, 
lie sudoriparous glands, 
k^olored cells, with a tmEnJIy aituAted 
9 €^ ad/as 'sc-ef/s. B, > i^tyg'hi^, crystAJm 
\:retion And probubly jdcntic&l with 


\ ofm Sfrnifftrhmt difffi^at 

system of 











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Boettcor'fl Twt for Dez^troM. Take 5 grams i 

bismuth. 5 granu of taitaric acid, and 30 c.c. of distiUa 
Add to this dowly a strong solution of sodium hydra 
ring continuaUy. until a cl«ar solution is obtained. Tt 
quantity of this add some solution of dextrose, and ' 
black precipitate of metallic bismuth is formed. Of 
may be performed bi this way: add some solid bistnt 
nitrate to the liquid already Tendered alkaline with ca 
of soda or potash, and boU. The existence of dextroa 
evinced by the darkening of the bismuth salt _ 

Boicros's Space. A space between the peritoneum s 
fascia transvcrsalis below, in which the tower portIa 
external iHac artery can be reached without wouni 

Bo£row*fl Fi'ben. A tract of ncrvo- fibers passing from < 
tract to the optic thalamus. 

Boilt boil. A furuncle; a localised abscess of the al 
Alep^po. See AUppo. 

Boldia, boV-din, An anesthetic and hypnotic alkaloid fron 

Boldo, hoi' -do. Sec Bold us. 

Boldoglucta, hol-da-glu'-sin. A hypnotic glucosid from 

^OtlAoMtboV 'dus. The evergreen shrub Peumu$ boldusj lli 
are tonic and sedativL*. B. Oil. See Oil. 

Bole, hoi. Fine clay, formerly used as an astringe 

BoietDAi bo-W-tus. A B*=nus of fungi. 

Bolognlol's Sign. On pressing with the tips of the fij 
both hands altomatoly upon the right and left of the a 
of a patient who is lying on his back and whose ab 
muscles are relasced by iicxion of the thiglis, a sens 
friction with it! the abdomen b perceived; it ia noted 
stages of measles. 

Bolometer, bo-lom'-e-Ur. An instrument used to lagfl 
amount of radiant energy which falls upon it, ^^| 

Bottis, bi/'lHS, 1. A pilMike mass of large size, 2. A 
masticated food ready to swallow. 

Borabiu, bom* 'bus. 1. Ringing or buzzing in the ears. 2 
tinal rumbling. 

Bon'dac, Bonducel'la. The seeds of several species of C(g 
they are antiperiodic, tonic, and febrifugal. 

Bone, fc<5«. The hard tissue forming the framework of tl 

B.-ash, a calcic phosphate left after the burning of boi 

cai^tilage^ ossein, the chief organic substance in boi 

conduc'^ion, the transmission of sound through theskul 

B,-8et'ter, a term applied to a quack surgeon. 

Moaeht, bon'-Iet, A little bone. 

Tkmmet, hon^-sft. See Eupaioiti^km. 

9oum»'m DiBeajit'* See Hodgkin's Dis«as<, 

^oaamt'B CSap'ffule. See TtnofCi Co^mW. 


(dnd of 8tt«tr(tte* with ureal nonUleta and (l»f)««s* 

Sug siTmnciers in the Pacific IstandM. 

m l U ftia. The catlle-lick which c«Trl<!!* Ihc i^ro* 

fible for Texas fever (a di»«aee of t«ttte> , 
I/. The herb Borogo ofjicinalis: it ut dwnnlcctit, 
and diaphoretic. 
Aluminum borotarlmtel ati antiseptic, 
l-4d, Prcrprietary wound-Jintiseptio oontoininu 
of boric acid and ac«tantlid. 
A bafiic salt of boric acid. 
,_-««/, Containing boric acid. 

kBiOT + lOHiO, Sodmm diborat«; used us an anli* 
Car'mlny a solution of borax and carmin in wat^-r; 
bor4Krr4ff'mus. The ruTnbling of int«*tiiiat 

^tiofU Aggiuttnation and precipitation of baeteriu . 
[ etc., by means of a specific serum. 

l*B Sign, See Bell's plienpfH*nan, 

^-in, A mixture of hovfkx and boric actd, 
!Wi. Polsonin^t witli bode acid. 

-Hirt, The- same as Vaterew, 

phor. CioKtuO, Can^phor from the tre» iJtyo- 


»Hi»0. Artificial Borneo camphfff made from 

mphor and sodium or potassium alcoholatc. 

t^o-kaw'-bid. A ioompound of bomx and carbon, 
CiHiBOa. A compound of boric acid and 

A KquM made by heating boroglycerid an 

Th« Bfttnc as Gtustd, 
ii^4ip^'tol. An antiseptic compound of ftmiuiidr' 
tptus, myrth, storax, etc. 
I. The base of boric acid and borax; a non-metal. 

A disiiifectant compound of borax and phenoL 
e. In the early tstage of scariet fever, a line drawn 
a with the finger-nail leaves a white mark which 
tsm^ red a»d becomes smaller in siae. 
t A brood, flat protuberance. 2. A hump cm the 

isf-d-a-'t^fd. Covered with bosses, 
bos-fl^-shuH. A boss-Hke elevatioiu 

tarTh\ Hay-fever. 

The larva of certain flies, 2. The thfBttd-wofm. 

}t^ -Dttciuif srt*fni^sus Botam. A ihort vr-sse-t in the 
aea £A<? xizia/n pti/monart* ttri^rj^ an*f the aorta. B. 'W 
mtJfi>mm^^ <?t^ttxa ehm'atstnuricutAr septum ofth^ 
BK * l^^juxxmaf, the iwautiisa of BotaJIo 's dtzct. 

I'.i'f j«.\mi:kk 

Uotalisin. ho:' .il izm. Sec Boimlism, 
Botany, '■•'.'' i hi'. The science of plants. 
Hoihrioceph'alus. A genus of tape-wonns. 
Botryuid, h,t:'-tioid. Shaped like a bunch of 
Botryomyces, /<■>/ re-o-mi^-sis. A genus of fiaskm-fno^ & 

e'qui, t ill- I'liilialilc cause of botryomycosia in bones. 
Botryomycosis, hot-rc-o-mi-k</-sis. A disease chaiacterised bf 

thr lorni.iti'fii in the lungs of botryoid nodulet. It aiKtt 

t.i.r H-.. .irA iii.-iy \>r communicated to man. 
Botryotherapeutics, hot-rc-o-ther-ap-u'-tiks. The giape-caR. 
But' tie Nose. The cimmon name for Acne rosacta. 
Botulism, Ih'V li lizm. Sausage-poisoning. 
Bouchard's Coeffi'cient. The ratio existing between the amonttt 

(if uHM and the sum total of the solids in the urine — appnvi' 

itiut<-ly rA). B.'s Disease', dilatation of the stomach duett 

(lef'u iciit luiictum of tlu'Kustric muscular fibers. B.'sHodotlfll^ 

eiilurKcTniMit of the second phalangeal joints of the finses. 

ussoiMatcd with dilatation of the stomach. 
Bouchardat's Treat' ment. Treatment of diabetes mellitus bf 

the exi lusioii of carUihydrates from the diet. 
Bouchut's Tubes. A variety of tubes for intubation of the laiy<* 
Boudin's Law. The i>oisons of malaria and tuberculosis a^ 

antagonistic. This law is not founded upon fact. 
Bougard's Paste. A caustic paste containing bichlorid of fstfr 

cury, chlorid of zinc, arsenic, cinnabar, starch, and whot 

Bougie, boo-zM. A slender cylindric instnunent for dilatingsa^ 

exploring the urethra and other canals. B., AmiMU a booffB 

with a piece of caustic attached. B., Fil'iform« a bougie d 

very small size. 
Bouginagc, ho</ -zhen-ahzh. Dilatation by means of a bougie. 
Bouhou, bo</-hoo. A malarial disease resembling dengue. 
Bouillaud's Disease'. Infective endocarditis. B.'s MetsfBc 

Tink'ling, a peculiar clink sometimes heard to the right of tbe 

apex-beat in cardiac hypertrophy. 
Bouillon, boo-e-yon{gy . 1. An alimentary broth or soup. 2. A 

liquid nutritive medium for culture-purposes. 
Boulimia, boo-litnf-e-ah. See Bulimia. 
Botxlton's Solu'tion^ A comix>und tincture of iodin, carbolic add, 

glycerin, and distilled water; it is used for spraying in rhinitis. 
Bouquet, boo-kc^. The special flavor of wines. 
Bourdin's Paste. An escharotic mixture of nitric acid with 

flowers of sulphur. 
Bourdonet, boor-do-tta^ . An ovoid mass of lint. 
Bourdonnement* boor-don-mon{gY . A subjective bussing 

sound, or one heard through the stethoscope from contraction 

of muscular BbriUee. 
BcutonnJSn, doo-S^H-M-dr' . A button-hole. Extemia utethtot- 

k b&t/-Um{g) Ur-mt-ftaV 

km sensory nerves. 

19'. Paroxysmal tachycardia. B/t Sigo Id 

^c'donp applicable only to tlie large gut. G reat 

I cecum, and a large elevation in the right iliac 

aining to, or derived from, the ox or cow. 
Cor bovinwm. B. Hun'ger, btilimiii, B. | 
It vims from cows. 

phe intestine. B,-complainf, diarrhea. 
1^ bending outward of the lower lintb. 
p« The hyaline membrana propria of the Mat^ 
^B.*s Diics, sarcoiis elemenU. B/t Glandi* 
fed tubes, identical in structure with sefoua 
m the nasal mucous membrane. B.*i Mem'* 
lior etaatic lamina of the cornea, B/s Mus'cle* 
pte. B.*s Probe, one for dilating the nar>al duct. 
tt'cmentSp muscle-caskets; the small etongatMl 
liurtDe substance that produce the appearance 
^ in voluntary muscle. B.'s Tubes, artificial 
lltween the lamelUs of the comca by the injec 
JDlored fluid* 

■ Cap'sule. Sec Bowman's Capsuk. 
pd, See BttxMS. 

EThe subhyoid bursa, B.*b Cyst, cystic enlarge- 
bhyoid bursa. 

IJmy given temperature the volume of a given 
^ inversely to the pressure that it bears. 
||er. A double-current catheter. 
I See SiHmmerrini^s YelUnu Spot, 
iTisible pulsation of the arteries of the Ttares« 
^some cases of aneurysm of the tbomck aorta, 
Lfiigo. See Rontbtrg'i Sign, 
nal Fold of. The right lamella of the primitive 
ih passes to the dorsal aspect of the right lobe ol 
llD&e free edge bounds the foramen of Winslow, 
ll. PI, of Brachium^ q. v. 

U. Pertaining to the arm. B. Ar'twy, a con- 
j^axiUary artery, B. GUnds* the l^inphatics of 
Ptoz'uSp a plexus of nerves in the neck. B. Veins, 
I arm that accompany the biachtal arte^ry. 
aV-fe-alt. Pain in the arm* 
I as B, antVcus, See Muscles, Tabk of. 

An extract fmm the beetJe. Brachin'M 
i rheumatism. 
\ J^girt^ialiig^ to tatb Arm ^nd head. 

i-^-/»/ I^riiUniajf ta both arm And leg^ 

^J»F^-'^*Sr'^ I^ertt^iaing to both tbm 

BrachicMnrllc/stB or BrachiokyUc/ftid. An inwaxd cutVAtufe of t 


BracbiDfacialr hra-ke-o-fa^-skat, Pertamms to both arm and fticj 

Brachioradia^Ut. The supinator longua muscle. 

Bracliiotoxn7t bra-ht-af-ihmff, Amputaticm of the arm. 

Bracbiplex, braf-k^-pUks. Th« bmchiil plexus. 

Bracbium, hn^-kv-um. 1. The arm from tbe sbotildcr Ui the< 
bow, 2, A process extending, arm-like, from an organ. 
coajuacti^Tum cercbelli^ the pTcpcduncle or superior pedum 
of tbe cerebellum. B. copulati'vum. Same aa preceding, 
pon'tis, the medipcdnncle or middle cerebellar pcduncl«. 
qizadrigem^lnum infe'HuB, the postbrachium, a white 
connecting the postgeniculum to the postgeminMm. B« qu 
rigem'inum ■upe'riiu, the pTebrachiumr a whit« band I 
the pregeminum and the thalamus. 

Bracbycardia, bmk-e-kar* -de-aJt. See Bradycardia, 

Brachyceiibalic. brah-e-sr/^f-ik. Having an egg-shaped skQU,'-| 

Bracbycepb'alJani. The condition of being brachycepbalic. 

Bracbydac'tylaus. Ila vin^i abnorrtial Bhortnesa of fingers or t 

Bracby^&th'isiiu Abnormal shortness of jaw, 

BrachygnathouB, brak-0-fi<^'thits. With short jaws. 

Bracbymetropla, hrak-e-tftet-ro'-pe-ah. See Myopia. 

BradyarlhiiA, brad-n-ar'-thre-ah. See Bradyldlia, 

Bradycardia, hradf^-kar''d€-ah. Abnormal in frequency of 

Brady dlaa'tole. A prolongation of the diastolic pause. 

Brady ecoia, brad-e^ek-oi* -<ih. Subnormal acuteness of hearing.-' 

Bradyesthesla* hrad-e-ifs-ihif -se-ak, Dulne&s of perception. 

Bradylalia, bfad-e-la* -k-aK A slow and disordered utterance. , 

Bradypepsta, brad-e-ptp^-se-ak. An abnormally alow digcirtiti 

Bradypbasla, hrad-e-fa' -sg-ak. A a abnormal slowne^ of ape 

Brady phra'sia. Slowness of speech from mental disease. 

Bradypnea, brad-ip-itt^-ah. An abnormal infrequency of I 

Bradysper'matism. A slow emission of semen. 

Bradytocia« brad-e-U/s^'oh. An abnommUy slow labor. 

Brady uria, brad-e-u' -re-aK A alow flow of urine, 

Braidtana, br^-i^i. Hypnotism, q. v. 

Brain, bran. The l&sse maes of nerve-tissue contained in the 
cranium, especially the cerebrum. B*-fag, brain -tire. B, 
Fe'ver. See Me^tingiiis. B.^paiir the cranium. B.-flaj34 
gritty mineral matter found in the brain. B.-stonUt suddan 
and severe phenomena due to cerebral causes^ B.-ti«, \ 
bral asthenia. 

Bran. The outer covering of wheat. B,-bath. See Batk. 

BrADch. J. A division of the main stem, as of a blood - 
I One of the primary divisiona oi tVic atxHitvoX VSrtiw'^Qtti. 
fcAlat bruHg''k0-aL Relating to kOA^^ "B* Ki'Oata^^.^ 


^it-^^dr'-^H-^tf. Formed itom a, ht^MtM 

)f-%/'mah, A tmnor developed from 

r>* "P**nt of the lAterai me*- 

brii eleft*. 

«>f 1 . r '«Hi in ^he treatfnent of 

Ereatmcnt of al{«ctsoiit!S of Ibo FaUopiBn iubea 
L eiid«ftvor t0 Ciorce out their contents Into 

ppirituous liquid distiUed from wiae 
ppus«njptic:>n. 2. Acidity in the mouth 

lie. Chronic ijoisoiiiivg from Einc fume^'. 
Rcvc band. 2. A Red Cross infiigrnia. 
L A Kcnus of planti, including the cabbage 
il'ba* white mustard; the powdered seedii u 
^befacient. B* nrpra, bUck mustard, 
lijetary headachcS'Temedy containing mustard, 
^Kou>iiltfii'sky's CaHiil. B/s Reaa'tJOQ for Glu' - 
||lu(x>sc srihition with caustic soda, and wami 
^ then add & dilute solution of picric acid and 
i deep red color nill be prcwiuctid . Creatiwin 
Action, i'vcn in the cold, und aoetone a^tso, 

s continuous p^saage formed by th» uterine 
L durinR labor, aftor full diiatation of the 

p' Uepcy . Sec Jackson w n Epilepsy, 


^The Abyssinian ti«e» Prayem anlh^imimhcai 
s« called cusso. used as an anthelmintic* 
CaiH««Oif). An anthelmintic resin from 

iture of Hour and water baked. B»-9astfi| a 

pr bacteria. 

I^cturti. 2, An opening in the circuit of a 

i Fe^'ver, See Dengue. 

Oe upper anterior part of the body. 2. The 

L. See Sternum. B^ Bro'kear abscess of 

bad. B., Chick'en, a deformity from promi- 

p)um. B.T Fun' Del. a deformity caused by a 

pi of the lower part of the sternum, B*, 

^B3 B.r ^r^<t^- B^'pasg, AD^'nA pectoris. 

Fit for mliJciiuf £A^ breast, 
^/tfcf /rc*fu the Junas. ff jrrrfqwIhL the 
apicvi 9uscu/t»tioB, 


Br«atMaff, hrcth'-ing. Taking air into the lungs and Gcpclling 
B.f Abdom'inftl, that which actively engages the abdomii 
walla and diaphragm. B., Interrupt tod, broken breathi 
from lung disease or ncrvoiisness. B.t Pu''flnle» braatbi 
with the respiratory miirmur exaggerated as normally him 
in children. B.^, Suppreised', entire absence of breath-flOatB 
B^ ThoraCic, breathing which actively moves the than 

Brecht'i Car^tilagea. The ossa. suprasternal ia, two STnall cartili 
nous or bony nodules near each sternoclavicular joints abt 
the sternum. They are retfarded aa the rudiments of ' 
episternal bone^ which ia well developed in some animals. 

Breech, bn^ck. The buttocka. B. Poardoo. See Position. 

Bre^enin. Cii>H»7N0ii. A viscous principlo from brain-tisMi 

Breg'ma. 1. The Junction of the eoronal and sagittal sutui 
2. The anterior fontanel. 

Breiilf tre'-in. A glucasid from Bryonia alba a powerful stii 
lant to the arterioles, ' 

Breiflk/ft I>iBeas«\ Kraurosis 1.11 Ivre. 

'Bnmtt*B Reac'tion for Diabet'lc Blood. The blood is prepi 
as in ordinary staining methods, and, after do'ing in a hot 
Bterilizer, stained with methylene nlue and eosin. The 
blood' corprudcles of diBbetic blood are stained greenish- yell 
whereas in normal blood they assume a brownish color. 

Brenner's For'mula, 1. With the same current stiength 
cathodal closing contraction is four times as strong as 
cathodal opening contraction, 2, The normal auditory i« 
reacts to the cathodal closure by a sound sensation wl 
immediately attains its maximum and then gradually din 
ishes; the anodat opening causes, with the same cun 
strength, a somewhat weaker sound that ia of short dufii 

Brenzeain,. brens^-ka-iH. Guaiacol benxyl-ether; anesthetic. 

Bre»chet*a Canals' or Veins. The veins of the diploe, B.*sB 
cotre'nu, the helicotrema. the foramen of communical 
between the sea la vestibuli and the sea la tympani. , 
Si'mifl, the sphenoparietal sinus, 

Bretonneau's DIphthe'ria. Diphtheria of the pharynx, 

Brewster's Law, The polarizing angle has such a value thai 
reflected and the refracted rays are at right angles to ^ 

Brlck'dust Depos^it. A red deposit of urates in the urinAr ^ 

Brick'iayers' Itch, An inflammation of the hands 
contact with lime. 

Brick'makera* Aae'mta or Dtfte«se^ Dochmiasia, 

Bfidge, A narrow band of tissue, B. of the Ifofle, the fi 

/onned by the nasal bones. B., Wheatalooe's, an dM 

col instrument to measure tVie Tts\staTtce Vtv ia. <rn»M2t. 

work, dental devices for auoporttivg anV^cW^ ^^t^^^ayl 


i or bond to restnLin any ocftan. 2. A 
i ulcer or canal. 

al or complete Iob of sight, which may 
ndcnt of any change in the optic disc or 
i uremia. B/i Diaeaie', a generic term for 
diffuse disease of the kidneys, usually 
ly and albuminu ria . B.'t Frlc' tl(»i 'touod . 
FrictionsoHitd. B.*« Graoula 'tiont, the* 
} large white kidney, 
lertaining to or affected with nephritia, 
atninotripheoal methane. Used as an anti- 
fiey'« formula: Brilliant green; boric acid; 
E liquid paraffin. 

pthan E. Brill, American physician.^ A mll4 
lyphus fever, 
Ir margin, B. of Pervhi, tKjundary of thtf 

the pelvis. 
I. See SHlphmr, 
rh, A '* - ^ r >mth. 
Uni 1 1 y rwrtrophy and scleroBts of 

IbnncLi. . tf the stomach, 

^Hysteric ataxia; astaaia-ahoaia, 
kt^-fftonU) for-sa\ The forcible breaking of 

Ira'drome. Hysteric glossolablal hemUtpofm, 

fseh. Certain ciliated cell* of the inaer ear. 

term for dextrin. B.-oil» 1, A rubefacient 

lus oils. 2. See (XI. 

bnent for enlarging cavities in the teeth. 

bnsive, B. Lig^ament. See U^ment, 

(i'A visible retraction, synchronous with the 

if the left side and back in the fegion of the 

mth ribs, in adherent pericardium. 

bbrtical motor aphasia, B,'s A'rea, areoLi^arot- 

Ifactoriua mcdialis; the medial portion of t)(e 

V lobe. B/s Ceo'ter, the posterior part of tlie 

I convolution : it is the center of speech. B.'l 

B third frontal convolution of the left henii> 

llkc'tory A'rea* trigonum olfactorium: the poete- 

rns rectus lying anteriorly to the me.sial root 
tract. B/s Point, the auricular point, the 
al auditory meatus. B/f Pouch, a pear- 
ls in the tisBue^t of the labia majora; it is anal- 
i to the dartos, but contains no muscular 

\ Chrcvrx- ^hsassf a/" ban^, most /requentJy of 

M 5r ZhkoMSff", polpy d/neiasfe of a ja'nt, 
> Auetf-Jaiac- -B. 'g Joint, hysteric arthiv>- 
thm pMia caused by iming fold of 

^^ tht skin in the neighborhood of & joint in articular neunffiu 



Broesike*B Fos'sa. Parajejurml fossa; a recess in ihc peritOTi^Al 

cavity whith is situated in the first part of the o^^ojejumaai 

and behind the superior mcfienterit: artery. 
Brok'aw Rine. A ring of rubber tubing threaded with catgut. 
Bromal, bro^-mai CBrsCIlO. A punjgent, oity, anodyne liquid. 

B. Hy^drfttfl, CBri.CH(OH).;, white crystals; it is ua/^d as «n 

antispasmic, sedative, and hypnotic, 
Bfomalln, bro^-mal-in. Brumelhylformin; an antiepileptic 
Bromaloin, bro-mal'-ff-iH. CtatluBuOj, A derivative of barboj^ 

loin by the action of bromin. 
Bcomamidt bro-mam' -ui. CiiHL'BrivNH.HBr. An antipymie 

and analgesic compound, 
Bromate,, bn/'wut^ A suah: of bromic acid.- 
Bromated^ bre^-fna-ted. Impregnated with bromin. 
BromatolOKy* bro-fniih-iot'-a-fe. Sdenoe of food and feeding. 
Brotnatotoxism, bro.mah^ki4oks' Jsm. Pi>i^(>ninj< by food 
BromeUn, bfi/-mel-inr A ferment from pineapple juice. 
Brometh'yl. Ethyl-bromid, CaHnBr; an anesthetic and 

sedative, B. -form" in. See BrofttaliH, 
Brombydric, broni-ki^'dnk^ The same as liydrobroniic. 
Bromidt bro'-mid. A basic salt of bromin. 
Bromidia, bra-mid* -4<kk. A proprietary hypnotic and anod/not 
Bromidfosipbo'bia. A morbid fear of bodily odors. 
BromidroBlSt br&-mid-ro*-sis. Petid perspination. 
Bro'min* Bro'inum. A red dish -brown liquid element, escharoiiqi 

violently poisonous, giving off a suffocating vapor. 
Bro'mtpin* A liquid compotind of bromin and sesame oil. 
Brotaism. brc/'miztn. Poisoning by bromida> 
Bromocaf fein. A proprietary remedy for headache. 
Bro'moform. CHBra, A powerful anesthetic bromid. 
Bromofor'inin, CiHaN^Brs. A Bedative aldehyd derivative. 
Bromoformisnii ^^o-wo-/c^rwt'-«^t«. Poisoning with brotnolonn. 
Bromohem'atin. Thi* hydrobromid of hematin. 
BTOiiiohyperidro''sia. An exQuam^Fe and offensive perspiration. 
Broaaoi^odism. Poisoning with iodin and bromin. 
Bro'moL A i ryHialUnr antiseptic and caustic substance. 
Bromoma^nia. A mania from the excessive use of bromids. 
Bromomenorrbea, hro-ifW-meu-or-e^'Hh, Menatrual fiow haviq 

an offcnaive odor. 
Bromopyrin, bro-ttto-pi'-rin. CuHtiBrNtO* An antipyretic an 

antiseptic crystalline substaijoe. 
Bro'mum. See Brctnin. 

Brooturat, bro'-ma^ai, A ner^^e sedative and milk soporific, 
Bromuiet, brc/'mu-set. The same as Bremtid, 
Br&nchadenitiSt brort-kad'an-i' -its. Inflammation of the \ 
^la t}fJs. 
mcki, liro$tg**ki. The pleural of Bronchus, q. t>. 

The bTDochfal tubM smaller than U10 

Sciirhuft cif the bronchial ^elands. 
ai Pertaining to the bronchi. B. Cii'vsBf 

I in Idoomotor &UxU, B. GlAOds, thm chaia 
I, beside the bronchi. B. Tube, a bitmehtia, 

*'ark' -Pfi-ah, Stenosis of the bronchi. 
t^kt-ty^tas-is. Dilatation of the broathi. 
ki'O-MfU A local dilatation of a bronchiole. 

(7/. A minute bTonchiiii tube. 
ng^kw-^kk'^'tai-is. Dilatation of the bron- 

W-i^litk, Caloareous concretion lormed i& « 

>-U*-i%s, Itillamination of the bronchioles. 
ng-^hi-o-sicn-t/sii. Steaoaia of a bitmchua, 
\i-Hk, Affected with bronchitis. 
f-tis. Inflammation of the bronchial tube«, 
at on of the ^ner tubes. B.f Catarrh 'al, 
|fby profusKJ mucopurulent discharges. B., 
II' lie, a form attended with e*:pecloration of 
kmchial tubes. B.» Mechao'ic, or Fot'tertV 
Itionof dust. B.. Phthi'aoid, a consumptive 
||pt sputa. B.» Pu'trid, a Qhn:>nio form with 
In Sec'ondary, one which devdops as a oom^ 
w receding diseasftt 
L: Bronchial and cavemout, 
^•5f i. Goiter, 4. 1^. 
k Bronchophony with egophony. 
i^Uth. A brunch in I calculus* 
mng'ko-Uth^* '^is-is, Formatian of t 

i « 

4 « 

>4 4 



Bronz* John. Same as Yetlcw F«f#r. 
Bronzed Skin. The discoloration in Addison's disease, 
Brood-cells. In cell-division, the mother-cells. 
Broom* See S(^patius, 

BroBMrd's Type of Prognafavc MuA^cukr At'rophy* **Type 
floral avec griffe dea ortcils." See Eicfikorsfs Typv^ 

rBrow* The forehead. B.-«che, supraorbital n^timlsia. B* 
PreKOta'tion* the presetitatton of tho fetal forehead in labor, 
Browa Afrophy. An atrophy with brown discoloration. B. 
Indiira'tioa, a hardening and discoloration of the lung from 
long-continued congestion- B. Miz'turer compound licorice 
mixture, an expectorant- 
Brown's Pbenom'eooo* Brownian molecular movemetit. The 
spontaneous oscillating movements of inorganic particles or 
microorganisms in a liquid medium. Same as Pedesis. 
Browne's (Ciichton) Sign, Tremor of the labial eonunissures 
and outer angles of the eyes in the early stage of paralytic 
Brown' IB n Move'meat. Sec Pedesxs, 
BrowQ-Sequard's Pararysis, Paralysis and hyperesthesia of 

one side and anesth^ia of the other aide of the body» 
Bruce and Muir, Septomar''giiuil Tract of. A part of the descend- 
ing posteromedtal tract of the spinal cord, 
Bruch's Glands. Lymph-foUiclea found in the conjunctiva about 
the inner canthus of ruminants. B.'s Lay^er or Mezn'brane, the 
lamina basalis which forms the inner boundary of the choroid, 
Bmcin, hru'-sin, C^iHiflNaO*. An alkaloid of nuJt vomica. 
Bruck^s IHsease'. A syndrome described by Bruck as consisting 
of multiple fractures and ma^rked deformity of bones, ankytdsts 
of most of the joints, and muscular atrophy, 
Bruecke's Lines. The broad bands which alternate with Kmuse's 
membranes in the iibrils of striated muscles, B/s Mna'cte. 
1- See Bowman s Muscle. 2. The muscularis mucostie of the 
small and large intestine. B.^s Rea'gent for Pro^teids. Satu- 
rate * boiling 10 per cent, solution of potassium iodid with 
freshly precipitated mercuric iodid. Filter when cool; the 
filtrate is used with hydrochlonc acid as a precipitant for the 
proteids. B.*b tu'aica ner'vea, the layers of the retina excul- 
sive of the rods and cones, 
Bruggtser'i Her'nia, See Kroentein's Hernia. 
Bruit, bru*-e. An abnormal sound hea^d in ausculation. B. d*alr- 
aln, d(^-fan{g)^ metallic tinkling. B,, Aneurya'mal, the mur- 
mur heard over an aneuryan, B» de clapotement« dttk-klap- 
ot-monigY , a splashing sound in gastrectasis. B. craquemeot, 
cnackling sound over diseased pericardium. B. de diable, an 
anemic %^erjous hum, S. de dmpeati, drak-pa^^ a rustling 
munntir heard In croup and laryngitis. B. de frolfla«metit , 
* clashjtjg sound of the lungs or heart. B, de gftlop. duh-taV -o» 
I Wfi^opins sound beard in mitnd stenosis. B. de llm*t a cat- 





i by ft file or uw. B. de moiiUo* dftiif-w^x^ 
1 sound. B. de pot tUi^ dHh-^o-fa-af 
nd. B. de rappel, e^idiec eound as of a 
L drum. B* de ede* Same ^t 8. d« Um§' 
rx rjwtpowy. B- de tmifflet* ^n»-#-cf«A- 
leound beard in enlarKement of the heart. 
JteruitSauHit, B^U'terine. Se^UUrin* 

l^itheUal Neata. Branched or solid groups 
lella oc:c«mng in all nonnal uretert, B.*a 
mrf's Glands. 

i racemose glands found in the duodenum. 
-Brownism; the doctrine ot John Br^/wn 
I due to variations in a natural stimuUiii. i 
; and its deficiency asthenic diseases, 
nism. See Brttnonian Th*ory 
iiry from friction, resembling a bum. 
iThe apfiarent distention of an artery Immo- 
Llure* due to the contraction of the vessel 
|«Krhere it is not completely filled by the clot. 
^tLDt\t The triangle formed by a vertica' 
Khe anterior superior iliac apine to the horl » 
\» body: by a second line drawn from the 
llao spine to the tip of the trochanter, and 
hi line/' which ioifis the two at a right angle 
Be. Shortening of the neck of the femuf 
ty a shortening of the test-line, B.'a Line, 
hloingODe of the boundaries of the iliofemoral 
^cinal infection: The inoculation is repeated 

tthe evolution of vaccinia, ttpon the theory 
on docs not take place at once, but only 
tatumber of days from the time of inoculation. 
[The same as Odontoprisis, q, v, 
f A genus of plants, also the root of several 
itydragog cathartic. 
► C4sU«oOii>. A purgative glucosld from 



4ae to mecbaciciLl irritation. B.t SymjMltaet^ic, a nomnfcctioui 

bubo. B.f SyphiUf ic, that due to syf^hilis^ B., Yent^mdf c 

due to vcnerca.1 diaeaae. 
BuboQ d'emttlee. PrimEiy bubo of vensreal origin* withcytit w^ 
. visible lesion abotit the genitalia. 

atgia, bu-bon-aV-je-oh, Pain in tbe groin. 
lubimiCt bu-b&n**ik. Pertaining to a btibo. B* PLfteiie» a odo 

tagious, epidomic disease, with fever, delirium, and buboes* 
F Bubao^Qcele. A heitiiai contained within the inguinal canaL ( 
Bubon'ului. Vtniknt lympbangitia of the dorsum of the p«nk 
Bueardia, bii-ka/'dcah. Same as Cor bcvinum, 
Bucca, buk'-ah, 1. The hollow part of the cheek. 2, Tti 

Buccal, imk^-ai. Pertaining to the bucca or cheek. 
Buccellatioci, bttk-se!-(f-shutt, Hemostasis by a lint'Cotmj>re« 
ducclnatolabiatift, huk'sin-<it-o-kj-bi-a'4is. The buccmator i 

orbicularis orts muscles regarded as one. 
Ihiccioatorr buk'-sin-a-torn A thin, flat musi^le of the du 

See Muscles, Table of. 
BuGCO-nasaLf buck-o-na' -saL Pertaining to both the mouth t 

the nose. 
Buccn-pharyngealt hw^k-o-far^n^'j^-aL Pertaining to both 

mouth and the pharynx. 
Buccula, bMk*'u!ah. The fleshy part under the chin. 
Bufihoer's Albu'minoid Bodies. Defensive proteids* q. v. 
Buchu, bu'-kii. Leaves of Barvsma^ used in genitouTin 

disease. B, Resin, barosmini, q, v, 
Buchwald*s Af rophy. Progressive diffujse atrophy of the sikn. 
Buck'i Extea'sba. An apparatus consisting of a weight ail 

pulley for applying esctension to a Hmb. B.*b Fao'cta, 

sheath of the corpora cavernosa and the corpus sponglosud 

which arises from the symphysis pubis by the suspensoi 

ligament of the penis and is continuous with the deep layer i 

the superficial perineal fascia. 
Buckbean, buk'-ben. The herb Menyanthes trif&liala of t| 

gentian family; the rhizome is tonic and antiscorbutic, 
Buck'et Pe'ver. Dengue, q. v. 
Buckeye, buf^-i. See jEscuI^s. 

Back'horn'^fem. Osmunda r*£alis, it is a remedy for ncketa. 
Buckthorn, buk^^tkom. See Rhamnm. B^ Calif or'nia. cascal 

sagrada, q. v. 
Bucnemia, hnk-n^-mf-oh* InfUmmation and edema of the 1«{ 

B. tro^ptca. See Ehphantiasis. 
Budd^B Cirrho'sia* Hepatic cirrhosis due to autoin toxica t|Q 

from ♦'■' "«^»'''>inte«tinal tract, B/a Jaundice. See RM 

A ionn^^i^^rtlMiiom or ce\\ dVj\^oA% «,«!Racsk'^ 


^ Oertain lines on dccnyed teeUt. 
l*d\it, Ttt^fipirxlie' shaped Bgure Qb6«rv«d 

»y or buH-^iolcireiJ toat of ifibrin on the 
1 alkaloid from toad-poison* 

A remedy for dmpsy, dcfivod from 

. A olulblaici. 

The herb Lycaf^us mrginicHSf used um u 
bo plant ChrysafUhtmum ciHeraritt(faliHm , 
iren* WMd as on insecticide. 

Pneumo'iiiA, Caseous pneuracmiai in 
^ consists chiefly of desquamated alveolur 
Dis«Bie'„ acute fatty degeneration of the 
Irbom. with hemorrhages in vanous parts 

I I"^ « 

In evejy case of acute general mitiary 
|||0QU3 of caaeaticm is to be found aomewhere 
i law, being based up(>n the belief in the 
|y of diffuse case<ous and miliary tubeiculo 
III conformity with modern 'views, 
pp&, a chronic sore due to a parasitic worxn. 

rpansion of a canal or vessel. 2. The 
'A. A subterranean leaf bud with fleshy 
|[^ 8. of th« Aor'ta, the dilatation of the 
lining, B. of the Cor'pus caTemo'suoip th^ 
pkion of the corpora cavernosa. B., Deol'alt 
to, of the Eye, the eyeball, B.. Gus'tatozy. 
p.. Hair. See Hair, B., Olfac'tory* Che 
bt of the olfactory tract. B» of the Ure'- 
uortton of the spongy body, 
plbous; pertaining to the medulla. B, 
l^olaryngeal paralysis. 
pee Bulbus. 2, The glands of Bartholin. 
f^kaV'Um^-SHS, The accelerator urins, 

Sec MuscUs, TohU of, 

*'kk'ar. Pertaining to the medullar 

ting to the bulb of the urethra. 

aving bulbs. Bi Herrcs;, nerves with 
onally seen in a stump. 
^Ib. q.v, B. arterio^sus, the enlargement 
k B. oc'uli, the eyeball. B. vettlVuU* the 

bony external meatus ot the ear. 

Bullate. Blistered: inflated; vaulted 

BuIlAtba* btH-a*-shuH^. 1. Inflation, 
compartmen t^. 

Boirdoff For'cepB. Forceps with strong teeth and a clasp to pftt- 
vent slipping. 

Buller'fi Shield. This consists of a watch-glass held in a frame 
w of adhesive plaster or rubber and worn bpfore a sound eye to 

protect it from an infected eye. 

Btdlet-probe. An instrument for locating bullets, 

Bul'lous. Marked by the presence of bulls. 

Bundle^ bun'-dl, A collection or group of fibers; a fast-iculus, B-i 
Aber'rant, a band of nerve-fibers in the isthmus of the gynii 
fomicatus. B«« Ante'rior Mar'ginal, the ventral part of the 
descending cerebellar tract in the spinal cord. B., Atrioven- 
trie' alar, the bundle of His. B., Ground, Ante'rior^ the anterior 
root zone in the white matter of the spinal cord. B,, Grottod, 
Ldferal, a part of the lateral column of the cord extending from 
the ventrdl to the dorsal horn. B^ Mar'sinaU a snruiil fasciculus 
at the end of the dorsal cornu of the spinal cord. B., Retpl'- 
ratory, the solitary fasciculus. See also Helweg, His, Lenhos- 
sC'k, M e ytwrl ^ Spit ska ^ StUHng, Tftrck, Vicqd'Asyr^ Wtfissfnann, 

Bunge*B Law. The epithelial cells of the maTrnnaiy glaiid (of tha 
rabbit, cat, and dog) select from the mineral salts of the blood- 
plasma all the inorganic substances exactly in the proportion in 
which they arc necessary for the development of the ofTspring 
and for the building up of the latter's organism, 

Bunloa, brnt'-yitn. A swelling of a "bursa of the foot. 

Bupbthalmia, Buphthaliaos» btxif-tJuiV'me'ak, liOof'thaV-mos, See 

Burckhardt's CoH'puscles. Peculiar roundish or angular bodies 
of a yellpwish color, found in the secretion of trachonrm. 

Bttrcquism, berf/-kism. See Miftallofhcrapy. 

Burdach's Corumn. The posteroexternal column of the 
spinal cord. B/s Fis'sure, a small fissure between the island 
of Reil and the operculum. B.'sWu'cleus, the cun rate nucleus, 
a small nucleus of gray matter in the funiculus cuneatus of the 
medulla oblongata forming the termination of the long fibere 
of Burdach's column. B.*« Operculum. See Arnold's Operculum 

Burdock, ber'-dok. See Arctium, 

Buret, bu-re^. A graduated tube for measuring a reagent. 

Bur' gundy Pitch. See Fix burgundka. 

Bum. 1. To become inflamed. 2, To be charred. 3. A senaa- 

tfort a^ of heat. 4. A lesion of tissue Irom dry heat or flame 

S. A disease in vegetables. 6, To oxygenixe. 7. To cauterise. 

Sam'er^ A nmsne for a. lump or heating apparatus used \sl Ifcb- 

mtones. 3^ Bun'aen^ a burner for inixing air wit\i 0U W 

«nfer t^ secure comp/eto oiidation. 

^m Bxmon anastomosts T 

PRPlat Fluid. A *lf<m|t ftolution of xloc chloric! 1 



1 iron chlnTid. 1 


tro'ilft. Postmarital amblyopia. TmpttiTed visioa 1 


lexual excess, B/i (AIIah) Lic'aioeQL SeeHry* 1 



hcd. B. Sponge, See Sptmtitt 4tsta. ^^ 



A ncmccmstant venoua trunk tormvd by bTancbe* ^||^H 



rior epigastric veins and ioitmig th« timbilicsil ^^H 



fc'-ifiiM* The same as Burc^dsm, ^M 



fcal instrument used for ji^liahTiig the t<!«th. B.- 


k1 in eiUitrgmg and dcaniniE cavities in the teeth, ^^_ jUk 


1. T6 make A hole or furrow. 2. To force a way / ^flS t^A 


A small sac Interposed between movable parts* ^^^Bl ^13 


»rge number of bullae but many are inconsUnt. ^^^J| ^^^ 


tlou*, a cystic formation due to some mechanical ^^M 


as friction. B. anteri'iiat one under the insienlon ^gM ^^H 


lis and sartorius muscle<t. B.» Glu'teal* See undt^-r i ^^^H ^^BV 


muco'Ba« a membranous sac secreting aytiovial V^^HI ^Efl 


Httura'tor, one under the tendon of the obturator ^^Kl ^^^ 


\^ Omeo'tal, the cavity of the great omentum. ^^^ 


me over the instep either above or below a tendon. f ^^^^B 



1, one in the popliteal space between the tendon V^^Ih 
tnembranofiufi and the tendon of the inner head y^^^H 


pcnemiua. B., Prepatel'lar, one over the patella. 
\ an enlarged bursa due to excessive horseback 


- ^^^ 


Syno'vial. Same as B. fH%t£om. . ^^H^ 


L Pertaining to a bursa or sac« t i 



I'-Jts. The obturator intcrau* muscle. \ 



Wir. Inflammation of a bursa. 



, Blue line along the margina of the gums la 


i-potsoning. . ^^^^H 


SeeFlMJfc*. I 



n* CiHio, An anesthetic substance from petro- % 



^ 1, The fatty portion of milk. 2. Vegetable 



ibe consistency of butter. B, of Aji'timooy, anti- 



prid. B. of Caca'o. See Tk^ohroma. B. of Tin, 


rid. B. of Zinc* 2tnc chlorid. 


^^^ ^^^1 

tb A patch of lupus erythematosus on the cheeks j| 

^H^^ ^^1 

^-tn. Oleomargarin, q, v. 1 


^-•f-milk. The liquid left after extractiiw the 1 

, 7y/tfjrji£i»sr, rumfK *^ ^Idtoa/ rvgx>a. M^^^^^^^^^^M ^^^1 

0tik ^j^U^a^a^ ty ^ j^^^f^^ i^^^^^^H ^H 


button. B.-1>u8h, the shrub Cephalanthus ouitUtUaUs; ths 
bark is tonic, diuretic, and febrifuge. B.-snake'root, the plant 
Liatris spicaia, the root is diuretic; also Eryngium yucca- 
foUum; the root is diaphoretic and expectorant. 

Buf tonhole Frac'ture. One in which a missile has perforated the 
bone. B. Mi'tral, an advanced degree of constriction of the 
mitial orfice of the heart. B. Opera'tion, boutonni^ opera- 
tion, q. V. 
Jutyl, bi^'tU. C4H9. A hypothetic hydrocarbon. B. AFcohd, 
C4H9OH, a polymorphic Hquid. B. Chlo'ral, CtHsCUO, an 
oily liquid from acetic aldehyd and chlorin. 

Botylamin, bu-tU-amf-in. C4Hn N. A ptomain from cod-liver oil. 

Butylene, hi/-til-in. C^Hg A gaseous hydrocarbon. 

Butyraceous, bu-tir-af-se-us. Containing or resembling butter. 

Butyrate^ bu^-Ur-at. A salt of butyric acid. 

Butyric, bu-tW-ik, Derived from butter. 

Butyiin, bW-tir-in, CaH (C4H7O ) a. The fatty matter of butter. 

Botyn^d, bi/-iir-oid. Having the consistency of butter. B. Ta'- 
mor, a fatty tumor of the breast. 

Butyromel, bu-W-ro-mel. A proprietary vehicle for bad-tasting 
oily drugs; made of butter and honey. 

But]rrous» buf-ir-us. The same as Butyraceous. 

Boxin, buksf-sin. An alkaloid from boxwood. Same as Bebeerin. 

Buxus, buk'-us, A genus of trees. B. scmpervi'rens, boxwood, 
tho wood' and leaves are medicinal. 

ByssinoBis, bis-in-c/sis, A pulmonary affection due to the in- 
halation of cotton-dust. 

ByaeocAu'tig. Cauterization by the moxa. 

ByMophthisis, bis-</-ti-sis. A lung-disease produced by inhaling 
the dust of cotton-mills. 

ByB«aa» bisf-us, Charpie, lint, or cotton. 



f'i<tl-f*i. An infenor variety of aIoe«. 

Intra- and extracellular bodies havinf 
a ring and fouud in the btood m severe i 

!r-«»i'-f-*rr. An apparatuK for deterttiinmaJ 

I sir. 


ki. Contagious anthrax. 
^Thei>broma. C.-but ter, the oil of thcobroma. 
A depraved state of the blood, 

s-se-ak, A morbid sensation. 
hsis. A morbid sensation. 
I. Characterized by cachexia. 
il/-mah, A malignant ulcer. 
Ifiat cajisule for carrying medicines. 
%ak-^ks^-e-oh, kak-^ks'-i', A depraved condi- 
> C. flquo'sa* See Griexiftger*s Disease, C* 
fo poisontni,^ from malignant tumors. C, 
Ikin's disease, q. f. C». Malarial* chronic 
ler's, dochm:a£is. C, Pachydenn'ic, myxe> 
pica, that associated with splenic cnlarge- 
bri'va or thyreopri'va^ a cretinoid state 
Kation of the thyroid gland. C.» Thy'lOid. 

fkl*-skun. Trnmoderate laughter. 
Il troche to sweeten the breath, 
r-lr-a/i. A morbid state of the bile. 
f-U-ak. Deprax'cd cby I ifi cation. 
ff'-jnthah, A had condition of the fluids 
W^pg-ah. Gangrene of the vulva. 
^ Of an offensive odor. 
m-^us. With a foul smell. 
As(CHs)3. A poisonous oily fluid from 

A salt of cacodyHc add, tht sodium 
are used in medicine. 

1. Malignant; fll -conditioned. 2. A 

i^i-ak'-ie-ah. A bad cond!t!t>ii of th« milk. 
w-irik. Dyspeptie. 

IKnfvwcr. Monstrous or pathotogfc growth 
lb: Afjt/ti^rh9Uf ctMiditfon or dtsessc. 
|H A tfisagret?^hfif^ stAte af thc^ Tr^/be 
Waa of ttisv^ased mntcturt^a 


Calcined, kaifsind. Subjected to calcination. 
Calcis, Of, kaif'Sis. The heel-bone. 

Caldum, kat^-se-um. A metal, the basis of lime. C. Car'boiuite, 
CaCX^s. chalk. 

Calcoid, kaV'koid. A neoplasm of the tooth-pulp. 

Calculif ragoitt. Having the x^ower of dissolving calculi. 

Calculous, haV-kU'lus. Of the nature of a calculus. 

Calculus, kaV-ku'lus: A stone-like concretion formed in the 
body. C^ Arthrif ic, a gouty concretion. C, Bil'iary, a gall- 
stone. C, Bron'chial, one in an air-x>assage. C^ Cata'neous, 
milium containing lime-salts. C, Fu'sible, a urinary calculus 
composed of phosphates of ammonium, calcium, and magne- 
sium. C, He'mic, one formed of blood coagula. C, Lac'tetl 
or Mam'mary, a calcareous nodule in the lactiferous ducts. 
C, Mttl'berry, the oxylate of lime variety, like a mulberry in 
form and color. C, Na'sal. See Rhinolith. C, Proc'tatic, 
one in the prostate gland. C, Re'nal, a stone formed in the 
kidney. C, Sarivary, one in a duct of a salivary- gland. 
Cn Sc'rumal, tartar on the teeth from serum of diseased guxns. 
Cn U'terine, an intrauterine concretion; wombstone. C, 
Ves'ical, a concretion in the bladder. C, Xan'thlc, a urinary 
calculus of xanthic oxid. 

Caldani's Lig'ament. A fibrous band extending from the inner 
border of the coracoid process to the lower border of the clav- 
icle and upper border of the first rib, where it unites with the 
tendon of the subclavius muscle. 

Caldarium, kaUda'-re-um. A hot bath. 

CsiefACienU kal-^-f a' -she-ent. 1. Warming. 2. A medicine caus- 
ing a sensation of warmth. 

Caleidic, kal-i'-dik. A better term than cosmetic, q. v. 

Calendula, kal-en'-du-kih. A genus of plants. C. offldiuiflis, 
marigold; it is used in sprains and bruises. 

Calendulin, kal-ertf-du-lin. A principle from flowers of Caten- 

Cal'enture. A delirium of the tropics from excessive heat. 

Calibrate, kaV-ib-rat. To graduate an apparatus from a given 

Calibration, kal-ib-raf-shun. The act of calibrating. 

Cal'ibrator. A conic instrument for measuring openings. 

Calices, kaf-lis-is. PI. of Calyx. C. of the Kid'neys, cup-Uke 
tubes of the ureter in the kidney. 

Caliper, kaV-ip-er. An instrument for measuring diameters. 

Calisaya, kal-is-a'-yah. A variety of cinchona. C. Bark, yellow 
cinchona bark, from Cinchona calisaya. 

CaUsthetilcB, kal-is-ihen^-iks. A system of light symnastics. 
CmUx, jta'-ZiJ^s. See Calyx. 
Callaway'a Teat. In dislocation of the humerus the circumiet- 
once of the affected shoulder, measured over the acTomkm wA 
thrxnigh the axilla, is greater than that of the sound side. 





I Iilete. NcstB of UvBe stdlaU) eetlft ta««r- 
U oeate of sninute pymmid&I oeIU« found Id thd 
ipocampal gyrus, 
vivincction q{ anesthetixed animals. 

II in wbkh the patiextt beHevet toveif ml* 

, Pertaining to the callosiiin, 
pction of the skin characterized by calicaities. 
lit, A hardened spot on the skin. 

I&ting to the catlosal and marginal gyn cjI 

ge of white nerve substance joming: tbe hem 
Same as Corpus culhsum, Trabs cttchti 

, indurated. 
A cttUosity, 2* A new bony deposit abuul 
per^mancDt, the permanent bond of bony union 
lif the C.f PravlsloDAi, or cartilage-like matenal 

tA sedative. 
-iv, L Quieting; sedative. 2. A sedative 

feiiaO'tuberculin Te^ A dioRnostic measure 
■Bcnco or absence of tuberculosis. It consists 
BD into the eye of a drop o( a one per cent* 
m of an alcoholic precipitate of Kocb't old 
positive reaction the coniunctiva becomes 
[fibrinous exudate forms in the lower conjtmc- 
hc inner canthua, 
itinal disinfectant. 

HgiQt. Mild eihliwid of mnfainr. a mam^ 


Calx, kalks. 1, Th« becL 2. Ltme or chalk. C. chlora'ta, 
chlorinated lime. C. sulphura't«, sulphurated lime. C ^'v^. 

Ca^lyces. Same as Malices. 

CaJyclfoTm, cal-isf-if-orm. Cup-ahaped, 

Calyx, ka'-Uks, A cup-like enshea thing structure, as one of the 
funneUshapcd tissues surrotindinR the retial pyramids, C. 
(yvmn, the wall of the Graafian follicle, from which the ovw 
has escaped. 

Cambium, kam* -int-^m. That portion of the stem in a plai 
situated between the phloein, and the xylenu 

GtmbOKiA* kam-'htZ-it-ah. Gamboge, q. v. 

Ctmen, ham^-er-c^. 1, A chamber or vaulted structure, 2. The 
fifth ventricle of the brain. C, aquo'sa, the anterior aqueous 
chamber of the eye. C, cor'dis, the enveloping membrane of 
the heart, the pericardium. C. oc^uli, the cliamber of the c] 

Camisole, kamf^s-ot. The straight-jacket for the restraint 

Cammidge's Test, A test for the detection of pancreatic dise&i 
by examination of the urine for a substance probably pentose. 

Camomile, kum'-o-mil. See Chamontih. 

Camper's Chi'asm. The crossing of the inner fibers of the tendons 
of the fle.xor sublimls digitorum (see Table of Muscles) after 
they have sepamted to give passage to the tendons of the deep 
flexor. C/s Li8:'ameDl:, triangular ligament; the deep perineal 
fascia. C/s Line, a line running from the external auditory 
meatus to a point just below the nasal spine. 

Camp Fe'ver. A synonym of typhus fever. 

Camphene, kant^-fcn. Any one of a group of volatile hydrocai 
bona having the formula CioHip, 

Cam'phold. An alcoholic solution of pyroxylin m camphor, 

Cam'phoL OU of camphor; bomeol. 

Campbolyptus, kam-fo-lip^-tus, A proprietary external anodyi 
containing chloral, eucalyptol, and camphothymic acid. 

Camphopheaique, kam-fo-fen-ek' . A proprietary external anti- 
septic composed of camphor and phenol, 

Cam'pbor. CioHi«0, A solid volatile oil from the tree Cin\ 
inoffiutn campkora; antispasmodic and rubefacient. 

Camphoraceout, kam-Jof-{]f-se'US. Resembling camphor 

Campborate, kaffi* -for-dt A basic salt of camphoric acid. 

Camphorated, kant'-for-a-ted. Impregnated with camphor. 
Oil, camphor liniment; camphor (201, cottonseed oil (80), 

Camphoromanift, JbaM-/<»r-d-mo'-w#-a/». The camphor-habit. 

Campboroi^oU A preparation of camphor, hydrogen peroodd, 
nil, used In otology as an antiseptic and deodorant. 

C. CiyHt^O^ A volatile product of csmphor and si 




r of ■ 





ntine obtained from Ahin hahmiW9i 
\Erig«ron. C Pitch, See Fix canadnnis, 
i Asarnm canadfnsf. 

i herb Apocynum cannabinum; the root U 

An alkaloid fTom Hydrastis canadensis, 
tion of petTOieum used as a looAl &oe»- 

i for carrying the fluids of the body. C 

If^i canaL C, Alimeo'tary, the whole 

the mouth to the anus. C^ A'naU the 

ctum, or space between the rectum proper 

I Arach'noid, a space beneath the arachnoid 

brainy it transmits the great veins of Galen, 

ibe duct of the primitive kidney. C, Arte'- 

jHeriaL C, Au'ditory, Exter'nAl, the space 

|fiic membrane and the external meatus of 

vdltory, InUftuA, the passage-way in the 

Ihe facial and auditory nerves and blood* 

rular, (1) the external auditory canal; (2) 

ne overlapping of the auricle and ventrklo 

Theart. C, Bul'lular. Sec Prtii's CanaL 

iinlc, two or three short canals from the 

k tympanum; they transmit branches of the 

L Carotid, one in the petrous bone which 

brnal carotid artery. C, Cer'vical^ C. of 

||t part of the uterine canal between the 

taal OS. C^ Cochlear, the spiral cavity of 

m'nU ^meA&CFemoraL C,s, Desti^aalf 
1- — »j — * »* .*_ — jj. J .- t . t. ^ — _ — ^* — 


Med^oUsry* (1) the cemm^Snal of the nervous system; C2J 

the cavity of a long bone cont&inmg the marrow, C.» Tfa'sal; 

(U one if posterior portion of the n^al bone tmnsjnitting the 

nasaJ nerves; (2) the lacrimal canal. C^ ITasopal'atine, the 

incisor canal. C^ Httt'ial. See C. Medullary. C^ Ne*ir- 

entar'ic, a communication between the archenteroo and the 

medullary eanaL C, Obturator, a small canal in the obturator 

membrane for the passage of the obturator vessels and ncrvei 

C.s, Pal^atiae, irrnall canals in the maxillary and palatine bokies 

ILh for the transnuijsion of the palatine vessels and nerves; there 

^^B are four: an anterior, two accessory, and a posterior. €», 

^^B Partu'deot, the channel through which the fetus passes in 

^^P parturition, C, Por'tal, the space in the capsule of Glissoo ol 

^^r the liver, in which the portal vein, hepatic arter>', and bfle- 

f duct He, C, Pter'yjoid. See Vidian Canal. C, Pterygo- 

1 pal'adne, one in the sphenoid and palate bones which transmits 

^^K' the vessels and nerve. C, Sacculococb'lear, one joining the 
^^H saccule and cochlea, C, Sa'cral» the continuation of the 
^^P vertebral canal in the aacrura, Cs, Semicir'cular, three bony 
^B canals of the labyrinth of the ear. C Spermat'iCj (I ) the vaa 
^" deferens; (2) the inguinal canal m the male. C, Spi'nal, |he 
canal formed by the vertebra transmitting the spinal cord 
C, Spfral. Same as C, Cochlear, C, Temporoma'lar. See 
C, Zygomati otemf*oral, C, Tubotym'panal, the inner division of 
the first gill-cleft in the embryo. C, Tym'panic, one opening 
on the lower surface of the petrous bone, transmitting Jacdb- 
son's nerve. C^ U'tedne, the whole cavity of the uterus. Ci, 
V«^ttOos. See Ouci, Venous. C, Vcr'tebral, Same as C, 
Spinal. C* Eygomatkotem'poral, one running from the 
orbital to the temporal stirface of the malar bone, transmitting 
a branch of the superior maKiIIary ner\'C. 

iic\ilar, kaH'al4k*'H-Uir, Pertaining to a canaliculus. 
C^nalicuius, teJM-aJ-i^-i*'/uj. A small canal or groove 
Canalia^ kan*-a4ls. Same as Canal. 

Canaliza'tion. The formation of a channel or canal, as in a clot, 
Can'cellate, Cancella^'ted. Resembling lattice- work. 
Cancelli, kanseV^i, The divisions of the interior of bOnc. 
Cancellous* kan' -sel-^ki. Resembling lattice- work- 
Cancer^ kan*-S€r, See Carcinoma, C.. Ad'enoid, a malignant 
form, chiefly composed of tubules lined with epithelium. C. 
^^ aqtia'ticus, cancrum oris, C, Black, melanotic cancer, C- 
^^^ cell, an epithelial cell of carcinoma. €*« Clay-pipe, smokers* 
^^P^ cancer. C, CoUeid, one containing oDllotd material. C^ 
^^ Enceph^atoid. Same as C. , S£>/J, C. en cuirasge, disseminated 
cancer of the skin of the thorax. C, Epithe'lial, epithelioma. 
Mmrd, one with excess of fibrous tissue. C.-juke, the 
bi/Jcy juice of carcinoma. C, Med'ttJlary, Same aa C, Sv/t 
' ^^^^^^ ^ Pi&tiented cancer, C.-nw^ a mass ol <aiTicei- 
C^ ScU^rhous, See C„ Hard. C, Smo'l£«Ts\ cpH\ii^ 




Bp^u^^fitiia^io^^rara'A pipe. C .» Soft» rnip 
I chiefly of cells, 
■.Hon* kan-stir-a^-shuH. Developinent into a cancer, 
, kan''S€r-in, A ptomaio found in the urine, in uterine 

Jko«'-»f-WM- The tendency to cancerous lornaa 
lHuicerous, kat/ser-iiS. Of the nature of a cancer. 
Illftsoiform, kan^ -krif-ofm. Like a cancer. 

ElKikcroid, kangf-kr&id. I, Like a cancer. 2, An epithelioma, 
C Cor'puscles, the pearly bodies of squamous epithelioma. C. 
in'cen See Rodent UUer. 
Ctocroiii, kan^-kro-in. The alexin of cancer-poison, 
CiAcrum, kan^'krum, A rapidlir progressivfl ulcer, C. or'is, 
ipuierenotsa ulceration of the mouth. C. pudea'dl. See Noma 
dotriA Bark. The inner bark of Canetla alba; it is an aromatic 

tonic and bitter stomachic, 
lOMlBe, ka'-ttin. ResembUng or pertaining to a dog, C. Eml' 
IKOOe, the ridge over a canine tooth. C. Fos^sa, the depression 
l«hiad the canine eminence. C» Mad'^nesSj hydrophobiaj g. v, 
C. Teeth, the cuspid or dog-teeth. 
Ck&bnii^ €aH-i^'ntts. The Levator anguU oris, q. to. in Muschs, 

TabU of, 
Cidties, kan-ish*'e-es. Grayncss of the hair» 
Ctoker^ kang'-k^r, A cancerous or gangrenous sore* 
Cttis&benfr, kan'-ab-in, CiaH«o. A volatile oil from Cannabis 
tatkxt. C- Hydrid, CiaHts, a poisonous volatile oil from canna- 
GoDabiiit kar/'ab'in. A hypnotic resin from hemp. 

ita'doo. CitHi»0, Red syrup from hemp; narcotic, 
'fiibinc^ A crystalline alkaloid from hemp; it i^ hypnotic. 
CUoAbinoU kan-ab'-in-oL An active constituent of hemp. 
Cutnabin'^oa. CnHijO. A hypnotic from Cannabis sath>0. 
Cta'aabifi. Henip; a genus of narcotic, antispasmodic, and aphro- 
dkiac plants. C. itidi^ca, the plant C. sativa^ grown in India. 
C. tati'vap coxrunon hemp. 
Cuuubtsm, kafif-ab'isnu The poisoning from hemp. 
EiliiaAbitef anil}. Alkaloid from hemp, a convulsant. 

kattf'H-lak, A surgical tube armed with a stiletto, 
kap^-un. The metacarpal and metatarsal region in horses 
cattle. C Boafly the metacarpal or metatarsal bone in 

fl Paste. Zinc chlorid mixed with fiour and water. 
's Di'eC* An exclusive meat diet in diabetes. C/i 
leot, a method of treating cholera by b\g.Vi eTvevoaXa. 
e QUAntities o{ water containing tincture ot opiuta :!Lt\4 
Aaamcacfc/ at a, tempcmture q( from 100° to 104* ^. 
iC6«4 kan'-tkaL Pertaining to the canthus 
lis ' 


Relating to cantliaridea, 

OanlliAildat kon-iha/Ad-aL 

CcnUo'dion, See Collodion. 
Cttntla*ride», kan-ttia/ -id-is. The plural of Caniharis. 
Cm.thBi'ldln* CiuHijO*. The active principle of CaniAarii. 
Cftatharidism, kan-tfia/ 'id-ism. Poisoning by canthaiis. 
C&atharla, kan'-t^uir-is, Span.ish>fly; the dried and 

beetle Caniharis ifesicatoria; vesii::ant and Btrtnulant. 
Cantl&ectomyf kan-tktk^-to-ms. The excision of a canthua* 
Caathilis, kan-thi'-tis. Inflamnmtion of the canthua, 
Canthoiyais, kan-tho^-is-is. The surgical division of a can 
Can'^thopLasty. A plastic •operation on the canthiui. 
Caathorrliaphy, kan-tko/'af-e. Suturing of the canthus, 
Canthotomyp kan-tho^-o-me. Division of the canthua. 
CanthuBt kan'-thus. The palpebral angle. 
Can'hu gal'U. Child-crowing. 
Canula, kan'-uAah. See Catirtfcla, 
Caoutchouc, ko(/'Ckook. India-rubber, the prepared juice 

various tropical trees, 
Cap*cUy, faj-^a/-+/-#. 1. Ability. 2. Cubic extent. C^Wtt 

the volume of air that can 1>e expelled after a full insptrati 
C«]>e]et, Cflpulet, kaf/'Sl-tt, kap^-utet. A swelling at the sun 

of a horse's hock or elbow. Sec Capped Hock. 
Capelloe Ban'da^e, kap^-el-ctu A hood-bandage for a stump. 
Ca^piat* lastrumcnt for removing polypi from the uterus^ 
CapUlaire^ kap'-itdr. Cough-syrup from j4d*a»/«w. 
<^pUlaf€Cta'8ia. Dilatation of the capillaries. 
Capillary, kap^ -Hare. I. A minute blood-vessel. 2. Like i 

hair. C. Bronchi'' tia, inflannmation of the finer bronchid 

C, I>ra.iii'^aB!^e, drainage by wisps of hair. 
CapQ.ijcul''tttre. Treatment for improvement of the hair«* 
CapUlurgy, kayil-er-je. The art of destroying superfluous I 
Capita" turn* The large bone of the carpus; the os niagnum, 
CapUellum^ The rounded eminence on the lower end of humis 
Capif ulum. The knobbed end of a part of an organ. 
Capped Ho€k, A swelling on the point of a horse's hock fromi 

bruise, C, Knite, a dropsical collection in the bursa in front' 

of a horse's knee-joint. 
CApraaica*s Reac'tion for BUe Pig'menta. Add to the soluti 

chloroform containing some bromin, and shake: it becon 
I first green, blue- violet, yellowish -red, and finally colorle 

I If the green or blue solution be etmken with HCI, the color 1 

I destroyed by the acid. C.'tReac'ttoasforGua'nin. 1. A wan 

I solution of guanin hydrochlorid with a cold saturated soluti 

I of picric acid gives a yellcTW precipitate occurring as silk 

I needles. 2. Add to a guanin solution a concentrated solutio! 

^^^ of potassium ferricyanid; a yellowiaU-bTOnm vTsmatic yn 
^^^L^jyitat^iaformedn 3. Ontheadditlcmotacot»ciet\Vt»>''wA*arfLu^ 
^^^f potoMsium chroomte tc» su&cim »dlut4»tv& &xl ^t%a 


faring tetidHts; ^dnl ^shaped. 

apiag; of irregular motion, 
fttilc oil found in butter, 
f-in. A ptomain in putrefying yeaat. 
Hfdrocarbon from capryl alcohol. 

Tricapr>'Un; derived from butter. 

anta, C. bursa -pastoi'ls, shepherd** 

nostatic and antt^orbutic, 
IBhOs. An oleorc&in from Capsiettm, 

f A genus of plants. C. fastiKia'tum* 
lerful stimulant. 

L The same as Capstdotomy, 
IB Capsule, [nt0rnal. 

prtaining to a capsule, C. Cat'amcU 
lent deposits on the inner surface of the 

ta ligament around a movable joint. 
tm. Inclosing in capsules, as drugs* 
I xnembranous sac inclosing a part. 2- 
ng certain organisms. 3. A soluble shell 
Ecines. C, Atrabil'iary. Same as C, 
iltory. See Auditory, C, CaTHIafe, 
I cavities containing the cartilage cclla, 
i nerve- fibers "fofming xjart of the outer 
tular nucleus. C„ Inter'aaU a layer of 
Lthe optic thalamus and caudate nucleus 
ieus. C. of Lens, a membrane inclosing 
L Ifa'sal. See I^aml C, Op' tic. See 
\f the glandular body at the apex of the 

Ir Inflammation of capsule of lens of eye, 
pf-#nO-f#< Relating to the capsule ol 
I body. 

tting to the lens and its capsule, 
^pu*-p4S-a-r0, Relating to the capsult 


ptnent for performing capsulotomy. 
|>ti of the capsule of the crystalline lens- 
ige of the hypnotic trance, 
nic acid and chloral; antiseptic. Used 
of the hair. 

Four fixed points of the pelvic 
neal eminences anteriorly and the two 
^- Afytf cJiiefp«rt 0/ xn Ofjinn. C. CO'U, 

f cnlarsied ffnd of tfie posterior MTSkV 

-Z gmima^tma, « ehiid s fy^d emmwm 





Ing at birth covered with th« caul. C» gsUiiuie'iidi, S«ft| 

Verumontanum, C» m«du'5ae» a venous diluladoa tn 

the tiavcl C, ob'atipimi* torticollis, C. succed 

suk-ss-da^''$if-ttmt a serosa nguineouH tumor on tlie pn 

imrt of the fetus. 
Capudo* kap'-u-tin. A proprictarj'^ remedy containing acetafli 
Caraate, kar-alt-ah'-la. See Mai dc lo:s pintos. 
Caragheen, kar^-ag-en. See CJwndrus, 
Caramelt kat^ -unt-el. Anhydrous or burnt sugar. 
Caraway, kai^-ixh-VLHi. Sco Cantm. 
Carbamate, kaif* -bam-dU A salt of carbamic acid. 
Carbamidf, kar-bam'-id, Vrea. 
CarbasuSr ka/'bas-us. Lint; surgical gauxe. C. carbola'ta,! 

botized gauze. C. icMdolornia'ta, iodoform gauise. 
CartjC'nia. A genus of plants of the order Composite. Ct I 

iJIc'ta, bles&ed tliistle, ia a tonic, 
Carblnol. ka/bin-ol CHiOH. Methyl alcohol. 
Carbo, kar'-bo. Charcoal. C. anima'^lla, aniinal charco«t, \ 

coloriKing agent. C. 11^ ai, wood charcoal, absorbent aod i 

Carbohemia, kar-bo-ht^-tne-ah. Imperfect oxidation of the bl4 
C9.rbohydrate, kaf-bo-hi^'dnlt, A compound of carbon with \ 

drogcn and oxygen, the latter bcin£ in the proportion to i 

Carbohydratu'ria. An excess of carbohydrates in the urine. 
Carbolate. kar'-bol'-di. 1. A salt of carbolic acid. 2, To I 

pregnatc with carbolic acid. 
Carbolfuchsin* kat-hol-fuf^ -sin, A solution of fuchsln and i 

bolic acid in alcuhQl and water, used as a stain in pathok 

and bacteriological work, 
Carbolism, kaZ-holizm. Poisoning by carbolic acid. 
CarboLize. kar^-bol-U, To impregnate with carbolic acid. 
Carboluria, har-bol-u^-re-ch. Carbolic acid in the urine. 
Carbon, kar^bon. A nonmeUl occurring in the fonns of i 
_ mond^grapliitc, and charcoal, the latter only being 

^^^K medicine. C, I>ioz'id» carbonic acid gaa, COs*. a pungfl^ 
^^^ asphyxiant gas, the product of respiration. C. Disulphid* C 
^^^ a poisonous local anesthetic. C* Mon'oxld, carbonic UXMJ 

I poisonous gas. CO, the product of imperfect combustion. 

■ Caybonate^ kar^-bon-dt. A compound of carbonic acid and a I 
I Carbonated. Containing or impregnated with carbonic acid-^ 
I Carbone'mUi* An accumulation of carbon dioxid in the blo< 

■ Carbonization, kar-bon-ic-if -shun. Conversion into carboo*^ 
I Carbonize, kaZ-bon-U, To turn into charcoal. 
I Carbooometry, kar-bon-oni'-et-re. The determinatioa U 
I quantity of carbon dioxid exhaled m t\ve bteatb. 
I * Carboayl, ^af^-boH-U. A by pothcUc otRamc mANfrXt, CO . 


CO. OH. A ttypothctfc fadicle. 
, kar^-buHk-fd, ^r imn¥-ki* Ins. A large 
fttjon ol the jmbcutaneouft lissus. 
W'Btc Coltes*s Fajcia. 
\f^sls, A canc«?Tt!nis tilcer, 
Resctnbling a crab of a cancer, 
^ma/t. Cancer; a malisnant tumor with ttia 
cHoid cells. Cm Chioi'ney-«w©ep'*rm\ Sec 
aUculuf'ef a form of scirrhous cancer. 
^n-o-mat-o'-sis, A condition in which CM* 
wy diasetninated. 

rUinrng to or of the nature of carcinoma. 
^n-o-mel'ko' -sis. A cancerous islceration, 
r mixed tumor ha\Hing the eharact^rib of 
boma; it usually affects the thyroid gtand. 
bduction and development of cancer, 
j^muia. Malabar cardamom; ttee fiuit of 
mum; warm aromatic. 
L See Olhmr's Symptom . 
I, The heart. 2. An orifice of the stomach, 
f Pertain»ng to tho heart or oardia. C» 

Jrah. Gout of the heart. 
te^aft. Heartburn; pain in the heart, 
bformation of the heart. 
mh-an-ai^-tro-fe. Congenital dislocation of 
P»t aide of the thorax, 
bg the heart, 2* A remedy that aflEecU the 

ak^-se-ah* Inooerdtnatioa of the conirac- 

ai-^e^-fi-aK Atrophy of the heart. 
f'tds-is. Dilatation of the heart. 
\ i^nimal eattract from beef -hearts. 

Chief or principal. C. Points, the main 
» Of pelvis, C, Veins, the primitive jugular 

t'de-o-ak-se^-er-a-iar. Incre^ng the rat« 

kar-d&'O-a-OT'-tik, The Interval betweea 
he arterial pulse. 
Ifcintng to the heart and arteries. 
W-d^'0-aug-m«n'-tor* Increasing the vigor 

Hernia of *h* heart. 
ir-*<_<»w: Asp/rat fctfi of fJw htfurt. 
ir'-**if^, 7!**? same »s Cunfia/^m, g. #t 
a»rcf/a/gjji. ^, An^urymtn of 



Cardiogram, kar'-dt-^gram. Tracing made by cardiogmpl). 
Car'diosimph. An instrument for recording the heart-motk 
Cardlogrmphyt kar-de-o^'Taf-e. 1. A description of the beaj 

2. Examination with the cardiograph. 
Cardioinhibltory. Controlling the heart s action, 
Car^tiolith, kaf -de-o-liih. A cardiac concretion. 
Gardiolofl^f kar-dt'O^'O-jt. The science of the heart. 
CardiolyBb, kar-dt-oi^ -is-is. Resection of the ribs and steniil 

over the pericardium to free the latter from its adhesions I 

the anterior chest-wall in adhesive mcdia&tinopericarditis. 
Cardiomaia'cia. A softening of the heart -substance. 
Cardiopalmua, kar-da-o-paV-mus, Palpitation of the heart. 
Cardiopathy^ kar-de-op^-athe. Any heart- disease, 
Carftiopericardi'tis. Infkmmation of the heart tissues and pi 

Cardioplegia, kar-de-o^W-je^ah, Paralysis of the heart, 
CardiapneumatiCp kaf-de-o-nu-maf-ik. Pcrtaininis to the hei 

and the lungs. C. Move'mentf, movementti of the air in \ 

lungs from the pulsation of the heart, 
CardlopneumOKraph, kar-de-o-nu* -mo-graf. An instrument I 

recording the cardiopneumatic movements. 
Cardlapto'sU. Downward displacement of the heart, 
Cardlopuncture, kar-d*~o-pungk^-tur, CardiocentesLs. 
Cardlopylor'ic. Relating to the heart and pylorus, 
Cardlorrhaphy, kat'de-^-af't. Suturing of the heart. 
CardiorrhexiSt kar-da-or-rek^'is. Rupture of the heart. 
CardioBclero'sis. A hardening of the heart-tissues. 
Car^dioapasm* A spasmodic contraction of the cardiac end 

the BtOTTtach, 
Cardiospbygmographt kar-de-a-sH^-mo-graf. An instrument 1 

the simultaneous recording of the heart and pulse movemicnl 
Cardlostenoflis, kar-de-o-ste-tu/ -sis. Stenosis of the heart-valvt 
Cardiotomy, kar-de-of-o-me. Dissection of the heart. 
Cardiotromus, kar-de-of-ro-mus. Fluttering of the heart. 
Cardiovas'cular. Relating to the heart and the blood-vessels. 
Carditis^ kar-di*-Hs. Inflammation of the heart. 
CardoU kdr^-doL CiiHjoOi. An irritant oil from caahew-nnt, 
Car''duus. See Carbenia. 
Car'grile-mem'braiie. See Membrane, 

Carica papa'ya, kaj^-ik-ah. The tree yielding the iiapaw, q, 
Carlclnt kar'-is-in. See Papain, 
Carlea, karris. Ulcerous inflammation of bone. C», Dry, Si 

C. sicca. C. fungc/aa, tuberculoiiis of bone with granulatia 

from the medullary merobrane, C, Necrot k, caries with 1 

death and discharge of fragments of bone, C. tic'ci, tub 
cuJat caries without the formation ol pua. 

ka~ri*-4s-4n, A medicinal t»T«t»s-Ta.t\on cA cwWnjsN* 
'om^ i. .Any keel-lik© atructute* 2. K meaviA rA^^^tj 


jfted, Keeled; resembling « ked. 
Pertaining to caries. 
A glucosid from the bark o£ Cariisa ovala. 

u A stain u^ed in histological work, 

in, I part, aium, 10 parts, water, 100 parta. 

pHiiOio, A coloring- matter from cochineal. 

ln*-at-iv. A medicine expelling flatui. 

-oo^-bak. The Bnuilian palm Coptmicia 

it8 root; it is an alterative. C, wax, wax from 

of the carnauba, 

i4f-ttf. Fleshy. C, Cortunnat the colurnne 

L change of lisaues to a fleshy consistence. 
An extractive of mitaclc. 
nhZ-o-rm, Flegh-cating, 
tn. A mixture of booe-tnarrow with fibrin 
Resembling or pertaining to flesh. 
A solution of gelatin, 5 to 10 per cent., in 
It is used as a local hemostatic. 
sh. C. luxu'rianst proud-flesh. 
fifhlL. See Jacaranda. 
The carrot. 

Producing sleep or stupor. 
The principal artery of the neck. C. Afttiy, 
of the neck- C, Plex'us* the nerve-plcxm 
btid artcr>'. C. Tti'berclc, the anterior tubercle 

s process of the sixth cervica! vcrtebm. 
Iral principle from carrots 
-gToA. Pain in the wrist. 
in. ChHjtNO.'. An alkaloid from papaw. 

Pertaining to the carpus or wrist. 
bV-o-jv. Delirious picking at the bed-clothes. 
L Pertaining to the carpus and metacarpus. 
H, kar-po-p^'dal. A symptom of rickets, con- 
htction of the thumbs and great toes. 
if&'lif-sis. Wrist-drop. 
pozA'-mah, An alcoholic ferment. 
[ The wrist, wrist- joint, or carpal articulation. 
kaf'-ag-in. See Chondnti. 

I ScTofulosis and tuberculosis of digestive organs, 
iution. Seo Daktn. 

persons who^nnknowingly, harbor germ& and 

Verrugas peruana; Peruvian wart. 
A liniment of linseed oil and lime-water, 
gft Cjii//f*0. /%vwffc/6B ofCMTrots and toms toes, 
U-M/hJcxfosif pradac0ct by sai/tray tra veling. 
A rmcwnoaer Mrraffgcausat of tubervaJar 


Carthftmlxu karthf^M-in, CuHiaOr. Co^nl^pH^Bw fjwu 
sa Slower. 

Cafthamus. A genus of plants, C. tincto'fitts, false or Amciicaii 
$atTron, safRower; flowers diaphoretic* 

C«rtilAgi9. kar'-til-df. Gristle; a nonvascular elastic tissue aoftwr 
than bone. C, Artic'ulftr, thAt lining the articular surfaces d 
bones. C, Aiytenoid. Set^ Arytenoid. C.CeUa or Cor'puflde^ 
ccmnective tissue cells in matrix of cartilage. C, Cos^taU that 
lying between the true ribs and the sternum* C.» Cri'cold. 
See Cricoid, C», Cune'iform. See WrisbtTg's Cattilagfi, C^ 
En'siform, the third piece of the sternum. C», Epac'- 
tal, cartilaginoua nodules on the upper edge of the alal 
cartilage of the nose, C^ Hy^ aline, that marked by a gnuuiJar 
or homogeneous matrix. C** Pal'pebral, the connective titisue 
forming the framework of the eyelids, C, Parachor'dal* See 
Parachordal, C, Retic'ular, that having a matrix consisUfl* 
of reticulated yellow libers. C, Ses'amoid (of the nose). See 
_ C, Epactai, C, Tar'sal. See C. Palpebral C.» Xi'pboiit 

^H See C Ensiform. C, Y-, See Y, C, Yeriow. See C* 
^^B Reticular, 
^™4t3artilflgin, kar-til' -aj-m- See Ckondrigfin. 

CartilagLnifica'tioD, Conversion into cartilage. 

Cartilagin'iform, Cartilag'inoid. Resembling cartilage. 

CardlagiQous, kar-tit-aj' -in-Hs , Of the nature of cartilage. 

Cartila'go. A cartilage. C, ala'ria ma'jor, the lower lateral 
cartilage of the nose. C. ala'ris mi^nor, one of the Icsacr alar 
cartilages of the nose. C. auric' ul« or au'rU, the cartilage 
of the pinna of the ear, C. ba^la'ris, the cricoid ca^rtilagc, 
the fibrocartilage in the foramen lacentm medium, C. 
comicula'ta, the comiculum laryngis. C cricoide'^a, the 
cricoid cartilage, C cuneifof'mis, the cuneiform cartilage ol 
thie larynx. C. ensifor'iKiiSp the xiphoid cartilage. C* epl- 
gloftica, the cartilage of the epiglottis. C. na'sl latera'lis, 
the upper lateral cartilage of the nose. C. osses^cens, carti- 
lage destined to become bone. C. sep'd na'si, cartilage of the 
nasal septtmi. C. thyreoide'a, the thyroid cartilage. C 
tHti'cea, a cartilage in the lateral thyrohyoid ligament. C* 
ta'hm auditiv'ie, the cartUagc forming part of the Eustachiaa 
tube. C. vomeronasalis, the vomerine cartilage or cartilage 
of Jacobaon. C, Wrisberg'iL Same as C. cun^iformis* C« 
zyphoi'des^ the xiphoid or ensiform cartilage. 

Camm, kt^-r%tm. A genus of plants. C* c&r'vi, caraway; tha 
seeds are carminative. C. pe^tjaeU'^aimi, parsley: diuretic and 
CkruacJei, Jtar'-Mn-U. A small, fleshy growth. C* Lac'dmal* 

013C upon the conjunctiva, near the inner canthug. (X, lilt'' 

i^ralf A small^ painful, red growth on the poaterUit Wp qI 'Cm 
neatua uiiaaiius, 
fVunciilM. Mar^uH'kulah^ The same as Ca^uncU. q. v 


tubercle, betwewn the r * ■-< ' ^r 
I itibUfigUA'lit. a small etevn r 

the tongwe* »t the upcx ir 

The &yniph(e« q. v. C. myrtifor'ines, 

I after mptur*. 

'r degree of coma; complete msettsibittty. 

titudtnal ax:B of the pelvic canals whlt^h 

[having the symphyiii pubi« as it* center 

A constituent of oil of thyme. eU\ C„ 

(antiseptic powder, 

' chief cpnatituenl of oil of caraway. 
il-#'-5*S- See Karyokinwsis. 

See Kary&lysis. 
fril'im^ See KaryomUom*. 

l-'Uf^is, The same as Karyokinfiis, 
iDhf, A crystalline resin from cloves, 
KT-uj. Cloves; the dried flower* bud« of 
■to; it \& a stomachic. 
^azm. The same as Nucleoplasm, 
kk^'is. See KaryorrHexis. 
% The bark of Ery^ophltfum tuintftM: 

ImdtiraB bark; the Ijark of PtcramHui anti- 

hW6 t<jnic. C. SAKim'di, the bark of Rhnm - 

Ul laxative. 

Mh. The bark of Croton tlutmat a KbniU 

^bitter aronjatlc- 

tin. CsH»0». An alkaloid from casoa- 

f A glucosid from Cascara sagrada. 

in albumin-disaolving enzyme obtained 

ii, Trani^orTnation into a cheesy ma^ 

pt clotted protcid of milk: tyrein. 

|^7>*«, The chief proteid oonatituent of 

Q-din. An iodin derivative of casein 

|t product of casein. 
&ving the nature of cheese. C, Degtaera' - 

The collection of memoranda and the 
feds of clinical cases. 
t The fruit of Anacardmm occidtnlait, a 

^tscftarf trmf, ^a^fio^ Mtfr£iff/ the MoetUf 

r^«?-y»jrt. riut ctmoentimt^ juice t%f 


manihot roots, made innocuous by boiling; it is a condiiiieDt, 

and is also used in purulent conjunctivitis. 
Cassaya, kas-a'-vah. The plant Manihot utUissima and other 

species, and also the starch obtained from the poisonous juice 

of the root; this starch, dried by heat, is tapioca. 
Catter'i (Casserius's) Fontanel'. The fontanel formed by the 

temporal, occipital, and parietal bones. C't Hnfl^de, lifs- 

mentous fibers attached to the malleus and formerly described 

as the laxator tympani minor muscle. Ci Per'f osating Henre, 

the external cutaneous nerve of the arm. 
Cassia, kashf-e-ah. A genus of African plants affording aema, 

q, V. C. Bark, C. lig'nea, a variety of cinnamon. C. Buds, 

immature fruit of Chinese cinnamon. C, Purg'inc, the pulp 

of the pods of Cassia fistula. 
CasL 1. A mass of plasti^ matter having the form of the cavity 

in which it has been molded, and it is named, according to its 

source, bronchial, renal, etc. ; and, according to its constituents, 

blood, fatty t granular, waxy, etc. 2. Strabismus. 
Castanea, kas-taf-ne-ah. A genus of trees. C. sati'va, chestnut; 

the leaves are used in pertussis. 
Castellino'i Sign. See Oliver's Sytnptom. 
Castor, kasf'tor. The beaver; it yields castoreum. C. OiL See 

under Oil, 
Castoreum, kas-U/'re-um. An antispasmodic substance from 

the follicles of the beaver. 
Castoria, kas-tc^-re-ah. A proprietary laxative remedy. 
Castration, kas-tra^-shun. Excision of the testicles or ovaries. 
Casualty, kasf-u-al-te. Accidental injury. 
Cataba^al, kat-ah-baf-ze-al. Referring to skulls in which the 

basion is lower than the opisthion. 
Catabasis, kat-ai/-a-sis. The decline of a disease. 
CataboHc, kat-ab-oV-ik. Pertaining to catabolism. 
Catabolin, kat-ab^-o-lin. A product of catabolism. 
Catab'olism. The retrograde chemic changes in the tissues of the 

Catabolite, kat-aiZ-o-lit. Same as Catabolin. 
Catacausis, kat-ak-av/-sis. Spontaneous combustion. 
Cataclasis, kat'<il^ -las-is. 1. A fracture. 2. A distortion of the 

Catadeisis, kat-ak-lV-sis. Spastic closure of the eyelids. 
Cataclysm, kaf-ak-lism. 1. An effusion. 2. A sudden shock. 
Catacrof ic. Elevations in the down-stroke of the sphygmogram. 
Catacrotism, kat-ahf -ro-tizm. The condition of being catacratic. 
Catadicrof ic. Having one secondary expansion, as a inilse. 
CaitcdFcrotism. A divided or double pulsation in the down- 
stroke of the sphygmograph. 
OUmOidymua, kat-a-didf-^-niMS. A twin monster with tba \9««t 
^teAs united into one. 
••■* ^af-ag^-mak. A fracture. 


xi^'UtTr s 

Catatyri0» i 

\ by death 

I 2. Anal 
1 Cataljxtfip 
I Catalyst. 


there isc 


ments to 

below th 

the pow 



Gitsxmct, I 



a, DUl 


gain ao 

the cat 

lens in 



of the 

the le 



tbe ti 



tbe uolon of fmotUT&f. 
ptaynui found in any animal tissue and 
I decomposing hydroget) perajtide, 

A neurosis anocmted with tnuaculur 
fl, without altemtion in circulation, etc 

Afiecied with catalepsy. 
Id. Resembling catalepEy. 
„ A cbemic reaction profDOted by the 
affected substance. 2, Dissolution, as 

Be as Catatyaer, 4. v, 

'^ Produced by or pertaining to catalysis. 


A substance producing catalysis. See 

fok. The menses. 

^. Pertaining to the catamenia. 

p be sprinkled upon a sore. 

^k, A disturbance of speech in which 

^tion of the same word or words. 

LethaEgy attended by short nemis' 

ftif. The aoodal diffusion of inedica- 

pJb. An inclination of the visual axis 


^ kai-af-o-ref-ik, kai-af-99^'ik. Having 

^ osmosis in the direction of a ^Ivanic 

A poultice. 
t, sudden, overwhelming. 
Iiacity of the crystalline lens. C^ Cap'* 
(s on t he inner surface of the capsule . C .. 
t>arency of the outer layers of the lens., 
iated with diabetes. C, Discis'sion of, 
^ capsule to allow the aqueous humor to 
C Eztrac'doa of» surifical removal of 
^C^ Flu^id, the breaking up of an opaque 
C, Green, a greenish reflex seen in 

when the pupil is dilated and the media 
pirent. C, Hard, a hard, grayish opacity 
f Im'maturep one in which only a part of 
cataractous. C, Incip'ient, one in an 
See Ci Fluid. C^ Lamel'lar, one 
Sn layers between the cortex and nucleus, 
beiAP tfsnsparpat, C, Lejal/c^itlAT, one 
^uv'jMfr. CL, MaturiB^^ otw in w-bich the 
■gimtm^c£aus. C^ I*olMr (^xiterior or 
faeSrtacf to one pale ofUm Jeng, Cm 


P]rram'idal, the opacity is at the anterior pole and is conoid, 
the apex extending forward. C, Recur'rent Cap'sular or Sec'- 
ondary, capsular cataract appearing after the extraction of the 
lens. C, Ripe. Same as C, Mature. C, Soft, a soft and 
milky lens-substance. C, Zon'ular. Same as C, Lamellar. 

Cataractous, kat-ar-akf-tus. Having the nature of cataiaet. 

Cataria, kat-a'-re-ah. See Catnep. 

Catarrh, kat-ar'. Inflammation of a mucous membrane. C; 
Epidem'ic, influenza. C, Gas' trie, gastritis. C, lutes' tinal,- 
enteritis. C, Na'sal, coryza. C, Pitu'itous, that character- 
ized by foamy, nonalbuminous sputum or pituita, q. v. C, 
Pul'monary, bronchitis. C, U'terine, endometritis. C, 

(Ver'nal. See Conjunctivitis, Vernal. C, Ves'ical, cystitis. 
Catarrhal, kat-ar'-al. Of the nature of catarrh. 

Catastaltic, kat-as-taV-tik. Astringent, styptic. 

Catastasis, kat-a^-ta-sis. Constitution, state, or condition. 

Catastate, kaf-as-tdt. Any one of a series of successive catabolic 
substances or conditions. 

Catastafic. Relating to catastasis or to a catastate. 

Catatonia, Catatony, kat-at-cZ-ne-ah, kat-atf-o-ne. A form of 
insanity progressing to imbecility. 

Catatropia, kat-at-tr(/-pe-ah. Same as Cataphoria, q. v. 

Cafechin. CigHisOs. A crystalline astringent from catechu. 

Catechol, kat^-e-cliol. See Pyrocatechin. 

Catechu, kaf-e-choo. An extract prepared from the wood and 
bark of Acacia catechu, used in medicine as an astringent. 

Catelectrof onus. Increased nervous irritability near the cathode. 

Catenating, katf-en-a-ting. Connecting, linking. C. A'gue, ague 
combined with another disease. 

Cafgut. A ligature-substance made from the intestines of 

CtLthu^t kath-ar^-sis. 1. Purgation. 2. Breuer and Freud's term 
for emotional relief of a mental trauma. See Psychanalysis. 

Cathartic, kath-ar'-tik. A purgative medicine. 

Cathartin, kath-ar*-tin. See Acid, Cathartic, 

Catheter, katW-et-er. A tube for introduction through a nar- 
row canal into a cavity, usually the bladder. C.-fe'ver, 
fever following the introduction of a. catheter. 

Catheterism, kath'-et-er-izm. The use of the catheter. 

Catheteriza'tion. The use or passing of a catheter. 

Cathodal, kath-(/-dal. Pertaining to the cathode. 

Cathode, kathf-6d. The negative pole of an electric current. C- 
rays, the X-rays. 

Catho'dic. 1. Cathodal. 2. Efferent or centrifugal. 

CathoiicoD, kath-oV -ik-on. A panacea, or universal medicine. 
€^tioii, ^^'e-on. An electropositive element. 
Cmflia, Ca fling. A pointed, two-edged surgical knife. 
^^^^ Cat^nip. The herb Nepeta cataria; stimulant and torite. 
imtoptxic Teat, kainfp'-trifc. The diagnosia of cataract by i 

of theisx 



fceaxd l] 

I of the c 
qnxial ( 



of the 1: 


Cud, hcKwl 

head aft 





Cftnsal, hat 

Caosalsia* , 

CtDsdc, he 


into stid 





Catitery, k 




Cava, toty 

in the 








\ ca.v« 

kcoSS&na tbr ciiptulM d tbe 

thf' laws of thrs reflct' ol Uflht, 
r similar to that of a cat, C/i Ey«» a 
iince of the fundus of the ey«, C/»* 
pupil. C.*l Pttfl^ a peculwr thffll 
f the chest. 
\ typhus in cattle. 

C. cerebel'U, the vermifottn process 
qui' HA, the fibrous lenntnation of the 
I the narrow j>ost.crior portion of tb< 

the posterior extremity, 
ng to a tail. 

r a tail, C. Lobe, the tail-like pfooess 
See Corpus caudatum. 

iThe corpufi caudatum^ «7. tK 
ter'-t'bre* The crura cerehrT. 
■membranes occasionally covering tho 
he omenttim, 
j^ A form of ^iterine Cancer. 
i from CaHlaphytlunt^ 
^m. A genus of herbs. C. thalictrcrf'* 
lluretic and antispasmodic, 
ping to a cause. 

I An intense burning newralgia. 
lesoharotic. C. Ar'rowi, conks sticld 
Laterial. C, Lu'nsT, sil ver nttrate cast 
f ted, stiver nitrate fused with potassium 
botasmum hydrate. C. S&4a, aodittifl 

bA caustic. 

W-skun. The application of a cautery. 

Itibstance c*r instntment for burning or 

be, Ac'tual, heat directly applied, the 

JRlvsn''ic. Same as Gahvinocauitry, q, v. 

I chemic substance. 

p the large veins which opens direcll> 


rtjiining to a cava, 
ation of the adductor masnus of riders. 
An Instnunent for iHumittatine ft 

Hbe cavernous tissue of the ijenis 
^A c»vernous angioma, 

1 spaces, C Bottim, the eorporm 


dSatedbsDocU. C. STom, a sasus on the body cf tlie ^lienoid. 
C. Ttt'flior, ais assgkosa. ?. z. 

Csvilafyf kmf'Hr^i'^rt. HoIIcnr; ba\-i=£ a body-caTitj or inlBS- 
tual tact. C HTdi'tis, myelitis with the fo i iiMt i w of 

C«fft7, hcnf-U^. A hoUow. See usder Abdominal^ Ammikitk, 
Colloid, Glenoid, Pulp, and Ser<ms. C. PtenrapMiftoM'al. 
the oekm or body-cavity. C, Pxepedton'eaL See ROaims's 
Spact. C, Si^moiA, oce of two depressions on the heed «£ the 
tilna for articulation with the zaditis and humerus. 

CMrpraKfOi. Cavus combined with ^*alg^ls. 

Ctetnm, haf-vum. A ca\'ity. C. abdom'inis, the cavity o£ the 
abdomen. C. coa'due, the deepest part of the concave nr- 
I face of the concha. C. den'tis, the pulp-cavity of a tooth. 

CMeckefiL Sot Meckel's Cavity. C. mednlla're, the mednOaiy 
canal of bone*. C. o'ria pro'priiit, the cavity of the mouth 
proper. C. pericard'ii, the pericardial cavity. C pwliw^ d. 
the peritoneal cavity. C. pleur'se, the pleural cavity. C 
Sttz'U. See Retzius's Space. C. sep'ti, the embryonal fifth 
ventricle of the brain. C. ■ubarachnoidea'le, the sobaxachnoid 
■pace. C. fttbdura'le, the subdural space. C. tym'paiii* the 
tympanic cavity. C. u'teri, the cavity of the uterus. 

CftTlMf kaf-viis. 1. A cavity. 2. Talipes cavus, q. w. 

Cfty'enne Pep'per. See Capsicum. 

Cazenave'i Lu'pui. Lupus erythematosus. C.'s Vitil'go. See 
Celsus's Area. 

Ctbocaphal'ia, Ceboceph'aly. The condition of a cebocephalus. 

Ctboceph'alut. A cyclocephalic monster with absence of the 

Ctcal, se^-kal. Pertaining to the cecum. 

Ctcectomy, se-sek'-to-nte. Excision of a part of the cecum. 

Ctdtls* se-sV-tis. Inflammation of the cecum. 

Ctcocele, st^-ko-siL A hernia containing the cecum. 

Cccof'tomy. The formation of an artificial anus in the cecum. 

Ctcum* s^-kutn. The blind pouch at the head of the large in- 

Ced'rin. A bitter principle from cedron leaves; it is antiperiodic. 

Ctdron. sed^'fon. The tree Simaha cedron of tropical America, 
and alto its seeds, used as an antiperiodic. 

Coin, the^-ke. In Fiji, elephantiasis of the scrotum. 

CaUndiii, seV-an-din. See Chelidoniunt. 

Ctlarium* C<Blarium. se-ld^-re-um. The epithelium of the cdom. 

-Ctlt. A suffix signifying a tumor. 

Cal«it«roii, se-lefif-ter-on. Same as Archenteron, q. v. 
Ct^Mjr- The staJJcs of Apium graveolens; it is used as a nervins. 
CrnUa, s^^U^aJk. The belly. 
«jjfa€fc se^-U-a^. PerUining to the belly. C. Ax'ls, a Ynattdh 
^ <&• MbdomiasU aorta 


Cdiemia, s 

nal cut. 


nal cut. 

C. Ganc^JJon, the semilunat 


Celiotomy, 5 

Ceiitis, se-W 

CeO. sel. A 

Add. Sa: 


Air. Seey 

of form. 

Bas'ket, m 

C, Beaker 

cap^sole, a 



down the 

celL C. : 


tive- tissue 

the ovtmi 

between tl 

glar^'^^ an 





Fiber. Se 

CartL O, 

Uoo* those 


Ca, GTan 


a goblet \ 

V *!.••' 


Double monster united mt the 

I in the abdomen. 

An abdomiiml ftn^urysm. 
Abnormal distention of the ab* 

m abdcmiinAl organ. 

prperemia of the abdomiital \'iaoem 

bn of the uterus through an abdomi- 

f-Ur-of-o-fM. 1« Same as C^sar^an 
of the uterus thiougb an abdotni- 

it-tnt-0^'six. Tapping of the abdo- 

i for exaxntning the bpdy-cavilie«. 

! opening of the anterior beily-waU. 
jjftion of abdominat organs, 
bsmic mass, \tauaUy nucleated. C* 
^hmorpkous, Ca, Adelomoi'pliousr 
l| tubules of the cardiac e:land$. C* 
Hd, one capable of motion and change 
k nerve-cell without processes. Cs* 
I stratum cincreum of the cerebellimiu 
H. C-bod'y* the mass of a cell. C- 
bell-walL C^ Cen'tral, Same as C^ 
iRtad. one furnished with cilia. C* 
Klomerattons of nerve- cells running 
P^ Cylin'drlc, a variety of epithelial 
I originating from the division of a 
1^ a proliferation of young connec- 
|e uterine glands taking place after 
i, C.S, Delomor'phons, those lying 
imbrune of the tubules of the cardiac 
^hous cells. C.p Dem'Uuae. See 
li^divis'ioa. See Karyokiwsis. C, 
I cell of embryonic connective-tissue. 
Itposing the endothelium. C^ Epi- 
b epithelium. C^Pat. Sec Fat, C, 
lloor« cells of the Boor of the arch of 
lame as C„ Embryonal. C^ Gaog'- 
|iter of the brain or spinal cord. C«> 
101 from which a neurone is derived, 
clear cells in bone. etc. Cs, Gli^a. 
Pi an epJtheJiisJ c^II bulged out /ika 
Wa. C, Oum/1^. Set* (Pttard, €., 

]prtJ3iTtjeumltabc. C ZympA^* 


Msi'niw, An osteoblast. C, Mat'tolil, one of the hollow air- 
spaces in the structure of the nrnstoid process. C, ]iotli'| 
B multiplying cell, G.» Mo'tor* a nerve-cell generating imptiU 
Cm Mu'coub, a cell which secretes mucus. C^-multipUca'l 
cytogenesis. q. v. C„ My'elcjld, a myeloplax, C*-oeftva 
group of closely packed epithelial cella surrounded by a Con- ^ 
nective- tissue stroma. C, Ifu''ckar. Sec Nuclear, C- 
nu^cteuB, the cytoblast; the areola. C^ Oxyn'tic Same ta 
C-, pelomorphot^. C, Pari'etal. Same as C, Delomorphous. 
C, Pep'tic. Same as C*, Adelomorphous, C, Pifmenfed^ 
one containing granules of pigment- C.-pUte* the forerunner 
of the partition wall in dividing plant-cella. Cr Poraf. See 
under Polar, C, PriclT'le, an epidermal cell furnished witbi 
radiating processes which connect with similar cells, C.HMp, 
the more fluid part of the cell-cantents. C^ Sperm, a spermat- 
ozoon; a spermatoblast, C, Squa'mouB, an epithelial cell 
with a scale-like flatness. C.» Taster a spindle-shaped cell in 

. tastebuda, C-the'ory, the doctrine that cell-formation is 
the essential biogenetic element. C, Vasofac'tive, Vasofot'- 
inativet a cell that anastoninses with others to form blood- 
vesaels. Cf'WaUt the membraiiB surrounding a celL C* 
Wand'erlnj, a leukocyte. 

Cella, sel*-ah. The central portion of the parac^le. 

CelloliliD, scl-oV-din, Concentrated collodion- 
cellular, $isV-H-lar, Composed of cella. C, Tis'sue, areolar 

Cellule, scl'-iiL A minute cell or cavity. 

CellulifugaU selulif^-n-tal. Relating to the tranamisaion of 
impulses from a nerve-cell, 

Cellulipetal, selu-lip'-et-al. Relating to the transmission of 
impulses toward a ncrvc-colL 

Cellulitis^ scl-uW 'tis. Inflammation of cellular tissue C, 
Pelvic, parametritis. 

Cellulocuta''neous. Relating to cellular tissue and tlie skin 

Cell'uloid. A substance made of gun-cotton and camphor. 

Cellulose, seif-ti4ds. Ci.HjoOio. The sjupporting structure or 
framework of plant-ti&sue. For teats see SchultsCt Schnutiavr, 

CeloIo^Ky, se-ioV-oj-f. The study of hernia, 

Celom, xt^'lom. The embryonic body-cavity. 

Celoma, stUtZ-mah. A round aupcrficial ulcer of the cornea.j 

Co'loacope. An instrument for illuminating a cavity. 

CdotoniA. s^lo'io^^ntak. Protrusion of fetal viscera. 

CelosoDius, $4l-<t'5i/'mHS, A monster with deformity of the tn 

Ctlof omyt An incisive operation for strangulated hernia. 

C«*«to^>a A'r«B, Alopecia areata. C.*i Chan'cre, the soft ch 
C.'f KiBftioUt suppurating tingworm^ a pustA 
I hair-f oUic\ea of t\vc «i«\t» 'wi t\T\«a, ^ 
B form of aeutc papuV&t e&i«m& \ 


MAmm^^-menf. A plastic binding material that hardens on 
^^^^^Hr used in dentistry. 

BIHHHlAat, se-tmnf-o-blast. A cell concerned in the forma- 
tion of the ccmentum of the teeth. 

CttneDU/ma. A tiinoor of the cementum of a> tooth. 

Cemealtim, se-men'-lunt. The vitreous substance covering the 
root of a tooth. See Peridtniine, 

Ceoeethe^sia, Ceaesthe'sis. A sense of existence, painful or 

Ceno«£» sm-<f-sis, 1. An evacoation. 2, Inanition, 

Ceaodcat stm-of-ik-ah, 1. Di&oascs of the fiuids. 2. Drastic 

Ctntaurea, sen-ioit/-re-ah. Same as Carbenia beti4Hiurttts. 

Ceo^u'rium, Ccnt'aury. The herb Erythraa ceniaurium; tonic. 

Cea^ter. 1. The middle of the body, 2. Any group of nerve- 
cells having a common function, C, Accel' era ting, one in 
the oblongata sending accelerating fibers to the heart. C, 
Ann, the cortical center controlling the movement of the arm. 
C, Astocift'tiou. S^e Association. C, Au'^ditory. Se^ Audi- 
tory. C, Cflrdioinliib'ltory, one in the oblongata, efferent 
impulses being carried by the vagus. C., Cilio8pi''DaI^ the 
spinal center controlling dilatation of the pupil. C, Degltid- 
tioo, one in the floor of the fourth ventricle, controlling the 
reflex act of swallowing. C, Diabet'ic, in the posterior part 
of the anterior half of the floor of the fourth ventricle, in the 
median line. C„ Epiot^ic, the ossification center of the mastoid 
S»ortion of the temponil bone, C, Erec'tion, is in the lumbar 
region of the spinal cord, but is controlled from the oblongata. 
Cn Ciw'tatory, cortical center controlling taste. C, Heaf- 
Kfulating, or Tem^peraturer the center for the control of body 
temperature, C, Leg, in the ascending frontal convolution, 
C, Mo' tor, a nervous center ccint rolling motion. C, Ueive, 
any group of nerve-cells acting in unison for the performance 
of *oine function. C, Opisthof ic, tlje center of ossification of 
petrous bone, C, Osfiifica'tion, the place in bones at which 
fwniiication begins, C, Re'flex. See Reflex. C, Reaplr'- 
■tory, in the oblongata, between the nuclei of the vagus and 
accea^oiius. C, Spasm, in the oblongata at its junction with 
the pons. C* Speech, in the third left frontal gyrus control- 
ling speecli, C, Swallowing. Same as C^, DeglHtHion. C, 
Sweat, the dominating center lain the oblongata, with 3ubordi 
nate spinal centers. C.» Tro'pbic, a nerve-center regulating 
nutrition. C, Vasodila'tor, probably in the oblongata, C^ 
Ytamsu/toT, in the oblongata, C, Vls'ual, in the occipital 
lobe, especially in the cuneus, C, Word» the cerebral center 
regulating the pcrceptionof words 

Cmteg'iMDML la the proportion of 1 to 1 00. 
msia, s*-H-ie'-sis. Puncture; perforation. 
^tlgrjide, sen'-ie-grad. Having one hundred destoea. C T:\aftT 




mom'eter, a thermometer with 100<» as the boiling-pofait of 
water and zero as the freezing-point. 

Cen'tigram. The hundredth part of a gram, 0.15432 gr. txoy. 

Centiliter, sen-U-le'-ter, The hundredth part of a liter. 

Cen'timeter. The hundredth part of a meter, 0.3937 inch. 

Ccntinormal Solu'tion, sen-tin-or'-mal. A solution of one-hun- 
dredth the strength of the normal solution. 

Centrad, seW-trad, Toward the center. 

Central, senf-tral. Pertaining to the center. C. Fis'sure, the fis- 
sure of Rolando. C. Lig'ament, the filum terminale. C. 
Lobe, the island of Reil. 
^ Centric, sen^-trik. Pertaining to a center. 

Centriciput, sen-trisf-e-put. The second cranial segment between 
the sinciput and occiput, 
r Ctntsihig^ sen-trif'-u-gal. Receding from the center. C. Force, 
the force by which a revolving body tends to fly off at the 
periphery. C. Machine', an apparatus for separating sub- 
stances by centrifugal force. 

Cwitrifugaliza'tion. The use of a centrifugal machine. 

Coitriftige^ sen^-trif-uj. A centrifugal machine. 

Centriole^ sen^-tre-ol, A term given to a minute granule in the 
centrosome when this granule is single. 

Centripetal, sen-tfifZ-et-al. Traveling toward the center. 

Centrolecitfaal, sen-tro-lesf-ith-al. With the yoke in the 

Centroplasm, sen^-tro-plazm. Same as Archoplastn. 

Centrosclero'Bis. Osteosclerosis of the central cavities of 

Centrosome, sen^-tro-som, A rounded body alongside the nucleus 
of a cell that is undergoing karyokinesis. 

Centrostal'tic The action of nervous force in a spinal center. C 
Mo^tion, the motion of nervous force in the spinal center. 

Centrosteosdero'sis. Same as Centrosclerosis. 

Centrum, sen^-trum. A center or middle part; the body of a 
vertebra. C. commu'ne, the solar plexus. C. oval'e, the cen- 
tral mass of white matter seen on making a horizontal brain- 
section. C semioval'e, central mass of white matter seen 
on section of one cerebral hemisphere. 

Cephaelin, sef-a-T-Kn. CHH20NO2. An alkaloid from ipecac. 

Cephalad, sef'-al-ad. Toward the head. 

Cephalacra, sef-al-af-grah. Gout in the head. 

Cephalalgia, sef-al-aV-je-ah. Pain in the head. 

Cephaledema, sef-al-e-de'-mah. Edema of the head. 

Cephalemato'ma. See Cephalhematoma. 
C^hMlemim, sef-ai-e'-me'ah. Congestion of the brain. 
^J^^°^^^°^ ^ bloody tumor beneath the pericraninm. 
^J^^oceJi^ s^Z-al-hi'^dro-seL A tumor formed by a cdte- 
^^^^^'^Ji^^r'^-^ t^e scalp. 

Pert&imng to the head. C. In'dex. Sm 

taming < 



I Cfphalom'd 
I Cqihaloiiien 

the head. 





4. v. in A 



tion of t 



headed 1 





Ceca» s^-r^ 

**««% s^-ar-^. 

Cerasin. 51 
Ceimtln, m 


y«ia of the upper arm, C, Var'tioa. m 
[■o that the head will present. 

ktion of th« brain and roembranes. 
$L Hernia of the brain, 

|[ical puncture of the cranium. 

dii^'€-<ih. Pain in the head. 

nterior divkion of the enteric canal. 
''Ta-S«, A description of the head, 

[<HiJ-<?'/wm'<wj'-rt-#r. An instrument for 

intracranial blood-pressure. 
to Re&embling the head. 
fhit* The science of cranial measurements 
|0jf. A soft carcinoma, 
butter with a limb attached to the head. 
h&H^-nt-ak. AbemLtkm of the meniM to 


animation of the bTain-membxanes. 
j^trument for measuring the head. 
^-«i-re. l*he art of measuring the head. 
Immation of the head-muscles. 

monster with the breads imHed at the 

I of the bead. 
[ The constrictor of the pharynx, superior^ 

Pertaining to the head and spine. 
^fkopt An instrument used in ausculta* 

lliance for holding the patient's head. 
k sef-al-O'tko-Tak-op^Hig-MS, A doublc- 
fj^ united thoi^ccs. 

Istrument for performing cephalotomy. 
f'O'tm. The crushing of the fetal htad. 
t-lrctkf'tor. Obstetric forceps. 
rib. An instrument to crusb the fetal 

}^trip-se'. The crushing of the fetal bead. 

'tri-p^'Sis. A trephining of the skull 

^ C al'ba, white wax. C, fla'vo, be'^fwax. 


wah. The same as Phospkatufiit. 
land sedative resin from cherry-bark. 
jl, tonic and expectorant precipitate from 

toposition having wftJt aa a baets. 



Certttoeiossuif str-ai-o-glo^-us. See Musdwj, TahU of. 
CeraLtohyal, sef-ai-o-ki'-aL Relatmg to the hyoid bone, also te 

cornu of the hyoid bone. 
CenitonoBUB. See Kefatanonus. 
Ceratoplasty, stf* 'ai-o-plasAe , See Keratoplasty, 
Cetatoscope, ^ei^-at-o-skap. See Keratoscope. 
Ceratotomy» ser-ai-of^o-me. See K^raioiomy, 
Ceratum, sv-ra^-ium, A cerate. 

Cerbediit s#r'-6*f-m, CttyH^oOg. A poiaonous glucosid frcmr 
of Cetbera odoHam, probably {dentical with thevetin 
H CercliauE, serk'-nus. Noisy respirBitoti ; hoarseness. 
I^K CerconK/DU, A genus of parasitic infusoria^ 
^P Cerealiiii se-rt^-al-in. An en«yme converting starch into glu< 
m isolated from biun-extmct. 

P Cereals, se'-re-als. The grain-plants used for food ; also the gi 

of such plants. 

Cerebellar^ ser-^-imV-ar. Pertaining to the cerebellum. 

^ Ataz'ia, ataxia due to some cerebellar lesion. 

B Cerebellitia, ser-e-hel-i'-tis, Inflftinmation of the ccrebellitm 

F^ CerebelloBpFnal, Pertaining to the cerebelluni and spinal coi 

Cerebellum, ser-€-hel* iwu The inferior part of the brain, lylil 

below the cerebrum and above the pons and oblongata, * 

Cerebral. ser'-e-braL Rclatitig to the brain. C* Heaiple^cV 

hemiplegia due to cerebral apoplexy. 
Cerebrastliieniat ser-e-bras-the'-ne-ak. See Fhrenasthenia, 
Cerebration, ser-t-bra' -skun. The actton of the brain. 
Cerebrlfugal, ser-e-brif'-u-ial. Carrying Impulses from the bi 
Cei'ebrin. 1 Any one of the jII -defined group of nitrogenous gl^ 
COfiids existing in nervous tissue, egg- yolk, piis-corpuscles, a^ 
spleen. 2. An extract of brain-tissue used in organotherapj^l 
Cerebripetal* ser-eb-rip'-et-al. Carrying impulses tow^ard 1^ 
brain* i 

Cerebntis, ser'£'bri^'tis. Cerebral inflammation. t 

Cere'broid, Resembling brain substance* 
Cerebrolf ser'-e-brot. An oily substance derived from 


Cerebrology, ser-g-btof -o-it^ The science of the brain. 

Cerebn/ma. A tumor of brain-tissue outside the cranium, "i 

Gbrebfoiiialaclav s9T-e-brO'mQl-<^-se~ak. Softening of the braH 

Cerebrom^etBr. An instrument for recording cerdbral impulse! 

Cerebropathy, str-t-brop'-ath-e. Any brain disease. • 

Cerebrophysiol'ogy. Physiology of the brain. • 

Cerebropon^tile. Relating to cerebrum and pons, 4 

Cerebropsycbosls, ser-e-bro'si-ktf-sis. Mental disturbance d^ 

to disease of the psychic centers. ij 

Certbro3cierx>sa, ser-€-bro-sklt-fd~$is. Hardening of the braifi 

Cffjv^bixmcope, >ln instrument for diagnosing 'btaVx^-dv«ftsufe. 'j 

CcnbroBCopy, str^g-bros'-ko-pe^ The \iae ol \\vb ccrtshtcMcw^ii 

i, a^ 
i ^ 


An5 #n« of a group of cbcmte mh^ 
; mUOg^fi but* no pho«phoru», foutwl in 

Any cetwbml diaeaae- 
^pi'-naL Relating to the bmtn and 
wbroepLnal memogitts, with fever and 
pjver* C. Flu'ld, the fluid of the brain atid 
ImiiLEi'tbt inflammation of the brain and 
fmultiple sclcrusis of the bratn and cord. 
»gent affecting both the brain and tord. 
icurrence of ccTcbToac in tVf 
The chief portion of the 

^nus of cacti used in heart .^^ 

leroUn, A fatty substance obtained from 

f" eatmcnt of acne- 
Id, q. V. 2. CxoHixO, an alkaloid from 

^ rare *iietallic element. 
,_ i Citridin. 
I Lardaceous degeneration, 
^aji-like »tate of a membrane. 
The wax of the ear. 

ah Yielding wax. 

t-ff^'sis. An <jitc€ssiyc iecretion "t tfi-i 

fin-US. Yielding wax, C» GUU^, glandt 

I*, je-rus'ah. Lead carbonate. 

ning to the neck or to a owrvi*, 
J MuscUs, TabU of. 
The ccrvdcal ple:cu3. 
Inflammation of the cervix titeri, 
k-o*braf'k«'-aL Pertaining to both the 

>^-skaL Pertaining to both face antl 

aining to the bladder and cervix uteri 
jlrument for measuring the cervix uteri. 
Ibe nt?ck: any neck like part, C. ti'teri, the 
CT C. ves'icast the neck of the bladder. 
^ or Sec'tion, Cewirotomy, se-iof -to-a*i, se- 
fraction of the febos by abdominal incision* 
\^Mff-um. A rare alkaline mctaL 
I A family of platyhelminthes, including the 

nhljtt^fi tspe-worm. 
SpoftnAcetJ, ^r t*. 
A gestts of lichens. CL i8lap'4iicm* Ice- 
7 tdeajisJccat. 


ion al!al 


Cetra'tin. CitHnO. The bitter principle of cetraria, 
CTevadlUA, sev~a-dilf-ah. Stmie as Sahadilla, 
Ceradio, smf-ad-in. CaiH^itNOu. An alkaloid from 8 
Ceylon^ Mose. Gmcilaria. lichenoides, a seaweed used in 

making of agar. 
Ceynatite^ s«s'-a4U, A fossil earth composed almost entirel 

pure silica; used as an absorbent dusting-powder, 
Chabert's Disease'. Sympathetic anthrax; blackleg. 
Chasres Fe'ver, tshagfres. A nmkrial fever of South Anm 
Chalaza^ kal-a'-sah. A twisted cord binding the yolk-baff o 

egg to the lining mcmbmne. 
Chalazia^ kal-a* 't.0'ah. The so-called "hail-stone" spttta. 
Chalaziodf kal-a'-se-on, A Meibomian cyst. 
Chalazoaephri^tU. Granular inflammation of tho kidney* 
Chalcosis^ kal'ki/-sis. A deposit of copper particles in th 
Chalice Cdla, chalf-is. Goblet celie, 
ChaUcoeiB, kal'ik-(/'5is. Lung-disease due to inhalation c 

Cbaliaoplast7» hal-in-o-plaf-te. An operation to form a 

frennm lingua. 
Chalk, Ci^<iu/^. CaCOa, Carbonate of lime. C.-sione, gout'Sb 

an articular dt?p4:)sit. 
Chalonep Chalonic. An inhibitory, or deprwsive internal n 

tion. The opposite of hormone, q. v. ^M 

Chalybeate, ka-lib'-g-at. Containing iron. ^M 

Chamber, chattif-ber. A hollow. C, Ante'rior, the space hm 

the cornea and iris. C, A^'queous, the space between the cjO] 

and lens of the eye. C*, Poste'rior^ the space between the 

and lena of the eye. C, Res'onance. See Resonance, 
Chamois Skin, sfutnt'-ivaht slmn^-e. Tawed sheep-skin; ] 


Chamomile, kam*'0-mil. See Antk^mis. 

Champacol, sha tt^-pa-koL A camphor, C 1 7 H »uO , from chanip 

wood, Michetia chawpa^a. 
Champignon,, shawm-fritt-^-onigi'. A suppurative ifrSamxna 

of the Rpummtic cord of a horse, developing sometimes a 

Chaacre, shang'-kcr. The primary or "hard" syphilitic ulcei 
Chancroid, skang^-kroid. 1. Resembling a chancre. 2. The '*b 

chancre, C., Phageden^ic, a form with a tendency to eroi 

C, Serplg'inous, phagedenic chancroid spreading in curvei 
Chancroid'^al. Pertain iag to chancroid. 
Cbancrous, sliani'-knis. Of the nature of a chancre. 
Change of Life^ ch^nj\ The menopause^ q. v. 
Chap. A slight fissyre of the skin. 
Clutrboa, shar^-b&n. Malignant pustule, or anthrax, q. 
Cbjircoml^ char^-kol, Coail produced tiom vooA \i^ 
Charcot'^ Ar'teTY, The art«ry o£ cotebnA 'bwnnttVia.BP . om 





I arUrkiS thAt passes through the outer part of 

C/s Clrrho'ito. Sec Hanat*s Dismast, C/i 

khedml crystals of the phosphate of Schmner*$ 

n), found in the sputum of asthma, in wstninal 

blood, and feces. C.'i DiieMe'. 1. Amyo- 

•clerows. 2. Arthropathy of Ubes dorsalis. 

ebrospJnal sdwosis. C/« F«'ver» a septic f«vef 

^ *'a8eB of jaundice due to impacted gall-etones. 

jait of Friedreich's ataxia. C/» JoinI, See C.S 

C.*« Pain, hysteric pain m the o\'arian regior.. 

Root-zone. See Burdach's Column. C/tS«t'»ory 

re/our seHsiUf; the posterior third of the posterior 

itemal capsule, €.*• Slpi, sigm du !^ourcit. In 

5 the eyebrow is raised, in facial contracture it h 

I Syo'drome, intermittent claudication, an affec- 

d with arterioscleioBis of the lower cxttetnities. 

« hysterogenic zones. 

i'i Disease^. Dementia complicating some cases 

re muscular dystrophy- C.-L«yden*f Crys^tais. 

r Crystals, C.-Marie's Symp'tom* See MataH 

OMork's Type of ProgrM'thre Mui'cuUr 

5 neurotic type of progressive muscular atrophy; 

►eural muscular atrophy, ccmunencinR in the mu»- 

it and the pc roneal group. C . -M one -Tooth's Typ«. 

Uaru'iTyptf, C-Weumann^sCrys'tals, Sec Char ^ 

. C.'Robin's Crys'lalSt crystals formed in leukemic 

ms been allowed to stand for a few days. See 

^istals. C.-Vlgouronx's Sign. See VigPi«nHix's Sign. 

t^^t-ait. A quack. 

^^-lat-aH-nt. Quackery, 

[ Equal increments of temperature add ^qual 
1^ product of the volume and preBsure of a given 

tt'-k-h&rs. Stiffness of the right arm and leg in 

'. Linen shreds for dre^ng wounds, 
lotine. An instrument for excising tonsils. 
I, A medicated paper; a wrapper for powders. 
i4ak, A paper containing a medicine, 
OS, kai^-mak, kas^-Mus. A yawn. 
LS^lEary Hus'cla. A nonconstant muscular bun- 
•nds across the axillary hoUow from the lower 
latiasiraus dotsi to that of the pectoral is minor 
chial fascia, C.*s Tu'bercle, the carotid tubercle 
'erse process of the sixth cer\acal vertebra. 

i% ^jSa^^-mexi^-^aji' CXJ from the seed ofAO East 
titmt juuB0^ Used M skia dt'sea^.' especialty 



Chauwier'a Ar«'ola. The areola of inflianmatory induration of 

nuilignant pustule. C/s Line, raphe of the corpus callosun 
Chautftrd*! Test for Ac'ctone. Allow svdphurous acid to ] 

through a solution of 0.25 gram of fuchsin in 500 c.c. of t 

until the solution becomes yellow. On the addition of a ] 

tion of this to the liquid to be tested for acetone it will t 

a violet color if acetone be preaent. 
Chaw's dck. The bark of Gonania doming^nsis; it is usetl a([ 

tonic and as a dentifrice. ' 
Cheadle-Barlow'tt DiMa»e', Sc« Battow's Diseasa, 
Cheek, ckck. 1. The side of the face. 2, Onci of the battock 

C.-bocie» the malar bone. 
.jCheese-ren'Det. See Galium verum* 

icsy, chc'-£e. Resembling clweie. 
Cheilitis, ki'lV-tis. Inflammation of the Up. 
Cheiloangios'copy. The observation of the circulation o£ 1 

l)3Qnd in the human lip. 
Cheiloplasty, ki-lo-phs-ie. Plastic opemtiona upon the Up8* 
Cheiloscbisis* khhsf-kis-is. Hare-lip. 
CheiloBto'matoplaaty, Plastic restoration of tho mouth. 
CheiragTM, ki-rag'-rah. Gout of the hand. 
Cheirokinegthetic, ki-ro-kin-es-tket' -ik. Pertaining to the i 

tion of the movements of the hands. 

elromeKaly« ki-ro-nwg* ^al-e, Paeudoacromegaly aHecting th 
Cheiropora'pholyx. A ccrtaiti veskwlar skindkcase. 
Cheirospasm, ki'-ro-spa:!m. Writers' cramp, 
Chekan, Cheken, tahfk'-en. The shrub E%tsenki cheqtten, and nli 

its leaves; it is used in throat-difl«ases. 
Cbeiene, he-Un\ Ethyl chtorid. 
Chelerythrin, kel-et^'ith-rin. OnHii'NO*. A poisonotts aJkalol 

obtained from ChelidoHumt. 
Chelldoain„ kel-id-a'-nin, A nontoxic alkaloid, Cn»Hi!)NO|, i 

tained from Chelidonium, 
Chelido'nium. A genus of plants' of the iJoppy family. Ci majm 

celandin; it is naricotic and cathartic. 
Chcloid, k*f4oid. See Keloid. 

Chetonin, kut'-o-nin, A concentrated extract of Batmony. 
Chelotomy, kts-lotf-o-mt. See Kel&iotny. 
Cbemic, Chemical, ket^i^-ik, kenif-ik-aL Pertaining to chemi^tr] 

C- Aa'tidote, an antidote which dccompofics a poison. 

Equa'doni the formula representing a chemic reaction. 
Chemicocauteryi kem-ik-o-kctuZ-ier-e, Cautery by electrolysis* 
Chemlotaxig, kevt-e-o-tak^-is. Sec ChmHuiaxis, 
CheaiiAS, she^mees^. A mualin dressing used in rectal surgery. 
Cbemiat, k^mf-ist. One versed in chemistry, 

Mry, k^m^^'tre. The science o£ th* mQ!UffiuJft.t i 

' C6n)uiietivBl swelltng, 
r'-l«Jlr, Pertainini? to chemoLaxi* 
f'-«V. The atlraction or Tcpulsion - 
ucals to livhis cells, 
of chemic siibstAncea m ihempeutics 
Afiected with chemosis. 

f^^ie-itm, A gentis of pUnu. C. amliro- 
ormseed; it h anthelmintic. 

Nervous ileu«. An affectkra, closely 
obstniction. that has been observed \u 

i'sAb., Amenomania. 
iFnmus. C. Iau'wU See Prunus. 
I Sec Castiinea. 

A form of Tiystagmus in which the oseil- 
lu have a rhythmic variation similar to th« 
^tokes's respiration, C/s Srm'ptom. See 

Wmtu Dyspnea duo to ptilmonary conges- 

Iced stage of chronic myocarditis. C.-S,*» 

^hmic breathing ot a periodic typo occaf* 

HFC affections of the cential nervous system^ 

jlnd in intoxications. 

I A crossing. 2. The optic comnrissure. 

^'-et-iir. An instrument tot measuring any 

btic axes, 

W-^-M- A yellowish blood-clot. 

r>oks. See VarkftUa. 
Same as Latkyrism and Lupinotis, a 
due to the eating of chick-pea or 

l^nary lines designed to aid in localidng the 

I operations upon the brain. 

^ Chigo, 

pn-ytfn^. A fungoid growth on the hair. 

f'O, tski^-er. The sand-flea of the West 

p Cutaneous inflainmation, due to 6old 

► Labor; confinement, C Fe'v«r. See RMt- 


f-ing. Laryngismut stridulus. 
hs Cheiloplasty. 

Ptfr-d/i. A genus of plants, C. ttmbella'U^ 
lliretic and astringent 
1^ ^.xtj^4^e from p/ftslssevm, 
^Bi^c^r. Scr^tM epitlwIIomH 




CMna, ckif-na. Clncliona. C. Grui, a silky dreaslng for wouoda^ 

CtiiBoidin, kin-oid'-in. An alkaloid by-prcxiuct of quinin. 

ChiDol» Jtff'-«ol', C(iH«NC10. A white, antipyretic powder* 

Chlnolm, kin'^-o-Un. See Quinotin. 

ChlnoUnap kin-o-lV-nah* A derivative of quinin and coal-taf. 

CMnon, kin^-on. See Quinon. 

C^JnoBol^ kin*-0'Sol. CaH^NKSO*. Potassbm ojcyquinoUn sul^ 

pbonate, a proprietary disinfectant and deodorizer. 
Chionablepsyp ki-on-ab-lef/se: Snow -blindness, 
Chiojiaiithin, kv^on-an'-thin. An aperient and a narcotic exti 

from Chionanihiis virginica^ fringe tree. 
Chirapa, ki-ra'-grah. Gout in the hand. 

Chiraithritis, ki-rarth-rV-tis, Articular inflammation of the haa 
Chirata. Chb-etta« ki-ra* -tali^ ki-ret'-ah. The plant Su 

chirata of Asia; it is used as a tonic* 
Chiromegaly, ki-ro-me^-al-e. Same as ClieironiifgQiy. 
Chiroptasty, ki^-ro-plas-Se. A plastic operation on the hand. 
Chiropodlatf ki-^op^-o-disL One who treats the feet and hands. 
Chiropractic^ ki roprak^tik, A method of restoring health I 

manipulative treatment of spinal column. 
ChirotpaBm, ki*-ra-spasm. Writers' cramp, 
CbiroCheca, ki-ro-ihe'-ka. A finger-bandage. 
Cbimrgii, ki-fu/ 'je-ah, Surgeiy, q, v, 
CMnirgical, ki-rur* -iik-al, Pertainins to surgery. 
ChirurxlcocynecoloK'ic. Pertaining to surj^cal operations fa 

gynecologic conditiona, 
ChitlDp ki-'tin. CuHstNsOta. A colurlcws skcletin. 
Chidnoug, k?'Un-us. Resembling chitin. C. Degenera'tiofl 

amyloid degeneration, 
Chlttim Bark, chW im. See Cascara sagrada. 
Chlamydobacfeiiat klani-id-o-bak-tt^ -re-ah. Bacteria surrounde 

by a thick capsule or sheath. 
Chllasma^ kli-ax'-mah. A poultice. 
Chloasma, kh-as'-tHah, Pigmentation of the skin^ C. gravida'^ 

rum, the brown discoloration of pregnancy. C, bepafi^ 

cum, a form fallowing dyspepsia; Hver-spota, C. ute^i^atl 

the brown discoloration of pregnancy. 
Chloracetization, klo ms-et-h-a* •shun. The production of lo 

uncatbesia by chloroform and glacial acetic acid. 
Chloral, H<y-rar CCli.CHO. A colorless crysiUlline solidi a hy 

notlc. C.-antipy'rln. See HypnaL C. butyl' icum. See Bu 

Odoral C, Hy'drate, C/HCLaiOH)-, hypnotic and antis 

modic. C.-u're thane. See UreUtan^, Cfthrat. 
Chloraltm'id. C Moral formamidate; used as a hypnotic. 
Chloral carbani'ld. A liquid that is slightly hypnotic. 
CblotMjimld, CCinCH.NH. A stibstituto for chloral hydrat< 
CbiorAlUm* kh**fat'i£nu Chronic poiaomnii by cMot«u\, 
ClUo'rmlizo^ To put under the influence ot c^jlotaX, 

*i'-lds. Mixture of chlomi and icylose. 
A name griven to a number of disin- 
dnium chlcmd. C. hydrA'^tum. the 
hntheU. S, P. 
I The same as ClUaralamid, 

Dakin's powerful geruiicidc, CHr - 
IjHtO. Used as an irrigating ftolutioTi 

w-o/t. The same as Chhroantmia. 
etary anodyne, 
npotind of chtorio acid anfl a base. 
s Chlorinated. 
I See Chtaramtnf-T. 

ffor, A chl orin and camphor compound . 
t A blood -disorder characterized by a 
lount of hemoglobin and red corptisK:lcs. 
I white crystalline substance. CCU(CH3)t- 
IHotic and a local anesthetic 
|f^ A hydrochlorate. 
h^k. An exce&s of hydrochloric acid, 
k Hydrochloric. 
Ipiry cora.poivnd containing chlorifl, 
limetallic ga&eous element. 
Charged with chlorin. 
^of chlorous acid. 
'tne-ak. Chlorosis, 

A sedative solutirm uf jiotassiuni 

A proprietary anodyne drtjg. 
CHCla, A heavy, colorless liquid, 
land internally as a narcotic 
jUDrbid or excessive use of chloroform. 
p act of administering chloroform. 
m. CiiHmN^Oi. An alkaloid from dita 
jjland antipyretic. 
Airietary 'antiseptic solution 
A K^'eenish'colored tumor 

rrietary nonfM:>isonous disinfectant. 
A green coloiing-matter of the retina. 
fL The £rreen coloriog-nrntter of leaver, 
k Green vision, 

I form of anemia most common in younj^ 
bvenish color of the sldn and menstrual 
l^'tian. Same as Ahkyiostomiasii. 
dbitin£ chJoras/& 

miurKf afamJdJ ^nd ohtorin. 




Chlontm, kUZ-^ium, Se« Chlorin, 
I €1110111761, kkf*fit-ret. The same as Chlorid, 
^ Chlofyl* kicf^fil. An ane^hetic mia^tur© of methyl and eth: 
Choanse, kc^-an-^f. The posteiiof nares. 

Chocolate* dwkf-o-lat, A paste from tho nuts of Th^tchroma cqpii 
Choked Disc. Sec Papillitis. 
ClioUgogf Cholagoeue, ^oi'-ag-ffg, A medicine that promotes tl 

flow of bile. 
Chohmgi'dA. InfiaTnma.tion of a bile-diict. 
CholecyaDia, kol-e-si* -an-in. The same as Biiicyamn. 
Chorecyst, Cholecya'tls. The gall-bladder. 
V Cholecffttecta''sia. Dilatation of the gall-bladder. 
I Cholecystec'toiny. Excision of the gull-bladder, 

CbolecyBtenterostomyt kol-e-sis-ten-ter-o/'to-me. The euti 

of the gal* -bladder to the intestine. 
Cholecystls, kol-esi/^tis. The gall-bladder. 
Cholecystitis, kol-€-sis-tV-tis. Inflummation of the gall-bladder 
Cholecystocolofitomyr kol-e-sis'tv-ko-Ios^ -io-m4!. The formation o| 

a fistula between the gali-bladder and colon. 
Cholecystocolotomyt kol-e-sis-to-ko-ht'-o-me. An incidoii io 

the gall-bladder and colon. 
Cholecyatoduodenos' tomy. The formation of a cunununicatiol 

between the gall-bladder and duodenum. 
CholecystoUthot^dpsy. Crushing of a stone in the gall-bladdi 
E:holecy8topexyp ko-U-sis-io-ptk^-M. Suturing the gall-bladd^ 

to the abdom.inal walL 

Cholecystor'raphy. The suturing of the gall-bladder. 

CholecystostomFt kol-e'sis-to^'Ut-me, The formation of a fistuH 

into the gall-bladder. 

L^ Cbolecystotomy, k^l-c-sis-toi! -o-me. Incision of the gall-bladdef, 

HuCholedochectomy, ko-ledo-kck^-to-m^. Excision of a part of t 

" Y common bile-duct. 

\ CholedochittSp k&l&d-o ki'-tis. Inflammation of the gall-duct. 

1 Choledocfaoditodenostomy, ko-lBd-o-ko-du^od'en'Osf -to-me. Th 

I forma tinn of a fistula bctwe«^ the duodenum and comxni 

* bile-duct. 

Choledochofinterostomy, ko-hd-o-ko-en-tcr-os^ -to-mv. The foninli 

tion of a fistula between the howe) and the coramoo biie-du< 
Cho]«<lochotithot0itiy, koic-dQ-kcmhof-o-ma, The incisioa ol 

the common bile-duct for removal of gall-stone. 
Cbdedocbolithotripsy, ko-ledo-ko-lith-ot^-rip-se. The crmhins 

I a stone tn the common bile-duct. 
Choledochostozny, ko-kd-o-ko^-tc-me. The formation of 
opening into the gall-duct, 
Cboledochot'omy, An incision into the common bile; 
Chotcdochoua, M-ed^-^-kus, Recewng ot YvoVdVtvfti 


^s-is. The ionnation of biltftiy calculi 
^tih-Ot^'O-fhe, An incision Into the bilc- 
1 of gaIi<^tocies. 

k-of'iriM. The crrushuig of a bilo-^tonc. 
jfciB. The vomiting of bile. 

The presence of bile-pigment in tb* 

f'jin, A bile pigment, 

S&me a» Bilirubin, 

i disease characterised by emesis, dianhea, 

(lion, C. algid% C, A«iflf ic, C^tBpidesa'IC^ 

' cholem. C^ Chick'eni a fatal epidemic 

ith enlnrgem'eat of the lymphatic glandd 

f the digestive orsanB. C<» Mog^ infectious 

jjth red patches on the ekin. ulceration ol 

gestion of the lungs. C. infaii'tum« tlio 

t children, C, Malig'iuuit, Asiatic choleta. 

t cholera. C. DOt'tras, cholera, morbtis. 

I cholera in which vomiting and diarrhcii 

smod'ic. Seie C, Asiatic^ €.« Summci^ 

^C^ Wat'er-borae» that disseminated by 

Pertaining to cholera. 
Resembling cholem, 
KibHns cholera. 2. A mild fonn of cholera 

f-nt-oii. A morbid fear of cholem, 
7-f(/ -be-oh. Same aa Ckolvrtmiania , q, t 
t ff/-n4-ah. The aphonia of choleta. 
pfc'-rm. Same as BilirubtH, 
l^ncy&ted tumor containing cholesterin. 

Pntion of cholesterin to the blood. 
CttHuOH, A monatomic alcohol, 
ifisue, and bile. For te^ts, see Litber- 
Htll^r, Saik<nvski, Schiff, Sckultse 

fck»L Same as Cholesterin, q, v. 
Mh, A yellow pigment fiora biUverdia. 
p'-a>i>ff. The remedial u^ of bile, 
uh See Choluria, 
f-dm. The same as Bilicyamn, q, v. 
pining to the bile. 
|A tumor of the gall-bladder. 
"li&NOa, An oxygenous ptomain. An 

I A biUaiy calculus^ 

j4ff miHHVTnal dischai^gv of bile 
^jt/Si.'ct/on <>ttJw liver, 
9 jyrms4!ft}ce afbiJe in.thts un'tjc 



Chondrali^a, kon-draI'-}€-ah. Pain in a cartilage. 
Chondrectomy, kon-drtk'-to-tn*. The excision of a cartilage 
Chonetriificatioa, kon'dTi/'ik-<jf*sh«H. The formation of cartilage. 
ChondrJicn, kon'-dri-Un. The organic basis of hyaline cartilage. 

It is a mucture of collagen and mticin, 
Chondrlglu'cose, The reducing sugar obtainable from chonddn. 
CbondriD, kon'-drin. The substance obtained from chondrigen 
by boiling; it is a mixture of gelatin and mucin. C. Balls, b 
substance found in cartilage composed of chondromucoid and 
1. chondroitic add. 

M ^hoodrlomite* kon-drt^-o-mitg, A chain of mitochondria. 
K'^lShondiitls, kon-drt' -tis. Infiammation of cartilage. 
W ChoDdroarthritiSp kon-dro-ar'thri'-tis. Inflammation of the carti- 
■ taginous parts of a joint, 

f^ Cbon'droblast. An embryonic cell forming cartilage. 
Choa^'droctast, A giant cell which absorbs cartilage. 
) Chondrocos^tol. Pertaining to the ribs and costal cartilages. 
4 Cbondrocra'nlum. A cartilaginous cranium^ as of the embryo. 
I Choadrodynla, kondTo-din'-e-aJt^ Pain in a cartilage. 
f Cbondrodystrophiat kon-dro-dis-tr</-fe-ah. Fetal rickets. 

Chondrofibroma, kon-dro-fi-bri/'mak. Chondroma with fibroufl) 

Choadrogen, kon'-dro-fen. Bee Chondrigen. 
ChondrogcnesLSf kon-drc-jen'-es-is. The formation of cartilage. 
Choadrojlos'sus, See Mmcles, Table of, 
ChoDidrop-ftphy» kcm-drogf-ra-fe, A description of cartilages. 
Cbondroid, koii'-droid. Resembling cartilage. 
Chondroltin, kon-drt/ -9-tin, Ci&HirNOii. A cleavage product ol 

Chondroloi7, kon-droif-o-je. The science of cartilBgea. 
Chondroma^ kon-dro'-mah, A cartilaginous tumor. 
CbondromAlacia, CbonilromalacoslB^ kon-dfO'tnal-a'-M-ah, ken- 

dro-ntal-ak-o'^sis, A morbid softening of cartilage 

Cbondromu'coid. A mucin obtained from chondrin balls; il 

yields, on decomposition, proteid matter and chondroitic 


Chondrofflyo''ma. A combined chondroma and myoma. 

Chondromyxo''ma. A combined chondroma and myxonta. 

Chocdrop-orofils, kon-dro-por-c^-sis* The thinning of cartflagn b^: 

fonnation of spaces. ' 

CboodroBtrciyiiuu A combined chondroma and sarcoma. 

Chondrosidln* kon-dros^ -id-in. The hyalin obtained from chon 

d rosin. 
Chon'drosin, A hyalogin obtained from the sponge, Ckondtpsu 
CtondrosiB, kon-dr</-sis. Cartilaginous foTmat\oTi, 
CltODdroater'natL Pertaining to the sternum and tostoX CB.t«a»%* 




' Rdatfnff to the cftsfform cartttage. 

«a. A genus of tdsm- C* cnt'i>tii, Irish moss, 

nutrient and demulcent. 

sko-parir). The mediotanial »rtkuli.tioQ; the 

ktion which Bepamtes the astngaius and en 

i remaining tarsal bones. 

A cord, tendon, or filament. C- doraa*lU, 
C. •ali''va. saliva produced by stimalai,ion of 

nerve. C. tym'pani, the tympanic nerve. C 

the nmbUical cord. C, vertebra*!!** Sec 

Toca^lii, a vocal band. 

B. The tendinous strings stretching ttom the 

lea to the auriculovcntricular valves. 

L Pertaining to the notochord, also to any 

Painful, down-curved erection in gonorrhea. 
■^w* Inflammation of the vocal band. 
kor^do-skte -9i'0n. The portion of the skeleton 
be notochord, 

hor'dvi'f€Hifi*'tis. Chordec, q. v, 
t St. Vitus* s da nee; involuntary muscular twitch* 
lOn'lc. See HnntingUm's Cfwrea, C. EleCtric, 
tfte, Ct Epidem'ic* dancing mania. C, Hab'it* 
am, C„ Hered'itary, Huntington's chorea. C, 
fcne as C, major. C, inaan'iens, C, Manfacal^a 
latal* associated with mania. C. ma'jor, hysteric 
IlimetlCf that due to irritation. C, mi' nor. 
Cm Postheniiple'gic, Postparaly'tic, involun- 
i seen in patients following an attack of hemi- 
ytb'mic. Same as CmojW. C, School -ma4et 
crstimulation of children at school. C*» Se'ntle^ 
Ifection coming on in old age. 
( ho-re^-al, kff-nf-ik. Pertaining to chorea. 
/'if-omi. Resembling chorea. 

Pertaining or similar to chorea. 
)-r«-0'ma''mah. See Choromania. 
Any abnormal growth of the corium. 
The capfllary layer of the choroid coat, 
^0-seL A bulging of parts of the eye through 

A tumor arising from the epithelial covering 

See Choroid. 
l'i*-tis. See Ckofoidiiis. 
*-ma^, A nifoplasm dttn^^ed from the elmncatjt 

T/nf ifatisr an tne/typ of tJt» fetus. C. froado - 
I elMt part cavered by the vfJfll C, Im'wc, tba 




Chorionic, ko-re-or^-ik. Pertaining to the chorion. C Vfl'II, the 
vascular tufts on the surface of the chorion. ^ 

Chorionitis, ko-re-on-i'-tis, 1. Inflammation of the chorioiL 2. 
The same as Scleroderma. 

Chorioretinitis, ko-re-o-ret-inA'-tis. See Choraidoretinitis. 

Choroid, k(/-roid. The second or vascular tunic of the eye. C. 
Mem'brane, the choroid. C. Plez'us, the fold of membraoe 
near the lateral ventricles of the brain. 

Choroideremia, ko-roid-er-e'-me-ah. Absence of the choroid. 

Choroiditis, ko-roid-V-tis. Inflammation of the choroid. Cf 
Ante'-rior, when the focus of exudation is at the periphery of 
I the choroid. C, Are'olar, that which begins at the macula lutea 
and extends toward the periphery. C, Cenfral, when the ex- 
udate is in the region of the macula lutca. C, Diffuse or Dil* 
sem'inated, is marked by spots scatteied over the fundus. 
C.» Exu'dative, when there are isolated foci of inflannnation 
scattered over the choroid. C, Metastat'ic, that due to em- 
bolism. C, Sup'purative, that proceeding to suppuratioo. 
C. ser'osa. See Glaucoma. 

Choroidocycli'tis. Inflammation of the choroid and ciliary body. 

Choroidoiri'tis. Inflammation of the choroid and iris. 

Choroidoretini'tis. Choroiditis with retinitis. 

Choroma'nia, The dancing mania, a hysteric disease. 

Cliristison's For'mula. Sec Haescr's Coefficient. 

Chro'atoL Terpin iodohydrate; an oily liquid used in skin- 

Chromaffine, krom'-af-in. Pertaining to cells which take on a 
peculiar yellow color when treated with chromic acid salts. 

Chromate, kro^-indt. A basic salt of chromic acid. 

Chromatelopsia, kro-mat-cl-op' -se-ah. Imperfect vision for 

Chromatic, kro-maf-ik. Relating to or possessing color. C. 
Aberra'tion. See Aberration. C. Audi'tion, luminous sensa- 
tions aroused by sound. 

Chromatin, kra^-mat-in. The tingible part of the nuclear net- 
work of a cell. 

Chromatodysopia, hro-mat-o-dis-o'-pc-ah. Color-blindness. 

Chromatogenous, kro-mat-oj'-cn-us. Forming color. 

Chromatolysis, kro-mat-oV -is is. The disintegration and dis- 
appearance of the NissI granules from nerve- cells. 

Chromatometer, kro-mat-om'-ct-cr. An instrument for muMur- 
ing color-perception or the intensity of colors. 

Chromatophile, kro-matf-o-fil.' Capable of being stained. 

Chromatophobia, kro-mat-o-fo^-bc-ah. An abnormal ieiar dl 
CbromMtopbore, kro-ntat'-o-/or. Any colored cell-plastid. 
^mMtopUsm, Mro-f9taf-o-plasm. The substance forming ttw 
l^'ssl granules of nerve-cells. 
ommtopBia, A^ro-mai-op'-seah. Abnormal sensation* ol «Aot. 







Cfaxv mop 





\ Chromop 



siine t 




in the 






' Ctasono^ 


\ ^ 


^ the power d coIw-peroef>» 

IulI pigmentation of the wkin. 

k-ah. An abnormal stAftiiog of th» 

M^-sr^, An association of eo1or<«eti- 
lelHng. or tasting. 
Acid, Chromic, 
Impregnated with chromic aciif . 
Any one of the granuleiS of nuclear 

The secretioo of colored sweat. 
A hard» gray^ metallic element. 
Any colored cell. 

si-tQm*-«'t^r, An inatnimcnt for esti- 
in the red blood -corptjsclea. 
A colorless body producing pigment, 

A granule of a chromosome, 
ment for perfonning chromometry, 

tion of the pigment in a substance. 
ir-uf, E?Ecreting a colored transform 

g matter in the retina. 
Kture easily stained. 
Ml-HS. Readily stained. 
jiliorotiSt kro-mo/'-or-ik, kro-mof'-^&t^us, 
ppcrforma some physiologic function, as 

Stive sensation of color, 
hfi-U/'sis, 1, Any pigmentary Hkin- 
"* »le parasite. 2. Tinflea versicolor, 
lasmic plgment-gmnide. 

See Chrvmalopiia, 
tott^-^fi-^er, A contrivance to deter- 
tlopment of color- vision. 
tent for testing coIor-perceptiOn, 
A chromatin-fibcr formed during 
iules, granules of b'mphocj'les, seen 
tion of living cells. * 

'-Ckp-€, The treatment of disease by 

ttiftucdi the reverse of acute. 
The condition of being chronic. 

V7/ yhir reconfin^ i'nter\'nls of time^. 
>^€t fjrziff and tejnpcratare. 

Pkfrt^fma^ to mHuerjces which 
\iml/y r^um'n^ pht^omeooj3 f heart- 





GhryMfo'bln. CidHhO. A principle from Goa pow^ 
Chrytot'dLii. An unreliable indicator for cholera spirilla. 
Chrys^oplian. CuHisOa. A glucosid found in rhutafb. 
ChthonophofiA, tiion-thfa' -fe-uJs, A morbid desire for eating di| 
ChvoBtek*e Synap'tom. Increase of the mechanical irritability 

the motor rterves, especially the fociaU in tetany. Sec a1 

iV^iss's Sign. 
ChyUuiiv/maL A tumor of lymph- vcssvels containing chyle. 
Cbyle, kil. The milky fluid found in the mesenteric lynap 

vessels during absorption. 
ChyLemia, ki-le'-me-ah. The presence of chyle in the blood. 
CbrLifai/tio&. Chyle- formation. 
ChyUfactive, ki-le-fak^'tiv. Chyle-forming. 
ChylifemuB, ki-Uf*-€r-us, Transmitting chyle. 
Chyliflca'tioo^ Chyle- fontiation. 
Chylocele, ki-lo-ssl. An efTusion of chylous fluid in the cavity 

the tunica vaginalis testis. 
Chylnpericar'dium. An efS^usion of chyle within the j 
Cbylopedtoae'um. The effusion of cliyle in the peritcS 

Chylopoieiis, ki-lo-poi-^-sis. The sanae as Ckylifimiion. 
Chylopoletlcr ki-lo-poi-ef-ik, Chylc-prodiudng. 
Chjlorrliea, ki-lor-e^-ah. An exccawivc flow of chyle. 
Ghylothorax, ki-lo-ih</-taks:. The presence of chyle in the pleui 

Chylous, ki'-lns. Of the nature of chyle. 
Chyluria» ki-lu^-rt-ak. The presence of chyle in the urine, 
Cbyine, kim. The food that has undergone gastric 

intestinal digestion, 
Cfaymlfica'tion> The transformation of food into chyme. 
Cbymosio, ki-nK/sin. Rennin, the rennet fcrmenit. 
Chymoiinogea, ki mo-sin'-o-jcn. The antecedent body fro 

which ch>Tnosin is developed. 
Ciaf Uoski'B Sen'sory Tract A tract of ascending fibers to, ij 

posterior gray cooimissure of the thoracic part of the j{ 

CiamicLan and Magnaniai's Teat for Ska'tol. Skatol 

with sulphuric acid prcKiucea a purple- red color, 
Citiisitome, si-bi/'it-om. An instrument for opening the < 

of the lens. 
Cicatricial sik^t-rish^-ah Pertaining to a cicatriic. 
Cicatrix^ sik-a'-triks. The scar or mark of a wound. 
C^katrixant, sW-at-ris-ani, An agent promoting cicatri 
Cicatrization, stk^t-Ha-a'-skun. The process of healing. 
Cicatrize, stk^-at-rU, To heal, 

Ocntm, si'ki^'tah. A genus of planU. C, maculli'ta* 
bBznloclL, Its Beshy roots are tbe cauae o\ acc^d>«iAaX 9(^uw»k 
io the eastern and central Umtcd Sta^tes. C \\wft 
A«iwf. water hemlock. 

srs tn,, « 


Cicutin, siy-u-iin. See C^nttn. 

Ocutozin. CxtHmOs. A toxic principle form Cicutu, 

Cilia, siV-e-ait. 1. The eyeUahes. 2* Hair-like processes 

certain cells, 
CiUa'iii- The ciliary muscle. See Muscles, Table of, 
Ciliailscope, sU-e-a* -th-kCp, Apparatus for examining the cili; 

ary region of the eye. 
COlAiy, sUr-e-a-re. Pertaining to the cilia. C. Ar'teries, the 

small arteries of the eye. C* Bod'y, the ciliary muscle and 

processes. C* Gaiigl'lioii, the ganglion at the apex of the orbit, 

C. Llg'ament, the ligament joining the iris and sclera. C. 

MuB^de, the muscle of acconvmodation of the eye. 
Ciliata, sil-f-ahf-tah. A class of protozoa chafacterized by th« 

presence of cilia. 
Ciliated, sif^-a-tsd. Having cilia, as certain cells. 
CMitia,sif-€-Hm. L One of the eyelashes. 2. One of the minute, 

hair-like processes projecting from certain cells and unicellular 

organisms, e. g., the Ciliala, q, v. 
CiUosis, sU-c^-sis. A spasmodic trembling of the upper eycHd. 
Cimbift, siwf 'be-<iii. The tractus peduncularis transversus. See 

Cl^m«x lectula'rius* or hinmdin'b. The common bedbug. 
Cimlcifiiga, sim-e-sif'-wgak, A genus of plants. C. racemo'sa, 

black snakeroot; black cohosh; it is an expectorant and tonic, 
Cimicifuffio, sim-e-sif^-M-jitt, A resinoid from cimicifuga; oxy- 
Ciaa, sV-nak. The herb ArUmisia sankmica and its seeds. 
Cinchamidin, SfH-kamf-id-in, Ci-HmNi02. Acinchona-allraJoid. 
CiochonA, sin-ke/ -nah, A genua of trees and their bark yielding 

Ciochonitm^io. CtoHnNiO, An alkaloid from Remijia pHfd- 

i4ana^ false cuprea bark. 
CiachoD''icin. An artificial alkaloid, the isomer of cinchonin. 
doehon'idin* C^&HnNsO, An alkaloid from cinchona, 
Cin'chonin. An alkaloid from cinchona, inferior to quinin. 
Cin'cboaism. The systemic effects of quinin in overdose. 
Cio'chonize, To put under the influence of cinchona alkaloids, 
Clnchonology, sin-ko-nof -o-je. The study of cinchona derivatives, 
Cinclbisj siu'-klis-is, A quick movement of any part of the body. 
Cinc'tare Seasa'don. See Girdle Sensaii&n. 
Ciaerea, iin^-re-ah. The gray matter of the nervous system. 
Cineridoui, siH^r-ish*-^us, Ashy; ash-colored. 
Claetica^ sin-^t* -ik-ah^ Neuroses with muscular spasm. 
Cingulum, stng'-^u-lum. L The waist. 2. Herpes roster, 3. 

A fibrous bundle in the gyrus fornicatua of the brain. 
Cia&abar, sin^-ab-ar. HrS. Red mercuric su\p'h\d. 
CiaoMmeae^ stW-am-^. The same as Styrol, 
Cttamm'ic Al'dfhyd, CwHtO, Chief constituent ol oVi ol e\i 




Cinnamol, sin^-am-ol. The highly rectified oil of cinnamon. 
Cinnamo'mum, Cinnamon, sin^-am-on. The inner bark of va- 
rious species of Cirinafnomum, Asiatic trees. 
.Cionectomy, si-on-ekf-to-me. Excision of the uvula. 
Cionitis, si^on-i'-tis. Inflammation of the uvul^. 
Cionotome, si-on'-O'tdm. An instrument for amputating the 

Cionotomy, si-on-of-o-me. Excision of the uvula. 
Cipollina's Test for Glu'cose. Mix 4 c.c. of dextrose solution 
(or urine), 6 drops of phenylhydrazine (base), and i c.c. of 
glacial acetic acid In a test-tube. Heat over a low flame for 
k one minute. Add 4 or 5 drops of sodium hydroxid (sp. gr. 
1 1.16) taking care that the fluid remains acid. Heat the mix- 
" ture again for a moment and then cool. Crystals of glucos- 
azone usually form at once. If they do not, allow test-tube to 
stand at least twenty minutes before, final decision is reached. 
Circinate, ser'-sin-dt. Having a circular outline or a ring forma- 
Circle, ser'-kl. A ring. C. of Diffu'sion, the imperfect image 

formed by incomplete focah'zation. 
Circoid, sir'-soid. See Cirsoid, 
Circuit, ser'-kit. The path of a galvanic current. 
^ Circular, ser'-ku-lar. Pertaining to a circle. C. Amputa'tlon, 
amputation with an incision surrounding the limb. C. 
Insan'ity, insanity with alternate stages of mania and melan- 
cholia. C. Si'nus, a venous sinus around the placenta. 
Circulation, ser-ku-la' -shun. The passage of blood through Hie 
body. C, Allanto'ic. See Allantoic. C, CoUafcral, that 
taking place through secondary channels after stoppage of the 
principal route. C, Fe'tal, that of the fetus, including that 
through the placenta and umbilical cord. C, First or Prim'I- 
tive, that carrying oxygen and nutriment to the embryo. C, 
Placen'tal. Same as C, Fetal. C, Por'tal, the passage of the 
blood from the gastrointestinal tract and spleen through the 
liver, and its exit by the hepatic vein. C, Pul'monary, that 
of the blood through the lungs for purification. C, System'ICt 
the general circulation as distinct from the pulmonary. Ct 
>^tel'line. Same as C, First. 
Circulatory, ser'-ku-lat-o-re. Pertaining to the circulation. 
Circulus, seZ-ku-lus. A circle. C. arterio'sus ir'idis ma'jor, an 
arterial circle around the circumference of the iris. C. arterio'- 
sus ir'idis mi' nor, one around the free margin of the iris. C. 
arterio'sus Willis'ii, the circle of Willis, an arterial circle at the 
base of the brain. 
Circamcisioa, ser-kunt-sizh'-un. Excision of the prepuce. 
:^ircumclusJoa, ser-kum-kli/-zhun. Arterial compiession \s% 
means of a wire and pin. 

'^o^ffex.^^^ ^^"^'""ous ciTcvlsLT movement of a limb. 
Surroundine^ as a vessel or nerve; windW. 







of tis8u< 




C^ Faf 

with fat 



Cirsoid, sit 

Ctrsotomy, . 



CSterin, si 

in the tr» 
Citrate^ sif-f 
Gtrine Oinf ] 
CItrophen, s% 

and i>arap] 
dtms; sif Tt 

GMnini's Spi 

nal irteryg. 

CUidothrix, k 
damp, klami 
Clap. klap. 

strings in i 
Oapotace^ C 

splashing t 
Ctapton's Lis 









'emsor palaiHn Mttscks, Table ^/» ♦ J 

Circumpolajiza'tioo. The rotation of a ray of polarized \ig\t, \ 
CIrcumSiriibed, ser'-kum-skribd. Clearly defined, as an abscess. ' 
Cireumvftllate, ser-kHm-r*<ti'-at. Surrounded ly a wall. C, 

Papil'le. large paptllio on the dorsum oi the tongue. 
Clrrbolysiat s^r-of-is^in. See Fibroiysin. 

CirthonQStis, sir-OH-t/stts, A letal disease with yellow colofatioit 

of tissues, especially the pleura, peritoneum, etc. * 

Cirrbosis, xe-n/sis. Hardening due to an increase m the con-* 

nectjve tissue of an organ. C, Atro'phic, that associated with 

atrophy, C^ Birioi?, that due to chronic retention of bile. 

C Fal'ty, that in which the hepatic cells become infiltrated 

with fat. C^ Hypertro'phic, that associated with hypertrophy. 

Drrbotic, se-rof-ik. Pertaining to cirrhosis. 

^PttvM, sir* us. The «exual orifice in certain segments of the tape- 


Qnocele, sir*-sd-sll. A varicocele, g, p, 
Cslnold, sir'-SQtd. Resembling a varix. 

^pinompbalos, sir-son^ -fal-os, A varicose condition of the navel, 
^phthahma, sir-sof-tJuiV-me-ah. Varicose ophthalmia, 
ome, sir^'SO-tom. An inatrvitnent for excising varicose veins,' 
ly, sir-sof^o-me. Excision of a varix, 
Hsf-em. 1, A dilatation; a re!Scr\'oir, 2. A lymph-space, 

particularly anyone of the large spaced) at the base of the brain,*| 
QMrin, si^-nr-in. Sodium anhydromethylcnecitrate. Usei 

in the treatment of gout. 
dlral, sif-ral. CioHiaO. An atdehyd in oil of lemon, 
dtiaee, sif-rat, A salt of citric acid. 
Cttrloe Oint'ment, sii*-rin. Mercuric nitrate ointm^ent. 
(Htropben, su*-ro-fffn. An antipyretic compound of citric 

and paraphenetidin. 
Cttrui^ itif-rtis. A genua of trees yielding lemons, limes, an^ 

Ciriiiini'i Spice. A smalt spine on the outer border of the eacter^ 

sal pterygoid plate 0ving attachment to the pterygospinoui 

QadottariSt ktad^-o-tkriks, A genus of Schkomycetes, 
Q«ID|K, kUimp, An instrument for compressing vessels. 
Qapy ki3p> The popular term for gonorrhea. C.-threads, slim: 

•tHagt Id gonorrheal urine, 
CIl^Migie* ClApotementt khp'Ot-ahsh* , klap-dt'-monig). A 

ipla&bing sound, 
Cllptoil*i Line. Greenish discoloration of the gums and teeth, 

^pttiMhy the iacisors, in chronic copper-poisoning. ^J 

CIap4oo-E«%«i^s Olafidfi, See Hmms's Glands. Ij 

Qtr9t'»tmh, ^AxrV/-j/j«. A large nevus. "^ 

CI^HacMiit^ klaf^'if-tk-ant, A substance for c\fca.Tiai » ftdVvL- 


GKMfMMem. The clearing of a liQuid of imputH\<sa. 




Qark*! Sign. A tympanitic sound over the hepatic ngion in 
tympanites due to pexfoiative peritoneal inflammation. 

Qarke'i Corroding Ul'cer. Progressive ulcer of the cervix uteri. 
C.*i Tongue, the hard, fissured, and nodular tongue of ssrphil- 
itic glossitis sclerosa. C.'i Vesic'ular Col'umn, a group of 
ganglion cells near the gray commissure in the posterior horns 
of the dorsal and upper lumbar spinal cord. 

Clatmaf ocyte. A large cell with a tendency to break into pieces. 

Clatmatocyto'sii. The breaking up of clasmatocytes. 

Clasp'-knife Rigid'ity. A reflex spasmodic extension of the leg in 
spastic paraplegia, ending in a "spring." 
. CUssification, klas-if-ik-a^-shun. Systematic arrangement. 
\ Qasdc, kkuf-Hk. Breaking up into fragments. 
^ Oathrocystis, klath-ro-sW -tis, A genus of Schisomycetes. 

CUudication, klaw-dik-af'shun. Lameness. 

Clatiditts's Cells. Polyhedral or conoid cells lining the outer 
angle of the scala media of the cochlea. C.'i Fos'sa, the ovarian 
fossa, a triangular si^ace containing the ovary; it is bounded 
anteriorly by the round ligament, above by the external iliac 
v«n, and b^ow by the ureter. 

CUrattn^ho'bia. A morbid dread of an inclosed space. 

Oaas'trum. A layer of gray matter between the insula and 

Clausura, klauf-zhHr-ah, Imperf oration; atresia. 

Clava, kW-vah. An enlargement of the ftmiculus gracilis. 

Oavate, khf-vdt. Club-shaped. C. Nu'cleus, a collection of 
nerve cells within the clava. 

Clav'icepi purpur'ea. The fungus producing ergot. 

Clav'icle. The collar-bone, joining the stemtun and scapula. 

Clavicotomy, klav-e-kof-o-me. Same as Cleidoiomy, q. v. 

Clavicular, kla-vik^-u-lar. Pertaining to the clavicle. 

Cla'vin. CnHi2N204. One of the active principles of ergot; it 
is said to be nontoxic. 

Clayus, klaf-vus. A callous tumor; a com, occurring usually on 
the toes. C. hyster'icus, a localized pain in the head in hysteria 

Claw-foot. A deformity and atrophy of the foot. 

Claw-hand. A condition of hand in atrophy of interooaeous 

Qeansingi, kUmf-ings, The lochia, q. v. 

Cleft, kkfi. A fissure; a crevice. C. Pal'ate, a congenital pala- 
tine fissure. C Ster'num, congenital fissure of the sternum. 

Cleidarthritis, kli-dar-thri'-tis. Inflammation at the clavicular 

GeidO'^ A^p-dcf. A prefix si^rnifying relation to the clavida. 
CleldocoBUU, Ar/i-^io-kos'-tal. Pertaining to the ribs and dayidA. 
^MaauMfordeoM. See Muscles, Table of. 
«*^/t Mf-^t'^m^, Operative division of the cla^klb. 
nnhl' ^^'^^'''*^-^'' The operative crushinji ot the 


**Uhmif'n€^h. See Kkptomania. 
ore-throat'. A granular form of phAryzisitiB. 
^'i Exper'iment. On looking through a. chrome 

i an oval purplish spot, due to the pii^ent of the 

, 19 seen. 

if'^attrt* The inferior occipital fissure; a small 

en the second and third occipital coo volutions. 

>ma}^ -tet-ik, A critical period ia Life. C^ Gnui4, 

td year. 

kmci-a/'-a*;>. The science of climate. 

V Employment of climate aa a therapeutic ag«nU 
Bed-side instruction, 

e-af. Pertaining to a sick-bed or clinic. 

:i«t, klin-ish^-an, klin'-is-isL A physician skilled 

t Having an abnonnal flexure of fingers or toes, 
d, Resembling a bed. C. Proc'euei, certain proc- 
^henoid bone. 
tee under L*hs. 

is-0~ofn^-€t-€r. An instrument for measuring the 
iktion in females. 

n. The middle of the anterior border of the clivua. 
kUt^or-id-ak^-to-ttuf, Excision of the clitoris, 
'-is. An ?rectilc female organ, tlie homolog of 
CL Cri'ies, paroxyams cl sexual excitement in 
ring from tabes. 

or-km. Hypertrophy of the clitoris. 
r-i'-tis. Inflaxnmation of the clitoHSr 

UA slope. C. oe'sis. See Blntnenbach'i Ciiitms, 
,. 1. An opening in a diseased bone; a cavity 
[US. 2. A common outlet to the rectum and the 

^. Applied to spasms with alternate relaxations. 
Is, RcBcx, irregular contractions of muscles, 
ll'. The hyaloid canal; an irregular canal running 
Aorly through the center of the vitreous body and 
I the hyaloid artery during fetal life. C/i Fas^cISi, 
pptum. C/s Gang'lioo, the nasopalatine ganglion, 
jaent within the anterior palatine canaL C.'a 
^ubic hernia; a femoral hernia passing behind and 
9 the femoral vessels and resting on the pectineal 
^8 Lig'ament. See Holler's Hab^ nh . 
K Coagttlum, 

, klosf-lows, Pedicutus corporis, the body-louate. 
InST' PAT^nc^yxnatati^ de/^enemtSon of cells, 
? ii^50r*5*4^^^5Kr. C-Jutch, a double loop /armed 

fJT&r dji^Iajr a/ eoxitartions and 


Clubbed Fin'gefs. A knob-like tennination of the fingers. 

Qub-foot See Talipes. 

Gub-hand. A d^onnity of the hand similar to that of club-foot. 

Qunittin, kluf-ne-um. The buttock. 

Qupein, kluf-pe-in. C30H67N17O6+4H2O. A protamin from the 

ClyBter, kUs^-ter, An enema or injection. 
Cnemial, ne^-nte-al. Relating to the tibia or shin. 
Cnemis, tu^-mis. The tibia or shin-bone. 
CnemitiB, ne-mi'-tis. Inflammation of the tibia. 
CnemoscoliosiSy ne-mo-sko-le-</-sis. Lateral curving of the leg. 
Cnicin, nV-sin. C42H66O15. An alkaloid obtained from Carbenia. 
Cnidosis, ni^diZ-sis. Urticaria. 
Coagulation, ko-ag-u-laf-shun. A clotting. C. Necro'sis. See 

Coagulative, ko-a^-u-la-tiv. Causing or marked by coagulation. 

C. Necro'sis. See Necrosis. 
Coaguiin, ko-ag^-u-lin. A specific substance produced in. the 
' body of an animal by the injection of various substances and 

capable of coagulating the latter. 
Coagulometer, ko-ag-u-lom'-et-er. An instrument for studying 

the coagulability of the blood. 
Coagulum, ko-ag^-u-lum. A clot or mass of thickened blood. 
Coalescence, ko-al-es'-ens. The union of two or more parts. 
Coal-tar. A viscid liquid from dry distillation of bituminous 

Coapta'tion. The adjustment of the edges of fractures. 
Coarctate Refina, ko-ark'-tdt. A funnel -shaped retina. 
Coarcta'tion. The compression of the walls of a vessel. 
Coarctof omy. The division of a urethral stricture. 
Coarse, kdrs. Not fine; gross. C. Disease\ the macroscopic 

organic lesions. 
Coat, kdt. The membrane covering a part; a tunic. C, Buily. 

See Buff y. 
Cobalt, ko^-bawlt. A brittle, hard, heavy metal. 
Coca, k</'kah. The plant Erythroxylon coca. 
Cocain, ko^-kdn. C17H21NO4. An alkaloid from coca; it is a 

powerftd local anesthetic, and internally is used as a narcotic. 
Cocainism, ko^-kdn-izm. The symptoms of excessive use of cocain. 
Cocainize, k(/-kdn-iz. To bring under the effects of cocain. 
Cocainomania, ko-k&n-o-ma'-ne-dh. Mania from abuse of cocain. 
Cocapyrin, ko-kdh-pi'-rin. A mixture of cocain and antipyriji. 
Cocci, kok'-se. Plural of coccus. 
Cocddioaia, Jtok-sid-i^-o-sis. A condition due to coccidia. 
Cocciditua, ^^-sfd'-e-um. A genus of protozoa. C. ovifor'me, 
A found in intestinal epitbelium and in the human liver. C. 
^^V^^'^ « name for the parasite of carcinoma. 
^m^w^^^°^^^^' CochineaJ; it is valuable in pertussis. 

ciff^rim. The spheroid bacteria of putrefaction. 



Coc'ctttus in'dictu. The plant Anannria pankulaUi and its dried 

aeedi: it is an active narcotic poison, 
CoccttVp kof^^us. 1. A cell or capsule. 2. Synonym of micro- 

Coccyalgia, kok-si-aV -je-ah. Pain in the coccyx. 
Coccydynia* kak-si-din^ -e-ah. See Coccyodinia. 
Coccygeal, Coccygeani kok-sij^-e-ul, kok-sif-e-an. Pertaining to 

the coccyx. C, GUnd, a small body near the end of the coccyx. 
Coccygectomy« kok-sij-gk'-to-me. Excision of the coccyx» 
Coccygeust kok-sif-e-us. See Mitscks^ Table of, 
Coccygodynla, kck-sig-o-din' -s-ah. See Coccyodinia, 
Coccygotomy, kok-sig-ot* -o-nte. Excision of the coccyx. 
CoccyodiuA, kok-si-c-din'-e-ah. Pain in the coccyx. 
Coccyx, koi^-siks. The last bone of the spinal column. 
Coch'ia Pilli. Pills of aloes and colocynth. 
Cochin Legi kd-tchin. Elephantiasis of the leg. 
Coch^'IneoLl. Coccus cacti, dried insects used as a coloring-matter* 
Cochlea* kok'-le-ah, A spiral cylindric tube fornnng the inner- 
most of the three portions of the labyrinth. 
Cochlear, kok^-U-ar, 1. Pertaining to the cochlea. 2, A spoon. 
Cochleare, kok'lt-af-re. A spoon; spoonful. C. am'plum^ a 

tablespoon. C mag'ntim, a tablespoon* C, me^diuoi. a 

Cochtearia, kok-U-c^-re-ah. A genus of antiscorbutic plant^. 
Cochle&iifonn, kok-te-ar^-€-form. Spoon-shaped. 
Cochleltis, kok-te-i'-tis. See Cockiitis. 
CocMitis, kok-li'-tis. Inflammation of the* cochlea, 
CocUlana Bark, ka-sH-a'-nah, The bark of Sycocarpus rusbyi, a 

tree of BoU\'Ta: it is used in bronchitis. 
Cock*! Pectt'llar Tu'mor, Extensive septic ulceration of the scalp, 

resembling an epithelioma, and developed from a neglected 

wbKoeous cyst. 
Cockroach, kok^-rdch. See Blatia. 
Cocoa, ki/^ko. Sec Cacao, C.-oil, or Coco-nut OU, the oil from 

the fruit of the palm, Cocos nmijera. 
Codeiiiy ka^-de-in or ka'-dtn. CiaHjiNO»-HHaO, One of th« 

alkaloids derived from opium. 
Codez, kt/'dtks. The French pharmacopeia. 
Cod' -liver Oil. See Oil. 
Coe-v se-. See C«-. 
Coeffi'clent Jetl'^y. A preparation of agar used In Ross's t» vitro 

method. C. of Diffu'sion* the index of diffusion (q. v,} plus the 

time and temperature req.uired to stain the nucleus. See In 

Coffee, kof*-^. Berries of Coffea arahvca , used a% «. st\xivM\k.TAr. 

Cotfeinum, The symptoms from the eixce^v^ Vise ol ot3f5ja|| 
Coffearin^ kof-e-^-rin, A substance said to \>c Iomxv^ m Mx«| 
I */«er /nee use ot coffee* 


Cof fin-boiM. The last phalanx of a horse's foot. 

Coffin-lid Crys'talt. Same as Knife-rest Crystals. 

CogtULC, kdW-yak, A variety of French brandy. 

Cohabitatioii, ko-hab-it-af -shun. The same as Coition. 

Cohen'g Test for Albu'min. To the acid solution of albumin add 
a solution of potassium bismuthic iodid and potassium iodid. 
The albimiin and the alkaloids are precipitated. 

Cohesion, ko-he^-skun. The "attraction of aggregation." 

Cohn's Law. The specific form of bacteria has a fixed, immu- 
table basis. 

Cohnheim's A'reas or Fields. Small iK)lygonal fields visible on 
^ optic section of a sarcous element prism. C.'s End'-arteitoi^ 
I the short arteries supplying the basal ganglia of the cerebrum. 
' C's Frog, a frog from the vessels of which the blood has been 
removed and replaced by a salt solution. C.'s The'ory, the 
theory that all true tumors are due to defective embrjronal 
development. C.'s Tu'mor Germs, small aberrant or hetero- 
topic masses of embryonic tissue from which new growths 
may originate. 

Cohoba'tion. The redistilling of a substance in the distilled fluid. 

Cohosh, Blaclc, /^-^5/t. See Cimicifuga. C, Blue. SeeCauJo^ 
phyllum, C, White. See ActetB. 

C^ koU. A spiral'. C-gland, a sweat-gland. C, Induc'tioo, 
rolls of wire for producing an electric current by induction. C, 
Resisf ance. See Resistance. C, Leiter's. See under L£^. 

Coinnsound or Test. The sound produced in pnexmiothonoc 
by striking with another coin a coin placed flat upon tiie 

Coitioo, Coitus, ko-ish'-un, ko^-it-us. Sexual connection. 

Coitophobia, ko-it-o-f(/ -he-ah. Morbid dread of coitus. 

Colco, kt/-ko, A synonym of Frambesia. 

Coia, kt/-lah. See Kola. 

Colation, ko-W-shun. The operation of straining. 

Colature, koV-at-ur. A liquid obtained by straining. 

Colaoze, kol-awk^-se. Dilatation of the colon. 

Colchidn, koV-chis-in. Ci7Hi<.N05. An alkaloid of colchicmn. 

Colchicum autumnale, koV -chik-um. Meadow saffron; it is an 
emetic and a drastic cathartic. It is used in gout and in 
rheumatic affections. 

QtAA^kdld. Coryza; catarrh of the respiratory tract. CAb'seeM, 
a chronic abscess, usually tuberculous. C. Bath, a bath with 
the temperature below 70' F. C.-blood'ed. See Poikilothermic. 
C. Cream, an ointment composed of oil of almond, 60; rose- 
tvater, 30; spermaceti and white wax, dd, 10. C. Pack; the 

cold-water sheet wrapped around a patient to reduce tem- 
perature. C, Rose, bay-fever. 
^^^^y» ^o-iey-to-n$e. The excision of a portion of the criUm. 
*^**^* ^^^-^-o^sfl. Vaginal hernia. 

A combination of the toxins of Streptococow 





Colic, koT 








Colitii^ ko- 


of the b 
walls of s 


artificial t 

CoOaiEOlt C 
silver; ari 

CoIUteral, it 

Collect, kol-i 

calicesof - 

in plants, 




ward and 

win rende 

orisisal ^ 

syphilis, € 

never cau 


tins a sti 


pillar of tl 

where th 

Spmce, th 



^^^^^ COLtlCULUS 

ftn(3 Badtivs frodigtatvs; ft hai tseen tued a« a 
cancer, in inoperabk c&ses. 
ko-U-has-ii-if-sis. A general infection due to th« 

SpvLsmodic pain in the abdomen, C, BIKiary or 
t due to the passage of & gaU -stone through the 
C>t Leftd, intestinal colic due to lead -poisoning, 
the pain of menstruation. C, Re'nal, due to a 
ureter. C^ Saf umine. Same as C, Lead, C^ 
»xysmal paina at the menstrual period. 
im. Painter's colic, due to lead- absorption, 
i-*-^sis'ii''tis. Cystitis from the colon -bacillus. 
is, Inflammation of the colon. 
jf-#». The substance of which the white fibers of 
tissue are made; it yields gelatin, 
psf, 1. Marked deprcsuion of the vital activitie* 
K 2. An ftbtiormal sinking or retmciioti of the 

of-^r-hon. See Clai^U. 

koV-m-ktotLm. A collar-like device to hold an 
>th to a natural root. 

JftiSotuni, kol'la/ got, kol-lar-gt/'lunt. Colloidal 
Eitmn Cred6. A nonirritating antiseptic* 
l^f-tr-at. 1. Accompanying; aiding. 2. One of 
b;Ches of an axis-cylinder passing at right angles. 
f. To bring together, 

bet of the Kid'ney. The ducts discharging into the 
e kidney. 

^-m'-kim-ah. The tissue of the primary cortege 
ist beneath the epidermis. 

ft. The deep layer of the euperfictal fascia of th« 
C.V Frac'ture, transverse fracture of the lower 
if the radius with displacement of the hand back- 
tttward. C.'a Law, the child of a syphilitic father 
its mother inununc against syphilis. In Colles's 
jpds "A new-bom child affected with congenital 
^ although it may have symptoms in the mouth, 
|i ulceration of the breast which it sucks, if it be 
Who suckles it, though continuing capable of infec- 
|ge nurse.*' C/s Lig^ament« the fibers which pass 
^r portion of Pouparl's ligament behind the internal 
bbdominal ring and are inserted into the Hnea alba . 
I interlace with those of the opposite side. C'a 
ppaCQ beneath the perinea] fsucm contaming^ the 

itrojis^'^erstis pen'rwi. And ba/i?ocavcmosuSf 
Wpcf^tK^jT (x/ the urrethm, the posterior scrotal 
TsrKf jTeJT^ins, sad /oosc aiT€iIsr tisatte. 

1 1 

« 4 

« 4 


« ' 


*(»;. Sev ^iW^s's Z^Tm^, 

A smiUl 

emtaence, C, hal^ 



tion of the bulb into the membranous urethra. C fadafUB, 

a rounded eminence on the floor of the fourth ventricle. C. 

infe'rior, any one of the posterior quadrigeminal bodies. C 

papilla'ris, the tuberculum or processus papillaris of the liver. 

C semink'lis, the verumontanum. C. supe'rior, any one of 

the anterior quadrigeminal bodies. 
Coriidin. CsHnN. A ptomain of putrid albumin. 
Collier's Lung^ koV-yerz. Anthracosis. 
Collier's Ponto-spin'al Tract. The descending part of the medial 

longitudinal bundle, found in the tegmentum. 
CoUigamen, kol-igf -am-en. A form of glycerin-bandage. 
CoUilon'gus. The muscle longus colli. 
i CoUiquation, kol-ik-wa'-shun. A liquefaction of tissues. 
f Colliquative, koUik^-tua-iiv. Profuse; excessive. 

Collocated, koV -o-ka-ted. Placed or ordered along with aooie- 

thing else — as adjacent parts of the brain. 
Collodion, CoUodinni, kol-&-de-on, koW -de-um. A dressing for 

wounds, made by dissolving guncotton in ether and alcohol; 

it is used as a substitute for adhesive plaster. C, Canthai'- 

idal, a blistering solution of collodion and cantharides. C*, 

Flex'ible, collodion with the addition of castor-oil and Canada 

balsam. C, Styp'tic, a mixture of collodion with tannic acid, 

ether, and alcohol. 
Colloid, koV-oid. 1. Glue-like. 2. A noncrystallizable organic 

substance. C. Can'cer, carcinoma with colloid degeneration. 

C. Cyst, a cyst with jelly-like contents. 
CoUoi'din. CsHisNOe. A jelly-like substance from colloid tissue. 
Colloma, kol-(/-nu2h. A cyst containing colloid matter. 
Collonema, kol-on-e' -mdh. A colloid tumor; a myxoma. 
Collopexia, Collopezy, kol-o-peks'-e'-ah, kol-o-pcks^-e. Fixation 

of the uterine neck by surgical means. 
Collosin, koV-o-sin. A varnish of collodion and traumaticin, 

used in dermatology. 
CoUoxylin, kol-oks'-il-in. The same as Pyroxylin. 
Collum, koV-um. The neck. C. distorfum, torticollis. C 

fem'oris, the neck of the femur. C. u'teri, the cervix uteri. 
CoUutorium, kol-u-U/ -re-um. A mouth-wash; a gargle. 
Collutory, koV-u-tor-e. The same as CoUutorium. 
Collyrium, kol-ir'-e-um. A medicinal lotion for the eyes. 
Coloboma, kol-o-bo^-fnah. A fissure, especially of parts of the 

Colocente'sis. Surgical puncture of the colon. 
Coloclyster, ktZ-lo-klis-ter. An enema in the colon. 
CoJocoioetomy, ko-lo-koAosf-iom-e. Surgical anastomosis of two 
portions of the colon. 
€kilocyatb, Colocynth'ia, koV-o-sinth. The peeled pepo ol CUml- 

-^Sw colt?cyniAis; it is a drastic hydr&goe cathartic. 
'^^^^ ^^'^-^*^-thin. The bitter principle of cxAx^tb^ 
InHamxnAtion of the small and large mtes^lqfM.- 





or se 



















Coror. ] 

2. Thai 

A pigm 


ing:. S 







C. Cox's 


lateral, I 











Colon subet' ^c 

fSf t)ie Urge intestine from. th« cecum 

ating to the colon. 
tCoUtis. q. V. 

nciit for cxAmintns thtj tiiloii, 
Rtion by means of n colr»nQftcopr>. 
jlleclion or assemblage 
r&utunns of the aigmoid fl«fxuro Ui the 

ks-of-Q-mf* Aa iiusiaion Into and a 

Same as Colof>exia, 

t' used in differentiating the eo«iin*>ineUiy> 
See Rosin. 
A downward displ£u:&ment oi Lhc 

nsation due to radiated or reflected light. 
In object perceptible to sight alone, X 
roeav, abnormalism or deficiency of colur 
l^tioa. See Pseudogtustsihtsia. C.-heftr 

wk-ta:^'to-ine^ The lonsation of a. jGstuiu 

bnd colon. 

lament for estimating colortng-matter* 

1^ The formation of a colonic fl&lula, 

MtHe disease due to colostrum. 

jL The first milk secreted by the breasts. 

warn the acini of the mammary gland. 

L Incision of the colon, cither abdomindiJ , 

minal, according to the region of entrance. 

mver with involvement of the colon. 

L Pain in the vagina^ 

F-ah. Imperfomtion of the vagina. 
-Utt A rubber bag for dilating the 

Vaginal dilatation. 
ation of the vagina.. 
L tumor or hernia i^ the v^jghm. 

/^-*3i-jwirt liicSstaii htto the atxJowen 

Tife Oijcmti'oa of occiudln^ the 

iAe bladder And v»ffi^tt^ 


f.',.'y^tify,ijtA0'.. Prolajisc of the bladder throat the vagtai' 
','#.>'/' /«»'/« yr in X, /o/ ;v/ :.i: to- si' -rinks, Vesicovaffical fi**- 
OfJ^'/* /•»'/t'/,fiiy. III. i-,ii,fi into the bladder thzoui^ theti^ 
f.'.iyf^^ntnotihauh'iH. Suturing of the vac[iiial sphincfier. 
f/'^il^'fhyi/ftrpl/i'iiifl. (y .t.ic hyperplasia of the vagina. 
r'/lt'/»jy«irfi:»/forny. Rfiiioval of the uterus through the vaifBL 
i.**,u't\ff%ir.tu\'itniy. All incision into the uterus thxongh ^ 

/:•{/. r,.i 

f,*Au''in'/um*:t.'Uimy. M yonifctomy through the vagina. 
^'Ji/'iffiyiiinoiofiiyp W /i/; ;Ht » mot'-o-me. ColxxnnyoixiectaBiyi 

<.«#l[i</ffiyffloffiy, ^w/ /'« mi ol' o-me. Colpomyomecto m y, (t * 
& f.««lpf«|i«ilfif!'opliiiily. I'l:i;;i.i<: operation on vagina and perineOB* 
' f,«flpf/|i«-.iliinorflia|iliy, kol f'o ffcr in-c-o/ -af-e. Repair of the pen* 
fiiijKi :iii'l |jii-,l.fii<jr v:Li;iniil wall. 

fJolpoplmity, //;/' t"' /'/"'• /'". Any plastic oi)cration on the vapnfc 

C.fflpfiphmU, ^<i/ />/! /i/ './■.. Any jirolapse of the vagina. 

CIolporrliHKlN, W f'ot ii' if ah. Hemorrhage from the vafl^nft. 

riflpoiiliMpliy, hot t't't' tiff. Suture of the vagina. 

CjfilpfiiilinM, kill fiof f' I ill. Tlir Mimc as Leukorrhea, q. v. 

OilporiliflilM, kol fun i-Aa' in. Rupture or laceration of flM 

ColpiNifopr, /■«'/' fn'ff. At> instrument for the visual oubA' 
nut ion ol I.Ih- viIkiim. 

(!o1imhi1m, kill f'li' -.1'.. ('nlpiii:l, q. V. 

C<ilti<ii<iiiiv, kol t'ol' o »u\ An incision of the vagina. 

C<iltiifiiot, K- 1 'It \* fill. :ii-i* rii\.\Hny.o. 

C<iliuiil}lu, h'l urn* hill. Sim- (\iJionbifi. 

Coluiii'bliim. A nii-tiil iikin to Insnuith and to antimony. 

CViltimlHi. kol itni' ho. iti'c ( \iIunibo. 

CiiliMiiellN, kol H lUil' ii/i. I. A small column; the modiolus. 8* 
A liiinn in iMiihi wliiili taki'S the pliicc of the ossicles of tlw 
fur In niiiti. C nH'Hi. the nasal septum. 

Column, kol' iifii. A pillar. C* Ante'rior, the layer of white 
iniittrr in raili In ill' uf the spinal eord, between the anterior 
hiirn it I It I nrrvr iimtM a in I the anterior median fissure. Ci 
IHrei't' Ceroliet'liir. IviiiK outside of the lateral pyramidal 
truet. C, LaCrrNl, a luyer of white matter in each half of the 
Npiuttl i'ntd iHMweeii (he pdsterior horn and nerve-roots and 
uuterior hurii and iirive innts. C.» Po«te'rior» the white mat- 
ter in the spinal euid luMween tl\e iH>sterior horns and nerve- 
nnttH a ltd the pitstninr median tissure. C.» Posteroeztn^liali 
the outer wider division of the ix^tcrior column of the coxd. 
C, Potteromo'dian. the niidille imrt of the posterior spfnal 
iti/umn. C Poatentvetlc'uUr. See Chrkes Column. C 
Retpi'tutory'' ^^t' /''ii.wiiu/us, S>Iit*jry. C, V«dcfiAai« 

on^ of jwnv-i'vlls in the jH«t««rior ijray horn of the spbnl 
^huDDm, hf/-mm'^mak. A coXvaan or piUar. C a^poTM, aUV 

column. C. berti 

C. na'sl, the nas 

Coltmuue came«, 

from the cardiac 

.papiXlarts. C. ' 


Colnniniog, kol^u 

support a procic 

Colytic, koV-it-ik. 

^am^ k(/-ntah. 

bol'ic, due to a 
I C., Diabef ic, t\ 
s^'stem. C, XJi 
lethargy with o 
Comatose, k(/-mai 
Combustion, kom- 
Comedo, kom'-en 
structed sebacc 
Com'edones. Plv 
Comes, k</-fnez. 
Com'frey. The \ 
cent and tonic. 
Com' nia -tract. 

column of the 

Commelina* kom 

of which arc uj 

Cogunensal, kom 

t^fo animals o: 

Coamunute, kon 


Conmupbora, k 

bdelUum, my: 

fibers in the c 
vermiform p 
corpus callos 
lobe. C. vei 
tbe gray ma' 

(of third vei 
tbe anterior 
opftic conir 

WttSSi*T«, <l- 



the renal pyramids. 


tum'-tut kar'-M «. Muscular projections 

rides. C. pupQik^tt^* Sannm us Musculi 

ridges on the anterior wuils <^ the 

The placing of vikginal tampons to 

llbnormaUy deep sleep; sttipoT. C, Alco- 
|Dlism. C, Apoplet/tic, due to apoplexy. 
^e to the presence of diacetic acid in the 

tthat due to uremia. C, vig'U, delirious 

1^ In a condition of coma. 

i^un. The process of oxidation. 

black-head; a womvliko mass in an nh- 


|f C&medo, ^ 

|^p&nion» as a vein or nerve to an artery. 

Symphytum officinaU; the root ts a demul« 

biniium of Asiatic cholem. 
-tffaaped tract In the i>osterolater<il 

r-oA* A genus of plants, several species 
lAsia OS food and medicine, 
^. 1, The harmonious livinR toftether of 
|b. 2. One of two such organisms, 
p^. To break into pieces. 
I^cocesa of breaking into pieces. 
)fO-tah, The genus of trees furnishing 
Id balm of Gilead. 

Ik^ CommissMre. C, aasa'ta, a tract of 
liasm, C. bre'vis, a portion of the inferior 
bf the cerebellum. C. hippocam'pi. the 
llyra of the fornix, q. v. C« mag'nA, the 
Ihe brain, C. iim'pleZf a small cerebellar 
Itl'bay the band of white matter between 
|ithe anterior fissure of the spinal cord. 
Ir. A joining or uniting, C, Ante'rior 
m rounded cord of white fibers in front o\ 
fthe fornix. C, Arc'aate, 1, The posteno* 
\ 2. Same as Gauii^gt^x I/r/^rt^r CiHtt- 
t/ic tfTinsxnprse band cf gray mat- 
TTtj^ tnstte^r c^ llic twa b&ives d the 
Jfij^rf /ofaixig oats imbeim to the 
^epij^ys^ a, MJd'die, tbtt band 



croBsiztB of tlie optic nervas. Ct FtMtB^fioc (of 11 
a white band uniting the optic thalami posteriorly. 

Commotio, kom-^/ -she-o, Concu^oat motion. C. tftffitubt im- 
paiiment or loss of vision following a blow upon or near the eye. 
►mmanicimg, ^m-w'-nit-onff. Commumcatijig, C. byposkft'si, 
C no'nl, a nerve of the neck See Nerves, Tabk d/ C. 
wiltiB'ii, the posterior communicating artery bf the bmtn, 

Com'^mutator. An instrument for reversing electric currents. 

Comose, ko'-mos. Ha\ing much hair. 

Comparative, kcm-pat^-a-Hv. Relating to comparison. C. 4sw 
at'omy» Sc^c Anatomy. 

CompofiB Plant, kum'-pas. The plant Silphium lacifiiat^m: it 
yields a tonic and alterative oleoresin. 

Compatible, kom-patf-ib-l. Capable of existing together, 

Componsatingp kcnnf-pen-sa-ting. Making amendd for. C* Op- 
era'' don« the performance of a tenotomy of the associated antag* 
onist of a healthy eye for paresis of a muscle of the other eye» 

Compensation, kom-pen-sa'-shHn. The state of counterbalancing 
a defect of etructurc ^r function, 

Com'plement. A thennolabile body resembUng a ferment an4 
found in serum and cell protoplasm. It acta in conjutictioa 
with the amboceptor in causing lysis, Syn, Cyiase* S«o 
also Alexin. C. Fixation Test, a test for gonorrhea. 

Complemeotal Air, kom-plemtsn^-tal. See Air. 

Complemeo'toid, A complement that has lost its power ol 
causing lysis. 

Complement tophile. Having an affinity for the complement, 

Complexus, kmn-pUk^-us, The totality of the symptoms of a dis- 
ease, C. Mils' cle, the broad muscle of the back of the neck- 
See Muscles, Tablt of, 

Compoaition, kom-po-sisW-un. The constituents of a miatture. 
C. Pow'der, the compound powder of bay berry* 

Com'pos men'^dfl. Of sound mind, 

Compoood, hQM'pound', 1. To mix. 2, Composed of sevexal 
parts. C* Cathar'tic Pills, pilla of calomel, jalap, colocynth^ 
and gamboge. C Mfcroficope. See Microscope. 

^kmv^-pres. Folded cloths for local pressure. C*,F«fi'* 
estzated, a compress with a hole for drainage. 
impreBslon, kom-pr^shf-un. The forcing together of a substance. 
C.-at^rophy. Sec Airophy, C. of the Brain, the symptun^ 
from brain-pressure, C„ Dig'ital. compression of an artery by 
the iQngers. C. Myeli'tia, myditia from, a leaion compressing 
CompreafBor, I, An in^nuaent for compressing a vesael. 3. 

See Musc^s, Tabk 0/, 
Ccaarium, Aa-na'^rv-um. The pineal gland of the braix\. 

cati?'s Duease^, Tuberculosis affecting succcsaiveiy vatvs^ 
j«^«^ mcmBrunes, teraiioAUjag usually in pulmooary Uk^aet- 



How incurvatioo, 
A tjcprfwion or fossa. 
'vo-kon-ktiv, BtconCAVc. 
I side concave, the other convejc, 
i^tfa-t*d: Mftdc ilrDcigeT or purer, 
Hux toward a part. 2. The act at ronder- 
r by «vftpomtion. 

H&ving a common center. 
The fecundation of the ovum. C-, 
idea dominating an inaane pcrsoni 

The outer ear, 2. The turbinated bone, 

The same aa Quhiidin, 
4fi, An iuBtrumetit for eocatniniag thf 

>-idmi An instruntent for exddng the 
TshtiH. The boiling of two tubstancea 

r-if-ditl. Accompanying* a« syraptonu. 
l^oUdified or condensed, 

tm. Si A calculuH; an osaeous deposit. 2. 
d5acent parta, 
h'US, Copulation, q. v. 
iuH, A itwking. C. of the Brain, shock oi 
ML C, of the Lab'yrintb, dcafneiM and tin* 
t an explosion. C. of the Spine, a le«ion of 
k violent jarring, 

i^-sh»n. The act of making denser. 
An apparatus for condensing gas or 

Inflammation of bone, with hardening, 
sheath for the penis during copulation, 
Y-tons. The ratio of an electric ciurent 
jr to the electromotive force, 
insfer of force from one part to another. 
Hii/-it-e. The capacity for conducting, 
pr. 1* An instrument directing a surgical 
Ismitter of a force, as an electric current, 
iThe bark of a vine Marsdenia cotudttraftgo; 
Id is used in syphilis, 
Itoprietary disinfecting solution prepared 

hsxr^^eHnf'jviy. Artlculmtioa by m^ns of 

mj^Mxclsiaa of M condyle. 

C Bev 



C^ Ci 
tbat i 
of dip 
a foro 


Condyrion. The point at the lateral tip of the condyle of thai 

Condyloid, kon'-dii-oid. Resembling a condyle. 
Condylonuu kon-dil-</-mah. A wart-like growth about the anus. 

C. la'tum, a broad, flat wart with a purulent discharge. 
Condylotomy, kon-dU-of-o-me. The division of a condyle. 
Cone of Light* kon. The triangular light area on the drum-head. 
Confec'do, Confection, kon-fehf-shun. A sweet excipient in 

Confecdoners' Disease', kon-fek'-shun-erz. A disease of the nails 

occurring in confectioners, in which the nails fall off. 
Confinement, kon-finf-ment. The period of parturition. 
I Confluens sinuum, kon^-fiu-enz sinf-u-um. The torcular Herophili . 
I Confluent, kon^-fiu-ent. Running together, as small-pox pus- 
Conformation, kon-for-ma'-shun. The natural shape or structure. 
Confor'mator. Api)aratus for determining outlines of the skull. 
Confrontation, kon-frun-ta'-shun. The bringing of two i>atients 

together for diagnosis by comparison. 
Congelation, kon-iet-a'-shun. 1. A freezing. 2. Frost-bite. 
Congenerous, kon-jevf-er-us. Of the same genus, as diseases. C 

Mus'des, muscles producing one action. 
Congenital, kon-jerf-it-al. Existing from birth; innate. 
Congested, kon-jes^-ted. Hyperemic. 
Congestion, kon-jes^-chun. Hyi)eremia of a part. C. of the 

Lungs, a term for pneumonia, q, v. 
Congestive, kan-iesf-Uv. Pertaining to congestion. C- Fe'ver, 

malarial fever. 
Congius, koW-je-us, A gallon; the symbol is C. 
Conglomerate, kcn-glontf-er-dt. Massed together, as glands. 
Conglu'tin. A vegetable casein, contained in almonds, etc. 
Conglutinant, kon-gW -tin-ant. Gluing together. 
Conglutinate, kon-gW-tin-at. Cemented; agglutinated. 
Conglutination, kon-glu-tin-af-shun. A sticking together. 
Con'go-ved. A red pigment turned blue by acid substances. 
Congress, Sex'ual, kot^-gres. Coition. 
Co'ni vasculo'sL Conic vessels ascending from the testes. 
Conic, Conical, konT-ik, kon'-ik-al. Cone-shaped. C. Cor'aM, 

Conidn, kot^-is-in. See Coniin, 
Conidiophore, ko-nid^-e-o-for. The mycelial thread of a fungus 

which carries the conidia. See Conidium. 
Conidlum, ko-nid^-e-um, A form of endospore in certain fungi. 
Co^n£ln, Co^nin, A very poisonous alkaloid, CsHrN, ixom 
Cbff/um macula^um; it is used in tetanus and asthma. 
CaaTtua mscaJM^tum. Poison hemlock: the leaves and aeoda axe 
sedative and narcotic. 
S^'^/r^^^. Relating to mamage. 
^'vmte, ^on^^u-^ai Couvled, C. Diam'eter. See Dtamtlw. 1« 


the fc 


with t: 




Cteoid, k 

froxn tl 

I exnixien< 

conoid ; 


ess tot] 







colon b 




rng sec 
low vis 


* Derla'don. See Dmutiion. C. fo'd, two foci wlikh are 

' interchangeable. 

Coa|ugation» kon-JH-ga'-skun. A form of reproduction or cell- 
di vision- C, Nu^cleus, the Begmentatian-nucleus, 

CoDJunctiTai kon-jungk-ti^'vah, Tbe inucoua merabTane of the 

CoajitnctlTltiSi kon-jungk-tiv-i^-iis. Inflammation ot conjunctiva. 
C^ Catarrh' al, that dtie to cold or irritation. C, Croup'ouB, 
that accompanied by the fonnation of a whitish-gray metn- 
bmne. C, Diphtheric, a purulent form due to the bacillus 
or diphtheria. C^ Egyp'tian, See Trachoma, fC,, Folllc'uiftr, 
& form marked by the presence of follicles. C., GoQorrhe'al, a 
severe purulent form due to infection by gonococci. C-, 
Gfas'tilar. trachoma. C^ Phlycten'^ular, a form marked by 
the formation of ulcers. C, Pur'ulent, that marked by a 
thick creamy discharge* C, SpTiojg, or Vefnal, that coming oo 
with the spring. 

CoQoate, kon'-6t. 1, Congenital, 2. United; confluent. 

C^KUteetiire, kon-^k'-tw. Connecting, binding. C. Tii'sue, the 
binding tissue of the body. 

Conoid, kd'Hoid. Conic. C. Lig'ament, a ligament extending 
from the comcoid process to the clavicle. C. Tu'bercle, the 
eminence on the inferior surface of the clavicle to which the 
conoid ligament is attached. 

CooiadTa Line. A li^c drawn from the base of the xiphoid proo- 
ess to the point of the apex-beat^ marking, tinder normal con- 
ditioos* the upper limit of percussion-dulness of the left lobe 
of the liver. 

Coondi-Drigalski Me'diunu 100 c.c. of lactose litmus agar is 
liquefied by heat and i ex, of a soltition of crystal violet added 
(crystal violet 0.1 gram, distilled water 100 c.c). Typhoid 
colonies growing on thb medium are pink, while those of 
colon bacillus are bluiah-gray, 

Comanguinity. kan-san-gwin'-ii-e. Blood-rdationahip. 

Cofitcioas»es8» ktm'-skus-ne$. The state of being aware of one's 
own cadstcnce. C, Dou'We, a morbid condition in which the 
patient seems to have two distinct but alternating lives. 

CooMantal* kon-seyt'-su-aL Of the nature of reflex action involv- 
ing sensation but not volition. C, Mo^'tioii, a movement of a 
low viscus excited by reflex stimulation. CX Reac'tion. See 

Conserve, kon-s^rrf. A confection, q. v, 

Cooaisteoce, kon-si^*tens. The degree of density or hardness. 

Comolida'^tion. Process of becoming solid. 

Ceostuit, kof^-stant. Fbced, not changing. C. Bat'tery, C. Cell, 
C Cuafreatt an un/nferrupted current. 

^ea^aiioa, k0H-stip-<3' -shun. A sluggish action ol \.\\fj >Qowas. 

jkwdmtfoQ. kon-sta^u'-shun, 1. Composition. 2- T\\«t «««st^ 

UmpersLmcnt oi the body. ^ 


Coijstitotiooal Diaeae'es, k&n'Stit-u''skun-al Inherited diseai 
Ibose that are general tjr that pervade the whole "AyattstiL 

Constrict, kon-sifikt'. To draw together in one part, 

Constric'tor, A contracting or compressing muscle. C* isth' 
fau'cium. See Patatoghssus in Muschs, Tabic of, 

CoDstrinKeatf kon-strin^ -jent. The same as Asiringint, q v, 

CoDStnictive, kon-sirui^ -tiv. Forma live. 

Conaultant, kon-suV -tani. A conBulting physician. 

Consultant Ion. Deliberation of physlctana concerning a patt«ni 

Consumption, kon-sump'-shun. Phthisis; wasting, atrophy. 

Contagion, ko» ta'-jun. The process of transfer of specific di 
eases. C.» Men'tal or Psy'cliic, S^o Psychic. 

Contagiosity.^ The quality of contagiousness of a given disea; 

Contagious, kan-ta'-jns. Having tlie character of contagion^ 

Conta'gium* The septic matter or germs of specific diiscases. 

Cootigulty, kott-iig'u'-ii-e. Actual contact. C, Solu'tion of, 

Condaultj^ kon-Un-m^-U-e, Unintemipted connection. CSolu'- 
tiOD of, separation by fractuTe, laceration, or operation. 

Contorted* kon-tor^-t^d. Twisted. 

Contract, kon-trakf. I. To draw the parts together; to si 
2. To acquire by contagion. 

Contractile, kon-trak'-til. Having the power to coniract. 

Contractirity. The property of contracting or shortening- 

Contraction, kon-irak^-shuit. Decrease of volume; shortening. 
Ano'dai, Clos'ing or Op'^ening, the contraction at the anode on 
closing or opening the circuit. C, Carpope^dal, a form of inlan* 
tile tetany marked hy fle.^tng of the extremities, elbows, and 
knees, and by tendency to ST>asms« C.* Clos'ing, muscular con- 
tractions at the instant that the electric circuit is dosed. C, 
Dupuytren's. iiw^piw-rron', contraction of the palmar fascia. 
C Fib'riUary, incoordinate contraction of different muscle 
fibriUfie in a muscle, C^ Pront-^tap, a phcnomejion In 
with exaggciated knee-jerk; when the foot is placed at 
right iingle to the leg and the muscles of the front of the h 
are tapped, the foot is extended.. C, Hour'-glsss, contractioi 
of an organ in the middle. C, Idiomus'^cutaT, muscular coi 
tmctlOQ from direct stinmlation, C, Isoto'oic, contractii 
of a muscle, its tension remaining tlie same throughout thi 
,act, Ch Isomet'ric, one showing mainly the changes in ten 
,^Sion 111, f* inu-^Ie wahtut any marked shortening, C, Op'en 
lag. i3n produced by opening or brcal 

loi'lc, contraction of a muscle 
' C^ Remaiii'der-, that persist- 
' jwal of the stimulus, C.-riBC 
r u;c uppftt a^id \oveT %R«m«xvta ot 
C, Ton'ic, Sec Tonic Sfr»sm. 
i r A state o! penna^Miitv^ -rv^yarvX.-^ , 
1 by a pecu\^T\tv ol ^>» ^^aeaat. 



forbidding « Hoe ^'^f ' ' ^ 
Arah'laf -er-aU Pertainiing to - itril 

fiide. C^ MuB^de, one acting *. ^-.. ^tih 

iite «ide of the bcwiy. 
^Ir-^aa« Fracture or injury, usujiUy oppt)8i;B 
impact, by tmnsmittod force. 
jf , A Etandard by which to check abserv»tiorui 
Ir correctness. C. An^'inud, an aninial used in con- 
bent C<?. '^) that has not been rendered immune. 
pat, an experiment to serve aa a standard to test 
other experiments. 
%/, To bruise, 

k/«'*c/i««. A bruise from a blow by a blutit \k*\V* 
Ibu See PntHMoma, 

, I. Aeone, 2, Posterior atapbyloma of the eyr 
It the upper anterior anyle of the right cardiac 
« oUiat'icus, the cricothyroid membrane, C. 
1m termiaa'liSt the lower conic termination of the 
ۥ TaAculo'suSt one of the conical maasea formrd 
BfTeretitia of the testicle. 

The period of recovery after a diseane. 
, An emetic glucosid from CoHvallaria^ . 
ijal'ia. Lily of the valley, a cardiac stimulant. 
Ca^HnitOi t . A pii rgati ve gl ucosid from ConiHilhria, 
Pn-vt^-juns. A coming together. 
n-Wf^-jVwf. Tending to a point , as HneH, 
r*i. Curved outward on the extemai surface. 
«, kon-v*ks-<hkon*'kdv. See Ccncavocomnii, 
E. Convex on both faces. 
A folding upon itself of any organ. See Gyrus, 
C*iH*uOifl. A cathartic glucosid from jalap- 

n^vf^'sant, A medicine causing spasms. 
n-vuV -shun. A violent involuntary contraction: 
\% C^ EgUep'tiform, one marked by total loss of 
^ C*, Hyster'ic, apparent loss of consciouaness, 
' . C, Mimet:'ic, a facial convulsion, C, Puer'- 
during parturition. C^ Tet'&nic, tonic con- 
^ *ut ktss of consciousncas. C^ Urem'ic, a con- 
^ renal disease. 

^ T»I'-5tD. Of the nature of a convulsion, C Tic, 
P^u&clcft supplied by the facial nerve, 

. See Reclus's Dtsea^se, C/b Faa'cia. 1. The 
M>}}s. J^ The cef/uJar Ia,v^r betneath tbe dartos, 

^ mast&dyzuA neuraJ^cA: netiraJffiM oftbebr^HSt, 
ht^/r^nuHjMr /m«*^ «y,*4&' ^r^s/. As t ley Cooper 
hf/^r, sh^rp/y d^^e<f, JSbrtanMtoaa or neu^ 


romatous tumors of fimall nwf an 

Ir'rit&ble Tes'ticlc, neuralgia of the testis. C.'a Liff'iiitiefit* J. 
The lower thickened portion of the fascia tranaversalis, which 
is attached to the spine of the pubis and the ih'opectineal emi- 
nenct!. 2. Arciform, ligamentous fibers exteriding from the 
base of the olecranon to the coronoid process on the inner 
aspect of the elbow-joint. C/s Siisp«n'iory Lig'ainents, the 
fibrous processes that connect the capsule of the convex sur- 
face of the mammary gland with the overlying skin. 

CoordinA^tioa. Harmonious action, as of muscles. 

Copaiba, ko-pa'-bak. A diuretic and expectorant olcoredn from 
various species of Copaifera; it is used in gonorrhea. 

CophosiSt ko-Jt/sis, Loss of hearing; deafness. 

Copiopia, ko-pe-(/-pe-ah. A fatigued condition of the eyes. 

Copodyscinesia, kop-o-dis-in-t^-ce-ak, Profewiionail spaflan or 
oceu pa tio n- neurosis. 

Copper. kop*-9r. A reddish-brown metal ; its salts are used in 
medicine. For test, see SchoenbtiH. C, Ac'etate, C«(C}MjOe>», 
verdigris; it is used in akin-diSf-ascs, C. Aceto-ar'senile, Pari* 
green, an insecticide. C.-nose» a term for acne rosacea. C, 
Sulph'ate, CuSOi-f SHaOj blue stone, blue vitriol; tt iscmttic» 
to nig, and astringent. 

Cop'peras. PeSO«4-7HjO. Ferrous sulphate; green vitriol, 

CopraoU kop'-m-ol. A solid cocoanut-fat, used in suppositories. 

Copremkr kop-r^-mt-nh. Intestinal autointoxication from 

Coprolalia, kop-ro-la'-le-ah. The insane use of obscene woids 
in the midst of ordinary conversation. 

CoproUthj kop^-TO'liih, A ball of hardened feces in the bowel 

Co pro logy, kop~toV-o-je. Pertaining to feces or dung. 

Copropbagyi kcp-rofi'-aje. The eating of dung. 

Coprostasis^ kop-roi/tasis. Fecal accumulation in the bowei 

Copt^ k'Op''tis. A genus of ranunculaceous herbs. C. txH&Mt 
gold'thread; it is a tonic bitter. 

Copula, kop'-U'laK l. See Spormtt or Ambocepicr, 

Copulation, kop-n-la'-shun. Sexual connection; coition. 

Cor, kifr. The heart, C. ftdipo'sum^ fatly heart. C. ho'vinum* 
a large hypertrophied heart, C, htrau^tum, C, tomento'sum* C* 
villo'sum, hairy heart. 

Coracoacromial, kor-ak-o-ak-ro'-rne-aL Relating to the oomcoid 
process and the acromion. 

CoracobracbiaTis. See Muscles, Table of, 

Coracoclavic^ular. Relating to the coracoid process and the 

Camcoid, Afiffr'-aJkHtid. Shaped like a crow's beak, a Llg*- 
n sjBeot, u ligament eJctendinR from the coracoid proccsa \o l^e 
m^^mion. C. Notch, the notch in the upper border o« \\w 
^^^bU-^^f^^^'^ * process of the scapula. 
wvi- tm icai. The nav^eJ-stri/jg. attaching fetus to pWcwata. 





rdiai, kor^-jaL An aromatic spirituous stimulatit. 

rdHomiv kor^-diform. Shaped like the heart, 

, fcof-€y -ii-sis. An obliteration of the pupil of the eye* 
, kor-e^-ia-sis. Dilatation of the pupil. 
kor-4k^'tom. An instrument for cuttiiis through the 

Ids to make an artificial pupil; an iridectome. 

rtctomediBl'3rBi*- The same as Coredialysis. 

irectoniyr kor-ek^-io-me. Iridectomy, q. v, 

irectopla, kof-€k-t(/ -pt-ah. A displacement of the pupiL 

iredul'yBlfl. A scpatation of the iris from the ciliary body. 
, kot'td-i-a^ 'ta-sis. Dilatation of the pupil. 
, kor-tV-isAs, A detachment of iritic adhesions to len.% 

KfVtBOiplio'ik. Formation of an artiflcml pupil. 

u«XkcletBis, kor-en-kli^-sis. Same as Iridodesis, 

tyreom^eter* An instrument for measuring the pupiL 

Cir«oia«try» kor-t-omf-et-re. Measurement of the pupil. 

DnoncioQ, kar-e-offf'St-on. A double-hooked iris- forceps, 

otppiiaBtf* Any operation for forming an artificial pupil. 

Dcetomy* ktfr-^ef-o-me. See Iridoi&my. 

Miander* kor-t-ati' -lier. The plant Coriandrnm sativum, also 
it& feebly aromatic fruit. 

)odMH*dToh^ A constituent of coriander isomeric with bomeol. 

, ktZ-re-itm. The deep layer of the cutis; the derma. 

t korwi. A bulb-like, solid, fleshy, subterranean stem. 

#oni, kom., 1. A local thickening and induration of the epi 
dermia, as on the toes. 2. Zea niays. Cnsilk, the styles 
and sticmas of Zea mays^ a diuretic and stimulant. C- 
smal^ Ustiiago maydis^ q. v, 

2of]i«a, kor^-ftM-ah, The transparent anterior part of the eyeball. 

^oniMd, kof'-ne-aL Pertaining to the cornea* C. Cor'pusdeti, 
stellate bodies in the corneal lacunas, C. Lacu'nas, C. Spa'cea^ 
stellate spaces in the corneal lamellas between the corpuscles. 

Cionidtis^ kor-nc-i'-tis. See Keratitis, 

Bdmeoiif tis. Inflammation of both cornea and iris. 

Dooieovcle'rm. The cornea and sclera taken together. 

GotoMMis, kof'-nt'US. Homy. C. Lay'er, the stmtum comeum. 

Canik^ttla laryn'giv. SmaU cartilaginous nodules of the larynx. 

Coniificatioii» kor'nif-dk-^^-skun. The process of making hard 
pt homy, 

Ceratt, kor'-nu. A hom~shaped structure. C. amma'm&, the 
bippocajnpua major, q. v. C. cer'vi, hartshorn or ammonium 
liydra^te. C. cuta'neum, C* hunuuEi^UJii, a homy excrescence ' 
on the skin. ' 

CotbiiaU kor*-nit-al. Pertaining to a corau of an organ, 

Ctanmf kot^-ntis. A sreuus of shrubs and trees; dog^wrood. T>a«, 
toof'bArk of C. /f^frida is a nti periodic and tonic. 

wmiHOf k€M^'nu'tin. An alkaioid, the active princtp\e o\ etftd^ 

Ru^ iear^-mik. A crown, as of the head. C, deix'^^ ^^ 

of a tooth. C. G:lftiiMl8t live ridge <jf the glana penfst C 
radia'ta, the fibers radiating frcmi the optjc thalamus. C. ven- 
eris, syphilitic blotches on the forehead. 

Coronal* kor-^-nai. Pertaining to a crown. C, du'iur«t Ibt 
suture between the frantal and the parietal bones. 

Coronary. k^Z-o-nare, Encircling, as a vessel or nerve. C. Af- 
teriea, the arteries around the heart and Hps. C, Lig^ament, a 
ligament of the knee; also one of the liver. C. Si 'nua, a pass&ge 
for the blood into the right auricle. C, Valve^ the valve pto- 
tecting the orific*^ ^f the coronary sinus. 

Cor'oner, An officer who holds inquests oin those dead ftom 

Coronillln, kor-o-nil'-in. An alkaloM, CtHisOs, from CitfoMa 
scifTpioides; it Is a cardiac tonic and diuretic. 

Coronoid, kor^o-puyid. Crownahaped ; as the coronoid proc(P«a of 
the ulna or of the jaw. 

Coroscopy^ ko-ro/ka-pe. See Skiasci>i>y. 

Corpora, kot**po-rah. Plural of Corpus. Rounded or ovoid 
bodies. C. albican' tia, two rounded masses of white matter 
forming the bulbs of the fornix. C, atnyla'cea, certain bodiM 
found in nervous tissue after death. C, aran^til* certain 
tubercles in the center of the semilunar valves, C. caverno'sa, 
the erectile bodies of the penis and clitoris. C, genicula'ta^ 
the two small eminences of the optii: thalami. C« oliva^ria^ the 
two oval masses behind the pyram^ids of the oblongata^ C 
pyramida^lia, the two bundles of white matter of the oblongata. 
C. Quadrigem'ina, the optic lobes of the brain j the four rounded 
eminences situated under the callosum. C. restifor'mia, the 
cord-like bodies extending between the oblongata and the 
cerebrum. C» atria' ta, two gray bodies in the lateral ventricles 
of the brain. 

p»rpie, koTps. A cadaver; a dead body, 

»rpti]enoy, kor'-pwl^n-se. Obesity; largeness of the body» 

ttS, kor'-ptis. A body, the hunaan body, C. annu]«'re^ the 
pons varolii C. bigem'inum, an optic lobe. C. cailt/nvm, 
the hard substance uniting the cerebral hemaspheres, C. can- 
da'tom, a ring of cinerea circling Tound the lenticularis of the 
brain; the intraventricular portion of a corpus striatum, C^ 
ciUa're, the ciliary body, that part of the middle coat of the 
eye comprising the ciliary muscles and processes. C. denta'- 
tanit (1) a layer of gray matter in the white matter of the 
cerebellum; (2) same as Nncletis, Olimjry, C. fimbria'tum, 
the lateral thin edge of the taenia hippocampi, C. seoicula'* 
fiur^ d tubeTTcle on the lower portion of the optic thalamus. 

C. Iiig&mariA^nttm, mn imperfect iibrous septum in the testes. 

C /tiAy-'mn, hypertrophy of the membrana propria of t\ie ovisac 

ff^^f'^^^''^^^^^^^^' C, mammilla'Te. S^ie Corpota 

i^ '^va^£r^^^*^'^°^ ^^^ parovarium C. pyramlda^- 
^^ -*^ oblongata. C. rboxaboid&'\a, fba 

fiymmid f^ the 


C. ipoAxVtym, the tpongy bodjr of 
See Corpora > 
f A minute body. 2, A ccH. 

See Blood, C, Cai'tUafe. Sm Cat- 
|le» minute chToniophiloua gT> 
btoplasm of ner\'e-ceU8: X 

f^trom* See Co/ojf riirw. Q.,<,^. k.^^*. 
, speciftl nerve-ending* in ttno exter- 
iph, cells of the lymphatic glunda, €*, 
PhAo'toHip decolorixed blood-cor- 

hfar. Composed of Gorptisclea. 
^rplaaia of blood-corpuacle*. 
Ism. See Pacinian Corpuscles, 
)l 1. Modifying favorably. 2, A sub- 
I Bction of drugs. 

Li. Intcrtiependence; reciprooil relation. 
^Aortic insufficiency. 2, Cirrhosis of tbe 
lA button-«haped cautery iron in wooden 
I purple or brownish- red line on the margin 
P copper-poisoning. C/i Pttlte, Vater* 
l^pt, jerkinR pulse of aortic insull>ciency, 
bvous or cerebral respiration/' frequent 
fcreathing in low fevenj-^.g., in typhus, 
t pulsation felt in cases of aneurysm oP 

LnL A tonic, invigorating remedy. 
|k£>f'</-0/tMn. One in which the shape of 
IK^fierved, the organ itself being destroyed 
fieof remaining, 

l^ftubstance that eats away or destioyi^. 
(nwrcuric cUorid; it i« poisonous, anti 


|br, A muscle that wrinkles. See Mni 


fe bark of an exogenous plant, 2. The 
the brain. 
i formed tn the organ of Corti by the twu 
Lroda or fibers). C.*f Caaal\ the tunnel 
t membrane and the arch of Corti. C/s 
Mis of Corti's organ. C/s FWtn, See 
^ng'lion, the ganglion spirale, an aggrega- 
I4n the spiml canals of the cochlea. C/« 
BUbrana tcctoria of the axhlesa. C**m 
f€?rgsii, tJie product of differeutmtsan of 
pr cach/eiMr c^rml, resting^ on the basilar 
l-tfjTi/ tHyfitatm'ns^ the r^ntf-orgsus of (h& 
fe tAajfj/Mis of ihc arch af the or^in 
%a<fItiMry iaethi 46r tooth-likn^ pro- 


jectioos on the edge of the 

C/b Ton'oel. Same as Corti's Canal 
Cortical, kof'-tik-al. Pertainiog to the 

opacity in the cortex of the lena. 
CorticifusBl* kor-iis-if^-u-gal Proceeding or conducting away 

from the cortex cerebri. 
Corticipetal, kor-tis-ip'-ei-al. Proceeding or conducting toward 

the cortex cerebri. 
CorticoafFerent, kor-iik-o-aj'-f^r-ent Conducting impulses from 

the periphery or from lower centers to the cortex cerebri. 
Corticoefferent, kor-tih-o-af'-for-ent. Conducting impidscs frwn 

the cortex cerebri to the periphery or to lower centers. 
Corticospi'^naL Pertaining to both the cortex cerebri and the 

spinal cord. 
Corviaart'e Disease', korve-zar^ , Idiopathic cardiac hypertropliy" 

C/s Fa'cieSt the facies of Beau's diseafie. 
Corydalin, km-id^-nl-iK. 1 . An extract from the root of Dkentra 

formosai it is used in syphilis and scrofula. 2. An alkaloid. 

CajH-TNOiCFrcund), from CorytMis tuberosoi it is used as a 

Coryfin, kof'-if-in. Ethyl glycolic acid ester of menthol. 
CoiyU kor'-U. An anesthetic composed of ethyl and methyl 

Cofytetir, kor-H-er', Apparatus for spraying with ootyl, 
Coryza, kor^'-tah. Catarrhal inflitmniation of the nose. 
Cosaprin, kos-ap'-Hn. A sulpho-derivativc of acetaniltd; an 

antipyretic gray-white powder. 
CoBmef ic. 1. Making beautiful. 2. A remedy for beautifying 

the skm. C. Opera' tion, an operation for lessening unaightli- 

Coamolio, kof^-ftuy4in. Petrolatum, Q. v. 
Costa, ko^'tak. 1. A rib. 2. A border or side of the scapula. 
Coetat. ko^'tal. Pertaining to the ribs. C. Caf'tilage, the ante- 
rior cartilaginous extremity of a rib. C* Reapira'tion, respira- 
tion carried on chiefly by the chest-muscles. 
Costive, hos^'tw. Affected with constipation, 
Costiveneas, kosf-tiv-ms. Abnormality of digestion marked by 

hardness and retention of the feces. 
CoBtochon'dral. Pertaining to the ribs and their cartilages. 
Costoclavic'ular, Pertaining to the clavicle and the ribs. 
Costocor^acoid. Pertaining to the ribs and to the coracoid 

Co0to«tcraal. kcS'iO'Slef''Wil. Pertaining to the ribs and sternum. 
Cor^ioi&iae, A knife for cutting through costal cartilage?, 
i^totomrt Jhos-itfi'-o-m^. JZesection of a portion of a rib. 
Cost&traasverae, kos-k>-trai^-vtr^ ^ Pertaining to the rib* ^nA 

rtr^nsvers*, v-ertebml proceases. 
^^''jf*^'*/. Pertaining to ehe ribs and vertebras. 


body to 


RfM l>9 pr«ipefii contact of bcd-dothiog. 
ismodic muscular corstraction with paifi., 
' tetany. C, ProfM'&iooaU spasm of certain 
:les from ooniinuous use in daily occupation, 
ap» tailor's cramp, hammerman's crimp, etc, 
ifd«, A bundle of striated muscular fibers tx- 

» annular ligament to the sclera in the eye of 
Wcct mental development from oversttldy. 
Pertaining to the cranium. 

-nv-el^-io-mt. A partial escciaion of the skulL 

W-o-siL The same as EvtcephaloceU, Q. V, 
Pertaining to both cranium and cerebrum. 

-nt-thklasm. Crushinff fetal skuU with forcepa, 

n#-o-Jti<wt An instrument used in cranloclasty, 

''Ht-o-klas-ie. The crushing of the frttil skult 

m^V-^'je. The study of crania or skuUa. 

}mi'nt-o-fnal'i^-s€-ak Craniotabea; an abnor* 

of the bones of the cranium. 

-f^-om'-€t-er. Instrument for measuring skulls. 

mulomet'rical. Pertaining to craniometry. C, 

of measurement in craniometry. 

i-m-cm'-etrg. The measurement of skulls. 

ir^n*'Op^-tig-iis, Twins with adherent heads« 

l^-nf-o-pUis-ie. Plastic operations on the akuU. 

lb, kra-ne-o-f^k-if-kis-is. Congenital fissure of 


^'Wos^-ki^-is. Congenital fissure of the cranium. 

v-^-o^'ko-pt. Se« Pkrenohgy, 

^onBen1tal ossification of the cranial sutures. 

t-m-o-ta''-b^s. Rachitic thinning of the fikult. 

i cutting instrument for use in craniotomy. 

rM'Of-o-me, 1 . A breaking up of the fetal akulL 

m of a part of the akulL 

V kra-n«'0-tO'nos''ko-pe. The estimation of the 

of the cranial bones for aound. 

:. Relating to skull and tympanum. 

W-utn, The skull; the bony uase of the brain. 

D'^tilous* Marked by excess in eating or drinking. 

. Constitution, tempenuntsnt, A normal indi- 

lon of the blood. 

kras-a-ntgn^-tum. A clot, as of blood. 

, A bandage made from a triangular cloth* 

nt/'kraw, A variety of fila rial's. 

Tyie /TTcA ^' JXtrt a/ TiiiJk^ C. of TMJt'tmr, 
xsfuin hitartia£e; ft is diuretic and aperient. 
• matfe by foMtni,\ CI, Glutfiofem^ormh C, 
> iJiat bcHnid^s th^ buttock before. 


mable liquid obtained from the distillation of wood-tftf^ it 
used in phthisis and allied diacaacs. 

Creatln, kri!' Hit-in, C^Hu^NjO^t. A nitrogenous constituent oi 

Crentinemia. kre-at-dH-^-me-ak, Excess of creatin in tht blood, 

Creatlnin, kre-af-in-in^ A catabolic product of muscle, C4HtKiO| 
found in the urine. For te«tB, Beejafff, Kerner, v. Masckh^ 
Saiktmfski, IVeyL 

Cred^V Meth''od, 1 . A prophylactic measure against ophthabniji 
neonatomm by the instiUaticm into the eye« of new-born 
children of a few dropa of a 1 or 2 per cent, solution of nitrau 
of silver. 2. Manual expression of placenta. See Ditblia 
Mefhod where it was practiced long before Crede* C/l Oint*^ 
meatr an ointment conlaining 15 per cent, collargol, q, v. 

Cremaster, kre-»ta:/-ter. The muscle which dmwa up the 
See Mmcks, TabU of. 

Cremasteric Re'lleZi kre-mas-tef -ik. See Reflex. 

Cremation, kre-ma'-shun. Burning of the dead body or earbai 

Cre'mor. Any thick substance formed on the surface of a 

Crena, hre'-nah. A notch or cleft. 

Crenate, Crenated, kre'-nai, kre-na'-ted. Notched or scalli 

Crena'tion. The mulberry appearance of the erythrocytes. 

Crenothrix, krtrf -o-thriks . A genus of Schisofnyexies. 

CreoLin, kre*-o-lin, A coal-tar product deprived of carbolic m 
it is a nontoxic deodorizer. 

CreosoU kre'-Q-sol, CuHiuO?, A colorless oily liquid from c; 

Creoiotal, kre-o-s</-tal. Creasote carbonate, an anlitu 

Creoiote, krtf-o-sdL See Creasote . 

Crepitaot* krep'-ii-ant. Crackling; applied to pneumonic talcs. 

Crepitatio, Crepitation, Crepitus^ krep-it-ii'-sii^-o, krep-ii-a* -shun, 
krep'-itiis. 1. The grating of fractured bones. 2» The noise 
of escaping flatus. 3. An auscultatory sound in pneumonia. 

Crep'itus re'' dux. A crepitant rale indicating the recession of 
pneumonia. C. in" dux, the crepitant rale heard at the begifi^ 
ning of croupous pneumonia. 

Cre&alol, kre'-sal-al. Cresol salicylate, axL intestinal antiaeptiq. 

Crescent^ kres'-ent, Having the shape of a new moon, C 
Giaouzzi's. See Gianuzzi's Cells. C^ Gray, one lateral half 
the gray matter of the spinal cord. C, Myo^'pic, a cresced 
formed on the temporal side of the optic papilla by atrophy and 
rupture of the choroid, as may occur in myopia, 

CrescentiCp kres-en^-tih. Moon-shaped, 

Creain, kre'-sin. An antiseptic mi^tture of cresol and sodium ci 

Dxy lac eta te. 
CresochiB, Mr0s'-c-kin. A propnetarv d.mni«ctatk\ waVvt^km.. 
CrmoJ^ Are'-soL CjH.O. CresyVic acVd, & coa\-\AT \.iqA\«\ 
. Crstfofli^fDe'pol. A mixtttte ol cav4i*.ic pQt.a^'^k 'r>^1£^4 








unting part of an orsan or pfooesa. C. 
I the middle line of the internal surface of 
t li'^iaCr the expanded upper border of the 
a vertical ridge diWding the externa) 
I bone. C, ITt'tai, one on the internal 
1 bone, foTTuing part of the nasal septum. 
I found on dther side of the neuraJ tube in 
:lp^itaL, a vertical ridge on the external 
bital bone. C^ Pu'bic, a crest extending 
fui inner extremity of the pubis. CX, Supra* 
|dge above the external auditory meatus. 
1^ Temporal. C of Tib'ia« the prominent 
T the tibia. C^ Tur'biaAted, a hodsontal 
rface of the palate bone. 
; native calcium carbonate. 
f^HS. Chalky, 
affected with cretinism. 

1. The Gondttion of a cretin. 2. An 
1 by idiocy, goiter, and a deficient 

Resembling a cretin. 
Pertaining to cretintsm. 

The state of being cribriforra. 
Perforated like a sieve. C. Fas^ciAt 
ilLscia of the thigh covering the niphenou? 
pbe upper perforated plate ot the ethmoid 

kpli kri'-ion. Sec Brownt's Sign, 
bful spasmodic affection. 
ar-itf-fH-oid. Pertaining to the cricoid 

I MttscUfs, Table of. 
g-like. C. Car'tilage. the ring tike carli- 

lion of the cricoid cartilage. 

V-Toid, Pertaining to the cricoid and 
i;C. Mem'braoe, a membrane between the 
I cartilages. C, Mas^cle. See Muscks, 

|F. An incision into the cricoid cartilage, 
pbcheotomy through the cricoid cartilage, 
\ The unlawful production of abortion, 
rning-poln t in a disease. See under Bton • 
t, Rectal, and Vesical. 

bDsff.. Aj3 ^^k^fne soiatioa cf glucose vt-bea 
tt ^ solution of J jmrt SAfjuaia Ja lOOO 
h tha sA/eiuz£a so/utfoa or renders it 
l^eca/art^ecl n/jea heated with m^ 
L/w *CT iifk&J/ne so/utioa. 







membmnc lining the ampulla of the semicircialiar canals of thf: 
internal ear. C. buccmjito'ria, the tmcdimtar crest of t^«^ 
mandible. C. col'U co»'t», a crest on the superior border o^ 
the neck of a rib. C. conchat^ls, the inferior turbinated 
crest of the zna:xtlla and palate bone. C. ethiaoidalia, the 
superior turbinated crest of the maxilla and palate -bone. C. 
felcifor^mis* a horizontal crest dividing the lamina cribrosa. 
C. gollL, the superior triangular process of the ethmoid bone, 
C. hericlB, a projection of the helix above the external auditory 
meatus. C. ilia'ca, the crest of the ilium, C. U'ii. the stiperior 
edge of the ilium. C. infra temporalis, the ptcrj^goid ridge of 
the sphenoid bone. C. interosse^a, the interosseous border, 
C. inter&ochanter'ica, the posterior intertrochanteric tine, C. 
lacrima^lis posted rior» the vertical ridge on the orbital surface 
of the lacrimal bone. C. obturato'ria^ the obturator crest of 
the OS pubis. C. occipita'Jis exter'na, the external occipital 
crest* C. sacr&'lis articula'ris. one of the small tubercles of the 
«acTum representing the articular processes of vertebra a» C. 
Bftcra^lis lateralis, one of the rudimentary transverse processes 
of the sacral vertebras. C. Bacra'lis me'dia, the ttibercalar 
ridge of the sacrum. C. spheinoida'lift» the sphenoidal crest. 
C. spiralis, a ridge on the upper border of the spiral lamina of 
the cochlea. C, tr&nsver'fta, the crista falciformis. C. tubei'- 
ctili majo'ris, the external or posterior bicipital ridge of the 
humerus. C. tuber'cuU mlno^ris, the internal or anterior 
bicipital ridge of the humerus. C. urethra'lis, the crest of the 
urethra. C vesti&'iiU, a prominence on the floor of the v«8ti- 
bule of the ear, 

Cris'talllo* A variety of collodion made with methjrl alcohol. 

Ctith. A unit of weight for gases, vir. , the weight, in vacuo* of 
a liter of hydrogen at (J° C. 

Critical krif-ik-al. Pertaining to a crisis, 

Crocatedf kra'-ka-ted. Containing saffron* 

Cro'cus sati'vus. Saffron; the stigmaa of the flowers arc ezoxneiK 

Crookes's Tube. A highly exhausted vacuum-tube used in pro- 
ducing X-rays. 

Crow'-birth. A popular term for transverse presentation of tht* 
fetus. C.-knee» kros'-n^. Sec Genu valgum^ C.-legg^d PM- 
KT«a'tloo. a method of walking in which one foot i^ crossed or 
in front of the other; it is due to cord-lcfions* 

Crossed. Cross-shaped; applied to alternate sides of the body. 
C Aml^yo'pia. See Amblyopia. C, Anesthe'sia. S«6 An0s- 

i^s*a. C. Bemiplc'giA, See Hfmiphgia. C. Ro'flexes, move- 
^ments of p&rts opposite to perta excited. 
^^h^t ^^'^^'*^' '^^ mUlesnake. and also its vinxs. 

*r /. r/jc point at the tip of the great sphenoid .. 

*«• A hook for extr&cthis a fetus after cTaniotomy 


vrith sUj 

Croupous. { 

Crown* Si 

tooth ahi 
Crucial, Jbi^ 
Cni^ciblep 4 

Cmar, krt^-a 

Cnaoria, JbV 


madcsof tl 


of the dla; 

division of 

I nosa, q. V, 

I lieunent, q, 

Crureas. km^ 
Cn», krtts. 

Zated trom. 
Ortast, krust, 
Gnsftta, krtif-i 

A CTWSt^ ^ 

petn/u, thi 
C. pMogis't] 


CkweHhiet't i 

nex'us, 1, 
is derived I 
second cerv 
stituiing Of 
t^oef oC tbi 


name for toxic atbuniins from cfoton see<U. 

A genuA of trees furnishing caAcarilLa And 

I Cblofat &c« Butyl Ckioral C. 00. See O;*. 

[a&sanmAXion of the larynx ftnd trachea with 

snembranotiB deposit. C. CatAcrh'al, simple 
sf the laryiut with the f ormatioo d( a membrane. 
Ifiasmo'diCj spaamA of the muscles of the larynx 

p^n. Laryngiaxnus stTiduluft, q. v, 
^-fa. Pertaimng to croup. C. Mem'braoe. lb* 
\a membrane forming in the larj^nx in croup- 
trona. C* of a Tooth, the expo^etl pun of ihe 
he gums. 

L Resembling a cross, 
siel for exposing substanoes to intense heat. 
ii/'orm. Shaped like a cross; crucial, 
\ the natural form^ raw 
Coagulated blood. 
■in. Hemoglobin » g, v. 

The plural of Crtts, q. v. C. cereherU, the ped- 
cerebellum, q, v, C< cer'etirU the pod ancles of th« 
I. C. of the Di'aphiagm. the nutsoular insertions 
tmpn. C of the For'nix, arches formed by 
^■omix. C. of the Pe'oia, the corpora caver* 

^rertaining to the crura. C. Arch. Poupart'l 
C. Canal', the femoral canal, C. Ber'nia. See 
heath* the femoral sheath. 
-us. See Mi4£t;Ust TabUt of 
le legj a leg-like structure. 

Cmsocreat'inhi, CsH«N*0 A leukomain iso- 

V dried mass of exudate on the skin, 
b. 1. The inferior part of the crura cerebft. , 2. 
lacHea* seborrhea of the scalp in infants. C 
thin layer of bone covering the fang of a tooth, 
k, the upper yellow layer of a blood-dot. 
la. Paralysis from pressure on the brachial 

.'rophy^ kru-va-ya'. See .-4 ran-Dnch^nnw^s Diftas*, 
p the superficial layer of the perineal liascia. C.'« 
A plexus of the posterior cersdcal region which 
iom the great occipital nerve and the first and 
ial nerves. 2. The plexus of varicose veins con- 
I of the varieties of angiorrija, C.'# Wc^r, §imph 

'r^-jvf-^4. J^ft/ji /rmrt thr application of cold, 

•^peutfc asF of cold- 


An instrument for the determination of 

Cryoscope, kri'-os-kdp. 
the freezing-point. 

Cryoscopy, kri-os'-ko-pe. The determination of the freejeing- 
point of liquids. 

Cryostase, kri'-os-tas. A peculiar chemic substance which solidi- 
fies under heat. 

Crypt, kript. 1. A small sac or follicle. 2. A glandular cavity. 

Cryptitis, hrip-ti'-tis. Inflammation of a crypt. 

Cryptoceph'alus. A fetal monster with a small concealed head. 

Cryptococcus, krip-to-kol^-us. A genus of Saccharomyces. 
Same as Blastomyces. 

Crjrptodid'ymus. One fetus contained in another. 

Cr3rptogam, krip'-to-gam. A flowerless plant. 
I Cryptogenic, krip-to-jenf-ik. Obscure in origin. 

Cryptolithiasis, krip-to-liih-V-as-is. Calcification of skin-ttunors. 

Cryptomerorrhachbchisis, kript-o-me-ror-rak-is^ -kis-is. Spina 
biflda occtdta. 

Crsrptophthalmos, Cryptophthalmus, krip-toff-thaV-mos, krip- 
toff-thaV-mus. Congenital union of the eyelids, usually asso- 
ciated with imperfect eyes. 

Cryptopin, krip-UZ-pin. CiTHasNOi. An alkaloid of opium. 

Cryptorchid, Cryptorchis, kript -o/ -kid, kript-or'-kis. An indi- 
vidual with undescended testes. 

Crjrptorchidism, kripi-or^-kid-izm. A retention of the testes in the 
abdomen or inguinal canal. 

Cryptorhetic, krip-to-ret'-ic. Secret flowing. C. Organs, Tinaes. 
Those concerned with internal secretions. 

Crjrptoscope, krip'-to-skop. See Fluoroscope. 

Cnrstallin, kris'-tal-in. The globulin of the crystalline lens. 

Crystalline, kris^-tal-en. Like a crystal. C. Hu'mor, C. Lens, 
xhe transparent lens of the eye. 

Crystalli'tis. See Phakiiis. 

Crystalliza'tion. The formation of crystals. 

Crystalloid, krW-tal-oid. Having a crystalline structure. 

Crystals, kris^-tals. Solid substances of definite geometric fonn. 
resulting from the action of natural forces. C, Blood, hezna- 
toidin, q. v. C, DumV-bell, crystals of calcium oxalate seen 
in urine. C, Hedge' -hog. See Hedge-hog. C, Knife-mt. 
See Knife. 

Cu'beb. Unripe fruit of Piper cubeba ; it is stimulant and diuxetic. 

Cubic, ku'-hik. Pertaining to a cube. 

Cubit, Cubitus, ku^-bit, ku'-bit-iis. The forearm. C. ya'nn, a 
deformity in which the forearm cannot be extended beyond 
a position at right angles to the arm. 
Cab/taJ, ^'u'-dtf-al. Pertaining to the forearm. 
Cuboid, Atu'-doid, Like a cube. C, Bone, a small bone of tlw foot 
2!^/*""'^- Same as Coca. 

° ^^'» ^^-roAs^. A IsiTge. flat cancer of the chiMfc. 



ColiddsBt ih 

includes i 

Cnlidde, ikM* 

Cnlidfage, J 

Colmen mo 

of thecer 

Culttual, ku 

Col'ture. F 


culture of 

Cnxiuum, ibf' 

Cmnene, ku 

cuiXQmc ac 

Cuinol, kwfi^ 


C. Action c 

after repes 


Cnneate, W 

nlnSy the < 

cord into 1 

CimeifuriUa k 

shaped bo 

the arytcr 




Coneus* ki^- 

lobe of th 

Ciiniculfis, k 


Cnninef 8 T( 

its volume 

if Inle pig 


Cnmiias, kw 

Cup, kut^, 



C^ Physio 

Cupola. ik«'- 

Capped Disc 




h^-de-sak. A passage without an outlet. 
)tks, A genus of insects, including moaquitaes. 
u-li/*id'** A family of insects, order Diptem, which 
the mosquitoes. 

fAis-id. Any agent that kills mosquitoM. 
k*t4is'-if'Uj\ An agent to drive away mosquitoes. 
knticuU, kul'-fimt ftuyn-ti^-u-U. The highest lobuJe 

}tJt'tu-ral, Pertaining to cultures, as of bacteria. 
Propagation of germs in suitable Quids or other media. 
f substances used for cultivating bacteri»- C:^ Pure^ a 
fa single microorganisni. 
w'-fffa-riif. See Couvfuirm, 

um*-4n, CaHia. A compound made by distilHng 
(cid with lime. 

if-d. The same as Cumene, q. v. 

^ kn^-mu-lativ. Growing by successive instalments. 
I or EfiTect, the combined and powerful action of a drug 
eated ineffectual doses. 
|>^ kun-dxi-Tait*-go, Se§ Condurango. 
^'tte-at: Wedge-shaped. C, Fascic'ulus, C. Funic' - 
J continuation of the posteroexternal column of the 
I the medulla. C. Hu'cleu*. See NttcletiS, 
ku-ne^-if-orm. Wedge-shaped. C. Bones, the wedge- 
lOnes of the tarsus. C. CAr'tllfl£e» a cartilage beside 
inoepiglottidean fold. 

ectomyi ku-ne-i-his-ter-^k^-io-fm. The excision of a 
lumped piece of the uterus. 
>td. Pertaining to both cuneiform and cuboid bones. 
i'-ii^-#tr, A wedge-shaped convolution in the occipital 
:he brain. 
kti-nik'-it-Ius, The furrow of an itch-insect in the 

Teat for Bile Fi^'meats. Addition to the urine of half 
ae of chloroform imparts a yellow color to the latter, 
igjnents are present. 

siac A sexual pervert who licks the v\ilva. 
HH^'HS. The vulva. 

I. To bleed. 2. A cupping-glass. C, FA'ifva, a 
>n In a favus scale fturrounding a hair. C, Glauco'- 
a deep depression in the optic papilla seen in glaucoma. 
olog'iCt the normal concavnty of the optic papilla. 
'^po-lah. The dome-shaped extremity of the cochlear 

tc, A depressed optic disc. 

Blood 'abstraction by means of cupping- ^v^^^ea. C% 
ring blood to the surface merely. C»-l\ai*, a. ^aa* V^^ 
ftrnjd C, Wet, abstraction of Uood alXfct ««)tt\^<»r 




Cu'prtin, CiuH;iN20i+;iH2O An allcaloid irom cuprca baik 

Cuprum* hit* -pram. See Copper. 

Cu7ASiio» ku-ra^S'i/ A kind of strong liqueur 

Curare, ku-rah^'rc, A violently poiaonous vegetable extract 
paralyzing the motor nerves, the arrow-poisoti of poutli 

Curb, kerb. Laaieness in tlio horse due to a tluckening of lie 
metatarsocalcaneal ligament. 

Cttrca% hef^*kai See Jairopha. 

Ctu'cuma loo'gn. A zinsibeiaocous plimt ol India tts dried root 
is tttrmcric: it is stimulant and aromatic 

Cur'cumin* CioHiaOj The coJoring-matter oi turmeric 

Curd, k^d The coagulum of milk 

Cure, Ailn The reestabliahinent of health. 

Curetf Curettep ku-ref A spoon-sliaped ioHtrumejit for ficfapiiis 

Curetage, ku-ref -ahf. The use of the curet, 

Curetment, ku-rfff-ment The same as Curelage 

Carlias's Ul'cer. A duodenjLl ulcer produced bv extensiv© kiumt 
of the sldn* 

Currant-jel'ly Clot, A soft variety of dot seen in thrombi 

Cmrent, kur'-ent. The passag^ of & liquidp electricity, etc C, 
Af ter-v that produced in nervous or muscular tissue on the 
cessation of a constant current which has been flowing through 
C, Al'^tflmating:, one alternately direct and the reverse. C«. At 
cend'ing^p one going from the periphery to a nerve-center C, 
Centrifugal, a descending current. C*, Ceotrip'etal* an ascend- 
ing current. C.^ Con'stant, C, Contin'^uous^ an uninterrupted 
current in one direction- C, Descend' ing, a cuxrcnt passing 
through a nerve centrifugally, the anode being placed proxi* 
mally, the cathode distally C^ Direcf . one constant hi direc- 
tion. C, Parad'lCp the current produced by an induction omi 
C^ Galvan'ic, a current generated by the decomposition ot 
acidulated water by means of metallic plates. C^ Induced', 
the current produced in a conductor by cutting lines of force 
Cf Interrap'ted, a current that is alternately opened and closed 
Cr, La^bilct moving one or both electrodes ox-'er the surfioce 
treated. C, Reversed'^ that produced by changing the poles. 
C, Sec'ondary, Same as C, Induced, d, Sta'bile, a current 
applied with both electrodes in a fixed position. 

Curriculum, kur-ii'' -u-lunu The course of study in a college. 

CuiBchmnnn'g Spi'ralst Spiral conglomerates of mucin ^ with a 
light^olozed central thread, found occasionally in the i^titum 
of bronchial asthma. 

Curtom'eter, A device for measuring curved surfaces. 
Car*vaturB of the Spine^ A bending of the axis of the spine, due 

to disease or to dclective muscular action. 
Cttrre of Carus, Ann*. The curved pel\nc axis. 
f^^'^io, ^Hs-Aam'^id-in. An alkaloid from cincViona. 
■"^^^^n^ Stts^'Aam-ia An alkaloid from ciachona 





9 baii of Cin^uma pnhesctm. 
ri r i N O*. An alkaloid from cinebona 
i«N iOi + 2H :0. An alkaloid from, cdnchooa. 
pointed crowti of a toothp 
, ku^-f>id, ku/-pid~dt, Pumialied with a cusp 
rtir teeth that have conic crowns. 
» Brayera, 

toJ, ku'-toi, Ahmumtin borotannate, a dcrrok 
i value. 

'«n«-Ht. Pertatt»tTi« to the skin. C, Re'flex« 
Ixosn irritation of the skin, C. Respira'tion. the 
i gasc^ through the skin. 

lis, A bot-fly bclon^ng to tho Ostrtdir^ whose 
m myiasts in man. 
The epidertnia or acarf-akin. C, Eoam^el. 

$4ah. The cuticle propers cpidcrmia; ectodifrm, 
:uticlo of a tooth, 

kH'iik-H-kir-i&'ii*'skun. The formation of skin. 
'f-ik'a''shim. The fonnatjon of skin, 
hod eima. or true skin. C, anscrF oa. Sec Coos* 
lulft, a flabby skin. C, tesU'cea, general sebor- 
uo'sa* seborrhea, C ▼e'ra, the coriuni. 
ekf'hr. An instrument for excising skin. 
The same as Dcnnatiiis, q. v. 
iz-af-shmt. A change into dermic tissue. 
I or Ducts, kt<-vya\ In the embryo* two short 
into tho comnion trunk of tho omphalo- 
peins, each being formed by the union of two vein*, 
Lcardinalt or Jugular, and the posterior cardinal 


\U A salt of cyanic acid. , 

-^-me-ah, A blue color of the Wood due to 

A compound of potassium cyanid and hematin 
n-hid-Tp'-sis. Blue swenat. 
A combination of cyanogen with a metallic 

an-ty-dtf'-niaK The same a* Cyanosis, q. v. 

f-Q-jin, The compound radicle CN. 

an-op*-Q'the, See Cyanosis. 

Opsbt si-an-o^'pe-ah, si-an-op^-sg-ah. A pen,'ertei5 

Irision. rendering all objects blue. 

p-dzd. Affected with cyanosis. 

m discolorritjoj? of skin /ram oonaxidatioa cf blood. 

CYOTROPHY .^^_^^^^^_. 

r symptonis, C, Car'd 
the total cardiac niovement or revolution. 
CyclencephaJttt, si-klensef-^-us. See CychctphaJus. 
CycUc, si'-klik. Occurring in cycles, C* Albuminu'rk* Sec 

CycJicotomy, si-kh-kof'O'ftte. Same as CycIoUmy, q. v 
Cy'clist'a Weuro'sis, See Neurosis. 
Cyclitis, sikli^'tis. Inflammation of the ciliary body. 
Cyclocephalus. si-hlo-ser -al-HS. A monster with s cydopean eye 

and an atrophy of the nose. 
CyclochoToiilitis, siklo-ko-roid-i*-iis. Combined inflammation of 

the choroid and ciliary body. 
Cyclodyalisis. si-klo-di-at^-^is-is. Detachment of the ciliary body 

from the sclera. 
Cyclopia, si-kl^-pe-ak. See Sytu>phthatmia, 
Cycloplegia, si-klo-ple'-ieak. Paralysis of the cUiary mttacles. 
Cyclops, si'-klops. A monster with the eyes fused into one. C 
qoadricornis. kwa-dre-koi^-nis. A fresh-water cnistaccan 
(copepod) which serves as intennediary host in the develop- 
ment of Filaria mcdinif^isis. 
Cyclotber'apy. The therapeutic use of the bicycle. 
Cyclotomy, st-klof-o-me. An incision through the ciliary body. 
Cydonium. si-do^-ne-um. Quince-seed, used in a mucilage. 
Cyesiology, si-esc-oV-o-fff. The science of pregnancy, 
Cyests, si-e'-sis. Pregnancy* 
Cyetic, si-ef-ik. Relating to pregnancy. 
Cylicotomyt sril-ik-of-o-me. Division of the ciliary muscle. 
Cylindroid, siV -in-droid. L Cylindiic 2. A cylindric mucotia 

cast in the urine. 
Cylindro*ma, A tumor composed of cylindric hyaline processes, 
Cylindru'ria, siUn-drH'-re-ah, The presence in the urine of 

Cyllin, siV'in. A preparation of creolin» used as a disinfectant. 
Cymbocephalic, simbo-sef-al'^k. Having a boat-shaped skulL 
Cynanche, sinan^-ke. Any inflammatory disease of the throat, 
C. malig^oA, a fatal form of sor^-throat. C. sublingua'lls, 
inflammation of the connective tissue of the floor of the mouth. 
C. tonsiUa'riB. See Quinsy, 
Cyuanthro'pia. Mania in which the patient believes himself n do^. 
Cynic, sm*-ik. Relating to a dog. C. Spaam. So« Sawdonk 

Cyaobex, s^-no-beks. The dry cough of puberty. 
Cynolyssa, si-fta-lii' -ah. Canine madne^. 

Cyuophoba, si-no'/(/-b»-^. False hydrophobia from frigh* 
faHawing a do^-bite. 

A base, CtsHnNtOt, from cynurenic acid 
^orUf si-tr-fc^-rf-ah. The period of pregnancy 
^^^^arki, st-off'^i^r-iH. The s&me as Gravidin, q. v 
^ropity^ st-of^^r&.fa. Nutrition of the fetus 









th« chi 





C^ W 

waBs 1 












H^pt^-fuf. A S8S3rS^e35S. C. aiticula'tui, adme, 
\tly used in Guinea as an antiernetic and tonic. 
si-/t/-sis. Sec Kyphosis. 
lie si-fof-ik. See Kyphotic. 

sip^ri-p^-di-um. A genus of orchids. lad^ 
slipper; the root of several species is used as a m 
I stimulant, 
^ripbobia, sip-Ttf-cf 'be-ah A morbid fear of coitus. 

»m''eter. An instxuinent for measuring the chest-curves* 
tometry, sir^Um^-eUrt. The determination of the outline ol 
the chest by means of the cyrtomctcr. 

sir~itf-sis. Curvature of the spine. 
sist, A membranous sac containing fluid. C^ Blood, hema- 
toma, Q. V C^ Bran'chitt], one resulting from the incomplete 
closure of a bianchial cleft. C^ Col'loid, See under Co f hid. 
C^ Dsufh'ter. one developed by secondary growth from the 
walls of a large one. C, DeotiVwous, one containing tc«th. 
C^ Der'moid, a congenital cyst containing: bone^ hair^ teeth, etc. 
C, Echiaococ'cuB, one formed by the ]iiTvit of Ttrfiia echino- 
toccus. C, Extra vasa'tion^ one formed by the encapsulation 
of a hemorrhage into the tissues. C, FalJic'ular, one due to the 
occlusion of the duct of a small follicle or gland. C*p Hydaf id. 
Same as C, Echinococctis. C, Mu'coiss, a retention cj^st con- 
taining mucus, C, Reten'tlon, one due to the retention of the 
lecretion of a gland. C, Seba'ceous, a retention cyst of a 
Mbaceous gland. C, Sec'ondary* a cyst within a cyst. C, 
Sttbliii'ffaal. See Ranuia, €.» Uniloc'ular, one having but a 
tingle cavity. C.-worm, See Cysiicercus. 

ideao'ciuu 1. Adenoma of the bladder. 2. A cystic 

, sis-taV'je-ah. Pain in the bladder. 
iceph'alus. A, monster with a cystic brain. 
VStatrophJa, sis-tat-ro^ -feah. Atrophy of the bladder, 
fitaucheao'tomy. An incision into the neck of the bladder 
jjritecta'aUp Cirstectasf , sist-^ik'-tas-e. Dilatation of the bladder, 
ntectomy* sist-ek'-tc-me. Excision of the cystic duct. 
■ttelDt sisf-e-in. A product of protein metabolism derived 
ffrofn cyst in. For test, see Andreaxch. 
intelcosis, sis-tet-ka^-sis. Ulceration of the bladder. 
^tenceph'alut. A monster with a brain like a membranous sac 
fvterethism* sist-er'-gth-tsw. Vesical irritability, 
^bypersarcosis, sisthi-per-sar-ki/'sis* Thickening of the muSr 
cular coat of the bladder. 

fttk, siyUk. 1. Pertaining to a cyst. 2, Relating to thb 
Urinary bladder or the gall-bladder. C. Degenera'tion, dcgen- 
eiation. with cyst-formation. C. Duct, the duct tA ^^ %3bX\ 

titcer'citg. The lam's of tapcwoTniB. C. V/viB, Wie \«n% 
f r4t»ma Kx^nata, the beef taoewomi. C, cii\liaior*afc. ^'^••^ 


absorbed by a liquid rem&lnA cobat&nt, Ut» vmlgbi 

tiplied by the deosity) ol the e.bsorbed gas rises and falb in 

proportion to its pressure, 

Daltoaism* diW-on-hm, A synonjin for Color-blindti^ss. q v. 

Daiqat, Dammar, dam^^r. A tuipentinc from Agatkis loran 

Damlaaa, dam-e-an^-ah. Certain powerful aphrodifiiao leftvea 

Damo[fieau*B Curve. See Ellis' $ Sign 

Dance's Sign* A depression about the right flanlc or iliac toeaa^ 
regarded by Dance as indicating invagination ol the cectitn, 

Dan'dn^ Dboase''* Sec Tarantism. D. Macula* Qce Choromama 

DuaAeUt]^dat/'de4i-on, See Taraxacunu 

Dan'draST A scurf on the head, coming off in small scales 

Danielspeol*! Disease'* Anesthetic leprosy. 

Dandy Fe'ver, datif-de. Dengue. 

DAphne, daf-ne. A genus of shrubs used in medicine 

Daphnln, daf'-nin. A glucosid, CiikHisOt+ZH^.'Op from the balk 
of several species of Baphne, 

Darier's Di&ease'i, Psorospermose folliculairc; keratosis loUiciK 

Darkachewitsch^s Fibbers. A tract of nerve- 6bers extending 
fn?m the optic tract to the ganglion of the habenula» D.'j 
ITa'cleus, a nucleus situated on each side of thenaedian line in 
the gray matter near the junction of the Sylvian aqueduct with 
the tiiird ventricle. 

Dartoid, dar'-toid Resembling or consisting of the dartos. 

Dax'toB, A contractile fibrous layer beneath the skin of scrotum 

Dartre, da/*-tr. Herpes — a name for many cutaneous diseases 

Dar'troua Diath'csls. The predisposition to chronic akindiseaae 

Darwin's Ear, A congenital deformity of the ear in which ths 
helix is absent at the upper outer angle of the car so that th«! 
free border forms a sharp point upward and outward, lit an- 
other fonn a blunt point (Darwin's tubetcUy projects from the 
upper portion of the helix toward the center of the ear. 

DarwinlEm, dar^-min-Um. The theory of descent by cvohi tlon 

Datura, da-tt^-rak. A genus of plants. D* stramo'nium, James- 
town weed, Jimson weed; the seeds and leaves are narcotic and 

Datuxinr daf-u-nn. An alkaloid from Datura stram&niutn^ idmi- 
tical with hyoscyamin and isomeric with atropin. 

Dftturlsm, daf-u-rism. Stramonium-poisoning, 

Daughter Cell, daw'-ter s^l See Cell, Daughter. D.-cyst, a cyst 
developed within another cyst. D.-nu'cleus* the nudeui 
formed in karyokinesls. D.-«tar» See Dyastet, 

Davfdsoha's Sign* The iUuminstion of the pupil obtaixxed^m 

jxlBcwjran electric light in the mouth will bo less marked on the 
«^e an wblcb tlicre it a ttimor or empyema of the antrtim o\ 

or more p9^ 

^jTorwrn col* 

And then 1 



>e«fnfi, d€^ 

c\ilty inti 

constant I 


centers fc 

inability ^ 




Daatlv *^^ 
grene, 1 
heard In 
of the wh 


Deliility. d4 

Debove's M 
the traclJ 

hernia in 
I l^Bcalcified, 
of rc33io^ 


decaj* ^' 



To I ot 2 drops of the phcncjl «cAu- 

-m 15 

_at^ sal pbtiric acid. iah 

duccd, which passes Im .-. Jiawa 

u. Subnormal \-t3iOfj in dsyltMhl 
I. deaf ne^ with loss of spctjcli. 
ndition of being deaf. T>*, Ba88« dIflG- 
D*i BoU'crmAkers', deafness from 
tid sounds, D., Cer'ebral, that due to 
, that dite to disease of the cortical 
Mind* Same as D , Psychic. D., 
fs Paracusis. D., Word. D,p€>iy'cWc^ 
r understand the sounds htsard, dne Irt 
al area of the auditory center. 
^hun* See DifanUftation, 
fikun. Splitting off of the amino (NH^> 

plague, D., Mo'-lar, necroiia, g^n- 

, death of individual cells, D.-rmtep 

ler 1000. D.-raf tie, the gurgling sound 

' a dying person. D., Soouitlc, death 

An agent allaying exeitcniBnt, ?. 

• baBcment mcmbmne of the mtioosa of 
I intestinal tract. 
»(«)'■ The enlargement of a Wound or 

' Ten grams, or 154.32349 grain*. 
pDOval of cahareous matter from bone, 

EL Freed from limo-saJta, 
m'sifi-ing. A solution for the porpoia 
Itn salis from tissues, 
'i'en liters, or 2Mi imperial gallons. 
Destroying hair. 
Ten metenj, or 32.8 feet, 
w^iiif. The operation of remcrving the 
na sedtmeat. 

loflF the head of a fetus during labor, 
jftive change. 

^shun. Removal from a center, 
I'ttd. Decerebriied. 
4sd. Depri%'cd of the cerebrum. 

J njembrajjoua eo teJop o/ the ovum In 
t^part aftluf docidua bei^rvea the ovum 
ftJte tit&rus. D» meuMtruM^^Ih, the /tj" 

US caatnhutin^ tx> tba to 
ifemtfon of tAtf wa/J of *■' 



which eticapsules the ovum, D, seroWna, the area of tUe 

uterine wall to which the ov^um is attached. D* ve^rm, the 

uterine mucosa^ 
Oeciduitia, de-sid-u-i^-^tis. Inflammation of the deciduA] laemr 

bmne of the gravid utenis, 
DeciduomA, d«-iid-u-tf-mah. An intrauterine tumor containins 

decidual relics. 
Deciduous, de-sid*-U'Oiis. Shedding. D, Teeth, temporary teeth. 
Decigram, DeclLiter» Decimeter^ des^-ig-ram^ des'il-e-tfir, des^-m^ 

e-ter. One-tenth of a gram, liter, and mcter^ respectively. 
Dec'iaonnal. Having one-tfinth the strength of the nomaaL 
Decip>ftTa« dt-sip'-ar-ait. A woman pregnant for the tenth tiai«< 
Dec'llnatorr An instrument for holding the dura apart during 

Decline, de-klirf, A gradual decrease or wasting away, 
DecUvo mooticuli, de-kli't/ montik'-u-li. Same as Dedivis ctrt- 

DeclF vis cerebel'lL The sloping postetior aspect of the montkii]u#» 
Decoc'lioa* Result obtained by boiling substances in a fluid, 
DecoUfttion* dekol-a'-shun. The sam.e as Decapiialion, q, v. 
Decollator, de-ko^-a-t^. An instrument for felal decapitatibn. 
Decotomtion, de-kul-or-a'-shun. The removing of color. 
Decompeasa''ttoa. Failure of compensation, as of the heart. 
. Decomposi'tioD. 1. Putrefaction, 2. The analysis of a body, 

I Decompression, de-kampr^sh'-un. The removal of pressiiie. D, 

In'juiTp injury from the effects of a sudden vacuum. 
Decortica'tion. The stripping off of the bark of a plant. 
DecrepitatioD, d^krep-it-t/skan. A cmckling or crepitation. 
Decrepitude, de-krep'-it-ud. Senile feebleness. 
Decubital, d^-kn'-bit-aL Relating to a bedsore or to decubitus. 
Decubitus, de-ku* -hit-US, The recumbent or horizontal posture. 

D., Acute', a form of bedsore due to cercbml leaionA. 
Decussate, de-ku^-dt. To intersect, interlace. 
Decussa^'tio. A decussation. D, fontioalis, fountain decus- 

Isation, D, lemnisco'rum, dectissation of the fillet or lemni&cus. 
D. pyram'idum, the decussation of the pjT^anuds. D. nervo'- 
rum trochlea^'rium, decussation of the trochlear nerves on the 
upper surface of the v^lvula. 
Decussadon* de-kus-a'shun, 1. An interlacing or crossing of 
feUow-parts. 2. The point at which the crossing takes place, 
D. of the Bra'chium Coojunctiv'um, crossing of fibers in tb« 
postgeminunci to the opposite red nucleus. D. of 
the Fillet, the crossing of afferent fibers in the medulk, 
D,» Foun'taln, a crossing ol nerve fibers coming from the pre- 
Bexmaa. D^Pia'itorm. S^D.qflhe FUUu D. of the Pyr'a- 
oxi<^ the crossmg of the motor fibers from one side of the 
maduJJa to the other D,, Sen'wwy or Supe'rlor. Sec D.e) 
^y^A«r/. I>., TeEmen'm. See D., Fountain. D, Veii'\nL 


duza nmtd 


D«dolation, j 

Deep* Not^ 

Deer -fly F< 

\ r^uAtnitt 

a.nd usual 

0«lecatioo, ] 

Defect, def4, 


D«fietuive I 

Deferens, dk, 

Defereot, di\ 


Defer en tec tl 



Def eren titifli 

Deferred' SI 



Deficiency ] 

tain food 





I Deae«t.d^-j 

J Deflormtioni 

; Defiu'viojxi, 

\ I>efiuxio, dii 

' I>efliudoD, i 

I Defarmlng, 

Inritls dj4 

Deformity, j 

D-. Gtin'l 



tissue u4 

by the { 

D.» Ba'ca 
of liine4 


nic dp-kus-Li -rt' ;itn . An instrument for depressins the 

ier after trephininK 

1^ iU'ditH'tish'-HH. The shetidini; of the teeth, 

f d£j-o-la*'shs4H, A cutting off obliquely. 

^superficial nor near the surface. D. Re' flex. See Rfjhx, 

r«VDr, A septic type caused by the It tuiariens*^ 

fted by the deer- fly. The glands near tht? bile sw^ell 

Lily suppurate. 

f dt/-e'ka*-5hun. The evacuation of the boweb. 

flckt'. An impetfection ; an absence of a part or OT^an . 

foa. Female assumption of male sexual feelings 

l^'teiu, de-f^'Siv pro'-it-in. An anlibofiy 

\ff*-WT-€n$. See Va4. 

^ef'-tf-^nt, Carryingftway or down. D. Duct, the vaa 

looyt d^Htr-^i'Ufi^'to-m*, Excision of the vas def- 

, iU(f-*T^n*-she'aL Relating to the vas deferens, 

I, d^-er-eH'H*-tis. Infiammation of the vas deferens. 

ihock. The late onset of the symptoms of shock. 

pee, de-f€r'V9^-«ns. Abatement or decrease of a feve?. 

Ion. The removal of the fibrin from Woo<l or lymph. 

kDUwase. A condition caused by the absence of cer* 

I elements in the diet. See Vit^mw*^. 

I Clearness and distinctness of the image in optica. 

^ Limiting the e^Rrtent; final. , 

ip, def'lag-ra'-shiiH. A rapid explosive corobustioo, " 

|r. A form of gahnanic battery for producing heat. 

d^ekf. To tiim or bend from a straight course, 

la dgf-h-ra'-shun. The act of deprivnnp of virginity, 

I cApilloVum. Alopecia. 

y^^uks' e-o. Diarrhea. 

Ae-fluy-shun. Catarrh; a downward flow of humors. 

I de-for*t^ -ing. Disfiguring. D. Artlui^tis. See Ar^ 

fprmans, D^Osti'tis. Sve OsHHs, 

I de-fof^'mit-e. Physical malformation or distortion. 
||tock« a deformity from fracture of condyle o{ humerus, 
taliza^tion. The act of destroying a function. 

LttCi de-M^Hg^'l^'On-dt. To remove ganglions. 
IDit, (U'jen-er-a'-shun. Deterioration in structure of a 
f an organ. D„ 'Albu'minoid, a cloudy and granular 
^of the cell protoplasm. D., Amyloid, cl-iaracterized 
Jformalion of an albuminous substance, r«scmbUng 

II its chemic reaction. D., Ascend' ins* Se^ A^c^tiding^ 
Imy. Same as Z7, , /i mylcid. D.. Calca'roout, the deposit 
baits Ln a part- D., Chee'syp caseation. D.t Collatd, 
\ disorganisation of a part. D.» Cyft'tlt, de^.'cxvtTaAAKiw 

iorm&tion, J>u Descend' ioR. Sea. Descendint. T>., 
comvctmon ot an oriciLn. into oVL. "D^'BVXaci^* 


chan^ into gbroftS* tiSBue. D.» Gruy, tn nervous iismw\ 
gray degeneration due to chronic inflammatfori, D., Hydlloe, 
the disonjanized tissuti becomes shining and translucent 
D., Lorda'ceous. Same a« I?., Amyloid, D., Uu^coid, a 
transformation of the cell-substance into mucin ^ seen in glandu- 
lar epithelium. D.* Myjtom'atousp a gelatinous change in 
connective tissue. D.* Parenchy'matous. Same as A* Albit- 
minctid, D., Sec'ondary« See WaUcrian Degetufration, Dm 
VJt'reoas. Same as />., Hyaline, D., Wax'y. Same as D,. 
A myloid 

Deglutition^ d^g-lu'tish*-un. ^The act or power of swallowing. 

I>eg6te, de-g^f Oil of birch, 

OctgrMp d0-gr<^ 1, Pcisition in a graded series, 2, Afl 
interval in a thermometric scale. 3, A title conferred bf fl 

Dehisceocep de-kisf-€ns. The formation of a fissure. 

Dehutnanizcv de-ku*- man-fs To deprive of human charactenstics. 

DehyilrAtion,» dts4ti'dra*~shitn. The removal of the constitutiooal 
water from a salt, 

Dei terg's Cells. 1 The branched, flattened cells of the neujoglJa. 
2 The cylindricoconic cells resting iip^n the basilar membrane 
d Corti*s organ and supporting the hair-ctUs, D,*8 ]fu''clCiU8| s 
large nucleus situated in the oblongata between the inner 
portion of the cerebral peduncles and the restiform body. 
D*5 Phalan'ges, the phalangeal processes of Deitcrs's cells in 
the organ of Corti. D/s Proc'ess, the axis-cylinder process 
of a nerve-cell the neuraxon. 

Dejection^ d^-fek^-shnn, L Despondency. 2. A diachatge of 
fecal matter 

D^jerine'fl Disease'. Hyp<?rtrophic interstitial neuritis of infancy 

D^jerioe-Sottas's Disease' or Type of Progres'sive Mus'eulir 
Alfropliy See Diierinc's Disease, 

DelactatioD, de-lak-ta'-shnn. The act of weaning. 

DelamlnatioD, de-tatH-irt-a^-shun. A splitting into layers, 

Deriu Bon or Sore, See Furuncutus (^rufnialis, 

Deligation, det-ig-a'-shun. The application of a ligature. 

Delknita'tion. Determination of a limit, as of diseased tissu<?. 

Deliquescence, del-ik-w€/-*ns, A liquefaction by absorption ol 
water from the atmosphere. 

Dellqueicenft del-ik-ivef-enL Liquefying from absorption of 
atmospheric moisture. 

D€Iire I Java. See Lata, 

Deliriant, deUf^^-ant, An agent causing delirium. 
l>eSfiium, d^ffr'-w-imtt Mental aberration due to disease. D. 

cor^dh, A tremuJovs and imgvl&r heart-action. 0.. InaiUtlOD, 
ihataactjrrinjf lo an fndi v-ftfual weakened by d febriVe aJiectioa. 
^'"^^'' '^*//r/um cfue to aJcohoHc poisoning. 
'*-^rf. The sudden ending of in flammBtioo by TeaoluUiWL 
^ ^ree, to rvmove, as a fetus. 



Delia fof 

Deltoid, d 

der. S 


the hur 





D, prtg 
or pf*' 
D, Sec 
0, Se'i 



De Morci 
f ixwn ti 








f'ii!if-0T-€ Parturitioniclifld-blrtli. 
houB, d^t-o^fiwtf'-HS, Of open or conspicuous forrru 
fO'leum« Porpoise oil, a. substitute (or cod-liver oil, 
^ d^V-ftn-irt, An alifa^loid from StaphisagTia, q, v. 
pnlcjti. Sec Lyra fvrnicis. 

W-toid. I. Delta shaped, 2. A muscle of the shoul- 
MusdeSi Table of, D* Lls'ament, the jntemal 
I^Hsoment of the ankle-joint. D. Ridge, the ridgo on 
nenas for the insertion of the deltoid muscle. 
\d£-ti^-zhttH. A false Judgment of objective things, 
J do'-tu'-zhun-al. Of the nature of a delusion, 
y de-ma^ -net-is. To free of magnetism. 
j»y'» Symp'tom. Immobility or lowering of the larynx 
I deglutition and pbonation^ it is characttsrlstic of 
^ syphilis* 
r-menif. An insane peraon. 
p d€-fmn*-ied. Deprived of reason. 

df-»uf7t^-she-ah. Profound mental incapacity, Di 
Same as Paresh, q. v. D. paranoi'des, a form of 
'COX characterised by paranoiac delusions. D. prse'cox, 
jfcoXt dementia occurring in young individuals; it 
9m D, paranoideSt Kataionia, and Hebephrenia. D^ 
|ry» dementia independent of other forms of insanity. 
iKfondary, that following another form of insanity, 
tllilt, that due to change?; incident to old age, J}^ 
ftialt that occurring near the end of other forma of 


$ CeUfl, detn'-ff'liiH, See Heidenlmin and Gianussi. 
$m A genus of parasitic insects. 

riy^ de-mo^-raf-e^ Social science, including \ital statls- 
the consideration of qu«stion3 of State medicine. 
iia'illa* Insanity in which patient thinks himself a devil . 
Iboblft* de-mo-no-ftf-be-ah. Morbid dread of the devil, 
ferator* An assistant or subordinate teacher, 
pn's Spots* See Morgan, 

linlzfttion, de-mor-fin-i-zaf-shun. Gradual alienation 
Indue use of morphin. 
f% Mem'brane. See Descctnet's Membrant. 
j^« Point or Symp'tom. Sec Mussy. 
|&t» A mucilaginous substance allaying Irritation. 
If^n. The education of deaf-mutes to speak, 
ttasodt de-nar' -ko4izd. Freed from narcotic powers. 
WfSLt dei^-drakS'OM. A short axon destitute of a myelin 


^dtn'-drik. Provided with dendrons, 

tnau dnt'-drt-form. Tree- shaped, 

I Den'dron, A protoplasmic process ol ^ tvctvcHB^, 

1 DM'droid. Tree-like. 

ht^'^a. A zymotic, disease, of tropVcaX sltA «* 


tropical countries, with fever, pain in the bones, and an erup- 
tion like that of measles. 
Denidation, de-ni-da'-shun. The disintegration and ejection of 

the superficial part of the uterine mucosa. 
Denig^'s Test for U'ric Ac'id. Convert uric acid into alloxan by 
the action of nitric acid; expel the excess of nitric acid by 
gentle heat, and treat with a few drops of sulphuric acid and 
a few drops of commercial benzol (containing thiophen); a 
blue coloration will result. 
Denisensko's Meth'od. The subcutaneous injection of a watery 

extract of Chelidonium ma jus in the treatment of cancer. 
D^nonvilliers's Fas'cia. The rectovesical fascia between the pros- 
^ tate gland and rectum. 
A Dens, denz. A tooth. 

U Densim'eter. An instrument for determining densities. 
pr Density, den'-sit-e. Compactness. 

Dentagra, den-ta'-grah. 1. Toothache. 2. A tooth-forceps. 
Dental, den'-tal. Pertaining to the teeth. D. Arch, the arch of 

>the alveolar process. D. Bulb, the dentinal papilla. D. Germ, 
the rudiment of a tooth. D. Pulp, the pulp of a tooth. 
Den'taphone. An instrument placed on the teeth to aid in 

Dentata, den-ta^-tah. The second cervical vertebra, the axis. 
Dentate, den'-tdt. Toothed; notched. D. Bod'y, the corfms 

dentatum. D. Fis'sure, the hippocampal fissure. 
Denta'tum. The nucleus dentatus or corpus dentatum cerebri!. 
Den'tes sapien'tiae. Wisdom teeth; the third molar teeth. 
Denticle, den'-tik-l. A small tooth or projection. 
Denticulate, den-til^ -u-ldt. Furnished with minute teeth. .D. 

Bod'y, the corpus dentatum. 
Dentification, den-tif-ik-a' shun. 1. The formation of the teeth. 

2. A deposit of lime-salt on the enamel of the teeth. 
Dentifrice, den'-tif-ris. A substance for cleaning the teeth. 
Dentigerous, den-tij'-er-us. Bearing or supporting teeth. 
Dentila'bial. Relating to teeth and lips. 
Dentilin'gual. Relating to teeth and tongue. 
Dentin, den' -tin. The bony structure of the teeth. 
Dentinal, den'-tin-al. Pertaining to dentin. D. Fi'bers, the 
protoplasmic substance in the dentinal tubules. D. Papillai» 
the forerunners of the dentinal pulp. D. Tu'bules, canals in the 
matrix of dentin. 
Dentinifica'tion. The formation of dentin. 

Dentinitis, den-tin-i'-tis. Inflammation of the dentinal tubules. 
Dentinoid, den'-tin-oid. Resembling dentin. 
I>entinosteoid, den-tin-os'-te-oid. A tumor of dentin and bone. 
I>enti8tTy, den'- f is- f re. The science of dental surgery. 
l^ntf^e/on. The cutting of the teeth, and the period of the i 
Deatoid, deH^-totd. Resembling or shaped like a tooth. 
^aotaUvm, dtM-u>r-iv-ah. The olivary nucleus. 

Denture, det 
Denuc^s L 
Depilate, c 
Deplete, d 




skin in 


See Ml, 

motor < 

(set of antficsal teeth. 

stiQrt »nd bro,iil tibrctuft band in the 
I the radiu% with the ulna. 
i-Uid. Deprived of thcs nucleus. 
hun, A laying bare or stripptnn, 
F^-jiM. A want of nutrition. 
Dt; an Agent opentne the body ptuasages. 

An agent correctiog o&ensAvt odors. 
To free from odor. 

A disinfectant; a deodomnt. 
af>* The science of duty; ethios. 

The same as Dtobstrusnt, q. v, 
f^shun. Removal of obstruction. 
LBownward. D. v^r'geiis. See Vfrgtm. 
jbwnward movement » as of tlic eye. 

To deprive of oxygen, 
pn of an ox id from a compound, 
( Deoxidation. 

A deoxidi^ng substance. 
lie. To deprive of oxygen, 
YJ^n-o'-skun. See Deoxidalion. 

'-shun. Concentration by distillation 
I remove the hair. 

The removal or loss of the hair. 
Substance destroying liair; a cosmetic. 
ITithout hair, 
duce, to lessen, to empty, 

of a fluid of the body, as the 

^tion of the Jids in which the lashes fall 

t'-shun. A destruction of polarity, 
a collection of morbid particles in a 

A term applied to that state of the 
I poured out and papules arise. 
huM. A deterioration or degeneration 
{Titiated; deteriorated. 
Ldiminishtng functional activity, 
Tlattened from above. 2, Dejected. IX 
cture with sinking of the bone« 
r or fossa. 2. A depressed condition, 
ng motion; a sedative. 
\ muscle or an instrument that depresse«. 
D. I^^ervcj a nerve inhibiting^ a vasn^ 
f Aa lostrum^nt for depressm^ th0 

tingi A d«pi^es^n^ muscia 
t muscle Qftb& ay^ 


'Depri'vftl, DepriTft'Uon, Depifve^ment. Abscnc* or 
Dep'umnt, Dep'orative. Cle^nsingt removing Impurities 

purifying agent or drug. 
DepuratioQf dcp-a-ra'-skun. Purification: a cleansbig process 
Depurator» (kp'-u-ra-tor, A drug or device for aidmg a cJeatisjug 

Deradelphus^ d^r-ad-^lf-ns. A double, one-headed monster 
Deradeni tis, tkr-ad-en - i'-tis Inflammation of the cenicaJ glands 
Deradenoncus, der-aden-Qn^-hiS, Swelling of a neck-gland 
Derangeznentt d€-raffj*-ment. Disorder of intellect r insanity 
Derbyattire ]Teck» deZ-he-shfr, Goiter, q, v, 

P'**^"i!i*B Disease', Adiposis dolorosa, a dystropby of the sub* 
ineoits Lonnecti\^ tissue, soraawhat resembling myxedema. 
cephalocelCt der-^n-sef-al-c-si'L Hernia of the bram through 
isure in the cer\ncal vertebras, 
cephalue* der-en-scf'-al-us. An anencephalic monster with 
■ an arrested development of the upper vertebras 

^ Deric, dar'-ik. Pertaining to the ecto^Jerm* 
^^perivant. dcr'-iv-ant. Derivative; a derivative drug 
^^■}erivation, der-iv-<f-shun. Counterirritatlon; revulsion 
^" t>criv'attve. Having a tendency to lessen inflammation 
Derm, Derma, de/mah. The true skin; the conum 
Oermacen'tor anderso'ni. The tick responsible for the spread 
I of the infecting principle of Rocky Mountain fever D redca^ 

I la'ffSi a tick through which are disseminated th« PiroPhsnUi 
f canis and P. fimHtnis, 

Dermad, deZ-mad. The same as Ectad^ q. v. 
Dennagra, d^-ma^'graft. Pellagra, q, v, 
i Derma!, dtr/mal. Pertaining to the skin. D, Mua^cle, A skta^ 
\ xnu^h. D. Skd'eton. See DertnoskeleUm, 

' Dermaiax'ia. Morbid softening of the skin. 

Dermalgia, d^-maV -je-aU, Neundgia of the skin, 
Dermanoplasty, der-nian'-o-plas-te. Skin-grafting. 
Dermapos^tasis. A skin disease with focal induiatiAn 
Dermatagra, der-mat-a' -graK S«*e Pdlagra, 
!>en>iatalgla, der-ntat-al'-fe-ah. See Dermalgia 
Derma tatrophiftt der-mai-aUTo'-fe-ah, Atrophy of the skin 
Dermatitis, der-maiVtis. Inflammation of the sMn; cytitis 
D. coagelatio'aia;, frost-bite, D. contnsifor'miB, erythema 
nodosum. D, exfoliati'va, a form chamcteriiied by a scaly 
eruption. See PUyriasis rubra. D. gangrieno'sa, gangrenous 
Inflammation of the skin; sphaceloderma. D, herpettfor'mis, 

II a form of herpetic character, the various lesions showing a 
i^ft tendency to group. D. papUla'ris capUlif a, a rare form afifect- 
^H mg^ tb&impe of the neck and adjacent parts, marked by minute 

ned papules which occasionally suppurate and are usually 
im xenfed by a hair. D. venouA'tA, that due to the local actton 
f^ irritmnt substance, D., X-my^ that caused by «acpo«ure 


a^nother ii 
cyst one 
Dermatol, 4 
Derma toxny 
Derma totziy 

Derma eopUu 
Derma tosis,' 

minu'riCr i 
Derma tropli! 
Dermic, <i4Pr'- 

D. Lay'er, 

another ^ 

kintfttion of Bkfn tttk«n from the 

>'Set^U'tt-iis, Inflammation of the 
Inlying below It. 

A cyst in the sldn. 
f-ra-/e. A description of the skin, 
ftnsplantatlon of the skirt taken from 
\ animat 
I Oermowi; skin. B* Tu'sior, a dermoid 
n elements, such as hair, lecth, etc. 
nulh aubgalkte; an antiseptic powder, 
[Sist in the treatment of skin dise^ises. 
\rfe The science of the akin, 
I and pendulous condition of the skin 
f the skin. 

An Instrument for cutting the akin 
tetable pamsitic skin-diaeaAC. 
I involving the skin, 
nation of both skin and mtucle 
ctsis of the skin. 
V-o-sus. Any disease of the skin, 
t The jigger, chigger, or cWgo; a sand 
rand India, parasitic tn man. 
Wf'-to, Fungons disc^ases of the ski'n. 
ifit. Any fun^is growing upon the skin 
hplas-i0. Plastic surgery of the skin, 
pdly increased secretion from the skin. 
t-skh-rt/'sis. Scleroderma. 
Any disease of the skin, D., Albu* 
ciated with albuminuria, 
anesis, a part of tlie equatorial plate 
f-me. Dissection of the skin, 
hser-a'-:^e-ak. Xeroderma. 
P-iofe. Parasitic animalcula of the skin 
l^feah. Atrophy of the skin. 
Hypodermic injection, 
ping to the skin. D. Graft, a skin-graft 
|ycr of the mcmbrana tjinpani 
ne a^ Derma, q^ v, 
I Dermatiiis, 

The part of the inesoblast whicft 

\us. A monster fetus containinj^ 

-ife, Pertainiiw tt> D^rmajtf^p^, ^ ft 
"£m». The s»m& ss A uJkr^a^Atsw. 
TTjif same as Z?^rma/{yj^afiJ^y, ^ v 
/?. Owi See /?'^/*ta/i>*^ 


Dennol. d^r'-mol. BKCiiHsOOaBi.Os. It is used in 

Dermomyco'sis. A skin-disease due to a fungus. 
Dermoneorosis, der-mo-nu-r(/-5is. See Dermatoneurosis. 
Dennonosology, der-mon-os-oV -o-je. See Dermatology, 
Dermopathy, der-mof/-ath-e. Any disease of the skin. 
Dermophlebt'tiSy der-mo-fleb-i' -tis. InjQaxmnation of the ( 

Dennophyte, de/ -mo-fit. A vegetable cutaneous parasite. 
D^nnoplasty, der^-mo-plas-te. See Dermatoplasty. 
Dennoxrha'gia. Hemorrhage from the skin, 
Dennoskeletou, der-mo-skeV-et-on. The external investments oi 
w the body; the skin and its appendages. 
■ Dennosteno'sis. Constriction of the skin. 
W Dermosyphilop'athy. A syphilitic skin-disease. 
Dennotomy, der-mof-o-me. See Dennatotomy. 
Derodidymus, der-o-dic^-im-us, A fetal monster with two heads 

and but one trunk. 
Derrid, der'-id. An active acid resin from the Malayan tree 

Derris elliptica; a i)owerful poison. 
Dc Salle's Line. See Salle. 
Desanimania, des-an-im-a^-ne-ah. Amentia. 
Desaulf 8 Appara'tus or Ban'dace. One for the arm, consisting 
of an axillary pad held by tapes about the neck, a slmg for the 
hand, and two single-headed rollers. D.'s Splint, one used in 
treating fracture of the thigh. 
Descemef 8 Mem'brane. The posterior elastic lamina of the 

Descemetitis, des-em-ei-i'-tis. Inflammation of Descemet's mem- 
Descemetocele, des-e-mef-o-sel. Hernia of Descemet's membrane. 
Descendens, de-sett^-dem. Having a downward movement. D. 

no'nly a branch of the hypoglossal nerve. 
Descending, de-sen' -ding. Proceeding downward. D. Degeneia'- 
tion, the Wallerian degeneration of centrifugal nerve-fibexa. 
D. Tract, a nerve-tract subject to the Wallerian degeneration. 
Descen'sus ventric'uU. Same as Gastroptosis, q. v. 
Desiccant, des'-ik-ant. Drying; a drying agent. 
Desiccate, des-ikf-dt. To dry absolutely. 
Desiccation, des-ik-a^-shun. The process of drying. 
Des'iccative. A medicine having the property of drying moist 

Desmitis, des-mi'-tis. Inflammation of a ligament. 
Desmobacte'ria. A group of filiform microbes. 
Oeamodjmhi, iUs-mo-din' -e-ah. Pain in a ligament. 
Dmognpby, des-mog'-ra-fe. A description of the ligaments. 
««tt»^/4 d^y^moid. Resembling a bundle. D. Tu'mor, a haxd 
noxt^us tumor. 
^'^oiogy, <Us-mor-o-f,. The science of the ligamcnta. 


Dtsmon, des 






I^eanos's P 












Detritus, c 
















ovmn, i 




a simple 



fingers i 

rubra pi 


\A one 

A fibiotna 
I Amtofeptor, 

Fiieoplasm made up of connective licsue. 
p-i^if. Any disease of the Itf^ments. 
ppyknoBM, d^:s-mo-pik-no''$is, Dudley*! 
^*ng the round V f the iitcru9« 

The diss© lenla. 

' ' Pneumonic jiiu. „ ^ . j .^ ^ . , liijue. ' ' See 

^^ahun. The formation of froth, 
k-af-skun. Scaling of the cuticle. 
^. Having a tendency to destroy, D* 

hun. Profuse or morbid sweating. 
ltd. Freed from tannin. 
[ A cleansing agent or drug. 
H-£t-shun, Direction to a part r>r an 

An eocploBive cotnbnatioq. 
[The wearing or wasting of a part, 
fftste matter from disorganLEatiort. 
'-shun. Decapitation. 
The act of ciisplaring, 
fA nradcle that expels or cjctts. .-leo 

ks^'-al-<w. See Thala^ngncfphalon, 
k-o*'p€-ah, A defect in a second con- 
jcolor-Wsloa, as in green -btindncsd. 
mroduct of proteid decomposition, 
rproduct of myosin-digestion. 
^atl^-t-ak. See Dvutererpathy, 
I nature of a secondary affection. 
f'a-the, A secondary affection, 
»plaTm. See Dettioplasm, 
y-io-tnah. A secondary blastopore, 
pi. A store of nutrient material in the 
lie embryo dnaws to support its growth. 
Mff**tL Progression toward maturity, 
f-fM£n*-taL Evolutionary. 
The oblique pelvic diameter. D.'b Pel'viip 
|5>elvis. flattened from before backward 
I Combat. A posture of a dead body 
If the elbows and knees, with closure of the 

; of the ankles. D,*s Di»eo8«^ pityriasb 

A tttmhig^itside fmm the norm&l A» 
tba persistent tumiag of both ey^m 


Devitalize, de-vi'-tal-iz. To destroy vitality. 
Devolution, (20V-^-/M'-5/rMn. 1. The reverse of evolution. 2. De- 
Dev'onshire col'ic. Lead i>oisoning. ^ 
Devora'tion. The act of devouring. 
Devorative, de-vor^-a-tiv. Devouring. 
Dew'-core. See Kneippism, 

Dewees's Carmin'ative. A mixture of magnesium carbonate, 6; 
tincture of asafetida, 7; tincture of opiimi, 1; sugar, 10; dis- 
tilled water sufficient to make 100 parts. 
Dew'-point. The temperature at which dew forms. 
Dewlap, duf-lap. A longitudinal fold of skin under the neck of 
k bovine animals. 

I Dexiocard'ia. Transposition of the heart to right side of thozax. 
r 'Dexter, deks^-ier. Right; upon the right side. 
Dextrad, dek/-trad. Toward the right side. 
Dextral, deks'-tral. Pertaining to the right side, 
Dex'tran. CeHioOe. It is a gummy substance formed in milk by 

Dextrau'ral. Pertaining to the dextral ear without regard to 

special preference or expertness. 
Dex'trin. A soluble gummy substance obtained from starch. 
Dextrocardia, deks-tro-kar^-de-ah. See Dexiocardia, 
Dextrocer'ebral. Located in the right cerebral hemisphere. 
Dextrococain, deks-tro-hf-kdn. An artificial alkaloid obtained 

from ecgonin; it is used as cocain. 
Dextroc'ular. Pertaining to the dextral eye without regard to 

special preference or expertness. 
Dextroexpertness. See Expertness. 
Dez'troform. An antiseptic compound of formaldehyd and 

Dextrogjrre, deks'-tro-jir. Dextrorotatory, q. v, 
Dextioman'uaL Pertaining to the dextral hand without regard 

to special preference or expertness. 
Dextromenthol, deks-tro-meW -ihol Menthol oxidized by chromic 

Dextrop'edal. Pertaining to the dextral foot without regard to 

special preference or expertness. 
Dextroro'tatory. Turning the plane of polarization to the right. 
Dextrose, deks'-trds, C6H12O6. A sugar of the glucose group; for 

tests see Glucose. 
Dextrosinistral, deks-tro-sin' -is-tral. Extending from right to left 
Dextroversion, deks-tro-ver'-zhun. A turning to the right, 
De^ymotize, de-zV-mo-tiz. To free from germs. 
IXbob/e Itcb, deZ-ifee. A popular lay term used in the tiQpict 
to indicate any skin-disease transmitted by the clothing. 
/HMbefes, ds-al^'igs, A disease characterized by an e3LC«BAve 
Anr of urine. D. al'temauB, a form of diabetes In wbkix tJ» 
tixcntion of uric acid varies inversely as that of tbe saa^r. 


both bus 
Htvs, an 






Set Con 

with di£ 





JJiahetin, 1 



sugar is 






with pre 


Biacetin* c 

ttmon of 


s& the u 


Diacid, dir 



rD^ BO'Iuy, Hanoi's disease, D., Broozedi, diabetes in aesocia- 
ticm with hetnochroxmitosiB. q, v. D.* Con'jusal, that a^ecting 
both husband and wife. D. decip'iens, diabetes melUtua 
without polyuria. D, inalp'xdxi8» polyuria, q. v. D» mel'- 
VHttii, an excessive flo^ of ^ugar-containing urine. D.p Pan- 
creafi€, glycosuria dependent upon disease of the pancreas. 
D^ Phlorid^zin. that due to the administration of phloridzin. 
B, Phoftphaf ic, polyuria and polydipsia with excess of phos- 
phates in the urine, D., Punc'ture, that due to a puncture in 
the oblongata near the diabetic center. D., Re'uol, a foim due 
to abnormal permeability of the kidneys to sugar. 
DUbedCa di-ab-fff-ik, 1, Pertaining to diabetes. 2. One 
affected with diabetes. D, Cen'tcr. See Center. I>. Co'mA. 
See Comat D* Ear, inflammation of the mastoid cells attended 
with diabetes. D. Gan'greae, a serpiginous form of eangreno 
occurring in the advanced stage of diabetes, D. Su'ecur^ the 
glucose found in the urine of diabetes meilitus. D. U'rine, 
tXabetid* di-ab-n^'tid. A cutaneous manifestation of diabetes, 
OkbetLD, di-a-be'-tin, Levuloee. 
DUbetOflfeaoua. Due to or producing diabetes, 
I>ift1>etozii'eter. A polariscope for estimating the amount oi 

sugar in diabetic urine. 
Diaboleptlc, di-ah-ih-lep^-tik. An insane person professing to hold 

supernatural communications. 
Diabrotic, di-ab-ro^-ik^ A corrosive. 

iNacele, Diacoela, di'-as-il. The third ventricle of the brain. 
Diacetanilld, dp-as-ei-an'-U-id. CeH&N(C02.CHi)i. A substance 

with properties like those of acetanilid. 
Dlicetate, di-a^-ft-di. A salt of diacetic acid, 
Diacetio^ di-as^-€t-%n. An acid liquid, CjHicOa, formed by the 

union of glycerol and two acettc-acid radicles. 
Dlaceturia, di-as-et-u^-re-afi. The occurrence of diacetic acid 

In the urine, 
IHachylon Plas'ter, dt-ak'-il-on. Lead-plaster, q. v. 
IHadd, di-as'-id. Having an acidity of two. 
IHadlasSa» di-ak-la*-s$-ak* Breaking the bone before amputation. 
Dlaclaiiit di-af/4a-sis. Same as Diaclasia. 
HifBClMBt* An instrument for breaking up the fetal head. 
IHacriaiography, di-ak-Hs-e-o^-Ta-ft, An anatomic description 

of the secretory organs, 
DiacridB, di-af^-ris-is. An affection with altered aecretion^ 
Discritic* di-iik'Tif-^ik. Diagnostic; distinctive. 
Diad, di'-ad. A bivalent radicle, 

Diadetnif di^-a-derm. The ectoderm and entoderm taken as one, 
Diadbcocinesia, di-ad-o-ko-sin-e^ ae-ak. An inability to reiseat 
&ny given movement with rapidity and umlornvi'ts . 'Ssesiu'i 
cerebeJJar djaatstt. 
DiMdokokine^A^ See Diadocpcin^iia, 








D]jig:oo8ep dV-ag-n^t. To make a diagtiosia. 

Dja^nosia, di-ag-nt/sis. The recognitioD of a disease I 
symptoms. D., Differen'tial^ the distinguishing: bet?i 
eases with similar symptoms. 0. by Exclu^aioo^ the recoi 
tion of a disease by excluding all other conditions, D.» Ph 
ical, the recognitii^ti of dis«a5e by external examination. 

Diagraostjcate, di-ag-nos^~tik-6t. To discriminate, diagnose. 

Diagnostic^ ian, Dt'^affnosfe. One skilled in diasnosing. 

Diasometerr di-ag-o>i^-et-er. An electroscope for detennii 
the relative conductivity of bodies. 

Diaeram^ dV-a-grant, A figure giving the outlines or general j 

>of an object. 
DiagiramaUc, di-a-gram-af-ik. Of the nature of a diagram. 
Blagraph, di*-a-gfaf. An appamtus for recording the outliiM 

DLalysate, di-al'-is-oL A product taken from a solution by dj 

Dialysed, di*-at-isd. Separated by dialysis. 

Dialysis, di-aV-h-is. 1. The separation of parts in gene 
A loss of strength; dissolution, 3. The separation of crysta] 
from colloid substances by means of a porous diaphragm. 

Dialyzer, dV-al-i-ser. An instrument for performing dialysil 

Diamagnetic, di-ah-mag-ne^ -ik. Repelled by the magnet. 

DiameteTt di-a^tt'-^i-er, A straight line passing through the i 
ter of a body or figure. D., Craniomet'ric, one of several I 
connecting points on opposite surfaces of the cranium: BiffC 
tal, that joining the parietal eminences; bitemporal, that joii 
the extremities of the coronal auturc; occipitofrontal^ ' 
joining the root of the nose and the most prominent ; 
of the occiput; occipitomental^ that joining the occipital 
tuberance and the chin; tTachsflobregmatic, that joining 
center of the anterior fontanel and the junction of 
neck and flocr of the mouth. D., Pel'vic, any one of 
diameters of the pelvis. The most important are: Aw 
posterior (of inlet), that which joins the sacrovertebral a 
and the pubic symphysis; anteroposterior (of outlet), 
which joins the tip of the coccyx with the subpubic 1 
ment; conjugate, the anteroposterior diameter of the Ji 
diagonal conjugate, that joining the sacrovertebral a 
and the subpubic ligament; exterfuil conjugate, that i 
necting the depression above the spine of the first sa 
vertebra and the middle of the upper border of the sympli 
pubis; true conjugate, that joining the sacrovertebral angle 
the most prominent portion of the posterior aspect of the a 
physis pubis; trann^rsa (of inlet), that joining the two z 
widely separated points of the pelvic inlet; transverse (.ol out 
that connecting the ischial tuberosities, 

Dimxnidt dt-am'-td, A double amid. 

I^mia. di^am'^in. A double amiu. 


[a. The presence of diamins in the urkie. 
di^p-a'-son. A tuning-fork used in diagnosis of ear- 

, di-ap-edy-sis. The passage of the blood-eorpuscles 
the vessel- walls without their rupture. 
ii-ap-ef^-ie. An electuary of five ingredients. 
leter, di-af-an-on^-et-er. An instrument for observ- 
txansparency of fluids. See also Lactoseope. 
icope. The instrument used in diaphanoscopy. 
'copy. Examination of cavities of the body by electric 

n, di-af'-an-us. Transmitting light. D. Test of 

he red color of the finger-tips when held toward the 

e color is not present in death. ( 

dl-af-an-e. A method of diagnosis by illtmunation of 

»vity. See Diaphanoscopy. 

ric, di-af-em-ef-rik. Relating to the measurement of 


l> di-af-or-e^-sis. The production of perspiration. 

Zf di-af-OT-ef-ik. An agent producing diaphoresis. 

« dV-af-ram. 1. The muscular wall between the tho- 

the abdomen. See Muscles, Table of, 2. A thin 
lividing a cavity. 3. A thin porous partition such 
id in dialjrsis. 

alciftf dirof-rag-malf-je-ah. Pain in the diaphragm. 
atitiSy di-af-rag-mat-i'-tis. See Diaphragmitis. 
atocele» di-af-rag-maf-o-sil. Hernia' of a viscus 
the diaphragm. 

itiSy di-af-rag-mi'-tis. Inflammation of the diaphragm. 
odjrnia, di-af-rag-nto-dit^-e-ah. Pain in the diaphragm. 
n. Oxyquinaseptol; a yellow antiseptic powder. 

C9H7O4SN. Quinaseptol; an internal antiseptic. 
ii-af-is-is. The shaft of a long cylindric bone. 
I. Inflammation of a diaphysis. 
'i-ap^-Uis-is. Reduction, as of a dislocation or fracture. 
Maplezus, di-ap-leks'-us. The choroid plexus of the 
ebral ventricle. 
B, di-ap-off'-is-is. The transverse process of a verte- 

ii-ap-i-e^'sis. Suppuration. 

1. Producing suppuration. 2. A suppurative. 
diarrhoea, di-ar-e'-ak. Morbidly frequent evacuation 
•wels. D., Cholera'ic, a severe acute form with serous 
;tended with vomiting and collapse. D., Crif ical, that 
I at the crisis of a disease. D., Lienter'ic* marked by 
ige of fluid stools containing scraps of undigested food. 
7ua, that marked by the presence oi mwcM-a \tv >i>cv^ 
K, Sum^mer, an acute form aff ectvng cVvWAtex^ ^\3ltvxv8 
f sutnxner. 


Diarthrosis, di-ar-thro'-sis. A freely movable articulation. D. 
rotato'ria, that with pivotal movement. 

Diastaltic, di-as-tal'-tik. A synonym for reflex action. 

Diastase. A nitrogenous ferment in mait. 

Dias'tasis. A sei>aration of bones without fracture; dislocation. 

Diastema, di-as-te^-mah. A space or cleft, as between teeth. 

Diastematocra'nia. Congenital cranial longitudinal fissure. 

Diastematomye'Ua. Fissure of the spinal cord. 

Diastematopyelia, di-as-te-ntat-o-pi-e^ -le-ah. Congenital median 
cleft of the pelvis. 

Diaster, di'-as-ter. See Dyaster. 

Diastole, di-as'-to-le. The period of dilatation of the heart. 

Diastolic, di-as-toV-ik. Pertaining to the diastole. D. Im'pulse, 
\ the backstroke of the heart. D. Mur'mur, a murmur occur- 
r ring during the diastole. D. Thrill, a precordial vibration 
during the diastole. 

Diastrephia, di-as-tre'-fe-ah. Insanity marked by cruelty. 

Diatela, Diatele, di-at-c'-luh, di-at-c'-lc. The membranous roof 
of the diacele. 

Diaterma, di-at-er^-mah. Part of the floor of the diacele. 

Diathermal, di-ath-er'-nial. Permeable by radiant heat. ' . 

Diathermanous, di-ath-er'-man-ns. Permeable to heat. 

Diatherman'sis, Diather'many. Permeability to rays of heat. 

Diathesis, di-ath'-es-is. A constitutional predisposition to dis- 
ease. D., Aneurys'mal, inherent predisposition to aneurjrsms. 
D., Furun'cular. See Furunculosis. D., Hemorrhag'lc, hemo- 
philia. D., Lith'ic, predisposition to lithemia. D., Uratnic, 
tendency to gout. 

Diathetic, di-ath-ef-ik. Pertaining to diathesis. 

Di'atom. One of the Diatomaccw, a group of minute algae. 

Diatomic, di-at-om'-ik. -1. Bivalent. 2. Having two atoms. 

Diazo Reac'tion, di-a'-zo. A urinary test for phthisis and typhoid 
fever with sulphanilic and hydrochloric acids. See Ehrlich's 

Dibasic, di-ba'-sik. Doubly basic. 

Diblastic, di-blas'-tik. Having a double cause; e. g., a disease. 

Diblastula, di-blas^-tu-lah. A blaslula possessing both ectoderm 
and entoderm. 

Dibothrioceph'alus. Same as BothrioccpJialns, q. v. 

Dibromid, di-bro'-mid. A compound having two at(jms of bro- 
min and one of a base. 

Dicalcic, di-kaV-sik. Having two atoms of calcium to the mole- 
cule. D. Orthophos'phate, CajHiCPOO-, a salt occurring in 
urinary deposits. 

JDicepbalous, di-scf'-al-us. Double-headed. 
DicephmJus, di-se/'-al-tis. A cfoubie-headed monster. 
DidUonlMndpy'rin. A trituration of antipyrin with ch\ota\ 

fiMmm/ae, di'-kfo^-ranim. S.. Chhnaminr.-W 


and one 


viuon < 



when > 


more t 












ium an 






Dieresia, c 

Diet, dV-e 

Dietary, J 

Dietetic, c 





fiquid x. 



nal pai 



turns i 







A oooipouod h»vlojr i«n> liiomi «f chlofln 

( t ) Divinon iiiio two p*ru 
I fees: bribery. 
Exhibiting diehroiam 

The property of nsaumitiK vmtioua iHilors 
ffsnt directitms. 
^o-ntat-op' 'St-ah, trtobtfiiy 1«j dlt»yiiguit}i 
"ic primary colors. 
MS. A monster with u double VPitet. 
»'/fcfOf'-iA'. d%k'-rQ-tt^s. Doobie4>ealini;. • 
fiathologic Condi liuns of the pulse- 
The condition uf being dicrtjrk. 
Having only two tmi2ent or tr>cis. 

ice of but two dibits on a hand or ^ot>t» 
Pertaining to a double uVenis 
je-ah. Pain in the testicle. 
A substance from iho cpididymus 4*f the txx. 
Orchitis, q. v. 
Amiitture of two elements^ neudym- 
iK'-tf-oA. Pain in the tesUdc. 
Twin ; oocurring in pairs, 
ing electric effects by induction. 
-aUon. The middle brain. includtriM ihe 
ifcird ventricle. 

\ A fiolution of continuity, aa an nicer, 
i system of aliment. 

tl. Pertaining to diet. ii. A system of foods. 
L Pertaining to diet. 

f. The branch of ireatajent referring lo diet 
f^am'-»n. C<HnN. A nontoxic ptoroain. 
lt*/j'»7-i?H*jit-aw'-i««« See Piperatin, 
hh-il'JU'-0H, C..H..C»HxCO, A hypnotic 

pt* A diet txpvrt^ 

IHcysms of gafitric: distress and e<?\'ere abdonu- 
I in nephroptosis. 

lor U'ric Ac' id. The addition of a solution of 
fete or hypobromite to the uric at id solution 
I color vanishes on adding caustic alkali 
l(f '-tfr-fffu. The theory of ths galvanic phc- 

ipecialization of tissues, organs^ or fttnctions. 
The deflection of a t&t of U^ht an 

KiS^ Mgujfd jnesu/tiiig from di&ly^is, 

f or 4tf^rtAti about. J>, In/lammm*that 
Br/ Aff ISA* t^sfues of»j3 oggun. 


Diffusible, dif-u'-ztly-l. Capable of rapid spreading. 

I>i£f u'sion Cir'cle. Poor ixnage formed hy incomplete focaliaatioii. 

D.-vac'uoles. Sec Vacuoles, Diffusion. 
Digalen, dif-al-en. A soluble preparation of digitalis, suitttble 

for intravenous administration. 
Digastric, di-gas^-trik. Having two bellies. D. Groo^e^ the line 

of origin of the digastric muscle. D. Mus'cle. See Musd^s^ 

Table of. D. Nerve. See Nerves, Table of. 
Digenesis, di-jen'-e-sis. Reproduction by two distinct methods. 
Digerant, dij'-er-ant. A digcstant. 
Digest, de-jestf. To prepare for absorption, e. g. , food. 
Digesf ant. Ferment aiding solution of food in alimentary canal.^ 
^ Digestion, de-jes^-chun. Conversion of food into chyme and' 
■ chyle. D., Artifi'cial, the production of peptones outside of 
W the body. D., Pri'mary, gastrointestinal digestion. D^ Sec*- 

ondary, the assimilation by the body-cells of their appropriate 

Digestive, de-jesf-tiv. Pertaining to or aiding digestion. 
^ Digipuratum, dij-ip-u'-ra-lum. A proprietary digitalis prepara^ 
f tion. 

Digit, dij'-it. A finger or toe. 

Digital, dij'-it-al. Pertaining to the fingers or toes. D. Com- 

pres'sion, hemostasis by the fingers. D. Examina'tion, cnami- 

nation with the finger. 
Digitalin, dij-it-a'-lin. CsHsOo (?). The active principle ol 

Digitalis, (fi/-i^a'-/t5. 1. Foxglove. A genus of plants. 2. The 

leaves of D. purpurea, used as a cardiac stimulant. 
Digitate, dij'-it-at. Branched like the fingers. 
Digitation, dij-it-a'-shun. A finger-like process. 
Digiti mortul, dij'-U-i mor'-iu-i. Same as Raynaud's Dtstast, 
Digitoxin, dij-it-oks'-in. C-iiHs.O?. An active glucosid from 

Digitalis: it is a powerful cardiac stimulant, 
Diglos'sia. The state of having a double tongue. 
Dignathus, di-nath'-us. A monster with two lower jaws. 
Dihydrocoriidin. CsHiiNH-.-. An oily liquid ptomain. 
Dihydrolu'tidin. CvHuN. An oily ptomain from cod-liver oil. 
Dihydroresor'cin. An antiseptic product of resorcin. 
Dihysteria, di-his-te'-rc-ah. The presence of a double uterus. 
Diiodid, di-i'-o-did. A compound containing two atoms of iodin 

and one of a base. 
Diio'doform. C-.'I^. A yellow carbon iodid used as an antiseptic. 
Diiodosa'lol. A preparation used in skin-diseases. 
Dihiceration, di-las-er-a' -shun. A tearing apart, as of a catamct. 
IWmtant. A drug causing dilatation. 
IHiatMUoa, i/t/-a/-a^'shun . An expansion oi a vessel or aCti or^n. 
^' of Meart, an increase in size of one or more of the heati- 

or, DiWtor, An instniment for stretching a cavity ot 


fibers d 

D. pylo 





Din'iier Pi 


Dionin* di- 


Diopsfan eti 

Diopter, di 




Dioptral, d 

Dioptric, d 


tion by 

Dioptry, d 



yam; th 




and one 








D. Irf dli, the «ct of muscula- 
I the pupil. D. oftVb, See Mnscks, Tabk of 
& muscle which i '- = +hr pyloric orifice of the 
hi' 1MB. See 7 r in Muscles, Tahlt af. 

Ml. An ftifcnt I r ' 1 i<? fluidity of secretion*. 

§kuK. A weakeuitMft with water, 
/"SkuH-iit, One advocating the dilution of mrdi- 

U-metk-U'iiwf^in. (CHi)iNH. A nontaric b»», 

'-Ifw-dA. Th« state of liaving a double utenj;^; 

'morf*'its. Existing in two forms, 

'-fik. Having two axis-cylinder proccBSe* 

► Useful in the relief of vertifto. 

1, di'tti'tro-scl'-ii-lOs, Soluble (cu«tiotton, 

Mild cathartic pills Uken after meals. 

no-maf-ne-aJt. Dstncing manii«, 
Vertigo or diissincss. 

atylcne dichlond, a volatile narcc»lic. 
in. Ethyl tnorphin hydrochloTalK. 
rmal love as oppj-jsed to urninK. q. v. 

A device for exploration of the visual field, 
-|#f. The unit of refractive power of optic lenses 
An inslnrment for determining ocular refrartion 

di-op-towf-ei-re. The dcterminaiton of ocular 
tiOn and rcfracti cm. 
>*-lfal. Relating to a diopter. 
f^'trik. Pertiiining to transmitted Hgh t 
^p^'ifiks. The branch of optics treating ot rctmc- 
isparent media. 
^'tfw. See Diaptifr, 

-of -the/ -sis. Reduction of a fracture or dislcx:iitiott, 
^s-ki/'Te-ah. A genus of plants. D» villo'sa, wild 
30ts are antirheumatic. 
Antirheumatic resinoid from Pioscor^a, 
-ot-fttot'-ih. Pertaining to osmosis. 
^-id. A compound containing two atoms of oxygen 

►«rseiiob«n'2oL See Ehrlkh-Haia's *'006/* 

|al«a. CittHaOs. A toxic agent used as a ratiorant, 

^wp'-tid. A protein-substance corad^ting of two 


|d. CiiHjiN. A t«st for nitric acid, 
f-tW-re-ah. An infectious depressing disease with 
exudation on mucous membranes, com- 
I fiiuces, and often ending fatallj^ J>„ Sm^gicMl 
f /&rxaafAvr ofdiphtJii^c meinbraj}^ on wxxunds. 
&£6*rfjr'jfk^ i/iAgSs^r^-^, Pert^iaing to diphtheria, 
Tfff irtxf/i froju the- ^otr^/^as £/i/*k/ft^rt^ 


€ € 




Diphtheromyco^ dif-ther-o-mi-ko^-sis. Chronic diphtheria. 

Diphtherotozin, dif-ther-o-toks'-in. A toxalbuinin isolated from 
ciiltures of diphtheria-bacilli 

Diphthon'gia. A double tone of voice from disease ol the 

Diplacu'sis. The hearing of two sounds when but one is produced. 

Diplegia, di-pW-je-ah. Double symmetric paralysis. 

Diplobacte'ria. Bacteria consisting of two adherent cells. 

Diploblastic, dip-lo-bla^ -ttk. Having two germinal layers. 

Diplococctis, dip-lo-kok^-iis. A micrococcus whose spheruJet are 
joined two and two. See Micrococci, Table of. 

Diplocoria, dip-lo-ko' -re-ah. Double pupil. 
^ Diploe, dip'-lo-e. The cellular bony tissue between the cranuu 
I tables. 
f Diploetic, dip-lo-ef-ik. The same as Diploic, q. v. 

Diplogen'esis. The duplication of parts normally single. 

Diploic, dip-lo'-ik. Of or i>ertaining to the diploe, q. v. " 

Diplomye'lia. A congenitat doubling of the spinal cord. 

Diplophonia, dip-lo-fo' -tie-ah. See Diphtlwngia. 

Diplopia, dip-lo'-pe-ah. Double vision. D., Binoc'ular, due to 
a derangement of the muscular balance, the images of the 
object being thus thrown upon nonidentical points of the retinA 
D., Crossed or Heteron'jrmous, that wherein the image of the 
right eye appears upon the left side and that of the left eye 
ui)on the right side. D., Direcf or Homon'ymous, the reverse 
of crossed diplopia. D., Monoc'ular, diplopia with a fiiiigte 

Diplopiom'eter. A device for measuring diplopia. 

Diplosal, dip-U/sal, A proprietary name for the salicylate of 
salicylic acid. 

Dip'pinc. Palpating the liver by sudden pressure. 

Diprosopus, dip-ro-so'-pus. A double-faced monster 

Dipsetic, dip-set'-ik. Producing thirst. 

Dipsoma'nia. An uncontrollable desire for spirituous liquon. 

Dipsopathy, dip-sop* -ath-e. The thirst-cure. 

Dipsosis, dip-so'-sis. Morbid thirst. 

Diptera, dip'-ter-ah. An order of insects including the fleas, 
flies, and mosquitoes. 

Dipterocar'pus. A genus of trees yielding the gurjun-balsam. 

Dipygus, dip'-ig-us. A monster with double buttocks. 

Direct, di-rekf. In a right or straight line. D. Cur'rent See 
Current. D. Mur'mur. See Murmur. 

Director, di-rek^-tor, A grooved instrument to direct a knife. 

Dirigomotor, dir-ig-o-nto'-tor. Controlling motor action. 
I^-, tf&jr. A prefix denoting two, double, or apart from. 
IHsaccbarid, di-sa^-ar-id. Any carbohydrate formed by the 
condensation of two monosaccharids. 
'^^MJtictMlMtion, dis-ar-tik'U-la'-s^hun. Amoutation of a Usdbats 

Disc, disk. 
Blood, a 

gnr\ft.\l dist 

of the en 



charge w 



See Lesio 





DiKoid, di% 

shaped pi 


Discrete, dii 

Discos, ^is'- 


the ovun 





Disease, di 

of the 


cular wa 

goose's : 

D., Boili 


D., Com 

whole b 

sis. D. 



tion w 

I a dise« 

I prema 




one c^ 

ol >^ 


ative power, 
lar plfttc or surface. 2. Ttw papillA. D.* 
Bflcle. D, Choked papillitis, 7, r, D.- 
tcr of the optit; disc. D«, Ger'miiial, the 
itodertnic membrane where the ftrst tmcea 
jr. B, Optic, See Opiic. 
,1, A morbid secretion. 2. Aa escape 0/ 
tvacuation. D., IHarup^tiTe, electric db 
Eld heat, 

dment for Betting free stored electricity. 
Jug, flowing out, r,^,, pus. D. Le^fioa. 

1« The rupture of the capsule of ti 
the operation for cataract. 2, Bilattr tl 1 

(Oijig discoid Bcgmeatation of the vitelltii* 
taped like a disc. O. PUcen'ta. a disc- 
fa mam. 

}h-s0H^'tak, See Discoid Placmta. 
parate, distinct; opposed to confluent, 
pc, D. prolic'erus, the maats of oeUst of the 
I of the Graafian vesicle that surround 

}tU. An agent renaoving a swelling 01 

last. Any one of the doubly teftactive cle- 
itile disca of striated muscular tissue, 
ifttholofiic condition of any part or or^an 

of the mind. V^ Acute% a diaeaaa 
and course. D., An'serine, mus- 
, the prominent tendons suggesting a 
|'er*8, hemophilia, D., Blue, cyanosis, 
[eafncs^ to high-pitched tones occurring in 
Chron'ic, one that is slaw in its course, 
one that affects a system of organs or the 
ftDc'ing, tarantijmi. D.. Fi&h'skin» ichthyo- 
ver'Sf pneumonia froni inlialation of flax- 
L Sec Chalk osis. D.p Fo'calj a centrally 

D., Functional, abntjrmality of func* 
fest organic lesion, D., Hy drocepli'ftloid^ 
•en resemblinif hydrwephstlus, following 
. D., Idiopathic, a disease not dependent 
t Intercur'reott one occurring during the 
' disease of which it i» independent, D.« 
P the mitral valve*. J>^ Oecup^'tho, any 
ff^tjtfri,* du& t& the ItMbitital perforoiBt^ce 

/?«. AintMff'/ct oner dute to nn rniixust 





Scytb'ian, See Scythian. D., Sep'tk, one due to pyq 
putrefactive organisms within the body, D,, SpeciUct 
due to a specific virus or poison within the bo«iy. D., Sm 
iSllng. See Qu^brahu^da, D., Struc'tural^ one invoivini 
change of structure in the part first affected. D., Syt't 
oone affecting a ntimbcr of tissues having a common fumt 
Dh Tricus'ptd, that of the tricuspid valves. D., Va^'abun 
See \ (igabottd. D., Vcne'real, one contracted in sexuat 
tercourse. D,, Woorsorter's, anthrax. D., Zymot'ic, a 1< 
for the whole class of germ-diseases. 

Disembit ter, dis-em-hit'-er. To deprive of bitterness. 

Disengagemeat, dis-en-gaf-nienf The escape of the fd 
the vaginal canal. 

Disinfect, dis-in-fekl* . To free from infectiousness, 

DisififectaDt, dis-infek' -tant An agent destroying germsi** 

DisLafesta'tion. To free from lice, fleas, etc. 

Diftfc. Same as Disc: 

Diatoca'tion. A displacement of organs or artictiJar surfaces. 
Colnplete^ the bones entirely separated. D., Com'poundf 
coverings of the joint ruptured, ihe joint -cavity ci 
municating with the air. D., Consec'tttive, the t 
placed bone is not in the same position as when origiu 
dislocated. D^ In' complete or Par'tiaU the articidating i 
faces remain in partial contatt. D.^ Old* inflammatory char 
hft\x ensued, D», Patholog'ic, due to diseased joint or pan 
sis of the controlling muscles. D., Prim'itive, the bones tvm 
as first misiLtUiced, D., Re'ceot* no inflammatory changes h 
ensued. D.* SLm'p]e„ without laceration of surroundio^ fw 

Dislysin, disfiis-in. See Dy^lyitn, 

Disorientation, dis-o-rit-eH'ta'-ahmt. The loss of the afa 
locate one's position in the environincnt. or the me 
fusion seen in r^ychic disorders. 

Dit^paxate Points. Nonidentical points of the two retin 

Di^eD'sary. Public institution where drugs and ad-^ 

I>ispen'sator7. A book describing drugs, their 
effects, and uses. 

IMBpeote, dis-pens^. To give out drugs. 

IMQiirem, dt-spi'-rem. The two &keins of a dividing 
which give rise to the daughter nuclei, 

IXiplacementt dis-pMsf-ment. A putting out of plax:e. 

DicmptiTe, dis'rup*'liv. Burning; rending D. DiscluiiBe^. 

Dinect. dis tkf. Tu 2,eimrate tht- i^turVi uf. 

DinectiQg, dis-ek'-tini. Performing dissecticm D. Aa'aunn 
an aneurysm in which there occuii a separation of 1 
of an artery^ with hemorrhage between. 
_^ateetioQ^ dig^k^^shuH, A aepafation by cultia* cA 1 
body. J}. Tu^berde. The same a» Verruca - 

of th^ 



f^^-sem'-in-a'ted. Scattered. D. Sdero'aJs, spinal 

occurring in numerous foci, 
lion* A scattering:, as of disease-germs, 
(on* Disassixnilation ; catabolissm, 
b, dis^so-she-a'ahun. Scparaticm of parts of & com- 

D,-eymp'tom, anesthesia to pain and to beat and cold, 
I tactile sensibility; it occurs in syringomyelia, 
i dis-<hlu'-shtin, 1. Death. 2. The process of dis- 

ie-oh^. To make a solution of. 

dU'oP-vent, A solvent; resolvent. 
'-tad. Toward the distal aspect, 
-to/. Peripheral; away from the center. 
tis-tik^-e-ah. See Distkhiasis. 
I, dis'tik-i'-<is-is. Having a double row of eyelash^ 
ii^-tiUdt, The substance distilled oven 
a* Vaporization of liquid with subsequent condensa- 
I., Destruc'tiTC, the decomposition of a substance in a 
Kssel so as to obtain liquid products. D»» Dry, distUla- 
olids without the addition of liquids, D., Frac'ttoasL 
tMsto^mum, dis'-to-malf. 1. A genus of trematode 

2. A general term applied to various genera of 
Se worms. See Schistos&mum. 
iis-to' 'tn^-ah. The condition of having two mouths 
Is. The presence m the body of Di stoma, q, v, 
f'triks. A morbid splitting of the hair-ends, 
<iV 'iok , The bark of .4 hUfnia schoiaris. 
intiiit d^-ta-in, dif-am-in. C4<HiqN'jO. An alkaloid 
I from dita bark. 

^-ihV'^. A mixture of the two sodium dithioalicy- 
ed in veterinary foot-and-mouth disease, 
li'odid. See AHstol 
ito'lntt, di'U>*'Se-ah. Twin birth. 

pitlCS« Dirty white or yellowish masses, consisting 
K fetty detritus, microorganisms, and crystals o{ roar- 
ley arc found in the sputum of putrid bronchitis and 
jy gangrene. D/f Steno'sis, Dittrick wahre Hcrxste- 
tnosis of the conus arteriosus. 
l-u-r/sis. An excessive secretion of urine. 
'4-U'T0f'ik, A medicine increasing the flow, of urine. 
tm!A'*9, drugs used for their local action on the surfaces 
)ytr. Df, Hy'dragOKj a drug increasing the flow of 
lom the kidneys. D., Refrig^erant, one abating the 
I of the urine. 

I Theobromin sod iosalicy late, a diuretic powder 
f$'^rn*-tll A capsule contaimna tlae da.\Vf TttUL^usa 

d§^t>ag-a'-shi4H, Delirium; d\scotwitcV«A «?««^i- 


Divalent, ditZ-al-ent. See Bivalent. 

Divergence, di-ver'-gens. A separation, as of axes, 

Diver'gent. Moving in different directions from a 
point. D. Strabis'mus. See Strabismus. 

Di'vers' Paral'ysis. See Caisson Disease. 

Diverticular, di-ver-tik'-u-lar. Pertaining to a diverticulum. D. 
Her'nia, hernia of a diverticulum of the intestine. 

Diverticulitis, di-ver-tik-u-li'-tis. Inflammation of a diverticu- 

Diverticulum, di-ver-tik^-u-lum. A small cul-de-sac or piouch. 

Divulsion, di-vtU'-shun. A rending asunder. 

Divulsor, di-vul'-sor. An instrument for dilating a part. 
k Dizziness, diz'-e-nes. The state in which objects seem to be 
■ whirling around. 
f Diz'zy. Giddy; light-headedness. 

Dobell's Solu'tion. A solution of borax, sodium bicarbonate, and 
carbolic acid in glycerin and water; it is valued as a ^ray for 
nasal and throat troubles. 

Dobe'8 GloVule. A small, round body rendered visible in the 
center of the transparent disc of a muscular fibril by staining. 
D.*s Lay'er or Line. See Krause's Disc. 

Dochmi'asis. The condition due to the presence of Dochntius, 

'Dochmius, ddk^-nte-us. Same as Ankylostotna or Strongylus, 

Docimasia, dos-im-a'-se-ah. Examination; testing or assaying. 

Docimastic, dos-im-as'-tik. Testing, proving. 

Doctor, dok^-tor. A licensed medical practitioner. D/s SA8h. a 
neurotic erythema occurring during a medical examination. 

Dodecadactyli'tis. Inflammation of the duodenum. 

Dodecadactylon, do-dek-a-dak'-til-on. The duodenum. 

Dog Buf ton. See Nux Vomica. 

Dogwood, do^-wood. See Cornus. 

Dolichocephalic, dol-ik-o-sef-aV-ik. Long-headed. 

Dolichoceph'alism, Dolichoceph'aly. The state of being long- 

Dolichohieric, dol-ik-o-hi-er'-ik. With a narrow sacrum. 

Dolichopellic, dol-ik-o-peV-ik. Having a narrow pelvis. 

Dolichopelvic, dol-ik-o-peV-vik. Same as Dolichopellic. 

Doll's-head Anesthe'sia. Anesthesia of the head, neck, and chest. 

Dolomol, dol'-o^nwl. Dolor; pain. 

Dolor, do^-lor. Bodily pain or suffering. 

Dolorific, do-lor-if'-ik. Producing pam. 

Domatopho'bia. Insane dread of being in a house. 

Donders's Glauco'ma. Simple atrophic glaucoma. D.'s Law, the 
rotation of the eyeball about the line of sight is involuntary, 

and when the eyes are fixed on a distant object, the amount 

o/ rotation is determined solely by the angular distance ol 

that object from the horizon and from the median p\at». 

• s Rings, rainbow-colored rings seen in cases of glaucoma* 

and by n* 

They art 

of the ci 

Doming C< 

zozerc?s . 

be testec 

be convc 


iodid, or 



Doxsad, dor 

Dorsal, dor* 

nerves cc 

dorsal v< 

muscles c 

Doniduct, d 








Dorsum, dor 

Dosage, dcf- 

Doee, dos. 



ent with 


Dosimeter, c 


rate and 

The syste 



Dossil, do^ 



Double, d 



in anoi 

of a nni 

Do«cha« < 






[ by normal and cataractous eyes when the pupil is dilated. 
They are attributed to the diffraction of light by the cortex 
cjf the cri'stalline lens. 

OEin^s CoT^puscles. 1. The colostnmi corpuscles. 2. Sec Bis- 
toi€TQ*s Blood' plaUskts. D.'s Test for Pui, With the mass to 
be tested stir a small piece of caustic potash. The mass wih 
be converted into a tough, slimy material il pus be present. 

onOTftJi's Sola' don* A ^lutfon of mercuric lodid and arsenic 
iodid, one per cent, of each. 

onnitiOr dtyr-mtsh^-a-o, A proprietary sedative containing ' 
lettuce. J 

orsad, dor^-sad. Toward the bade 

otbaI, dor' -sal. Pertaining to the back. D. Iferres, the spina, 
nerves coming through the intervertebral foramens of the 
dorsal vertebras. D. Re'fiez, a reflex contraction of th* 
muscles of the back. 

«OTBiduct, dor'-st-duki. To move toward the dorsum. 

>orsiduc''tioii* The act of moving toward the back. 

>oiiiflexioa» dor-sif-kk'-shun. Bending toward the back. 

Nmunesftd, dor-sume'-sad. Toward the dorsimeson. 

^IBime'son. The doi^al median Uue of the body. 

k>rsoceph'alad* Toward the back of the bead. 

ioTBolftt'eral. Pertaining to the back and side of an object, 

lQirsoven''trad. In a direction from back to front. 

, do/'5ttm. The back; the posterior part of an organ. 
, d</-^d}. The regulation of the doses of drugs, 

Nnw^ dos^ A quantity of medicine exhibited at one tim^e. D.« 
DhVdcdt one taken in fractional portions at short intervals. D-, 
Le'tlial, a fatal dose. D., Mai'imttm, the largest dose consist- 
ent with safety. D^ Minimum^ the smallest dose to effect a 

>08lm£ ter, do-sim'-wi-er. Apparatus for measu ring minute doses. 

osimetry, do-simf-et-r^, 1, The dosimetric system; the accu- 
rate and systematic measurement of medicinal doses. 2 
The system of treatment which consists in the use of granules 
containing a definite quantity of the active principles of 

oisilt doZ-il. A cylindric pledget of lint for cleansing wounds, 

othienteritiBp doth-e-entcr-i' -Us. Enteric or typhoid fever; in- 
Qammation of Peyer'a patches. 

ouble, dui/-L Twofold; in pairs. D. Con^aciouioess. See 
Consciousness. D. Hear'ing. See Diplacusis. D. Touch, 
investigation with a thumb in one ca\'ity and the indeac-finger 
in another. D. 0'teruB» dihysteria. D, Vis'ion» the seeing 
of a single object double; diplopia. 

ouch«, doosk. A stream of water directed agiainist & -patt.* at 

one used to Hush a cavity, i 

uffhtM's Crmeen'tic Fold, The lower boidet c^ t\Mt -posJWinjad 

heath of the Pectus abdominis. T3.*fi CuV-^-iac, X.\v^ v«»as^ 





formed by the rectouterine folds of the 
D/s Lig^aments, the rectouterine folds of the peritoneoiL 
D.'s Line. See Line, SetmUrcular. D.'s Pouch. Suneii 
D.'s Cul-de-sac. D.'s Sep'tum, in the fettts the Mpbn 
formed by the union of Rathke's folds and tramfocaifll 
the rectum into a complete canal. 

Dourine, do(/-rin. Mai de coit. A contagious venereal til- 
ease of horses, the prominent signs and symptoms connitiiil 
in inflammation of the genital organs and lymph glaiidi, uA 
paralysis of the hind legs. The exciting cause is believed to be 
the Trypanosoma equiperdum, q. v. 

Dover's Pow'der. A powder containing 10 i>er cent, each d 
p^ opiiun and ipecac. 

Ph Doytee's Em'inence. The prominence formed by the motariil 
end-plates on a muscular fiber. 

Drachm, dram. Same as Dram. 

Draconti'asis. The disease caused by Dracunculus, q. v. 

Dracon'tium. Skunk cabbage ; an antispasmodic and a narcotie. 

Dractmculus, dra-kun'-kuUis. A genus of thread- worms. Saae 
I as Filaria. 

Draft. A quantity of liquid medicine taken at one time. 

Dragee, drah-zhd'. A sugar-coated pill. 

DracendorfPs Test for Bile Pig'ments. Spread a few drops <A tiw 
urine on an unglazcd porcelain surface, and after absorption 
has taken place, add a drop or two of nitric acid. If bile be 
present, several rings of color will be produced, the green ring, 
which is characteristic of bile pigments, being chief among 

^rag'on's Blood. Resin from the fruit of a palm and also from 
other sources. D. Root, the corm of Ariscema triphyBum, 
Indian turnip; it is expectorant and diaphoretic. 

Dragonnaau, drag-on-</. The Filaria medinensis. 

Drain, drdn, A channel of exit for discharges from an absceic, 
etc. D., Cigarette', a drain made of a strip of gauze wi- 
rounded by rubber dam or gutta-percha. 

Drainage, drdn'-dj. The gradual remo\'al of the contents of a 
suppurating cavity. D., Cap'illary, that by means of capillary 
attraction, using loosely woven cloth, thread, etc. D., 
Fun'nel, that by means of glass funnels. D.-tube, a fenes- 
trated tube used in surgery. 

Dram. A weight of sixty grains. D., Fluid-, the eighth part 
of a fluidounce. 

Dram'atisni. Dramatic action in hysteria or insanity. 

Drapetoma'nia. Morbid desire to wander from home. 

Drastic, drasf-tik. A powerful and irritating purgative. 
JJnagbt, dra/i. See Draft. 
Jhmw, To digest and cause to discharge. 
J^ncbsel'g Teat for BUe Acids. A beautiful red color is ptoducsA 
-*" bl/e adds are present in a substance treated with a UttU 


\ few drops of a mixtune compowscl of 5 parts 
: acid and 1 part water, and wurmed on « 

ttfy tctm for dmft, 

ie material so appHtrrd, 
jtt^* Paroxysmid hemoglobitjuria. 
In^^roment for ineasaiing velocity of blood - 

dro-mo'tTop^-ik. Pertaining to influences which 

conductivity of the heart-muscle, 

^obule of liquid. 2. To let fall in dtope. D., 

Agm. D., Black. See Black, 
it. Hanging limp, D.-foot, a deformity from 
f the extensors of the foot. D.-hand or -wriat, a 
llysis from lead -poisoning. D.-Ud, ptosis. 
'•*r. A bottle OT pipot to emit a fluid by drops, 
brtaining to drDps>'. 

lusion of fluid into the tissues or cavitie^f the body 
tftacitea. D, of Brain, hydrocephalus. D.g Car'diac. 
J cardiac disease. D. of Chettj, hydrothorax. D.> 
Bntion cyst. D. of Peritone''uxnf ascites, hydropcri* 
\, of U' terns, hydrometra. 
£enus of insectivorous plants; sundew, 
f-*T-t«, A ferment in the secretions of Drosera. 
I tympanum. D. -belly. Sec Tympaniies, D. of 
fEQpanum. D.-head, the membrana tympani. 
■Dunin, drum' -in. An alkaloid from Ettpkotbiu. 
K. it is a local anesthetic. 
t'SJgn* The 'oral whifT/' heard when the mouth is 

disappearing on compression of the nostrils; it is 
of aneurysm of the thoracic aorta. 

of tissues with no surface Icaicm, 
list. D« Amputa'tion, amputation without 
D. Beriyache. See Girdh Pain. D. Ca'tiea, 

rian Cor'puBclea. Granular cells, nonnucleated 
fying si^ies, which were regarded by Drysdale as 
'ovarian fluid, 

V A candle having been placed in front of the person 
jincd, a screen is held before one eye for a time and 
Bily transferred to the other side. The exigence of 
b the first eye is recogtiuted by a sudden apparent 
nt of the candle-flame m the direction opposite to 
Ich the eye has deviated. 

iaae\ Spasmus Dt^bJiiI, electric chorda. JiApid 
)fstr3Cfjitns of{7r}€f or mort* ^rottps of musc/cs, begin- 
ijpiiar, ^xfrt^m/fj. ora IiAl/of the face, sod cxtend- 
tesrft'j-.fl*/-/ or the wha&f af the^ body. GcnemUy 



fatal and occurring chiefly in Italy. 

Dublin Method. Expelling the placenta by grasping and 
kneading the uterus through the abdominal walls to excite 
contraction, then pressing down to the sacrum. 

Dubois's Disease'. The presence of multiple necrotic foci in 
the thymus glands of infants with hereditary syphilis. 

Duboisin, du-boW-in. CiyHjaNOa. An alkaloid from Duboisia 
myroporoides. Same as Hyoscyamin. 

DuBois-Reymond's Law. It is not the absolute value of uuneot 
density at a given moment that acts as a stimulus to a muscle 
or motor nerve, but the variation of density. 

Duchenne's At'titude. In paralysis of the trapezius the shoulder 
drooi>s; the shoulder-blade see-saws so that its internal edge, 
instead of being parallel to the vertebral column, becomes 
oblique from top to bottom and from without in. D.'s Diaeafle', 
tabes dorsalis. D.'s Paral'ysis, progressive muscular dystrophy 
with pseudohypertrophy. D.'s Sign, sinking-in of the epigas- 
trium during inspiration in cases of marked hydropericardium 
or impaired movement of the diaphragm from pressure or 
paralysis. D.'s Syn' drome, labioglossolaryngeal paralysis. 

Duchenne-Aran's Disease'. See Aran- Duchenne's Disease. 

Duchenne-Erb's Paral'ysis. See Erb's Paralysis. 

Duchenne-Landouzy's Type of Progres'sive Mus'cular At'rophy. 
See Landousy-D^ierine's Type. 

Duckworth's Syn' drome. In certain fatal brain diseases respira- 
tion ceases long before the heart stops. 

Ducrey's Bacil'lus. A small oval bacillus occurring in chains, 
the pathogenic agent in chancroid. 

Duct, dukt. A tube to convey a luiuid. D., Alimen'tary. See 
D., Thoracic. D., Common Bile, one formed by the junction 
of the cystic and hepatic ducts convoying the bile to the duod- 
enum. D., Cys'tic, the excretory duct of the gall-bladder. 
D., Ejac'ulatory, a duct formed by the union of the vas 
and the duct of the seminal vesicle, conveying semen into the 
urethra. D., Endolymphatic, a tul)uiar process of the mem- 
branous labyrinth of the ear. D., Galactoph'orous, one of the 
milk-ducts of the lobes of the mammary glands. D., Hepaf ic, 
the duct receiving the bile from the liver. D., Na'sal, the duct 
conveying the tears from the lacrimal sac. D., OmphalomM- 
enter'lc. See D., Vitelline. D., Parof id, that conveying the 
secretion of the parotid gland into the mouth. D., Prostatic, 
that carrying the secretion of the prostate into the urethra. 
Dn Sal'ivary, a duct of any salivary gland. D., Segmen'tal, a 
tube on each side of the body of the embryo, opening ao- 
teriorly into the body -cavity , and posteriorly into the cloaca. 
p.. Spermatic, the vas deferens. D., Thorac'ic, one begvnning 
Jn the TBccpt&culum chyJi and emptying into the \eit »ib- 
D., UmbU'ical. See D., Vitellutc. D., TJiogjUf- 
reccivc.*i the urine and genital products. !).» 

YU'eUine, tb 

to the intcst 

Ductile, duk^'t^ 

Ducf lets GUn 

Ductule, duy- 

Dttctui, duk^-t 

the fetus co 

linifua'lis, t! 

lion of the < 

one betwee 


£r]and with 

the persistc 


vessel joini 

I>iiilde]l'8 Mei 

Dogas's Teat. 

not be mad 

affected sic 

iyt>bxins^9 D 

prurit\is hi 

I>oke8'8 Dise 


it is tiaed i 
I>tslcin, duF- 
j>alcit, Dnld 
I>alco8e, dul 
T>uXL Blur 
I>alne88, du. 
I>iiinb, dun 
without c 

Duncan Bi] 
Duncan's ¥ 

uterus si 
D.'s Yen 



lion of 



claviaa vein. 
ftml, one that 



Kk. 1 

UUt:»lJV:Ni lKMTKKUi>1t>M V 
itrntnUcAl vMlde of the embryo 

'of being, dmwii tuto wire, 
ns without ducts. Sc© SndocrtH, 
rniall duct, 

nal or duct, D, artcrio'fius, a short duct in 
the pulmonary artery wHh the aorU. D. 
it remains ^ in the adult, of the upper por- 
pi ductus thyreoglossus. D. nAsofrootaTis. 
teital ainus and middle meatus of nasc, Di 
pall duct connecting the primitive thyroid 
)CT surface of the tongue. D. thyxoi'deus, 
jr»fs, in the adtiU, of ibc lower port ion at 1h>' 
;hyret)glo!Jsus. B. Teoo'aufi, a fetat btood 
labilica] vein ivnd iiscending vena cava. 

See DesctfiwCs Mvmbram. 
bcationof the shouldet- joint the elbow caii- 
jh the side of the chest when the hand of the 
pcd on the opposite shoulder. 
iDennatitis herpctifonnis. D»** Prurittti, 

le Ftmrtk Disease. 

Ht'-Toit, Bittersweet, Siflanttm dukamafa: 

^ ShctoI. 

pi, duJf-sii-ol. CflHiiOn* Sug^r from Mft- 
ffK and other plants. 
Mjus a« Dtticit. 
\ perception; not resonant, 
i^onresonant pcrcussion-nole. 
e to speak. D. A'gue, malarial Bickne*ifl 

ftme as Kata-asar^ q* v, 
for Bile Pig'mentf, See Smith* s Ttsi, 
\ See Bird'i Sign. 

t folds of the loose peritoneal oovcring of the 
^lately after delivery. D/b Posi'tlon of the 
fgina! position generally assumed by the 
Kiting itself at the os uteri for expulsion. 
DS Duncanii, the fifth ventricle. 
pl^ Pertaining to the duodenum, 
ri*-iis. Inflamniation of the duodenum, 
|»my, dH-od-€n-0'kol'€-sis-tgs^-Uhme, Forma- 
preen duodenum and gall-bbdder, 
emy, du'od-en'O'Uihte-iia-kat''0'mg. Incision 
hilr^ifct Ar vmy a/' a cut ihwu^h the duo- 

tJic itiMMiicaain xod small iateMiiBc, 


Daodenajelunal* dti-od-en-o-iff-jt^-nat. Pertaining to 
ducHietium and the jcjunutrL 

DucKlenostoQiy, dU'Od-tn-os'-U>-me. Tlie formation of an ( 
thrOLiBlh the abdominal wall into the duodenum, 

Duodflootomy, da-od-^m-o^-thnw^ An incision into the duo 

Duodenum, du-o-^-num, Tho first part of the sniall intdM 

Duotal, du'-&-taL Guaiacol carbonate. 

Duplication, Du'pUcattirep du-plik-a'-shun. A doubling. 

Dupr^^B Syn^drome* Meningism; paetidomenini^tis. 

CNipuytren's Coatrac'^tion. Contraction of the palmar aponen 
sis, D/s Egg' shell Symp'tom, the sensation of a dcHcate en 
taut shell (eggshell crackling) imparted on slight pressuiv 
certain cose^ of sarcoma of long bones. D/s Fii)''ger. See I 
Confracti&n. D.'b Frac'ture, fracture of the lower end of 1 
fibula, with displacement of the foot outward and baclrvm 
D.*« H/drocele, hydrocHc en hissac; bilocular hydrocele of 1 
tunica vaginahs testis. D/s Phleg'iiion, unilateral phlcsnM 
ous suppuration occupying the anterolateral portion of I 

Dura, or Duim Ma'ter, du*-Tah, The outer membrane of the bn 
and spinal cord. ^^ 

Dural» du*-raL Relating to the dum. ^^| 

Dura'tioci. Continuance in time. ^| 

Durefnatoma, du-nm-<u-(>^ -fnah. H^natoma of the dura, 

Duritis, du-ri'-iis. Inflaimnation of the dura, 

Durtoaraclmf ds. Inflammation of the dura and arachnoid. 

DuFo'letmi. An ointment- base from petroleum, 

Dui^ziez's Disease'. Congenital mitml stenosis. D/s Mor'iBi 
a double murmur heard over the femoral artery on pressi 
with the stethoscope, in cases of aortic insufficiency, mit 
stenods, lead-poisomng. contmcted Iddney, and sag 

Dus'ting-iKiwder. A fine powder for dusting affected suriiac« 

Dutch Lt'quid. See Ethylene Chloride 

Duval's Nu'cleus. An aggregation of large multipolar ganglt 
cells lying ventrolaterally to the hypoglossal nucleus. 

Duvemey's Fora'mea. See Winslow's Foramen. D/s 
The same as BartkoUn*s Gland. 

Dwarf, dwcrf, A person of stunted growth. 

Dyad, dC-ad, An atom uniting with two monad atoms* 

Dyaiter, cf»'-aj-fcrr, A double group of chromosomes duri 
anaphases of ceU-di^-isioti* 

Dynam'la. Vital strength or energy. 

DyDamic, di-nam'-ik, A synonym of Sthenic, q. v. 

I^rnsmirs, di-nafn'^iks. The science of moving force. 
I^ntimhntioa, di-puMm^'ta^'Shnn. The hypothetic inert 

the Mctiw virtues of a medicine by agitation. 
^^^ammo, dt'-rmm-o, A machine for generatatta eVeclTv^%T( 


B^mnent to reword muACulftr strength. 
[ instrvtmcnt for mettAurinc rntjsiukr 

iftktas for auscultating the muscle* 

liuscultation of muscle-bounds. 

' of force, A force sufficient to impart a 

Imeter a second to a vmm of one gmm. 

Ikning bod, diflictilt, pamful. 

Ijg. Impaired hearing. 

k^-mah. Disordered sense of htartng. 

k^m&s. An insoluble form of alhumosie. 

|tilty m comprehending written buMuage; 

Ksordered sense of touch. 

jhah. Dyslalia, g, v. 

Iiarthria, 2. A deformed joint. 

i Difficulty in walking. D. hitermlt'teat 

lermittent claudic^t^n due to arterio- 

i. Impairment of will-power, 

A morbid discoloration of the skin. 
Abnormal color-perception. 
fg-ah. Difficult or painful motion, 
St An abnormal form of the pupil. 
iah. A depraved or abnormal state; an 
I state of the blood. 
IL Subnormal acuteness of hearing. 
A morbid state of blood from poisoning. 
'*ik. Affected with dysentery. 
k. Inflammation and ulceration of the 
tnembrane, with bloody evacuations. !>•» 
due to the presence of amebas. 
tpftia, dis-es4h^-s«-ah. Dulness of sensa- 
f. See Dysacvsis. 

HtS'S^'^s-is, /Vw'kT. Bad breeding; sterility. 
kft. Perversion of the sense of taste. 
it-ak. An inability to write properly. 
lis. Sec Pomphotyx. 
^S9-ah. Impairment of voluntary move- 

A structural defect of speech; stuttering. 
h. The ability of a patient to read, bat 
j&ng what he reads. 
{ An inability to reason. 
*C2«HniOs. A product of cholic add. 
Itiww^/'-Kc^d&i Pc4fijfu/ menstraatfofi, />,, 
^^ij^estion of th^ jM!h^ic visccrs. D., Jfe- 

^., MeMB ^^^naoust a painful /om^ 
^ of sfuvds 43f tfecidua, D^ Obwtruc*' 




tlvRt that due to m«chanical obstruction to the free i 
tho meastrual fluid, D,, Spasmod^ic, due to spasmodic ute 

Dysmfmia, dts-tnim'-^-ah. An Lnability to imitate. 

Dyimorpbopho'bia. A morbid fear of becoming defon 

DTsneuria, dis-nu'-rv-nk. An impairment of nervc^ti 

Dysopia, dis-o* -pe-ait. Same as Dysopsia. 

I>yiopsia, dis-op'-se-ali. Painful ot defective vision, 

Dysorezia, dis-or-cks^-e-ak, A depraved or unnatural appeti 

DysoBinia, dis-os' -nte-ah. An unpleasant or fetid odor. 

Dyiosphresia. dis-os-fr^-at-ak. An imperfect sense of aroell 

Dsrftpareunia, dis-par-ocf -ne-ak. Painful coitus. 

Dyspepsia^ dis-pcp*-se-^h. Impaired or imperfect digestioiu 
Ac'id, that marked by excessive acid formation. D^ AlOJ 
dyspepsia due to insufHciency of the gastric juice or imj 
tnent of the gastric muscles. D^ Catar'dial. that due U 
flammation of the stomachy Dn Zntes'tinaJ* that due to d^j 
in the pancreatic, biliaryp or intestinal secretions. D^ 1 
vous, that marked ty gastric pain and palpitation. 

Djw^ptiCt dis-pe^-tik. Pertaining to or afieeted witb 

Dyspeptone, dis-ptp^-0n. An insoluble form of peptone. 

Dyspermatlgni ^ dis-pet* *mat-i*nu Sec Dysspennaii&m. 

Dyspermla* dis^pff^-mt-ah. An abnormal conditioi^ ^M 
semen, B 

Dysphagia, dis'fa'*ie-Qh. An inability to swallow, 

Dygphasia, disfa'-se-ah. Disconnected speech from loss of jw 
or a faulty arrangement of words, 

Dyspbemla, dis'/t^-mg-<ik. Stammering. 

Dyiphtmia, dis-ftf-ne-ck. Difficulty in phonation. 

Dysphoria, dis-f</-rt-ak. Restlessness. 

DysphrasUi, dis/raf-ie-ak. Imperfect speech. 

Dyspnea, Dyspnoea, disp-m^-ak Diificult or labored fafcatl 

Dyspoeic, disptu^-ik. Affected with dyspnea. 

Pytpragia, dis-prfZ-jg-ith, DiSicult and painful perfornuuu 
amy function. 

DyBspermasia, dis^sper-ma^-ft^h. Difficult discbarge of se 

Dysspetmatism, dis-spm^-mai-ism. Defective secretion of 3e 

Dyattsia, rfw-fo'-ar-aA, Difficulty in standing. 

Dystaxia, dis'iaks'-€^ak. Partial ataxia. 

Dytteleol'ogy. The adence of useless and rudimes 

Dystocia. A noafebrile morbid state of the blood-vesada, 

Dysthymia^ diS'tki'-me-ak. Mental dist^ress. 

Dystocia, Jw'^-,sif-aA, Difficult parturition. D^ Festal* 
ffiif to an nbnorroality of the fetusv D*, Mater^oal, that di 
>Ofnc defer: in the mother. 
fywr&'ptM^ Dysto*py. displacement of au otE^t\. 
"* d$s-trt//iM»k. IJttpfeTtect vt UaWj wv^-^a^ia 

iftired ntitrition. 

2, An ntfopWc defect of ncrvoxi- 

\3^^im-ft. Same as Dystrophia. 

/•iv«<iA. Diffictdt or pftrnful mictuntion. 

V-fr-oJfr. One afTected with dynuii«. 

I, diS't(>-o^aff*t-ii'-^e-<ih. Imperfect transfontufctton 

i lulo glycogen (aooatnyUtm). 



Ear, ir. The organ of hearing. £.-ache, ei^-6k. See OtalgkL 
£.-couch, a reflex cough due to auditory disease. E.-mold, oto- 
mycosis. E.-trum'pet, an instrument to aid the hearing. . £.- 
wax. See Cerumen. 

Earth, Ful'ler's. Clay used as an absorbent. E.-bath, applica- 
tion of hot earth or sand to the body of a patient. 

Eatton's Syrup. A syrup of quinin, iron, and strychnin phos- 

Bberth's Bacillus. The typhoid bacillus. E.'s Lines, linee 
scalariformes, dark broken lines seen to separate the cardiac 
muscular cells on staining with silver nitrate. 

Ebner's Germ Retic'ulum. A fine nucleated reticulum exis^ng 
between the inner cells of the seminiferous tubules. E.'s 

(Glands, the acinous glands situated in the region of the circum- 
vallate papillas of the tongue. 
Ebstein's Le'sion. Hyaline degeneration and insular necr&sis ^r 

the epithelial cells of the renal tubules in diabetes. 
Ebullition, e-bul-ish' -un. Boiling. 
Ehumation, e-bur-na'-shun. A morbid change in bone by which 

it becomes hard and ivory-like. 
Ebumeous, e-buZ-ne-us. Ivory-white. 
Ecaudate, e-kau/-ddt. Without a tail. 
Ecballium, ek-baV-e-um. See Elaterium. 

Ecbolic, ek-boV-ik. Producing abortion or promoting parturition. 
Eccentric, ek-sen'-trik. 1. Peculiar. 2. Away from the center. 
E. Af rophy, atrophy of the heart with dilatation. E. Hyper'- 
trophy, hjrpertrophy of the heart with dilatation. 
Eochondroma, ek-on-dro^-tnah. A cartilaginous tumor. 
Ecchondrosis, ek-on-drc/sis. The same as Ecchondroma, q. v, 
Ecchondrotome, ek-on'-dro-tom. A knife for excising cartilage. 
Ecchymo'ma. A skin-tumor caused by extravasated blood. 
Ecchymo'sis. Ap extravasation of blood into areolar tissue. 
Ecchymotic, ek-e-mof-ik. Pertaining to ecchyma<5it 
Eccoprotic, ek-o-prof-ik. A laxative; a mild purgative. 
Eccrisis, ekf-ris-is. The expulsion of waste or morbid products 
Eccritic, ek-rif-ik. A medicine promoting excretion. 
Eccyesis, ek-si-e'-sis. Extrauterine fetation. 
Eccyliosis, ek'sU-e-(/-sis. A disease or disturbance of develop- 
JBcdrnmic, ^k-den^-ik. A disease originating at a distance. 
JBcdenUomanim, Bcdemomstnia., ek-de-me-o-ma'-ne-ah, ek-dt-mih 

»>a^'fi^-aA. A morbid desire to travel. 
fe^^Mt ^^-<Ur-on. The epidermis. 
'V»* ^^-dis-is. Moulting of the skin ; desquamation. 
CtHi^NOg+HiO. A derivative of cocain. 



coccus, E 


RrhitimHi, e- 

Echo, eV-o. 


duced by 

the last V 

method c 


Echolalia, € 



of the chi 



portal vc 


occipital c 



Edabimn* e^ 


seizure o< 



a reflex co 

Eclamptic, e- 

Eckc'tic. 1 

selections : 
Ecmnesia, e 
prior to I 
period ait 
Ecoid, ^-koi 
Economy, e- 
Ecphlysis, ek 
Ecphxonia, e 
BcphirmA, eh 



tfol^tft. Proprietary antiseptic and alterative, 
Eduaococcus, e-ki-ftokoif-ns. Tlie hydatid of the 7>«>a ^chino- 

coccus. E. Cyst. See Hydatid. 
EcbmorhFnchus, e-ki-no-rin^'hiS, A genus of parasitic worms, 
Bdiitenia, e-kit*-en4n. An alkaloid from dita bark. 
Eclio, ef^-o* A reverberated sound, E., Ampho'ric, a vocal 
resonance in wrhich the transmitt-ed voice rcsejmbles that pro- 
duced by speaking into a bottle. E,-«ign, a repetition of 
the last word of a sentence in insanity. E.-speecfa, a peculiar 
method of utterance in hypnotism. 
Echokine'siaf Ecbokiae'sis, Spasmodic imitation of gestures. 
EcbolAlia» ek-o-la' -le-ah. Aphasic repetition of another's words, 
EcbomatiBm, ek-o*nf-at^i&m. The opposite of automatism, 
Echophonyt ek-of-o-ne* An echo of a vocal sound in auscultation 

of the chest. 
Ecbophofomy. A combination of color and sound sensations. 
Eck FiS'piLsi, An artificially made communication between thr 

portal vein and the vena cava inferior, 
Scker'fl Gy'rus, The gyrus de^cendcns. the most posterior of the 
occipital convolutionsk E/s Sul'^cus, the anterior or tiansverst 
occipital sulcus, usuaUy joined to the horizontal part of tht 
interparietal sulcus. 
EcUbium, ek-la'-he-um. An eversion of the lip. 
EckmpBla, ektantp^-se-ah, 1, A convulsive or epileptiform 
seizure occurring in women during pregnancy, labor, or the 
puerperium, 2. Any con^"d<5ive or epileptiform seiiure* 
especially one in which consciousness 1.% not lost, E., In''fautil^ 
1 reflex convulsion of childhood. 
EdamptiCt f-klamp'-tik. Affected with eclampsia, 
Edec'^tic. 1, Choosing, selecting. 2, A certain class of physi- 
Edecticisnif ek4e¥'ti'Sizm. A system of medicine made up ol 

selections from all the schools. 
Ecmoesia, ek-ne^-^^-ah. A gap in memory; normal memory 
prior to a certain date with loss of memory for a. certain 
period after it. 
Bcoid, e'-koid, A term applied to decolorized red corpuscles, 
£conomy, e-kon*-o-m€. The whole animal organism, 
Ecouvillona^, aiwc-m-yongahsh' . Swabbing out of the uterus, 
BcptaJyals, py-ftis-is. A vesicular eruption on the body-surface, 
Bcpbronia^ ck-fr</-ne-ah. Melancholia bordering on insanity, 
Ecphyadec'tom^'. Excision of the vermiform appendix. 
BcphyadjtiSj tk-H-ad-i'-tis, Appendicitis. 
Ecphymaj ek-fi'-mah. A cutaneous excrescence, as a wart. 
Ecraseur, a-kTah^-ZMih)r. A wire loop or chain for araputatr»g, 
Ecital'tic Apph'ed to nervous action from a BYnna\ ceivt^t, 
fc9tm*y, ei^'Sfas-t. A trance-like exalted ataie, 
'c9tto^T* 0^-s4ro-Jk. See Exstrophy, 
tad, m¥'iaJ Toward the suiface 



Ectal. eie'tal. External 
EctaalA, ek-ta'-ze-tih. Same as Eciasis. 

Ectaain, ek'-tas-in. A vasomotor dilator isolated trom tub«fci3&. | 
EctasiSf cA*'-ra5*i,v. An abnonnal dLstontion of a part 
Ectatic, ektat*'il}. Capablr of distt-ntion, 

Ecten'tal Line. Thp line of union of the ect^cTm and cotodeniL | 
Ectetbmoidf cktH^h'-moid, A lateral mass of the ethmoid boBc. , 
Ecthyma, ck-thi'-maJt. Noncontagiotis, skin, pustular di 
Ecthyreo'sis, Ectbyro'sls. An absence of the thyroid by excii^iL | 
Ectiris, ck-tV-ris. The outer portion of the iris. 
Ectoblast, vk' -to -blast. The oviter Lell-kycr or et^toderm. 
Ectocardla, ck lo-kar^-de-ah. A displacement of tho hoflrf 
Ectochoroi'dea^ The outer layer of the choroid. 
Ectocornea, ek-io-ko/^ne-ah. Tht" outer corneal layer 
Ectoderm, ck'-to-denn. The external pHmitive layer of the e 
bryo; ep I blast, 
f Ectodermal, ek-ta-der^-tnaL Pertainiui; to the ectoderm, 
L Ectoentadi ek-to-en'-tad. From without inward. 
■ Ectogeaous, ek'tof-en-us. Originating outside the body. 
V Ectomy, t'k'^i-nte. A combining word or suffbt, meaning, ctitc 
' Ectop'aEUS. A monomphalic monster united laterally by thonx. 
Ectoparasite^ ak-ta-paf-as-it. An nctettial or a auperfidiil 
II parasite. 

BSkctopectoral, ek-to-pek*'to-raL The outer of the two yiectnr^ j 
■^P muscles; pectoralis majot, 

r Ectoperitoni tis, ck-to-per-it-on-i'-tis. Inflammjition of the «(• j 
tached side of the peritoneum, 
Ectophyte^ cVtofU, A vegetable parasite on the skin. 
Ectopia, Ectopy* ek-tn'-pe-ah, ek*-to-pe. An abnormaUty of posi- 
.. tion» usually congenital. E, cor'dis. See Ectocardia, B, 

I leo'tis, dislocation of tlit; urystallinc lens of the eye. E. wi' 

I ic«B, a protrusion of the bladder through the abdominal wall, 

^ Ectopic, ek-iop'-ik^ Pertaining to ectopia, q. f. E. Ge^ta'tlon, 
extrauterine fetation. 
Ec'toplasm. The eTctcrior protoplasm or sarcode of a cell, 
Ectoretina, ck-to-relf-in-aK The outer layer of the retina, 
EctoiarCt ck'to-mrk. The outer layer of protozoa. 
Ectog'teal. Related to or situated on the outside of a bone. 
Ec^osto'sia. Ossifying of cartilage beginnine under the perichon 

Ectotoxe'mia* Toxemia due to an external cause. 
' EctoEoa, gkto-BO^-ah. External parasites, 

[ Ectrodactyria. Congenital absence of one or mane Angers or toe* 
' Ectrom'eluft. A munster with arrested development of limbs. 
EctropiCt ek-irop*ik. Turned out or everted. 
Ectro'pioD., Ectro'pium, E version of the eyelid, or endometrium 
Sctroptoniiet ek-tro*-pc-o^-\z. To prodMce ftclTO\nOTi. 
BctrodCf ek'irat'ik, Preventmg the dcve\o'pmttT\\. q\ e:Aa»a!tfc. ^ 
s'z&tuu Inflammation of tb» «kxn ^'\ttv eaea^a-^wv 

niUiesit lorm of eczema ; the sldn is 
[ form with painfivl tUsures over the 
a form msirked by warty out* 
ihat iiiarked by thicken Los of the 
E. ru'bnijxit one marked by raw 
I points, £. mATBina'tum, the mcxit 
of the 1x>dy, £* papulo'sum, a form 
[ papules of a deep red color* £» 
lecxema marked by formation qf puat- 
f seborrhea, E. sola'ret that due to 
|iys. £* s^ttamo'^ftu^f a fomi marked 
i epithelium. Et veiP^ulo'tum, that 
: vesicles, 
I Resemblinc eceema. 
ir. An ecicematous akin-di&ease. 
I Affected with eczenm. 
ji organs. 
iiinon's Posiunt, 
mation of the genitalia* 
' alatioa of serum in the cellular tissue 
ingioneuTOiic. E^ Blue, bluish color* 
[tiy&teric patients. £., InflBm''iiuitory» 
E»i Malig^nant, an edematous in- 
frt times after serious injuries, and 
i of tissue and fontiAtion of gas^ 
\ iniiltration containing much fluid. 
itelattng^ to or marked by edema, 
f-iat^ e-d^i'-tu'lus. Without teeth. 
A deprivation of teeth, 
atise on the genital organs, 
olapse of the genitals, 
tablft protma found in hemp seed, 


acleus of the posterior longitudinal 

I ganglion cells in the gray matter of 

([beginning of the Sylvian aqueduct. 
One of the nuclei of the third 

b of the anterior corpora quadrigemina 

met. It is placed anterolaterally. 

I^nce obtained from organic matter 


wing from the center, as a nerve, 

[ Bubbling over. £. Pow'der, & Seid- 

|jcn&£sat^<9., strokhtg towMrd the center, 
Sexiness of skin; rasb; ejcanUterit. 
fujff/rtstjn Joss of the wa ier afcrys* 




Effldvittni, i/lu'-ife-um. Exhalation; vapor; odor. 
Effluxion* ef' fink' -shun. An abortion duriog early pfCigaaaiei 
Effu^iion* Extruvasation of fluid into bodyrtissues ore 
EgeiUp t-jtf-iak. The dificharges of the bowels. 
Bggy 0g. See Ovum. E.-al1»u'men, the nmin constituei 
white of the egg. E.-mem'brwie^ the membrane 
the ovum, 
EgUiOpili a'-fiJ'Ops. An tiker at the inner angle of the t 
EtfUaduUr, e-ghn'-du-lar. Having no glandg, 
EglaodtilouA, g'gtan*-dU'lus. See Egla^idular, 
Egobroiichopb''ooy« A treinulous, bleating, bron 


EKomA^nk. Abnormal self -esteem, 

£gopboay» e-goff'-on-e, A goat-like, bleating vocal sound. 
Es7Ptian Chloro^EiB, e-jip'-slmn. See Dochmiasis, E. Opht 

mia. See Ophthalmia, Puruleni. 
Ehrearitter'B Gang' lion. The jugular ganglion. 
EhrUch^s Anosmia. A plastic anemia. A rapidly progressing 
mia with hyperplasia of the bmie-Tnarrow and hemoirhagw 
the mucous membranes. E/a Biochemical The'oiy, 
theory that a specific chemic afFmity exists between specifi 
ing cella and specific chemic substances. E.*a Meth''od. til 
of a satttratod aolution of anilin in water aa a mordant for t 
fi3ting the untlin dyes used in staining bacteria. E.*s Rmc 
the treatment of the urine with diazobenzosulphuric 
produces a deep-red color that is due to a combination <a 
reagent with an aromatic amido-compound found in thtt ■ 
in typhoid fever ai;jd pneumonia; frequently alao in plet 
measles, tuberculcjaia, erysipelas, and peritonitis. To pre 
this reaction, equal parts of the reagent and urine are D 
and about one-eighth of their total volume! of axxuncK 
4dded. Tlic reagent consists of two solutions: (1) Sidphj 
acid, 1 gram; hydrochloric acid, 10 ex.; distilled water, 20 
(2) Nitrate of sodium, 0.5 gram; distilled water, 100 c.c, 
Sld«-chaia Theory, u theory based upon the phenomc! 
immunity, q, \k, and of cytolysis. and serving to explain t 
In this connection see Receptor ^ Haptopkorf, Haptint ^ 
ctptor, Unicipt&r, Complement, Toxopkor*. E/» Solutk 
ivjliiiion of basic anilin dye in aniHn-oil and water, 

' jta'i **6o6." Dioxydtamidoaisenobenzol; salva 

tic compound considered a speciSc for syphilis, 

-<rtt*i Coi'pusclei. Small, spheric blood-corpuscles f 

rnicious anemia and formerly regarded as characteiis 

'iieate. £/t Ifeuri^tls, neuritis fasdans, a form of nei 

lich the morbid process involves both the nerve-sl 

trp in tcfnstitial tissue oi tha mustVea. U.*% Tro* <rf 

Are tfus'cuUr At'rophy, t^c i(imOTol\>ar\«\ VfC*- 

.•tfrV Dlie«8e'* Pitymsta vtraiccAoi, 


ftompogition ; they arc mtcrnnl and ••ct«rt»l 

lor Phe'nol. Atfd to the phetio! Holuiia-ii a few 
fcoholic solution of nitrottJi ncid, ethyl ether, fttid 
int of conccntmted sulphuric acid. A ned color- 

polled, & term applied to certain tumors, 
an-lht^-mak. Bxanthem on a mucous mem- 

in for Mertnln In U'rine. Concentrated nitric 
1^ acid, potasstttm dichromate, or other oxidlang 
It wrine containing melanin dark colored, 
we. Same as Kiw/iV. 

^ If a largo tuning-fork be held at intervala bo- 
ring fifteen or twenty minute*, the duration of 

of the vibration, during these periods, increaaea 

» is normal, but decreases when a lesion of the 

ing apparatus exists. 

in. A German substitute for yolk of egg. 

n»fr, Bofled buttermilk and malt sugar mixed 

r the whey has been removed. 

k'U'la''shun. An ejection of semen. 

t, t'j'ak'-u-lal'or-e. The seminiferous duct. 
That which is cast away; excretions. 

^hun. The process of casting out. 
An antiseptic composed of iodoform and a 

Age of paraformaldehyd. 

miff. An ointment of precipitated sulphur, with 

fer and peTfume, 

Jonvcrting crude food into high tissue-products. 

1 Basophile elastin. 

b^-tin. Sec EkopUnt. 

Un. C<7Hi04Oi. A crystalline fat from certain 

■ Same as Eleopiene, 

Ige, e-las'-tik. Rubber bandage for con-^jtant 
I Lam'ioa, Descemet's membrane, E. Tte'sue, a 
ttinecti\^ tissue composed of yellow elastic fibers. 
Uh-ak. India-rubber. 

The same as Elastin, q> v. 
property * exhibited by some substances of 
J their original shape after the removal of a de- 

n. The main constituent of yellow clastic tissue 
kn instrument for determining elasticity. 

' Ct03S^rOf- Active princif^ of elat^num, 

mrtit gexfinjcut /hxn iJ^ j'uicis of the ^ratH or 
g£t0 sgttfrtauf cucumber* 


Elbow, ef-bo. The articulation of the arm and forearm« J 
a Te0es; flexion of the elbovr on striking the biceps t 

Elcoda. d'kcf-sis. Fetid ulceration. 

£liter» et-der. See Sambucus. 

ElecamfMUie, el-e-kam^-piSn. See Intda. 

Electric, Electrical, e-Uk'-trik, *-U¥Arik-aL Having 1 
of electricity. £. Chore' a, a form of chorea common in 1 
characterised by sudden, shock- like movements. E 
chari'ert an instrument for liberating stored electricity 

Electricity, e-kk-trif-it-e^ One of the forces of nature fi 
ated by magnetism, chemism, etc. £.» An'mial, free 
tricity in the body. £., Fric'tional, that produced by £n 
B^ G«lvao'ic. See £,. Voltak. E.» Induced' or XadlH 
that produced in a body by proximity to an electrified I 
without contact. £,, Magnetic, that produced by bri 
the conductor near the poles of a magnet* E^ Staf Ic, 
produced by friction, £., Volta'ic, that produced b: 
agency of a voltaic cell or battery. 

Electlitation, r-lektris-a'-ihun. A charging with electric 

Bfedio-, €'U}^-tfO. A prefix denoting relation to electricii 

Etoetroanetthe'siB. 1. A want of feeling of electric stim»i 
2. Anesthesia produced by electricity. 

Btoctro^ol'ocy, Thi; science of the electric propertiea of' 

Sbctrobios^copy. Phft tise of eteolricit]^ to deiennane tl^ 
ence of life. 

Btoctroear'diociaiiu A tracing of the electromotive \ 
taking place in the lieart dndng its action. 

ElectrocAo'tcry. A-pIatinum wire heated by electricity 
as a cautery. 

Ekctrochem'istry. The study of the cbcniic changes pro 
by electricity. 

Electrocyttos'eopy. Cystoscopy with electric illuminatioc 

Electrode^ #-£riK-ln>c^, That part of any electric apparaf' 
i»gned to be applied to the body. 

EliecCiodiagDo'ck, Diagnosis by means of electric stimd 

SlMlrodrB'Uiiom''etef::. An instnimeat for 
strength of an electric ctimoit. 

Bieelingeoeiii^ e-Uk-tro-ien'-fs-is. Production by 
^ gl eUiMfia ithy, ^Itk^tro^ -wa-ft. The same as Skiagmpk^^ i 
Eic^tnillnr* w-U¥-tr»-lis-€r, An instniment for disaolvfag 
t&crcs by electricity. 

Electrol'yiis. Dissolution of a compound -body by eJectri 

Elcc'Iroiyte. A compound capable of resolution by electr 

Blcctfolytk; e-kk-tro-tif-iJk. Ptrtaiiung to electrolysis^ 

filcetnunag'netiait. The production of magnetic actioa by ;| 
of ehctTidty, 

Slectric trefttmen't cocakjuaed w^flSa. wa 
Aa iaatnzxneiit for dcterTB^xu3>& e\«::i»c\ 

be thf 



f-tekf-tron. 1. Amber. 2. Any one of the particles of 

hode ray; it is negatively electrified. 

acttku Capital punishinent by electricity. 

latlve, e-lek-tro-nesf-aUiv. Relating to the ^ectric 

m at the negative pole of a battery. 

iiorogy. A study of pathology by electric reaction. 

>b2a, e-lek-tro-fi/'be-ah. A morbid fear of electricity. 

jrrioKogy. The study of electric phenpmena in living 

dthre, e-lek-tro-pos'-it-iv. Relating to the electric state 
: at the positive pole of a battery. 
•goo'tis. The use of electricity in prognosis. 
ictma'tioii, Electropunc'ture. The use of needles as 
ea in the treatment of aneurysm. 
pe, e-Uk^-tro-skop. An instrumeiit for ascertaining the 
s of static electricity. 

dcfl^ e-lek-tro-stdf-iks. The science of static electricity. 
'gexy. The use of electricity in surgery. 
natosiSy e-tek-tro-than-a-U/sis. Death by electricity. 
rmpett'tics. The science of the application of electricity 
reatxnent of disease. 

tu. e-lek-trof-o-niis. A change of condition in nerves 
d by an electric current. 

COgram. An instrument for showing the electrical 
in the different fibers of the vagus, caused by respi- 
uid the heart-beats. 
e-lek^-tu-a-re. A confection. 

-e^-id-in. A substance in the Stratum granulosum of 

V-em-ent. An ultimate constituent. 
9fn-e. A resin used as a surgical dressing. 
:hy8i8» el-e-o-mi-en'-ki-sis. The intramuscular in- 
>f oils. 

. The permanent liquid principle of volatile oils. 
arum. Trituration of sugar with volatile oils. 
>g, eV-e-fant. See Elephantiasis. 
siSy el-0'fan-ti^-as-is. A chronic edematous disease of 
with hypertrophy of the cellular tissue. E. ar'abum. 
le as Elephantiasis. E. asturien'sis, pellagra. £. grae- 

See Lepra. E. telangiecto'des» dermatolysis. 
fV-e-va-tor. 1. A muscle lifting a part. 2. A sur- 
trument for raising a depressed bone or the periosteum. 
a, e-lim-in-a'-shun. Excretion. 
f-lin^-giuid. Tongue-tied; unable to speak. 
e-liks-a'-shun. 1. A decoction. 2. Digestion. 
k^-er. A sweetened, aromatic, alcoholic preparation. 
r, an aromatic preparation of worm-wood. 
H-ko-^las^'te, See Helcoplasty. 
u A'r^ poratenninalis of. See Area. "E..-^ 

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Fascic^ulus priecominjaaura'lia of, the 
callosmn in the etnbryo. 

ELtii's Lig'ameat* That part of the rectovesical fascia that tx- 
tends to the side of the rectum. E.*» Line, the curved lin« 
followed by the upper border of a pleuritic effusion or a hy' 
drothorax^. E.*8 Slga. during resorption of % pleuritic exudate, 
the upper border of dulness forms a ctmre» convex toward 
the head, the highest point of which Hes laterally; 

KUlfl-Daxnoiseflu^s Curve, See Ellh's Sign. 

Elm. See Ulmus, 

Elodes, B-la'-dis. Malarial fever. 

Eluthera, eJ iZ-the-rah, Same as Cas£arilla, 

ElutriatloQ, e-lu-irc-a'-shu», Procejss of separatins by washtog. 

Elytritia, ei it-ri^-iis. See Vagijtiiis. 

Elytrocele, eV-it-ro-siL The same as Colpoaile, q. v, 

Elytroplasty, tV-it-ro-plas-iff, The some as Colpoplasiy, q. v, 

El$'tToptasift» el-it-T^-W-sis. Prolapse of the vagina. 

Elytrorrhaphy, eUU-rof^'a-fe. Suture of the vaginal wall, 

Elytrotomy, el-U-tof-o-me. An incision of the \*aginal walls. 

Emaciatioa« e-nrn-she-a' -shw%, A loss of flesh; leanness. 
- Em&aa^tioa* An ef3uvium; that which proceeds from a body. 

fiman'sio mea'sium. Delayed menstruation; amenorrhea, 

Km4LscuIatioii» e'mas-ku-l(i''-shun* Removal of testicles; cay- 

Embalm'lnff. The filling of a cadaver with preservative fluids. 

Embedding, etti-hed' -ing. The fixation of a tissue-spec tmeti in a 
firm substance before making microscopic sections. 

Embolalla, em-bo-W-Je-ah, See Embolopkrasui. 

Embole, Embolia, fim*^>o-le, cm-ho'-kah. Sec Ewholism. 

Embole'mla. The presence of emboli in the blood, 

EmbollCp em-bprik. Pertaining to or the fesult of embolinn; 
pertaining to emboly. 

Emboliform Nu'cleus, embof-iforiu. A cerebellar nucleus* 

Em^boUAm. The obstruction of a blood-vessel by an embolm. 
E*, Mr» obstruction by a tnibble of air. E., Fat, obstruction by 
a fat-globule, E., Infec'tive, the emboli contain microorgwi* 
iam£i that cause metastatic abscesses. £,, Ifirfary, a nt&t/t m 
which many Email blood-vessels are the seats of emboli. 

Embolopbra'sia, The use of senseless words and sentences. 

Em'bolus. A blood-clot or other body carried by the blood- 
current and obstructing circulation at the point of lodgment, 

Emboly* ^m*-bo-U, Gastmla-foifnation by btastular invagina- 

EmbrocatJonii em-bro-kif-shuH, A fomentation or Jininnent* 
&nbryisc*tomy. An e-Tcision of an extrauterine embryo, 
Sm'^trfo, Bm'hryon. A fecundated genu up to the fomtb 


« 9ctJoi} tvsemble^ thut of the fetus. 

A condition In wHcfci ISm 

Lsibryogenef iCf 1 
labrjroseoy, em-^ 

iDbryolocy, «m-h 
Iiibcycmal, Embi 
to til* embryo, 

(tti€ airca geimin 
iaibiryotomyr em4 
(atvryotrophy, vm 

^esis, EmesiAf e 

baeticv e-mcf-ik. 

ciuai/lc^ one «lc| 

In'direct or Sysi 

vomiting centcl 

iosctiiii rff^-^t-in, 

CiiHnNOs, froi 

t— msider it a *p< 


EUnetoca thar' tic* 

Emetology, cw»-*H 

Estictioii, e-mik^-i 

Emietory, e-tml^4 

Emigration^ rm^i 

bag ceil throoyl^ 

Emlnesice, en^-in' 

See Canine, M 

tiicle of the bra 

Frontal, the ti 

fiipertriliary rid] 

of the nose. \ 

ipood^ng to ih 

ladncntia, vm-ifi 

medial ridge o 

(ica, an elevatj 

latera.1 trianglq 

the jugum pet] 

temx>ox3l bone 

bead of a booi 

mim va«i. R 

Wterad ventric 

the pimm corf 

bxtcs^ecting in 


m-hre-okf-to-ne. Destruction of the f ett ts in utero 
9 Embryogenic. Producing an embryo. 
m-bre-oi'-en-e. The development of the embryo. 

em-hre-o^-ra-fe, A description of the embryo. 
i-bre-oV-o-je. Science of embryonic evolution, 
ibryonic, em-brif-o-nal^ em-bre-on'-ik. Pertaining 
^o. E. Abor'tion, an early abortion. E. A'rea, 
linativa, q. v. E. Cell. See Cell. 
. Applied to instruments for fetal extraction. 
n^-bre-o-iont. Instrument used in embryotomy. 
m-bre-of-o-me. Dismemberment of fetus in utero. 
em-bre-oi'-ro-fe. The nutrition of the fetus. 
-bre-vl' -se-ah. Forcible extraction of the fetus. 
^ en^-es-ist em-e^-ze-ah. The act of vomiting. 
Jc. An agent causing emesis. E., Direcf or Me- 
icting directly on the nerves of the stomach. E., 
lystem'tc, one acting through the blood upon the 

in. 1. A resinoid from ipecac. 2. An alkaloid, 
rom ipecac; it is expectorant and emetic. Some 
specific for amebiosis. 
u Simultaneous emesis and purgation. 
;. A drug causing both vomiting and purging. 
et'oV-o-je. The science of emetics. 
/-shun. Micturition, q. v. 

'^-tor-e. A medicine promoting the flow of urine. 
-i-gra'-shun. The outward passage of a wander- 
igh the walls of a blood-vessel. 
in-ens. A protuberance or process. E., Ca'nine. 

E., Collat'eraly a projection of the lateral ven- 
)rain between the hippocamp and the calcar. E., 

two eminences of the frontal bone above the 
idges. E., Na'sal, the prominence above the root 
E., Occip'ital, the ridge in the paracele corre- 
the occipital fissure. 
•in-en'-she-ah. An eminence. £. abducen'tis, a 

on the floor of the fourth ventricle. E. acus'- 
ation on the floor of the fourth ventricle at the 
les. E. annula'ris, the pons Varolii. E. arcua'ta. 
etrosum. £. articula'ris, a rounded ridge on the 
le in front of the glenoid fossa. E. capita' ta, the 
me. E. cine'rea, the elevated base of the trigo- 
B. collatera'lis, a ridge in the inferior horn of the 
ricle. E. con'chBe, the posterior projection on 
irresponding . to the concha. E. crucia'ta, ridges 
in the form of a cross on the superior surface of 
bone. E. facia'lis, the colUcuVua iacKaVva. "^^ 
ige on the internal wall of the tympaxvuta. "^^ 
la'riB, the posterior projection ot\ \.\v^ "vAtvtvi 



1^^ corresponding to the fostsa trfangulam. E. fra'cllii, tlie ckvt. 
^^h S. iatercoodylordea, the spinous prixicss of the tibia* 1> 
^^H jugula'ds, the spine-Hke extremity of the jugTalar process of 
^^^ the occipital bone. B. media'lis, an elevation on either side 
^^f of the median line on the floor of the fourth ventricle. E. 
■ pyramida'ltB, a conical projection in the middle ear. E. 

I sca'pbee, the posterior projection on the pinna corresponding 

^^H to the scaphoid fossa. E, «tyloide'a, an elevation on tht 
^^B posterior wall of the tympanum. E, te'res. Same as E. a^ 
^™ dHceniis. 

Emlssa^riimi. A vein of the skull carrying the blood outward. 
Em'issary Vein. Sec EmissaHum, 

Emission, e-misk*-un^ An ejaculation, or sending forth, 
Emnienasoff, em-en* -ag-og. Agent stimulating menstrual flow. 
E., Direct', one acting directly on the generative organs. It, 
Indirect', one that acts by relieving an underlying condition, 
Emmenla^ em-e' -ne-ak. The menses. 
Emmenology, ent-en-ot'-oje, A treatise on menstruation, 
Emmet's Opera' don. Trachelorrhaphy. 
Emmetrope. em'-e-trdp. A person with emmetropia. 
Emmetro'pia. The condition of being without ametropia. 
Emmetropic, ein-^t-rop'-ik. Having cmmetropia, 
Emol, ^ moL A native compound of silica used in dermatology. 
Emollient, g-moV-ycni. An agent that softens tissues. 
Emotional, etfu/-sh»n-al. Characterized by emotion, att oetiak 
forms of insanity. 

em-pasm\ A powder to remove a bad odor from lh« 
Empathema, mn-paih-e^-tnah. tTngcvemable passion. 
Emphlysis. cn^-flis-is.* A vesicular tumor or eruption. 
Emphrac'tic. An agent that obstructs the iMres of the aldn. 
Emphraxis, cm-fraks^-is. Obstruction. 
Empbyma^ tm-p^*mak, A tumor. 

Emphyse'ma. A distention of the tissues with air or other guei. 
E., Atroph'ic, senile emphysema of the lung with wasting of its 
substance, E., Cuta'neous, air or gas in the connective tissues 
beneath the skin. E., Gan'greoou«, malignant edema. Em 
Intend' tial, gas in the connective tissue of any part. K^ Ptil'- 
monory, dilatation of the alveoli and atrophy of the blood- 
vessels with loss of elasticity of the lung- tissue. E., Subatan^- 
tial. Same as E., Pulmonary. E., Sur'grical, distention of the 
subcutaneous tissue by air, E,, Vcsic'ular, dilatation of the 
Empiric* etn-pir^-ik. A quack or charlatan, 
Emphiclsmt em-pit^ As*ism, 1, Quackery. 2. Dependanc* 
upon experience. 
Smpls*s " Ormnuih. '' Acute miiiury tuberculosis of the lunn. 
EmplMsdc, em-pla/^tik. A conatipa ting medicine, 
^I^strum, rm^ias^-trum, A plaster. 



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Emnbiiit i 


a tooth 




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r^ ENCl 

clonic spann bending the txxSy forwstd. 

HeiDorrh&g« from the lungs. 
If parasitic fungi infecting insects 
gih. Pus iTi the pfleural cavity, E* oecesBi* 
^th A spontanemifi escape of the pus E., 
irnded with pulsation of the chcst-wall, 
Ir. A pustular eruption. 
Ifi. A purulent acrotal tumor, 
it Draioing out; applied to the rena 

i'sif'ik-a''ikun. The proctiss of making or 


f A ferment contained in bitter almonds. 

f fluid obtained by susp«nding oil in water, 

ii. An emulsion. 

^tor-4. An excretory duct or organ, 

►n*. Ctcansing; detergent. 

^'-skuH, The act of cleansing. 

Sfhe hard substance enveloping the crown oi 

^e. See Nasmytk's CuHde, E. Or'iaa, the 

Erom which the enamel of a tooth is devel- 

f rod, any one of the minute {itrisms of which 


fi^mak. An eruption on a mucous xnem- 

Iptton on the 8lcm from an internal disease, 
tea of disease originating internally, 
tt^-o-bi-t/sis. The condition of antagonisfa 
|en when certain organisms are living to- 

|it-l#-^m^-/?^„ Similar but contracted in 
ke'^>^ath^'Mk, I, Palliative. 2, Pertaining 

Hg-of^-atk-a, 1, Allopathy, g. v. 2. A dh* 

to another. 


ktf'-ke'-O'kr&m, A nerve-cell that stains 


'itf*'Sis, A ball-and -socket Joint. 

hh growth in the inner cant hug of the eye. 

I process of surrounding with a capsule. 

"Pregnant; with child. 

Inflammation nf the abdominal viscera. 
\ot'al'*J^-ah. Same ss Cephalalgia, q,v. 
*^-sef-Ql-es-ih^-nif'(3h. Psilure of brsin- 


tU\rjfnn»uiC^,iB. *•' ■■-■ - 
--«• 2- Ti'acr -. ■:■: 

::' ^e eaccphaJon. 

fter-ng ct the 
C.3=ibi=cd in- 

ri:r. ir.d spisal cotd. 

:::vj.5« of Che bxaia. 
ir:- ral hemorrhage: 
-x-.r.-.r.^ 'o the bzainaod 

ftivfvt^hj^cn, «»:■>;' ..- 
ftr.ius^haiopnth?, <>:- :■-,-'- 

ktwA^htlrApirul, kk- :■;' 

'/,r'l E. Az'is. '.-.':' 

kttrjs^'tlotrjmt. Ar. :- 

ICn/.h^/ndrofna, ^k ^/k j< 
l:nr.hondr''/Mrcoma. f k 

\t.v. '.Jlrtiiaj^fr.', : , *.: ■ 
fsncb/)«ma, <?M ": .-.'->:-■. 
Kn'^jlpitit, e-K «o,! p:' ■:■.:. 
hut.rn%tniiftn. '-.' '-./*: •' 
ICncytted, *» v.:' ■ -' I; 
End. A Vrrr..r. -■•:'!:. 

witri'i"*. iiT.u .*'.::.', .:: 

,irt.«r ;»■=.. E.-«. of 

',;irfi'- :r; ' f/nif'li-y,'. 

briifth, >■'■ fii.':/ Iir 

K.biirl. K.-hiilb, t.;.,; t.-rrnir.-.! :,•:"■■,: 

or'icnn, t'ui- t.' j^'irt '.f <'i .->.•:: -or 

».h'- J'Tifiinal of a iii'<t,or lu.rvo in a n::: 
Knilitiuf.'ha. I'l-i'-niM v iTitaiiula. S:-. 
KndanKium, md nn' ji:-um. The lining 
Endarteritis, end nrlvr-i'-tis. 

Endemic, rn-t/mi'-ih. I'i< :iliar 

Neuri'tifl, lnTili#-ri, //. ;•. 
KndemioloKyt *-'w '/• '" '■"/' " ''"■ The stiem-c <>l" endemic 
Endemoepidemic, rn drm <> i p >■ licni'-u:. luidcmic but pcriodi- 

tally lK'<:niniiu; ciii'lfniii . 

Eudermatic, Endermic, in dir mat'-i'K -.r. .'. i' mik. Relating to 

fJif :itlmini:.trriin'. "f mnl'v ittv.i lhr(t\'.,\h I'ln- -kin by rubbing. 

Xadoaneurysmorrbaphy, rHiJo-uu-u-ri'imor'-ajc. The opera- 

//'/// tjf ttitrniuK <'i" .«/«•/; ry«;nia]<iiic arid of suturing all openinv 

insitin t,f //.. 

E.-ar'tery. ar. 

Cohnheim. ^ 
»;'. E. -brain. 

: t.-ie brain. 

■us tumor, 
^^rcuma contain- 

. :" the ccll-nucieui. 
. vaifinal x^ucon. 

-A-hiv:h terminates 
I-.rectly with other 
"■ '.cKscpltalon. E.- 
..-: 'n of an axone. 
I- i:i the skin. E.- 
.-i'-:lt>cr. £.-p]alti 



•rane of 

Inflaminuticjti ^A thu intima of an 
tc) a \n'0\}\v or a nation. E> 

|orm iippendU. 

^<iW5'ktii'ta*shun, A method of ttuaeuliw- 
IBopbAgeal tube passed itito the stomacti 

The cell-nucleus; the internal bUstcma . 
ImmAtion of the bronchial mucosa. 
Wr-a/. Situated within the heart. 
f^i'-tis. Inflammation of the endoenr 

lansparent lining tnembmne of the hear x 
lunation of the mncona of the cervix tit<-f 
led within a cartUage. 
Pft-ow. The inner chorion, 

lis. The same as Eni:olpiiis, q.v. 
ti'-tis. Inflammation of the endocrn 

n^-iim. The Gerebrni dura maier, 
Internal swcretion. E,„ Gland, ductless u 
'*M-ol'-o-i*. Stndy of endocrine glands 

Pertaining to Endocrin. 
See Entoderm, 
-.i'tV-tis, Inflanmiation of dentinal pulp. 

Ption of the mucosa of the inteattnes. 
tion of the gastric lining meinbTone. 
U-U5. Originating within the body. 
Wob^-U'Iar, Within the blood -corpuscles. 
mr-in'-ie-at. Within the larynx, 
{d in the menubranous labyrinth of the ear, 
lammation within the mastoid cells, 
accision of the uterine mucosa, 
tg^tri*-tis. Inflammation of the endomc- 
cal. See Eiidocervicitis. E., Fun'goua, 
I lining membrane, with granulations, 
kt^-trt'tittu Lining membrane of the uterus. 
preolar tissue between muscular fibers, 
^te connective tissue around nerve- fibers. 
mr'-as-U. An internal parasite, 
fc-ii. Pertaining to the rise of disease from 

|k«. Any disease arising within the body, 
Cnbined endocarditis and pericarditis. 
{wn-do-per-e-mi-Chkat'di^-tis, Combined in- 

i layers of the heart. 

^pef-ii-^^-^'iir, la^mmaiion ^f the 


t ^ ibe lanef coat 0t n veia. 


Bndouipingitii, tn-da-sal-piti- ii^-tis. Satpiasitifi reetncted lo (bt ] 

lining of the tube without ailectirvs any other part, 
Endourc* tu'-do-sari\ The iniier protoplasmic subataaoe e(J 
I pfOtctzoa. 

BadMCOpe* enf-dosk^p. An inatrument for ^juuniaiiiig a llod^{ 

cavity throtigh its natural outlet. 

Endoi'oopy* Escamination of body-oavities with the eodotcODc. I 

Endosepais, en-do-sw^-sis. Septicemia arising withio the body, I 

EadoikBlBtoOt Kn-do-skitt^gt-on. The bony framework of the | 

! body. 

, Bndosmom'eter. An instrument for tneasunng endosmosi*. 
I Ea'^dosmoK, Eadosmo'eii, Inward osmosis. The pasaaffDoftl 
' liquid through a diaphragm or septum from without inward. 

' Badoimotic, cn-dos-fHo:*-ik. Pertaining to cndosmosis. 
Bn*Aospotft, A spore formed by free cdUform&tion. 
EodCMIteitiVt end-os-te-i'-tis. See Etidosiiiis^ 
£ndDsteiim» eHd-osf-lt-um. The vascular lining membniQe of tiie \ 

medullary cavities of bones. 
EndotdtlKt €Hd-os-ti*-tis. Inflarnawation of the eodosleiun. 
I Badoatoma* end-os'-to-mah. An oweoua tumor within a bone. 
BndostosiB. tmd'OS-tf/-sis. The formation of an endostoma. 
Eodothe^Ual. Pertaining to or consistinj; of endothelium. 
Endotheliocyto'sis, Abnormal increase of cndotheUum, 
I Eadothetioiaoma, fn-do'tki-ir-Q-in-^'mak. An endolhdiiii | 
I inoma. 

' EndotbeUoIeiomjronui, en-do 'tke'le-o-ti-o^mi^'ntak. Myoiu^J 
Endothelioma, en-do-the-U-o'-mah. A tumor of the endotheliUflkf 
Endotheliomyx'oma. An endothelial myxoma. 
Endothe'lium. Lining membrane of vascular and serou& caviUfla \ 
Endotox'ki. A toxin which remains within the body of a bac- 
\ EodotrvcheUtu, ^H-da-tra-ht-ti'-iij, Inflammation of the mu 
I ootis membrane of the cervix uteri. 

Eodyma^ tn'-dim-ah. The ependyma^ 
Enema, wn^-^rm-ah, A rectal injection of medicine or food. 
Eoepider'mic A method of applying medicines to the cpidcrmk 
Energy, en'-er-je. The power of doing work. E., Kia»fi$, 
the power of a body in nwition* E., Potea'tial, the possible 
power of a body at rest. 
Eoanrate, en'-tr-vat, To weaken. 
j Enemitioa* rn-^r-va'-shtm, A weakening; a weakness. 
, EoMwaU €K*-€-sot. Mercury salicylarsenate; an antisyphilltic 
' remedy. 

Engelmann's Interme'diate Disc. See Kmuse's Disc, EJi 
iMt^tnl Disc, the narrow tone of transparent homogeneodlg 
substjince lying on each side oi Kiuusefs ^^ac;. 
Mag^lish Arttsfins F«'«r. A contag^oua tcvex «A t\\ft V?«>a.« 
Mn^to^iag, The takias in o£ •» object bv ^ V^ 


\ The tame ma Gomphotis, q. v. 
Vascular ooticeBtion. 
Delirium tnenmw* q. v. 

[ from Kpa«m of the extriiudc ty^ 

charactedced by fpreat teircir. 
A tumor in the medulla.ry canal of bofia. 
Sword-shaped. £. Apptn'^\>t, B. Cat'* 
\ped process of the atemum, 

E'-www. The en^onn appendix, 
ble monstrosity with a sup^rftcuil umon 
If A turning inward^ as of the eyelids, 
ird the center. 

)ok. See Atmba, 
A constrictive spasm, 
\ A South American diseade of anixnals 
lelopment of homy structures in the lungs. 
[a description of tho intestinal gXaoda. 
|e study of the intestinal glands. 
^^^h. Pain in the bowels. 

tio-fn€. Excision of a part of the intestine. 
-pif^4o-siL SceEnterotpiphceU. 
IPertaining to the intestine* E* Fe'ver, 

or agents affecting the intea- 

f Inflammation of the intestines. 

^'Ur-o^H-as*to-m(/'xis, The operation of 

bal loops. 

hbn/-9e-ah. Intestinal perforation. 

w. A hernia containing intestine only, 

lN?-Jbi-ri#f'-;>-aA. Intestinal surgery. 

IV tn-ier-o-kal^-sis-to^^tih^nw. The same aa 

i, q. V, 

f-Us'is. The administration of an enema. 

Udism. A rectal injection. 

iimation of the intestines and the colon. 

ytoftOA* An intestinal cyst. 

Ipnia of the bladder and the intestine. 

$in^-e-ak. Pain in the Intestine. 

ihier-o-^n-ier-os^-Uh-m*, The formation of a 

f intestinal loops. 

jamia of the omeTttum and the intesthte. 

^SBraaJt/aa o/tAe stamac-fi and bowels, 

|b& o/ $he s^stn'c asd irttevt/aaJ mmiia^ 

Ws/i^. A descript/on of the IntegUn^m. 

h/A^n^ut comiiih^ted wftb hydmc^ 


Bteroldaisei 9n-Ur*0'ki''ndj, A substance pr< 
tine which has the property of activaiins the trypfiinogefl ^ 
the pancreatic juice. 
ED'terol. Intestinal antiseptic composed ot Cresols. 
Eo'terolite, Ea'terolith. A st^Dne in the intestines. 
Enterolithi'asis. The formation of intestinal concretions 
Eoterol'ogbt. One well versed in knowledge of the itttesttea 
Enterology, e*t'ter-oV'O-i0. The science of the intestines. 
Enteromyc&sis. vnter-o-mi-W-sis, Intestii:al mycosis. 
Enteroo, en'-ier-on. The intestine or alimentary canal. 
Enteropathy, ^n-ttr-^p^^ath-e. Any disease of the intestines. 
En'tcropeiy* Fixation of the intestine to the abdominal will 
Enteroplasty, en'-ter-a-plat-te. Plastic operation on the inte«tincl 
En'teroplex* An instrument for ioinlng cut edges of int^tiniA 
Esteroplezy, en'-Ur-o~pUks-e. The joining of two intestim^ 

edges by means of the enteroplex. 
EnteroptosiSt enicr-o-U/sts. Prolapse of the intestines* 
. Enterorose» en-tef*-or-C5. A dietetic recommended in gaslroio- 
ll testinal catarrh. 

W Enterorrha'gia. Intestinal hemorrhage or discharge. 
Enterorrhaphy^ tnteT-^r^-a-ft^ Suture ol the intestines. 
En'teroscope. An instrument for eicamining the intestines. 
Enterosepsis, vn-Ur-o-sep^-sis. Intestinal to3temia» 
EnterosiB, erti-i^-tf-sis. Any intestinal disease. 
Enterospasm* tn'-ier-e-spatm. Spasmodic colic. 
EnterosteD<»iB, en-ter-o-sten-o'-sis. Stricture of the intestine. 
Enterostomy, en-ter-vif-Uf-me, Formation 6f an intestinal fistoU 
Enterotome, en*-itr-o-tom. An instrument for opening itttestinei. 
Enterotomy, en-ter-of-o-me. An intestinal dissection or inQiBio0 
Enterozoon, tn-Ur-o-siZ-on. An intestinal parasite. 
Eotbelmintha, eji-ihel-miyC'thaK Intestinal worms. 
Entheomania, cn-ike-o-ma^'ne-ah. Religious mania. 
Enthetic, en-thef-ik. Coming from without," 
Entoblast, ^-to-hJast. The nucleolus or germinal spot. 
EQ^tocde. 1. Internal hernia, 2. A morbid displacement of 

Entocboroi'dea. The inner layer of the choroid coat, 
Entocoraea* tn'to-kor^-ne-uh. Dcscemet's membranoi f» fL » • 
Eatocyte, fn'-U>*siL The contents of a cell. 
Botodeim, et^-tch-derm. The simple cell-layer lining the «»vicy 

of the primitive intestine: the hy^poblast. 
Entoectad, cn-khek'-tad. From within outward, 
Entome, tn'-tcm. A knife for dividing a urethtal strictujKu 
Eo'tomere. The more granular of the two blastomeres into 
which the mammalian oxnim divides, or on* of ita dciocn* 

Saimniaa, ^^^^-m^-^n. The tip of the maEtoid aCksW «i ^ 
fituietmi oonc. 
Sototf^torunk^ The pectontlU minor, ^Sec Miu^Ut, Tal4« «* 

EnUTKf^ 'Then 

KntopOfi* ««^^ -^ 

E^toptix^copy* A 

EntoretJii*. »n-kMB 

EDtotf tlioWait. 1 

Eotolic tn~U>f'iff^ 

Kntozowu *n't^^ 

EntrailB. nt'-fr^^* 

EsitTo'pion* Eotrd 

^atropionize. fti-i 

Sirnclea^tioii, #-»« 

Efizyme, m*-:iini 
EnJ7™oly«»t *^ 
Bazyiaosi** ethH 
£ocin« g^'O-Hn, 
£o9ii2ophile, #-^ 
leukocyte witi 
EosinophUoua» # 
£o*ote* /-o-J^i- 
EpACtal, e-pak'-i 

terior central 

.^entncles anl 
Speadymitis. ^ 

Ephedra, ef'-*-* 
Epbe^nn* ^ 

Epbeli** ^ 

Bpbcnueni]* '^ 

E^hi^ro«iat 4 

bloody swc« 


Epitooly, *-pi^ 

cA.ttfCbca*> ' 

in. £2 


iBDtophytet *n-to^-fH, An internal vegetable paraeite, 

^o'topUtm. The inner protoplasm of a ceU. 

fentypo'llt. The glenoid fossa oi the scapula. 

fee top He, 9nt-ot^'ik. Pertaining to the internal parts of the cya 

^Qtoptoc'copy. An examination of the interior of the eye» 

Kntoretina, f^v-to-r^f -^n-ah. The inner layer of the retina. 

E^ntos'thoblast. The eo-called nucleus of the nucleolus. 

^ntotic, en-tot' -ik. Pertaining to the internal ear, 

^ntozoon, en-io-ztZ-on, The same as Enierozaon, q. v. 

fentnUlSt ett^'tr^ts. The intestines. 

Kotro^piOD, £&tn/|ritim. Inversion of the margins of the eyelidt^ 

^atropionizet en-ire^ -pif-on-iz. To turn inward. 

^aticleation, e-nu-klc'<i*-shun, A sheQing out, as of a tumor. 

Sauresis, €tt-u-r^'sis. Incontinence ot urine. 

Environment* The aggregate of surrounding influences. 

Eazyme, m'-cfm* An unorganized, hydrolytic ferment. 

Eaxymolj^B. en-si-mol'-is-is. Dissolution by onzj-mic action 

Ba2ymotiB» en-n-mc/-sis, Emsyme-fermentatlon. 

Eosifi, e'-a-sin. Red stain used in histology. 

£oainoph!Ie, e-o-sin'-a-fiL I, Readtly stain^ by eosIn» 2. A 

leukocyte with an affinity for ^sin. 
Bosinophilous, 9-<hsin-oif'-il-us. Staining readily with eosin. 
Bo«ote, g^'O'SoL Creasotc valerianate . an antituberculotic, 
EpACtal, 9-pak'-kd. Supernumerary » as Wormian bones, 
fi^ncephalon, ep-^n-sef'-al-vn. The anterior portion of the po^ 

terior central vesicle; it develops into the pons, cefebelluni, and 

Bpeodyma, fp-en'-ditn-ak. The lining membrane of the cerebral 

ventricles and spinal cord, 
BpendyznitlSt ttp-en-dim-i^-tis. Inflammation of the ependyma. 
Ephedra, ef'-9-drak, A genus of medicinal plants, 
Ephedrin, ef-e-drin. An alkaloid. CioHisNO, f:"Dm the plant 

Ephedra vulgaris, it is a mydriatic, 
Sphetis, cf -el-is, A freckle. 
Ephemera, wf-em'-eT-aK A fever that lasts Tjut a day. E. 

malig^oa* See Anslicu^s sudor, 
EplMmeraU ef-en^-er-aL Lasting hut a day, or briefly. 
EphUlteR. ef'M-aV-tes. See Nighlmare. 
^hidrociiv ef-id-rc/'sis. Abnormal sweating. E, cruen'ta, 

bloody sweat. 
Epfblast, ep'-e-blast The ectoderm; the external layer of the 

Bpibtastic, ep-e-blas'-tik. Pertaining to the epiblast. 
Kplboly, e-pW'O-le, The differentiation of the epiblast from the 

BpicMo^tboM, A fold ot skin from the nofie ovci \}a& mtv«c 
can thug. 

tfbe/i^ ESp/cpp/e, efi'^e.^H. The fourth vcntiicU. 


Epichrodi^ §p-9-kT</-sis. A discoloration of the sldn. 
Epicomc, fp-^-Om. A monster with an accessory 

by the summit. 
Bpicondylalgia, ep^-ktni-dil-al'-je-ah. Painful affection cf 4t 

region of the epicondyle of the humerus, 
Bpicon'dFle. The external condyle of the humerus. 
Bpicnuduin, €p-e-hr(^-ne-um. Structures covering tlie ciMiiitfL 
Bpicnuhu, ep-t-kraf-m-us. The occfpito-frontalis mtude. Sk 

Muscles, Table of. 
EfictiaiM, ep-e-kri'-sis. The disease-phenomena succeeding cd^ 
E^>icritk, ep-e-krif-ik. Pertaining to the return of a nonzialooa- 

dition; said of the return of full sensibility in a nerve after Ab 

Epicyvtitis, ep-e-sis-t^-tis. Inflammation of tissue above 
^>icyBtof omy. A suprapubic incision of the bladder. 
Epicjrte, ep^-e-sii. The hyaline cuticle of cells. 
Epidem'ic. Common to many people; a prevailing di 
Bpidemiography, ep-e-dem-e-o^-ra-fe. A description of epideiiilci. 
Epidemiology, ep-e-dem-e-oV-o-je. The science of epidemic dii- 

eases and of epidemics. 
EpidemiA, ep-e-der'-mah. An-outgrowth from the epidermis. 
Epider'mal, Epider'mic. Pertaining to the epidermis. 
Epidermidalization, ep-e-der-mid-al-iz-a'-shun. The converrioo 

of columnar into stratified epithelium. 
^>idermido8is, ep-e-der-mid-o'-sis. Any disease of the epidena 
Epidermin, ep-e-de/-min. A proprietary ointment-base. 
Epidermis, ep-e-der^-mis. The outer layer of the skin. 
Epidermization, ep-e-der-mis-a'-shun. The formation of epideon. 
Epidermoid, ep-e-der'-moid. Resembling epidermis. 
Epidermolysis, ep-e-der-moV-is-is. A loosening of the epidenmt. 
Epidermophy'ton. A parasitic fungus of the skin. 
Epidiascope, ep-e-dV-as-kop, An optical apparatus taaed to 

project on a screen a magnified image of an object. 
Epididymec'tomy. Excision of the epididymis. 
Epididymis, ep-e-di<J^-im-is. A small body attached to the pair 

terior Iwrder of the testis. 
Epididymitis, ep-e-did-im-i'-tis. Inflammation of the epididy- 
Epidu'raL Upon or over the dura. E. Space, the space aiDUad 

the dura of the cord and brain. 
Epigaster, ep-e-gas'-ter. The hindgut. 

Epigastralgia, ep-e-gas-traV-je-ah. Pain in the epigastritim. 
Epigastric, ep-e-gas'-trik. Pertaining to the epigastrium. 
Epigastrium, ep-e-gas^-tre-um. The region over the stomach. 
Epigastriua, ep-e-gas^-tre-us. The same as Heteradelphus, «. fh 
Spigmgtrocele, efi-e-gas^-tro-sil. Hernia in the epigastric tei^ifin. 
9^e» a^ealt. Generation by new and successive fonnattoncMi. 
Ngg/iAfaM^ 0p-e-glot-i<^~e-an. Pertaining to the epigkttJ*. 
^VomdiHm, ^-0-glot'id-i'-tis. See Epiglottitis, 

Epi^ttis, ep-^'i 


^ii^ttltis, ep-€ 

Splginathtis, e-p^ 

tunted to the 

Epigoamn, ep-* 

especially in 

Epihysl. Ab 

Spibitiiic* fP-^ 

BpilAtion, *P-* 


Epil'atory. R 

El^epsy. ^^-* 

aess, and tc 

nial tachyc 

tionof cert 

always con 



E., Myoclo' 

same patic 

nal, tlie at 


due to sor 

Vawer Um 


Epileptic e 

insanity f< 



a surface 

Spfleptoid, e 



Epinasty, ei 

orga** ^^^ 

the venti 


the supra 

Epiotic, ep-i 

' A thia oMtlkgiQ<Mi8 [>tAt« ovtf thft 

I n.flatnn» tf<Mi €f the cpisloltia. 

An acftrdiAC nuMiiUr with m, pansltt 

A purin body fotmd in the urine 

in man is the stylohyoid ligament, 
emoving hair, 
Eradicatioxi o{ hair, 
tion for removing half ; a depilatory. 
^ ir; a remedy for removing hair. 
% nervous di»caii«» with loss of conscious* 
Ionic convulsions. E-, Cai^diac, i>aroxys* 
Ip Cor'tlcal or Fo'caI» spasmodic contrao 
fef muscles, due to disease of the cortex* 
half of the body, and without loss of 
rive, a form in which th© attack ia 
ng. £^ Idiopatfa'ici, typical epilepsy, 
of myoclonus and epilepsy in the 
led association-dijiea^. £,» Noctur'- 
during ftlccp. E», Procui'sive, there la 
(y in some special direction, £., Re'flex, 
Ibrasts. £., Spi'aal» clonic spasm in the 
legia, E», Toie'mic, due to poisonotis 

Pertaining to epilepsy. E. Ma'ola. 
lipilcptic sein^ure. 
^orm. Resembling epilepsy, 
I'ecous. Producing epilepsy, E* Zone* 
f^hen stimulated, produces epilepsy 

U Resembling epilepsy. 
t hair; bald. 
|li of areolar tissue surrmindliiff a muscle. 
[The condition of a growing dorsi ventral 
Isal surface is more acti\'e in growth than 


L CitHisNOj. The active principle ol 

ktion of a suprarenal capsule. 
mm. The nerve-sheath. 
M-«m. See Epanychium. 
ated above or on the cartilage of the ear. 

I Sprinkled or moistened, us a plaster, 
r<^^*fim. An exca-pt/an&I seguerrc^ 


EpiphyseoryBii. The geparation of an epiphysis. 

Epiphysis, e-pif'-is-is. A process of bone attached to another bj 

cartilage, which later ossif-es. £. cer'ebri, the pineal gkoi 
Bpiphydlis, e-pif-is-i'-tis. Infiair.mation of an epiphysis. 
Epiphyte, ep'-e-fit. A plant growing upon another plant; it nay 

be parasitic or not. 
Epipiftl, ep-€-pi'-al. Upon the pia mater. 
Epiplssm, ep'-e-plasm. See Glycogen. 

Epiplocele, e-pip'-lo-sel. A hernia containing omentum only. 
Epiploic, ep-ip-UZ-ik. Omental. 
Epiploischioceley ep^-plo-is' -kc-o-scl. An ischiocele containiai 

Epiploitis, ep-ip-Jo-^-tis. Inflammation of the epiploon. 
Epiplomerocele, ep-ip-lo-mc'-ro-sel. Femoral omental hernia. 
Epiploon, e-pip'-lo-^n. The omentum. 
^>ipIopexy, ep-ip'-lo-peks-^. The suturing of the omentum to 

the inner surface of the abdominal wall. 
Epiploscheocele, ep-ip-los^-kv-o-sCl. Scrotal omental hernia. 
Epipygus, ep-€-pV-gus, The same as Pygomclns, q. v. 
^isarUn, ep-e-sar'-kin. A purin body. 
Episcleral, ep-e-skW-ral. Upon the sclera of the eye. 
Episcleritis, ep-^skle-ri'-tis. Inflammation of the subconjuncti- 
val tissues. 
Episioitis, e-pis-€-o-V-tis. Inflammation of the \'ulva. 
Episiorrhagia, e-pis-e-or-af-j'c-ah. HemorrhuKC from the vulva. 
Episior'rhaphy. A plastic vi:lvar operation for prolapsed 

Episiostenosls, e-pis-£-o-st€ft-</-sis. Vulvar narrowing. 
Episiof omy. Incision of the labia to protect the perineum is 

Epispadias, ep-e-spaf-dc-as. See Anaspadias. 
Epispastic, cp-e-spas^-tik. A vesicatory; a blister. 
Epispleni'tis. Inflammation of membrane surrounding the 

Epistazis, ep-is-taks^-is. Hemorrhage from the nose. 
Epistemal, cp-c-steZ-nal. Upon the sternum. 
Epistemum, cp-€-ste/-mon. The manubrium, q. v, 
Episthotonos, cp-is-tlwt'-o-nus. Same as Emprostltotonos, q. v. 
Epitela, ep-it-e'-lah. The delicate tissue of Vieussens's valve. 
Epithalamus, ep-e-thaV-am-us. A term including the habems. 

epiphysis cerebri, and i) re of tho brain. 
Epithelial, ep-ith-^-le-al. Pertaining to opithtlium. E. Can'oir, 

an epithelioma. E. Nests. '^caVau Brioin. 
Epitheliogenet'ic. Due to epithelial proliferation. 
BpitbeUold, ep-iVt-e^-lc-oid. Resembling epitliclium. 
^itbeliomM, ef^ifh-e-le-o^-mah. A cancerous growth o! ths tldn. 
Spltheiium, ep-i/h-e'-U-um. The cells covcrinK all cutaxi«0Q» 
and mucous surfaces, together with the secreting csDft «* 
^Ze/7c/« developed from octodcmi. E., CU'iated, a ioim te 

which th. 




xng pigr 



E., Trai 


tal anes 


worn tc 


for the 





Epizoon* i 









E»» Colurn'otf, ihAt eomposed of 
cylindnc cella, E., Gland'ulAT^ fho 
Cf«tmg glands. E», Pavement, a kind 
E., PigiU«o'tfldt epithelial cells hold- 
E.t Rod, striated celb lining certain 
^ the cells have been reduced to scaly 

the cells are armnged in dUtincl layers, 
ediate between simple and stratified. 
I Any local application. 2. A local den- 

ketion of deformHy. 2. Any appliance 

f A toxoid (Q. v.) having a lesser affinity 
fis possessed by the corresponding toxin. 

b Superficial layer of fetal epidermis. 
The intemaJ condyle of the 

Uposed as a substittite for appendicitis. 
k animal pamsite Wving on the cEXtemftl 

f An epidemic among animals. 

Ikened cpitrichitrm covering the nail -area. 

j Named after some person, 

pteion of the parovanum. 

tew. The parovarium. 

\B 3O. Magnesitim sulphate , a pu rgati ve 

kU, slightly elevuted, yellowish-whitr- 

if the median line of the hard palate at 

il! , elastic tumor of the gums. E,, Malig' - 
fcma of the jaw. 

I A collection of chemlc symbols so ar- 
I the reaction that will take place if the 
b- the symbols be brought together. E., 

fcten The bound* ry of the plane throttg b 
l^lace. E. of the Eye, the boundary of a 
fa the center of the ocular axis, 

|hf e-kwiV-iihfa'ling, The opemtion of 

h antagonist of a paralysed ocular muscfe, 

lintenance of equilibrium. 

M-iiiM. A state of balance. 

Ittif. Inoculation with hofse-poflt 

telanders, 9. v. 

heifj^as e^uinus jtwfpes r9/vs, 

K T/f<? «» /hwtb tioffpaw^r afsn e/emerti 

)/Ln e^uaf irr gtotlltjr or Qumatity, 

Spastic spinal paralysis; spasmodic 


Equivocal Oen'eration, e-kwii/-o-kal. Spontaneous _ 
Erasion, e-ra'-ehun. The act of scraping or cureting. 
Erb'f Disease'. Severe pseudoparalytic myasthexria; 

bulbar paralysis. E.'s Ju'venile Form of Progres'flivs lU- 
cular Af rophy, the scapulohumeral type. E.'i Panl^ 
paralysis of the muscles of shoulder and arm, caused hj i 
lesion of the fifth and sixth cervical nerve-roots. E.*i PdA 
a point about two fingers' breadth above the clavicle aod one 
finger's breadth external to the stemomastoid. Slsctff 
stimulation at this point produces contraction of the dehoid, 
biceps, brachialis anticus, and supinator longoB. W 
Symp'tom, (1) increase of the electric irritability of the motv 
nerves in tetany; (2) dulness on percussion over the mun* 
brium sterm in acromegaly. E/s Waves, undulatoty move- 
ments produced in a muscle by passing a moderately stiaM 
constant current through it and leaving the electrodes in placs, 
the circuit remaining closed. They are sometimes seen in 
Thomsen's disease. 

Erb-Charcot's Disease' 
tabes dorsalis. 

^ Erben's Phenom'enon. A temporary slowing of the pulse on 
bending forward or attempting to sit down; it has beflS 
observed in neurasthenia. 

Erb-Goldflam*s Symp'tom-com'plex. See Erb's Disease. 

Erb-Westphal*s Symp'tom. See WestpltaVs Sign. 

■rbium, er^-bi-um, A rare metal. See Elements, TabU of. 

Erect, e-rekf. Upright. 

Erectile Tis'sue, e-rek'-til A peculiar cellulovascular tiawe 
capable of active turgescence. E. Tu'mor, a tumor of erectile 


Erector, e-rek'-tor. 
Table of. 

Eremacausis, er-e^n-ak-ait/sis. Slow oxidation of 

Erepsin, e-rep'-sin. A ferment found in the intestinal juice; 
it splits up peptones into amino-acids. 

Erethin, er'-eth-in. A poisonous substance in tuberculin. 

Erethism, er'-eth-ism. Abnormal increase of nervous irritability. 

Erethistic, er-eth-is'-tik. Pertaining to erethism. 

Erg. The unit of work, or the work done when a body is moved 
through a distance of one centimeter with the force of one 

ErKOsraph, u/'go-graf. An instrument for estimating the 
amount of work done by musculaT action. 
^r^got, Cltwicwps pur^mrea, 

Fulness and firmness of genital organs from y 

A muscle that elevates a i)art. See M^sc\m^ 


a fun^rus parasitic upcm lyev 
A name for various active extracts of e(tg0t. 

liKotinin* nr-C 
bsotiam, w^'i 


symptoms 1 

-traumatic 1 

^yi^14ft E. 

lialf of whi 

'tion of ne\ 

Sliac diseas 


IBxiColin. A 

Sriccoiit er- 

bane; it is 


I Erno'tin. A 

I Ecodent, §^o 

Exo'dinm dc 

employed ; 

Erosion* e-ro 

Erocive» e-r(/ 

Erotic, rr-o<'- 





Ei'pioL A 

Erratic, er-a 

Enliine. «/ 

1 An agent 


Eruption, e- 

Eruptive, #-1 


the sldn 


ing. E^ 


site of c 
tSaat su< 


StiHwNiO*. An alkaloid trom onrt'* 

ling by ergot. 
Hemic»lly affected wrtth ergot. 

ay Bpine; railway bratin. A tm!n ot 

dents, which m&y assume the lorm ot 

theniA, hypochondriasia, or mttan- 

ne consistiD^ of a double thread, one* 
he other wliite: it ii used in the ligti* 
, to differentiate cojialgla from lacro* 
on of the two iliac booes cauaea paia 

J former afFeclion. 

[alkaloid frotn ErUacetr, 
Sonus of herbs. £. canaden'ws, flea- 

I Verba eanta; used in bconchltia 
i preparation of etgot. 

Pic dni«. 
tacit of tbe geianium family 
rhoge where crgotin faila. 
■iration; superBctal loss of tiasue, 
UinK to an erosion; causing 
mg, to sexua) passion. 
\ Tendency to erotomania. 
IgBeration of love. 
Imcontrolkble aexual passion. 
L Perverted sexual instinct* 
pnnedy of ergotin, apiol, and goBsypiin 
i^; changeable. 

Ung sneesing and nasal discharge. 2 
i discharge^ 
i breaking out, as in a skin-diseoae. 
actenzed by a rash or an eruption. 

An acute gpecific inflammation of 
I0U9 tiaBues» accompanied by fever and 
bpcefl. £. am'btilani. See E., Wander- 
^ of the face. JE,, Idiopath'ic, that 
j^y visible wound, E. mi'' grans. £., 
I^monons, a form attended with pus- 
jpal or Traumat^iCp that occurring in the 

Fdering, an cryslpelatoua process 
from one part to reappear in 

l>at-us. Pertaining to efyslpetas. 
i^otit diswae resembling tayeipeiaa. 
mA x/per/iRfM/ bJush or redrJ^s of (Iw 
^n msrkod by rou/idad J&nions ba viug 
brii^^'rxcffiU ^rytbema with catigca^ 

',.* *.!.*-. iiTii/'-ra }j:ivifi»; a tendency to j _ 
Ml. ;i' .*j: i'fiiii '//:t.h TfAtUf^ih tubercilM. mg ^ 
iitrf.-'. K. nffdf/%um, an lirifbiminatory Ivi 
va»y-'J /I'/*! .,'«!. K. ■er'pcns. Sa.mta«^ j 
t//fn«r'K, fiyi.«-i'rriiia of the skin, fiither • 
v.t«'J i.nt/i.'s E. variolo'sa, a rash 
ihf. f.fy.l i-MiVj- */t i.uv.ill-imx. E. veneaa'tMi^ 
}rrt/<»i;iJiI 'l.v*f'j«r, or v;irioim i^oisons. 
Kryfh4m«t'ic, Kr/thism'atouti. Pertaining to __ 
i ,^i-i;-,; 4(>-P Eiytheaiomeiftl'gift. Sfee .__, . 

krythtumuM, cr itfi nin'-mnh. A vegetable p«i«Btk 

Krjrthr^ffila, rf^iih'fr' -mn-ah. Increase of etTthrTKyt^ k 

Krytbib), er* ith rin. C .jM/Oi.,. Krythric acid 

i.\i»- 1 1' }i«-fi KfM.clUi fw.iformir.. 
KrythtUfi, rr iih' tU, dlli.iOiDi. A crystaUlna . 
I ftin'tii nlnti: fifi'l liclieii';. 
1 Mrythi-J.jUL-i, -^s ;:ii'fifhlir.l. A rudimentary e rytfyucyto . 

rErjr throe blur Q^pU A form of color-blindness in vhkh t&c«^1 
fin fcljJIit.y Ut iil«tl]itfui*< crfily grttn and red cortedtty. I 

Mfftkfmviotk, ^T'fik-r&sUo'-sis. An abnami^ly l&jge mnM | 

^^ *d1jlo<^-ottll KJlycythemia without cyanaeis. 
WxfibfoCfim, tt-ilk'-To-iiL A red blood-corpusqle. 
Sift]tf«^||i«ailA, rr-Hh-ro-^Uhe' me-ii See ^r^fftrciiil*. 
lirthro«rtolfik, rr-ti/i'i'ij-Jt-it/r'iT-jlj, See PJWnolyjM. 
llflfcfacltOttl'ttArH. An HI. n men for counting erythroeyt* 
firft^ocytofrliflxli, gf-ith-rQ-H-tor-^H'-is. See PfcjjwMirA*™;, 
Ery lb Tiller to«hlil«» flf-tfA-rf?-ji'/<jj'-itj-iJ. See PJ^^wtoj^Auii. , 
Eryttirodei^tfln. iJextrin^ frimied by the action of a^tl^ «. ' 

starch. ^' 

Erythroglucin, er-ith-ro-glu'-sin. Sec Erythrite. 
Erjrthi-ogran'uloge. A granular substance found la 

Brythrol, er-iih-rol The same as Erythrite, q. v, B. Tetraai'- 

ttate, a tctrntomic aJcob^I from erythrin; it is used in angini 

and in cardiac pain* 
Erythroauinnite, 4?T'iih-fo-nmt/-ii. See Erythriit. 
Irytitromelalfflap «r4thro-mel-al'-jg^h. A painful aff«ction d 

^' ■ i I niSti€3 with purplish diacolotatlon of the parts. 
Biythrophage, er-ith'-ro-faj. A phagocyte a bsorbins henjoKSotniL 
Erytli'rophUe, Erythroph'ilous.. Readily sUlnmg red, 
Biyftfophleln, er-itk^ro^fie'-in. A toxic anesthetic *Tl^t>4i< 

itum samy bark. 
EsnTttfoplflf MT-^kk'n/^pff-ah. fiaxne as Erythropsi^ 
ScTlftrcip^iii, A vlBual di$ordCT in which all objeatt apfiwir iid 
MTTthr&ptin, ^r-iik^^p''sm^ Visual purple. 

ia the red blood-cclla. 


[^^hror'etia. A reainoua bitter principle from rhubarb. 

EcytlirosiSa €r'^iik*rt/-sis, Plcthom or polyemia, 

BryftuNiJQ^is* tr-Uh-roks'-U'in. 1. Cocain« 2. An alcoholk (de- 
tract of Erytkroxylon coca, used as a stimulant and tonic, 

Erythrozylon, ffr-iiSi-rok/'il-on. The leaves of E. coca^ a shrub of 
I the Andes. Contains cocain. 

Esdutr, esf-kar, A dry slough or emst of dead tissue. 

EachATodCt es-kar-of-ik. A soibstance producing an eschar. 

Escbrola'li&, fschrolalia. Same as Coprolalia. 

Eftchflcholtzia calif or'nicar esh-schoU^'e-uh. A plant of the poppy 
family, used as an anodyne and hypnotic. 

Ef'culin. CiaHifiOB* A glucosid from horse-chestnut bark. 

Bseridio* t^-ef-id-in, CiiHjiaNsO}. An alkaloid from calabar 

Eioiiv cs'^tfr-tK. CifiHsiNjOa, Alltaloid from calabar bean; a 
^nal depressant and miotic, E.^pilocar'piii, powder used 
in horse colic, and as r, cathartic for herbivorous animals. 

Eimurcli*8 Baa'dage* An elastic rubber bandage to prevent hem- 
orrhage in amputations^ 

Etodic, e-sod^-ik. Pertaining to the afferent nerves. 

BioethmaidFtiB. InHiLmmation of the ethmoid sinuses. 

EMfUtrKtis. Inflammation of the gastric muccms membrane, 

Eiophageai, e-sof-af-e-al. Pertaining to the esophagus. 

Eiophageurys'ma. An abnoimal dilatation of the esophagus. 

Eiopbagismus, e-sof-af-^z^-mus. Spasm of the esophagus. 

Esophagitis, e~sof-aj~i*-tis. Inflammation of the esophagus. 

EiophAgocele» 9-s&f'-ag-(hsH. Esophageal hernia. 

Esopbagomalacla* e-s&f-ag-o-mi^-a''Skff-<i}i. Softening of the 
waUs of the esophagus. 

Etophagomyco'siA. Mycotic disease of the esophagus. 

Eiophagopto'sls. Prolapse of the esophagus. 

iuophtLgfoBCopB* An instrument for examining the esophagus. 

SlKpluigO{ipa«n, e-sof*-ag-o-spasm. See Esophagisfnus. 

Efophagoateno'sis. Constriction of the esophagus. 

EfiophAgos^tomy. The formation of an esophageal fistula. 

Esoph^agotome* Instrument to perform esophagotomy. 

Etopliagotoinyf e-sof-ag-of-o-me. Incision of the esophagus, 

BpikphaguiB e-sof-ag-us. Canal from the pharynx to the stomacTi. ■ 

EKmthorta, es-o-fcf-re-alt. The tending of the visual lines inward. 

Bao^bftooldi'tli. Osteomyelitis of the sphenoiid bone. 

Esoteric, t-so-ter''ik. Arising within the organism. 

£iothyrop«xy, ffs-a-thi-ro-peky-e. The drawing out and fixation 
of the thyroid gland in treatment of goiter. 

EiOtropiat a-so-tr<f-p»~aK An internal deviation of the ejres, 

BHeace, ^sf-^ns. The inherent qualities ot a drug, 

Etwntial* 0s-etf-shaL Pertaining to an essence. £. Oil, a 
%*oItktUe oQ distilled from an odoriferous vegetab\ft BMb^NAtv^*^. 

R, Reaim^tmace* See Rtfsisianct. E. Vci'ti«o, vetUfto 'WiWortsSt 
> mpptrcmble cause 



Bater. €^-t«t, A compound ether containing Vioth dn uil i 

ac alcohol radicle. 
ElhAoesAlf «*(Aia-n«'*5a/. A n»i^ anMth«tio ot mffrcftpua^m 
. ether, which eontains the higher ketonefl, carbon dioxidf a 

BirtllMtioblaftti es-ih^-ae-o-blast. See GanglwblasL 
BitlKWiomft'']liA. Insanity with per\xrted moral feietUng, 
EMlMBiomene^t «-<A*-»*-c»rt'-**n. Lupus of the \njlva. 
SttheKiometer, Ms-ike-Me-om* -et-et . An instrument for detd^puD' 

ing the degree of tactile sensibility, 
Wfthwiinneuro^BJE. A disorder of the sensory nerves. 
Eithesodic, es-tht-sod'Ak, Conveying sense- impressions. 
Esthlomenus, es-Oie-onC-cn-us. A malignant skin disease, 
E^tivoautum^nal Par^asite. The parasite of malarial fever. 
Eatmatioa, es-tru-a'-s^kHn, Sexual excitement. 
Estnun, (Estrom* ts'-trum. Sexual desire ; the orgasm. 
Eternod, Sinui ensiformis of. See Sinus. 

-mOm^M'-thcT 1. The subtle fluid fnang all space. 2. C^HilOj 
thin, colorless, volatile fluid used as an ane^hetic. £., Acv'llBi 
See Etkylac4tate. E., Chlo'fic, a mixture of chJoroform aoi 
alcohol, E.«cooe» apparatus for adnuni&teriog; ether. E.« 
dnmk'enness, intoxication produced by drinking ether. 
EtbereeU etk^-re-aL Pertaining to ether, E. OfL Sec OH, 
EtlierioQ, t-ih^-re-<m. A gas believed to exist in the air, wttll 

3L heat conductivity one hundred limes that of cxxygen. 
Etbensm, ^thtr-um. Condition ifuidced by ether inhalation. 
EthertzadoQ, t-thet-i-sa* -shun. The administration of ether. 
Ether omaaia. v-ihoi'Q-ma* -m-txh. The morbid uae of ether* 
SdhlQpiificetkm, t'thiop-4f-ik-a*-skun. Darkening of the fl 
from misuse of metallic drugs. 

Cyclocephalic monster with rudimentary c 
£t¥-mi>id. 1, Like a sieve. 2. The cnbrilonn 1 
of tbe nose, 3. Relating to the ethmoid bone. 
Relating to the ethmoid bone. 
, gth-nuH-di'-tis. Inflammation of the < 
, gth-mif-^'tis. See CeUtdUis. 
ft etk-HO^-ni-fe, A description of the races of i 
wtk^mot-o-U. The sctence of the raoes ol man 
.eth-oks-^kaf-in, C...Hj.N*0». A crystalline* <i 
fvtic arsd itarcotic substance from caffein. 
WHk^tOt-H C$H&. The radicle of alcohol. S, Ai/etat^ C4I 

c, strmtilant liquid. £. Al'cohol, ordinary alcobi 
.C«H»Br. an anesthetic liquid, C, Car^bjunate, 
Vf^Aama, E. Cfado'rid, CtHbCi, an anesthetic and antispi 
E Otycol'lc Ac'id fit'ttr of Bleo'Uiol. a subvtitt 
E, By drate, ordinary alcohol, Bi Todid^j 
ma a^tttttbeFctUotic €uid. E . -ka^ itn ^«« K avrm^ 
^fkm^ CHjO-CtHi, recommended as ».« eftwaxuaX 1 
t^^chxsso side-efiects E. Cr«Ouioe. S«ft X3t 



fl^N. A ptomain found in putrefying yeast, E 
anedy for gout and vesical calculL 
i^retbane* The same as Somnal, q, v. 
ZiR^ Olefiant gas. E. Bro'mid, C^HiBrz, a 
aid; antiepUeptic and sedative. E. Chlo'rld, Dutch 
[«CU; it is anesthetic and antispasmodic, 
I'ln* CjHsNj!. a volatile aLkaline liquid ; solvent ot 
id fibrin; uaed in diphtheria, E. Cre'sol, a nontoxic 

xmint eth-U'id-^H-di-atnf'in. C.H^Ks, A poisonous 
om decaying fish, 
c'retbane. See Europkorin. 

CisHnNO. An antipyretic compound, 
it-O-Uf-shun. Paleness, 
t'O-hf-ik. Pertaining to etiok^gy. 
^-o-je. The science of the causes of disease, 
t-in or H*'kdn. A proprietary local anesthetic, 
proprietary deodorant and dbinfectant. 
I CtuHi«. An antiseptic hydrocarhon from euca- 

CittHie.2HCL An intestinal antiseptic from euca- 

t4ta2-ip^'tol CioHiaO* An antiseptic liquid from 

of eucalyptus. 

lib A liquid hydrocarbon from eucalyptus, 
jr'cln. See Resorcineuc^typtol. 

i-ke^-ip^-tus. A genus of treea» and also the leavea 

proprietary dietetic caaein-ammonia compound, 
ttfi-in. A proprietary drug from quinin by action ol 
ocarbonate; it is similar to quiiiln. 
Ia. a normal acidity of the gastric juke. 
khr'-in. Cblorin protoxid, an antiseptic^ 
H-nu. A healthy state of the fluids of the bodv, 
raf-se-ah. A sound state of health. 
^ficot^n salicylate, an odorless nonirritant rem«dy 

Apparatus used in analysis of gases. 
loks'-iH. The bismuth salt of tetraiodophenol- 
It ia used as an antiseptic. 

ira^'nin. A local anesthetic corapoaed of eucaiQ 

for'^moh A proprietary antiseptie toblet cootoin- 
lehyd, oils cf eucalyptus aiad wintergreen, thymt>1f 
oric acid, and extract of wild indigo, 
iibstitute for pyrogallol in psoriasis. 
t/'W. A fioJutfon of sodium p'ain\Tvo-AA.^\iLCKiV- 
ni/plittte and" of o-amlno^^encA^9a\\)iV^£Cte. 


it is 

2. A 


Eugenia, u-jV-ne-ah. A genus of plants furnishing cloves. 
•Eugenics, u-jen'-iks. Race improvement by careful mating to 

avoid parental taints, peculiarities or abnormalities in off« 

Eugenoform, u-jei^-of-orm. An intestinal antiseptic. 
Eu'genoL CioHi202. An antiseptic product from oil of cloves. 
Euglobulin, u-gloV-u-lin. Nucleo-albumin. 
Eu'lachon. Oil of candle-fish; it is used for cod-liver oil. 
Eulyptol, U'lifZ-tol. See Ulyptol. 
Eunatrol, u-naf-rol. Pure oleate of sodium. 
Eu'nol. A preparation from naphthols and eucalyptols; 

used in surgery and skin-diseases. 
Eunuch, t^-nuk. A castrated male. 
Euonsrmin, u-on'-im-in. 1. A glucosid of Euonymns. 

cholagog resinoid extract from Euonymns. 
Euonjrmit, u-on'-im-it. See Ditlcit. 
Euonymus, u-on'-im-us. A genus of shrubs, Wahoo; and also 

the dried root-bark of E. atropurpureus, a tonic and purgative. 
Eupatorin, u-pa-U>/-in. CsoHasOse. 1. Glucosid from boneeet 

2. A resinous extract from boncsct; it is tonioand diaphoretic. 
Eupatorium, u-pat-(/-re-um. A genus of plants. E. peffolfe'- 

tum, boneset; it is diaphoretic. 
Eupepsia, u-pep*-se-ah. Normal digestion. 
Eupeptic, u-pep'-tik. Pertaining to eupepsia. 
Euphorbia, u-for'-be-ah. A large genus of plants; many speciei 

are medicinal. 
Euphorbium, u-fo/-be-um. A vesicant extract from certain 

species of Euphorbia, q. v. 
Euphoria, u-for'-e-ah. The sense of health. 
Euphorin, u'-for-in. Phenylurethane. antipyretic and anti- 
Euphthal'min« hydrochlo'ras. Ci7H..r.NO.i.nCl. The hydro- 
chlorate of the amygdalic acid derivative of methyl-vinyldiace- 

tone-alkamin ; it is a powerful mydriatic. 
Euplastic, u-plas'-tik. Highly organizable. 
Eapnea, up-tie'-ah. Normal easy respiration. 
Eupyrezia, u-pi-reks' c-ah. A slij^hl rise of temperature in the 

beginning of an infection. 
Euquinin, u'-kwin-in. See Eiuhinin. 

Eu'resol. Resorcin monacetate; it is used in skin-diseases. 
Eurobin, u' -rob-in. A compound of chr>'Sii robin and acetic acid; 

it is used in dermatitis. 
Europhen, u^-ro-fen. CjiHjjOsI. An antiseptic and alterative. 
Eorotium, u-rcZ-te-um. A genus of fugi. £. malig'naiiif a 

variety Jound in the ear. 
Kwybia, t/'tid-m. An extract from Olcaria moschata. 

yoa, u'-re-on. In craniometry, the point at either ondolth* 

•nsversc cranial diameter. 

f^rvl u~rifh'~rol. A proprietary extract of spleen. 

Eosen^ i«-s< 



artery. 2 

eter, an 



in the rij 




gienic oi 


EutoclA, M 










ward f < 


and SCI 



Eye, ren 









nid an< 

with w 

it are i 

to be ' 

\-iolet • 

the col 

Ewart'8 S 

so raisi 

the fin, 

Ex— ^ 


Wt A 


A local ancrinetii. coinposefl of i'ocaln ftf»rt 
lid in ophthAlmic practfc*. 

^I«fy, M-sta' kf-*iti. 1. A branch ol the VidUn 
I bram:h of the pterygopalatine artery E, Cath'- 
^nim«nt for dilating th« Eustachian tube. EL 
laxator tympani. E. Tube^ the canal ftxjm the 
|o the pharynx, E» Valw, a fold of membrane 
Auricle of the heart. 
U-stron^-jil-HS, See Strongylus. 

tan-a*':9-^K Easy death. 
«-tJb. Race betterment through improved by- 
Dg conditions* 

I antiseptic nearly sinxilar to enformol. 
^'ok. Easy natural delivery. 
>-fg. I-Kealthy nutrition, 
^^M-anU An mgent increasing evacuation. 

t-'U^'Skun, 1 , Defecation, 2, The act of voiding- 
V'tt-a-tor. An instrument for irrigatinff the 

Ip'OT^* *«h%m, A turning into" vapor. 
m-tta'-sU%m, Extrusion of the abdominal vis- 

httn. A tumins out. £. of the Eye" -lid, an out- 

>f the lid, expofiinjir tlie conjunctiva. 

J-#id»i(/f)'. Splitting open the foci of disea!te 

bhem clean i^^th a curet. 

f-tion. Castration; effemination. 

is-9T-af-$hHn. Removal of the viscefa. E. of the 

>f the contents of the eye. leaving the sclera 

f the Orbit, removal of contents of the orbit. 

-l^-shuri. The process of developing from a 

lomptex. specialized, perfect form. E., Spoota'- 

nalded birth of a transverse presentation of the 

-sh*m. A forcible tearing away of a part. 
br Hydrochlo^ric Ac' id La Con' tents of Stom'«ch, 
of a 10 per cent, solution of ijotassium aulphocya- 
,c, of a neutral solution of acetate of iron to 10 c.e. 
■ This makes a ruby-red solution; if a few drops of 
an a porcelain dish, and 1 or 2 djtjps of the h'^uid 

are allowed to come in contact with jt, a faint 
1^3 observed in the presence of HCl. On ituxing. 
cmes brown. 
In marked pertcardia! effusion the left clftVJde is 

the upper border of the first rib can be felt with 
far as the sternum- 

je£Hr;«c Jircnaasetf s^vmity of symp- 

gks-kao^^skim^ A hoOriwifl out, m of ibe optii 

» «l»Nfi«^.<r£t. See Ecctntne. 

, eks-ser-€-hra'-skuM, The teBoavai of the hnrio. 
ftk^^^-^'<HL Avefeidefort3aeiidtniimtT»tipnQfd 
, fifc^j«i:Ar'-«H, The act of cuttiii£ away. 
Excitiliil'it7. The capability of responding to stinntlL 
, fk-rf-tani. An agent stimuLatiti^ an oisiui. 
t'&i'n. The act of stimulating or irntatxne. E^ Bincl^* 
tlie stimulatioTi of a muscle by direct contact witb the dec* 
B., Zn'direct* the stirmtlatkm of a muscle tfafDugh iti 

Kicitomotor, §ks-si-tO'ttu/ -tor. Arousing muscular i 
BsclaTCt ekf-kldv, A detached portion of an oigan. 
Exclusion, eks-klu'-shun, A shutting out. 
Eicochleatiofi^ iks-hok-k^f-shun. The act of cttf«tins * «^ 
ExcoHadoQ, ^ks-ko-reWskun, An ahraaon of the epidennk 
Ezcrementt eks^ -kr^-mtnL The feces, q. r. 

9ks-krt-mcH-tish''Ui. PertaZoixig to the feoti, ^ 
eks-kres'-ens. An abnonnal ou^ETOwth on the body. | 
Sxcreta* *kt-kre^-tak. The natural discharees of the body, 
Excrete, eks-kref. To throw off eSete ntatexia]. 
EseredOf ek/-krf-tin, CwH»ftO. A constituent of fecea. 
Ezcradon. iribx-Jlrm'-j^tiM, 1. The discbarse of the waste-pfodoQti J 

of the body. 2. The matter so difichai^ged, 
Bxcretoff, ^kf-hrti-tcr-*. Pertaining to excretion. 
Biear'tioii. The extent of moveroent, as. *.g. , of the eyes J 

central position. 
ExcurvHtJon. eks-kur-i>a''Shun. Kyphosis, q. t\ 
Bieoceph' alvif. A monster with the brain outside of the cracimai 
Bnottnttknir §kM'eH'ter*a'^skmt. Removal of viscem in cfldx^ 

Ev'ercbe Bone. An OBseotts growth in mtmcle due to Cfnxor 

£xfetatioa» eks-fc-U/shun, Extrautertne pn^^oaocy. 
ExflagoUa'tion* The act of extruding activtily mottle chitMntt^ I 

thrcaiis from the body o{ a ii:^Ve malarial paissite, 
ExfoUiiUon^ eks-fo-le-c! -skv^v, T^ ecaliaa, dH di ««a& ^aawb 

Bmhalmihia^ ^ks-hal-a* -shun, T\vfe v4X>ot g5v«<n. eft \pi i^]fe\ 

: vital powvr* 

^ty with exposure of tlie fieri 
An agent enlivening the f 

'shtM, DMntermefit of the body, 
|rer of nerve-plexuses, probjibty formed by 

r and motor fibers, ia the cei^bml cortex, 

a^ Outside of the heart. 

Infl&xnniation of outer coal of colon. 
Same as Eirtcnittrm, 
(,lerm applied to efferent nerves. 

Protrusion of teeth. . 
flisL One who eJttracts teeth, 
^n, antipyretic and anodyne mixture. 
'-»*, Due to an external cause. 

f-i^fff-ik, tks-o]^'*n-us. See Et4tgi9wrtie. 
t dental anesthetic. 

Umbilical hernia, 
I tcrdisease originaiine outside of the body. 
The surgical anchoring of an org«a itor- 
pity outside of the latter. 

The tending of the viiu&I lines out- 

al'-mc^ak. Sec ExQpktkalm&s. 
Pthal^mik. Pertaining to exophthalmos. 
ith exophthalmos and cardiac palpitation; 

^'ikai'-mos. Abnormal protrusion of eye- 

K. The peripheral portion of the celU 

The same as Exopitthalmos^ q. v, 
A papvdar fiktn-eruptlon. 
|jt$. Sepsis originating outside the body. 
f-^'On, The same as Dernwsktkton^ q. v. 

Eis, Osmesis outward. 
An abnomml outgrowth of bone. 
The same as Exopatiiic, g, ti, 
\if'r&-p*ks-*. Fixation of the thyroid 
I over it. 

taA. Outward deviation of the eyea. 
li^ Awaiting: a mode of treatment. E. 
Bg the progress of disease and checjcing 
■AS they arise, 

^lie average aumber of yearn that penonii 


Ezpectora'tlon. The cxptiMon of the secretions from the chm. 
Bt Pnuio-juice, sputum containing altered blood in grave luns 
diae&»e. S., Rtistj, sputum mixed with blood in lobar pwor 

Ezpeiiment^al Tea Mlo'uteB. The standard thne in Ross's ^ 9it*9 
method within which mitosis must be induced in lympbocyttf . 

Expert, ek^^pert One skilled in a science or an art. 

Ezpert'nesB. Special skili or dexterity. E^ Dektro-. Conjoint 
and superior expertness of the dextral sensory and muscular 
organs of the body. E„ Miied Dex:tT08]n''iBtral. Some of the 
centers of the more expert organs in conjoint action are located 
in one and some in the opposite cerebral hemisphere. So 
Slsiiatro-. Conjoint and superior cxpertneas of the ainiatnl 
sensory and muscular organs of the body. 

Expiration, ekspira'-shun, I, The act of expellinjff air fnhaJed 
during inspiration, 2. Death 3. Termination. 

ExpLratoiy^ ^ks-pi'-ra-to-re. Pertaining to expiration or 

Explora'tioD. An mv^tigationj as in phyBical dia^rnosis. 

Exploratory, ^ks-plor^-at-o-n. Pcrtairfing to exploration. 

ExpreuioQ, ths-presh* -vn^ A pressing out, as of the placenta, 

£xpuUiTe« eks-puf-siv. Extruding, as of the fetus or feces, 

Exflanguinate, eksanif-gwin-dt. To free from blood, • • ' 

£xsangtxina''tion. The act of making bloodless. 

Exsanguine, eks-sang'-gitdn. Bloodless, 

Exsection, eh-sekf-shun. The same as Excisioftt q. v. 

Exsiccation, eks-sik-a'-shun. The process of drying by h«4t. 

Exslccative, tfkssik'-at-iv. Dr>ing, 

Exstrophy, eks'-tro-fg. The turning inside out o! an organ, or the 
absence of its outer wall, 

Extempora' neons* Without previous preparation, 

Exten'sion. 1, Traction upon a fractured or dislocated Imib. 2. 
The straightening of a flcxtKl limb or part. 

Extensor, eks-Un'-sor. A muscle which causes extension of ft 
part. See Mtischs^ Table of. 

Exterior, eks-i^ -re-or. Situated on the surface. 

External, eks-ter'-nal. Outer, 

Extirpation, ekstir-pa'-shun. Thorough excision of a p&Jt. 

Extraarticular, eks'trah-ar-tik^-ti-lar. Outside the joint. 

Extracapsular, eks-trah-kap'-su-lar. Outside the capsule. 

Extract, tikftrakt. The condensed active principle of a drug. B,^ 
Alcohol'ic that in which alcohol is the solvent. E., A'aueoAtf* 
one in which water is the solvent. E., Aromaf Ic Flu'id, tliii<l 
extract from aromatic powder. E., Compound', one prepare*i 
from more than one dntg, E.» Ethe'real, one in which ether is 
t/jff soh^at.' E,, Fla'id, a solution of the solid principle* of a 
v€;gvtable drug, E., Pow^dered, an extract dried and -pttlVtr- 

«i«i £L» Sof^ an cxtmct evaporated to the conaistetiOft >* 
\dfGi7tTt^ £^ Soi'id, one nmde solid by cvapor^tioo. 


|>odieS. ^H 

Txtxadural, 'fc- 

SitXBlKOOS, t^ 

Extrapi'*^- 5 

HAiLCT, a S* 
the atertoe 

Sztremitil* i 
SxtrendCf « « 
Extrixui^ ek 

Eye. i- "Tl 
llhc^ dom 

tiam or 
the puP^ 


and acti 
having 4 
ivont d 

£A Re 


A drawing out; a removal. B. of' 
ftct, the removal of a cataractous lens by operation. 
r9t fkS'trak^-tiv, An extract, 
r, 0ks-trak^-lor. An instrument for extracting foreign 

im^ tks4rakf-ium. An extract. 

nal, eks-trah-dttf-rah Outside the dura mater. 

d'uUary; Outside the medulla oblongata. 

»iu, eks'tra'-ne-tiS. Foreign. 

clettTt ^ks-tmh-nu'-kle-ar. Outside the nucleus of a eell 

ll. Pertaining to objects extem&l to the pia. 

mi, eks-trah-pa^-lar. Outside the poles of a battery. 

oiae, eks-irah-H* 'iet'in. Outside the uterus. E. Preg* 

p m gestation in which the fetus is developed outside of 

erine cavity; ectopic gestation, 

k'tloa. An eflTusion of flwid into the tisvsucs. 

KUlafp eks-trah-va^-kii-lur. Outside the vessels. 

\aU tks-treni*-it'al. Situated at an extremity, 

ty, eks-trftn'-it-e. A limb; an end or a termination. 

:, eks-trin'-sik. External, outward- 

IlioD, eks-tra-vef^-shun. See Exstrophy. 

/m» eks-tH-baf-shun. The removal of a laryngeal tube. 

, iks^-u-d6t. The product of e-xudation. 

m, eks-u-dct'-shun. A morbid oozjng out of fluids. 

ine, «k$-i^ -da-iiv. Of the nature of an e^oidate. 

jcatioOf eks-um-bil-ik-a'shun. Protrusion of the navel 

I fks-u*'Ve-e, The slough; the cast-off parts. 

The organ of vision* E.s, Al'temating Dom'inance ol 
oSRinance of one eye at one time or for one func- 

altemating with that of the fellow for another 
or function. E,, Ap'ple of, formerly the eyeball; 
ipil, E.-ballf the globe of the eye. E,-t>row» the hair, 
^nd tissue above the eye. E., Dom^iiiwit» the eye which 
K>AScious!y and preferentially chosen to guide decision 
^tion, £.■, Equidom'inftntt or Divld'^ed Dom^inaoce of thCr 
g equal or dix'ided dominance. £.-gla8S« a lens worn in 
of the eye. E.-grouni!, the fundus of the eye. E.- 
I, the hair of the eyelids. E.-Ud, the protective cover- 
the eyeball, E.<plece„ the microscopic lens next the eye, 
bfeV«Tved' Dominance of the, the left, because of ame- 
,, disease, operation, etc., of the right, becoming the dom- 
eye in the right-handed; or vkc versa in the kft-handed. 
ic'txlum, an instrument for retracting the eyelids. E.- 
t the Bymptoms, local or systemic, resulting from 
ropia or imbalance of the external ocular muscles. 
, the canine teeth of the upper jaw. 




A Besamoid fibiocartllaga in the ga<tTOCO«- 


Fa cc» fas. The ftQnt part of the humai^ bead, 
the presentation of the fetal face in labor. 

Facet* fiis^-et. A small plane articulating surface. 

Facial* fa^-sJiaL Pertciiniufi to the face, F. Aa'gle, the angle be- 
tween a line drawn from the upper jaw tangent to the foreheiMi 
and one from the samt point to the external auditory meatus. 
Various definite points! are used. CL Camper's Lim. F, Cen'- 
ter, one in the frontal gyrus for face movements, F. Hemlplt'- 
gia. See Hemiplegia. F- Kenre. See Nen>es, Table of, 

Facic5» ya'-j/w-es. The countenance. F. hippo era t'ica# the drawn 
countenance preceding death. F- leoati'na, the leonine face d 
leprosy. F. ovari'aa« the emaciated countenance seen in 
patients with large ovarian cysts, 

FacioUn'gual. Relating to the facse and tongue. 

Facioftcapulohumeraii fas'-e-o-skap^-u-h-httr'-iner-at, Vartaiaiot 
to the face, shoulder^ and arm. 

Facultative, fahf-td-ia-tw. Pertaining to functional or acquired 
power. F, Hjrpero'pia, a division of manifest hyperopia. 

Fac'ulty. 1. Specific power. 2. The corps of college professois, 

FiBcal, PflBces,/ff'-^Z,//-5<r::. See Fecal, F«ces, 

Fosx medicina'lis, Ycnast used for medicinal purposes. 

F&Bint fa-jhu Narcotic principle from huska of beech-nuts. 

Fasopyrism, fag-op* -^-tUm, Poisoning by buckwheat. 

Fahrenheit's Thermom'eter* A familiar scale with the freesisg*' 
point at +-32° and the boiling-point at +212°. 

Faint, /inf. A condition of languor; syncope. 

Fainting, /anfWNg. Swooning. 

Falciform, /tir-ity-orrii. Sickle-shaped. F. Lig'ament, the brottf 
ligament of the liver. F. Proc'ess, the falx cerebri. 

Fall'ing of the Womb. Prolapse of the uteruav F.-ikk'aatti 
epilepsy, q. v. 

Fallopian Aq'ueduct or Canar. A canal in the petrosa, ejctendiiti^ 
from the internal auditory meatus to the stylomastoid foramen 
and transmitting the facial nerve. F. GesU'tion, tubal gesU- 
tion. F. Hia'tuB» an opening on the anterior surface of the pe- 
trosa, which senses for the transmission of the petrosal branch 
of the Vidian nerve. F. Lig'ament. 1. See pQupan'i Li&>' 
wfHt 2. Seis HuHtct's LiganwnL F* Mus'de, the pyrajAidalis* 
F. Tube, the o\^duct> F. Valve, See SaaJtitt^s Valim. 
Fa2i9t*a Typ^ at Ms'ma. oi Poraeca'tloQ- ** Idics ik ptrsH^km 

^ df fiifrs^efttettr;** a form ot pajajioia occurring iti dagwi**^ 

/au^s. Not true. F. Aii'«ury9m» one due to TUpiuie ci 


nil artery, the effused blood being retained in the 
F. Anlcyio'tis, adhesi\^, not bony* union of s part or 
* Im^a^e, the imas^ formed by the deviating eye in 
F* Mem'bmae« the inflamma-tory deposit in cnrap, 
la, etc. F. Pains, labor-like pains, not followed by 
f. Pass' age, a^ceration of the urethra by the forci^ 
iduction of an indtnunent. F. Pd'via, that portion of 
\& above the iliopectineal line. F. Ribs, the five 

^Jk/aiks. A aickle-like process between the cerebellar 
(. om'ebri, a aickle-like process between the cerebral 


fnex. Hunger. 

im-il'-yal. Pertaining to a family. 

}n*-iM, Severe contimied hunger. F. Fe'ver, relaps^ 


t socketed part of a tooth. 

[ud from the hot springs of Battaglio (Italy) ; it is used 

1 gout, F. Therapy, Treatment by mud baths. 

distance. F» Pointf the farthest point at which an 
n be distinctly seen with the eye in repose, F. -sight' - 

colloquial term for hypermetropia, q. v. 
ad. The unit of electric capacity. 
*aw of Eiectrol'yBis. The amount of an ion liberated 
ctrode in a given time is proportional to the strength 
'-oJ'-t^. Pertaining to induced electric currents. 

1. The foim of electricity furni&hed by a farsdic 
2. The application of induced currents to the 
Lt of di«eade. 

m, Faradism; application of indttced currents to 

Jdr'sin-<^-mafi, Glanders. 

se. Glanders; cquinia, g. V. F,-budor F.-buf ton. a 
la tumor. F.-fkipet;, the swollen lymph -vessels in 

roprietary anodyne and antipyretic. 
>ercle8. Cancerous masses on the surface of the livet . 
ee Line, the boundary line at the hilum of the ovary 
the germ epithelium and the squamous epithelium of 
d ligament; it marks the insertion of the mesova- 

Mfmt*B Unt. See Farr9*s Whit* Lim. 
^'Wtk, The powdered feoula of grain, 
h far-in-a'-she-HS. Having the nature of farina. 
*-0-ak. The fibrous membrane covering muscles and 
ueoL F^ A^naL See F., I sckiorecial. t,^ Cei'^'aaX 
W^t he muscles of the neck and ItvcXq*©* \Vvc v«»«sNa 
Cer'WcaJ, Superfic'bO, that \\x%\. "toercaxVv Xlwii 


I slrin. P„ Crematter'Ic, a thin covering of the stretched fibers 

of the eremastcr muficje over the Bperxi^atic cord. F., Crih'ri- 

fonn» the skvc-like covering of the saphenous opening, i. 

; denta'to* the gray substance of the dentate convolution of tb? 

cerebrum, F^ Inftiiidib'tiljformf the funnel-shaped membman 

inclosing the spermatic cord and testi» in a distinct pouch, F.i 

[ iQtercoIiUD^nar, that from the margins of the external abdom- 

i inal ring, forming a sheath for the cord and testis. P., Isebkf 

j recital, covers the perineal aspect oi the levator ani muscle 

! F* la'ta, the deose fibrous aponeurosis surrounding the thijb 

1 F. fcransTerBa'Ui, that between the transversmlis muscle and the 

, perit9neiim, 

I Fascial, fash'-^al. Pertaining to a fascia. 
l£ksdcle» fas'ik-l. A small bundle of fibers. F.* Cu'neAle^ the 
j^^bntinuation of the posteromedian column of the spinal cord 
^^Hfa» Fundamen'tal, a portion of the anterior column estteodine 
^^nto the oblongata, F., Oiivfl'ry. See FiUfi, Olivary. f» 
Posterolonclttt'dlnaU fibers connecting the corpora qtkadri* 
gemina and the nuclei of the fourth and sbttb nerves with the 
parts below. F., Pyram'idal, a portion of the anterior column 
I of the cord extending to the pyramid. F., Soritary, fibers con- 
J necting the internal capsule and lentictdar nucleus with parts 
FasdcttJua^ fas-ik'-u-ius, A fascicle or bundle. F. albican'tto- 
thal'omi* Same as Bundle of Virq d'Asyr. F. arcifof'niia 
pe'dlSi the cimbia, q. v. F, cereberio-spiaa^Us. See Tract, 
Direct Cerebellar. F. longitudioa'lia infe'rior, fibers connect- 
' ing the temporal to the occipital lobe. F. longitudina'^lis media'- 
I lis* a band of fibers found in the mid-brain ventrad to the 
i central gray matter. F. longitudina'U« pyramida'lis. Sec 
I Traci^ Pyramidal. F, longitadtna'iia supc'iior, a bundle d 
fibers joining the frontal cortex with the parietal, occipitali 
\ and external temporal cortex. F. IoDgitudina''li8 ventm'tifl, the 
[ anterior longitudinal bundle of fibers arising in the superior 
^^BCktlicuIusi and descending into the spinal cord. F. marginal. 
^^Bee Lissauer's Tract. F. occip'ito-fronta^lis, a bundle of 
^•fibers extending from the cortex of the frontal lobe to the cor- 
tex of the occipital lobe. F. perpcndkula'ria, a vertical 
ndle of fibers from the inferior parietal and superior occipital 
to the inferior temporal and occipital and the fusifoim 
Fi pedtto'cuIo-inamjniUa'ris, a bundle arising in the 
irpuii mammillare and passing into the mid- brain. F. rec'tos, 
fi as F. perpefidicularis, F, retrQfiez''uft, a bundle of nervts* 
'fibers connecting the ganglion of the habenula with the inte^ 
peduncular ganglion of the opposite side. See also Meyngrt'i 
SmkiSr. F* gubcaJJo'aus, a tmct of fibers passing under the 
caJhauns and connecting the frontal, parietal and ocdp\t*,\ 
'ktbet, F.te^'res, See FatticuiHS teres. F. thal'amo-mamn^iW* 
Smtnc as ffttPtdU a/ VicQ dAsyr, F» un<^oc'mli ot Wft- 


the 1 

lug th« (roatiil wid t«tn|}on»pbi9iioid»l 

Thu fasciolfl cineToii. 3. A dittonui. 
pntinuAtion of tlM> iitwjin*l« gyre- 
is. See Fli**<r. 
> The divttioti of a fa«oiii, 
Btnation of a fascia. 
i Sec NveUusfasiigii. 
\l. The acme; the highest point 2. 
atiperior lamina and the inferior med- 
>f of the fourth ventricle 

substance of adipose li&siie, F.-cell, 
^ataining oiJ , F.-col' ummi* columuiar- 
puod in the thicker parts of cutis vera 
^, F,-necro'8l», riecrwu* of fatty ti» 
prhite areas, 
'teri, fa-teg'. Diseases caused by the 

certain muacviJar movements F.-ttuff* 
piie-diaintegration due to undue fatigue 
fcture of fat. F. Ac'id, See Acid, V, 
[Degeoera'tion. See Dcg^wtrathn. F. 
ft Sa'rica. methane and ttn derivatives, 
ftiroat, from the mouth to the pharynx. 
Rreolodentai pcrioateitis. pyorrh<Ba alveo- 
bats of tJ:ie dental alveoli, 
kining to the fauces. 
mma piamsitic disease of skin with cn»tt. 
|f dread, 
^ngle part of the face, 

A mild fever of short dkiratioti.^ 

'^it-it. Feverish nesa, 
i^ Producing fever. 
The same as Ffhrifocitnt, <|, v. 
Dispelling fever, 
agent that lessens fever. 
Ining to fever, 
proprietary antipyretic and analgeaic. 

F. am&to'rio^ chlorosis, F. enter' lca» ty- 

itpooeos; F. autepoaetts, delayed fever. 
to the feces. 
,^j;OTbling feces, 
jint; dung; the discharge of the bowel* 
bensity of a sensation is proportional to 

|he starchy part of a seed. 2. Sediment 
laviiW sedijtj&jjt. 

bvK Fert/JixHtion; impregimtion. 
\f f>otirer of prodifcmg young, 





^9v«4lnc, f^-dini. The takinjE of food or aUmetit. 
FetLting'g left for GlU'Cose. Two salutions are required \b)» 
Icept in two djstuict parts ia well-rtoppered botti 
Dbiotve 36.64 gtams of copper tttlphAte in 500 e.c, 
B. Dissolve 173 gnmis of RjochcHe aalti in 100 c.c. ol a 
of caustic soda having a speciik gravity of 1.34, aod dill 

t water to 500 ex. Mix equal volumes of A and B for 
result is a dark-blue fluid known as Fehling's solutfi 
solution should always be fresh, as tartaric acid has a 
to become converted into racemic acid» which reduc< 
Halts like sugar. Its absence should always be ascei 
boiling the Pehling's solution, which should reniain uj 
by this process. On addition of a solution of glucose and t1 
heating a red precipitate of the cuprous oxid or hydrate oocul^ 
Pel Wvis. Ox-gall, the bile of the domestic ox. 
FeUifluou«,/<r/-t/''*/«-»iJ. Flowing with gall. 
Fel'^Utla, A preparation from ox-gall for frost-bite. 
Fel(m» /e/'-ott. Sec Whitlow, 
V Ftmalt, f^-mdl. The sex that bears the y^ung, F, Cath'eter* 
I short urethral catheter. 

Femoral« /em'-or-al. Pertaining to the femur, F. Arc!i« tin 

arch of Poupart*s ligament. F. Caaal\ (i> inner comparij 

meni of femoral sheath; U) see Hunter's CatiaL F. Lig^imifll 

the falciform process of the fascia lata. F, Riogr the abdomiii 

end of the femoml canal F. Sheath, the fascia coverinff 

femoral %'^esscls, 

Femcrocele^ fem* -or-O'Sil. Femoral hernia. 

Femorotlbisi, /vmor-thtib'-e-al. Relating to the femur and tibk 

Femur, /(*'-m«T. The thigh-bone. 

Fenestra, /cr-M^^/'/mA. An opening. F. OTa'^lEs, the ov^alopeitii^ 

in the internal ear. F. rotun'daf the round foramen of thfl III 

ner ear. 

Fenestrated, f^-ne^-ira-Ud, Having apertare^ or openinga» 

Fenestration,,/«i-rj-<rti'-5/i(Mit, The condition of being pcrfomlH^ 

Fennel* ftn*-tl. The herb Famicnlum vulgare^ the seeds mt^O 

matic and carminative, 
Fenthoxoo, fnt'-tho-stm, A deodorant and disinfectant ol Wrt 
acid, phenol, menthol, camphor, and ethereal oils. 
Feougreek, ftn*-M-grik, The herb TrigontlUi fttnum-gnecvm; ll 

sreds are oily and demulcent, 
Feowidk's Disease^. Primary atrophy of the stomach 
FeirardoM* A peptonized albuminate of iron. 
Fec'crcmoL A compound of hemoglobtn and ircm. 
Ffr^oTf llodiM'ltiBS. Inconstant subcutaneous nodosi^at 

lefved in cases of acute articular rheumatism. 
#)firHl^fmiiz^ Type of O^vAmt V«Y«9^ ^^sioclated panlyaii 
the ihtemal rectus muscle ol one svAe axxd oH ^^i» cx%iBi:T«iSL 
oi the other: it is of cucle«r ot^Vn. 

■t. /rr^ m»fmL A sttb5ta«c« vYsicK m ^aaSX 

changes in anoth^ •ubsUnce w' — 
fit change. F^ Amylc^iyttc. one 

F., Glycoly'tic. See GiycolyU 
[tine cane-fiugar intti glucose And levuto^c 
at does cot leave the Uviog c«ll during 
nentation;" a^ zyme, F., Proteoly^rk. 
Dteids into peptones. F^ Steatoljr'tic. 
Ilnto fatty acids and glycerin. F,, Un- 
i out from the cells to exert its actmtj^ , 

anges as arc effected excluBivciy by Ittc 
nts. F., Ace' tic, that converting weak 
> vinegar. F., Alcohol' ic, the eonvemion 
; into alcohol. F.« Ammont^ACAU the 
nonia and carbon dioxid, F^ Btity'^ric, 
krs, Btarchea, milk, etc, into butyric acid, 
rwhich the convcmon of milk into che«so 
kfiCt the conversion of starch into ghicoso 
fete. F„ Lac'tiCf the "souring of milk" 
Mp a glaBB tube used in the fermentation 
f F-, Vla'cous, the production of gummy 

piu'cofe. Fill a fermentation- ttibc witli a 
L or diabetic urine, and add a little dried 
Wf it to stand in a warm place for 24 hours. 

6t, cortiomc acid gas accumulates in tht- 
ves the t^sts for alcohol. A control ejc- 
inadc with yeast and water in anothei 
a small yield of carbonic acid is often ob' 
ee in the yeast. See alsD Roberts. 
Rsence in the blood of a ferment, 
ptn filix/irmina. F,, Male, Dryoptcris fih'x 


_ edtcinal piieparations of iron, 
fchemic compound of iron and albumen. 

tgular channel supposed to exist betwet n 
elids when they are closed, and to scrvtt 
iears toward the lacrimal points during 
M true vocal cords. F/s Fora'men, fora- 
pinii; see Fallopian Hiatus, F/s Pyra- 
PVays, pyramidal in shape, having their 
ly of the cortex of the kidney and thefr 
f layer. F-'i Tubes, the convoluted tiriij- 



ifng to or of the nature of iroiL H, Con- 
fc(£f o/s bsse mt/r ferrfcyjtfiogaij. 



Ferrocy'anW. A compound of a base with fcrrocyai 
FerrocyAnosea, fer-o-si-at/o-jen. A tetravalcnt radicJe. Pe(CN)*. 
Ferrometer, ferotn'-e-ter. An apparatus for dctermiufng thr 

amount of iron present in the blood. 
Ferropyrin, fer-a-pi'-rin. The same as Ferripyrin, q 
Fer'roBine, A prepaiution said to contain iron oxid. iime, unu 

Ferroso'dium-cit'ro-albu'tninate. A hcmatinic containing thirty 

per cent, of ferric oxid, 
FerroBol, ffr" osoi. A double saccharate of /emius oxid and 

aodium chlorid; it is uised in anemia and chloroaifi. 
Ferroso'matoM. A mixture of somatose with an organic cambt^ 

nation of iron; it is used in anemia. 
Ferrosiyptin, ftr-O'Stip'-Hn, A preparation of iron and fonnal- 

Ferrous, fer^-us. Containing iron as a bivalent olcment. 
Ferrovio, fsr^-o-vin. An iron preparation used in anemia, 
Ferruginoui»/t'r-M'-jVM'»^' Containing iron. 
Fernim» /<?/-«♦«. Iron, ^e^ Ektntmts, Tabh g/. 
Fertile, fer'tii. Prolific ; fnii t fuL 
Fertili2atioo,/ffr-ii7-i='<3' .sAk». Impregnation. 
Ferula, fsf^-ulak. A genus of plants yielding asafetida, galbi*n- 

van, sumbul, and sagapenum. 
Fer'Tio. A meat extract containing iron. 
Fester, /^/-f#r. 1. To suppurate. 2. An ulcer. 
FestinatingGait,/ef'-ft«-a-/mjif. "i^^c Festination. 
Festina'tion. A peculiar mode of walking in paralysis agitans. 
Fetal, jV-tah Pertaining to the fetus. 
Fetation, fe-ta* shun. Gestation; pregnancy. 
Feticide, f€*-iis^id. The intentional killing of the fetus tn ut'tu. 
Fetidr fef'id. Ha\nng an offensive smell. 
Fet'lock. The metatarsophalangeal and metacarpophalangeal 

regions in the horse. 
Fetor, /^-/<?r. Stench. 
Fe'tuft. The product of conception after the fourtlx mouth ui 

Fe'ver. A rise of body- temperature, with afisociatcd synxptoooii 
F.» Absorp'tion, a rise of temperature often observed durinu 
the first twelve hours after parturition. F., African Hemoglo- 
Wftu'rlc. See F., Blackwater. F., Aatheo'ic, one marked by 
weak circulation, clammy skin, and nervous depression. F.. 
BU'ioug, See Bil^otis. F.. Black'water, a fatal contagious dis- 
ease of the tropics, with fever, chills^ vomiting, and dyspnea. 
F.-blister, vesicular eruption near the mouth after a cold. 
Jf^ ffnin, meiJingitis, F., Break^one. dengue. F., Caih'etM, 
ifewr due to the use of the catheter. F., Cerebrospi'iut j 
maJignant epidufnic fever, with lesions of the ceTel>ni\ aia4 ^ 
spt'n^l membranes, F., Ciutgreat malignant malarial lcvt»- 
-K CbUdl^ed, puaperu! fever, F^ Contin'ued, one wW\ W6 

Same aa 
F^ Fai 
with g 
F^ Ltu 
F.. He* 



■rith faj 

F-. Sep*! 


fever I 



See ryp 


FraK, FTm 

Fiber, ftTA 





a cetlcl 


pthcr h 

mg -Ft* 

to low« 

fibril* Ffl 


Ffbrmr A 



course. Ft, Dao'dy, dengue. F., Dam-dtiiiL 
ila-asnf^ 9. V, P., Enter' iC| typhoid lever^ F*, 
txaatlieia'atotiSt one accompanied by an erupticki> 
Some as F., RtlapHns, F.-ftw, the li«rb 
m parthtnium, emrnenagog and tonic, F,» 
foUowing fracture of a l>on€. F», Gua'trlc, fevtr 
disturbance. F.,, Ol&Dd^ttUf, epidemic fev<»r 
Idren^ marked by swelliTig of the caroUd lymph- 
iBay. Se« Hay/ever, F., Hec'tic, diumfelly intef- 
pr, with sweats and chiJIa. af^sociated with tuber- 
beptic poisoning. F*, Intermit'tent, a fever -with 
■ipyrexia. F., Low, fever of an asthenic type 
lobar pneumonia. F„ Mala^iia]. See Malaria 
^'nean, a specific febrile disease of the Mediter- 
F., Milk, slight puerperal septicentia. F., 
a fever likely to occur directly ^after an attuck 
F., Puer^peral, contagioua febrile affection of 
lildbed, due to septic ptiisoning. F.,, Qui'nin. 
F,, Relap'ting, u contagious fever often associated 
and poverty, duo to a spinilttiin, F,, Remit'- 
►th remission , but no complete apyrexia, F-, 
acute rheumatism, F-, Scar'let See Scaflat4na. 
me due to the presence of septic poison in the 
SUn^ple Contin'ued, a continued ncncontaRious 
lirU'lttm. Same as F,. Rtlapsing. P., Sple^nlc, true 
, Stfaen'ic, one marked by rapid pulse, high tem- 
l delirium. F- Trench, See 7 r<r«f/f. F., Ty'phold. 
. F,. Ty'phui. See Typhm, P., Ure^thrat, that 
b use of the catheter. F.» Teliow See YtUow. 
Latin term used in recipes — let there be made, 
thA filamentary or thread-like Btructure. F., 
k Ar'cuate, bow-shaped fibers on the anterior 
the oblongata. F., Asaocla'tion« fibers joining 
or distant area:; of the cortex of the same hemi- 
Ax^ial, the axial band of a rerve-fiber. F.-cell, 
into a fiber. F*, Commissu^ral, fibers joining 
cortex of one hemisphere to a similar area tif the 
here. F,. Osteoffen'ic. See Sharpy's [nUfrvros^ 
P., Projec'tion, fibers joining the cerebral cortex 
rs and vkt r^rxa, 
|^'-6rt7, fi'brit'-ak, A small fiber or filament, 
^ry, H'-brU-ar, fib'^nl-ar-«. Pertaining to fibrils. 
P^ localized quivering of muscular fibers, 
I A nitrogenous protcid coagulating in exposed 
^^ment, the ferment turninff fibrinogen mtoSihrin 
J^vW-tr'-j^^jifjir. Th^ set of incmaslnff the ^britt i>f 

p<«i»s«w: Th0 ptvoursor offfbtrin. 


Pibrino'tls, A cooditicm obaractertzed by «xceM of fibrin. 
Fibrinous, Ji*-brin-HS, Composed of fibrin, 
^brlnufia, Ji-brin-u'-r^-ait. The preseDCe of fibrin to tl» oriac 
FlbroadcDo'mai Adenoma having fibrous tissue. 
Fibroojre'olai, Composed of fibrous and arcol&r tissue. 
Fibroblast, fi^-bro-blast. A cell that forms new fibrous tistue^ 
Fibrocardlage. The fitstjua variety of cartilage. 
Fibrocerittlar. Contamiag fibrous i«id cellular tissue. 
Fibrochotldri^tis. Inflammation of fibrocartiJage. 
WlbiKKysU Ji' -bro-sist. A cystic fibroma. 

Fibrocystic* fi-bro-sis'-iik. Containing fibrous and Cystic matl«r. 
Fibrocyatomai Jt-brosis-to'-miih. Fibroma with cystoma. 
FibrOigec, Ji'-bro-jen, Same as Fibrinogen, 
FibrogUoina« Jt-bTO-gU-o' -malt. A fibroid glioma. 
Jihtxiidtji'-broid. Having a fibrous structure, F, Dcgeoerv'tJon. 
transformation of membranous tissue into fiber- tike materia L 

PF* Heart, a heart affected with fibroid degeneration. F, Ipdii- 
m'tion, F, Substitu'tjon, cirrhosis. F. Tu'mor, a fibronw. 
Fib'roin. CisIlaaNsOs, The substance of which siuders' weba 
and silk are composed. 
Fibrolipoma, fi-bro-lip-Q' -mah, A fibrous and fatty tumor. 
Fibrolysin, Ji-broV-is-in. Thiosinamin sodium salicylate. Rec- 
k ommended in the treatment of excessive new connectiv«» 

Wk tissue formation, 

H Fibroma, fibre/ -ntaJt^ A tumor of fibrous tissue. 
P Fibromatosis, Ji-bro-mat-o'-sis, See Fibrosis. 

Fibromyitia, fi-bro-mi-V-tis, Inflammation of a muscle, 
^ Fibromyoma, j\-bro-mi-o*-miih. A muscular and fibrous tumor. 
^ Fibromyxoma,/-6ro-mf^s-o''t«aA. A mucous and fibrtjus tuotor* 
H Fibroneuroma,^-6ro-M«-r<>'-rHaA. A neuroma with fibroid tiaaiM. 
W Fibroplastic, fibrQ-plasf-iik. Fiber-forming. F, Tu'mor, a 
' small spindle celled sarcoma* 

I Fibrosarcomftf fibra-sar-ko'-mah, A sarcomatous fibroid tumor. 
^^ Fibrosis, fi-bro'-ds. The development of fibrous tissue in an 
^K organ. ¥,, Arteriocap'Ulary. See Artsriacapillary. 
^y FibroaitiSt firbra-sV-tis, Inflammatory hyperplasia of whita 
I fibrous tissue, as found in chronic rheumatism. 

Fibrous, fi*'brtis. Consisting of or pertaining to fibers. F. 

Tlti'fiue, the connective tissue of the body. 
Fibula, fib'-H-lah. The small outer bone of the leg, 
I Ficus, ji''li«. A genua of trees and shrubs; also the dried fruit 
I of F. carica, the fig; it is laxative. 

I Field of Vls'too, fild, THe extent of indirect vision with the eye 
in a fixed position, 
Fieux't Test for AntipfrirL. Add 2 . 6 giania of sodium metapho» 
i^at^ And 12 drops of suiphuric acid to the suspected 
S^: ^^^^' ^°^ ^^ ^^® ^^^ i5Jtrate add a few drops oi aodmm 
// Madpyritj tm piwwtDf. a ckar gteea ootot w^ 

: J 

Fifth Kerve 

between the 
Ttg. Fruit of 
nUceous, Ji'k/' 
Fi'la latera'Ua 

the pons- 
fHAjnent, jSf -^ 


a. nematode _ 

probably ide 


suHiaces seen 

^Ipunctnret J^ 

by inserting 

FBlet. ar-^L 

white band 1 

the oerebellv 

Ol'itary, a 

FtLsi. A p^iC 

FSma'^ron. A 

ten per centi 

FStmoseo. M 

fluid. F,*|il 

Filtrate, JO' -«n 

fUtr&tion, Jil 

FTIuiB* A 1 

ridge at tl 


bria hippQl 

of tbe hipj 

goxbttte of 

fisiluiated, i 




terainat ficrvc. F. Veo'tricio, the sjmx^ 

' the scpluin lacidunu 

F.-WAft. See V§rrum acmninatii, 
I Coniifitiiig of thnsAdfl, 
A rtrand of ^bers at the usj^per l»t»Mrr i -f 
Tenia ponils. 
I A thread-like structure, 
^gerus of parasitic tHrc*id'Hk<r wonris. F. 
nca-worrn, g, i;. F. BBn^fuixUs tt<Hii'inl«, 
! wcrrm. 

The disease due to filariiii In the Uood, 
ule febrile cervical adetiitt» of children. 
rith Pfeifier's glandular fever. 

Mike. F. Boua;le% a slender bir>ut(ie« 

klmoplantar phenon;enoti " A yellowish 

Dent portions of the p&lmar and plantar 

oid fever. 

chnr, A method of treating ftneury&m 


F. mas* male fem^ 

aped bandaRe. 2. The lemniscus, a 

I Qttter aide of the superior peduncles of 

I icoei'aory. See BtdtUrew'i Tr*icU F., 
Iks of nerve-fiber* around the olivary body. 
Bin akin. 

Ltary anthelmintic from aspidtum. F. Oil, 
bn of fitmaron in castor oil. 
i A protective vehicle for applying dniMs. 
■bd-like pseud opodiuitv^ 
icnpression of a veseel by a wire, 
itner to separate the solid partieles from a 
I coarse paper used for filtration purposes. 
|B liquid that has passed through a filter. 
^, The proc*;ss of straining or filterings 
fr fUament. F. corooa'riumt a thread^hke 
I of tlw auriculo- ventricular opening. F* 
lad-like end of the spinal cord. 
[ A fringe. F. cor'ou anmio'niB* the frni- 
Tt liippocam'pit a white l>and at the bottom 
fissure, F. ova'rica» the longest of the 
plan tube. 
V-t^d. Fringed. F. Bod'y, the oorptts fim- 

\ of the digits of the hand. F.* MaVlet, a 

E^by undue flejcion of the laat phalanx F., 
I re^tdtir^ from opsmtiag th& Mot^e tele- 
t jt rubber caft for a dngsr. 
^ejsiatraJ of th^ guli-btitdd^r According to 



Finsea-llgbt Treat^meflt. A method of treatment by ejcpoaur. 
of the diseased part to the violet uid ultra-violet rays e( tiie 
sun or of the electric arc light. 

First InteD^ do n« The healing of th« lips of a wound by imzxiedkte 
anion without suppuration. F* Kerve, the olfactory ncrvt 

Fi8cher*s Tesf^meal. This consists of the bread and wat«f ol 
the EwaLd breakfast, and in addition a quarter of a pound ol 
finely chopped lean beef broiled and slightly seasoned* It a K 
be removed from the stomach in three hours, 

Fisher's Brain' -mormur. A systolic murmur heard over the ant<^ 
rior fontanel or in the temporal region in rachitic infaats. 
F-'a Sign, a presystolic murmur heard in cases of adheitni 
pericardium without valvular disease. 

Fish' -skill IMaease'. See Ichihyosis, 

Fiskj6-BrysoD*s Symp'tom* See Bryson's Sign. 

Pis'sioii. Reproduction by splitting into two or fnore eQtw^ 

Fi8sipftroti8,/$-ty-ar-t<f. Propagating by fission. 

"Bluxa^t Ji$hu' 'Toh. A fissure. 

Fissure, ^h*-ur. A groove or cleft. See also Sulcus. F., Aail, 
a linear ulcer at the margin of the anus. F., Atiric'ular, one in 
the petrous bone. F„ Carcarine, one on the mes&l aspect 
of the cerebrum between the lingual lobule and the cuneate 
lobe. F*. Callosomar'siDal, one on the mesal surface of tlw 
cerebral hemisphere, dividing the area between the callosum 
and the margin into nearly equal parts. F., Cea'tral. S« 
Rolando's Fisxure. F., Collateral, the occipito temporal 
sulcus, situated on the mesal aspect of the hemisphere, V*, 
Den^tate, the hippocampal lissure, F.» Hippocam^pil. S« 
HippQcampal F., Longitu'dinal <of brain), the deep mesal 
fissure between the cerebral hemispheres. F-, Occip'ital, a 
deep fissure between the occipital and parietal lobes of the 
brain. F^ Palpebral, the slit between the eyelids. F^ Pot** 
tal. See F,, Transi^crs* (of livtr), F,, Precen'tral, a &aan 
parallel to the central fissure and anterior to it. F., Semils'air* 
Sec F., Cakarine. F», SpWnoid, a cleft between the great sad 
small wings of the sphenoid bone, F., Transverse' (of liver), 
one crossing the lower surface of the ri^ht lobe of the liver» 
F., Umbil'lcal, the anterior portion of the longitudinal fissure 
of the liver. 

Fistula, Jis^-iu-lah. An abnormal tube-like passage in the body 
F.» A'nal, one near the anus that may or may not commuttfoat* 
with the bowel, F., Blind, a fistula open at one end only, Fn 
Bran^chlalt an unclosed branchial cleft. F.* Coce^nP^fli* 
Piionidal Sinu,s. F., Complete', one having an iiitml 
^ external opening. F., Eck*a, See Eck, F.. fle'tgl, 

<M* cQmmunic^tins with the intestine. F., VwicoTa^iaaV. 

ooB^mgfrom th* bJaddef into the vagiiaa, 

^^oo^, Jis'tHim-^f^^ An iniitniroent for cut^na »' 

forceps f G8 

point lor 1 

^I'atiTB. 1 

Fom'tcrr. St 

llx'iBC. Pn 

?k^. See /i 


T_eatns of C 

.y Ross f': 

ry*e* in n.-* 

he nature of a fistula, 
den paroitysiti. 

making firm uf rigid. F.*foi^cepa, 
^art during operation* F, -point, tho 
podntion of the cyo is admst^d. 

Batumi furra of tiseuc*; in microscopy, 

■ivergent fibers in the corpuR siristum. 

wbby; relaxed. 

it. Sec AcQr$4S. 

Inished with flaeella* as a cclL 

pi. 1. Flogging, recommended as • 

Ipartem hemorrhage. 2. A terra used 

Ion of chromatin granulea from leuko* 

ificial stimulation. 

Elong, lash-like appendage; n dlium. 
abnormally mobUe jfojnt. 
ttiXfdow^x Disease. 

tihed portion of skin and soft tissues, 
ion with flap' formation. F,-e»trac''- 
l cataract by cutting a flap of cornea, 
pane. F,-ear, MoreFs car. F.^foot. 
It in which the arch is destroyed, 
Jthtf eccentric situation of long tracts.*' 
I of the fibers of ,the spinal cord, the 
I to the periphery. 
b note produced by airless bodies. 
b of gas in the digestive c^anal. 
IractcriMd by flatulence, 
be alimentary canal, 
p-mothyl-acridiniura chloride, A j^owcr- 
urnless to the tissues in 1-1000 solution, 
pneumonia from inhaling flax-dust. 
r See Linum* 


pd in phlebotomy. 

( direct cerebellar tract of spinal cord» 

[ the septomarginal tract of Bpinat cord . 

lie PlBTnieDts. Add concentrated sul- 

ff a pipet to urine already treated with 

tof nitrate of soda. The sulphuric acid 

Ifeo test-tube and produces cdior Isyers^ 

n's T\fst. A much «/:v 
f £>ast?d upon the s&nic prlfjcin?,^ , 

FtelKhmanQ*s Bisr'w.. A bufna fyln^ In the sublin^iuil apocr 

beneath Ihe frenum linguic. Its existemcc is disputed. 
Flesh. The soft tissues of the body. F^ Pioad, tho too Iinjaivuit 

granulatioti of a wound, 
JPlei, Jttks, To bend. 

FlexihiUta«, Jleks-4h-il' 'it-OS. Flexibility, F. cc rea, a cataleptic 
condition in which the Hmbs remain fixed as th»»y are placed. 
Fleiihie^^Jlgks*'ib'L That which may be bent. 
Flejdoo, fiek'-shnn. The process of bending. 
Flexor, Jigks'-or, A muscle that bends or flexes a part. S<c 

Muscles, Table of, 
Flexura^ JUfks-u*-ra}u A bending or curve m an organ. 
Flexure, JUsks'-ur, A bonding. F., Cau'daU the bend at thr 
^_ lower portion of the embryo. F., Cephalic or Cra'nial* tk 
^m arch at the cephalic end of the embryo. F.» Sig'nioid, the beno | Floof«9celn, FhifH 
^H in the colon betweeai the descending portion and thetjrecium. J Fbthalic acxd 
^m FUndt-Koplik*8 Sign. See Koplik's Spots, 
^H Flint Disease^. Chalicosis. 

^r Flint's Arcade\ The arteriovenous arch around the baae of Ih* 

W lenal pyramids. F**b Mur'mur, a second systolic murmu: 

^ heard over the apex in cases of marked dilatation of the WB- 

tricle from aortic ttjsofficiency. 

FtoaticKt Jldi'-ing, Free to move about, F. Al^buiiiiiu See 

(AlbmnU^ Circulating, F. Kld'oey, a movable or misplacd 
kidney, F. Liv'er. See Liveu F. Hlfa^, tho free rib©— the 

two lower pairs, F, Spleen. See Spleen. 
FloccilatloQ, Floccltation, Jiok-sil-a' -shun, Jlck-sU-cf-ihrnn. Car 

phology, q. v. 
FloccuIence» fioi/-H^Uns, Flakinesa. 
Flocculent, Jhk'-n-lent. Containing fihreds; flaky. 
Flocculus, Jlak'-U'lus. A Email lobule of the cerebellum, 
Floegel's Lay'er. The layer of granules in the transpartot 

lateral disc of a muscle-fibril. 
Ftoodlns, Jlud^'ing. Copious hemorrhage from the uterus. 
Flood's I/i^amenti The glenohumeral Hgament. 
Floor Cells, flor. The cells found in the floor of Corti'a ajreh. F» 

of the Per vis, the united mass of tissue formiag the iaimSot 

boundary of the pelvis. 
Florence's Crys'tals. Brown crystals, in the shape of neadks or 

plate^» obtained by treating semen with a strong solutioo of 

iodin and potassium iodid (Floi^nce's Reaction); they are also 

formed In the secretions of the prostate^ uterus, vagina, ett. 

F.*B Reac'tlon. See above. This is not wholly reliAblc'«l • 

teat for human spermatic fluid, since the crystals cma sJao bt 

fouad in the spermatic fluid of animals. 
^ouno's Dac^triae, A theory that the whole of the c«i«braiii U 
coacamed in evTjry psychic process, 
if»ZyZ ^ ^^'^^^' Sulphur sublimattim. q. v. 

Ibid, itfi'-itt. 

one another; ) 
gaseous. F.^ 
and the pia i 
thine, the 
flnidoonoe, ^M 
FIttidnun, ^u-i 
of distilled ^ 

0»ukii, a fluksBJ 


rfaftocescence. >2ji] 

latte (or color)] 

coated with ai| 

Fluorid* ^'-or-id 

Fltt'orin. An el^ 

Sec ElementStl 
plaoroU jf«'-or-i 
Fltiorometert Jli*| 

tn skiagraphy^ 
Ffaiaroacope^ Jld 

fluorescent scfl 
Fbsoroscopy, fim 

hy a fluoresocjl 
Flnorphtfnytol* , 

Flttz;* ^M^i. 1. , 
Al^vine, dianft 
floz'ion. 1, Tl 
fljr^ixiK'hllster . 
Focal. /o'-Aed. 
oi an objecti 
tlie distance! 
I^sionr a la 
FocoA, f^4 
oooc^ve mil 
f ^olcitlnm, /ii 

wave-hke moU^g^ ^ciiiJQdiii^yak 



mbitance whoae moleculet move freely up«« 
iquid siecretton of the bcx3y. 2. LiQuid or 
jlo'ic, the fluid contents of the alljLatois Ftp 
I liquor filUag the cavity of the Amnion, F^ 
I fluid between the arachnoid membrane 
, F. Bi'tract. See Extract, F.. L»byrlii'^ 
IDph. F., SutMtracb'nold. Same m F,, 

ju'. A liquid measure, etgbt fluid rams. 
f, A liquid measttre equuling 5&,V^ grains 

jpmatode worm. ¥*, Busk% FatthtopsU 

pd m the a mail intttstine iti British India. 
I Lrcukorrhea, 4. v. 

B, Jtuar-^s'-iin , fi» orWin. CioHiiOs . H sO. 
^drid fused with reaorcio; it is used in 

f-9ns. Power of a body to change wave* 
yht i»asamg through it, F. Screen, a screen 
Ha which fluoresce when exposed to X-raya. 
i compound of fluorin and a base. 
|t resembling chlorln in cbemic prGpertic&. 

?aP. Sodium fluorid, an antiseptic. 
ft'-ft'tr. A device for adjustiDg the shadow 

p-^dp. The instrument for holding tb« 

m X-ray examination. 

^-kO'pe^ Process of examining the tissues 


h/en*-etd (C^H^P)*, A calmative &n$ 

|i in whooping-cough, 

totcri'. 2. A liquid flow or discharge. F,, 

|F., Blood'yp dysentery, 

Iheringof fluid in any one part» 3. Catarrh* 

r. Cantharidal blister, 

pster japidly moved from place to place. 

piing to the focus. F. Depth, the capacity 

LdeHne objects out of focus. F, J)i8'tAoC8« 

jpe center of a lens or mirror to its focus. F, 

[the spinal cord or brain limited in extent. 

|he principal seat of a disease. 2. The 

|ys made convergent by a convex lens or a 

t*m. A genus of plants; fennel. 

!», VariatjOBS in th^ HsuaJ 6eldt the 
«r AaeaTtljug as iM^y 4Ijt? determined by 
\tit^ c&aiar ou£n'Ard or from without tf>. 
^*v M&ffa in traamsitic neuroses. 


Tcttaa, f^-tus. See Fetus. F. papyra'ceus, a dead fetus flattened 
by the living twin. 

Fold, /did. A plication or doubling of various parts of the body. 

"BoWa, f(/-le-ah. Plural of Folium, q. v. 

Folian Proc'ess, /(/-le-an. The slender process of the malleus. 

Folium. 1. A leaf. 2. One of the many folds of the cerebel- 
lum. F. cacu' minis, a lobule on the upper surface of the ytt- 
mis. F. ver'mis, the terminal lobule in the superior worm of 
the cerebellum. 

Follicle, /o/'-«^-/. A small secretory cavity or sac. F., Hair, the 
depression containing the root of the hair. F., hyxnph, collec- 
tions of adenoid tissue in mucous membranes. F., Seba'ceooii 
one of the sacs beneath the skin, secreting the oily fluid that 
softens the skin. F., Soritary, one of the small, discrete, 
lymph-follicles found in the intestinal mucous membrane. 

FoUiclis, fol'-ik-lis. A skin disease of tubercular subjects cha^ 
acterized by a macular eruption which later becomes nodular 
and then pustular. 
I Follicular, /7MA:'-«-/ar. Containing folliclos. F. Tu'mor, seba- 
i ceous cyst. 

Folliculitis, fol-ik-u-lV-tis. Inflammation of one or more follicles. 
F. tMu/bse, inflammation of the hair follicles of the beard; 
sycosis. F. decal'vans, inflammatory disease of the hair 
follicles resulting in patches of baldness. 

Folliculose, fol-ik-u-los. Full of follicles. 

Fomenta'tion. The application of warm liquids to the body. 

Femes, fd-mez. Any porous substance absorbing contagium. 

Fomites, fd-mxt-ez. The plural of Fomcs, q. v. 

Fons pulsatil'is, fonz. The name for the anterior fontanel. 

Fontana's Bands. The wa\'y arrangement presented by nerve- 
fibers, which lie alongside each other in loose spirals, in places 
where considerable mobility is possible. F.'s Spa'ces, the 
minute spaces occupying the angle of the iris and conununi- 
cating with the aqueous chamber and Schlemm's canal. 

Fontanel, Fontanelle, fon-tan-cV . A membranous space at the 
junction of the cranial bones in an infant, due to incomplete 

Fonticulus, /e7m-/iV-u-/m5. 1. A fontanel. 2. An issue. 

Food. Any substance which, when introduced into the body, 
is capable of being utilized for the growth and the repair c^' 
the tissues. 

Foot. The organ at the extremity of the leg. F.-clo'nus. See 
Ankle Clonus. F., Fun'gus. See Madura Foot. F.-phenom'- 
enon. See Ankle Clonus. F.-pound, the force required to 
raise a pound to the height of one foot. F. -re' flex. See AM» 

^oot-and-mouth Disease'. A contagious disease of anhsaU 

^rfr«/ by formation of veelcles in the mouth and oa tba 

in Knee* Periostitis from ovenise of the extensors of 

kK Presen taction. Labor in which the fetal feet present* 
^^foT-af-men, A passage or an opening. F., Aor'tlc, an 
Ing m the diaphragm transmitting the aorta. F., A''pical« 
nas^ge at the end of the root of a tooth for the neural 
ly to the dental pulp, F^ Arach'noid, an opening in the 
of the fourth ventricle. F., Aud'itoiy, Extei^nql^ the 
n&l meatus of the auditory canal. F., Aud'itory^ Interl- 
ine in the petrous bone transmitting the auditory and 
; Bierrves, F. cncuxn^ (1) one between the frontal bone and 
Tista galli of the ethmoid; (2) (of oblongata) one in a 
ession at the tennination of the anterior median fissure; 
e in the mucous membrane in the median line of the pos- 
• wall of the pharynx; (4) one at the posterior termination 
e median raphe of tongue. F., Con'dyloid^ Ante'rior, a 
ge in the occipital bone for the hypoglossal nerve. F., 
tylold, Poste'riof, the fossa behind the occipital condyles. 
kt'yloid. See Cotyloid. P., Deu'tal, Infe'rior, the external 
arc of the inferior dental canal in the ramus of the lower 

F^ Esopba'geal, passage for the esophagus through the 
irasm. F.,Eth'moid, ADte'rior.a canal between the ethmoid 
frontal bones. F., Fron'tal, the supraorbital notch, F., 
lor» aperture of the incisor canal in the^ alveolar margin, 
l&iorl}itid, passage for the infraorbital nerve and arter>% 
terTentric'ttlare, the foramen of Monro, q. r. F., later- 
itlDftl* passage for the spinal nerves between the 
iM of adjacent vertebras. F., Ju'gular. See F., Lac- 
I, Posterior. F, jugula're spv'rium, a foramen in the 
Dta! bone of the embryo transmitting a vein from 
lateral sinus to the external jugular. F,, Lacera'ted, 
rior. Same as Fissure, Sphenoid. F,, Lacera'ted« 
tloi, an opening for the carotid artery between the apex of 
letrous bone and the great wing of the sphenoid. F., 
■'ted, Poste'rior, the space formed by the jugular notches 
e temporal and occipital bones. F. mag' Dam, See F., 
tkil. F., Mas' told, small aperture behind mastoid proc- 
F.| Mad'uUary, the canal conveying the nutrient vessels 
6 medullary cavity of a bone. F,^ Mea^tal» opening in 
3irer jaw for mental nerves and vessels. F., Nu^trletlt* 
"., Medullary. F., Obtura'tor, the large aperture between 
Bchium and pubis. F., Occip^itai a large hole in the 
Ital bone through which the oblongata is continuous with 
;>lTial cord. Y^^ Olfac'tory, many foramens in the cribri- 

plate of the ethmoid. F., Op'tlCg passage at apex of 
for the optic nerve and ophthalmic attet^, 15. aNtf\*» 
•ea/ opening between the aur\c\es oi V\ve \vca.w 
» opentng in the great wing ot tVie «^\vctvov^ ^^^^ 
vid ArUries. F., Pal'aHne, Ant^rtoT, 1.^ o^*«mV»«. S» 



anterior part of roof of mouth for nerve and arl«y. Ii 
Pal'atine, Poste'rior, the orifice of the postericxr palatine arf 
upon the hard palate. F., Pari'etal» one near tha poi^ 
superior angle of the parietal bone. F., PterygopaFttfi^^ 
external aperture of the pterygopalatine canaL F.« QmIM 
passage in the diaphragm for inferior vena cava. F.Hrtarfi* 
a round aperture in great wing of sphenoid bone for tlieii9ai< 
maxillary nerve. F., Sa'cral, Ante'rior, apertures, fooroBfliA 
side, on the anterior surface cif the sacrum, connectiiig^ 
the sacral canal. F., Sa'cral, Poste'rior, apertuxes, four oovA 
side, on the posterior surface of the sacrum, connecting iriA 
the sacral canal. F., Sacrosciaf ic. Great, the oval qwoetR- 
tween the lesser sacrosciatic ligament and the h 
bone. F., Sacrosciaf ic, Small, the space between the 
and lesser sacrosciatic ligaments and the part of the iiiiiiiiiiii^ 
bone between the spine and the tuberosity of the itddaii 
F., Sphenopal'atine, the space betw^een the sphenoid and otUbl 
processes of the palate bone. F. spino' stunt pasaa^e m V^ 
wing of sphenoid bone for the middle meningeal artery. '« 
Supraor'bital, a groove, sometimes converted into a fomDOii 
in the superior margin of the orbit transmitting the wp* 
orbital vessels and nerve. F., Thy'roid, (1) one in ^ *1^ 
of the thyroid cartilage. (2) See F., Obturator^ F^ ▼•'" 
tebral, the space between the body and arch of a Trertdbi^ 
F., Vertebrarte'rial, foramens in the transverse proc e —d ^ 
the cervical vertebras, for the vertebral artery and vein. 

Force, fdrs. That which produces or arrests motion. Ii 
Electromo'tive, the force producing an electric cttrrent. 

Forced Teedfing, fdrst. Compulsory feeding, as of the innae. 

For'ceps. 1 . Pincers, a two-bladed instrument for extracting, t^ 
2. The curved bundles of fibers passing from the callosum to 
the hemispheres. F., Alve'olar, forccijs used in removing po^ 
tions of the alveolar process. F., Ante'rior, the forceps miflOr, 
q. V. F., Axis-trac'tion, an obstetrical forceps specially ooa* 
structed to enable pulling in the direction of the pelvic Mri*- 
F., Bone, a forceps used for cutting bone. F., Den'tal. forcepi 
used for the extraction of teeth. F., Dress'ing, forceps used 
for handling surgical dressings. F., Ep'ilating, forceps for 
pulling out hairs. F., Fixa'tion, forceps for holding structure! 
in a fixed position during an operation. F.. Hdm c ma t% 
forceps used in compressing bleeding vessels. F., Obstelfllcil* 
forceps used for extracting the fetus. F. ma'jor^ a curved 
band of fibers passing from the splenium to the occipital lobe. 
F. mi'nor, a curved band of fibers passing from the genu rf 
the callosum to the frontal lobe. F., Poste'rior, the loicflpi 
major, g. v. F., Roa^geuT. See Rongeur. 

^orcfpate, /o/st-pdi. Shaped like forceps. 

v^c^regsujv. The arrest of minor hemorrhage by 


Ann oetween tue wrist and elbow- 
'^hrdn. See Prosencephalon, 
bavHty in the raiied cephalic cod of the embryo, 
^ An irritant subitance in a wound or cavity, 
l»'-jt*. Pertaining to a court of law. F, Med'icine, 

'S\in. The prepuce, g. t , 
if-fWti-A'ijr Formaldehyd 'gelatin, 
pi Tegineo'tal Decutut'tiozi* Cro«aiiig of the imct 
{p nucleua and the rubro-»pinal tract to the opposite 

siiyv. The elongated and enlarged kidneys of 


ftta-jtn, A dental cement. 

\L CH«(OCPh}2. An anesthetic and hypnotic. 

CH}0. A gas possessing powerful disinfeC' 
iies. F.>ca'Bein« a compound of formaldehyd 

it )s a.n inodorous surgical antiseptic. F. 
rlhydraztn has been proposed by Vttali as h | 
oaldehyd. A mixture of the two gives rise to a 
loration; eventually a yellowish deposit is pre- 
ion the sides of the teat -tube. In concentrated 
rbucbidlty appears immediately. In solutions of a 
^HO the reaction occurs after a few seconds; in 
PWln 1 minute; in those of 1 : 10,000* in 5 minutn; 
\ 100,000, in 2 to 3 hours. See also Kenimann, 
rmal'tH, Proprietary name for forty per cent, 
ition of formaldehyde 
L propiietar>' diatooiaceouB earth cont«d<iing 

r-mam*-id. CHOCNHa). One of the amide, 
CaH*NH(HCO). An antipyretic and a local anes* 

IN^t A salt of f onnic acid . 

rls. An intcrrat ogling of oblique and longi- 
resembling a net- work in certain parts of the 
id- brain, and pons, 

ydt foZ-mat-iv, See Formaldgkyd, F. Cells, 
Us beneath the hypoblast. F, Yotk« the part of 
the embryo, 
iripfectant dusting-powder. 
mjform friit. Incomplete forms of Craves' 

^Bee Formaidehyd. 

H^sisation as of ants creeping over the body. 

i xijutjfoa of /imuMJcfa^yd mod aUc/tim chloridi 

A mixture a/ /ormji/dcJtyd^ tJtymof 


zinc cndd, tiiia sisreB ■ iv ts used ror pn 

ToT^ molt forvwl. Sairje as Formalin, 

Formopy'rin. A combination of antipyna and formaJdehyd* 

FormulA, foZ-fttu-tak, I, A prescribed method, 2. A concise 
sUtement of the composition of a body, 3, A recipe. 

FonnuUry, foZ-mu-la-rt. A collection of farmulas. 

Fonnyl Iodide for^fnU-V-o-did, Iodoform. 

Fornicate CoovOlu'tion, for'-nik-Ht. See Gyrtis fomicafnts. 

"EoraizoXumjif for*-%ie-kolnm. Anterior pfllat of fomiic 

Fornix, /ff/ -niks. An arch ed portion of the brain composed of thft 
two hippocamps and their rcapective fimbriae. 

Fortificatioa Spec'tmm, /or-Ziy-iJ^-a'-jAww, See Teichopsia. 

Fossa* /oy^o^ A depression, furrow, or sinua. P., Acetmb'ular, 
one at the bottom of the acetabulum. P., Amyg'daloid, the 
depression for the lodgment of the tonsil. F,, Amecw'bittl, th* 
depression in front of the elbow. P., Ca'nisc, a depression on 
the external surface of the superior maxilla. F- capltel'ti, one 
for the head of the malleus. P., Cor'onoid, a depression to 
the humerus recci^'ing the coronoid process of the ulna, F^ 
Cra'xual, any one of three depressions in the base of the skull 
for the lobes of the brain. F. cya'tidis fel'leae, depression in iho 
Hver in which is lodged the gall-bladder. F.» Disas'trlc, a deep 
groove on the inner aspect of the mastoid process. P., Dfg'ital. 
Same as F., Trochanteric. P., Floc'cular, the F. suhar€ua\a 
in the child in whom it is larger, F.* Glcn'oid, one in the tem- 
poral bone receiving the condyle of the low er jaw. F, hel'lcift, 
a furrow between the hcUx and antihelix. F. hemiellip'tica, th« 
uppermost of two recesses In the forepart of the cavity of the 
vestibule. F, hemisphBer^ica, the lower recess in the forepart 
of the vestibule. P^ Hy'aloid, a hollow for the lens in th« 
anterior surface of the vitreous body. F, ileocseca'Us in^fimiu 
a small peritoneal pouch between the ileum and the cecum. 
F^ Beocoric,. a furrow in the peritoneum behind the ileo- 
colic fold. F., D'iaCj Exter'nal. the outer surface of the ilium. 
P., fi'iac. Inter' nal, wide depression on the inner surface of the 
ihum. P., Infraclavic'ular, one below the clavicle. F. In- 
nomina'ta, a shallow depression between the false vocal band 
and the a rytenoepi glottic fold. F. interpeduncular ris, a dcipp 
groove in the anterior surface of the mid -brain, F., Intersis'* 
moid, & depression on the lower surface of the mesosigmoid. 
P., Ischiorec'talt a hollow between the rectum and the tuberos- 
ity of the ischium, F,, Lacrimal, one in the orbital plate of 
frontal bone receiving the lacrimal gland. F. mandibula'ris. 
See F., Glenoid. F. ttavicula^ris, (I) the dilatation of the 
urethra in the gla^ns penis; (2) a hoUow between the vmginnt 

sj^erture and the faurchet; (3) one between the cram of Ibe 
sne/helfx. F, anHcuIa'ris auHc'uUc, fossa ot the Yie\ix. t. 
^rtcttJa^ris lArmge^i, one in the mucoua mem\jTM\« <A 
iarynx. F^ na^culn'iia luv'tlinB. » widening tA tb) 



k ■ fhb glan« v^^^- ^* BftTletdft'rb tuI'ta, oat 

he fourchct and the etitranL:^ of the vagifiH. F# 

» In right auricle of heart, the remainB of the oval 

yt fetus. F»» Panduod'enal, a peritcneal pouch 

»e mesocokin and alongside the duodentim. F* 

Hi* A depression in the peritoneum on the side of the 

F. fwraveslca'lis, one on either side of the bladder. 

Hi* See F., Hyaloid, F^ Pitu'itary^ & hoUaw in the 

^Qne lodging the pituitary body. F. rhomboide''a, 

pi tb© fourth ventricle of the brain. F. tul»arcua'U, 

i pOBterior surface of the petrous portion of the lem- 

l»e. F., Sublin'gual, a hollow on the inside of ihf^ 

Jf-bone containing the sublingual gland. F*, Sub- 

the hollow on the inside of the lower Jow-bcTio 

the submaxillary gland. F., Subaig'ttioid, also 

sigmoid fo&sa, a pouch of peritoneum between the 

mesocolon and the mesosigmoid. F», Trocluin 

Jow at the base of the inner surface of the great 

of the femur. F. trochlea'ris* a depresaon in 

bone for the pulley of the superior oblique muscle. 

.fftCa a cavity below and on the inner aide of the 


§0tH,fos-4ff, 1. A dimple; & small depression. 2. 
t deep ulcer of the cornea, 
petroletim product similar to vaseUo* 
small fossa. 
iJaaease^. Neuiulgia of the trigeminus. F.'s Sore* 

Kmtivo angina of severe scarlatina (scarlatina 
't>V-on(i)i Overwhelming, 
Fourchct tCp foor-shct. A transverse fold of mucous 
connecting the posterior ends of the labia xnino!ra. 
eth'od of Treaf^ing Syph'ilis. The alternate adminis- 
mercury for two months and rest from mercurial 
n for a month or more, this treatment being kept 
'era! yeara. 

*«'• An aHection reftembltng measles aud acarlet 
I nerve» the trochlear ner\'e. F» Ven'trlcle, a space 
Ihe cerebellum and pons and medulla. 
/^^* A small fossa or depression. F, centra' lis 
S^^^all depression in the macula, lutca. F. hemi- 
^^ee Fossa humieliipiica. F. bemlipbKr'ica. See 
pharica, F. infe'rior, a depression at the apex of 
vagi. Ft inguliuL'Us latera'lig, the external 
. F. ingtiinalis mesia'^Us, the middle ingMiuul 
HUr'aM^ M saifd/aa depresssoa betvfcea the 
^jfdTi/crmSJa, JR, ^Maxir'^t a sfutj/ow depressjon on 
^^fAc& of the mryt&iofd c^rti/ases. F. phar- 
' ' is the median I/ae oC tjw 







pttarynx. P* supe'rior, a deprenion mt tha end of tlie 
Umitans on the floor of tho fourth ventricle. F. luvn- 
Tesica'lls, the internal inguinal fofl8a« F. tiUncula^i]^ & 
deep depression on the external surface of the arytenoid 
cartilages. F. trochlea'ris, a hollow in the orbital pktt 
of the frontal bone for the trochlea of th« auperior oh&nvi 
Foreate, ftZ-w-dt. Pitted. 

Foref'ok, A small fovea or depreoaion, F. coccyse^a, a small 
depression back of the anuti. F* grrttntila'ria, any one of the 
Bmall pits in the cranial bonea produced by the Pacduon- 
ian bodies. F. radialiB^ a depression between the tendtMi 
of the extensors of the thumb when those musctea are coo- 
tracted. F. retroana^liB, the foveola coccygea, F* trlaa* 
gula'ris, a triangular depression between the anterior pilliti 
of the fornix. 

' #«wlcr*8 Posi'tion. See Position, F/a Solu'tion, a solution otm- 

{^ » taining arsenious add, potassium bicarbonate » and tincture 

H|| of lavender; liquor potassii araonitis. 

^f Fozglovtr/oks^-glnv. See Digitalis, 

^ Fractional Cultiva'tion, frak' -skun-at. The Ciiltivation of one 
microorganism from a growth of scveraL F, DlitUla'tion* the 
sepanatioa of a complex substance by successive distillation*. 
Fracture, fra¥-€:hilr. The breaking of a bone, F.-box, a box to 
support a broken limb. F-i Coiia'mlnuted« fracture with shatter- 
ing of the bone. F,, Complete^, entirely through the bone. P^ 
Com'plicated, one with injury of adjacent parts. Fi# Com- 
pound V with a communicating wound of the skin. F* Iry 
Con'tre-coup, fracture of skull at another point than theona 
struck, usually opposite. See Cotitre-amp, F,, Depreneil', 
one with the fractured part depressed below the normal levol. 
F», Double* one bono fractured in two places. F.-fe?er, 
fever due to fracture of a bone. F., Formed, a fracture su^ 
gesting the instrument that caused it, F., Green' -«tick* one 
tide of the bone ia broken, the other bent. F., Impac'ted. 
one with compression of the fragments into each other. F,. 
ZnterperioB'teaL Same as F., Green-stick. F., Sim'ple, fracture 
without rupture of the overljang akin. F., Spi'ral, one pro- 
duced by twisting a long bone, F. Sponta'neous, one due 
to slight force, as when there is disease of the bone. Fh 
Troph'ic, one caused by trophic disturbance, F., XJaimi'led;, 
one in which bony union haa failed. 
Fraenkel't Glands, Minute glands opening immediately ht^arn 
the edge of the vocal cords, F*'b Leuke'mla, acute leukemia 
with l&rge mononuclear lytapbocyUia, F.*« Diplococci]a» the 
p/ieunjococcus. See Micrococci^ Tah\« of, 
FrAgillULE, fraj-il'-U-ai, Britt\enesa . "? . ctVrf Vxao, \«vi(iCi«Bwa A 
the hair. F. os'sium. brittl&Tvesa ol t^e Y>at\«A, 
*Wmen*atJon,/rag-f«4r«-to' s^un A aubd\>Aswnv\xiite>l^«BD««e 


[jram-ht^'se-ak. Yawt. A contwou^ 
) with r»5pb©rry'likc tubcrcJe«. 

the bark of Rhamnm ffaHKMid. 

, purRBtive glucofiid from franinila, 

on. The ganglion ccrvicale, a duster •! 

tide of the neck of the uterus, 
See Olibanum. 
hin. Bifocal glasses, 
fetatic or frictional electricity. F. Reaef * 
fk rare form of reaction id deRencnitioti 
Ittricity and similar to that obtained h^ 

tp. Taite. an acid taste perceived on 
Die of the electrode of the tstatic mftchin# 

Incnt by rtatic electricity. 

(ionic alkaloid from Frasrra catoiinimsis. 

I^k lines in the solar ftpcctrum. 

fioHiOj, of ftaxin. 
glucosid from F raxing w^ctUior, 
tme aa Mannii*, 
ea. the a«K F, america'na. white aih; 
fcnenorrhea. F. exceKsior. European a«h; 
li^ood are medicinaL 

feticm of the heart -sounds over the whole 
perforative peritonitis with escape of gaa 

tg. A mixture for piod vicing extreme 
ipcfaturc at which a liquid freezes, 
^pable vibration ♦ as of the chest- walla. 
huiion. F^ Hydatid, %'ibration felt in 
(iatid cyst. F., Rbon'chal. \'ibTationa 
^ of air through a large bronchial tube 
i.» Tac'tUe, thrill felt by the hand applied 
ton speaking. F., Tus'tlve, thrill felt by 
b the chest of a person coughing. F., 
|iy speftking and conveyed to the ear of the 

Sshed tone (hypotonia) of the muscles of 
I in tabes dorsalis. 

lenum. F. of Glacosnlnl, a rikrrow band 
bd the dentate fascia. F. val'vuhe co'li, 
^s ridge on either side of the ileocecai 
I upper thickwied part of the valve of 

psbmfjs at^iiW J^^ » check. F. cUtor^MiM, 
|» membrarte coming from the nymphst 
Ifer tJic fftans af the clitiin's, P, ta'hii 
% falds €^ mucous raembfuoe m th» 





modtan line tLnitiOET each Ii|i to the ooirespofidinff gam, 
Ubio^rum puden'di. the fourcbet, F. lia'gtue, a fold of mucotta 
membrane under the tongue. F. preepu'dj^ fpGnum uniUnS 
the prepuce to the glans penis. 

Freoiy* frtn'ze. Viokat mania. 

Fret. An abrasion; a chafing; herpes. 

Fretum, fr^4um. A conatrictioo, F, hal'led, the constrictioQ 
found between the ascending limb of the ventricul&r loop mxsA 
the agrtic bulb in the ernbr>'onic heart. 

Freund's Law. In the progress of their growth ovarian tumors 
undergo changes of position: (l) While pelvic, they show a ten- 
dency to grow downward behind the uterus; (2) when they 
have risen out of the pelvis » they tend to fall forward toward 
the abdominal wall. 

Friable,, fri'-ab-L Easily broken or pulvcriJtcd. 

Friar's Bal'samt fri^-ars. The compound tincture of benzoin. 

Friction, frik^'shun. The act of rubbing; attrition. F. Frets'ltui, 
a thrill of the chest-wall produced by the rubbing together 
of two dry roughened surfaces* such as the parietal and 
visceral pleuras. F. Mur'mur, or Sound, a rubbing sound 
produced by the conditions described under F. FTemiiu-s, 

Fiicdonal Elcctric'ity, /riAr' -^^tioi-a/. Static electricity. 

[Friedlaeader's Decid'ual Cells. The large connective- tissue cells 
of the uterine mucosa that form the compact layer o£ the utenoe 
decidua. F**« Disease', oblltcrative arteritis. 
FriedmaDD^s Vaaomo'tor Symp'tom-complex. A train of symp- 
toms following injury to the head, consisting of headache, 
vertigo, nausea, and intolerance of mental and physical ext^ 
tions and of galvanic excitation; it is occasionally a^ociated 
with ophthalmoplegia and mydriasis. These phenomena 
may subside and recur with greater intensity, with 
fever, unconsciouaness, and paralysis of the cranial nerves, 
ending in fatal coma. They are probably due to an encepha- 
litis of slow development w ith acute exacerbations. 
Friedreich's Change of Pitch, At the height of deep inspiration 
the tympanitic sound over puhnunary cavities becomes higher 
in pitch. F/a Disease', (1) hereditary ataxia; (2) paramyo- 
clonus multiplex. F/s Foot, pes cavus, with h>*perextcnsioo 
of the toes, observed in hereditary' ata:xia. F«*B Sign, diaatoliL' 
collapse of the jugular veins in adherent pericardium. 
Frlgorlfic, frigpr-if'-ik. Producing cold. F» Jferve, the vaso 

constrictor nerve. 
Frigotherapy, Stig-o-ther'Hip-e, The treatment of disease by 

Ftoehde*g Reac^doo for Prt/teids, A dark-blue coloration fc 
produced by heating a solid proteid With sulphuric acid 
tAining njqiybdic acid, 
^f"**^5'' ^^^^'^^^^ Tytnpany of a child's abdomerv. f .- 
¥ce. ^ distonioa of the /ace irom a swelling ot tumor, 

of hydroc 
muLh aubi 
and heate 


cyUnder c 

silver aiiT 

prommet'* T 

alkaline b 

of a I0p« 

and wane 

ih« fluid ' 


Froo'tad. ' 

Frontal, /»-« 

bone of tl 

F. Sin'ofl* 





parietat 1 



Froat-lap < 

nemius ' 


Frori«p'i i 

in count 



Irwne c 



line Ici* 



I ol potassium iodid and 10 c.c. 
to 1.6 srams of freshly precipitated btrv 
bich bAB been tr^at«d with 20 c.c. of watef 
I boiling-point. 

Transverse strias appcaHn^ in the axi»> 
near Ranvier's nodes on treatment with 

jic'etone. Render 10 c.c. of urine strongly 
of potassium hydratef. add 10 to 12 drops 
ution of salicybldehyd in absolute alcohol. 
urc to about 70* C, If acetone be present 

yellow, then red, purplish -red, and, on long 

^ frontal aspect, 
kinins to the anterior part. F* Bon«, the 
F. Sec'tioUt a transverse vertical section. 
;Bes in the frontal bore, 

ng to the frontal and malar bones, 
lelating to the frontal bone and tb** uppci 

Prif^t-aL Relating to the frontal and 
H^pof-aL Relating to the frontal and 

tfrwaf'^tap. Ccmtmctton of the ^Mtfoo* 
the muscles of the front of the leg are 

ii rudimentary RanftHon occasionally found 
Jione or more of the roots of the hypoglossal 
^'tton» myositis fibrosa, 
\ Aft injury to the skin or a fiart from tx- 

fsUus hifmalis, 

P^rult-cugar; levolose. 

tf^-re^ah. FmitHSugar in rhe unne. 

Hoped ovary of a plant; also the offspring of 

^ small cresccntic defect of the uhoroid at 
ii the optic disc. F,*s Op 'tic At'ropby, per- 
kihe bundles composing the optic nerve, 
psamlin hydrochlorid, a staining agent. 
iboph'Uous. Stain able with fnchsin. 
marine algae. F. cria'pus. Same as Cfiow 
bBk used as an alterative and a tonic. 
iOj. An oily compound from fucus. 

kji>j- A/ba ^mio. OelA tin cspsuJas holding 
w^tJjift? ah/onVJ Mtid sodium chloiid with 
«** ^ds Mnd irnrcHiuced into Me- urine. 


causes a cloudiness or tiocculent precipitate in the piasence Oi 
albumin. F/s Sign, a subphrenic abscess may be cUitiih 
guished from a collection of pus above the diaphreigm by the 
transmission, in case of the former, of the respixatory move- 
ments to a needle inserted into the abscess. 
Fugitive, fii'-jit-iv. Wandering, as, e. g., a. pain. 
Fiikala's Opera'tion. Extraction of the crystalline lens in li^ 

degrees of myopia. 
Fulgurant, fuV-gu-rant. Severe and terrific. 
Ful'guratixig Pain. Pain in momentary exacerbations 
Fulguration, ful-gu-ra'-shun. 1. Lightning stroke. 2. Senn- 

tion of darting pain. 
Fullers Earth. Hydrous silicate of alumina. A soapy day 

formerly used as a bole. 
Ful'minant, Ful'minating. Occurring with sudden severity. 
Ful'minate. A compound of fulminic acid with a base. 
Fumigation, fu-mig-a'-shun. Exposure to disinfectant vapofS. 
*^ "fuming, fu'-ming. Smoking, as certain acids. 

•"unction, funk' -shun. The normal or special action of a part, 
""uncticnal, /«w^-5/iit«-a/. Pertaining to function. F. Di— W, 

the disturbance of the function of a part. 
Fundal, fun'-dal. Pertaining to the fundus. F. Placen'te, a 
• placenta normally attached near the uterine fundus. 
k Fundament, /zm'-ffaw-en/. 1. The base. 2. The anus. 
I Fundus, /Mn'-rfi*5. The enlarged portion of certain hollow organs. 
F. of Gall-bladder, the wide anterior end. F. Glands, micro- 
scopic tubular glands in the cardiac portion of the gastric mu- 
cous membrane. F. oculi, posterior and internal part of the 
eye. F. uteri, that portion of the womb cephalad from the line 
I joining the entrances of the oviducts. F. ventric'uli, the large 
rounded cul-de-sac cephalad to the cardia of the stomach, when 
the organ is dilated. 
Fungi, /««'-/*. A sectioii of saprophytic cryj^togams. 
Fungiform, Fungoid, fuu'-gif-orui, fun' -goid. Having the form of 
a mushroom. F. Papiiras, the reddish i)apillas of the tongue', 
larger than the cervical i.«ainllas. 
Fungosity, fitn-gos'-it-e. A soft excrescence. 
Fungous, /M«'-g«5. The .same as Fungoid, q. v. 
Fun.gUA,fun'-gus. Any one of the group of fungi. F.-foot. See 
Madura Foot. F. hsematoides, a bleeding and ulcerated 
vascular tumor. 
Funic, fu'-nik. Pertaining iw tl:o funiculus. F. Mur'mur, F. 

Souffle. See Umhilical Sonjjic. 
Funide, fu'-nik-l. A httle cord of aggregated libers. 
FuaicuJar,/u-Hik'-u-}ar. Pertaining to a funiculus. F. Har'llla, 
^*emia into the spermatic or nm/)iJical cord. F. Proc'ew* the 
peritoneal prolongation dcscendiuR with the testicle. 
^culitis,/u~Mf^-u-/f'-/ts. Inflammation of spermatic cord. 
tiucu/us, yu ,//X''-„./us. A conl-hke structure, as tVie »P«r- 

;na.tic cord 
jjj^ contin 

of thede 
media, ai 
tlie toeAi 

eased p6 




for Pf 



Furor oi 






of t 








11 cord; a Bmall bu»dle. F. cuoea^tu^ 
the oblongata of the postcrolatenii 
3f. gTtLc'UkHf the coatintmtioQ into tbe 
leromedian column of the cord. F« 
nerve 5bers in the medulla mad« up 
of the gloa^opiiATynceaJ, pan ititeiv 
K F. ter©», a column on each side of 
r of tli© fourth vtmtricle. 

of the lower part of the stemuio* 
^-breast. F.Hlrain'affr, drainage of did- 

ig of the tongue. 

forked elevation in the door of Uie 
joined clavictea of a bird? wUkhbOme* 

Resembling bran. 
A liquid from bran, aa|jar» oto. 

as FurfHraldehyd. F, Rettc'Hon 
16 produced on heating proteids with 

' liniment for gout and rheumatisiii. 
i Nymphomania. 
\ boil; a circumscribed abscess. 

Pertaining to a funmcle, F. 
bs Furunculasis, q. v 
"'-" See Fix% mrdvinatis. 

Pertaining to a furuncle, 
oic condition favoring bo{I-fonnation« 
A furuncle^ F. orienta'lii, a disease 
nt with a circtunsciibed lUcei: on the 
f the mouth, 
c pigment of the retina. 

I can be easily fused or melted. F» 
dus composed of triple phosphate and 

klndlfr-shaped. F. Z^b^ule, the inferior 
cess of Hquefying a solid by boat. 
PLagellation, as in massage. 
Yellow dye fiora Rhus e&tmms^ Ven« 


€ 4 





Gaboon^ fijjrk. A poisonous bark of unknown oHfio, 
Oftdberry'B Mix'^ture. A mixture containmg iron Bilite, 

quinin sulphate, nitric acid, and potassium nitrate, 
Gaitinin, gad'-iH-in, A poisonous ptomam from fi&hu 
Qjidaiii, gcuf-U'in. A fatty principle in cod -liver oil. 
GaduQl» gatf-u-ol. Same as Morrhud. 
Gadtift morrhuA, goff-us mor-u'-iili. Cod-fish. 
Gaertoerian Cyst. A cystic tumor developed from Gaertfler*! 

Gaertaer^i Duct. A tube extending from the broad ligament 
the walb of the utcniB and vagina during tntrautoiins life; it 
a vestige of the main portion of th© Wolffian duct. 
Gofsa But'Con^ gaf^-sah. See Fttruncutus oritn talis. 
Gag* An instrument to prevent closure of the jaws. 
|k\ Qfttacylr gi^-as-iL The calcium salt of guaiacol sulphonic add^ 
WJ it is a local anesthetic. 
^ GaiethoU gi'-etkol. See Guacikol, 

Gait, fiiif. A mode of walking or running:. G., Atax'ic, ttat it 

^^ which the foot is raided high and the whole sole at once stvilal 

^^ the ground suddenly. G.* Cereberiar, one with staggcrioi 

^^ movement. G., Cow, a swaying movement due to knock-kim 

G., Eq'uiaet that of peroneal paralysis in which the ioolU 

raised by flexing the thigh on the abdomen. G.* Frog* tlN 

hopping gait of infantile paTalysis. G., Spas^tic, that in wbi^ 

the legs are held together and move stifHy, the toes seesi 

■ to drag and catch, G., Step'page, that in which the toes 
lifted high and the heel brought down first, G., Wftd'lUIJi 
that of pseudohypertrophic paralysis, resembling the wj 
gait of a duck. 
Gdlactagog, gi^ak^-tag-og. An agent which stimulates ths Si^ 

of miik. 
Galac'tase. A proteolytic ferment of milk, 
CJatactamia, gal-ak-ti^-mw-uh. Milk ia the blood. | 

Galactia, gal-ak'-te-alu Defective or abnormal fiecretioa 


GalACtidroais^ gal-uk-ttdrc^sis. The sweating of milklike fluk 
Galactiii, gal-ak'-tm, CMllxsNiO^t. An alkaloid from milk<' 
Galactoblast, gal-ay-to-biast, A colostrum-corpuscle 
Galac'tcKele. A milk tumor; a cystic timaor of the 

Gaiactochtoral, ga-lak^to-klot^-^, CwHiChO*. A mixture 
^galactose and chloral, healed In presencft cA \LV&t«2tAa 
Mcid: it is similar to cWora\osc. 
GmUtctometer, gal-ak-tom' ^-^u See tactomMtr. 


uption 0ontain!xis milky Quid, 
Inflmnfiuition of milk-ducu 
or-us, Ao artificial nipple. 
b4hi*'Sis. Phthisis due to overlaclatioo. 
ifif-ig-MS. Retarding miUc-secretton, 
Pietioit of milk from an abnormal port, 

f-ife. The same aa Galactagog, q, v. 
h* Milk diet; the milk-cure. 
-tus. Milk- fever. 
An cxccsmve flow of milk. 
Sec Lactoscope, 
1^1 iO«. A cryatalline sug&r obtained by 
licids on lactoBe. 
I The Becretion of milk. 
ma/-is, 1. A suppression of the milk 
li of milk m a breast. 

tike/^ap-e, 1. The treatment of euek 
ered to the mother. 2. The milk-cui 
iO^ks'-iS'tntts. Intoxication by decom 


Ip^. The flame as Chyluria, q. v, 

pftie aromatic root of Alpinia galanga and 

^ed also China root. 

Innciple of galangal 

( A gum-resin fiom ferula ^ it is cxpector 

^ A proprietary substitute for iodoform. 
I amnion or caul. 2. A bandage for the 
!■« the apooeurosis connecting the occip- 

]^btrk^n*s Crypis. 

latation of the vena masna Galeni occur- 
% Bichat's fissure, between the splenium 
'0J. bodies. It receives. the two basilar 
feibral and cerebellar veim. 0.*fl Anasto- 
fve. G»*B Card' lac Vein, the anterior cax- 
bal vein. G,*s Chan'cre. See Celsm's 
|. Sec Botal's D%i€L G/a Fora'men, tJie 
|or cardiac vein in the right auricle. C,*i 
Bh of the superior laryngeal ncrv'e that 
jlterior surface of the cricoarytenoidcua 
lioses with the ascending branch of the 
pe. G/s Veiai* two large venous tninlot 
ll^bral veins: they ttnito to iorxn the vetiM 
aliens lat^ tbs straight sinus. G^'jg 

to C^^ea. G. Med'tcinea, those 


utteF the ^tttagOt of • i(»lv»Mc 

^o-ptmfik^^hilr^ Elect ropuncturr, « r 
netji for revealing the exMstencc of a 

,breical use of galvanism. 
huts' -is. Same as Galvanatropisfn. 
ihreatinent by means of galvanism. 
fc-tk^^-a-pt, Galvanotherapeutics. q, v. 
|dvanic production of hcut, 
I contraction from galvanism. 
^-ro-tntvt. The turning movements 
bundef the influence of an electric 

Ml South African disease of cattle due to 

^Me'dian Trijmg'ular Tract of. A part of 

feimedial tract of the epinal cord. 

ittn-rcsin from G<trcm4a hanburvi; it is a 

I cathartic. 

llexu&I reproductive body. 

It A cell different in appeorarce ff*>m 

llaU of the species and from which the 

p^'skis*'tmL A panwite of the eextml 

jjftiibiting alternation of generation, 

fc-muJ. Imptirfcct enunciatiot of (. 

gnia from disease of the ganglia 

III, Provided with ganglia. 

irm. Formed like a ganglion 

^blasi. An embryonic ganglionic cell, 

&, A little ganglion. 
. A fiweiiing of a lymphatic gland, 
If^ of Ganglia. 1. A semiindependent ner 
I enlarged lymphatic gl&nd. 3, An en- 
bdon or on an aponeurosis. G.r Autlc'nlai. 
%*%atlt those at base of cerftbrtun; they in- 
^ta. optic thalamic corpora geniculata, 
Ik, locus niger. and nuclei tegmcnti. G,, 
^ganglion of the superficial cardiac plexus 
l^be aorta, G,» Carot'id, one in the lower 
b sinus, G». Carol' id, Infe'nor, one in the 
barotid canal. G^ Carof id, Supe nor. one 
lof the carotid canal. G.i. Cepha* ic, «yra- 
1 the head; they bicJud^ the t>tic, cif^iy, 
VmubmAxiilAiT' ^*' Cer'^cMl, InWtkw, 
Wthc Srse rib Mnd t/w Cia fts^ll*^se proccag 
^, <Z, Cer'Hcal Mitt die, iliat oppt>, 
Bbnt. XMMT i/te^ fa/enor tbsnoid J^rttvy, 


ccndcal vertebras. G», Ccr'vicAl, of U tenia, that n«ir the 
vix uteri. G., Cil'iary, that in the posterior part of the c 
G»# Coccyy'eal^ that on the anterior surface of the tip d 
ccKiC3^x, G., G«.sse'naa. SocGasserian. G., Geojc'ulate, a g 
liform enlargement of the seventh nerve in aqueduct of F 
pius, G., HeiMit'iCr one around the hepatic artery. O. 
par. Same as G., Coccygeal, G*» Infe'rior (of vagus), one 
the jugular foramen. G^ Inframax'illary, Anterior, one 
the incisor teeth. G*, Inframiis'iUAry, Poste'rior, one nea 
last molar tooth. G., Intercarofic, one connected witll 
carotid plexus at the bifurcation of the common carotid si 
O^ Inrerpedun'cular- See Cuddetii Ganglion. G^ Ju^i 
(1) One in the upper part of the Jugular foramen; (2) onei 
jugular forameiu G., Lentic'ular. ^cgG., Ciliary. Oi^t 
goal. See G., Subwarilhry. G.b, Lum'bar (four or five 
each side and behind the abdominal aorta. G*« Lymplii 
any lymphatic glands G., Meckers. See G.^ Spkena 
tine. Q*, Mesenter'iCp. Infe'dort one in the inferior meaei 
artery. G», lieaenteT'ic, Lateral, one in connection wilb 
perior mesenteric plexus on left side, G., Meaenter'ic, B 
rior, one near the origin of the superior mesenteric artery. 
Ha'sal. See G,, Sphenopalatine. G» Nodo'sum, the gac 
on the trunk of the vagus just before the jugular fommciL, 
OphthM'mic, G^ Or^bital. ^eG.XHiaty, G..<ytit,onel 
the foramen ovale; it sends a branch to the tensor tymrpau 
to the tensor palati* G., Pe'trou*, one on the lower boiti 
the petrous bone, G,, Pharyn'^geal, one near the aacei 
pharyngeal artery. G., Phre^nic,. one under the diaphrai 
the junction of the ri^ht phrenic nerve and phrenic plexus. 
Pfostafic, one on the prostate. G., Pterygopal'atiae. 
Sphenopalatine. G., Regnal, one around the renal artery, 
Sa^'cralp four or five pains on the ventral surface of the 8a« 
G«» Semflu'nar, the Gasserian ganglion, q. v. G.B, Semili 
two ganglions, right and left, near the suprarenal bodies, 1 
ing the chief centers of the solar plexus. Ga, So'Lar. Sw 
G.s, Semilunar. G^ Sphenopal''atine, Meckel's ganglion^ i 
sphenomaxillary fossa. G.s, Spi'nal^ those on the sirinal 9 
near the Inter^'ertebral foramens. G.b, Spi'ral, thmi oo thei 
canal of the modiolus, G.s, Splanch'nic. Same as {7^^^ J 
lunar. G.f Subiiiaz''ilJary, that above the submaxillary g 
Gt* Suprare'iiAlf that at the j^mction of the {rreat splan 
nerves. G.8, Tboracle, twelve pairs on the thoracic sy 
thetio cord between the transverse processes of the vert 
and the hecidsof the ribs. G., Thy' roid, Infe'rior. SeaG. 
vteal. Middle. G„ Tb/roid, Supe't\ot. Seit G.^Cermcai 
ffrricr. O.* Xym'p&nfc^ that in tVie csLtiEA\>eV'«fteul\vfeViPw 
/flce of the petrous bone and the tympanMis^ 0.,T 
^ibAt in the aqueduct of F;»Jk)piu4. 

ning to, or having the clutaii 

k-*f. A CcU of a ncnoua saitgJiun. 
Pertaining to a ganteHon. G* C«iiaJ', 

ichlear modiolus for the npiial gangiior^ 
p^i'-tis. Inflammation of a ganglion, 
ibtestinal obstruction a BEroBangtiioecnig 
mien soon aiter strangulation baa taken 

ppigitis mutilans, A tropical disease 
litructive ulceration of the nasopharynx 

^-»a^ i/'ris. Cancnim oris, q. v. 
SThe mortificiition or death of loft tissue, 
pr gangrene from carbolized dressings. G*, 
^|on of diabetes. 0«v I>i7i death of a part 
l}. G^ BmboVic* due to an embolus cutting 
'^i. G^ Hos'pital* A contagious gangrenearks- 

Eiona where there is absence of antisepsis, 
th ahundancje of serous exudation. G^ 
k^B 6".. Hospital. G, Pri'nuuy, without 
pn of a part. G,, Purpy. Same as 6^. , 
oary, a form with preceding inEammation. 
se of the extremities in the aged. Gu 
lacking corresponding parts on oppostle 
oiat gangrene due to anemia and lyin 

Pertain ing to gangrene, 
ary Hue below the greater trochantitr, 
nction of the femur. 
pf fowls caused by the presence of a worm 
i in the trachea, 
pit&l fissures of the skull. 
[CstHjoOi«. A comi>ound from the re^iin 

L la labyrinthine dis^i^e the patient 
pd of a tuning-fork placed upon the vertex 
several seconds befbre the examiner ceases 


)|E*r*8 Sign. Luminous perception by the 

finlYi when an electric light is placed in lite 
ebaeryed in empyema of the antrum of 

^ gdr^'gar-ispK, gar'gaT-{s*-mak. A garsle. 
nation of the cow's add fir. ^. A 
pUtiifvd by » s£9gg<ffriiig gstjt and loss of 



Garlic, ia/4ik. The p lant Atfimm xatinum; it ia « 

Garrod's Test for Hematopor^phyrin ia U'ritie, Add to 100 
c.c. of urine 20 c.c. of a 10 per cent, solution of caustic 
soda, and filter- Wash the precipitate thoroughly nod 
dissolve with absohite alcohol to which enough hydio- 
chloric acid ha& h«ien addt^d to nuke solution complflit. 
Spectroscopic ejcaminatior) may now be made of the 
solution for the two absorption bands chaxacteristiff o'f 
heinatoporphyrin. G.'s Test lor U'ric A'cid hi Blood, To aOcc 
of serum add 0.5 c.c, of acetic acid, and immerse a fine thread- 
The thread becomes incrusted with uric-aeid crystals. This if 
obtained especially in gout, but also in leukemia and 

Garrot. gar' -at. A compressing^ bandage used in hetnorrhage. 

Gas, An aeriform substance. 

Gaseotia, ga^-^-us. Of the nature of gaa. G» Pals^, a very iuU. 
soft pulse. 

Gaasedj, gasd. Qvetx>ome by noxious gas — as by chlorifie. 

Gaaseriao. gas-^-re-an. Relating to Gasser. G< Ar'tery. 1. A 
branch given off by the internal carotid to the Gasserian gans- 
Hon. 2. A branch of the middle meningeal artery to the 
Gasserian ganglion. O. Ganglion, the ganglion of the aenso^ 
root of the fifth cranial nerve. 

GastcrastheniA, gas-Ur-as-the'-ne-ah, Debility of the stomach. 

Gasterhysterof omy. An abdominal incision of the titenifl. 

Gastral, ga^-tral. Pertaining to the stomach. 

Gaatralgia, gas-traV-je-ak. Pain in the stomacK 

Gaatrectasis, gas-ttekfias-is, DilaUtion of the stomach, 

Gaitrec'tomy. Resection of the pyloric end of the stomach, 

GastrelcosiSt gas-trel-ko'-sis. Ulceration of the stomach. 

Gastric, gasfArik. Pertaining to the stomach. G. Crf aes, par- 
oxysms of pain in the epigastrium in locomotor ataxia. G» 
Diges^tion, digestion in the stomach, G. Fe'ver, fever witfe 
gastric derangement. G. Juice, the normal secretion of the 

Gastrictsm, gaZ-fw-frw. Dyspejisia. 

Gastritis, gas-tri'-tisr Inflammation of the stomach. G*» Atfo'- 
phic, a chronic form with atrophy of the mucous membraoe. 
G.p Hypertroph'ic, gastritis with hyperplasia of the mucous 
membrane. Gir, Phleg^monous, a form with abscesses in the 
stomach-walls. G> polypo'sa, a form marked by a manunil- 
lated state of the gastric mucous membiane. G., PseudooMllll'* 
bra DO us, a kind in which patches of false membrane accoi: 
within the stomach. 
OmMCroaaMstomosis, gas-trO'an-aS'lO'nKf'sis. In hour-glass coo- 

tructton, the forma ticm of a, commttnicatioa between lib* two 
j^ouches of the stomach. 
^o^broBiB, gas-fr&^bro'-su. Perforation of the storoach. 
^«»*^oc^e,<^sff. Hernia of the stomach. 

of the \e 

tula bel^e' 


r-iiTistmg 1 

^eci thrcn 

of a Bst^ 

The InrsQ muacte of the caH 

\ g(XS'%f9-koV Ht, The great omentum, 
ation of both the stotnach and colon 
}-koAof-to-m». The formation of a fi»- 
nach find colon. 

kol-of-o^nw. The formation of m com 
he stomach and colon, 

[abdominal incision throug'h the vagina, 
V-af-&n, An electric apparatus for ilhj- 
r the stomach bo that its outlines can be 

dominal wall. 

f'Gastrodiaphany, gas'tro-dt-afan-os* ka- 
The use of the gastrodiaphane. 

ilble monster with one abdominal cavity 

\ A rare trematodc worm. 

jUmmation of the stomach and dtiodenom. 

^s tro~dH-9d-«n-ojf-io-me. The formal^rtn 

Ibe stomach and duodenum. 

IPht-o^. Pain in the stomach, 

\h>-el-il-rof~o-nt€. See Gasirccolpotomy, 

Y in the stomach and intestine. 

mng to both stomach and intestine. 

felTnation of the stomach and bowel. 

y4fo-€H'tef-o^-tO'me, The formation of a 

iDmach and intestine. 

mo-eH'lBT'Qf'O-me. Ao intestinal Incision 

lal waU. 

ming to both the stomach and omentuin 

mt Gastroanastamosis, 

A deWce for learning the mechanical 

i'k(/'Sis, Ulceration of the stomach, 
to the stomach and liver. 

terine excision through ihe abdomen. 
^ro-kis-t«r-ol*-0'me. Cesarean section, 
piv-tts'-tin-al. Sem Gasirtmnteric. 
f4ro-J9-}H-ni)s''U^fns, The formation of a 
lomach and the jejunum. ■ 
► A calcareous formation in the stomach, 
prmation of gastroliths, 
fist. One versed in gastric disorders. 
^. A treatise on the stomach, 
fr. The loosening of adhesions betwe<fi] 
■cent oTg&ns, 
\ma/'ff'-sf-aA Morbid softeaing^ of 




A morss€er with Umhs mt the Intlly, 

GastromTic'la. A ptepftration of pepstn. 
GaatTopatby, gas-trop'-alh-t. Any disease of tlie stomach. 
GA»trop«dodyn'la* Intense periodic pain in the stomachp 
Gastropezy, ias^'tro-fntks-*. The aursical fixation of the stoitiidii | 

for the relief of gaBtroptosis. 
Gutrophren'ic. Pertaining to both stomach and diaphragm 
OBttroplaity» gas'-trtf-plas-t^. Plastic operation on the st< 
Gastrople'ffla,, Paralysis of the stomach. 
GajtropHca'tioo. Reefing and stitching the stomach- wall 
GastroptoslSf gas'tro-to'-sis. Prolapse of the stomach. 

t Gastroptyxis, Gas'troptyxy, gas-trO'tiks^-is. In gastric dilati 
an operation to reduce the size of the stomach. 
OattropylorcGf Comy. Excision of the pyloric end of the a 
Gattrorrhagia, gas-troT-a*je-a}t, See Heinatemesis, 
Oastrorrhaphyf gas-tror* -a-fe. Suture of a wound of the BtomaclL 
Gastrorrhe'a, Regurgitant flow of gastric mucus fnsm the 
Gasfcroachisli, aas-irosf-kis-is. Fissure of the abdominal walL 
Gas' trosc ope» An instrument for viewing int erior of the stonmclL 
GastroBcopy, sas-tro^^ko-pf. Inspection of the stoniach-ca\'ity. 
Oastfoslsr gsas-trcf-sis. Any disease of the stomach, 
Gastrocplen'ie. Pertaining to the stomach and spleen. 
Gastroateaotia, nas-tro-si^n-t^-sis. Contraction of the stomach. 
Gastroetomy* gas-U^'-Uy-mt, Establishment of a gastric fistuia. 
GaatrosaccolTll^^ gfts-tro-^wk-^-r^-ah. Hypersecretion of gastric 
I GaatK>tom«, ^as^-ifo-i&m. An instrument to perform gastrotomy, 

Gastrotooiy, gos-ttof-o-me. Incision of the stomach or abdoi 
Gastrotubof omy. Oviduct incision through the abdomen. 
Gajtrotympani''tes« Gaseous distention of the stomach. 
Gftttrox'ia* An abnormal acidity of the stomach-contents. 
GastTDxyntia* gas-twk^-in-sis. See Oastrojtia, 
OttUnJa. ca/-#rM4aA, An early embryonic stage In which*] 
blastttlar invagination, there ts formed a hollow, double-coa^ 
vestcte with an aperture. 
OaativlatioQt tos-tnt-li'-skun^ The formation of the gsstruk. 
QfkWtbiu'i DiB«as«\ An affection described by Gaucher U 
'^primary epithelioma of the spleen," but probably identical 
wHh sf^lenic anemia, 
Oaul'therase, A special ferment acting on the gtucostd of plants. 
Gaultberia« gctttttk^^ti^ah, A genus of plants, and also the 
IcAi.'es of iLr fnKumb^ns^ wintergTcen or teaberry; it is antipy- 
»tic and antirheumatic. 

.tdlhatiii, i9wf -IJbiff-fM. A glucostd obtained from the bafk d 
a» black Hrch. 
^»mittt gta^mfki, A bandase foe tte 'bAiid wnA. %3)«!nsw 
'^ J0ii«. A thin, light clctH used Vn «irrE«a\ d.^«Aaaska^ 

Mu»cJ#. ObUq««iiiKWcu\«i«aw»cAtt»i 

^^^^^^ GENERAL 

Biiug device that makes teeth putltog 

Ediflfll reflex in the female, correspond* 

reficx ia the male. 

tube having a piece of ptatinutn wife 


'-wm. Ct»H3tN;0i + H:0. A poimm 

jaric of Gtritsospfrmum veltosii, 

lAsing of tragacanth and gelatin to which 


iind gelatin vehicle in akin-diseases. 

^-shmt. A converaion into gelatin. 

Togenoua principle obtained by boiling 

IS ca rtilage , Hgam ents, etc . G . Cul' tiire» 
in gelatin-iolutioiK G. Diic, a disc of 
in ophthaImologi^ G. Pep' tone, a sub- 

Resting gelatin. G»Sn'gar. See G/yroco/J. 

*-#r-»<j. Producing erlAtin. 

■orm. Resembling gelatin. 

Tb convert into gelatin. 

\, See Subitaniia gelatinosa. 
Resembli ng gelatin ; jelly-like:, G* T V- 

»se containing gelatin and glycerin, 
mtions of a tuning-fork placed in contact 
I nostzle of which is inserted into the me- 
hjcived when the air is compressed by 
b attached to the tube. This doca not 
af ossicles is di^^sed. 2, The air in the 
1 is compressed and a \'ibrating tuning- 
vcrticx of the skull. In the normal ear 

I10O.S. The gelatinizing principle of 
«dimn used tn bacteriologic studies, 
udlage from Japanese alga, 
id from the root of Ctlseniium semper^ 
(d hjiinotic, 2, A poisonous alkaloid, 
of gelsemiuni; it is antispasmodic. 
L A genus of shrubs; also the root of 6'. 
asmine; it is antispasmodic, 
stinal suture applied by a thread with a 

ouble; in pairs. See Muscles, Tahk of. 
n^^n-at, jent'-in-MS. In pairs, 

RtrprcKlacttaTi by budduig. 
- to efy^ cJwtfk. G, Llafif a furrow art 


sanity ehamcterixcKi uy pcosnasiva pan 
grandeur aod dementia. 

Gcneralke, jtn* -er-al-it^. To make jeneml, as a diseatt, 

Gfinerate* jen*~«r-iM. To beget; to produce. 

Geneiadon, jen-tr-a' -ihtm. The begetting of offspring, (J-t 
Al' tenia te. See Alternation of Generaticn, G., Asex^oal* r 
production by fission or gemmation. G., Sex'ual, TepfodTj<:- 
tion by union of a male and female element. 6i, Spw- 
ta^neotis, generation of living from nonliving matter, 

GenenidTe» jen'-gr-a-tiv. Pertaining to generation. 

Generic, ien-er'-ik. Pertaining to the same genus, 

Oenesial, GeneslCp jen-e-se-al^ jen-^-sik. Pertaining to gcnentiaL 

Oeneiiology, fen-e'se-cV'O'jc. The science of reproduction. 

Geoe»is, ien*-es-is. The act of begetting. 

Genetic, fen-ef-ik. Pertaining to generation. 

Geoetica^ jen-ef -ik-ak. Agents affecting the sexual organs. 

Geaetom, )W-€t-us, Congenital. . ^ 

Genial, je'-m-al. Pertaining to the chin. 6. Tu'bercles, tlic i<»^ I &eopli*«y» J* 
tubercles on the internal surface of the lower maxilla. I GeofE**** ^* 

Geniculate, jfn-ik' -n-ldt. Knee-like. G. Bod^ie*. See Corpwi \ cksxA^oo. 
ger.icuJata. G. Ganglion. See GaHgliott^ 

Genicula'tum, Genie' ulum. One of the corpora geniculata. 

Geniohyoglos^Bus. See Muscles, Table of. 

Geniohyoid, jvn-^-o-hi'-oid. See MuicUs, Table of 

GenioQ, J€tt4^-mt. The point at the apex of the lower geniii 

Genioplaftty, i^-He-c-plas-ie. The operation of i^estoring the chin. 

Getdtal. jen'-U-ai. Pertaining to the organs of generation, C. 
Cor'pusdes, G. Corpuscle. See Corpuscle. Q. Folds, the cu- 
taneous folds around the genital tubercle. G, Pur'row, a growva 
on the under surface of the genital tubercle. G. Spote, nasal 
parts which show increased sensitiveness during raenstruatiotv 
G, Tu'bcrcle, a fetal eminence giving origin to the ge^titaJia. 

Genitalia, jerv-it-a^ -k-ah. The organs of generation. 

Genitals, jen'-U-aU, The reproductive organs, 

Genitocroral, jen-ii-o-ktu* -toI. See Nerves, Table of 

Genitou'rinary. Pertaining to both genital and urinary oisft^ 

Gennari, Band, Line, or Layer of. The outer band of Bailiarver. 
See BaiUarger. 

Geo tele's Test for Glu'cose. On the addition of a glucose aola- 

tion to a solution of potassium ferricyanid rendered alladin^ 

with caustic soda or potash it is decolorized, with the forniatim' 

of potassium ferrocyanid, on applying gentle heat. Uric idd 

• gives this same reaction. 

Oen^an, f^-she-an. The bitter tonic root of G^rdvma lnJM. C. 
vi'olet, a tw/et co/on'ng'-njatter ms^ in hiBtology, 
O^ttdMuIn, /eH-ske-aH'-*n, A crude bitter principle from gjftnlil»'' 
/f /* U9»d in dyspepsia. 

l^'ke a knee. 
tJarowuig tbi 

^linfii. G- w 


i^jmflex, jW 

jjaticnt res 

Ijja-uc of it 

5«ciypl"ty» i 


^hich thei 



Cerdy** 3?i 

0,*» Font 

lends al< 
ssnnus d< 

5t j9 joir 
tii« ^ibia 

partly ffl 
tixsff tJia 

A'dd ia 



2, The part of a atnictuw bent 

, G. vft'nim, leg distorUfd inward 

^e qC normal line. G. mtror'nitn, O, 

i^rd throvrinji: inside of nortnaf 

backward curvature of the knec- 

- brealdng adheaions of kxtee-joint. 

; the knee. 

. The kneo-cheat- posture — the 

es and chest. 

Inflamznation of the xziucouB meni' 

f An operation for restoring the cheek 
I guaiacol and formaldehyde 
^'-ik. A rare dlsea^ of the tongue in 
f areas of denudation. 
L The practice of clay-eating. 
BUS as G^opkagism, 
pie mental confusion without hallu- 


u valerianate. 

|Mtringcnt precipitate from seranium. 

p chtef odorous constituent of attar of 

I genuB of plants, and also the toot of 
K it is astdngent. 
I A treatise on old age. 
perficial tianfiverse ligament of the 
j^funding the distal margin of the palm, 
llal or supernumerary fontanel existing 
|1 bones at the point at which the sasit- 
Iprated and becomes nearly rectilinear, 
tarnsory ligament of the axilla that ex- 
Bfderof the pectoralia major and latis- 
■ skin surrounding the hollow of the 
^ more or less pronounced elevation 
i to the tubercle of the tibia, to which 
pdge; it serves for the attachment of 

|l The tympanitic sound heard over 
t slower pitch when the patient is sit- 
jying down. G/s Disease'. Same as 
I Reac'don for Acetoace'tic (Diace'tici 
|t premonitory sign of diabetic coma. 
I of ferric chlorid causes a gray pre 
f by jS/tt» tioti: on the further addition 
xfaaux-ned coJor isr produced, which 
^rops ofMuJpburic &cid. G^ It S^n, 
th» mastoid jMXteegs aod 

spinal column in 

(2^ incompiete filling of the external jugular vein on the a/Tccted 
side, occasionally seen in thrombosis of the transverse sinus; 
(3) a band of dulness on percussion, superimposed upon the 
nomml precordial dulness, about 3 cm. in width and extending 
toward the left clavicle; it is observed in cases of the persist- 
ence of the ductus arteriosus: (4) the absence of the movement 
of the larynx in dyspnea due to aneurysm of the aorta; in 
dyspnea from other causes, the excursions of the lar3mx are 
extensive, G.'a Teat for Urobil'in, shake the iirine with 
chlorofoiTO to extract the urobilin ; add to this chloroform ex* 
tract an iodin solution, and then a solution of caustic potash; 
a green fluorescence will result. 

Gerhard t-Semon's Li|W. Certain central or peripheral lesions 
of the recurrent laryngeal ner\'e cause the vocal cirrrd to assume 
a position midway between adduction and abduction, the lesion 
of the nerve l>eing insufficient to destroy it and to provoke & 
complete paralysis of *he \'ocal cord (cadaveric position). 

GeriittTics, icr-e-at^ricks. The medical treatment of the aged.*s Wct'work The interlacing of the dendritic processes 
of the ganglion colls in the gray matter of the spinal cord. The 
network ia only apparent, sinc?b the processes do not anastomose, 
but are merely in contact or contiguity. 0/s Tu'bal Ton'iiU a 
mass of adenoid tissue in the lower part of the Eustachian tube, 
particularly along its median wall and about the pharyngeftl 
orifice. G/b Valvet a circular valve sometimes existing in the 
cecum at the orifice of the vermiform appendix. 

Gertier'f Disease'. "Vertige paralysant'' An endenuc disoaie 
characterized by vertigo, ptosis, paresis of the extrtsmities, and 
great depression. 

Germ, jerm. 1. A microbe or bacterium. 2, An ovum ; a spore; wi 
undeveloped embryo, G.-cell, a cell resulting from a fecundated 
germinal vesicle. G.^disease'^ any disease of microbic origin. 
G. Epithe'llum, the cyltndric cells on the median plate of the 
mesoblast. G.^^force, plastic or constructive force. G.-plwm. 
germinal protoplasm transmitting inherited peculiarities, 
G.-ridge, Same as G". Epithelium. G. The'ory, (1) the theory of 
the bacterial origin of disease^ (2) the doctrine of the orifiiiiof 
every organism from a germ, 

Germoa Mea'sles, jW-man, Roctheln, q, v, 

GeTrntmiiimf jer-^na'-fut-um. S^ ELfftents, Tabic of , 

Gennicidal^ j^-mis-V-dat, Destroying germs. 

Germicide, feZ-mis-id. An agent destroying germs, 

Genainal, jer^-niin-al, Pertnining to a germ, O. A'rea, G. Dbc^ 
e/>e white spot on one side of the vitelline mcmbTanc. G, Mra'- 

^ivntf, the blastoderm, q. v. G. Spot, the nacleolua ol theovuk 
O, Ves'icJe, the nucleus of the Cvule. 
^^f^^tion^fer-^m^'.shMn, Tht development ol a see^ or C»bv 
miuMtiv^e, fer'^min-a-th'. Th^ same as GtTmmoX , q. t?* 


GerontiCv U 


liepAtic i 



sum c> 


-irith on 



with thi 





and un 





of tEed< 

Skill, fi^-c 



erin. MC 
•be defe 
(Hike's C 
sot yet 


tc^al bSi 


A bftCt<?Hc!^at prepwnition. 
The ftppcMTiiticc of age m a young person, 
ik. PerlJiining to olt! ftge. 
^Hh, CiHiNt. A poiaououa leukwrnum {rom the 

kmtoks^'on. See AfCitS SfHilU, 
jr Gla'coM. To « 5 i»cf cent. »»Ititio« of polui- 
add Feliling's solution until th« blue color jwst, 
i disappear. On heating this solution to boiling 
gaining glucose no preeiinUtion of <^uprou« OJtid 
le solution will be mor«s of lessdccolorixed. 
^t(MB* A peculiflr sensation of ndh«»ioii of the 
I bowel to the fecal inass while pretssure is made 
^f the fingers in cases of kopTX>stast8. 
Y'^hitn. See Pregnancy. 
p» gJsL Sec Phaniam-corpuscte, 
fee A grayish band continuous with the g^'nis 
1 passes from the cleft between the bippocaropal 
gyruses transversely over the latter and db- 
. ventricular surface. G»'s Fren'ulam. the con- 
e dentate gyre around the neck of the uncus. 
IT Crea^cents. CrcRcentic granular cells, with a 
i, found In the submaxillary and parotid glands 
rabbit; demilune cells. 
m adult of unusually large size, 
iam. Sec Gii?,aHiism. 

►mIc* Hydrocele with a voluminous hernia. 
-ft-ff, A protuberance or prominence. 

Bunched or bulged out. 
te. Pityriasis rosea. 
ruts. A sensation of whirling. 
; a sensation as of whirling. 

A«ur lit eosin, 3 gm,; azur IT, 0.8 gm.: giyc- 
; methyl alcohol, 250 gm. This stain is used in 
of tho Spifochmta pallida, 

teles. Roundish colloid bodies, of a significat^ee 

mined, sometimes found in the central nervrttis 

appear to be identical with Hassall'a corpuscles. 

. Contraction of the pupil occurring when a strong 

i to close the lids which are kept apart. The phe- 

jj^^csd in a certain proportion of normal eyes, but 

1^"*' in cases of reflex and accommodative irido- 

k^y in dementia paralytica, tabes, partial or 

f^^rom diseases of the optic ncn^e or retina, etc. 

P^Nsw. Abnormal overgrowth ^ or cxceuaive size 

^^'te jMLrt? a/'ilup body. 

jr^'A^-^Aijt. A v^fj' iMtvc rod CGTpisscie. 
fxF'-JSef' sf/, AT7jr wry Jarjie rod bJood-ccU, 
xn/cTrfrtjr fa dJameicr. 


Om« jit. A measure; ane-fourth* 

GiQenio. jifsn-in. The active principle of Gillania tfif^iaia, 

Indian phyiHc; it is emetic, catliartic. and toiiic. 
Gilles de la Tourette's Disease* See Tourrttc, 
Glmbeniar» Lig'amenl. The triangular portion of the aponeuro- 
sis of the external obliqu* that is attached to the meaal end ef 
Pouparfs ligament in front and to the iliopcctineal line bchiivl 
and externally. 
Gin, jift. An aromatic spirit fiavorcd with juniper berries. C- 

drinker's Li'ver, a cirrhotic liver. 
Ginger, jin'-jcr. See Zin&ibfsr. 

Gingerolt iin*-j«r-oL A pungent oil from siogiber, q, v, 
GiDKiva, jin-ji'-vak. The fi^m. 
Gingival, jin'-jiv-ul Pertaining to the gums. C. Line, the dark 

line on the gunis produced by certain metalHc poisons. 
Gingivitia, jin-jiv-i'-iis. Inflammation of the gimis^ 
Ginglymoarthro'difil. Both ginglymoid and arthrodial, 
Ginglymoid, gingf-^lim-oid. Resembling a hinge-joint, 
GinglymuB, ^ing'-gUtH-tiS. A hinge-joint, q. v. 
Ginseng, jin'-settg. The root of several species of Aralia; it i$ 

Giovannini*B Disease'. A rare form of nodular disease of the hair 

caused by a fungus. 
Giraldiis's "Bonnet & Poll/' Widejiing of the cranium in the frontal 
region in chronic hydrotephalus, G/s Or'gan, pajBdidyrois, 
a small tubular organ found at the junction of the spermatic 
cord and epididymis. It is a remnant of some of the Icwer 
Woiman tubuies and corresponds to the female parovarian, 
Giraiid-Teulon*s Law, Our binocular retinal images are localized 
at the point of intersection of the primary and secondary axes 
of projection. 
Girdle, ger'-dl. A band to go around the body, G. Anesthe^sia, 
an anesthetic ring around the body. G. Pain, G. Sens«'tioa, 
the sensation as of a band tied around the body or a limb. 
Oiuffrlda-Rugieri's Stig'ina of Degeaera'tlon. The absence or 

incompleteness of the glenoid fosisa. 
Glabella, gla-bef-ak. The same as GtabttHutu, q, v. 
Glabellum, gla-hsV-um, A triangular sp^ce on the fxontal Ikjih- 

between the supraorbital ridges. 
Gtabrificatlon, glab-riS-ik^i' -ahan. The process of becomintf 

smooth, glistening, hairless. 
Gl&t»ificin, gla-brif'-isHn, An antibody which renders bacteria 

Glabrous, gld'-brns. Hairless, smooth, without projections. 
OJacia}^ g2a'-shal Resembling ice. Assuming a crystalline focm. 
OiMdJoiin, ^lad'f'-c^hn. A certAia aikaio.d in brain-tissue 
GJmdJoiu^ ^M^-^^^us. Ths middle piece of the sternum. 

^ , —^ -f--^ ' "-***j, J. no iiuufiiG piece Qi 

most. G- 

less giant 

potmd, ot 
It&tt, a h 

gl&nds th 
etc, G^ 

of the on 
one that 
front of 
a termfi 
creting ] 
a gland 
G^ Subi 
O^ Su< 
Sec Thy 
duct, i 
of the g 


Quf lutein 


2, A lymphatic sanglion. G*. 

tfland. O,* Accftv'ftory Thy'roid, an 

gl&nd, 6,* Ac'inouft. SeeC, Rac^ 

Cowptr's Glands, G^ Ajr'miiiate. 

Ax'UUry, the lymph -glaiids in the 

See BarthoUn. 6^, BroD'chial, the 

of the bronchi. G., CoTOt^ldp a duct- 

ition of the common oirotid arter>-. 

h secreting the cerumen of the enr. 

i^h-glandi of the neck. G, Cocc/- 

at the tip of the coccyx. G., Com'- 

xnore or less branched. G., Con^lo^* 

O., Ducflesf, one without a duct» 

the duodenum. G^, HematopoiefiCf 

formation, as the spleen, thymus, 

', one of the isolated lymph-glandii 

itestinal mucous membrane, G^ Lac''^ 

eland in the upper and outer part 

Is tears. Ga, Lyi^pbat'ic, masses of 

purse of lymphatic vessels. G, 

I organ. G., M ucip'arous, G^ Mu^cons, 

L G., Parot'ld, a large salivary gland in 

B'eal, the pineal body. G., Pituitary, 

ofthebiain. G,, Pros' tate* SeePror* 

of the stomach near the pylorua 

P^ DOse, a compound gland resembling a 
ivary, any one secreting saliva. G.Br 
^ corium of the skin secreting sebum « 
Bting a thin watery fluid. Gn Sim'ple^ 
Uecrcting sac and a single tube. G., 
HUtd on each side beneath the tongue. 
Ipry gland below the angle of the iaw . 
IjSweatr the convoluted glandifi in the 
iTb/mua. ^e Thymus. G-,Thy'roid, 
Pru'bular. Same as FollicW. G., Tu'- 
iiposed of several tubules with only on c 
lee Littre's Glands. G., Vag'inal, one 
|inal mucous membrane. G.Sr Vulvo* 
ftdi, email glands on each side of the 

of horses, often tiansmltted >^ 

The capsule of a gland, 
[small gland, 

aining to a gland. 

' tr&achial glsftds of gheep com 
i it used /n tubemcuh^s 
^»rt /ram fflMad-tissuf. 

ft ihti'du-hs* -it-^. A coUection of. or foil of. itkndj 
J. A gland. 2, The buHjcma eaEtimnity of tt 

I Ar'tery. The tympaTiic artery. 6. Fii'turc, the glenol 
or |>»trotympAn{c fissufc which divides transveiwty the gleno^ 
i ot the tctnporal bone. 

ir*i Sicfi. A nyBtoUc Botind m the brachial arteiy, 
tn blent aneufyam of the aorta. 

, gki/^. Resembling g!iiss> as hyaline matter. 
S»]t» ghmZ-btn. NasSOi, Sodium sulphate. 
^ ^ianhsi^-nak. The natural form of cowpox. 
, gldm^ko^-mah, A disease of the eye, 
Inlniocular tensioc. 
IIOQIb tlemf^k^^mat-n$^ Affected wiEh or hke giai 
Chxtmic stage of Koooarhea with iwaeopoTa3enX 
CtlUlW glK^. Rcsemhlixig or mSnCitd with gleet. 

Sfltcroptosia^ ^""rtawiwi p^icssk 

I^estalorac to the gJeooid 
6. IlK'aBaa^ tha«e ^omta ol «!« 
t of tlhe ^xwiM bt- joint- 

I dfibBKapekiorflKteacM. a I^im. See 

duct ol pepdc dlgMtioa of gtobulm » 

r globe. 6. hytter'kua. the senBation 

I the throat. G. ma' J or, the head of th# 

i lower end of the epididymis. G . par - 

[Inner portion of the lenticular nucleu». 

Uuatered; grouped. 

Pertaining to a glomenilufi. 
A knot or small tuft of vessels. 
phritb» tlontfr^u-H' ti$, gh^mtr^u-h' 
on of the renal gkuneruH. 

of blood-vessels* a glonieruti*. G* 
ated skein-like mass in the choroid 
r the central part and deiceadiiig hixm 

ioglycerin, q, v, 

I from nitroglycerin. 

he same as Ghssalgia, q, v, 
ng to the tongue. 
Pain in the tongue. 

Amputatiop or excision of the 

k tae-tse fly. q, i\ 

ation of the tongue. 
i swollen or an edematous tongue, 

aiotng to the tongue and epiglottis^ 
I An instrument for showing the ihovck 
n speaking. 

yfir. A de^ription of the tongue. 
Pertaining to the tongue and hyoid 

nbling the tongue. 
[The science of the tongue. 

Paralysis of the tongue, 
ftisclffs^ Table of. 

Any disease of the tongue. 
at-in'-je-al. Pertaining to the toni^ue 
[ie, the ninth cranial ncr\*e. 
43/t. Parasitic glossitis. 
ah . A dark discoloration of the tougu e 

Plastic surgery of the tongue. 
Paralysis of the tongue. 
A spasm of the muacles of the 

"DiBAect^iMt or exoisioa 

Gloftls. Aperture 

Glou-glati, ^u'-ghi*. A guiiglmg sound Id the stomach diw U* 

temporary biloculation of it by a coniot, 
Glorer's Su'ture, gim^-ffrs, A form of contmuaus suture- 
Glue tnuci, gtu'-sin-um. Sec Eiihmnts, TabU of, 
Glucohemia, glu-ko-htf-me-ah. A sacubarine state of the bJtaOJ 
Glucoprotein, glu-ko-priZ-te-in. See Clycoprotein, 
Q\ucasMm\n^glH'ko-sanf4n. 4<CfiHuNOb). An amido derjvutfve 

of dextrose. 
Glticoie, gl%^-kos, CtHinOfi. Grape-sugar; the sugar of fniiu 

For tcstSt SCO AlmSn^ Barfoed, Banmann, Ba&ytft, Bofiigv 

Brann, Cris^ner^ Fefding, Gentck^ Gerrardt Hautes^ Ha^sal}, 

■ f. Jaksck, Knapp, I^Oiuentkal, MautMtnfi^ Molisch, Moon, 
Mnlder, Nylander^ Patty , Pewoldt, RolnrtSt Rtthner^ Sacchatim 
eter, Sckiff, Silver, Sotdani, ToUen, Trommtr, WefuUr^ IVjnw 
GIu'ccMiid. A body c-ontaming glucose with sotne organic pHs^ 

Glucottlji, gli^-ko'^itt, A substance fbiSmcd by th* aL»tiori of am- 

Tnonia on glucosts. • ' 

GlucosurUit glu-ko-su^-raah. See dycosnrta. 
Glue' -like Tu'mor. A glioma, 
■ Glu£e*B Cor'pusclea. Mif^ratory Lonnectivc- tissue cells coiltate* 
m ing a nucleus, fat, and granular detritus, 
^ Glusid, glu'-sid. CftlliCOSOjlsrH. A coal tar derivative! 

Glutamin. gtu-tam'-in. CsHidN^O^, A certain vegetaW^ coju- 

Gluteal. glu*'te-al. Pertaining to the buttocks. G. Bui^w*- 
I three bursas below the glutei muscles. G, Bte'flex. contmctioo 

of the glutei on stimulation of the skin over them. 
Glutei gUi't^-i, The muucles of the buttockji. 
Gluten, glu'-ten. The nitrogenous part of flour. 
Gluteus, glu'i^^us. See Muschs, Table of. 
Glutin, glu'-iin. The viscid constituent of wheat-gluten. 
Glutinous. glu'-tm-HS, Viscid; glue-like. 
Glutitis, glu'ti'-tis. Inflammation of the glutei muactes. 
Glu'tofonn. A comiJOund of gelatin and formalijchyd. 
Glutol, gW-tol. The commercial name for forniaH ^-^ ^ -^ i»tn 
Glotolio. gluf-tol-in. An albuminous body from r 
Gluziatke'a Test for Bile Pig'mentB. Boil the soli [fw 

minutes with formalin, and an emerald-green colomtion wil' 
result, changing to an amethyst-violet on the addition of a 
few drops of hydrochloric i^d, 
dr^olidt gU'-fyt^'id, A pTtypdetary antiseptic paste 
Circemim, gii-sg^^iHe-ah, Preseaco of sugar in the bU.)od, 
^1^^^ f^*^-^-id. An acid compound of glycctin, 
^p^^ ^/^-^^'m Ctm (HO)t. The sweetish princvpTft o! cSSi 
^p^ts. G,^jeUr, a imxtuTo of irlyc«nn and jelly. 

stance disaol^ 

Glycerol, ills' -^ 


and phospho 

Gtyc«ryU gli^-i 

Gtycin. glif-si«^ 

Giycoda, ^i*-i 

Lion of proW 

GlycocoU. gir^ 

Ufyn j>rodti£3< 

sxoacles. 3 
QlycolieiiiiAf 1^ 
Glycol, gli'-kol 
Qljeoiytic F«| 
Qyt^nin^ gti*-i 
Oiycoprobeia. { 
ttycasrlie'a. i 
eiyca«»tf'iiuA. j 
{itycosixrte. glM 
({jcozoDfi, giiU 

aiyciareti€C« m 

.lycyrrtiiaat «^ 
cent root of 4 

(^ycyrrtiFzia. I 

ayp'tic For' mil 

ifB/tMin*9 Teat , 
acid ia carel 
jtUKCtion of I 
in the foilo^ 
viiolet. Ted,\ 
t>c prefient. 4| 
tlie redctioi| 

GDdtludsiA. ni 

expressing I 
G^iAtJuoo, itii'i 

Saattiitii. ma4 


U, ^lis-^r-i^-nm. A medioinal sub- 





f'^t A cotnUntttion of fflyvoiis 


» bttM. 



the nulittle <d glyuerin. 



Py. A |fn>dtU:t of lb« dtcotnposi 





K^ Starch, fcnind in Hver and 



^ fungi containins this compound. 



i, The formation of glyuogen. 
} See Gtucohemia. 





^diatomic a IcohoJ. 


tcosfl-dccomposjng fenn*nt, 
perite of tbfi yolk of ei£|£ 







k. Any protein which contains a 


ppiccharin« fluid from the body. 







if glucooe in the blocxl, ^ 



^ugar in the urine. ^^^B 


l^rietary remedy for gastric diseaoeu. ^^^m 


|ce&s of sugar in the uriiie. ^^^B 


ligmta which increase sugar in fhtt y^^M 
^Kenus of planttf, and h1^ the demul- J^f^ 



ice root ; hcorice. ^HM 


1 i>rincfiple from Ikorice ^^^H 


^ formula designed to illustrate the ^H3 


m of the atoms of a molecule. ^^^ 
iMnts in the U'riEve. Fuming nitric ^^^ 



f that it forms a sublayer At the my^M 
^ a series of colored layers is formed BNpl 



|km above downward; green, hluts^ ^|kI 


illow. The green ring must always ^^ 


b' violet at the same time; otherwise ^m^m 



^nded with that for lutein. ^K^A 
^aln in the jaw, ^HBH 

^^L ^^^1 


^^B ^^^H 

g to the jaw. G. ln*dtXr a number ^^^^P 


^^H ^^^H 

projection of the jaw. ^^^F 


^^^ ^^^H 

i median point of inferior maxilla. » ^ J r3^R_ ^^^1 
pfnation of the jaw. ^^ <.^J^Bl ^^^H 

ti^us. A lets] m€U23ter m'thautJt BM^ ^^^^L ^^^^M 

4 piMsiic Gptimtian on the Mw. ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^| 

*t/enxf moduIJ^ry matter of the ^^^^|V~% >0 ^^^1 

^i^MschrysArjhin, ,f^ :, ^^^^^^^^^ ^^H 

GoVkt Cells. Cup-: 

Goggle -eye. gof-Ui, The eye of exophthaimic izoiter. 

Goggles, gog'-Is, Colored spectacles to protect the eyes. 

Goiter, Goitre, goi*-tcr. An enlargement of the thyroid gland 
Eiophthal^mic. Se« ExophUuxlmk. 

Gold, g6ld. A \'aluable yellow metaU its aalta are used in vsi^i 
cine- See Elmnents, Table of. G.-thread. Sec Coptu. 

Gold' -beaters' Skin* A membrane prepared from cecum of o»j 

Golden Seal, £dl^-den. See Hydrastis, 

Goldflam*! Disease', See Erb's Disease. 

Gcldscheider-Marineico** Law. The fewer connections a 
neuron has, and. consequently, the fewer stimuli it receives^ the 
less is its tendency to degeneration. 

Golgi's Cells. Nerve-cells with very short processes found in the 
gray matter of the brain and spinal cord. G/s Cor'puscte«, 
tendon spindles; small fusiform bodies, resembling Pacint 5 
corpuscles, existing in tendons* at the junction of the tendinous 
with the muscular fibers. They have not been found in the 
ocular muscles. G.*» Fun'nelSi funnel-shaped structures, cofw 
posed of spiral threads surrounding the axis-cyUndcr of a 
myelinic nerve-fiber and supporting the myelin. They ap- 
pear to be artificially produced in the process of staining. 

Golgi~Mazzoni*8 Cor'puicleB. Sec Afasapni's Corpttscle^f. 

Golgi-Rezzonico'a Fun'nels, See Colfii's Funnds. 

GoU's Column* The poBtcrointcmal column of the spin&l corf* 
G,*» ITo'clcoB, a small nucleus in the fasciculus gta^ilj* 
of the oblongata in which the long fibers of GoU's column 

Golonboff's Sign of Cbloro'sis. An acute pain located direclly 
over the spleen, and pain on percussion over the ends of the 
long bones, especially the tibias. 

Goltz's Eiper'lment. Arrest of the hearts action produced lo 
the frog by repeated lapping of the abdomen. 

GompbiasU, gom-fi'-as-is. Looseness of the teeth. 

Gomphosis, gcm-fi/sis, A form of synarthrosis, q. V. 

Goaadt gon'-ady A reproductive gland. 

Gooadectomy, gon'ad-ec''to'mr. Removal of testes- 

Gonagra, gcni-a^-gft^h. Gout of the Icnee, 

Gocarthritis, gcHnr-ihri* tis. Inflammation of the knee-joint. 

Gooarthrocace, gon-af-throk* -as-e . White swelling of the kn». 

Oonarthrotomy, goti-ar-tkrotf -<^-me. Knee-joint indsion* 

Oonecystic* gtm-e-sW-tik, Pertaining to the seminal vesicdes. 

Gonecystis, gon-e-si^^tit. A aeminal vesicle. 

Goae^^rathia, ^on-e-sis-ti'-tis. Inflammation of a seminAl veaick- 
Goaelth, gtm-^r'-eis, Inilammation of the knee. 
Ooaepoieatm, gofi-^-poi-^-sis, A secretion of scmea. 
poaepoietic^ smt^^pod-^ 4k, Pertaininjp to secretion ot MRWIi* 

idium, gt>-ni^^^Mm. Any one 0/ the chTomopWl* afMwtoi 

fuagx concerned in mprudaction. 

ftooloscope, gon'-i 
varying angles 1 

G^ooitis, gon-**-*is. &«« 

la the blood- 
QooOCOCCUS, gon-o-ko¥' 

G^nopepeiji, gon-a-p^- 

purulent discharg»'l 

&?oonJacal, gon-or-^-m 

G« |U»ei}'matiani|jPd 

gotiorrhea. ^H 

iroc»d oil «sed in W 

^oiovc^oceie, gon-o/- 

i^oootoxia, goH'O-taky- 

Gmjsleia, gon-e-aT-f* 

fonyoceie, got^-e-O'iil 

^yoocoB. gom-€-cn^- 

i,M><leU's I-aw or Si^n 

aci6e» pregnancy doe 

prc«»ancy is probal 

(90««-a««^ Goo«e4ki 


}a€^iiu^B Wrif ln«-« 

tiic educated mov« 

poertcrior end of the i 

sphere in riKht-hanC 

'.ordoo Re^flei. or P«i 

toe or cf all the to« 

»xe being comptes 

tract anywhere beti 

termination at the 

Cli^cU"*" Frac'tun. 

An emm 


tt^ root isemmena 


f' Pa 

An instrument lor meawiTing 

I An appatBtua iwed in notins the 
s optk »x» with the lin«« of maac\m 

i 0f the *owcr jmw. 

f-me-oit. The preicnce ol gonooocd 

The specific germ of gonorrhea. 
, Gonorrheal infection. 
A proprietary gonorrheal remedy, 
contagioua inflamination with a 
fthc genitals. 

^rtainlng to gonorrhea. G. ArUuftlif 
Iftfltic aflfeetion of the joints following 

Ibparation of kava-kava and landal- 
btment of gonorrhea, 
" _.fL Swelling of testicle with Semen. 
The poi&3n of gonocoocus» 
Pain in the knees. 

riite swelling of the knee. 
A tumof Of aw^elling of the knee. 
['When the cervix ta as hard as one' a 
^ exist; when it b a« soft «■ one's lipsi 

►Prominence of the skin about the 

If. Ail area in the cortex cerebri for 
Els necessary in writing. It ia at the 
llfrontal gyrus of the left ccrebml hem i- 

^Ical Re'flei. Extension of the great 
ftien the deep flexor muscles of the leg 
f Found in disease of the pyramidal 
|i its origin in the cortex cerebH mnd its 
ious levels of the spinal cord. 
Id instmment used in lithotomy, 
leaped fracture of the lower end of the 

^g extract from cotton -root bark. 
f plants furnishing cotton; the bark ol 
|ind oxytocic. 
tBpatfjJct /ram cottoa-Beed, ttffi^ i* 

i TySMf attenuated process of so outer 
tttifir witft tfm bttMtlar mtmbr^ne of 


G(mf«. An instnunent for cuttinfif away 

Goulard*t Ce'rate. A mixture of lead subacetate (20), and c«nte 

of camphor <dO). 
Gould'v Bowed'head Sign. In retmitia pigmentosa or other 
dbease destroying the peripheral portion of the retina» the 
patient often bows the head low to see the pavement, in oid^f 
to bring the image upon the functional portion of the retina^ 
Gotmdou, gfwcn-doo, A tropical disease characterized by the 
formation of symmetrical bony tumors of the na^l im>ce8BC& 
of the superior maxillary bones. 
Goiusefs Symp'toms of Phroo^ic Reufal^cia* A painful pobi 
always present and well defined, to the right of the fourth m 
fifth chondrostemal articulation; it must not be confounded 
w-ith the retroatemal pain of chronic aortitis. 
Goutf gowf. A disease associated with joint-inflanmiation, swell 
ing, uric acid in the blood, etc. G,, La'' tent, G*« Maakedt a 
state ascribed to a gouty habit but without the typical symp- 

toms of gout. G^ MiaplAced'* G, Retroce'dent, a form with 

evere internal manifestations without arthritic symptoros. 
, Poor Man's, that due to exposure^ poor food, and excess in 
the use of malt liquor. 
Gouty, goii^-U\ Pertaining to or of the nature of gfout. G- 
Diath'csis or Habit, the peculiar state of the body predis- 
posing to gout. G- Kid'ney, a chronically contmctod kidney 
due to gout. 
Gowers's Column. The ascending anterolateral tract of tb« 
Bplnal cord. G/s Interme'dlate Proc'eea, the lateral horn, a. 
projection of the intermediate gray substance in the don»l 
region of the spinal cord- G/» Paraple'gia* a paraplegia due 
^i|o vertebral caries. G/a Symp'tom, intermittent and abmpl 
dilations of the iris under the influence of hght. anleri"r 
'probably to the total loss of the reflex; it ia occasionally aeen 

in tabes dorsalis, G/s Tract Same as G.'s Column. 
Goyrand^B Her'nia- Inguinointerstitial hernia i incomplete in- 
guinal hernia. 
Graafian Follicle. A small, spheric vesicle, found in the cortical 
layer of the ovary, which contains an oviUe. G, O'vlduct See ^ 
Fallopian Tube. 
Gracilc, giras'H Slender. G. Faaclc'ulus, G. Funk'ulua, See 

Fasciculus. G. Hfu'cleua. See NhcUhs gracilis. 
Gracttia» gras'-il-is. The rectus intemus fcmoris muscle. See 

Miisctes, Tabk ef. 
Graduate, grodf-u-dt, 1. A glass vessel marked with Bquid 
measarements. 2. One who has a college degree, 
OrmdiMAt^dt grad'-u-a-ted. Divided into degree*. 
wi Oraefe'a Diseased Progressive ophthahnoplegta, G.*» Vi^u 
loabsmy of the upper eyelid to follow the downward mfirre* 
ff* of the eyeball; it is most frequently seen in c3torp\xthateik 
G. '$ Spot9, certain spots near th« supraorbit*! Itja.- 


a 8uddei> 


Oxmlt. Tn 

Graibaiii^s ] 



G«Biffl« grd 

Grmwiu T1 


A solttt! 

is used i 


wbea &< 






A form o 
lable exi 

^itmskdirfm < 

f oiiTid in 
Gra^ula, gr 
i^ajaular, f 


G** Ar«c 


-e^pc of 


^BKebraa, which» when preosed tzpon* cmuso 
Icm of liifl fipasBi of tho eyelids in caaes of 


ed living tlasua, aa of the aldn. 

be rat4^ of diffusiQa of gates throoeb porous 

i inverse ratio to the aqtiATe root of tbeir 

EvVi pin. 2, A seed of oeieats. 3. The 
ht of the metric system, 16.43 grains troy, 
method of staiiting bactcHa. O.'s Solu'tion* 
lin (1). potassium iodid (2), water (300); it 
for bacteria. 

Id of bactaria which do not tct&m tho ataiu 
n by Gram's solution. G.-pos'ltive, said of 
retain the stain after being acted upon by 

'-o-filft. The same as Psetidop§litHerim, q. v 
Htm, The dried bark of the root of I'u^ii j 
negmnate tuee; it is a vaiuable anthelnn r r |, 
'. SpliHo^pn0umoni«; pntMmonie nimsiwe. 
>nla with splenization of the lung, the coairu- 
ing not otiXy the alveoli, but also the larger 
gn, a raised pitch of inspiratory murmur, an 
monary consolidation. C's TH'ad, the three 
rteristic of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis ; 
Jar murmur* increased vocal fremitus, and 

let* Minute oval or spheric taste-coTpuscIra 
Has of tho beak and tongue of birds. 
U The granules or microfiomea of protoplasm. 

pr . Composed of grains or granulations. G. 

|0. Lids, See Trachoma, 

tDiation of small elevations on a healing sacface. 

\ Same as Pacchitmian Body, q. w, 

tl. A small rounded grain, 2, A spore, :{. 
iMf^Tt one of the rBtiaal layers-, alsu the sub- 
If the cerebellum, 
bmor consisting of granulation tissue. G. tri- 

fcr^uloma due to Trichophyton, 
5. The soluble portion of starch-gsaaulea. 
Ii A gmin. 

I treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis by tnges- 
ps of grapes. G.-su^gar. See Gluccs*. 
^ A native form of carhem. 
f'^ii'- Th^ stuefy of tJ3^ Mndwriting /ur th» 

^®t*«Kw. WVj'i^xs' crmxjp. 


^^ aory impressions, with conficqucnt disturbance 

Andaaiociation; It Is seen in concuBsion o( the brain an 
acute diseases, 

Graisot'Rauzier's Type of SyHngom7e''lit. A form wit) 
sudoral and vaaomotor symptomH, 

Qtafiiag. THe isound produced by the friction of roush 

Gratloleft Op^dc RadUi'doa. The radiatio ocdpito-tl 
A b4indle of fibers passing from the lateral geniculate 1 
the pulvinar through the internal capsule to the visual 
the occipital lobe. 

Gratiolid, gra-ii'-Gl-in. Alkaloid. CS0H14O7* from Gmi 

Grattage, gtak-tahzh^ Scraping; cureting. 

Grave, gr&v, 1. Serious. 2, A place of interment, 
adipocere, q, v. 

Gravedo, grav^-do. Coryza; catarrh of the upper air^ 

Gravel, grai/el. A sand-like deposit in the urine* 

Graves* s IHtesse', Svi Basedavfs Disease. G/BSigiifii 
the systolic impulse often noted in the beg:inniTig of jij 

Grarld, gra-J-id, Pregnant; being with child. ^^ 

Gravidta* grai/'id-in. Some as Kyestein. -^I 

Gravimetric, grav-im-tf -rik. Determined by weight, 
irsis. See Analysis. 

Gravitationf grav-it-a*-shun. The force by which hni 
drawn to the earth's center. 

Gravity, gra\f-it-e. The property of posseasing wei 
Specific, the weight of a substance compared witl 

Grawitx*e Granulea. Minute granules, staining readily vi 
dyes, seen in red blood-cells in certain pathological oc 
G/a Tu'mor, hypernephroma; a lipoma toid tumo 
kidney having its origin in aberrant masses of suprarer 
and situated immediately beneath the renal capsule. 

Gray, gr^, A color between white and black, G, Af f 
Degenera'doa. See Dageneraiion. O. Maf ter, the cor 
stance of the brain. O. Oil, mercurial liquid used in 
G* Pow'der, mercury with chalk. G. Soap. See Sapo 
G. Soft'enlng, an inflammatory softening of the braii 
with a gray discoloration. G. Sub'staace. Sec G. M\ 

GreeDt grin. A color, G.-blind'neea, an inability to d^ 
the color green. G. Sick^aesa. See Chlorosis, 
purulent softening of nervoua matter. G. Vltli 

Green' -6tick Frac'turc. Sea Fraciurf. 

Greffotome, gref '-o-tom . An inatmment for making tlB,i 
QngMriom, grfg-ar-^-nah, A genua ot paT;^Bvt\!t vc^Ajime 
Gregory "k Pow'der. Compound powder oi tt^^Ataa-t^* 
OrehraToBt tor m'trwit hi:' \^. Antntetfflii^ftUcrwt: 

hy tbm addition of a solution ot metaAHatmAoNa 

r TO OH 




put acid whkti hfts been actdified with 

lonn of pernicious anemm conoectod 
hmius duai^ttalis in the intoetio^ tract. 
Knift swelUns behind the mastoid pfoc- 
ilB transverbe sinu«: (2) in thromboaia 
tomfyceasion of tlio c&rotidt produoea 
UnemiA (paUor, ayncopc. oonvulsiotii) . 
;! value, since it mmy also be caused by 
liml circulatioQ resulting from cardiac 
eciA Uy Artcriosclcro&is) . 
tit'. rClaw^foct. 

re of fcrrcmaatilphaUs (6)^ tnyrrh (18), 
bomttc (81. lavender (50), roae-walcr 

A precipitat'e it formod with i«,U pro 
lb tli« addition of » aoUuion of ttittCa' 

|tA genus of ptantit.and al»o the lea veil 

ftvian antiap&»modie« 
name applied to the nioLif teeth. 
IlKue'i grin'-iUn. A chronic lufi«< 
^n of metallic or Btliceousi dust. 

■ins to influenza « 
k. The speci6c poison of infiuenxa. 
p eruption of snmU-pQX is distinKUished 
f the fact that the papules remain diA« 
■rhen the skin ia tightly stretched. 

r a low moaning sound . 2, The sound 

■rtebral triangle of dulne«s in pletual 
KMtc to that of the effusion. 
It psoriaais or eczema of the hands. 
Ipion between the thigh and trunk. 
|i channel . crease, or fold . 

rk*s Encysted Rectum. 
G. Anat'omy* See Anatomy. 6* 
bo of tissue as saen without a flitcro- 
i|Bton perceptible to the e^'e. 

E'dL One of the two portions of the 
^ reaction with Bit antibody which is 
Ib group of bacterJA. 
Lb paJa^ f'a the limbs durixig: yvuth. 



Gfuber'ft Keac'tion. See Widat 'i Reaction . G/» Test lor Hear 'inj, 
if the end of the finder be inserted into the ea.r a/tcf ihe suund 
of a vibrating ttininefork held beiore the ear haa cOfnpletd; 
ceased, and the ttintn^fork be then firmly pJaoed upon tt* 
finger, a weakened soimd becomes again audible and lensfllw 
so for some time, 

Oniber-WWal's Reac'tioa. See Widai's Reaciu^n. 

Gniby'B Disease'. See Celsus's A rea. 

Gruel, gru'-€L A decoction of meal in water, 

GrumouSt gru'-mm. Thick; viscid; clotted. 

Grutum, gru'-tum. See Xliiiuni, 

Grymfelf t Tri'angle. A triangular spate bounded above by tiu> 

twelfth rib and the kswer bonder of the serratas poAtkof 

L inferior, behind by the anterior border of the quadratus lumlio 

■ rum, and anteriorly by the posterior border of the iotenal 

■ oblique. Lumbar hernia may occur in this space, 
Gryochfome, gn'-it-krom. A somatochrorae nerve-ceil the stain- 

abie portion of which consists of minute granules. 

GryiMJsis, «r*p-o'-j«. An inward curving of the nails. 

Guachamaca, gwah-chah-viah'-kah. A poisonous plant of Ven- 
ezuela. Maionetia nttida, yielding an arrow -poison. 

Gttachamacin, gwaJi-Lhah-mah*-kin. Alkaloid from guachamai», 

I identical with cumrin. 
Guaco. guxih'-ko. A South American plant, Mifcania armtta, 
used as a febrifuge and anthelmintic. 
Guaethol, g:ufa-gth*-cl, Guaiacol ethyl. CiH40C»Hi.0H, an 
internal and external substitute for guaiacol. 
Goaiac, gufi'-ak. An alterative reein from the wood of &M*a 
cum oftctnaU, a South American tree. 
GuaJace tin, ffu'ww'-cMn . Sodium py rocatechinacetate ; it is Mitj- 
Guaiacic, gwi'-as-ik. Relating to or obtained from gualacuro 
Gtiaiacin, gw^-iis^n. Aikaioid from guaiacum. 
k GuaiacoU gwt*-ak-0L The methyl ether ol pyrocatechin» CiHiO,., 
^L a distihation product ot creosote^ it is antiseptic and anti- 
f tubercular. G. Biai'odid, CtHJ-O*, a brown powder, it isanti* 
tubercular G. Car'booate, CuHnOi, odorless cryataJs; rt u 
used in tuberculosis. G- CtD'aamite. See Slyracot, 6. 
Eth'ylenst the ethylene ether of guaiacol; it is antitubercuJar. 
G. Phosphate, (C6H40CH»)2PO», hard tablets; used as euaiii«ol. 

IG.-«aloi or G Salicylate, CnHivO<, a crystalline substanc*. 
it ia ontiiseptic and antirheumatic, G. Suc'ctnate^ (C«Hi» 
OCHil Cih^O^ fine crystals: it is used as guaiacol, C» 
Valc'riuiate, geo«ote; it is an aotitubercular and foiiizymotie 
o//r Said 
limcum, gwe^ik-um, A ffttjcja of tmes of the West Indies. <J. 
J^^od, tfje beart'wood of G. ^fficinaU, it ia aUmuUirt msA 

CC7H«Ch)ai I 

used inane^ 
GnanidiB, gw^ 
Gr.anfa, pvd 

For test, sel 
GtsasOi gtiiohff 
Gtf mna. gwcA 

& Biaxillanii 

giiaxana, tdf 

ia^ the dcso 
GsfaJer's Bm 

cTGi&fsd par< 
ia-ciaL C.*g 
oaiein of thi 
pofia. G»'s II 
tbc» dorsum I 
aixl particiaif 

ca^cae from 1^ 
rioT portion \ 
proximal va^ 
eration. 6^ 
lection of 1% 
Ilr»e. 0/8 tt 
f£k.scaculiis |i 
o^^r th«cn| 
Cfl,^»e*u de M 


Xwo drops 
-tf^mOin. I i 
02 tiered S3sl 
^jlic p repeal 

afalnV Gla^ 


Piperidin gtiaiacuZfttB, CtHiiN 

lO^iiiiin guAtaco]-bia«}f>bcniate; it it 

i U ram in, 

itO. A leukomAin from guaoo. 

: of sea 'fowl. 
»«te of the seeds cdP^nUmia cnpana. 
I in mignine. 

An alkaloid. CtHioNiOt* frrun 
Ifein; it is used aa caHein. 
r-nak^-u-ium. A feUl co«l direct- 
ktes. See MttscUs, Tabl* of. 
I|«mlplegia of the extremitiea with 
^cmnial motor nerves, especially the 
tfcKinary line connecting? the points of 
y ncrve« on the lower surface of the 
UEtention of the synovial sbeatha on 
P in palsies of the antibra<:hi6l type» 

Ibsure. Fibers of the optic tract which 
jiniculate body and cfo&s in the poste- 
pa. to the opposite tract, G/s Law, the 
Id nerve undergoes cellulipetal degeti* 
1^ the interpeduncular ganglion, a col* 
1^ above the pons and in the median 
■icula'rii trans ver'sus, the cimbia, a 
I the pregeminiim and postgeniculum 
the oculomotor sulcus, 
i See Mnssy's Point. 
Pgamentous fibers of the obturator 
Itke tipper and inner waE of the canal 
l^r vessels and nerves, 
^ydrochlo'ric Ac'M in Gfti'tric Juice. 
k consisting of phloroglucint 2 grams; 
^f 30 c.c, mixed with two drops of 
feftrefully heated in a porcelain capsule. 
I is indicated by the appearance of a 
lit, the color will be brown or brown- 


mr'i Glands, G,*i Si'ow, the lacuna 
ilnesisl line of the upper wall of the 
id meatus. G.'t Valve, a fold of mu- 
ll G/s sinus. 

fit Jixr eKd^oB cf thm umsHa 


Guinea Worm, gin' -9 warm. A nematode wt^r-- 
Fiiaria mfdinensiSt Chccasionally panastlic in 

Guinoa'B DiwaM'. Tie de Guinon, See Touu 

Gull and Sutton's Disease'* ArteriocapiUary ^bxosii; ^^ 

Oullflt« gtiV-^U S«e EsophagH^s, 

GulI*R Re'nal Epistaz'is. Essential renal faematurk. Of «=>' 

GuU-TQyQbee'g Law. Xn otitb niedia the ccrebelluiu %ni Utm^ 
sinujj are likely to become involved by mastoid disease, V^ 
the cerebTuxn is threatened by cadea of the tool of the ISB^ 

GttUstrasd's Law. When the corneal reflex from either of **< 
eyes of the patient, who is made to turn the bead while 6rm| 
some distant object, moves in the direction in which tbelK**' 
is turning, it moves toward the weaker musde. 

Gum* 1. The concrete juice of certain plants. 2. The SJ^S"™* 
G., Aca'cia« gum from Acacia sens gal. G*-ATa'bIc. SaoKe «* 
C7.« Acacia, G. Bafsora, a Persian gum said to be from v^tn^ 
atid almond trees. G,-boil, an abscess of tho jaw; parufe 
G., Brif ifih. d extrin . G.-res'iti, a concrete vegetable jui©e. G*' 
traiC^acaatli. See Tragat^anth^ 

GummA* gMm'-oh, A gummy tumor fxom a peculiar caseation of 
8 tertiary syphilitic inflammatory deposit. 

Gummatoutt, gtttw'-o*-t*j. Resembling a gumma* 

Gttmmyr gutn'-^. 1, Gummatous, 2, Resembling g«xn. 

Guma, gmm. &ee Gingiva, 

Guocottoo* gun'-kQt-n, See Pyroxylin. 

Gunn's Dote* Brilliant white dots seen, on oblique illuminatiOT 
about the macula lutea; they do not seem to be pathologic. 

Gunning's Teat for Ac'etone. Add to the Hquid to be tcstiJ 
tincture of iodin or Lugol's soluticm. and then ammonia until* 
black precipitate is formed. This gmdually disappears, las*' 
ing a sediment of iodoform. 

Gun'stock Deform'ity. Sec Defonntty. 

Gurg'Ung. The sound of air passing tteough fiuid in a cavity. 

GuTJun Bal'sam, gcr^-jun. East India wood oil, an oleontfiJ^ 
from tho tree Dipitwcarfms turbinatus; it is tised in leprosy. 

Gnstatoiy, gns'-tat-ore. Pertaining to the special sense of la<wi 
G« Bulbs. See Tasie-buds, G. Cella. See Ctll G. Cifi'iir* 
See Center, 

Gut. The intestin*. See also CatgiU. 

Guthris's Mua'ele. The deep transversua perinsd. 

Gutta, guf-ah. A drop. G.-per'cha. the flexible concrete juirs 

of DifM^psis guttOy an East India tree; it is used as a pto^t^etivt 

application, O, T099fe^g* See Acw rosmta, 0= e^r*^«- » 

synonym for Afptaun^sis, g. v, 
QifUAtim* suf-a^'Hm, Drop by drop. 
'ito; g$4f-.0or. The throat, with reference to Xhib trachea. 

Guvacia* gvf-^ 
Gtiye*f Slcn. 


Guyon'a Istb^ 

na.1 OS uteri, 


^y miji a^aloin. 

Qyiaaltf tkSt p 

of fiagella. 

ypiiniiriwni j 
Gy^BAtrcciA. ji 

trtxe male b 


ins *^ ^^ 




2. The a 


dntng to the throat . 

ml ssmem with stBrnmcring. 

ig« alkajoid from itreca ntit 
iccurrini; in childbood with i^dewnd 

^ing *nd prolongatioti of Uie inter* 
l^rmsa anmll canal; it is not pathologic, 

sof renal tumur. 
MystecoAtic muacukir exefcbe. 
^ertaiaiug to gymnBatjcs. 
|.3ystcmatic bodily exercue. G,» Swe'- 
» to roBtore paretic muscks. 
k'te'-ff-um. Any bavlenusn devoid 

: organism without a limttins si«in* 

Hermaphroditism, q. v, 
I Hermaphroditism, 
I Imperf oration o/ the vugina, 
m Pertaining to gynecology. 
jfti. One versed in gynecology. 
i The science of the diseases of women . 
W-'ic-iift, An excessive development of 

Same as BilhaTEia htmattMa. 
A morbid dread of women, 
i^ilmoogra, an Ea«t India plant yield - 

I A plastic opemtioo on female gen- 

i calcitttn sulphate. 

N) lying in a circle. 


r-f*. Pertaining to*a brain tmidns 


Having a brain with numefOas 

k 1. The convolutions, of the brain. 

^the internal ear. 

Ktrument for cleanaaiUE i^nd massaging 

(.vertigo to which eveiythmg seems to 

A. rotatory spasm of the head. 

|tion of the brain. G. nm^hiteox or 

Ffiot/utioa £a the uncus at the extd of 
O. Andrmm Jt^ttU, Any one of 9 
rmew tij& di^tat^ tutd the bto- 

postencT part of that one between the intT^pn-^- ' ' '^^ 
front and above aiid the horizontal limb of the 
G„ Axisec'tani. four small convolutions connect i i , 
with the temporosphenoid and parietal lob«& G^ Ascend «l 
Fron'Udt that in front of Rolando's fissuie, C, Aatend'tai 
Parietal, that just behind Rolando's fissure. G^ Cftlla'al 
the convolution immediately above the caJlosiim. G., Den'* 
tale, in man, a rudimentary one in the hippocampa' " 
G. epicallo'ius or supracallo'ftUSt the induaium^ q, v. 
ola'ris, the fasciola, q. v. G, fomica^tus, a long convr 
the median surface of the brain above the corpus i 
G., Fron'tal, the convolutions of the frontal lobe. G , i r 
cam'paU that part of the fornicate convolution that y/rtmk 
around the splenium of the corpus caJJosum. G., In'sular^ the 
small gyri composing the island of Reil. G. intralimliiciaJi, 
that part of the uncus caudad of the dentate gyrus. G, lon'gvi 
ifl'iulfl6t the postinsula, a long gyre in the island of ReiL G, 
Mai^giaal. the median surface of the iirst frontal convoluticm. 
G.t Medlfron'taU the convolution between the superfrontal and 
subfrontal fissures. G^ Meditem^'poral, the convolution bt- 
tween the supertcraporal and the meditemporal Assures. G^ 
Mesor'bitalf the convolution betwecm the intercerebral and 
4llfactory fissures, G., Occip'^ital, the convolutions making vip 
the occipital lobe, G., Olfac'tory. See Strtts^ Olfaclory. 6*» 
Paracen'tral, one on the mesial surface of the bmin repreflcntint 
Ibe junction of the upper ends of the ascending frontal and i* 
fending parietal convolutions. G., Parfetal, those of the pari- 
etal lobe, G., PoBtceo'tr&L Same as G., Ascending Paneid, 
G,, PoBtpari'etal, the convolution between the posterior limb d 
the meditemporal fissure and the parocdpital fissure. G., Pre- 
cen'traL Same as G., Ascending Frontal. G., Pretn'suLir* any 
one of four or five small g>Tres in the insula or uland of Reil. 
G. temiltifia'rii. a small convolution in the uncus at the end 
of the lateral elfactory stria. G., Subcaf carioe^ a convoluticm 
between the calcarine and the collateral fissures. G., Subcol- 
Jat'enU* a convolution between the collateral and the subton^ 
poral fissures, G., SubfroD^talf the convolution between the 
subf rental and the Sylvian fissures. G», Subtem'porttl^ the con- 
volution between the meditemporal and the subtempoml fia- 
surcB. G.r SuperfroQ'^tal, the convolution between the calloso- 
marginal and the superfrontal fissures, G,* Supertem''porai. the 
convolution between the Sylvian and thesupcTtcmpondfiaaiinBS 
G.t Supramar'ginal, the anterior part of one between the in- 
trapanatai fissure in front and above and the horiidntal Hmb 
a/ the Syh^MJi Bssure. G.t Tem'poral, those of the temporal 
lobe. O., Tr&nstem*poTM.U &ny one of a number of sm&li Kytti 
on the opercul&r Surface of the temporal lobe. G*» Ui^aaad(»« 
me Ju^oIr-IiJcc termination of the fornicate convolution. 

vi^jal - 

tjo appreciah 

Ti3-,s points t 

"bbm**! hii-ht'- 

i3fiiat»rane c 
^rineaal glaod. 

_ am, h 

5,^,j^jlt. haiZ-ii 
ibircjniania, i 
I a^i^^fxient, hi 

Co-iAa^* a fn 

Hi-., See if 

l^xjres of 
,,r^er to o\ 

yj' srone Si 

KMT Glace 

.*»aed 1 




\ object «l3«iM)y pieteot in ih* 
pupilB contmct, wliiie th«re « 
I oonvergenee or accommodation. 

3. A bandage, 
ne Applied to several anatomic 
•fUi, the inner zone of tMe boaHjir 
[ H. cooa'fii, the peduncle of ih<» 

cncy to rep«!tUton. BL Chort'A, 
: action of voIuritar>' ntuficlca 
I locality of an animal or a plant. 

A Ray form of inianhy. 
} same as flacking, g. v, 
jifE movement in massai^e. B. 

American trtypkal treei Iok- 

pber2,a3, with which the last two 
of the urine are multiplied it 

r solids in 1000 c.c. of urine. 
A preparation of plaeue haeilH 
ative of the plague. 

er l.l which when multiplied by 
fcific gravity of urine will give the 
f each fluidounce. H/ft Solu'tloQ 

rsr sulphate 3, potassiura hydrate 
Use as Pehling's solution; a red 

Lg« of the gMn. H.-hnlb, the ex* 
I end of a hair-TDot. H.-cell. an 
^ process. E.-fol'licte, a recess 
fti-papil'la* a portion of the corium 
reenter of a hair-bulb. H.<iiilC, 

Covered with a rough mass of ex- 
1^ covered with hair-tike papillas. 
ifectant, parasulpbooe dichlora' 

*■ 755# totAJHy af the swimminf! 

r /rtv33 botufi €3irtoonmimciA. 
f bmatfi. 

\. Hal]*B (MarshKll) Dlftease'. Hydroctiphaloid occtirring in mfknl 

t suffering from severe chronic intestinal catarrh, H/s Fi''do| 

f the prominent forehead and small features pccxdiar Xq bydn 

I cephaJus, 

I Eallff*! An'u. A loc^ fanned in froot of the internal jii^ 
^^L veia by a small nerve branching off from the facial just bdo 
^^ the stylomastoid fgramen and joining the filossopharyngeal 
1^^^ little below Andersch'a ganglion. It ia not constant. W 
Circle. See Zinn's Circle. H/s Col'ic Omen'tmn, a proem;, 
the upper right border of the greater omentum, which may 1^ 
come adherent to the testis during fetal life and be included 
the sac of an Inguinal hernia. H/b Caned, the coni vasculoid 
the epididymis. H/s C^n^en'ltal Her'nla. See Malgatg^ 
Hemm. H/s Fre'tum. See H.'s Isthmus. H/s Habvin'ula, 
slender cord farmed by the obliteration of the canal wbi 
during early life connects the cavity of the peritoneum 
that of the tunica vaginalis. H/i iBth^muSf fretum Hallii 
the constriction which separates the ventricle from theao^ 
bulb during early fetal life. H/s If et' work* the rete vasculcsi 
of the testis. H.'s Plex'tM» Haller's laryngeal plexus, the 
network formed by branches of the external laryngeal 
I sympathetic nerves on the outer surface of the inferior 

k strfctor pharyngis, H/s Splen'did Line, linea splendens; 

fc longitudinal fibrous band of the pia corresponding to the 

B of the anterior median fissure of the spinal cord. H/i Tri'j 
f tripus Halieri; the celiac axis. H*'s tu'nica vasculo'sa, the 

ina vasculosa of the choroid. H/s vai at/erraaa, a small, 

Ivoluted duct connected with the tail of the epididymis or 
beginning of the vas deferens. H.*ft Ve'nous Clr'cle, an incopi^ 
plete circle of superficial veins frequently seen through the 
tegument of the mammas, especially during lactation* 
pUUopeao'fl Disease. Chronic pustular dermatitis, a form of llj 
mann's disease. 
Balluctnatioa, hai-lt^'Hn^'shun, A false perception ar 
U^nSr hat-US, See Hallux, 
Halluxr fuil'*uks. The great toe, H. flez'ui. Same as Hi 
toe. Ht rig'idas. ankylosis of the metatarsophalangeal ai 
ulation. , H* yai'gus, an outward bending of the great 
H. va'ruSt an inward bending of the great toe, 
iSalOt ha'-h. A brownish circle about the female nipple. E 
glaucomato'sus, in glaucoma » a white ring aurrouiiding Uw 
optic disc . EL-«ymp' torn, the colored circles seen afotwii 
in glaucoma* 
BaIoMos, hal^ 'he-OS. The totality o( the marine flora and fai 
fialQgeooufl^ hal-of-€H-us. Producing saline compoxinds, 
BmtogetiMt hat-o-jem. The ekcUone^niivft dUxxwutA, 
btxnrdti, fodin, and fl4*orio- 
amtoM^ k^^tmd. Any aaH o* ttoft bA:koBesA 
HmUtewu^B OImm^. Endttm'ic mypVul^ 




Kiween the knee and bip-joint, E*» 
posterior zousdeB of the thi^h. 
A tonic ftud bcmost&tio cjntmct from 

rubs4 and also the leaves of H^ virgin > 
8 as a hemostatic and aatringent. 
btton of the should er^joint a ntlct afv 
ieni8 nmy b« made to touc;h the aero- 
at the same time. 

To the neutral solution add 
sia until no mom of the salt dis- 
lin thus predpitaed by filtiation, 
solution of sulphate of magnesia. 
1^ pennanent hyperextension of the 
wt the aecOEid and third phalanges. 

like a hook, 
k-like process of a bone, 
snsion In man. H.t Bat'tledorep tho 
acromegaly. H.-^lect'rode, an ele^ 
H.» Tndl'ing, In synckroootii 
lat upon which the attention, visual 

llgment of epidenms hanging At the 
nrith inflammation. 
1^ A germicidal globulin found hj 
Iftam anknals and giving imm^unity to 

. ficJal passage produced between the 
pfs of the zonula of Zinn by the in jec- 
k H**s Interme'diate Mem^brone^ th« 
pner, cellular layer of the enamel orgao 
ip fetus, 
pnophic cirrhosis of tlic liver, with 

Pain on touching objects. 
h, A morbid fear of touching things. 
I An instrument used in testing the 
|PS an instrument fot observing ti»e 

tof convergence of the visual axes. 
ace of the tactile sense, 
lor the various bodies which can be- 
(*chaiiiB of Ehrlicb'fi theory, 
jg^nity for a haptophoro, 
*" at portion of haptins and cells 
£2resse to same other bodyj </-,, a 

P^rtaSams to the b&ptopbom, 
I chMncrta. 


HarderUio Glaiid. A mcemose gland located at the Inner 
of llie eye of most vertebrates, and especiajly of thoav 
a well -developed, nictitating membrane, 

Hajr4y-BfliJer*a Symp^tcmi, See Bihicr -Hardy's Symptom. 

Hftr«tlp. hdf^'Hp, A GCingenitft! fissure of the lip. H. Sffton, 
the twisted suture. 

Har'lequia Fe'tus. A fetua'witli congenitjil fchthyosus, 

HArley*a Disease'. See DrexshT*s Disease. 

HormBlki. har'-ma-Hn. Au alkaloid, CuHnNjO, fxom haaad; 
it is naed as a stimulant and antbelmintic. 

HiirmeU ha/ -mil. Wild me, Ftganum karmaki, of Turkey; ft '» 
a vermifuge, 

HarmoQtA, Harmooyp Aar-mo'-wtf-a/r, har^-mo-ne, A suture bfr 
t\\'^n two bones in which the opposed surfaces are smooth. 

HjLrrison*a Groove. A curve extending from the level of the enw- 
form cartilage toward the axilla, and corresjJOTiding to the in- 
sertion of the diaphragm; it is pronounced in rickets. 

Mulniaan*8 Fos'sa. Fossa iIeoca2<!alis ini&ma; a fimall, infundib- 
ular fossa of the peritoneum lying between Tufficr's inferior 
ligament and the mesoappendix. 

Hartaboro, hariz*-hom. Ammonium hydrate. 

Haschiacb, Hashishin, hash'-ish, hash^'lshAn, An alodiolie ex- 
tract of Cannabis indica. 

Haaheeflh, Hashlach, Hashish, hash'-ish. The dried sterna and 
leaves of Cannabis indica. 

Eaaoer'a Valve. Xn inconstant N'alvular fold of xnucofia at th6 
inferior meatus of the nasal duct. 

Haasall's Bod''ies, Concentrically striated corpuscles^ apparently 
of a degenerative character, found in the thymus gland. H/» 
Test, the growth of Saccharomycvs cerifvisi^, see© under the 
microscope, is indicative of the presence of atigar in the urine, 

Hat'tera' Disease''. A form of clirome mercurial poisoning. 

Haunch, fiawnch. The part of the body indttding the hips and 
L the buttocks. H.-bone, the ilium. 

k Haoatra, hawsf-tra. The sacculated devationa of the large 
m int^tine. 

^ Haustua, hatvs^-ius. A draft of medicine. H. ai'ger, black draft 

Haut mal, k(/ *nal. A Revere form of epilepsy. 

Haven's Canals''. The canals pervading the compact substance of 

ibone in a longitudinal direction and anastomosing with 
another by transverse or oblique branches. They conl 
blood-vessels and lymphatics. H/a Glanda, glanduJ^e mucila( 
inossQ; fatty bodies connected with the synovial fringes op 
most of the joints. They were believed by Havers to sectrt^^ 
I the synovia. H.*b Lamel'las^ the concentric lamellas of bone 

virhleh form the Haversian canftls. H/s SpAc'eg, large, irreg- 
c/ar/y shaped spAcea /otind chiefly m gtomn^ \KroRj4. 'B.*\ 
j Syiftem, tbo concentric anangftHMmt ft! t.\» botv^ "^axnfeYii^ 
I UMQMlIy ciMht or tea in number, around a HavexAan tatiaa^ ^•W 

t »t raUing phlegm rrom the thfOftt 
crobk disease of xUtt nasal mticotis 
atarrh^I inflamnmiJiDrt, and tncn* 

I'atoblMts* See BiMMVteni*s Bkntd- 
plectifonii myelitis. H/aSolu'tion 
I'CT^airrinaiion of the bjood)^ aodiam 
pulphate, 5 Brra-rns; mercwnc chlorid, 
I c.c. of dietillod watcT- 

of the joints in arthriliii delor- 

I distilled product eontalnine the 
I Hamamelu virginiana^ 
t of the body, containing the bmin. 
I( bone. H,-ac]iie» pain in the ht&d 
Le characterized by dro«3ping of the 
Htniti fold at the cephalic: end of the 
\^egHt. H.-kid'oey, the pronephros. 

tit of the heads of twins at the time 
us capitis. 
I'd cure. The tinioa and cicatrization 
Kitea'tiocit union without scar-forma- 
moOt union with granulation, H. hf 
f adhesion of granulating surfaces* 
bbnditioi) of the body, 
mowing a tendency to heal. 
Ipnveying sound-impressions to the 

Ence at which a certain sound 
r body, the center of the dicu- 
xriation of auricular and ven- 
Iciterference with the conduction of 
^ H,-b., Complete^ when the ventric- 
fiependent of the auricul&r. H,-b,, 
||en one of the auricular contractions 
htricles to contraction, H.-burn, a 
I* epigastrium and lower part of the 
van of bl^od in the cardiac cavity. 
Deration of the muscular fiberB of the 
f the quantity of subpericardial fat, 
k H., Haii'y. See Hairy, 
ki of warmth. 2. The periodic sex- 
Ib. H., Atom'k^ See Aicmie. B^ 

CI incompletely determined arwas in 
control of body temperture. B** 
oUc'uhtr, the product ofth^ otoI^ctM 
^u/ttpJied by tts specinc beat, ff„ 
L ^ficJfic, the mtlQof the cjtpttc- 
ff^fj «7*Aa/ weight af wa ter. S. - 


prostration fiom exceflsive beat, H.H 
A pectiluir forra of tosanltjf {, 
H.'f Nodfltp dflj 


•trokt, nutmtrokc; 

Bamo Alt CaiorU, 
Habephrenift, he It^-fr^^m-ah, 

dent, to the (ifTc of puberty. 
Hebir4w*« Diie^M'. Angina pectoria. 

of tlio fingera in arthritis deformans, 
Heb«rden-Ro««n bach's Ifodw. S«e Heherdm's NotUs. • 
Btlkoiteoroni^. Section through body of imbia to fadlitaii 

l»l*or; pubiotomy. 
Babotomy, A#-M'-o-i#ir. Sam« as PMotomy, 
Btbetude, *#y-#-ttki. Dulness of the senaes and of the intcJkct 1 
H«bfa*t Erytbt^ou* Polymorphoua exytbenia, H/a ^ityri'uii^J 

pitrnA&is rtibra, H/t Prarf go* true prurigo. 
Bfctk, krk'tik^ I. Habitual 2, Pertaining to pbthisJa El 

Al'ftf, tbe [wotiacted fiever oC phtlims. B. Fluali, itK)demDfl| 

of tha ch««la lo tabercslosk. 

, iie^>ectl\ ely. 
A Jill d ]iett»^ and also the leawsin^ \ 
ta^^H. ^BJttin'iirr, pawjnofal; it ia used aa a caTroinntivti 

I criFStala of uric acid. 
; a hypnotic 
U H«aia ttnaaigli the i^hiatic notdi 

Tte InAv fftit cf Che foot» H.«lMme, the oe calcii I 

«f tba lower sesment of tk | 

riaSai thecenrix noticed on biinanuai | 

k»ifaBit l«»er thnee moaths of pregnane^' 

iT* Crrscwnts. H.*» 1 

«*BiAnik^wcc]b<iltbaimn]feroustubuH I 

.B a helix. 

Ncen the two scal&s of the cochlea. 

'tis. IndammatioQ oi the bmto 

^ A morbid fmr of luntight. 
\ of dlMAfte by oxpofture to sun* 

4H«0j. An Rntlpytctic, antiinni- 
bm pipenn. 
r Phenomena of an organism by 

pttis, TahU of. 

If the entemal ear. 

Tb., Axnericao or Swamps See 

% H^ikborus nign, and iu root; H is 


]K pcibonoua g1uct>sid, CtiH440u, 


k«sO«. A poiaonouA glticorid ffwnr 

Bfrnus of herbs, heltebore, 
^ of arteri«fi in the deeper layer of 
\ H/t Test for Albu'min. Place 
|d add in a test-tube, and overlay 
||be urine to bo tested. The cotist- 
Uted by a well-defined white ris| 


Interior ligament of the malleus that 
4 the latter and is inserted into thi? 
kl head. H.'« Line, the line perpen- 
^es of rotation of the eyeballa. 
Hestinal worm. 
^£. See Aniktlmintic. 
^racterized by the preicnce of 
Id tumors of the a:iciliaA and groinM 

Ift of intestinal worms in the body. 

t» as HelmiHthiasis, q. v. 

b-;V. A treatifle on worms. 


Brlene citronate of urotropin; a 


jpact from the rhiiomca of Chammlif 

Thff tri^n^iJsr or oHvfUT txmct^ 
ftitc tuit^FoiAUtT^ coJunm of tho 


Hemabarometer, Jtem-ah-ar-onf^i-ei. An instrumfnt M/ «h 

termimng the specific grravity of the bJood. 
Hazuchroia» hem-ak-rc'-in, Hcmatosm. q. v. 
HemAchromef h^t'-ak-rOm. The nsa coloring-niatter o/ bJeod. 
Hemachro'sis. Affection with abnormai red coloration of blwd. 
Hsmacyanln, hsnt-as-i'-an^in. The blue coloring-matter of bM 
Hemacytometer, hsm-as-i-tom'-et-ir. See HemccyUmtetet, 
Hcmnd, he fit' -ad. Toward th« bemal or ventral aide. 
Hemadeaology, hcm-ad-eH-ol'-o-jf. The study of the ductiM 

glands and their diseases. 
Hemadromometer, lumadro-mom'-^t-tr. See llemodrtfinomittt, 
Hemadyoam'eter* Apparatus for Tneoaimng blood -preatin^ 
^madynaiaom'eter. See H^ntodynanumntteT. 
Hemafacient, hemaf~a*-ih«nL An agent producing blood. 
Hemagog, hem'-ag-og. Agent increaalng menst'naal discharge 
Hcmal, hem'-al. Pertaining to the blood. H. Ardi. the anili 

/onncd by the ribs, sternum, and vertebral bodies, H, Splot, 

the sternum or linea alba. 

Iron albuminate, used in anerniii. 
1. An eflfu&ion of blood into the 

Bemalbumlii« fwrn-al-bu'-min, 
Hematopia, hem-al-o'-pe-ak. 

eye. 2. Erythropsla, q. v. 
Hemameba, hetit-ain'^'hak. 

I. A leulcocyte, 2. A pamsUk 
ameboid microorganism of the blood, as the malarial i>araflOV^. 
Hemangioendothelioma, hem-an^ja'a-^H-do'tkt-h^'^mah. EpiUM- 

lial hyperplasia of the capillaries. 
Hemangioma, hem-an-je-a'-mah, A true angioms. 
Hemangiosarco'ma. The same as Angicsarcoma, q, v. 
Hemaphcin, kem-afe'-in. A brown colnringmatter from btewJ, 
Bemapoiesis, hcm-ap-oi-^ -sis ^ See Hcmatopoussis, 
Hemapoietic. hem-ap-oi-ef-ik. See Htmatopoietic. 
Hemapophysta, hrm-ap'off*-is-4-i. A costal cartilage. 
Hemarthrosis, kemar'thr&*-sis. An effusion of blood in b jcaint 
Hemastat'ic, See H^mastatic. 

HemastaticB, kem-as-taf-iks. The hydrostatics of the bleod. 
Hemastheaosis, h^m-as-ihen-t/sis. Weakening of the bloodn. 
Hematachometer, h^m-<tt-ak-om*-tt-€r. An instrument for meas- 
uring the rapidity of the circulation of the blood, 
Hematangioaosus, h^m-at-nn-je^on* -O'Stts, Disease of bioDd- 

Hemate'in. CiaHs^Ot. A stain from hematoxylin, 
Hematemesis, hmvhat-eh%*-^sAs, The vomiting of blood. 
Bematencepb''aIoo. A hemorrhage within the brain, 
Hcmathermous, ht'nt^tk-er*-mus. See Hemaioikefmal, 
Hemathidroils, hFrn-at-htd-ro'-^ir, Sac HtmatidroHn, 
Semmdc, hem-af-ik. Bloody, 
Smmmilca, ^m-af-4k-ah, A^ots a^'ecting th« blood. 
Wstamiidroais, A^m-^jf^fd-ra'.^, Bloody swaat, oauaod by «► 
ymtlem of blood into the coils and dncta of swcat>e!b&Qd4. 
eten See Hematocyionufi^^ 

^seanoglobin o£ b1 
leifiAtiaic* l«#»»i-<3< 

Ts^ating the quant 
OciaaAtiistxiia, "^ " 

2. A blood^co: . 
HcmAloblast, A«iM'-iti 

Iptiscle. 2. A bloc 
EemAtocele, hMfit*-<xU 
Htsa^toceph'alua. i 

a^iftodiylo'na* \ 
lanAtoeolpoa, h*m 
SfjuAtocrite, hMy>i^4 
EeoMtocrra^ Act»^ 
StiBatckcrystaUin, IH 
aejaa.tocy'ania- h 

leAAtocyat. A*fH'4 
blocxl into the fai 
Besomtocyte htfif^ 
BesnAtocytometef, % 
tite corpuscles in fi 

ieo&'AtjQC«n. An in 
|^eaii*togen'e<iB- T] 
I^^Atoeeoic, Jit 

Qj^siatoBrapbyt ^ 
Biei0*t>oi4 A«i«^- 

p0j«d with tb 


y hwm'-ai-in. CuH»^<FeO»^ A brown pij?nient from 
obin of blood. 

p h^m-at-i^-ik^ An agent improving the blood-quality, 
aeter, hem^t^n-om^-€tr-er. An {nBtrumcxit lor esti- 
I the qiiantity of hemoglobin in the blood. 

, funH-aUiH-i4f-r0-ah, Henmtin in the uritie. 
, h€m-al-</-h€-um. 1. An anintalculo in the blood, 
i- corpuscle. 

rit, h€ifnf~at-o-hla$U 1. An immature red blood-cor- 
2, A blood-platelet. 
lUe, h«m'-at-0'SiU A blood-tumor. 

fli'aluB. An effusion of blood into the brain. 

hen%-aUo-k/-se-ah. A discharge of blood by stool. 

Elu'riflL, The presence in the urine of blcKid and chyle» 
lOBf iunt-ai-o-ko^ 'pos. HemorrhBge into the vagina, 
JHte, hemf-at-a-4crit. See HematoktU. 
pyol, hem-ai-o-krf-al. Cold-blooded, 
lystflilia, hent'Qt-o-kri^ -tal'tn. See Htfuoglabin, 
WAmsk, A blue coloring-matter from tho blood of 

^i^ hein*-at-o-sist. 1» A blood-cyst, 2, An effu:iiou of 
Ibto the bladder. 

^te hen^-ai-o-sii. A blood-coipuacle. 
i^ometer^, hem-oi-o-si-t&w^~et-£r, A device for counting 
rpuacles in a given volume of blood. 
U»titefn'al-</'dis. Se^ Hemaicmycfs. 
pen. An iron aibtunijiate derivative* used in anemiA, 
The development of the blood, 
, hem-ol-a-jet/'ik. Pertaining to formation of blood. 
QOIIB* hemr^'Of -en-US. Derived from the blood. 

, h0m~at-O'gl</-bin, See Hemoglobin, 
DbiiUa, h€m-ai~o-g^ob*-u-Un, See Hemoghhutin, 
j^ htm-at-e^-ra-ft. A description of the blood, 
t funt-at-o-hid-ra'-sis. See Hcmatidrosis. 
i hMm''ai'oid. Blood-like. 

An iron-free derivative of hemoglobin, identical 
ubin, q.v. 
klpttSv hem-ai'O-koV^tLS. Same as Heitujtoccipos. 

, heftt'-at-o-krii. An instrument for determining, by 
foice, the volume of corptisclcs in blood as com^ 
Hth the volume of serum, 

, h£tn~at' -o-Hh. CuHtsNiO?. A derivative of hema tin. 

y# hem-at-o^-o-je. The science of the blood, 

Dplianglo'mft. A tumor of blood- and lymph- vessels. 

t h^m-at-ol^-is-is^ 1. Destruction or disorganization 

I or of the corpuscles, 3, Diminished coAgialability 


M^m-at-o-iif^, See M«t»tolyiic. 
AmM^a$^-inak, A tumor coiita.\mD% \B«»A. "Bk* 



ati^rla* & blood-tumor beneafcli the peWchondrJimi oi ti«tat 
HenutomediaslFiiuin. See HemotMdia^inum, 
H«matometer, kem-dU&fn'-fi-^r. An instntrnent to eatiumi^tli 
properties or constituents of blood. See Hemodynawatium: 
Hematometra, hem-^l^ch^ms^-trah, 1. A hemorrlmso into f 
womb. 2. A coUoction of menstrual discharge in the^ac 
HematomphaFocele. A bloody tumor at the navel, 
Bematom'yceB. A bloody variety of enccphaloid cancer, 
Hematomyella, hem-at-o-mi^-la-ah. Hemorrhage into the cotd 
Hematomyeirtis* Acut^ myelitis frotn hemorrh&ge into the cod, 
Hematopericar^dituti. A blcxxJy e£fusioii into the pencatdsuia 
HematDpez'iB. The coagulation- time of the blood. 
Hematopluiitoua, hem-at'Off*-ag-us, Living on blood. 
Hematophilla, ketn-at-o-fiF-^'ah. See Hswaphilia, 
Hematophyte, h^m^-at-o-fii. A microscopic parasite of the M<«*i 
Bematoplastic, fiem-at-ft-pla^'tik. Blood-forming. 
HematopoJesiB* It^m-at-o-poi^-sis, Blood-making. 
fiexnatopoietJCy h^m-<ii-o-poi-ef -ik. Pertaining to hetnatopoieats 
Bematoporphyrin, hem-at-o-por^-fir-in, CiiH7*NiO«. A ■ttl^ 
stance produced by icmoving the iron from htmatia* For test. 
flee Garrod, 
Hcmatopgrphyiinuria, Jmn-ai-o-por-firAn-^'Te-ak. The p«a- 
I ence of hetnatoporph^Tin in the urine. 

I Bematopoaiaf h^i-<iUQ-pt/^se^ah. The drinking of blood. 
Hematopaia, h«m-at-ot^-sv-ai\. Hemalopia, q. v, 
Hexnatorrhachis, h^m-ai-of'-ak^is, Spinal hemorrhaR^. 
BemAtorrhea« hem-at-or-^^ok. A passive f!ow of blood, 
i Henuitoaai'pinz. A bloody distention of the Fallopian tube. 
I Eematoicheocele, iutm-at^sf -ke-o-sH. A bloody tumor (rf the 
Hem'ato^cope. An instrument for the Bpectroscopic examlnatiaa 

of the blood* 
Hematos'copy. Spectroscopic examination of the blood and lltt 

blood -discs. ' 

Hexnatosepsiap Jmm-at-o-sep'-sis. See Septicemia. 
Hamat06ln#iiMw-a^V-£m» See Hefnaiin. 
HeoMtoaiB* hem-aiH/sis, Blood-fOrmation, 
Henifttoapec'troficope. An instrument for examining the blood. 
HematoapfrctroB'copy. The use of the hexaatospectroseope, 
Bieoutotper'mia. The jmssage of bloody aemen. 
HematothDcmai. iuni'tit^-tke/~fHal, Warm-blooded. 
HematotliormXt hsm-at-o-ituf-raks. See Hemothorax. 
JSnmjitotoxicv hetn^aO^-tokf-ik, Pertaining to blood-poiseniiiig, 
t^Mgm^totymfituifaB^jkfmraS'O-Um^-pQn'um, Bloody e]aidati>>o in 
^H^e middle-eAT or cfnim-cavity. 
^^^^^ Am^oNsbf^^, Th^ same aa H9maio\a%%&^ 
^^^••■■'Wo- CifHuO$^ ^ crystallioe pigment from lofrwOfO^ 

::aiitxiita, h***t-at-i< 

ttan, Eodem'ic, th 

i»uJ. a trcsnat" 


^_^ ■ : the < 

should be discon 

iemitfclirottia to 
P^,^c«ption in < 

d^estive actiyi^ 

ijj^i^nopia* He 
Ulioduesi of on 

3:1 casts 

of but 

^gixlated blood 
Ig^g^lcAtalepsy. 1 

I ofacen-waUtt 
l^ji^^cpbaHa* ^ 

3jja4 theoerebl 
'A. % 

— - - hm in llie blood. 

The Uacioit forxned on 

I of a hemautogniph. 

Da,y-bHtidne»; niffh t -b lindnessv 
\ definition of thii wctfd it« «8« 
, Nyctalopia, 

Sfttne as Hemianopsia, q, v, 
^o-mat-ap'-st^h, AbseAt eolor- 
yfield of vifiioa. 

£ The same n,s AntiaJbumin ,q.V. 
IH lUmialbumost , q. v. 
p that is convcrt«d by f^rthrt 

m^Ja the unne of hemialbufnose. 
B|f of pain on one side ol the 

iMbility on one side of tb© body, 

llrisual field, 

ft. A false «ynchondro«ii. 

Ir'cDordtnAte on one side of the 

rjjU, Involuntary rhythmio move- 
ton of one side of the body. 
H. CaI'cqIos, a concretion of CO 
iTf a mtirmur dtie to anemia. 
p^sc. See Hypnotixm. 
I The teitn for the carbohydraieB 
pred blue by chlor-jnnc-Iodid, 
I a Uteral half of the skulL 
tth only half of a head, the calvaria 
K being absent. 
|| to one side of the body. 
nBitaining to one lateral half of the 

i 1, Neumlemof half of the head; 
pelopmeftt of half of the fikulL 
If one-half of the body. 
ho production of bloody sweat. 
Lt^^ J. ^ duUtsd iseomtiort ia 

A monster withaut af^D0 
I mamji^ .ocvzoa/ t>mia. 



Hemkp'lltpcf . Epilepsy of one lateral half of the body, 

HemisloBSi'tlft. Inflaxmnatian of one-half of the tan^ue. 

Heflajhldrosis* hem-e-hid-fC^-sis. Same as H^smidiafiki^wsU^ q.v 

Hemihyperesthe'slA. Hyperesthesiii of one latef&l 2iaif of Uw 

Heailhypertrophy» hefn-e-ki-p^'tro-fe. Hypertrophy of ope 
half of thcj body or of one-half of a limb. 

RcmhnsHuSrhffm'im'-^l-its. I* A monster with atrophied extfejn- 
ities. 2. A phooomelus* 

Hem'in. Hematin chlorid, a crystalline derivative of blood, 
For Ust, aee Tffichmann, 

Hemineurasthe'lliA* One-sided neurasthenia, 

Hemiopla, hem-^-c^-pc-ak. Tho same as Hetniancpsia , g. v, 

Hemlopic, heni-c-c^-pik. Affected with hemiopia. 

HemipaguSf tmn^P^-ag-its. A double monumphallc moniter 
united by the thoraces, and having a conunon motith. 

Hemiparonesthesia* hefn-e-par-an-es Uia^-se-aK Anestheda d 
one- half of the lower portion of the body, 

Hemipaniple'gia« Paralysis of the lower limb on one side, 

HemipaT'esis. Paresis of one lateral half of the body. 

Bemipep'^tone. A peptone formed in proteid digestion. 

Hemiphoula* kem-e-fo'-ne-ak. Half-voice; half-whiaper. 

Hemiplegia, kem-€t'pli^-je-<ih. Paralysis of one side of the body. 
H., Al^temate, that affecting one side of the face and the tntnk 
and extremities of the opposite side, H,, Cer' ehrol, that due to 
brain-lesion. K« Crossed* Same as /f„ Altemate. H^ 
Fa'cial, motor paralysis of one side of the face. H., Hephei'tk, 
a form of spasmodic hemiplegia in blacksmitha. H.* Spa*' tic, 
infantile form with spasms. H, Spi'nal, Brown-S<S«iuaai'* 
paralyds, q. v. 

Hemiprotein* hem-t-pti/^tc-in. The same as Antialbimtid, Q* bv 

Hemtptera, he-mip^^ter-'ah. Some as Rkynchoia^ q. v. 

HemisectioD, kef n-€-sskf -shun, Bi vision of one-half of a part. 
^ Hem^ispaiiD. A spasm affecting but one side of tho body, 

^K Hemisphere, hem'-is-f^. Half a sx>hereu 

^P Hemisystole. tieine-si^-io^e. Contraction of but half of tl» 
^ heart. 

Hemitericr Jtem-r-teZ-ik. Deformed but not monstrotis. 

Hemlock, fu:»i''hk. I, See Conium, 2. A tree of the genus 

Hemochromato'ftts. Disoolomtion from depoait of blood-pk- 

Hamochromogen, hem-o-kfa'-mo-Un, A reduced otkali-heniatin 
HeflQOChromometer. hem-o-kro-mom'-^it-er* An instrument for 

making the colortest in esfcimating the quality of the blood. 

^mMemocrjrstmain, k^t-v-kri^-tal-in. See HfffnoilcWn. 
^^^^^acymnia^ /t^m-i^-si'^aff-in. The same aa H«tnat«'^va*it*i- 4, ' 
^m^moert^ k*fn'^4>^U^ A bJood-cofiniflcle* 

leaoc7toly«ls» Im*»h 

SessocTtometer, Itew-o-jf 

relative number of co 
Eemoeytotrip'sls, B 
Hlemocyti/ioon. h*m-<t-^i 
HemodiA, he^me^-it-ok. S4 
Qeniodroinometer, hem-o^ 
measuring the velocity 1 
Hianodyii^nom'eter. Co^ 


Hemofticbsin^ iiem-o-fook* -(^ 

lBraofi:allol, hem-o-gaf-ol, 
0diyra and used In aneni 

3emoselozxieter, kem-t^f^ 
determination of the 

limi^riniri heni'^f-jtt^-ik^ 

pu9cles. For test, see 
^yyrfiglohinemia . h^m-a 

tsjood of dissolved hi 
L— #iy lflhiiiometer« item 

e^t^tsnating the hemogloll 

^[p^^eaa'^ic;* a condition ou 
^fXAdice. Ha* Intermit I 
^xTtS^ periodic attacks 
^BOCr«Cart'<ui< Grega 
Unsold, hem'-oid. R 
stciokonla, kem-o-ko'-n«- 
^ornsally existing in thoi 
aojoi* hew^-ol An iron-| 
I mtnV^WT ^^ Htmatoii 
?«a4>lymp1i# htni'-o-limpf^ 

•'Jjn4£ atitritive fluid of o"^ 
u.>rni iyaiii. iisntd*4s-in 

jlcod-cdls. See Cyiok 
^ea^r^ "^^^ breaki 

a serum which 
[num. A 

!f-li. DiMcdutiim of blood -cm-- 

g-up I lAcIea by pressure 

^(/'on. The plaemodium «f irtAtofiia. 
[ the t«eth oa edg«. 
t-mofH^-ft-rr. An tnslrument for 
: the blood -current, 
rivance toTTntawannti btoott-pnemujie, 

fThe trade nairu) for oxyhemo- 
. An I ron-fro<j pigment of the blood, 
A brown pigment from the blood. 
M brown powder derived from hemo- 

\lffk''t'lfr. An instrument for the 

Ikpilaibn^iime of blood« 

^, The formation of blood. 

r Producing bl-jod. 

t The coloring-matter of rod cor* 

I^MV-mtf-dA. The jireaenee In the 


U'f'-bim'Om^-fi-^f . An instntinent for 

iti in the blood. 

ptonce of hemogtobin in the urine, H., 

pbe new-born marked by cynnoiis a ml 

jIHitor ParoKys'oiAl, a form with recnr^ 

L Toz'Ic, a form due to puiaomng, 

to-liliu; bodies in malartai blood. 

pling blood. 

1^ Minute, spheric, colorless gramtle& 

jblood. Blood-motes. 

bwder obtained from blood, 


^ 1. Bloody lymph. 2, The ciroula 
Sain invertebrates. 

A cytolysin capable of destroying nod 
jbi, and IsolysiH. 

Eof the red blood-eorpusctes. 
agent causing hemolysis, H. 
kes hemolysis, 
»ody effusion in the mediastinum, 
1 1 See HemodyHami>m^txr. 


Hepatic, hep-af-ik, Fiirtaining 

Duct, H. Lobes, the anatomic divisions of the liv«c. H. 
Veins, three veins running from the liver to the inferior vbw 
cava. H. Zbnest certain areas in a hepatic lobule. 
HepKiica* kep-af-ik-ak. I. Agents affecting the liver. % A 

genus of herbs and demulcent leaves of .4 nemone kepalisO, 
HepaticolithotripBy, hep-at-ic-o-lith'-o-trip-st. Crusfaine & atwft 

in the hepatic dtict. 
Hepaticos' tomy. The fommtion of a fistula into the hepatic -^ u r i 
Hepatin, kep'-<ii-in. Glycogen, <?. ik 
Hepadds, kep-ci-i'-tis. InflammAtion of the liver. 
Hepatiea'doii* A conversion into a livcr-Hke substanc«L 
Hepato*. A prefix signifying relation to the liver. 
Hepatocele, hep^ 'at-o-sil. Hernia of the liver. 
Hepatocirrboab, hep^t-o-^if-o''Sis. Cirrhosiis of the liver. 
Hepatocys'tic. Pertaining to the liver and gall-bladder. 
Hepatodynia, hep-at-o-din'-e-ah. Pam in the liver. 
Hepatogenic, Hepatogenous, ltip-<U'0-irn'-ik, iwp-at-of-tm'm. 

Produced by the Hver. 
Hepatographyp h^p-at^o^-ra-ff. A description of the liver. 
Hep'atolifh. A stone in the liver; a biliary calculus. 
Hepatolitbi'asts* A condition characterized by the formation d 

flepatology, kep-at-oV-ojit. The science of the nature, structun^ 

diseases* etc*, of the liver. 
Hepatomalaciaf iiep-at-o-mal-a'-ss-ah. Softening of the liver. 
Hepatopatby, h€p-<ii-op*-a-ihe. Any disease of the liver. 
Hepatopezy* iiep-at-o-pek^-e. Fixation of wandering liver. 
Hepatophage* hef^-aH>-fai, A giant-ocll destroying liver-celk^ 
Hepatophyma, hep^t-o-fif'inak. Suppumtive swelUni^ cX the 

Bepatopostema, hep-ai-o-pos-t^-mak. Abscess of the liv^r. 
Bepatopto'sis, Gl^nard's name for movable Hver. 
Bepatorrhaphy, hep-ator'-a-fs. Suture of the liver. 
Hepatorrhe'a. I« A morbid fiow from the liver. 2. BiHoui 

Hepatorrhexis, hep-ai-or-ek^-ts. Rupture of the liver* 
Hep A to tomy, hep-at-of-o-mw. An incision of the Uver. 
fiepbestic, hef-^if-tik. Affecting hasntneniiesi. H. Hemlpte'cU 

or Spasm. See Hemiplegia. 
Heptadf hep* -tad. An element with a valence of seven. 
I M«pume, /fef^'foH, CrHig, A colorless liquid from petroleum. 
I Bsf^mpmthite, Qmnin iodosulphaie, used in scrofula, 
Mfer^ arra^. Any plant with a soft, sticculeftt stem. 
P^TOTOu^ Ite-r^bh/~0T'Hs. noLling vegetation. 
Wmsft CoT^puBclm. SmaU bodies resembling Paciti\fta ootyuir 

-._„,,.. Law. The dii 
ion depends 
- ensity and thi 
; sensations anf 
>th eyes throu 

(A uiread across one ei 
35,edjateiy in front of i 
jlAt visitm can at oi 
ea or further awa: 
^i«*nce of binocular 
Tetatxve distances o£ 
be appreciated. B 
tb«ocy predicates dia 
liOft and refititutionl 
j^sd. and yellow repr 
^^lajjjc. green. 9^ ^^ 
^^j^jp^ phr odiigw Hen 
fc^iriism, Tbecoi 
^xiarkcd by the p«ffl 
l^oUi sexes. H, 1> 

jjxaJe organs are 


^jpposite side. H*. 
ooe se^» ^wt has \ 
'jrans' verse* that : 
gex, the internal 
^-3C5Stefice of a do 
ov^ry and a teatic 
pjqgpphiodite. her* 

g^matlii. Thcpi« 

poaitioD. H^AO 
th2t»asii tlic abd 
bladder through J 
^^^ hernia of * 
Qooiplete'* one ii 
^e boniial oiifi 
pa.lpation. B^ < 
^^gxiaal process < 


mt the tongue ol »arme 

I Acqtiirixl by Inhariijuioe^ H. 
I of ataxia* 

pnHuieaoe of p«^rexiits upon tySfpriiiKi 
teia or purity of any aeimtion or 
pthe proportion existing between 
t total of the intensities of all timul- 
Eceptiona. H.'» Test. If, oa looking 
L tube blackened inside and hAving 
m small round object be dropped Im- 
thind the thread, a subject with bin- 
Wl whuthcr it has fallen nearer to bis 
^ them than the thread. In the 
|dq a few trial:» will sHovr that tbe 
JbiUing object and the thread cannot 
Ihe'ory of Coror-sensa'tkm. The 
|Edlati cm and asaimilation Cdecomposi- 
pUB visual substance in ntsjou— white, 
leg the sensation of disaasimilatioa; 
kt of restitution. 

bdidsm, her-nufr-ro-dUm, her-maf** 
p of a hermaphrodite. H** Com'plex» 
|£ the internal and external organs of 
pite or lAt'efttl, an instance in which 
|d on one side, female organs on the 
l^us, that in which the individual is of 
jlward appearance of the other. H^ 
bh the outward organs indicate one 
b the opposite sex, H^ True, the 
Bit. Hm Unilat'eral, on one side an 
ilie other dther an ovary or a testicle, 
b^if. One whose generative orgat 

^ted from air; atr-tight 
ry name for a surgical antiseptac 
^trusion of a viscus from its normal 
pi, a protrusion of part of the viscera 
^all. H. of Blad'der, hernia of the 
leg of the abdominal cavity, H. cer'- 
U the brain through the skull. H,, 
iHtho sac and its contents have passed 
I Concealed', one not perceptible on 
|kAl« a bemia existing at birth Into the* 
^toneum. H^ Cru'ral. Same as //„ 
Lwrtic^B&s, ^ t^. JS^ J>Uphimgnutfic, 

1/ dfwrtkiufam of the gut. S.^. 
ptftvia ej3ymtc>pcd by th& tuition 





arto tt» nmhifinat cont. B^ 
ec&a ffMiiing otaductiait of tSiv 
V oaiB that las not q^utxte pBfli0d. tbrnn^ 
&, lifwmaai, ow into tiae InguiaaL m 
kaie as Habkemms Hrrwia. q, m, 
mam tfait eas not ba m>uri<Mt by znaslpniaciR. 

HeterolTsIs, h^-^-c^-is^. HctnolyBis produced by a licterel 

B«terolytic, het-^r-o-Uf-xk, Pertaining to or produced by hetMol 

ysia or a hcterolysin. 
HeteromoT'phism* Devlfttion £rom the normal shape, 
fioteromorphoua, het-er-o-mof*-fMi, Of abnorcn&l form, 
HeteroQomous, hei-cr-on*-o-mus, AbnornmL 
HeteroDymouB, het-er-on'-im-us, Cros&ed. 
BeeeropB^uB, het-er-of/ -ag~Hs. A monster with a parasite 

attached to the anterior abdominal wall. 
fieleropftlhy. het^er-op^-aih-e. Allopathy, q. v, 
Heteropha'sia, The misapplication of terms in mental disease. 
Beteroplhe'mia. The sa>4iig of one thing when another is t&4»At 
Heterophonia, hetef-o-fc/ne-Qh. A change of voice, 
Eeteropboral^at ket-er-^hfor-aif 'fa-ah. Painful hetcTOi>horia, 
Heterophoria, Itet-ef-o-ffZ-Te-ak, The tending of the visual tines 

away from parallelism. 
Heterophthalmos, hei-ar-off-ihaV^mos, State in which the iriaei 

differ in color. 
HeteropUsla, htt-^r-o-pW-se-^jk, Abnormality of tiasije, 
Heteroplaadc, hei-^-o-plas' -Ok. See Heterologous. 
HeteroplftBty, hst^-er-o-plas-te. Plastic suxgeiT in which the tiseut 

(is taken from another pereon. 
Heterotaiia. twt^r-oUjk/-£-ah. See HeUroioxis. 
Heterotaz'ia. Abnormal arrangement of ^niscera, 
Heterotopia, h^-er-o-to' -pf-uk. An abnonnal position <d a part 
HeteroCopy, iui-er-ot* -o-pc. Same as Heutroicpia, 
BeteroCrt/pla* Deviation of the eyes frotm the normal poeition. 
Bcteriotyp'icaL Diifering from type* 
BetePQxazithioT hfi-€r-G- tan* -thin, A leukomain found in urine 
Bt«bDat*il Disease', Syphilitic endarteritis of the brain. 
Hezabaslc, h^ks-ab-af-sik. Having a basicity of six* 
Hez'acantli. Same as Oncospheres q. v. 
^ Hezad. kek/-ad. See Swxi^lent, 

■ Bexadactyloua, hcks-ad-ak^-tU-us. HaWng sijc finseis or toe. 
r Hexamethylenetetram'in. See Ufotrvpin, 

fiezatomic, heks-at-m*^Ak. Containing six atoms. 
Eexicorogy, The science of the relations of an aaimal to iti 

Hnr'oine Bas'ev. Protein substances containing six atoms of 
carbon and having basic properties; these are lysin, argiiiift, 
BcK'ose, Any member of the carbohydrates in which the moo- 
ber of carbon and of oxygen atoms Is six. 
Be^jfiam^ hek^il-am'^n. Jame ai CoproyUimifi. 
M^Ia^^^tiieBet'nku See C0pper's Hernia. H-'sLVaittwt 
^^^^^£^^ ligament, a f&ldSontL cxpaniion of the fascia \aU. 
■^^Mi^ T^t /orAlbu'mia. Add to the solution acetic odd aul^ 
*o ^cjdify, aod a few cuWc ©entimeters of » Batu»ttA 


ii produced' 

Hist<is> ki^*^ 

aof^ticus« \ 

f ada'^Us or 

of the tem| 

in« in the 

canal postf 

fiaciral verll 

axi opening 

the badlic 

ter's ca^iaLi 

Hlbemation, J 

Hiecupr Hicc« 

aj-rested byi 

EicJ»'s (Bnxi 

rdns Sit the 4 

be produce4 

fljiie'-boaiid I] 

Hldropedesis; I 



SDdxoachcsis^ k 

KldxoMw ki^f-n 

aiidxQ«ii» kid^ri 

Slezapicra, kiM 

3is]ajxiore*s Ajq 



H31to&'8 Law. 

ibe muscles 

of these xnu| 

of the skin a 

Htta'de, th 

wbich the 4 


iartaed m % 


Bipw The uBj 

^ tkelemtij 


iund boil, A ftocculcnt pmdpitaU 

i of albumin, 

1 Of ot»f?ning. 2, The vulvrt. H* 

tig in th«> diaphragm. B. c*n*'ll« 
Kque opening in the petrouis portion 
[ cesophBxe'us, the eaophageal open^ 
L SAcri'lia, an opening in the smitaT 
tfailure of the lamimis of the fifth 
^ the medtBn line. H. semUuiui^riH 

Fa of the arm for the passage of 
ua, the anterior opening of Hun- 

i A sleeping throughout the winter. 
1^ A «pafimodic inspiration suddenly 
b>closure of the glottis, 
j^rmittent uterine contTBCtions h^gia* 
1 month of pregnancy ; they may also 
■tending the uterti9* 

pt. Excesfiive sweating. 

)r. The formation of sweat, 

k* Pertaining to hidropotesUu 

^ of the sweat-glanda. 

I The auppie8«k>a of sweat* 


Irmation and excretion of «weat. 

||< A powder of aloes and canella. 

pmtrum inaxBlare. B.*i Cof'fnia. the 

pihus fever. 

runk supplying a jdnt »uppU( 

X, and llie skin over the inuertion 
white line marking the junction 
is w^th the mucosa of the anus. B/ft 
^lottidetis muscle. B/f Bac. See 

■ttuie, notch, or depression. 

the rear extremity. B,-brfdll, the 

ifutf the embryonic intestine fTom 

h H«-kid'ney. See Metantpkros. 

lain. On the addition of folid meta* 

^uid to be tested a pMcipitate is 

If albumin. 

|w Diarthrosis, 

lie thigh. B. -joint, the articulation 


J^^rtauaias to the hippctcsuijpus. 


anterior to the linftial lobe. H« fls^sure, & fissure on th« cere- 
bral mesial surface above the temporal lobe, 
Bippocam'^pas. Hippc?cainpus major, an elevation on the flow 
of the descending horn of the later&l ventricle of th« brain. 
H* minor, the cxalcar avi&, an elevation in the posteri^^r Gt»niu 
of the lateral ventricle, 
Hippocr&'tic Fbger^ Hypertrophy of the ungual phAU^ttm m*\ 
nftil in phlhisiH and other wasting disea4ie«> H* Soundp the sui 
cussioti sound. Sec HippQcraiis succiitssio, 
Hippocrat^tB cbor'da or fu'nii. The Achilles tendon. H. Is^cies, 
a peculiar cadaverous appearance of the face, j&een notably lu 
cholera and acute general peritonitis. H. mor'tua saucer* epi- 
iep6y. H. Buccos'sio, succussion employed to obtain & tiplasb- 
ing sound in seropneumothorax and pyopneumothorax, 
Hippomd'anin, A black pigment from tumors in the horse. 
HIppuriA, hip-vf -ra-Qh, An excess of hippuric acid in the uriwe 

Por test, see Lu^cke. 
Hippurifi, hip-u'-ris. The cauda equiim, q, "^' 
Hippiia* hip'-us. A spasmodic pupillary movetiicrit. iTniepcTideni 

of the action of light; a clonic spasm of the iris. 

BuBchbeig's Test. A rough estimate of the amount of gtralTtfi^ 

mus is made by observing the position of the corneal tefiectioi) 

of a candle-fiame held one foot in front of the eye to he tested, 

^ the examiner placing his own eye near the candle and looldog 

K just over it. 

B ^chfeld»8 DiEease'. A form of diabetes of rapid imrch which 
H usually ends in death in three months^ by progressive cacUc*^ 
^ or by complication. H.^a Gans'Uon, the gyrus hippooanipL 
^ Hirschsprung's Disease'. Idiopathic dilatation of the colon. 
^ Birsute, her^-sHt, Covered with hair; hairy, 
m Birsutieflit h9r-si/*i9-itt. Excessive or abnormal growth of 
^ hair. 

Hirtz*s Rale. A moIst« subcrepitant talc, of a somewhat 
metallici charactert pathognomonic of tuberculous softenings 
H WroAQ^hi'fvf'do, The leech. 

H SiaTs Caoal'. The thyroglossa] duct of th« fetus, of which 

^ the cecal foramrai of the tongue is the vestige and which 

may persist during postnatal life, H.'s Gefmlnol Cell, any 

^ cpibtastic cell in the neural tube from which a neurone is 

H developc<L H.*s Mus'de Bun'dle, a neuromuscutar bsiid 

V joining the rilght auricle to the ventricles in the mammalkn 

h«ait» fi,*6 Periph'eral Veil* the spongy felt- work fortned 

by the ectal ends of the spongioblasts of the neural tube. 

H.*i Perivas^cular Spac^es, lymph-spaces surrounding th< blood- 

i of the brain and spiml cord. B/s Stro'ma, the trabe^ 

' ftuxoewark of the xiiaminary gland, H.*ft Siil't^Yii 

iuTTuw on the surface of the right auricW; Vt 
nda ia p€>sition to the crista tennmalia ot Vl\i, 
Mw^iba/ Midge In the int^n'or of the fight aiiriclo. 

of &sh> 

Biatiold, ^i^'tij 


^stActialjiis. j 

HSstocenesta, M 

Hktocen«tie« I 


Histoid, kisf-$ 

fiistorocy. 1 

Hoi'mal, tl^ 

eased tissui 

Blitfitytiat hU 

Histon. hi^-td 

Histon'omy- I 


tional actili 


Central and 


invasion o£ 


tk^r'-ap-e. • 

^■totome, h^ 

matotomj, hi 

HMtoiftne, hi 

CTia trion^ic M 

Hitzig'A Zonei 

in tabes dol 

BiveSy kits, i 

is used in i 
goarbcrtind. k 

Hobnail Liv'« 

txxnbUlcal c< 
lectiOTis tiil 

^lie fascic 

of cbit" 

hi/-ie-din, CtH»N»Oj. A base fjom the spennatozoo 

ki/te-cid. See Histoid. 
jmUstry, kis-to-kem' 'is-we. Chemistry oi organic tissue. 
lysis* his-Uh-di-al*-is-is. Dissolution of organic tisstie* 
his-to~jen'-^S'is, Development of ar^nic tissuea. 

tdc, his-to-jen-ef-ik. Producing tissue. 

'atin* A pigmentary extractive of the body, J 

^his^-oid. Resembling organic tissue. I 

The study of the intimate structure of tissues. H., ' 
that of sound tissues. H>t Patholog^lc* study of dis* 

hist'oV-is-is. The dissolution of organic tissue. 
hi/ -ton, A protein derived from cell-nuclei. 

ly. The laws of the development of organic ti^ue, 
^ology* his-to-fiz-e-ol^-o-je. The science of the func" 
[ activity of ti ssu es. 

H^ma capBula'tum. A protozoon parasitic in man in 
il and South America. 

:&s!m ho'ininis. The diseased state caused by the 
km of the human body by the histoplasma capsulatum. 
iapeuticsr Hisiotherapy, his-1c-ther-<tp-uf-tiks, his^toA 
fp-e. The remedial use of animal tissues. 

1, his^'io-tdm. The same as Microtonne, q. v. 

', his-tolf 'O-me, The dissection of organic tissue. 

\, his'-to-eim. A blood-enzyme producing enzymosia 
flc Affecting the muEscles of facial e^tpression.* as a spasm, 
"Zone. A hypesthetic aone extending around the trunk 

. A vesicular cutaneous eruption; urticaria. 
ho-angf-nan. The bark of Strychnos maktccensis; ft 
a m chronic skin-diseases, 
lod, hor^'koumd. See Mamtbium. 

hma. Harshness of the voice from disease of the larynx. A 
[liv'er, kot/-ndi See Liver. 1 

fm Vilvss. The secondary windings of the vessels of the " 
bed cord that form grooves externally and valve-like pro- ^g 
QS internally. Hj 

iandelette' of. A small bundle of nerve-fibers, a part 0^ V 
Uciculus posterior proprius. 

K«r'B SiffQ* The existence of indicanuria in tuberculosis 

I IHseaie'. A form of trichorrhexis nodoca that has beetj 
f/bd by Hodara in women in Constantinople. j 

^laoe. A plane parallel to that of the pelvic inlet, pass- fl| 
Icmgh the upper border of the 06 pubis and the middle of ^ 
toncf sacml vertebra. 

vD$»emMc^m -Pseudoleukemia ; pro€T«s^v« "h^p«tt»\asa> dt 
^batic glands associated with atveTQa&. 



BodgiOD*! DlMOse'. Senile atheroma ol the aorta with coaae- 

quent lesion of the aortic valves. 
Hoffa'i Opera'tioa. A '* bloody method** of reducing congeoitil 

dislocation of the hip. 
Boffmaoo't An'odyne. A compoutid of ether (30) » alcohol (67), 
ethereal oil (3). H/s Symp'tom, increase of the mechaciical 
irritability of the sensory nerves in tetany, H/g Type ol JPro- 
ffres'siTeMus'cular At'rophy. Sc^ Churcoi-Marie's Typt. EJi 
Teit for Ty'rofdn. Add to the solution to be tested mercuric 
fiitiate, and boil; then add nitric acid containing some nitroufi 
acid. If tyroiiia be present, a beautiful red coloration is pro- 
duced and a red precipitate is formed. 
Hofmeister's Test for Leu'clu* A deposit of metallic mextiiry is 
formed on warming a solution of leucin with mercuroua nittate. 
H**» Teat for Pep'tones. Prepare phosphotungstic acid by dis- 
solving commercial sodium tungstat« in boiling water^ and 
adding phosphoric acid until acid in reaction; after cooling, 
acidify strongly with hydrochloric acid, and filter when It 
haa ^tood twenty-four hours. On the addition of this to 
a peptone eolution entirely free from albumin it yields « 
fiog Chorera. A contagious febrile disease of hogs, due tfi 

Bacillus cfwkrm suis. 
9ohl*s Meth^'od. A method of prestt-v-ing the perijaeum ift 
^ Hol'adin, A proprietary preparation of the panc3«as ui ita en- 

Bolagogp hoV*ag-ag. A radical remedy, 
^k fiolden's Line. A furrow below Poupart^s ligamextt, passing over 
^^ta the capsule of the hip-joint; it serves as a guide in amputatiofi. 
^^PoUow-hack. kor-a-hak. A term for lordosis. 
^^Horiow^foot. Same as Talipes cavus, q, v, 

^^Wolmgren*s Test. The testing of the color-sense by means ctI 
^^f coloneid worsted ; one of the worsteds is placed before the persoo 
H to be tested and he is asked to match it, 
W Solnblastic, hol-o-btas'-tik. Pertaining to seg^nentatton of tba 
ovum. H. CKva, ova in which the entire yolk undeisoes seg- 
mentation; there is no separate food -yolk, 
Qolocain, hQl-o-ka^-in. A derivative of phenetidin; it is a local 

Holomchis'chiBis. Complete fissure of the spinal cord* 
HolOBchiais, hol-o^-kis-i$. Amitotic or indirect cell-division. 
Bolthouse*s Her'oia. An oblique inguinal hernia in which, owiog 
to the nondescent of the testis, or from other caus^, the hera^ 
protrudes mrtwaid &}ong the fold of the groin. ' 

. k^l^^riH. A proprietATy disinfectant solution o£ foimaJ^ 

^e/r'-Hnol. A propiietary diaixifectdiit solutkm ol tot- 
'^yd Miid menthol 


from ati 
Home't Lo^ 
tween the ca 
resents the thi 
ably enlarged 


agents cure 4 

Boffi^opUtta, k 

ypoa aaxnikc^ 

Himieoplastic, < 

which it is B 


9onuo transplaa 

ceae person t<| 


HoEcnocexebriOi, ( 

IffmoceaeotES* l 

ioxxaoceay, ko^ 
SosDoffonotis. k 

-yjfcl«:ing a unl( 

tlse same sidi 

loiskolog!oua» he 

B* Vacdne, q 

pefaon to h^ 

^hoKgtfo^tm- At 

3oifao>oo>niotis, i 
H. Diplo'pis^ 


CuHiiNOi, An •rtificl*! aUcaloid 
n cycloplegic. 

dul&r structtiro ■citaetiznM aeen be 
} and the sphincter vesics. It rep' 
I projitftte and m*y become c<ra*ider 

KHiu. True ontogenetlG aequ^oo , 
r in time. 

''-/w;. Like in form ftnd structure. 
I medicine which aasiimcs that such 
pliealUi produce Srimilar aymploms. 
toJb. The formation of new tissue 
fmtik. Restanblins the tiesue Irom 

i Longing for home; nostelgia* 
M-0. TnmapiUntins an orssn trom 

I. Havmg the same center, aa rays 

^^n. A glucomd from brain-tissut. 

|lMr. Having the aame nature. 

jfi. The generation of a progeny show- 

^opmental changes a« the parent, 

^e Homogtn9sis, 

k With like offapring. 

|he process of asaimihittng food. 

W-wal 1. Warm-blooded. 2, Main- 


|i. Pertaininir to objects situated on 

t Having the same form or function, 
trom the microorganism infesting the 
li: autogenous vaccine. 
(Ban common to a number of species 
brrespondence; a homologous state. 
ps^ Governed by the same law. 
lis. Of the same name or position, 
^which the image seen by the right eye 
%l seen by the left eye is on the left, 
bi. An alkaioid. Ci»H:tNiOs, in ^±a- 

^tion of persons of the same sex. 
)lhal Warm-blooded. 
llOf the same clinical course. 
Corresponding part, 

I Sac Caxinfti/^a amari^a;. 


Honorariuni, oH-'Of-a*-r*-urn\ A pbyaititm^ fee. 

Hook* A curved instrument. H., Blunt, one ufied m ranbryot* 

oray or in cxtmction of the fetus. 
Hook>wonn. Same as j{ akytost&ma duod^naU and Uncimmn 

amerkana, q. v. H. Disease'. See UttctHnriasis, 
Hooping-cough^ hoofZ-tHgrkcf. See Whooping Cougk. 
Hop, hop. See Humultts, 
Hope's Sign. Double cardiac beat noted in aneurysm of the 

Hopmann'B Polirp* Papillary hypertrophy of the nasal taucotif 

membrane presenting the appearance of a papilloma. 
Hoppe-GoldDam's Symp'tom-cota'plcx* See Erb*i Diseasr. 
Hoppe-'^eyler'f Test for Car'bon Monox'ld in Blood. Add to the 
blood twice its volume of caustic soda solution of 1.3 specific 
gravity. Ordinary blood thus treated is a dingy brown mass 
which, when spread out on porcelain, has a shade of green. 
BkK>d containing carbon monoxid. under the same condttiosu. 
appears as a red mass which, if spread on porcelain, shows ft 
beautiful red color. H.>S.'8 Test for Xan'thin, add the xanthtn 
to a mixture of a solution of sodium hydrate and chlorid of 
lixne in a porcelain dish; at first a dark-g^reen ring, which 
quickly turns brown and disappears, forms about «Achi stanthhi 
^ Hordein, fior* -de-in. A gfobulin from barley. 
H Hordeolum, har-de^-oAum, A stye; furuncular abscess an the 
^K eyelid. 
^m Hordeum, heh^-df-um. Barley, q. v. 

Horehoundj hor'-kownd. Same as Hoarhound, 
k Horismascope, Afj-ffV-maA'-^t^p, An instrument used in testing 
H for the pre«!nce of albumin in urine. 

W Hor^mion* The anteromedian point of the sphenooccipital bon*. 
^ Honoone, ho/-m6n, A chemical substance produced in a more 
^H or less distant organ which, passing into the blood-stream and 
^m Teaching a functionally associated organ, is capable of exciting 
■^ the latter to activity. The opposite of Chalone, q. f, 
f Horxooaopoietic poi-et*ic. Hormone making. See Poiet. 

Horn. 1. A substance composed chiefly of keratin. 2. Comu. 
Homer*i Disease'. A slight ptosis accompanied by tniosis, retxac- 

(tion of the eyeball, and Bushing of the face of the same side, ixt 
destructive lesions of the cervical sympathetic, H/» Mus^cle* 
the tensor tarsi. H.'» Pto'iia. See H .'s Distast. H/s Teeth, 
Indsor teeth presenting horiEontal grooves that are due to a de- 
ficiency of enameL 
Homy, hof'^ne. Of the nature of horn. H. Eplthe'Hum, homy 
£mjmIations in ti^choma. H* Lay'er, the stratum corneum 
of tbe skis. 
Sotopter, Ji^r-i^-ur. The wua of all the poinU fteen sintflvX** 
'tt^^/f^ '-et/nas wAj/e rhe fixation -point remains Btation^n* 
^ipUmtjoo, M,r^fp.iia*-shufu A bristling of the bait. 






Horseshoe F 

anus. H* 

Hospital, A05'. 

Fe'rer, fe 



Host* host, ij 

Hot Dropft. h 

Itye, congetj 

Ho r ten tot A'l 

Defor^mity. i 


Hotti^-gliisa C«l 

House'inaid's % 


H<H3Stoa*B Fol4 


doTsalis pe 

over the 


Leber's Pl^ 

S^ochfrrd'B Bi 
tbe vasocc^ 
general arf 
between t| 
of 1-he ^ 
treating 4 
from thoi 





tranenii, q.v, 

i Off hone*. 
\ CocMMfia armoraxin; the root is anU- 

A fistula partly surrounding the 
genital union of the kidneys. 
Rfititution for the cars of the sick. BL 
due to unsanitary conditiona. B. 

|uence of the atmotphere of a hoapitaL 
dy upon which parasitei liv«. 
» tincture of capsicum and myrrh. S. 

■ye attending gout. 

bertrophy of the ZaUa dlnom. E. 

pm. Pronounced stammerins. 

I An irregulRr contraction of the uterui. 

linfianimation of the patellar bursa. 

jjBident surgeon of a hospital. 

pe foIda« three in number, of the mucoua 

lim. ,H.'8 Mus'cie, the compressor Tene 

llua of the ischiocavemosus which _ 

L penia to join iU fellovr of the opposite 

^9mm*s Canal, H/t Mem^brane. 
, H/i Plea' us or Vas'tular Cir'de. 

Pita on the surface of bones 


|b See Romberg' X Sign, 
bessive arterial tension due to a spasm of 
pd which, according to Huchard, causes 
lu H.^8 Sign, the difference in the puke 
jfend recumbent {>osture is less in persons 
■ion and may even be the Teversepf that 
|tion. H.'s Treat'ment, a method of 
jUie stomach by largely excluding liquid dt 

p pectinate Egament. 

a of transmisBion of osseous vibraticm in 

I fibrous interposition between the irag- 

pilX canal in the temporal bone running 
Han fissure and transmittinir the chorda 
\ gb&MBAfUimoaKr /amnftf by the brandies 
\tfftfje7<f £j^e uierust mi zhejunctkm oithe 
b ie B€^ coatftMsL M^ UHmaMc', (I) 
k^Aff suxtm vm^xmi poFtioo of tbm 


^B vbt titeri: (2) usthiomhu dt la vtUim; lupus of the vuIva, 

^K Gland. See Barikiflin's Gland. 

^^ HusiAolzed Vi'ru*, hu' -tnan-ised. Human vaccine virus, 

HumecUnt, hu-mey-tanU I, Moistening, 2. A diluent, 

fiumectatioa. kH-m^k-tc^ -shun. The act of moistening. 

Humeralf ht^-mtr-al, Pertainmg to the hunienx*. 

Humerora'^diaL Pertaining to the humenu) and radius. 

Humerus, ku'-mer-us. The large bono of the upper arm. 

Humid, hMf-mid, Moist, H> Gan'grene. Sec Gangttne, 

Humidity, kft-midf-ii-f. Moisture; state of being moist. 

Hum'ming-top Mur'mur. See BruU de diabte. 

Humor, hu'-nwr. Any fluid of the body. 

Eumoralf hu'-mor-al, Pertaimng to the natural fluids of the 
body. H. Pathol'ocy, patholoEy which ascribes all diseoae to 
alterations in the body-juices. 

Hu'moralism. The doctrine that ascribes all disease to an abnor^ 
mat condition of the fluids or hiunois of the body, 

Huxnp^baclc See Kyphosis. 

Hump^foot Same as Talipes caifus, q. v. 

Humulos lu'ikuluB, htt'-niu4us. The hop plant; the dried strob- 
ulcs (hops) are tonic and hypnotic, 

HumtxSp hvf-mus. A dark inat«ial from decaying vcfetafaie 
^^ matter. 

Hk Hunch' back. See Kyphosis. 
^B Bimga'rian Disease'. Typhus fover. 

^V Hunger, kun'-g^, A longing for food, H.-ciir«, treatment by 
J^m restrictod diet. 

^H Hunter's Canals A triangular fascial canal of the thigh eKtrtid 
^K ing downward from the apex of Scarpa's triangle, and conUin- 
^^^ ing the femoral vessels and the internal saphenous nerve. H/ii 
^^v Gubemac'ulum. See Cubernaculum Usiis. H/s Lig'ameiit, 
^B the round ligament of the uterus. H.*s Line, the linea alba 
^H H.*s Meth''od» A method of trestiiiff aneurysm by pioiiimal 
^B ligation of the artery. 

^H Hunteri membra'na cadu'ca. Membrana decidua. 
^^V Hunterian Chan'cre. Hard chancre; the initial lesion o(f syphflja. 
^ Huntington's Chorea. Chronic, progressive chorea, 

Hunya'di Ja'nos Wa'ter. A laxative mineral water. 

Huppert's Reac'^don for Bile Pig^ments. After the solution hat 

(been treated with milk of lime or a solution of calcium chlorid, 

P precipitate with ammonia ; Alter and wash the precipitate; treat 
with alcohol acidified with sulphuric add, and boil; the liquid 
will assume a grei^n color, 
fioBChke's Canal'. A canal formed by the junction of the tuber* 
c/es of the nnnulus tytnpavicua. It is generally obliUrat«d 
Ji/ter the £/th ye&r, but may persist through life. H-SCsJ'ti- 
^'^^' See Jackson 's Cartiiage, H/i Fora'men, a perloration 
\m^^^ A>uj7</ n&tr the inner extremity erf the tympatiic p\a\c; ^ 
^PB«»/6s from Mr, Jtrrest oi development* H.** Teetii, cn^ 

rails 4 
>a's m 

ina spiralis 

jiTllCUS. ^ 

j-^uliar facisi 
in ophthAlmfl 
ojlored) patcj 
ri'go. the pr^ 
the injured J 
TeetSi, pcE-^ 
f reQuently vd 
jnonic of ha* 
(2) disease m 

Quxbam's TisI 

elongated, 1 
inner root! 

Hyalto- Ttij 

^yftlme, hi* -4 

^ymlitis* hi4 
^yaJogea, hi 
cms hunag 
^[yalol4 km 
a bTaochJ 
the canal! 

brane, i 


spiratift; th« Aermted projectiotis on the inner wall of the lam- 
ina spiralis of the cochlea, roofiiiff over the intemai spiral 
sulcus. H/b Valve. See Roseftmuelter's Valve. 

Hutchinson's Disease', See Tay*s CkoroidUis. H.*s Fa'cles, the 
peculiar facial expression caused by immobility of the eyeballs 
in ophthalmoplegia externa. H/s Patchy a reddish (salmon* 
colored) patch of the cornea in syphilitic keratitis. H,'8 Pru- 
ri'f o, the prurigo of dentition, HJs Pu^pU, a dilated pupil on 
the injured side in traum.atic meningeal hemorrhage. H/p 
Teethf peg-shaped incisor teethe notched at the cutting-edge, 
frequently seen in congenital syphilis. H/s Tri'ad (pathogno- 
monic of hereditary syphilis): (1) diffuse interstitial keratitis; 
(2) disease of the labyrinth; (3) Hutchinson's teeth. 
Euxham'8 Tinc'ttirc. Coro pound tincture of cinchona bark. 

fitixtey'B Lay'er, Mem^lirane, or Sheath. A layer of nucleated, 
elongated, polygonal cells forming the inner portion of the 
inner root- sheath of the hair. 

'Bfalln. The generic term for the soluble substances obtained 
from hyalogens by the action of alkalies or superheated water, 

B^^aline, hi'-al-in. Glassy; crystalline, 

Hyallnuria, hi-al-in-^-re-ak. The presence in the urine of hyalin, 

HyaUtiSf ki-at-i''tis. Inflammation of the hyaloid membrane. 

HyaJotfen, ht-aV-o-jen, Generic term for insoluble substances re- 
sembling mucin, found in the walls of hydatid cysts, the vitre^ 
ous humor, tubercles, etc.; the mother-substance of hyalin. 

Hyaloid, hi*-aI-ofd. Transparent; resembling glass. H. Ar'teiy, 
a branch of the central retinal artery in the fetus. H. Caaar, 
the canal in the vitreous humor transmitting the hyaloid artery, 
H. Fos'sa, the depression for the crystalline lens, H, Meim% 
hrane, the transparent membmne inclosing the vitn 

Hyaloiditis, hi-al-tyid-V-iis. See Hyalitis. 

ByalonyxiSt ki-al-o-niks'-is. Puncture of the \dtreou3 body of 
the eye. 

Hyaloplasm, kf-al-o-pJasm, A clear, transparent protoplusnt. 

Hybrid, hi'-brid. Having parents of different species. 

Hydantoin, hi-dan* -U>-in. CaHjNjOs* Glycolyl urea, a crystal- 
line base. 

Hydatid, hi-daf-id, 1« A vesicle containing fluid and the larva 
of Ta-nia echinococcus. 2. Bulbous remnants of embryonic 
structures. See MargagnVs HydQtid, H- Cyst, See Hydatid. 
n H* Frexn'^itus, a tremulous impulse felt on palpating tumors 

J containing hydatids. H. Mole. See Mole, Hydatid. 

I Hydatidiform, hi-dai-ittAf-otm. ResembUng a hydatid. 

I Bydatogenesls, H-dai-o-j*^ -0s-is. The formation of water within 

■ the tissues or cavities of the body, ^m 

■ Hjd&toid, ki^-dat-oid, I. Hy da tidiform, 2. 'WBAftry, fl 
I BjdAtoa'cuA. Any cyst or iivatery tumor. '^ 
I BrOrmcctm, Mt^ras'^t-ifu Same as Acelyl^h^'ylK^draMJU 


^^ Hydras 


Hydracid, hi-dra^-id, Anyl 

Hydradenitii, hi-drod-tn-i* -tis^ lofUmmation of lytnphatic gUfld^ 

Hydradeno'ma* An adenoma with watery contents, 

Hydraeroperitoaeum, hi-drah-OT-o-per'it-o-n^'unu A collection 
of gas and fluid in the peritoneal cavity. 

Hydragof, hV-dra-gog. Ptii^ative; causing watery discharses. 

Hydram^oiaa, Hydram'nioa, Dropsy of the amnion. 

Hydrangiotogy, ki-dran-jc-oV^'je. The science of the lymphatics' 

Hydrargiim, ki'drar''ji5m. The constitutional eSeets of mercury^ 

Hydrargyralia. ki-drar-jir-a^'le-afi. Mercuri&l drugs. 

Hydrarg]rrate, hi-drar* ^jir-^t. A mercurial preparation. 

Bydrargyria, hi-drar-jir* -e-ah. See Memurialism^ 

Hydrargyriasis, Hydrargyrisnit hi-drar-jif-i'-i^-is, hi-dnx/'jir- 
vrm. Mercurial poisonings 

HVdrargyrol, hi-draZ-jir-ol. C6H<.0H,S0jHg. Para^phecyl- 
thionate of mercury; it la used as an antlseptk. 

Hydrar'g]rruni. Mercury; qmcksiiver; it is an altexativB, Sec 
Bleinwnts^ Table of. 

Hydrartkrofiis, HydrarUtrui, hi'drar-t}tra'-sis, hi^mf^-thn»s. 
White swelling; a serous effusion in a joint. 

Hydnstio, hi-draf-tin. An antiperiodic alkaloid, CiaHiiNOi. 
and also an antiseptic resinous extract from the loot of Hy^ 
^^ drastis eanadettsis. 

^^ HydraBtiiiln, hi-dra^-iin-in. An artificial alkaloid. CuHnNOi + 
^B HxO, from hydrastin ; it is used as a hemostatic, 
^V ^ydrai^tts caa&den'sis. Gulden seal; the itx>t is tonic and anti- 
^B periodic. 

^H Hydrate, h^-drdt, A compound of the water type formed by sub- 
^H Etituting a meta,! for an atom cf hydrogen, 
^H Hydra ted^ hVdru-ted, ConibinGd with water. 
^m Hydration, hi-dra'-shun. The process of inipregnat!n£ a swb- 
W stance, with water, 
K Hydraulics, hidrau/-ltks. The science of fluids in motion. 

■ Hydrazin, hi-dra^-un. HiNs. Diamin, a gaseous compound 

■ Hydremia, hi-dre^fne-ak. A watery condition of the blood. 
m Hydren cephalitis, hi'dren-sefal-i'-iis. Acute hydroeeplialus. 
r Hydrencephaloccle, Indrtn-sef-uhQ-sil Sec MemngOitU. 

Hydrencephalus. hi-dren-scf-al-us. See Hydrocephalas. 

Hydrea'terocel«. An intestinal hernia with fluid in the sac. 

Hydriasia, hidrf'-as-is. See Hydrothcrapfutus, 

HydrUtric, ki-drt-af^ik. See Hydr&pathk. 

Hydrid, hi'-drid, A compound of hydrogen and an eletnentt 

Hydro'a. Certain vesicuiar eniptions with erythematous le^iions. 

Hy droadtnitis, k %- dny-ad-en-i' -iis. I nflamma tion of sweat-glands^ 
MrdrimdipBiMt A^dra-ad-ip'-se-ak, A lack of thirst. 
Brdrobilirubin, /ti-dr&'bil^f^'bin. A pigment, CitBi«.NV>?. 
from bilirubin. 

ff^^S^fJ'"' ^^-^'^'-^-rndL A salt of hydrobromlc ac\d, 

A covapQund iormed of hydrogen and carbotu 

Hydrocele, ki^A 

nalis or in ok 

hydrocele ol 

Hydrocella, hi 


ping. I 



with protnfl 


H. Disease^.! 


bead. Drol 





Rabutmu, J 

Winkkr, W 









bark- - 


Hydrocy«t, h 


cysts form 



HrAro««o« A 



osed as M 



^frfrr^car'Ao^ ' 

E6le, hi*-dro*sil. A collect icm of serum in the tunica vHgi 
or in connection with the testicle or cord, H. xmilie'bria, 
x:ele of Nuck's canaL 

Kjdrocelia, hi^ro*sef-k^h. Dropsy of the IjeUy. 

Bydroceoo'sis. The evacuation of water by cathartics or tap- 

Bydrocephalic, hi-drQ'Sif-€il*^k. Pertaininff to hydrocephalus. 

Hydrocepbalocelc^ hi-dro-sef'-fil-O'Sil. Congenital hydrocephalus 
with protrusion of the encephalon. 

Sfdrocephaloidf hi-dro-s^f'-aUoid, ResembHnff hydroccphalui. 
H. Vnetattm See Disease, 

Sydfocephaluii hi-dro-sff*-oUus, A collection of water in the 
head. Dropsy of the bmin. 

{ydrochFnon. See Hydroquinon. 

lydroclilo'rate* Any salt of hydrochloric acid. 

3ydrochlorlc» hi-dr{^kio*-rik. Consisting of hydrogen and ehloriti. 

JydrocMo'ric Ac'id in Con' tents of Stom'ach» Teats for. See Boas^ 
Ewald^ GuenshuTgt lieriberg^ v, Jaksch, Luitke, Alaly, Mokr, 
Rabuteau^ Reoch, Sjoeqiistt Ssabo^ bffelmann. v. d. Veldet\, 
WinkUr, Witi, 

Sydrocblorid, hi-dra-kliZ-rid. A salt of hydrochloric acid, 

ffTdrocholecystit* hirdro*hol^'Si^-tis. Dropsy of the gall-blad- 

Sydrocirsoceltf, hi-dro-sir'-so-sel. Hydrocele with varicocele. 

Sydrocol'lidin. CsHisN. A toxic ptonmin from putrid flesh. 

Sydrocolpocele, ki-dro-koV-po-sil. A serous tumor of the vagina 

fiydroconion, hi-dro-lu/-yte-on. An atomizer. 

Sydrocotoin, h%-dra-k</ -io-m. CuHhO*. Art alkaloid from coto- 

9TdrocruiIa« hi'drO'kra''ne'ah. The same as Hydrocephalus, q. tf. 

SjrdrocyBt, kV-dro-sist, A cyst with aqueous contents. 

BTjp^rocystoma, hi-dro-sis-tt/ -inak. A disease in which small, hard_ 
cysts form on Uie lace, 

Sr<Irodenna, hi^ro-der'-mah. Biopsy of the skiTi. 

Sydroelectriza'tion. Electrization through water, 

IjrdrogOQ. hi^-dro-jen. See EUnienis, TabU of. H. Acid. 
Hydracid, H. Disul^phid^ HaS, a foul -smelling gas. 
MoDOx'id, water. H. Per'oxid, HsO^, a colorlc^, oily 
used as a disinfectant. For test, see Wursier. 

fydrohieillia, hi-dro^hem'-e-ah. The same as tiydreniia, 

ljdroh7iiwiii''tl8« Inflammation of a serous membrane. 

[ydrobysterat ki-dro-his' -Ui-rak. Hydrometra, q. v. X 

rydro''leia# Cod-Kver oil emulsified with pancreatin and bcirax^ 

Tydrolocyt ki-droV-c-JM. A treatise on water, ' 

TydrolyslSt hi-droVAs-is, The decomposition of water. 

[ydfotytic^ hi-dro-lif-4k. Producing hydrolysis. 

ydftnoA, ki-dr€^-mak. A cyst filled with acrow* fta\&. 

r^rommh Mt'-dro-mtL Honey and water. 

txom^ahk^th, Meoli^ tis witli a watery e&'a»»u. 

Hydromeoiosocele, k i-dro^imK'-ttif 'go-sit. A waler^r iimnoT nl 

the meninges protruding through the skuJl. 
Hydromicrocephaly, hidrotm-krosef^-alg^ Microcephaly mxt 

an abnormally large amouGt of fluid in the ventrid«s of the 

Hydrom'eter. Instrument to measure the sp«:ific gravity oi 

fiydromfltra. hi-dro-tHf^-trah. A conection of fluid in the womb. 
Hydromphaltia. hi drottefalus, A watery tumor at the navel 
Sydromyelia, Hydromy'elocele, ki-dro-mi-e'-U'aiu A conditiOfi 

in children in which cystic ca\4ties form in the spinal cord* 
Hydromy'elus. Congenital cavity of spinal cord containing WAt«r. 
Hydronaphthol, hi-dro-ttaf-tfwL A naphthol-derivative used « 

an intestinal disinfectant, 
Hydroncus, hi-drongf-hts. A watery tumor or swelline« 
HydroDophro'siSp Renal dropsy from obstruction. 
Hydroollgocythemia, ki-dro-ol-ig-o^si-tW-mt-ah. A form of ane- 

mia in which there is an excess of serum in the blood as com- 
pared with the number of corpuscles. 
HydroparasalpinXp hi-drQ-par-ah-saV-pingks, An acctitniilation 

of water in the accessory tubes of an oviduct. 
Hydropathic, hi-dro-path* -ik. Pertaining to hydropathy, 
Bydrop^athy^ The treatment of disease by the use of watt-r 
Hydropericar'diiim. Dropsy of the pericardiura, 
Hydroperitonetim, hi-dro-peT-ii-o-n^*um. Ascites, q, v 
Hydrophiloua, hi-drof*-il-us. Absorbing water. 
Hydrophobia, hi-drofo' ^be-ah. Fear of water; a symptom d 

rabies, q. v. Used as a synonym of rabies, 
Hydrophobopho'bia. A morbid fear of hydrophobia. 
Hydrophone, hi-dro-fon. A water-bag to assist auscultation. 
HydrophtbaI'mia. A morbid increase of the fluids of the eye, 
HydrophthaI'mus. Same as H ydrophthalmia. 
Hydropbyr, hi'dro-fir, A variety of peptone insoluble in alcohol, 
Hydrophysome'tra* A collection of water and gas in the womb, 
Hydropic, hi drop' -ik. Pertaining to dropsy, 
Hydroplasm, hi' -dro-ptamt. A fluid constituent of protapbunL 
Hydropneumato«iB, hi-dro'Hu-mai-i/-sis. A morbid ooUectioo of 

fluid and gas in the tissues. 
HydropoeumoQia, hi-dronutntZ-nv-ah. Edema of the lungs. 
Hydropneumopericardium, hi-dTO'nu-nto-p€r-fk-ar*'d0'Hm. Aco^ 

lection of serous fluid and air or gas in the pericardium. 
Bydropneumothorar, hi-dro-nu-nuf-th^^raks. A coltectioa of ga* 

and liquid in the pleural sac. 
Mrdrops, hif-dmps, Dropsy, H. cap'ltis, hydrocephalwa, «, b, 
^. ex rwc^'ao, accuinulation of fluid in a cavity formed by \i» 
atrophy or necrosis of tissue. 
^rdropyrBius, hy^dro-pi^r^^tus. Sweating fever, q. v. 

Ir^o^m^on. kt^rt^ku^-^on. CiH.C An antipyiet>c pt^ 


t«nce is furnished b; 
Sydromichis, ki-drm^-a 
Eydionacliltiaf ht-dror 
lydroniiea, hi-drctr-i^-t 
fydn>sadenf tis. An i 
SydrtKalpinx, ki-drty^ai 
Sydro«af^cocele. A Ok 
lydroscheocele, ki-drQ, 


lydroals. hi-dref-sis^ ' 

l^drosphygmograpli, h 

a column of water ai 

aCydiastaf tc hi-drc-stai 

& test for live birth 


Hydro«taf ics. The sc: 

Hydroatomia, hi-dro-Ji 

in the mouth; aalivi 

Hydrosyringomyelia, J 

the cord charactcm" 

Hydrotlierapeutics, H 

tk^r^-^P^^ The «m 

HydrothennoaUt, hi^d 

ing a continuous dc 


eace in the blood oj 

Hydrolhlone'mla. 1 

Hydrotliioauriav Jii^ 

HfdroiitoTu* hi-4w-i 

Sfdiot^mjt ki'dro^^ 
forcible injection c 
Hydrotym'panonu I 
HyilrovarittiDf hi^nh 
Eydrovid, ki-droks^-ic 
ffydrozyU ktHirok/'ii 
ffydrozylAznin, hi-dra 
clalorid of which is 
Sydrozone, k^-drthud 
^y^roJiM^ hi-dru'-rt-c 
gj#a ja i en i ti B» hi-drin 
- k^-f^-tn, : 

mim^^^oCS • >w^«»oY 
— kv'Krd' 

f-^*slai, A rheost&t In whidi the m^** 
; water. 

i4i. A nroui effusion in the spinal canal . 
9k^'^. Inflamntatoiy hydrortaClHii* 
Ik A copiotiB wateiy discbarge. 
tBanuotttioa of the swenl-KkudA. 
f'fiiniks. Water In the Fallopian lube. 
Bibined hydrocele and sarcocele* 
-ki'0-^, Dropstcal hernia <d the scro- 

Hidrosis, q, v. 
^ro'ifitf-fiuhgraf. A sphygxnoKrapb wfth 
n indicator. 

Relating to hydrostatics, H. Teit, 
which the fetal lunss ate floated upon 

i of liquids in a state of rest. 
f^ms-itk. An exoeasive secretion of fluids 
; ptyjtliAm. 
dro-sir-ing-tih-mi^-k-ah, A disease of 
I by disintegration with cavity-formation, 
otherapy, ki-drti-thcr-ap-t^ -tiks, ki-dre^ 
[ water n* a therapeutic agent. 
h'thi'r'-mo-stat. An apparatus for provid- 
ifec of heat for therapeutic purposes. 
1^ hi'<ira'tki-on-am-o-ng''me'ah. The pres- 
l^droautphid of anunontum. 
i» presence in the blood of hydrogen 

t-cw-w'-np-aft. Hydrogen sulphid 
ks. Dropsy of tJie chest. 
Ilropsy of the car, 

tm. The dissection of tissues by th< 
nrater into the vessdla. 
ppay of the tympanic cavity. 
f^«-um. Ovarian dropsy. 
I, The same as Hydrate, q, v, 
\ The radicle HO. 

yU-antT-in. NHiOIL A base the hydro 
Ld in dermatology. 

I A watery solution of hydrogen peroxid. 
\, An excessive flow of watery urine, 
Wn-V'tis. See Hydrokymtfniiis, 
p science of health, 
^Pertaining to hygiene, 
Lac a rn^'drmtic slkuJotd from cocm* 
^^c sci^ncs of the JSukla ofihe body. 

Hygrometer, ki-grom'-^t-er. An instrument ui 

the degree of raoisttire of the atmosphere. 
Hf grom'etry* The estimation of the moisture of the air. 
Hysroftcop'lc. Having the property of abaorbing moistufe l!roin 

HygroBtomia, hi-gro-sUf-ine-ah. Chronic salivation, 
Hyiic, hUik. Pertaining to the pulp tissues of the embryo. 
Hyloma, hir-W^ioh, Any tumor arising in the hylic or pwh' 

Hy'men- A fold of mucous membTatie at the vaginal etitTaocc. 
Hymeofll Tu'bercles, hi'-men-al. See Myrtiform Caruncles. 
Hymenids* hi-men-i'-iis. Inflammation of the hymen. 
Hymenography^ hi-men-o^-ra-fe, A description of membranes. 
Hymenology, hi-men-oV-o-jw, The science of the nature* stmc- 

ture, and diseases of membranous tissue. 
HymeQosnala'cia. An abnormal softening of membfanom 

Hymen or'rhaphy. Suture ol the vagiiia at the hymen, 
fiymenotome, hi-men'-o-tdm, A knife for dividing membranes. 
Hyobosioglotsus, hi^o-bas-e'0-gtos''Us, See Baswglossi$s, 
Hyoepiglottid'ean. Pertaining to the epigloUis and byoid bone 
Syogkos'sal. Pertaining to the tongue and hyoid bone. 
HyogloB8UB» ki-thglos'-^us, A muscle extending from the hym\ 

bone to the tongue. See Muscles, Table of. 
Eyoid. hi'-oid. Shaped like an ui>silon. T. H, Arch, the secsond 

\Tscera] arch. H. Bon€t the bone at the root of the tongue, 
fiyomandibular, hio-nian-dib'-u-lar. Pertaining to both th* 

hyoid bone and the mandible. 
Hyophary^'geos. The middle pharyngeal constrictor 
Hyoscin. hi'-os-m, CnHsiNOi. Ao aikaloJd from Hy^scytmrn 

EyoGcy'amixi. CirHuKOt. Aa ^Ikt^lcnA it^m Hyostr^amus mipf 

isomeric with atropin, 
Eyooer'amat iti'g«r. Henbane, a soIa«aceou« planti Ihe htcvm 

ETC narcotic and hypnotic, 
Hypacoiiriat HFP«ciiti«» hip-ak-otf^is. Hatdness of hearing, 
Hypallminloo'sif. A deficiency of albumin in the blood. 
Hy»alC«iia, hip^-jt'-M-ah, The same as Hypalgm. q. \k 
Eypalglap hip-af-j^-ak. Diminished sensibility to pain, 
Brpaph'orin* An alkaloid from EtytkHna lithoipfrma, 
Hypazial, kip'ak^-€-<iL Beneath the body^utia. 
SFPCmla, hAp-^'mt-ah. Anemia, q, v. 
fijptradd, hi-per~a/Hd, ExoesMvely add. 

acidity, ki-per-asAd^-il-^. An excess of acidity. 

Hyparseusii, HypermJcusIa^ ki-fm^^ak-w^'^ 
f acuietiess oi the sense of hearing, 

Itayk, Aa sroeas of aJbtimin in the bloods 

. *f^i^irvtf/^.j,,.^ Escceesive seoraboHty to V^iA. 








isrix&e. 1 






inflaw d 

orby su 

tiOD^ P 







Excessive ««ii«tiv«o«ss to touch. 
With a cephalic index aver 86» 
Uk-at^'Sis, £xc«ssiv« purging* 

^sis, En^tmye growth ol 

xcess of gii^ric hydrochloric acid. 
r'ttiah. OverpigmcnUtioa of the ftldfl. 
^exc«M of pigmentation. 
W-te-ak. Seo Hyptrkinwsia, 
\^-ak. Excessive seeretiom, 
|rbid sensitiveness to cold, 
^w. Superf elation, 
^of-ik. Excessively dicrotic. 
Ms-t€H'-shun. Exceasive distention, 
hi-re' -w. An excessive secretion of 
pu Sec Morning Sichutxs. 
Ird dentition late in life. 
man^'«-a}i. Excessive muscular action. 
pf-*j. Excessive vomiting. 
fit. Excessive amount of blood In any 
1^ H.t Acf iVQt that due to an excessive 
^M«'i?e, that due to a raiardation of the 
tnt accumulation of blood, H*^ Bier*! 
In of venous congestion by oonsttiotion 
Ipeutic purposes. 

Ipnster with absence of the brmln-cap. 
f^-To'-sis, See Hy^rhidrosis. 
ftk. A condition of increased func- 

ling of the eyes upward and inward. 
^-a9^K Excessive sensibility. 
|f^-»^. Pertaining to hyperesthesia, 
pring of the eyes upward and outward, 
"^'Uti^-ikun, Excessive extension. 
|ssive production of tissue-elements, 
t-gas-Ms-lk^-Bt-ah. See Hypergeusia. 
JN^fe, Morbid increase of sense of taste. 
ppKnal increase of the red blood-cor- 


pess of glucose in tlie blood. 

t-^W-tt-^h, Excess of glucose 


f^n^-ah. A morbid iccrea«e of the 

/'Sis, Excessive sweating. 
f-sis. See }iypttf>kiJr0sis, 
^pJ!Afd to any diMbetic diet ctmUinlag 
mpslnupeir tJimo thojmti^xtt *s tojAruacA, 


^KsyperiiK»BlBi hi-per-in-c^-sis. An mcrease of fibrin in Hic blood, 
^p HTp«rinvolu'tioa. An abnormai involution of the utcnM. 
^^ HyperkerAU/sis. 1* Hypertrophy of the dermic straWJn 
comcum. 2. Hypertrophy of the cornea. 3, KeratogIob*tt. 

Hyperklne'tia. An exaggerated muscular cwntractioti. 

HyperkineeiSt hi-pcr-kin-e^-sis. Same aa Hyperkinesia. 

By|>erlacta'ticm. Lactation prolonged beyond the ninth month 

Hyperleukocyto'sis. Excessive leukocytoaia. 

Hypermae'tia. An excessive development of the fnammai. 

Hypermaturep hi-per'tna-chiir*. Postmature; overripe. 

Hypennegalili, hi-ptr-meg-a* -le-ah. Excessive enlaxigexnenl. 

Hy'pennetrope. A person affected with bypemietropJB. 

Hypermetropia, hi-pet-me-tro'-pe-ak. See Hyperopia. 

Hypermnesis. ki-pertn-rte^-sis. An abnormal power of meinftry. 

Hypcrmyot'rophy. Excessive development of muscle. 

Hypernephroma, -n^ro'-mah. A suprarenal tissue tumor. 

Hypemonnal, M-pcr-nor'-fftaL Above the nomtal. 

Hyperonychia, hi-pet-o-nikf-t'oh. An overgrowth of the irtil*. 

Hyperope, hi'-per-op. One who is far-sighted. 

Hyperopia, or Hypermetropia^ -</-pc-a/i. 'fm-tr(/ -peak. *'fAt 

Isightedness.** An abnormal refraction of the eye due to u short 
anteroposterior diameter, the focus of parallel rays of lii^t 
being behind the retina, H., Ah' solute, that which cannot b* 
corrected completely by accommodation, H., Ax'ial, that duf 
to abnormal shortness of the anteroposterior diameter of the 
eye. H., Fac'ultative, manifest hyperopia which can be ctw- 
rected by accommodatioTi. H-, La' tent, that part of the total 
which is concealed, and is revealed by the use of a cycloplesric 
H.t Man' if est, the amount of hyperopia represented by the 
strongest convex lens which a person will accept without par- 
alysis of the accommodation. H., Re'ladve, that in wh^ch dJ»» 
ttnct vision is possible only when excessive convergence is mad«. 
^ H.« To'tol, the entire hyperopia, both latent and izianifest. 

^ Hyperorezia, hi-pffr-or-ek/'^-ah. See Bulimia. 
■ Hyperofimia, hi-per-o^ -tm-ali, A morbidly acute sense of stndl- 
W Hyperosphrests, hi-per-os-fre'-sis. The same as Hyp€fos%¥iia,q, t. 
HsrperoBtosis. hi-peT-os-u/sis. A hypertrophy of bony tiasue. 
HyperpepBia, hi-per-pep'-st-ak. Dyspepsia marked by exoesi <A 

chlorids in the gastric juice, 
Hyperpbagia, ki-per-fif-jf-ah. See Btdimia. 
Hyperpho'ria. A tendency of the visual axis of one erye to ht 

above that of the other, 
HyperpiesJs, -pt-e'-sis. High pressure* especially of blood. 
Hyperpttuitanam* -pH-u^-it-ar-ism. Abnormal activity of pitill^ 
tary gl^nd. zjiarlced by gigantism and hypertnchosifi. 
ByperpljtsUt hi-per-plt/'Se-ok, Over;growth o£ a part d«e t» A 
multiplication of its ^i^mcnU. HypexplAB'dc* 
I ^ypeipama, /ti-pir-pM^-ah. Panting; excessive T«spimt\oa. 
^yp^n^oroaia, hi-p^r-por^-sis. An excessive formatkm ol caSixft. 

IXi ■■lira III. 1 * M 


Hyperpyrexiii, ^ 

IjrpezT«so8an c«^^ 

HyptfCiecretioii. i 

?yp«isthenla, /t* 


lypenhyrea, ki^ 



trt-otight about 

tA, Hie thyroitlj 

|y]»«tonia, Jii-^ 

l y ^>e* Lii clii^aiia»^ 

lypertrophic, hk 

tyi^ex' trophy. J 

organ. H^ Q 

of &n organ tci 

1^39^11 H^C4I| 

^vralls, withod 

13^ False, ind 

B., Jfiuner'ic« 

H., Cifmpensai 

of indivuluali 

-oralis, lirithoul 

increase of aii 

Hypecixo'pia. 1 

Hypestlse'aJA. ] 

HflkhA, hif'Jak, 

OfplMdcmia. Alj 

of pleftsttre. 

HfykiiR/sii. i 


lj»BO«it> kip-n 

ah. Ex«^e«i v« wi tl — «b bm of mantu 
nusimUy acute tenm of toach. 

PertaminK to hyptrpyrexi*. 
Excessively high fevw. 
U^ns, Tynipuny; overreBonance. 
trt^'skHH. Excessive secretion. 
Knt-aK Excesaivc strength, 
I unusual acnsitiv^incsi to heat. 
f9-oh. Same as HyperHvyfoUUm. 
Imsivc action of the thyroid glands 
mti*^fQi-dwm. An abnormal condition 

riv« or depmvod functional activity 
Overtension; great tonicity, 
^o^tit. Extreme hairiness. 
^k. Affected with hypertrophy, 
|d increase in the si«e of a part or an 
Ktoiy, that due to the increased activity 
b some deficiency in a paired organ or in 
% of the heart, increased thicknew of tho 
iBJnetit, but with diminished capacity, 
lome one constituent tissue of an organ, 
^perplasia, H., Phyalolog'ic. Same as 
U Sim'plc* (1) that due to increaacd sise 
^.of the heart, increased thickness of the 

tthe «Ue of the cavities. H*, Tni0i an 
t tissues of an organ, 
ktion of one visual line above the other, 
jl^t of sensation. 

Ipient of the myceliuni of mold fun^ 
Igt^-ah^ A diminution of the sensation 


I. Hemorrhage into the globe of the eye, 

licy in tho water of the tissues. 

ht^-iiw. The mold -fungi 

r A deficiency of fibrin in the blood. 

>K>tic, q, V. 

^fpMf-ik. Producing sleep, H. Spots, sur 

y, stimulation of which produces sleep. 

bpf. Morbid sleepiness. 

^ A treatise upon sleeps 

pHi). Acetophenone; an unsafe hyp 

m-e. Morbid sleep. 

llXhc condition of abnomnal sleep. 

iAn &fffir>t causing uhep. 

\pkf artiticia! somna^mbfiJiimt. 

&7 brings Into a Jtypaotic condltian. 

Lr Jnsu^cieot mcidity. 


Hypoazohiria, hi-po-ae-ct-i^-re-ak . Decrvase of urea. In tlia 
HypoblftAt, hi^-pO'blast. The internal layer of the bl 
fiypoblAstic, hi-po-bla^-Hk. Pertaining to the hypoblait 
Hypocatharsis, hi-po-kaih-ar' -sis. Slight purging. 
Hypocblorhy'dria. A deficiency of the gastric hydfochlofk 
Hrpocbondriac, hi-po-kon^ -dTe-ak, 1. One affected ^th 

chondrinfiia, 2. Below the ribs. 
H]n>ochondri'acal. AfTected with liyx>ochoi]driasis. 
HypocbondriofliBt hi-po-kowdH'-as-is. Extreme depreasioi 

morbid anxiety regarding the health. 
^ypochoDdrium, hi-po-kon'-dre-uni. The region ^ the 

men at each side of the epigastrium. 
Hypocbromiap hi-po-hrtZ-ffu-ah. An abnormal pallor of the tkl 
Hypochrosis, hi-po-hrt/sis. The same aa Hypockremiia, g, tK 
Hypocytosiv hi-po-si-tc^-sis. A condition in which there fa I 

than the normal number of red blood -corptiacl 
Hypodermatic, kv-po-dtr-maf -ik. See Hypod*nnic, 
Hypo derma tomy, hi-po-dtr-maf*o-me, Subcutaneotis incisicn 
HsTJoder^mlc, Subcutaneotis: applied to injections of m<HUcl] 
HypodermoclysiA, hipa-der-mok^ -its-is. The hypodermic inj 

lion of fluids to supply a lack of blood. 
Hypodynia^ hi-po-din'-^-ah. Slight pain. 
Hypogaatrlc, hi-po-gaif-trik. Pertaining to the hypogastriDf 
H. Ar'tery. See Attery. H. Planus, a sympathetic nerv 
pleactifi in the pelvis. H, Re'gioa, the hypogastrium. 
'Hypogas'trium. The lower median anterior abdominal regioilL 
Hypogastrocele, hi-pthgasf -iro-s^l. Hernia in the hypogiatrii 
f'^fpogeuAia, hi-po-gM'-str-ah, Subnormal acutencss of the I 
■f Ustt:. 

Knglobu'lUu A diminution in the number of red corpuadBl 
lOglotsal* hi^o-gtosf-al. Under the tongue. H. Herre. S 
^V5, Table of. H, Ku'cleus. See XucUns. 
lOflottiiH hi-pc^glolf'is. The under part of the tongue. 
>oglucosic, hi-pa-glu-kc^-sik. A term applied to any diabcf 
Jiet containing an amount of carbohydrates lower tliaa 1 
patient's tolerance. 
»ogna'thus. Monster with parasite attached to lower jaW« 
lia, hi'pO'kt'-mc-ak, An extravasation of blood in 

ypohidroslfl, kipo hidro^-sis. See Hyphidrosis. 
hypokinesia, Hypoldnettt, ki-pty-ki-nt^-Bthah, hi-p^'k^^Hit* 
A weak and imperfect response of a miuscle to the mctkatt 

[ypoieukocyto'sis. A diminution of leukocjrtes In the blood. 
Upe'mla. Deficiency of fat in the blood. 

n/o, A moderate degree of tn&ti\aca\ cKaX^^^tan, 
i«/anclto'Iia, A moderate desree ot Tn«Wff^»%&. 

aria, JU^o^ttu'-rw-ak. BwnkvlabftA ts«tv^vawt«. 


par-ah-thi-n't/'sis, A pathologic 
r partial lota or insuffici«ncy of para- 

I from functional ga^taic ioacdvity. 

E. A tendency of the viatial axia of 
of the other. ' 
hypophosphorous add. 
b^'-ej-tJ. The pittiitary body, q, v, 
f-ak. Defective formation. 
Iprmal tactile sensibility. 
£9tision of pus in the itnteHor cham'- 

■k Anasarca* g. v. 
t A diminution in the sense of mnetl. 
^ hi-pO'Spa'-df-Qh, hi^o-spaf-dt-as. A 
|,the tander surface of the penis. Hi 
In which the urethra opens behind the 

L 1. Feces. 2. Sediment. 3. Deposit. 

% Pertaining to hypostaAis. 

'pe-<Mk, A want of strength; debility. 

iinormal power. 2. Debilitating. 

Kfc, A mild astringent. 

|iF'Om-fa. Name given to the struc- 

, mnder the thalamus. 

|aoe on the ulnar side of the x>ialxn« 

^wal. Tepid; lukewarm. 

mc, A state of lowered temperature. 

^oida'tion, Hypothyroi'dea, Hypoth/* 

^ctionkl activity of the thyroid gland. 

ftypolony, hi-po-io*-ne,rth, ki-fof-o-mtS, 

l^nsion than norma U 

ig'-it-g, A lessened toadcity. 

k. Defective nutrition. 

^in. See Sttrcin, For testt 8eo fCassel. 

tialus, kip-se-sef'-al-us, k%p-so-xef*-al't4S. 

Index above 76, 

ir'The oflicc, duties, or administration oJ 

ering. aiding, 
tal mercury* 
in uterus or womb. 
U^. Pain in the womb. 
^-t«-ah. Impcrf oration of the ob uteri 
|^-j»w. Sjtcisdoa of tJie wxnnb. 
I /urttstioijal neuTx>sfjg witb abnt^omt 

ptnD taftbe tf/s 


HTSterial, his-t^-rf-al. Of tht natum 

Hysteric, kiS'tef-ik. Pertaining to hysteria, H, Atftx'iCt * 
bystcric state marked by loss of sensation in the akin and in the 
leg muscles. H. Chore'a, a form o£ hysteria with choreifonn 

HystencoDeural^gic Like neuralgia but of hysteric on^n. 

HystericSp htS'ter'-iks, " A paroxysm oi hysteria, 

Hyste litis, hts-ter-V-ti$. See Metritis, 

HyBterocafalepsy. Hysteria associated with catalepsy, 

Hyaterocele, hisf-t^r-o-sil. Uterine hernia. 

Hysterocleifiis, his-ter-o-kH'-sis, Closure of the os nteti by 

HysterocyesiB, his-isr-o-si-^sis. Uterine pregnancy. 

Bysterodyniar hiS-tfr-<^^dinf^'*^k. Pain in the womb. 

Hysteroep'^ilopBy. Hysteria with epileptiform convialstona 

Hysterogastror^rhaphy* The same as Hysltrapexia, q. v. 

Hysterogenic, his-ter-o-ien'Ak. Causing hysteria. 

HyBteroid, kis'-fer-oid, Res«nbling hysteria. 

Hysterolith, hisf^ter-o-HHu A calculus of the womb. 

Hysterology. kis-t^r~ol^-o-^e. The anatomy, physiology, aad path^ 
ology of the uterus, 

Hysteromalacia, his-tsr-o-^Hol-t^-se'ah. Softening of the woich. 

Hysteromanta^ kis-Ufr-o-trnf-ne-ah. See Nymphomania, 

HyBtcrom'cter, An Instniment for measuring the womb- 

HysterometiTt hiS'tet-om'-et-re, The measurement of the wai^ 

Hysteromyoma. kis-Ufr-o-mi-c^'mah. A myoma of the womb. 

HyBteromyomectomy, hiS'ter-o-fmrC-fmkf'to-m^, Removal of b 
fibroid uterus from the body. 

Hyeteroneuro'sis* A reflex action from uterine irritation. 

Hysteroparai'yslB. Paralysis of the uterine walls. 

ByBteropathlB, hiS'ter-o-patk*-a^ak, See Hysttropaihy, 

Hystoropathy, his-tef-cyf/-atk'€. Any disease of the womb, 

Hysteropexift, his-ter-ih-pekf-e-ah. Abdominal fixation of the 
uterus; suspension of the utema. 

Hysterophore^ ki^-Wr^o-fof, A uterine pessary. 

Hysteropsycbosi8|» hiS'ter'0-si-ki/-sis. Mental dlaorder witH 
uterine disease. 

HyBteroptosiB, hts-icr-o-ti/'sis. Falling of the womb. 

Hy«terorrhapby, hiS'ter-or^-a'^Jh, Suture of the womb, 

Hysteroniiexis, kis-ier-or-eks'-is. Rupture of the womb. 
- Hy^teroBCOpe* A uterine speculum with reflector for the vibmbI 

B examination of the womb. 

I HyBteroKopy, his-ter-i^-ko^pe, Inapecliofi of ibe utema with tlia 
H hysteroscope. 

H Bys'tctotome An mstnxmcnt for rngsoal hysterotomy, 
^^By9terofomy, 1, Incision of the womb, 2, Cesarean sectioiL 
^^rft^Brt^tracIielor'rbaphy, Suture of a lacerated cervbt u\ei\, 

Bct^ of the womh. 


toms due ti 
I Sys ceroErJimii 
I Hystiiclasii, 1 

ease of the 


4riM^'tnus. Spasm of the womb. 
kistris-i''€uis, his'-tru-iMm. I. A diV 
'Wch they stand erect, 2, Icfatbyosia 



lamatology, i<tm-at-oV-o-ie. The science of remedies. 

lateria, i-at-e^-re-ah. Therapeutics, q. v. 

latraliptic, i-ai-ral-ip'-tik. Curing by ointments and friction. 

latralii/tics. Treatment by friction and ointment. 

latriCy i-af-rik. Relating to medicine. 

latrochemistry, i^at-ro-kem'-is-tre. Therapeutic chemistry. 

latrol, i'-at-Tol. Oxyiodohnethylanilid, an antiseptic agents 

latrolosy, i-at-roV-o-je. The science of medicine. 

latrophys'ics. The relation of physics to therapeutics. 

latrotechnics, i-at-ro-tek'-niks. The art of healing. 

Iceland Moss, isf-land. See Cetraria. 

Ichor, i^-kor. An acrid, thin discharge from ulcers. 

Ichoremia, i-kor-e^-me-ah. The same as Ichorremia, q. v. 

Ichorous, i'-kor-us. Pertaining to or like ichor. I. Pus, a t^i" , 
acrid pus. 

Ichorremia, Ichorrhemia, i-kor-e'-me-ah. Pyemia, q. v. 

Ichthalbin, ik-thaV -bin. An ichthyol albuminate; used in gastro- 
intestinal disorders. 

Ichthyocolla, ik-ihe-o-koV-ah. Isinglass, a gelatin made from the 
air-bladders of the sturgeon. 

Ichthyoid, W-the-oid. Resembling a fish. 

Ichthyol, ik^-the-ol. A syrupy liquid prepared from asphahmn. 
and used in skin diseases and in gynecology and surgery. 

Ichthyosis, ik-ihe-o'-sis. Fish-skin disease, a chronic cutaneoai 
hypertrophy and induration, with scale-formation. L folUc- 
ula'ris, a form in which the sebum and epithelium are heaped 
around the orifices of the hair-follicles. I. hys'trix, warty 
ichthyosis. I. scba'cea, seborrhea. I. sim'plex, xextxlenna. 
i q.v, 

I Ichthyotic, ik-the-»f-ik. Affected with ichthyosis. 

Ichthyotoxicum, ik-the-o-toks'-ik-um. A poisonous ptomun 
found in fish. 

Ichthyotoxismus, Ichthysmus, ik-the-o-ioks^-is-mus, ik'thi^-mus. 
I^oisoning by decomposed or diseased fish. 

Ichtol, ikf-tol, A proprietary mixture of lanolin, iodoform, glyc- 
erin, carbolic acid, and oils of lavender and eucalyptus; it h 
used in skin-diseases. 

Icing-lhrer, i'-sing-liv-er. Chronic perihepatitis. 

Icterhepatitis, ik-ter-hep-ai-i'-tis. Hepatitis with jaundice. 
Icteric, tk^-ter-ik. Pertaining to jaundice. 
Ictaridotu, ik-ter-ish'-us. Resembling jaundice. 
Ictemde, ik'-ter-dd. Having jaundice. 

rc^f'^J^'^'^- ^^'"Wing jaundice. 
flWB^r t^'Ur-us. jaundice, q. v. L febri'lis. Same aaWriTt 

Disecui, I. g 


Ictom'eter. An 

Ictus, U^-tus. J 

-id or -ide. A c 

mentary subst 

Tdant A chron 

Idea, i-de^-ah, J 

Ideal i-de'-al. P 

tional parapleg 

Ideation, i^-of-s, 

Ideational Insan'i 

terized by per* 

Iden'tical Points. 

Ueomo'tion. A z 

Ideomc/tor. Perl 

Ideophrenia, id-e-y 

of ideas. 
Ideophrenic, td-e 


moagritxtinin, i 

spontaneous oi 

Idiocy, a-t-o-se. 

Idioslosria, «d-«-o 

stituting one c 

Idiolytin* id-e-oF 

and having a s 

Itiomisscular, id- 

Contrac'tion, z 

Idkmenrosis, i(i-< 

IdioiMithic, id-€-c 

pernicious anc 

Idiopathy, id-e-ty, 

Idioplasm* id^-e- 

contained in t 

l^gmoaitt id^-e-a 

2. Tbe attract 


Itiosyncxasy, id- 

leaU idr-e-ot, ^ 

l^otiam^ id'-e-at- 

Hoxvaii, id'-or-n 

kratda, id-n/sis. 

^msvrin, ig-as-i/ 

2XXIX vomica, c 

^B^tia, ig'tuf-sh 


, WApttPK? \aax^ 

§cnt''^ acute yellow atrophy of the liver. I. 
f the Jaundice of the newborn Infant. 
^ An instrument to measure the cardiac impulse, 
Iftf, A stroke I. Bo^lifl* sunstroke, 
jL A chemic suffix, to denote a combination of two el&- 
y substances. 

i chromosome believed to bo an element in hortedity. 
ta^ A mental image or picture. 

f-al. Pertaining to an idea. 1. Paimple'gia, reflex emo- 

Ude-a'-skuH. The process of fanning ideas, 
riiuan''it7, 4-dt'(f-shun-aL A form of insanity charmc- 
by perversion of ideation. 

iPolnts* Corresponding retinal points of the two eyes, 
•n. A motion the result of a dominant idea. 
ir. Pertaining to ideation and movement. 
In* id^e-thfr^'ne-ctk. Insanity with marked perversion 
|c id-t-o-fmf-ik. Relating to or marked by ideo- 

iain» id-e-cHsg-luf-in^H. An agglutmia having » 

|eous origin, 

^-o-se, A condition of extreme mental deficiency. 

It id-e-O'ghi' -€-ah. Disord er of speech marked by uub- 

If one consonant for another, 

'id't-of-is-in. A lysin found normally in the bloo^ 

Hng a spontaneous origin, 

tlor, id-e-o-mus'-ku-tar. Peculiar to muscle tissue. I- 

f tloo* muscular contraction from direct stimulation. 

Us* id-^-o-nu-Tt/sis, A disease of neurotic origin. 

V id-€'0'path'-ik. Spontaneous; primary. I. Ane^mia, 

ms anemia^ L Ditease', a self-exiating disease. 

i id^-ot/'Oth-e, A peculiar morbid state. 

, idF-€-o-flasm. A hereditary reproductive substanco 

hd hi the chromosomes of the nuc^us, 

<idt'S^-s3m, 1, Any ultimate clement of living matter, 


^ i(^-^-o-spagm. A spaan confined to one part. 

Wff 4d-€-o-sin*-kra-s€, Individual peculiarity, 

Mf, A person with defective mental development. 

f-^-et-igm. The state of idiocy. 

f-or-gan. A potential organ or organism^ 

^-sii. See Hyptrhidfosis. ,^^ 

||-ai-«/-W», A mixture of strychnin and brucin fnatti 

fetiicsa, once considered an alkaloid. 

Huo^-^^'OA. The seeds of Strychtws ignalii. 
Hysterectomy by cauteruat\ot\» 
Cauterization by puncture with Vvea^Ad Tifift^\<a- 
'A Jfiiie. I. ta'cer, herpes zoster. 





^Beac Pas'slon, iT-e-ak. A disease with pain in the abdomen. 
fecal vomiting, and Bpasm of the abdominal muscle*^ iieus. 
Ceadel'plius, A double monster joined from the p«lvi« dovsx, 
neectomy. U-e-ek'-to-rH^, Excision of the ilfium. 
D«itis, ii-f-i*-iis. Inflammation of the ileum. 
Deocecalt ii-e-o-s^-k^jL Pertaining to the ileum and cec\im. t 

Vftlve, the valve between the ileimi and cecum. 
Ileocolic, U-e-O'kol' -ik. Pertaining to the ileum and coloti. I 

Valve, the ileocecal valve, q. v. 
Ileocolitis^ U-e-o-ko-W'tis. Inflammation of the iletim and 

Deocolostomy, H-e-c-ko-W-ithme, The foimation of a fistula be 

twecn the ileum and colon. 
Beocolotomy, »/ ir-o-^for'-t^Wtf, A stirgical operation upon the 

ileum and colon, 
Heoileos'tomy. The formation of a fistula between two dtiferent 

parts of the ileum, 
neoproctoatomyi Deorectos'tomy, it-^-o-prok-ios'-to-im. 

formation of a fistula between the ileum and rectum. 
Beostomy, H-e-os'-to-fne. The surgical establishment of a 

thioush the abdominal wall into the ileum. 
Detun, iP-e-um, The lower half of the small intestine. 
Ileus, ir*#-«ts. 1. Intussusception of the bowels. 2, Entealgia^ 
Elac, il'-e-iik, PerUining to iho ilium or flanks. L Crest See 
Crest. L Fa'Bcio, the fascia covering the iliac and psoas 
muscles. L Mus'de. See ni4jcms. L Pas'sion. See lUae 
lUacus, {l-^-aJt'i4s. See MhscUts, Table o/ 
has, ile-ad'tl'-fus. See lUadslphus. 
lUcin, U*-iS'iH. A bitter principle from Ilex aquifoUum, Holly; it 

is an antiperiodic. 
nio-. A prefix denoting relation to the ilium. 
Utocolotomy, U-e-o-ko-htf -thiM, Colotomy in the iliac TC^poiv 
L Biocotf'tal, lUocoital'is. See Muscles^ Tahts nf. 
\ BlofemoTal, il-^-o-fsm' -^r-ol. Pertaining to the ilium and femur. 
I niohypogaatriclfBrve, t/-«-o-/(t-p<? ^ii/'fftA. Sec Xerves^TabUfif, 
^ JUob'guinal. Pertaining to the ilium and the groin, 

Biopectiiieal, U-t-o-ptk-tin-tf -ah Pertaining to the ilium aa& 

pectineus muscle. L Line. See Line, 
niopiofts, il-t-o-si/'i^. The combined iHacus and psoas musdiei^ 

q. %>. in Muscks, Table of, 
XLiotibial Band, il-e-o-tib'^-ij}. The portion of the fascia lata 

extending from the iliac crest to the outer tibial tubeTostty. 
Sltixii, W'0-um, The upper part of the innominate bone. 
MagatmdoOt il-ak-we-^t^'Shun, The altering of the portion olao 
cyeJksb by means of a loop around its base. 
JUic/am, i'l-is'-^'Mm, A genus of shrubs and ti««ft; a\io, tl» 
^t efA aftisafitm, star anise. 
//on. i/-ti-mfft^*-^un. The act of directing \ia3til us»<» 


an object. L, 
direction of the;! 
tipon an objecl 
light is concent 
U Oblique', ill: 
iiusioo, U-f^shft^ 
ttn»innaU i2^-«% 

«», ^^moL Jjom 

hBgt^ in^-6j, A 

After-. See^JJ 

taised from rayg 

X, B/tt^ that f< 

Vlr'tual, that pro 

keco, tm^-ga, 


kbecJle, m^-iyts-^ 

%becility» im~bi 

libedf. Inbktdi 

^1»ibltion, im-bibi 

kticicated, wf-bfi 

kid, Im'idc, «m' 

tt*# f**^"!! angj 
ooctftitutea a 

U^ion, h At 



ieiiiMcible,^ %m-4^ 


Aaf^iiBaV an ao^ 
bjr isooilation 

fic^*i The^ory 
iaicrodaced into 
rers^iaJ groups 
wivfa lateral d 
faBCteffial oeQs, 
ditfDie and ol 
^ad ixxsmunityv 


object, t-, Ai'ial, illtimi nation by light conveyed in tho 
ction of the axis of the microscope. I„ Direc t , light thrown 
jvpoa an object trom in tront. I„ Fo'cal, that in which the 
ght is concentiated on an object by means of a lens or mirror. 
» Oblique' t illumination from one side. 

, ii-^'zkun. A false perception of an external object. 
, it-V-jc/mn-air Pertaunng to or cliaiactenzed by illu- i 


ImB, f'-fna. Lowest; last; deepest. 

Inufe» htif-dj, A picture of an object to the eye or mind. I., 
Af tier-k See After-intages, I^ Direct/, I^ Brecf, a pict^ire oh-i 
tatned from rays not yet focused. L» False, See under FfUs9^k 
I, Real, that formed at the place where the rays meet. I.,,] 
Viftaal, that produced by the imaginary focus of the rays. i 
im^-gOt The insect after the completion of its meta- 

le, 4m''b0SHl, Feeble In mind, 
ity, im-hff->sii''it-£. Mental wealmess or defect. 
. In hisftology, to fix an object in some hard substance. 
Imbibition, itn-bibh4st^^un, , The absorption of fluids. 
haibtiCAtcdfifnf-brik-a-led. Overlapped, as scales in skin-dificascs* 
Imid, Im'ide, imf-id. Any compound ot the radicle NH« 
bsidiodt im^iif-it-od. A nonpotaonous antiseptic used as iodo- 

l^lacli'a Pat-l»lti£. A mass of yellowish fat frequently found at 
the mesial angle of the external inguinal ring, for which if 
constitutes a landmark during operations. 
I&miediate» im-e'-de-m. Direct. L Agglutina'tion. See /; 
Vnitm. L Ausculta'tion, auscultation pertormed with tha 
ear against the surface;. L Coata'^onr that frocm pen 
Gontact, L U'nion, union by first intention. 
tomenioo, im-m^'shu7t* The plunging of a body into a liquid 
Inumladble, im-is^^ib-L Not capable of mixture. 
ImmobiHty, im-o~biV-U-€. The state of being fixed. 
InjLZDobilizA'tioo. The act of rendering a part immobile. 
Immune, im-il^fi^. Safe from attack; protected by vaccination. L 
An^imal, an animaJ in a control experiment rendered immune 
by inoculation with some antispecific agent. 
InniMmityt im-^'tiit-e. Freedom trom risk of infection. L, Ehr- 
Uch'i The'ory of Lateral or Side-chain, stimulating substances 
introduced into the circulation combine with protoplasm, one 
central group in the molecule remaining comparatively stable, 
urith lateral chains ot atoms which combine with toxins, 
bacterial cells, and foreign cells, causing in the protoplasm 
chemic and other transfonnationa connected with cytolysia 
i fcnd immunity. When the laterdi chains are thrown off into 
ly the liquid ot the body, they conatitute various antWcnuoa, \»t» 
/ Acfivm, that conveyed by recovery trom inlecUOM^ a?va«a»B- 
/ /, Coagea'itmU U JTtit'uTBl, that with which the m^N^^MsX^ 


borru L, 


The act of Tendering jmrnune. 
One versed in tbtt ficieac^ ol 

&ntitoxixts or vaccines. 

Immunisation, im-u-mB'<i''j:htiH. 

ImmunologiBta im-ii-noV-o-jist. 

Immunotoxlnf im-u-no-tok/'%n. An antitoxin, 

Impac'tion. 1. Concussion, 2. The state of bcang wedged m. 

Impalpable, im-paV-pa-bU Not capable of being felt. ^ 

Impaludifim, im-paV-u-dism, Chronic malarial poisonJng. 

Impar, im^-par. Odd or unequal. 

Imperatoiin, im-per-ai-o^-rin. Same ae P0ncfdamn. 

Imperforate* im-per^-for-ut. Without opening; not open ot 

Imp erf oration, im-per-for-af -shun. Occlusion. 

Impervious, im-per'-^ve-wi. Not pcTmitting a passage. 

Impetiginous, im-pei-if-iH-tiS. Pertaining to impetigo. 

Impetigo, im-pei'i'-go. An acute pustular inflanimation of the 
skin. L contagio'&a, a contagious form of impetigo, L befpcti- 
for' -mis, a grave form affeciing pregnant women and mem- 
bling herpes. I. flyphillt'ica, the specific form, 
^ Implacental, impla-sen' -taL Having no placenta, 

nplantation, im-plan-ta* -shun. The act of setting in; gruftiui, 
aa the transfer of skin or teeth from the body of one person to 
that of another. 1^ Hypodcr'mic, the introduction of a solid 
medicine under the skin. I., Parcnch/mntoua, the introdxic- 
tion of remedial agents into a neoplasm. L, Terafic, the 
union of an imperfect fetal monster with a perfect fetus. 

Imponderable, i**f-poH* -dor-a-hL Without weight. 

Impotence, im*'pO'tens, A lack of sexual power. 

Impotency, ifn'-pa-ten-ss^ See Impotence, 

Impregnation, im-pfe£-n(f-shun. Fecundation; fertiHzatioa. 

Impres'sio. An impression, L card'iaca, a shallow depresden 
on the upper surface of the Hvcr for the heart. L col'ica, im- 
pression on the liver made by the hei^atic t9exur« of the coloat 
L duodena'lis, an impression on the liver made by the duo- 
denum, I. gas'trica, an impression made on the liver by e» 
stomach* L pylori'ca, an impression made on the liver by the 
pyloric end of the stomach, I. rena^Lis, an impicsaion on ti» 
liver made by the right kidney and suprai^nal capsule t 
auprarena'Hi, a depressed area on the Kver made by tiw 
suprarenal gland. 

Impression, im-presk'-xiH. A hollow or depression. 

Impulse of the Heart, ^m^-puh. The systolic beat of the h»n 

felt at the apex in the fifth intercostal space. 
Jmpurity, im-p$€^-fif-e. 1, Want of purity. 2. Waul of Cleai* 

B9sa^ jM of thB sounds of the heart. 
^otethmtian, m-ak-tw^^skun. The destruction of i\^e ft«tW» 
Jf^Jody Jfuid: t. g., serum, 

M'^ak-t^s. An optically inactive Vc«€tAb\« c^spue. 


f'taL Not sffordiag QouriidusMnit, 
Not aninrnte; dead. 

2, Exhaustion trosn slan'atiQn 
ftf. Losi or want of appetite. 
|KJ#. See iHOfpfHenc*, 
ftW, 1. Not jotnt«d or aitkylated, «, 
IjifEed tnlo sytiahleft. 
i the point of death, 
P-ad-^ Incarta ble &f a^imila Lion 
■ long axone surrounded by a myelm 

f-wnl, LuminouB from heat. 
B-W. Imprisoned, as a bemia, 

'skuH, Imprwtmment, 
hun, I, Bccsouung fl«h. 2. Oranula- 

Eft interparietal bone. 
iterccHirse between nrar nmuve's. 
. An afferent nerve. 

Cremation, Reduction to a^hcs. 
i^ouod, a cleanly cut wound, 
act of cutting in to. I., Conllr'aiAf oiT« 
lotc^Atory, section for diagnostic purposes. 
Cutting. 2. Pertaining to the incisors, 
portion of the superior maxilla. 
|i The four anterior teeth in each iaw. 
^n incision or a notch. I. card'iaca, a 
liorder of the left lur«. I. cereberii, the 
^Tcbellar hemispheres. L intertrag^icSp 
traifufi and antitmguB. L lUYi^ni, 
rder of the inner end of the externa i 
^^toH'ni, either one of the two notches 
brtion of the external auditory meatus, 
prhinal stilcus. a notch half- way between 
ttho uncus. L teuto'rli, a deep notch in 
In for the midbrain. 
liQit or notch. 

f-et-€r* An instrument for determining 
ICmi the horizontal and vertical Uncs. 
j The state of being inclosed or included. 
>4, Uncontrollable I. Vom'iting, per- 
ils Not oonnected or cohezent. 
hi^-iib^L Jncajjiable- of humtitg. 

]^ perfami the oaturuJ functiona, 
fV^/T A^ot compressihki/ compact 

Incootineiice, iH-kim''HH-4ns, 

Venereal indulgence, 
IncoordiDAtion, in-cchor-din-a^'shun. An inabUity toproduoeoo* 

ordioacc muscular movements. 
Incorpora'don* The making into a homogcncoua iimss. 
Incrassatc, in-krojl' -Oi. Thickened, swollen. 
Increment, iif'-kre-menU Increase or growth, 
Incmstation, in-krtiS'ta'-shun. The formatiot] of a crust. 
Incubation, in-ku-ba^-skun. The period between the implant*- 

tion of a coctagium and the appearance of the disease. 
Incubator, in'-ku-ha-tor, A device for rearing prematurely bora 

children, or for the cultivation of bacteria, 
lacubujt, *V-ih4-fr«j, See Nightmare, 
Incudal, ingf-kn^^l. Pertaining to the incus. 
Incudiform, in-ku'-dif-orm. Shaped like an anvil, 
tncudostape'dial* Pertaining to both incus and stapes, 
Incttrmble, ut-ku'^ra-bl. That which cannot be cured, 
Incurvate, tn-ker^-vdt. Curved inward. 

Cdcub, ing'-kus. The middle one of the bones of the middle ear. 
Indflgation, in-da-ga'-skun. Close investigation. 
Indentation, in-dcti'ta* -shun, A notch, dent, or depressiofL 
Index, W-deks, 1. The first finger. 2. The ratio of one part tn 
another taken as a standard. L, Alve^olar, the degree of pnani* 
nence of the jaws, measured by the basialvcolar length mul- 
tiplied by 100 and divided by the baalaaaal length. L, CfleSi- 
al'ic, the breadth of a skuU multiplied by IQO and divided bf 
its length. L» Cer'ebral, the ratio of the greatest tranavene 
to the greatest anteroposterior diameter of the cranial cavity, 
^^ multiplied by 100. I^ Onatfic, the ratio of the distance h^ 
^B tween the basion and the alveolar point to the distant* be- 
^M tween the basion and the nasal point* multiplied by 100» I. 
W Length-breadth, See /., Cephalic. L Move'ment, a compul- 

I 8ory rotary movement, I^ Opson'ic» See Opsonic, I^ PeT- 

m Vic See under Ptlvic, 1, of Diflfu'sion, as appli^ to agar 

■ jcUy containing stain and other substances— the sum of ita 

W diffusion -delaying ingredients subtracted from its diSusioo- 

» accelerating constituents added to the quantity of stain in tlu 

jelly. L of Refrac'tion, the refractive capacity of any medium 
as compared with that of the air. L. Refrac'tive, the coeffi- 
cient of refraction. U Tborac'ic the ratio of the aatcfu^ 
posterior diameter to the transverse, expressed in percenlagts. 
I., Ver'tlcaU the ratio of the vertical diameter of the skuU to 
the maximutu of the anteroposterior diameter, multiplied by 

iodiM Ink Method. A method of making the Spirockaia paliidd 
visible under the microscope by means of India ink 
^^^ Cam, i^^^„, 3^ Z^ mays. I. Hemp. SeeCannoW*. 

ttue, Cv 


Indkan, m'-ti 
yielding ind 

iDdicaua'iiA. Th* 

ladica'doo, 1. A a 

Indicator, tn'-dikn 

reaction by a co 

teosor indicis m 

ladMereot, i«-dfi/'., 

Indigenous, in-dif^ 

bdjgestible, in-de-ji 

ihdigestioa, in-dt-j* 

fndJciiadoQ, in-dij-i 

ttitu ssuscep tion ► 

EftdigJucin. in-de-gk 

of the glucooid ia< 

fsdico, in'-di^-o. i 

/rra. L-btue, Ck 

c&r'min, the j 

^"^te. Sam© { 

Ladi^cjgen, iVs 

Ix^dieotin, m-dig^ 

lodicurta, in-i 

lodirectr in-dt-rtik 

kinesis. I. Vii'ljp 

retisa. ^m 

Indat^^rs, in'-d0-n^^ 

laAaU tn'^doi C«H 

tctrts in the intest 

Fmioiaicetu^ria. Pre 

todolent, in' -do lent 

Iikdazyl, indokyH. 

by oxidation, as 

dicati. CcH«NSO«] 

and found in the 

in-dusf, } 

■* Theetei 


ladscto'rhmt. An i 

laiixrmtev Indurated, 

b^oratioo* in-dH-ra 

L, BJAck. the hard 

coMS- I^ Browo, 

of pigiTM^ntary raa 

pQ««t3noeia withcn 

rc»n<Ii lion of tht \\ 


ftn. 1. <j£«HttNOiT, A gJucostd trom pbrtt-. 
k 2, Same as/ ndoxyi-xntplmit. l?ot t«9t8, s<> • 
m, Obtrmeyer, Weber ^ 
^ presence in the urine of tndicfiii. 
^n. 2 The poin ti n g on C of the proper retned : 
^'U>t. 1, A subatancc thai indicatee ohentk 
Olof chanfEe, 2 The mdex^finfier. 3, The ex- 

'•tfr-rn/. Nctitral. 
f-fW-nj, Native to a pUce, 
lrf«'-fi&.i. Not d4R€<*t>ble. 
Hw^^Ahh. The same a« Dysptpsm, q. v. 
^Bp^tJbiA. A dt3plac«mient of the bowel by 

Rr-itn. C«Ht(iO(i. A docoimpoeitioii produiit 


A blue d y e-stuef from various species of Indifto 

UtH\i\>i-iO-u a Muc piKmcnt from irjdiRO. L- 

rlium salt of indigotin-disulphonic acid. 1.- 

I Indigogiin. For tests, aoc Rosenback, Rostn 

thjan, C»}iftNO. A derivative of mdigo-Ulue, 

-im, Same as ItuIigo-btu«. 

(-fv^h. The presence in the urine of indiifo, 

\ Not direct. L CftU-divk'ion. See Kary^y- 

loa, vision with the peripheral parts of the 

^i-fitf-^ish'-m. Any slight ailment 
» A rare metaL 

^tN. a product of the putrefaction of pro 
ptines. See Batyer, N^ncki, Salkowski te*t* 
i^eftence of indolacetic acid in the urine 
Jl- SluKtfish; of Blow growth, 
\, CiHiN J. The product derived from indol 
I it takes place in the liver, t.-tul'pliate^ in- 
hK, a combination of indoxyl with a sulphate 

produced, L Abor'tion. See Abortion, 
^^tric influence exerted by neighboring bodies 
^'-to-urafft. The same as Skiagraph, q. v. 
^^strument for producing induced currents. 
' in*iiu-rdt. in^-dn-ra-t^d. Hardened. 

-shun. The hardening of a tissue or part 
, pigmented condition of the lung in anthia- 
a bardeninjL^ of lung tissue, with deposition 
fcter. I„ Gray, induration of lung tissue in 
1 pigmentation. L. Rect a brm, reddetimi 


marigiiml kyer of gmy matter on the corpus CAiju&uin, 
euUed /, griseitm. 

InebrLnDt, in-e'bre-ant. An imtDxicatizig substance. 

Inebriation* Inebri'ety^ in-e-bre-a'-shnn, A drunk<;n conditv 

Inelastic, in o-lai'-tik. Not ttlastic. 

TnertiA, ine/shah. Sluggishness; inactivity; absence of contmc 
tjlity. 1, u'teri, an atonic condition of the womb in labor. 

In extremis, jm eks-irff^-mts. At the end; at the point of death. 

Infant, in* -/ant. A babe, a child less than two years uf age. 

Infanticide, in-fan^-tis-id. The murder of an infant. 

InfantUe, in'-fan-tiU Pertaining to infancy, L Her'nia, obliqi 
inguinal hernia behind the funicular peritoneal process. 
Paral'^ysis, acute anterior poliomyelitis. I. U'terusv &u lUli 
velopcd womb. 

Infantilism^ in-fan* -tU-izm . The persistence of childish 
tcristica into adult life. 

Infarct, in-farkf , A wedge-shaped hemorriiagic or necroti 
region produced by obstruction of a terminal artery. 

Infarction, in /ark' -shun. The production of an infarct. 

Infect, in-/ek^. To communicate disease-germs. 

Ilkfection, in-/ekf-shun. The communication of disease- giefinB. 

Infectious, in/ek'-shus. Of the nature of infection; contagious, 

Infecundityp in-fe-kun* -dit-e. Sterility; barrenness. 

Inferior, in-je'^rt^Gr. Lower. 

InieB''ted. Harboring parasites — flcas^ lice, etc 

Inftbuia^tioOi The operation of fastening the prepuce over tl 
ylans penis, or of fastening together the labia of the vagina, 

In'^fUtrate, To ooze into the interstitial spaces of a tissue. 

Infiltration, in-fil'tra' ■ shun . A fluid effusion into an organ ors 
tissue. L-anestbe'sia, local anesthesia from cocain-injection^ 
I., Cfllca'reoua, deposits of lime or other calcium salts withiii 
tissue of the body. I., Cellular, an infiltration of the tiasui 
with round cells. I., Fat'ty, a deposit of fat in the tissues 
the presence of oil in the interior of a cell, I., Glycogenic, a dl 
posit of glycogen in cells. I^ Plg'mentary, the deposit of pii 
ments In the tissues I., Pur'uieut, the presence of acati 
pus-cells in a tissue. I^ Se'rous, an intiltration of the tissui 
with diluted lymph, t., U'rinous, the effusion of urine into • 
tissue. L, Wax'y, a deposit of waxy substance. 

in'finii, Immeasurable. L Dis'tance, in ophtbali 
, itie distance at which there is parallelism of lij^ht-rays. 
HI*. Weak or feeble* 

frf^-ffM-rr An irsirtitution for the care of th* sin 
ness; feebleness, 
• inflammation. 

A morbid condition with hypi 
ud disordered 1\macV\ot\. \., K£»lif< 
,v i.,..v.=>BtfS aT« aclwe- 1., K^^^t'A-^* 

us. \ 



on a mucous surface and causing the shedding of it* 
n. L» Chron'ic, that in which there is formation of 
lective tissue. L» Interstitial, that affecting chiefly 
sctive tissue of an organ. L, Parenchy'matous, that 
chiefly the parenchyma of an organ. L, Reac'tivet 
md a focus of degeneration or a foreign body. 1., 
that due to a special microorsanism. 1., Sui/pnra" 

attended by formation of pus. L, Tox'ic, that due 

rjp tft-thm^-at^iMV. Pertaining to inflammation. 

^'Ha^'Shtm, Distention with air. 

n-flek^-shun. A bending inward. 

n>-ih»r€f^-tak, A contagious epidemic catarrhal fever 

it xyrostration and varjnng symptoms and sequels; 

in-fiu-eti^'Boi, Pertaining to influenza. 

m-fiurenf'Sin. A proprietary remedy for influenza. 

luks. An 'nflow. 

f, ifp-frah-aks-U-a-re. Below the armpit. 

I Jar, in-frah'klav-il^'U-lar, Below the collar-bone. 

\f the space on the chest between the clavicle and third 

in-frah-kos^'tal. Below the ribs. See Muscles, 

in-frak^'Shun. Incomplete fracture of a bone. 

in-frah-hV-oid, Below the hyoid bone. 

laty, in-frah-fnan^-a-re. Below the mammas. L 

the area on the chest below the sixth rib. 

nal Convolu^tiQn. The inferior temporal gyrus. 

iry, ifirfrah-maks^-il-€Hre, Below the jaw. 

Ion, in-frah-ok-luf'thun. Failure of apposition of one 

:eeth when the jaws are closed. 

, in-Jrak-oZ-bit-al. Below the orbit. 

ir« Pertaining to parts below the i>atella. 

a« See Metaprotein, 

Pertaining to parts below the pubis. 
■r, in-frdk-skap^-u-lar. Below the shoulder-blade. 
Jt, inrfrah-spirnc^'tus. See Muscles, Table of. 
B, iMrfrah^spV-nus, Below the scapular spine. 
I» im-frah^sier''nal. Beneath the sternum. I. Depres'- 
depression of the ensiform cartilage. 
Mr, in-Jrak-trof^'le^r. Below the trochlea. 
ice, in'frah-ver''jens. The angle of artificial de- 
of one eye below the other as produced by the prism- 

m^JrW'Shun. The rubbing-in of oily substances. 

r, in-fun-dil/'U-lar, Pertaining to t"he VcAuti^v 

tm ^H-fuH'dii/^U'Hf'Orm, Punnel-ahaped. V^^J* 


cU, I Proc^MB, the cremasteric process o£ the tmnsversMlii 

odlbulumc ifi-fun-dif-U'lum, A ftinnel. I« of thtt BnUn* a 
taam of gr&y m&ttor attached to the pituitary gland. L tS 
Coolt'lea* a small cavity at the end of th© modiolua, h ^* 
moidal'e» a deep groove between the uncinate process and 
the bulla ethmoidalis, the opening into which from the ni uJ 
fossa is JcnowTi as the hiatus semiJimaris. I, of Heart, the to- 
nus arteriosus, L of Kid'ney, one of the primary divisdons of 
the pelvis of a kidney. I. of Lun^, any one of the ultimate ex- 
pansions of a bronchiole. L of Ov'iduct, the cavity f onoed liy 
the fringes at the ovarian end of an oviduct. 

fofuied, in-fUeff, Steeped; extracted. 

Infusibte, in-fu'-sib-L Incapable of being fused. 

Infusion, m-fu^-shuH. 1, See Jnfusum. 2. The slow Injectioo ci 
liquid into a vein, 

Infusodecoctfon, in-fu-so-de-kci^'shHn. A combined infufiiaa 
and decoction of a substance. 

Infusor, in-ft/-$or. An instrument for the slow injection of t 
liquid into a vein, 

Infusorin, in-fH'3o''-rff-ah, A class of protozoa. 

&ifii9iiia» in-fu'-sutn. An aqueous preparation mado by ste«piai 
a vegetable substance in «rater without boiling. 

Ingesta, iH'j«s''tak. Substances introduced into the body as 

Ingestion, in-fes'-cfmn. The introduction of food into the body, 

JngestoU in-jW-tol, A proprietary remedy for gastric and intes- 
tinal complaints. 

la^gluvtn. An enzyme from gizzand of fowl, used as a digestaot 

Inffrassios's Pioc' esses. The lesser wings of the sphenoid bon» 

Ingravescent, in-grav-es'-eHi. Growing more severe. 

IngravidatioQp in-grav-id-a'-shnn. See Impregnation. 

bgredient, in-gt^-tU-^ni. Any part of a compound. 

Ingrowing Ifail, iff -growing. See Onychosrypkosis, 

Inguen, in'-gw^n. The groin. 

Ligulnal, %n*-g:mn-al. Pertaining to the groin. L Hef'nia, h*T 
nia through an abdominal ring. 

Inhalation, inhal-a' -shun. The in-breathing of air or other vapor 

Inhaler, in-hcf-ler. Instrument for inhalation of medicinal vapOO- 

Inhuest, ra-A^-r»il. Native; hitrin«ie, L G«tsteriza'tk»m desC 

Inherited, in-hef^-it-td. Derived from en ancestor. 

Inhibit. m-hiiZ-iL To check or restrain, 

Inhilti''tion. The restraint of organic activity from nerve^ociott 

t&hibitory, m-hW -U-or-e. Having the power to Testrain, 
Inhlbitrof^et m-kii^^-r3f>. An individual io whom certain ftaro 

u/tcdtisca partis J arrest o/ /unction. 
^tiaxMtioo, iH-^u-fHa'-skHH. Burial of the dead in tbft gfOttlA 

. laiml, Wf'-^-tf^^ «fV-ai: Pertaining to the inion. 

t.!he brain 
Inioo, uf-9' 
laiffgl, vit-u 
ioltlSv w-i'- 
Injected, tn 
T>esfiel of 

Inlet of the 
Imiuui's VA 

The fun< 



A monater with a pvotfiifilon of 

Iprutubemnce of the rjcciTint 

r — -•' 

^OD of fibrotifl tiMu«. 

d; with full veuek. 
] of a liquid into ft cavity, p«rt ot 
, urethral, intrauiusculiirt intra venous 
I injected. 
^ or h&rm to the body. 
The upper orifice of th« true petvis. 

1. A discharge of nervous force, 2, 
I ^yetem. 
E(n; not harmful. 

This largest branch of the aortic 

Nameless. I* An'etiTTsm, anetiryam 

ff. L Ar'tery. See Artery. I. 8oae, 
the pubis, ilium, and ischium. 
fli*w. The hip-bone. 
pe same as Innocent, q. v, 
$, A want of nutrition. 
► formative connective-tissue ccIL 
f'tt-t. The capability of being ino*?u- 

tCapable of being inoculated, 
ption of specific vims into the systom. 
tk-0-i^^'niah. Medullary carcinoma 

^hettc substance supposed to decom- 
lirhen the latter is in action. 
jf-^M. Inflammation of fibrous tissue, 
mt-</-^iah^ Myonm contaming un* 

3 tumor, 

if blood to coagulate sponuneously. 
I A fibrous polypus. 
I Devoid of organised structure. I» 
Itrbon* L Anal^yslSt the analysis of in- 
Ohem'isby, the chemistry of inorganic 
ilDd. a snbstance without carbon, 
method for the detection of the tu- 
date. This is allowed to coagulate; 

;e«ted; the liquid rcaultinff is ct^tri- 

/rtf/xt tlm se*Jmtemt ^nd staia^ far 

If/rvc£/y Jain ITS ff. 

The unioa of two v^sse^ 


tncMitt loosltCp Jn'-tf^Mf, inr-o-fif. A ffxteom, C«HtiO|'(-3HsO. 

fpund ia muscle, various organs of the body^ plants, iod 
urine. For t«sts, see GcUlois^ Sch*rert StndeL 

hi0^taria.,in-o-si-tnf-re-aJt. The presence in the urine of inosite. 

InoBteatomaf in-o-ste^t'{/-inah. A fibroua and fatty tumor 

Inostiria, in-o-su'-re-ak. The «axne aa iHcsituria, q. v. 

InotagmAfca, in-o-ta^-mat-ah. The contractUe elements that gfis- 
erate the force of protoplasmic motion, 

iDOtropEc, in-o-trop'-ik. Pertaining to influences which modlly 
the contractiiity of the heart. 

Inquest, W'kitJtJt. A judicial inquiry » 

InquiBitioa, in-kivut'ish'-un. A systematic legal invesliyation, 

Iii6aUTa''tion. A mixture of food with saliva during roasticaikm. 

InBoiubrious, i»-sal-u*'bTe-us. Unhealthy, 

iDsanet m-sdn\ Diseased in mind; cxaty, 

losaaitaxy* in-san'-U-a-re. Not sanitary or healthful. 

Insanity, in-san^-it-e. Mental derangement; madness, L, Ac* 
quired'^ that arising after a long period of mental integrity, L* 
Affec'tlve. Same as /,. Emotional. L, Ane'^mlc, that due to 
anemia. L, Arthrit'ic, that due to rheumatism or gout. I« 
Cir'culai or Cy'clic, a form recurring in cycles, melancholy fol- 
lowing mania and that followed by a lucid interval. L, Cli- 
x&ac'tericp that occurring at the mcnoi)ause. I., Coizunu''ni' 
cated, that transmitted by association with an insane petacm. 
I., Com'poundf that in which two or more groups of mental 
faculties are involved. I^ Concur'rent, that caused by geneml 
diseases. I., Confu'sional, acute, tempomry insanity due to 
nervous shock or disease. I*, Congeo'itia, that existing from 
birth. Lt Depres'fiive, melancholia. L, Deuteropath'lc, that 
due to disorders of other organs than the brain. L, Diabe'tic, 
that due to diabetes. I^ Dlathefic^ inherited iniiianity. I« 
Doubling, that marked by doubt or suspicion. L, Bsiestdat, 
that growing out of a former disease. L, Emo'ttoika]« that 
marked by emotional depression or exaltation. I.« Epidem^k* 
a form occasionally manifested among a number of people in 
an association. I^ Erofic. See Ny^nphatnania. L, Gout'f. 
See l.,A Tthfil ic. I., Hered' itary , that transmi tted from parents 
to children. L, Homici'dai, that marked by a desire to de- 
^•troy human life. I., Hypochoodrfacal* See Hypoclumdriasii^ 
Hyst«>f'ic that following hysteria. L, Idea'tionaL See 
^dkoiiuKol. I., Ideophren^ic. Same as /., Ideaiional. 1^ Is^ 
dv«» that characterized by mimicry. I., Impul'sivA, that 

Tlnarked by uncontrollable desire to commit violence, 1., lafcir* 
mif teat. The same as /., RecHrreni. L, Ische'cokt th/.t due 
/o persistent cerebml anemia. L, Melancboric, melancholia. 
Mea'atruiU, that occuirmg at th« ifieofitrual period, I* 
^^ a form nmrkcd by depravity. L, Paioz^Vmilt l^t. 
^ked by tempomiy panoocysms of mental ab^tmltoa. \, 
-yidaoMl, that toArked by illusions and b*U\ 

J.^ P«d(M 
«:«ot. T 
xiag at 
to old a£ 




e, g., ot 








Xaaertiofw t 

bmoomSMt i 



IxKBtiDCtf in 

daXed wi 


La'stitutes t, 


|«s«ola« in' 
lxismslar» in 

islarid o 

It restitar fntefvab, L, Po^mT- 
ary. I., Recur' rent, that occyr- 
"eorresponding lucid intervata, I„ 
I M /.. Afthritk. h, Se^oil** that due 

IncApable of beif)g satutfied, I. Ap'- 

An inscription. I. tendln'ea, k tendon 
Die and giving attachment to its fibers; 
of the rectus abdominis 

The body of a prescription, 
A prepamtion for destroying insect*, 
liddal powder; buhftch, q. v, 

It-shun. The introduction of semen. 

i. Without the sense of feeling. 2. Not 

fhe attachment, as of a muscle* 
iTot manifest; hidden or stealthy* 

rcn or natural portion. 
Sunstroke. Exposufo to the sun, 
bcapablo of solution. 

I Inability to sleep, 

f Visual examination of the body or a 

tin'Spei^-Mhun. The act of powdeHns. 
Pl. The inhalation of air into the liinj^fi- 

r. Pertaining to inspiration. 
Thickened, as by evaporation, 
Dli of the foot. 

1^ A pouring-in of a fluid drop by drop, 
f natural impulse that, though unasso- 
licnpts a useful act. 
i Prompted by instinct. 
Medical theory and principles, 

II a mechanical tool used In surgery. 
ilt-taL Pcrtaicing to an Instrument, L 
^g forceps, 

lare and use of instruTnents. 

f^H-se, Incapacity of normal action^ 

^un^ The blowing of powder into a 

f. An instrument used for insufflation. 

Ifeland of Reil. q. v, 

ftted in condition ; also pertaining to the 






\^J^ suTTxmBdiag c^a body by oofi' 
mtf ofjtM electric farce. 


Insulator, in'-su-la-tor. A nonconductor. 

In'Bulin. An antidiabetic hormone obtained from the islandi of 

IniiMceptibil'ity. Immunity; a want of susceptibility. 
Integument, in-ieg^-tt-ment. A covering, especially the skin. 
InteguiGCnlary, m-Ug-u-men^-iar-e. Pertaining to the akin 
Intellection, in-^el^^k'-shun Mental activity. 
Iatem>eranc«. The iiTiniodE?rate use of food or drink, or both. 
Intensity, in-ten'-sit-e. A high degree of power or activity. 
Intensive, in-ten'-siv. Inereasing in intensity 
Intention, inUnf-shun. Tht5 process of healing. L Tre'mor, a 

tremor following attempted voluotary motion. 
Interarticular, iuteT-ar-iik^-tt-lar Situated between joints. 
Interauricular, in-icr-anj-rW -v-lar Between the auricles. 
Interbram, in*-t^r-hrdn. The thalamcnceplmlon, ^.v. 
Ini«rc^'dence. A pulse- wave between the regular beats. 
Intercalary, in-ter-kaV-a-re. Placed or inserted between. 
Intercarotic, lnt«rcarotid, in-tft-kar-oif -ik in-UT-kfir-Qt^'id. Situ- 

ated betwc&n the exttmal and internal eaitJtids. 
LiterceUular, in-Ur-sel'^U'lar. Between cells. 
IntercentTttl, in-ter~s^*-iral Between nen'e^center^. 
Interchondral, in-ier-kon'-ilral. Between cartilages. 
Intercilium, in-t^-sir-e-wm. See Glabella. 
latercUvitular, in-f^r-kiai^ik'-H-hr Between the clavicles 
latercolum'nar Faa'cia. The fascia covering the cord and t^ 
lotereoa'dylflT, Intercon'dyloid. Between the condyles. 
Intercostfilj in-ieT-hos^-tal Between the ribs. 
Intercostjales, in-ter-kos-ta'-Uz See Muscles, Table of. 
Intercostohumera'Us. Brrinch of the second intercostal nerve. 
Intercourse, in^-ier-kms. Coition. 

Intercricotiiyfotoiny, in-t^t-kri-kQ-thi^rof^o-ms. A cut into the 
larynx by transverse section of the cricothyroid membrane. 
, Intertriatal, in-t^r-hru^-iul Between the surmounting ridges of 
a bone, an ot^an< or a process. 
Intercurrent, in-ter-kur'-ent. Occurring between. 
Interdental, h%-im'-d^n'-iaL Between the teeth. 
Interdigttal, inUir-dif-it-aL Between the fingers. 
laterdtfita'^tiqn. An interlocking by digital processes. 
IiiterfibrtUary, in-Ur-p'-bTU-a-re. Between fibrils. 
Interfllar, in-tffT-fi*4ar Between reticular filaments. 
Intei^an«llottic, iH'tfr-^ng-&l&-on'-ik. Between ganglions, 
later^obular Slm'ces^ tJi-ftr-gto'-M- iar. Certain irregular araas 

near the dentinal periphery 
Interlobar, itt-ier4i/-bar. Between lobes. 

laierlQbttiar, m~ifr-i&l/-M-laK Between lobules. I. BmphyM'mA, 
the presence of air between the Jobu les of the lung. 
^^;;;;^y' f^-^^-maks^.il^.re. Between the ma^tW^at^ 
^^^^- X-ffaafc See Incisive Bone. 

«W*rr Amputm'Hon, in-ter^mc' -dc-a-rc . Amputation dut- 

mg: the inflflmtnator 

lowin* a primary 
IntftfUiediolAtcfal Tia 

the spinal oo«d ly 

Intermenin'EeaL Bet 
Interment^ in-Uf'-men 
Iiit«TniiSion< in-ier-mi 
Intcrmlttenti tn-ier-wi 

tetany, L Pe'ver, 
Bit«rmuscular» in-ter- 
Intero, irjf-iirti. See 
latcmal, 4n-t^^nah 

tract between the ci 

Tinth, q^v, L Seen 

Iffltemcuroiial, in-t^-f 
IsterDOde, in^-ter-nod. 
Interaunciliif in-teT-nv 
1, FT hers, the fibers 
Xatemus, irt-ie/nus, 
lIlte^oIiv«^y^ in-t^-cf- 
Intcrorbital, in-t^-^Mf' 
inferos' s*L See Mm 

Interparietal* in-tsr-pt 
tiii«f the sagittal si 
liJterp«diuiC«lflT» in-t 
Interpubk, in-ier^u' 
Iniermpted, in-ier-ap 
ctinreTit. L Su'ture 
Interrupt'w"* A devit 
laterscapulflr, in-ter-i 
Inl^rsis'moid. Perta 

Ji^tr^^xJtR, in-ter^'Stts 
hNw^titiaL in-UT-siist 
ti'tis. See Keratit- 
where it passes t 
^at^o^^i^^ i^anfi< 
IgtBTvyatolet in-ter-sii 
eod of the auricula 

ttlertrxfureTta'tii. { 
lifcA tf aunyrerBa'' Hi, ^ 

m 'aiCS^^O. U^WT-tt\* • 


■ c 

i ^ectt&t^V 


in't9r-m*'49*o*ta/-4r-id. The imct ti 
lying between the Bntenor and poit«rlor 

'Between th« membra ne« of the hmin or cortj. 
)ntnL Tho burial of the body, 
^mi&h'-un. An interval, as between pam^cysms, 
f-miif-tYtL Occurring at interval, I. Cruiip» 
fWf a fever with periods of apyrexia. 
HeT^mu^-ku-iar, Between muBolea. 

|f. On the inside. I. Cap'iule^ the fibrous 
Ib crura and cerebral corteit. L Ear, the laby- 
Nretioiis. See Autacoids. 
lA resident phyeician of a hospital. 
et*ni^-ron-al. Lying between neumnes. 

'. The space between adjacent nodes* 

tm'-shaL Serving as a connecthig medium. 

I conneclingr ner\^-cells, 
1. Internal. 2, An eye-snusde. 

-ItNi-ftr. Between the olivary Isodies, 

'-bit-al. Between the orbita. 

scl&^, TabU of, 

f-§-us. Between bonea. 

fl^-^-rt-o/. Between the x>arietal9. L 80'- 

utuie, q. V. 

t€r-p§^un^'kthlat. Between peduncles. 

'bik. Between the pubic bones. 

ff'-ted. Broken, I. Cnr'rBnt, the faradic 

e, a line of separate sutures. 

ice for breaking an electric current, 

skap'-ti'lar. Between the ahoulder-blades 

Lining to the space in the loop of the sigmoid 

pv-naf4is. See hfnscUs, TabU of. 

t-is. Spaces; intervals; pores. 

(^-0!. Lying or placed between. L KcTtt- 

tis. L Preg'nancy, pregnancy in tho tube 

-hrough the uterine wall. I. Tla'su*. the 

KTtive tiMue. 

'^'to-Je. The interval of time between the 

It and the beginning of the ventricular oon- 

^f-ik'MS. See Muscles, TabU of. 
See MhscUs, TabU of 

Sag' Jfif/gr:finTffszvrj!a^s fa A/l^txrAfs, T^a^ eff, 
0fi. ^rytbcnra /jxmj friction. 




latflTtubular, in-ier-tn^-bu'Iar Between tubules. I. Tif'sua, the 

dense dentinal tissue. 
Interval, in'-t^-val. A space or lapse, either of time or distance. 
lalerventricuUr, in^ier-ven-irii^-tf^laf Between the ventriclBB. 
Intervertebral^ in-ter-veV-i^-braL Between the vertebras. 
Intefidn, in-tei'-Un. A proprietary inlet tinal antiseptic remedy. 
IntMtiDal. -in-ie/'tin-aL Pertaining to the intestine. I. Jilk% 
the secretion of LkberkGhn's glanda. I. Obstruc'tion, a hia* 
diance to the passage of feces, 
lales^due* The digestive tube from the stomach to the anus. 
Intimai in'-iimah. The innermost coat of the vessels. 
Indmids, in-tiin4*-tis, Inflammalion of an intima. 
Intorerance. Inability to endure pain or the action of a medi* 

Intraabdominal, in-trah-<ib-di?m'-in-<il Within the abdomen. 
Intraarterial, m-trah-af-i^-re-aL Within the arteries. 
Intraarticular, 4n-tT<3h-ar'tik'-u-lar. Within a joint. 
Intracaiwular, in-trah-kap^-su-hr Within the capsule of a 

IntracortilagmoUB, iti-irah'kar-til^f-in-us. Within a cartilage. 
Intra<:«nulaj, in'trah-seV-tt-kir Within a cell. 
Intracranial, iit-trah-kTa'-m-al. Within the skull. 
Iiitrad» in* -trad. Inwardly. 

IntrafiUr Maes, in-trah-fi'-lar. The paramitome, q. v. 
IntnUi£amen''l:ouS- Situated within a ligament. 
IntndabiilBT, in~iTi^iGf/-n-kir. Within a lobule. 
Intramatrical, 4n-trah-mas^-rik-aL Inside of a matrix. 
Intzamine, in'-tra-TniK, Di-ortho-amino-thiLj'benEene. Used 

in syphilis, 
Intramtira]* in-trah-mu'-Tal 1. In the substance of the walls of 

an organ » 2. Within city limits. 
latramuscular, in-trah-tnus'-ku-lar. Within a muscle. 
Jntnocular, in-trah-ok^-tt-hT. Within the globe of the eye. 
tntraorbltaS, in-ttaii-W-bU-al. Within the orbit. 
) XntrapArietfllf in-trafi-pa-H^-el^L Withm the parietes. 

Intraperitoneal, ttt-irah'piir'U-OH-^-aL Within the peritoneust 
Intrapyret'ic Amputa'tioD> See Intermediary Amputation. 
Inbrathoracic, in-tToit-iho-rai^-ih. Within the thorax. 
In(itt,ut«rine, in-troh-u'-Uir'in. Within the womb. 
Intzavaaa^don. The passage of morbid matter into the vesaela 
IntrmTOilouat ia-tTi^-iM*-HUS. Within a vein. 
Intraveatricular iH-lrak-ven-iri^-n-i^r. Within a ventricle. 
Intrinaic, in-trin'-sik. Inherent; inwBnJ. Peculiar to a part 
Introitus, in-iriZ-it-us. Any aperture xu the body. 
Jatrom^gioa, The jjitroduction of one body into another. 
Jatroniaceptioa, tn-iro-sus-sep^-shun. See InUiziy^satvUoH. 
latnvmnioa, iM-Zro-wr^'Shun. A turning inward. 
t^iuAmtioo, tn-iu-iM^-shuH, Tube insertion into the laryto. 
""^•«oc<^ ift'/H-mes^'CHS^ The swelling uf a part. 

tahimeieent, tn-lsH 
Intiimescentia, in-tt 

the cervical enlai 
the geniculate g 
ment of the spine 
IstussMcep'tion. S 
Xntussiiacep'tism. ' 
IntnMiiadp'iens. 1 
laula, W-u-lah, A 
the root is stimul 
lonlin, iW-U'Un. C 
and other plan- 
tincture of the re 
Inalol, ifi^'U-lol, 1 
Innnctkm, inrwngkf 
Isatvasinated, in-vaj 
InvM^nation. in-vo 

ception, q. v. 
IffwmM, iit'-val-id. 
laVttlidiBm, h^-val 


JnTefrion, tn-vtr-s 

2. The cc-iversi 


Ittrenive, in-u^-s 

sugar into glu« 

brrert Ss/gw, m'-i 

JarVftase, in'-^r-i 

lavertifit in-vfi^-ti? 

lavcterate,, in^t^f 

hirjs^Aiicni, in-^ms 

b rit^TD. In th« 

to ^ method of 

and life process* 

brc^ucrum, in^vo- 

^voluntary, in^vo 

kvoltation, in-vo-l 

return of the uti 

fvtxiogT^e or dc 

biUO, i'-o^daL Ct 

bdJTnytum^ tr^od-^ 

suT^caJ ^ntisept 

k>d«Jitiprrla, t-fK£ 
^ftmt ^sf-dOi. A 

_ '-th0-ak. A swelling. 1. cervica'Iii. 
^t of the spinjd cord. L gAOgUfoi'aii^ 
L lumbt'lis, the Itunbar enl&rge^ 

i; of Ofie part of intestine into another, 
fevaginated portion of intestine. 
Ifcestine TeoeiWnf; the intu«9USceptiiTn. 
b of plants. L bele'alumt decampane; 

li. 1. A carbohydrate from elecampane 
P An expectorant precipttate from a 

toe sLsAtantot, q, v. 

\ The act of rubbing in an ointment. 

Wrtf. Incloiied in a sheath. 

K Becoming insiheathed: intuiau** 
not well. L Hal/lt, neuiasthenia* 
ronic ill- health. 
Ee onset of a disease, 
tition of having intestinal worms. 
^. The turning of an organ inside out* 
^ft dextiorotatory into a levorotatory 

jpplied to ferments which convert cane- 

H mixture of dextrose and levuloae. 

hme as Invfttin. 

ibrment from yeast and intestinal juice. 

^Confirmed; resisting treatment. 

^m, Insalivation, q. v, 

lakine: place in a test -tube; also applied 

£g under the micnscope reproduction 
g cells on a prepared glass slide. 
. The covering of a part; an envelope, 
b-f*. Independent of the will, 
L 1. A rolling or turning in. 2, The 
\ its former size after parturition- 3. A 
Itive change. 

LA hypnotic resembling chloral, 
f. Insoluble iodised starch, used as a 

&(CiHiO). A crysUllioe antipyretic* 
^-rin. So* lodopyrin. 
^ Jodie ma/if. 

M JBfjrtttnt afc^^^eia mad sodium fadid, 
pd *if iotfht, 

ttiUc dament with m j 



luster, used in medicine as an alterative. See Elements, TaUi 

of. I. Ac'ne, acne from the constant or excessive tise of kl^di 
I(/dipin. A preparation of sesame oil containing lO per ont 

lodiam, i'-o-dizm. Poisoning from the continued use of iodin. 
Iodized, V-o-dizd. Containing iodin. 
lodoamy'lum. See lodamylum, 
lodocof feia. See lodcaffein. 

lodoca'iein. An iodin antiseptic occurring as a yellow powder, 
lodocin, i-</ -do-sin. A proprietary antiseptic, analgesic, and 

lodocresine, i-o-do-kre^-sin. Same as Traumatol 
lodocresol, i-o-do-krc^ -:>ol. Sjime as Traumatol. 
lododerma, i-o-do-dc/ -mah. Iodin acne, q. v, 
lodoeu'genoL An iodin and eugenol antiseptic compound. 
Iodoform, i-</-do-form. CHI3. A yellow antiseptic powder 

uned largely in medicine. 
lodoformal, i-o-do-fo/ -mal. A surgical antiseptic. 
lodofonn'in. An iodoform and urotropin antiseptic compound, 
lodofonnism, i-(/-do-for-miztn. lodoform-poisoning. 
lodoformogeu, i-o-do-fo/ -mo-jen. A preparation of iodoform 

and albtunin; it is used as a surgical dressing. 
lodogallicin, i-o-do-gaV-is-in. An antiseptic combinatioxi of tnt- 

muth and iodin. 
lodogenin, i-o-do-jV-nin. A mixture of charcoal and an iodin- 

compound, used in fumigation. 
Xodoglob'ulin. A powder obtained from thyroid gland, 
lodohem'atin. The hydriodid of hematin. 
lodoiodoform'in. An antiseptic compound of iodin and iodi^ 

lodol, if-o-dol. C4I4NH. An iodocarbamid in the form of an 

amorphous brown powder; it is odorless and antiseptic 
lodophen, i-</ -do-fen. See Nosophcn. 

lodophenac'etin. CS0H2&I3N2O4. A germicidal combination ck 
J phenacctin and iodin. 

lodophenin, i-o-do-f*/ -nin. See I odo phenacctin. 
lodophenochlo'ral. A mixture of icniin, carbolic acid, and 

chloral hydrate, used in skin diseases, 
lodophenoU i-o-do-fc'-nol. A soh:tion of io<lin in carbolic acid, 
lodophilia, i-o-do-fiV -c-ah. A reaction toward iodin exhibited 

by leukocytes in which arc found granules staining a browniafa 

color; sometimes the staining is diffuse. 
lodopyrin, t-o-do-pi'-rin. CiiHuINsO. A colorless antipymtid 
Ibdotpott'gin. A substance containing iodin and posseaaing ttaf 

Tv/d properties, isolated from bath-sponge. 
lodoterpia, i-o-do-Wr'-pm. CmHiel. A direct combinatiaii d 
^ckf/n and terpin; a substitute for iodoform. 
w«fift«£ti, t'-o-do-//tc'.in. The same as lodcaffein, q. v, 
^^oiteobro^inia. A mixture of theobromin and sodium VML 

globulin f 
tion of io 
lodozone, 1 


lodnm, i^-o 

loo* i^-OH, 

lon'ic Medi 

I'onone. i 


letter i. 

Ipecac, t^ 


aelts) i 


Ipomein, ■ 








Iridea, *V- 

Iridic, irrt 
Iridin* t'-n 

artic an 



•re- ^ 



Tp i-o-do-theZ-ap-it. The therapeutic tise of icxlin. 
, i^-do'thi'-mol. Aristol, q. v, 

lObulin* i^od-o-thirro-gJioV'U'liiu An iodin-containing 
found in the thyroid gland. 

i-o-do-ihi'-rin. The active principle of thyroid gland. 
ne» ir^-do-vas^-o-jin. Oxidized vaselin with the addir 
i-i/-do-z6H. An antiseptic compound of iodin and 

H2f<m. Iodin. 

An element set free by electrolysis. 
ica'tion. See Medication, 

\n isomeric ketone prepared synthetically from citraL. 
i^-tas-ism. The imperfect pronounciation of the 

■e-kak. See Ipecacuanha. 

la, ip-e-kak-u-an'-ha. The root of Psychotria (jCeph- 
>ecacuanha, used as an emetic, expectorant, and 
:. See Emetin. 

p-o-nu^-in. CrsHmOss. A glucosid from the root of 

d-al. Pertaining to the iris. 

, i/Ad-ek-tdm, Instrument for performing iridectomy. 
:e, ir-id-ekf-to-miz. To perform iridectomy upon. 
, ir-id-eh^-to-me. The cutting out of part of the iris. 
B» ir-id-en-kW'sis, See Iridodesis, 
ir-id-er-e'-nte-ah. See Aniridia, 
d-ez. Plural. of iris. 
rid-e-sis. See Indodesis. 
V-ik. Pertaining to the iris. 

i-in. A resinous extmct from Iris versicolor; it is cath- 
1 diuretic. 

'-rid'O-sgl. Hernia of the iris. ^ 

.di'tis. Inflammation of both the iris and the choroid. 
>ma, ir-id-0'kol-o-b</-mah. A fissure after iridectomy. 
By ifid-o-sik-li'-tis. Cyclitis and iritis. 
ir-4d-od^-es-is. The formation of an artificial pupil by 
the iris through a corneal incision. 
is, ir-id-o-di~al'-is-is. See Coredialysis. 
is, ir-id-o-don-e'-sis. Trembling of the iris. 
ir-id-on^-kus. A tumor or swelling of the iris. 
, ir-id-O'pW'je-ah. Paralysis of the iris. 
B, ir-id-or-ek^-is. Rupture of the iris. 
f omy. Puncture of the sclera with division of the ills. 
■id'C^-sis. See Iridodesis. 
ir-id-of-o-tna. An incision into the iris. 
1. The colored membrane of the anterioT va-^ ol ^Saa 
4 genus of plants, /. versicolor, blue flaia; tV« xoc^. Vi 
and emetic 



Irah Bttt'too. f'-m/i. Syphilis. I, Moas. See 

Irlsio, V-riS'in, Same as Iridm, 

Iritic f-H^-t*. Pertaiitmg to iritis. 

Irit*f, i-ri^-tis* Inflammation of the iria. 

Irit<Mny» i-tiif-tMM. See Iridotomy, 

Iron, f'-ffm. A metal with important tonic properties. Sie 

EUnienis^ Table of. 
If one, f'-fi5», Ci»Ha«0. An odorous principle from orris root. 
IrradlAtingp ir-ta* -de-a-iing. Radiating from a center, as a pais 
Irredu'cible* Incapable of restoration to a normal condition. 
IrregulftT, iT-re^-%*-iaf. Not symmetric; not regular. 
Irresplrable, ifTe^-pir-a-bl, Not fit for respiration. 
IfrifiatJoQ, ir-ig-c^-shun. The constant application of water, 
Irritabil'ity. A susceptibility to excitement or irritation, I, 
Farad'ic, the musctilar contraction caui*ed by an induced cur- 
rent. L, Galvan'lc the muscular contraction caused by * 
direct current, Im Mus'cular, the inherent contractile quality 
of a muscle. L, Her'vous, the property of a nerve to traawirit 
impulses upon stimulation, 
irritable, h'-iiob-L Easily inflamed or irritated. 
Irritant, ir^-U-ant. An agent producing irritation. 
Irritation, ir-ii-u'-skufi. Excitement; stimtilation. 
Irritative, */-4t-a-<w. Pertaining to irritation. 
iBambert't Disease'. Tuberculous ulceration of the mouth, 

fauces, and pharynx, 
It&plol, is'(^'pe-ol. A decomposition product of apioL 
It'atin, CtH&NOa, An oxidation product of indigo, 
licbemla, is-ke'-iM-ah. Local anemia. 

Iichiac* Ischial, W-hf-ak, W-ke-aL Pertaining to the iachlvun. 
Ischiadic, is-kf-ad' -ik. See Ischiac, 
bchUcmf is-kt-af-grah. Pain in the hip. 
Tiu»hl»l.Cia, is-kt-aV'ie-atu Pain in the hip; sciatica. 
uuiM Bcoliotica. W'ke'<^ ska-le-of-ik-ah. A tranaltoiy •ooliea* 
due to a painful affection of the muscles or nerves about th* 
Ischlatic, ii-ke-at'-ik. Pertaining to the ischium, 
bchidrosls, is-kid-r</-^is. The suppression of sweat. 
Ischiobul'bar* Pertaining to the ischium and urethral bulb, 
Ischiocaverno'sus, The erector penis muscle, or erector cUtori* 

dis. See MhscUs, TabU of, 
bcl^cele, is'-k4f'0-siL An ischiatic hernia. 
Iftchiococcygeus, is-ke-o-koksii^-us. The coccygeua nnlasle^ 
lBcJiiof«m'oraL Pertaining to the ischium and femur. 
IschioDienia. is-kf^fM^-ni-ah, Same as Ischonttnia. 

Er.^i.y-_^jj,„|^jl^ is.kf^o-nu'T^'jt-ak. Sciatica, q. t>. 
S^iMu A datiblo monster united by the iscWa. 
bic. Relating to the ischium and pubU. . 
ic nmi m otherwise impossible labc»r. 


bchocbymia, is-ko^M-i 
bchociiBCtia. Suppfc 
Iscbomeoia, ts-ko-n^-m 
Ischufetie, is-ku-i^^ 

Isjij^Utss, ^-9iHg-gk 
Same as Agar-a 
Iso., i'-so. A prefi 
l»oamylam''hx* A ptor 
IsocbolesteroU i-so-kol 

cholesterol, found es 
loochxonuitk* i-so-krth 

t»oclt:roD<nis, ^soJ^^fO- 
Isocoeaint is-o-W-k^ 
IsocoruL, irso-kc^-rf-ak. 
Xsocreethiln* is-o-krt-c 

the meat of fish. 
bodlamefric Havhoj 
l^odyaamic, i-io-di-m 

thoee that produce i 

chemic changes of i 
fioelcc^iCf uso-^~h}i-\ 

similar form. 
lio^ucodc, i-so-glu'h 
containing an anaou: 

^olAtew if-o-Ui. To 
litila'cioiu The sec 

laolysio, i^sofAs-in, 
b!ood'K:ells into ac 
^r£a destroy the « 
species except th 

Tioljiite. i-soif-is-*s. 

LW-< niinnnTTx in non 

litlfml subfttanoe 1 

%l q. t*. 

Ibnua of panudtic ticks 

[ Tick fever. 

Ition of the Imnlmr poniem of thii conj 

l»ry disinfectant from oo*t 



Jftbonuidi, jab-or-aW-de, The leaves of various speciei d 
Pilocarpus, trees of Brazil 

Jaborin, jaif-or-in. CnHieNsOs. An alkaloid from jabonndL 

Jacaran'da. A genus of South American trees; the kavcs are 
used in ssrphilis. 

Jaccottd't Disso'ciated Fe'ver. Fever with irregularity and slow- 
ness of the pulse in tuberculous meningitis of adults. J.'l 
Sign, (1) a lateral displacement and rolling movement of a v^ 
tion of the thoracic wall in adherent pericardium, espedally 
when this is associated with extrapericardiac adhesions; (2) 
prominence of the aorta in the region of the suprasternal notch 
in cases of aortic dilatation. 

Jacket* jahf-et. A short coat. J^ Plas'ter-of-Par'is, a mold cast 
upon the body to keep it rigid. J^ Strait-* a system of leather 
straps to bind maniacs. 

Jackson's Sy n'drome. Associated paralysis of the soft i>alate and 
larynx, accompanied by paralysis of the trapezius, stenio- 
niAstoid, and one-lialf of the tongue. 

Jtcksonian Ep'ilepsy. Cortical epilepsy. 

Jtcob't Mem'brane. The layer of rods and cones in the retina. 
J/i Ul'cer, rodent ulcer of the face, occurring most cammooly 
near the inner canthus. 

Jacobson*! Anastomo'sis. The tympanic plexus. J/i Cuisl'f 

^ the tympanic canal that opens on the lower surface of ths 

I>otrous iwrtion of the temporal bone and transmits Jacobaoo'i 

nerve. J.'s Car'tilage, a strip of hyaline cartilage extending 

from the nasal spine upward and back^-ard between the va0^ 

septum and vomer; it is well developed in certain animals, bot 

nuiimentarj' in man. J.'s Nerve, the t>Tnpanic branch o£ the 

Itetroeuil ijantiHon. J/s Origan, a snvill. bilateral pouch sxtnated 

J in the nnton^inferior portion of the nasal septum. J.'i B*** 

r ini'lis, diffuse syphilitic retinitis. J.'s Sxxl'cus, the vertial 

sulcus for the tymj^nic ncr\'c on the promontory of the tyn** 


Jacquemier'B Sign. Blue coloration of the \'aginal mooo* 
apiHraring about the twel:::: week of 

Jacquemin's Test for Phe'nol. Add to :he solution an eqad 
amount ot anilin nr.d \Vx'.\ a solution of socium hypochlonte: 
a Muo color is pnx'.-.iccd. 

JactitadoD, fjc-rif-o'-^-::.*:. a rr.oviag to and to 

Jmdtiot'M Linm. FjcUI /::rrow» Ic'.-cvod Vy Jadelot to poliit to 
f.V/virr cv the Syiy fn whfj.h certain son.-.:* dlseaaei in inbim 

f»ff^* Xemc'n'i^a tor Ovtfrlom. Ad i to the Ss. '.u-.lon a KAntioad 
PAvx- *^-Af AC J A few dKfVS . r" .< v::.:n: hyd:*-.e •cAvtim.uA 

tion w 


from 8 





W' Jaksc 


^vith I 


St dax 

of H( 



in bo 




be 20 






drop < 


Jalmp, jcL 






of the 



Jjunes's ] 






oo t istric 

and jol 


|f of creallnin it evinced by a red colctra* 
> yellow if ncid be ttdd«^d. Acetone and 
reaction. J/» Sign, the How of pui 
nto ft subditLphragmatic abscess is nioro 
^Iraiion than during expiration; if the 
i inverse holds true, PamlysiB of tbo 
i maiiifastation of this sign, 
r, q. V, 

pantile pseudoleukemia. V. J/i Tett fof 
Cid in Gaff'tiic Juice. Saturate fiJter-paper 
Kopurpurin OB^ and dry; thi« gtvea, with 
U, a beautiful violet color* If it assumes 
b solution contains more than 0.4 gram 
ihe solution, t. J/i Test lor Glu'coti la 
>of urine add 2 parts of phenylhydnirtn 
^rt« of sodium acetate; place the tube 
tern twenty to thirty minutes, then into 
knee of glucose is shown by a precipitate 
(yellow needles of phenylKlucosastonc. In 
^e the melting-point of these crystals to 
%'• Test for Meranin. Treat the liquid to 
)lrop6 of a concentrated solution of ferric 
I present, it will turn gray, and more ferric 

Ee precipitate, consisting of the coloring 
tea. is rcdiaaolved. ?, J/t Test for U'rie 
ler to heat gently on a watch-glass with a 
fe Of bromin water. A residue is formed 
|Ba a purple-red when ammonia ia added, 
lof Jpomepa jalapa of Mexico; it is actively ^ 
Ihe purgative principle of jalap. 
plH»flOi«. 1. A glucoBid from tpomaa\ 
Ijrecipitate from a tincture of jalap. 
ha'-kak. See Piscidia. 
^Bitter cathartic subsUncc from the hark 
Ifu/ira inermis, identical witih berbertn. | 
bf the tree Eugenia Jatnbolana, East 
I astringent. See Dost Tabh, 
rompt diaphoretic, consisting of anti- 
It calcium phosphate (67). 
Uun, See Datma, 
Myncephalic monster with two facet. 
this alkaloid from Japanese aconite. 
■0 depressor urethra:, a fasciculus of ths 
Ibt passes transversely over the uiiethra 
I the constrictor vagiraa. 

\Aw^-4ar. The Btmx&tia tms timt fttry 

W^ inakimtdaa of the eMa. 



tbet'ic* diffused jaundice, due to pathogenic changes in the 
liver-cells rendering them incapable of retaining their aecR- 
tion. J^ Catar'rhalf that due to catarrhal inflanuxuttianof 
bile-ducts. J^ Hematog'enous, that due to disorgatuntkn 
of red blood-corpuscles. J., Hepatog'enous, that due to abmp- 
tion of bile already formed in the liver. J., Malig'natttv actite 
yellow atrophy of the liver. 
Javelle Water, zjav-eV. Potassium carbonate 58 gms., clilor* 

inated lime 80 gms., water q.s. to make 1000 mils (N. F.) 
Javelliza'tion. Purifying water with Javelle water, q. v. 
Jaw. Either of the two maxillary bones serving the purpose of 
seizing and masticating food. J. -bone, the framework of the 
jaw. J.-clo'nu8, J.-jerk, a tendijn reflex from sudden depxes- 
sion of the lower jaw. 
Jaworski's Cor'puscles. Spiral bodies of mucus found in the 
gastric secretion in cases of pronounced hyperchlorh3rdria. 
J.*8 Sign. Seen in "paradoxical dilatation" of the stomach 
and in hour-glass stomach, in which, though splashing may 
be elicited, no fluid can be recovered by the stomach tube. 
Jecorin, jekf-or-in. 1. C106H186N6SP3O45, a lipoid found in blood 
and most tissues. 2. A proprietary substitute for cod-liver oil. 
Jecur, je^'ker. The liver. 

Jejunal, jej-u'-nal. Pertaining to the jejunum. 
JejunitaSy je-ju'-nit-as. Fasting. 
JejunitiSy jej-u-ni'-tis. Inflammation of the jejunum. 
Jejunocolostomy, jej-u-no-ko-los' -to-me. The forxnatioa of a 

fistula between the jejunum and colon. 
Jejunoilei'tis. Inflammation of both jejunum and ileum. 
Jejunoileostomy, jej-u-no-il-e-os' -to-»ie. Incision of the twtl 
' intestine below the duodenum. 

Jejunos'tomy. Formation of artificial anus through the jejunwn. 
Jejunum, jej-i^-num. The upper two-fifths of small intestine. 
^ Jelly, jcl'-€. A soft gelatinous substance. J., Coeffic'ieiit^ a 2 
y per cent, agar solution, containing citric acid, sodium citiata, 

I and sodium chlorid, used in the in vitro method of studying 

' induced cell-reproduction. J., Kin'etic, coefficient jelly to 

" which a dye, sodium bicarbonate, and atropin sulphate have 

been added to excite ameboid movement in leukocytes. J* 
Meth'od of in vitro Strain'ing. the u.^^e of an agar solution con- 
taining a dye and other ingredients, spread on a glass slide, in 
studying living cells under the microscope. J., Wharton's* 
See Wharton's Jelly. 
Jendrtfasik*! lianeu'ver. Interlocking of the fingers and forcibit 
drawing ai>art of the hands, to facilitate the production of the 
J^ an e tin a, Relating to Jenner or to the theory of vaccixiatiOB. 
J^fffuirfty, fV-Awir^-ii-e. Sec Abrns. 

^^"dagw, f^k'-fing-ger. A disease in which the ftexion at < 
1 of a Snger is accompliahed by a jerk. 


Jesuit* B Bar 

Jtoer, y^- 


Joberf B Fos 

ductor m£ 

It is well 

strongly o 

Joffroy's Syn 


2. Phenon, 

on presstu 

plegia and 

Johnson's T< 

of picric ai 

tube. A 1 

two liquid 

znoses are 


Johnston! (J 

Joint, joint. 

of joints 



50 c.c. of 

chloric aci 

c.c. of chl 

means of ; 

place in a ' 

When the 

Uquid frox 


down the 

the chaxa< 

/out's Elec't 


Influence < 

men ts are: 

imtion. 1 


Jbriasenne's ; 

change of ] 

exvct does i 

ibp Ta nd's Si 

I til* pulmon 

I pesicarditis. 

Udlm. skid. 

1 c^:ertA3\« sl 


An alkaloid from VtrtUrum album 
Dchona, q, v. 
^pkUus p^nwtrans. 
L Datura strnmoniumt q, v, 
p popliteal reipon formed by the md- 
pd below by the &artorius and gnurilis. 
f knee lA bent and the thi^ rotated 


I exophthalmic goiter, absence of facial 
lient suddenly tuma hb eyea upward, 
P^; rhythmic twitching of the glutei 
kiteal region in ca&es of spastic para- 

p in IT'rlDe. A concentrated solution 
bon the surface of the urine in a test^ 
precipitate occura at the junction of 
I on heating. Peptones and albu* 
this reagent, but the precipitate 

i CtUui^s Area, 

J.-diseftSfl', Charcot's, a disease 
tabes donalis and ending in de- 

|ii In U'rine, Put in a stopper c ylinder 
I a few drops of 10 per cent, hydro- 
li of a barium chlorid solution with 5 
l^ke for several minutes. Then by 

Lthe chloroform and the precipitate, 
at on the water-bath to about 80" C. 
pa evaporated, carefully decant the 
{^ and let three drops of concentrated 
pg one- third fuming nitric acid, flow 
kfc-tube. If bile pigments be present, 
lion results. 

I When the contractility of a muscle is 
Ivcurrent, it can still be excited by the 
|d inversely, when voluntary move- 
I muscle can contmct itself by farad- 
pia is observed in certain amyo- 

I the early stage of pregnancy the 
c woman from the horizontal to the 

t pulse-rate, 
r, loud, metallic sound, heard o^^er 
^ecedlAg the frictioo-sound in acute 

^utfixt by s ctuTcat of 000 caulemiif 

fenc^ff af€>no va/£. 

f^M^ ^Quivi^^nt of Ae^c or the 

amotint of worV that, converted into heat, wtlj false the U4 

p«ratur«i of one pound of water I"* F. 

JugaU ju'-gal. Connecting or uniting, J. Bone, the roalar bo^ 

Jus^adirit fu-ghn'-din. A resinoid from the TOOt-b«flc i 

Jitgtans cinertta; it is cathartic and autlperiodic. k 

Juglaoft, iu*-glans. A genus of trees. J. ciae'r««, butternut; || 

root- bark is a mild cathartic. 
Ju'glon. CioHftOi. A sternutatory principle in the hafki 

Juglans regia^ European walnut. 
Ju^ar, ju'-gu-hr. Pertaining to the throat. J. Fot'ia* i 
deprtttision in the petrosa for the jugular vein. J. V(ril 
certain veins of the neck. 
Jugtilatlon^ jug-H-k^-shun. The swift arrest of disease by th0 
pen tics. * 

Jugum^ ju'-gum, A yoke- J. pe'nia, a compressor of the p«d 
J, p«tro''aum, an arched elevation on the anterior surface 
the petrous portion of the temporal bone over the bu; 
semicircular canal 
Julce^ jUs. J. The fluid part of an animal or a xuant, 2, An; 
the secretions of the body^ as gastric or pancreatic juice, 
eanals'p spaces within the connective tissue fonning the o: 
of the lymphatic vessels. 
Jujube, jV/ii^. The expectorant fruit of Zityphus sativa. 
Julep» JM*-U)p. A sweetened liquid medidnc. 
Jumpers, j'uttjp^ers. Persona affected with jumpinjK disease. 
Jump'ing Disease'. Neurosis markctd by jumping moveamenl 
Juagbluth*ft Ves'sels. Nutrient vessels lying immediately % 
H neath the amnion and disappearing usually at an early p«M 
HL of embryonic life. 1 

^1 Jungle Tt'vetf jun'-gl, A severe remittent fever of the troptcj 
^m Juniper, ju'-nip-er. An evergreen tree Jwniprrwj communis:^ 
W oil from the berries is tonic and diuretic. J. Tar. See Oil] 

|k Junk* A quilted cushion in which a fractured limb is htmg. 
B Jtrnket, jungf'kMU Curda and whey, prepared by coagulal 
W milk with rennet. 

^ Junod'fi Boot. A boot-shaped case, usually of still leather, 
to inclose the leg. so that, the air bctng exhausted, the bl 
rushes to the inclosed part. It has been employed to rel 
inflammation and congestion of the viscera. 
JurisprudeQce, Hed'ical, ju-ris-pru^-d^ns. The Intcrrelatiooi' 

legal and medical science. 
Jurymast, iu**re*masU A long, steel bar with Biraps attached 

the support of tha ho&d In spinal di8<$aae. 
/aaciiJum, juZ-kH-lnm. Vagctable soup; bfoth; gruel 
fustomAJot, fHS-khtfusf-jor. EquaU^ enifLt^cA Vxv tflX Mttctid 
BA a pelvia, 
/uatomi^nor. Generally and equatty canlTii.c\ea, 
Iu»tu9*M Test, Traneicut reduction ol l^emoaXoNavQ ItJftnii^ 


fcury by ifitmotion or bypodcamie 

U>nis otiiorius, used in surgery. 

Remedies; adiuvanU. 
|isli'-i»tf. In ctose relattoiuhip. 






Kaes, Felf -work of. A plexus of nerve-fibers formed by the 
intermingling of the projection, commissural, and fif mir rhit*^ 
fibers in the cortex cerebri. 

Kaes-Bechterew's Layer. See Bechterew's Layer, 

Kahlbaum's Disease'. Katatonia. 

Kahler's Disease'. A constitutional affection characterized bf 
the formation of round-celled neoplasms in the skeleton, paxtn- 
ysms of i>ain, a tendency to spontaneous fractures, especially 
of the ribs, enlargement of the spleen and lymphatic glaixb. 
and the presence ot Bence Jones's bodies in the urine. Ki^ 
Law, the ascending branches of the posterior spinal nerve- 
roots, after entering the cord, pass successively from the itx*- 
zone toward the mesial plane. 

Kahler-Singer's Law. See Kahler's Law. 

Kaif, kif. Dreamy languor following the use of certain drugs. 

Kairin, ki'-rin. CioHi80N.HCl-»-H20. An artificial alkakid 
prei>ared from chinolin; it is used as an antipyretic. 

Kairoiin, ki'-ro-lin. CioHisN. A compound resembling kairin ia 
its properties. 

Kakidrosis, kak-id-r</-sis. Fotil-smelling perspiration. 

Eakke, kakf-ke. A Japanese term for beriberi, q. v 

Cakosmia, kak-o^-me-ah. See Cacosmia. 

Kakotrophy, kak-of-ro-fe. See Cacotrophy. 

Kala-azar, ka-lah-ah-zar'. An epidemic fever of Assam. 

Kali, kaf-le. Potash. 

Kalimeter, kal-im'-et-er. See Alkalimeter. 

yaHum, kaf-le-um. See Potassium. 

Kiiinala , kam-a'-lah. The glands and hairs of the capsules d 
Mallotus philippinensis, used as an anthelmintic. 

Eam'alin. C22H2o06. An anthelmintic principle from i^"*al^ 

Eameela, kam-e'-lah. The same as Kamala, q. v. 

KanadoU kan'-a-dol. See Canadol. 

KanHahar Sore, katt^-da-hahr. See Furunculus orientalis. 

Kangaroo Lig'ature, kang-gar-o</ . Suture material from the 
tendons of the kangaroo's taiL 

Kaolin, kaf-o-lin. Silicate of aluminum. 

BLaolinosis, ka-o-Un-(/-sis. A pneumoconiosis resulting from 
the inhalation of kaolin. 

Kapoei's Disease'. Xeroderma pigmentostmi. 

Kardin, kar'-din. See Cardin. 

Karyoehrome. A nerve-cell the nucleus of which stains best 
KMryoktaeda, kar-e-o-kin-e'-sis. Indirect nuclear divisfam; 
^J^aftwivA kar^-e-a-lintf. The nuclear hyaloplasm. 
^^rrofyai^ Aar-e^r-is-is. Same as Karyokinesis. 

Duryomite, ha,r'-€-o-\ 
Caryomitoma, kar-9 
CAryom'itome. Thi 
CAryomitosis, har-e- 
Caxyon, kaZ-e-on. 
LAxyophage, kar'-e^ 
Csiryoplasin, kar'-e-i 
Cjtryorrhezis, kar-e-^ 

the nucleus. 
Kmsyofome^ kar'-e-o 
xiodal points of t! 
KAxyotlieca, kar-e-o- 
y p f hftHfi, kcU-al/-o 
KataboUam, katnoi/ 
Katacrotic, kat-af^-r 
Katadic'rotism. A 

Katato'nia. A fom 
KatelectFotonus, ka 
Kfft****^^i kath'-ar-o, 
Katharophore, kati 

the urethra. 
Kathode, kaM-Od. 
Kation, kaf-^-on. \ 
KaTa-kava, kah-va}, 
it is used in gone 
Kawaln, Kawin, kai 
Keen's Sign. Incie 
in Pott's fracture 
Kefir, k^-Jer. See 
lelectome. An ix 


Ueae, Kelin, ke^-h 

lells, kif -lis. Kelo 

Itflinc't Test for Li 

ride beconoies mu( 

to it. 

taOock's Sign. Inc 

cussing them witl^ 

flatly and firmly i 

below the nipple; : 

laUcdd. A tumor-L 

_ Lte of a scar. 

\XaAa^k^-hs. Thei 

Itflioaomiu, kal-o-sa^- 

I Litotamy, ke-loif-o^ 

|Th« flame m Chromospm€, q. v, 

ih. See Kary&mUom*. ^ 
ar network of chroma lin. 
'sis. Same oa Karyokim*§%s^ 
An inimcellulsr KpofoaBooii* 

The nucloar tubstiincc of a cell. 
f-iV, DusoluUoQ of tbe chruroattn of 

^ Any one of tbe thkkemnir.i i,t the 
ipomatin network. 

Nuclear membtanc 
l^&ee Catabolin. 
Seo Catabolism^ 
See Ca^wrd/ir, 
I downward strDke of the nph^rnmo- 

ptenity progressing to imbecility. 
Hrof-OH'HS^ See CtHtkctfoUmm, 
f antiseptie. 
|/«r. An inftfument for cleansing 

■igAtiw pole of a galvanic battery. 


pah. The root of Pipwr trnthysitcnm, 


fin, kahf'win, Methynticin, q w. 

ipmeter through the leg at the malleol) 


It for extracting solid Gontents dt 

hHn. See CMent. 

^id. A weak soJution of ferric chlo- 

|wr in color when l&ctic acid is added 


I vibration of the ribs on sharply per- 

Sght hand, the left hand being placed 

I lower part of the thoracic waU, ju^t 

l^ted in pleural effusion. 

^us growth, usually occurring ai the 

)t Keloid, q, v. 
I See Cthsamnts, 

\vitmUxt IndMdumi dcvmJppineat 




KeoopttobUi, ken-e-fo^-he-ah. A fear of large empty spaces. 

Kenotozin, ken-if-toks^-in^ A poisonous substance developed 5i» 
the tissues during their activity and responsible for that, 

Eeatmaan*a T«it far Formal' dehyd. 0,1 gt^m. of mofpl 
hydrochlorid is dissolved in 1 c.c. of strong sulphuric acid tni 
test-tube^ and an equal volufne of the solution to be exai 
is added without mixing; in the presence of forma Idehyd tl 
aqueous solution will be clear red-violet in color after a laj 
of a few minutes. The reaction is sensitive to 1 : 5000 to 1 : 

Keph'ollns* A series of substances occurring in brain-tissue. 

Kephyr, kef'-er. A variety of fermented milk. 

Kcrasin^ ktr^-as-in. A cerebrosid occurring in brain^tissue. 

Keratalgjia, htr-at-aV-je-ah. Pain in the comca. 

KeratectBSis, k*r-at-ek^ -fas-is. Bulging: of the cornea. 

Kef'atbi. The basis of homy tissues, used to coat enteric ptlbvi 

KeratinouB, ker-ai'-in-HS, Containing keratin. 

Keratitis, ker-at-i* -tis. InflamniRtion of the cornea. K. 1nilt(/li* 
the formation of large or small blebs upon the cornea of an eye» 
K., Faicic'ular. See A'., Phlyctenular, K.» IntefStFtial, 
chronic form due to congenital syphilis. K* netiroparalyf id^ 
a superficial corneal exfoliation in facial paralysis. K., Oyi'teT- 
■Ituckers*, a form due to corneal traumatism from pieces of em- 
bedded oyster-shetl, K^ Ptilycten'iilar„ a form marked by the 
presence of papules or pustules, K. puncta'ta, a secofidiiy 
aSection of the cornea in association with affections of the iri», 
choroid, and vitreous, marked by the formation of opaque 
dots, K., Pufulent, that marked by the formation of pus. K, 
Reap'ers', that due to the irritation from grain -awns. 
Sclero^'sing, an interstiti^at form ai^sociated with acleritia. 
Trachom'^atoui. Same as Pannus. 

Ker'atocele* Heitiia of Descemet'a membrane through 
,^^- cornea, 

■p Keratoconiss, ker'-ai-ih^kt/'^'us. See Ktraiogtohus, 
H Xeratof'ennus. Pertainitig to the formation of homy 
^m Keratoglo'bui. A disti>ntion and protrusion of the cornea. 
^ Keratohelcoaifl, kcT-at-O'lteUkc^ -st^. Ulceration of the cornea^ 

Keratohyatla, ker-at-o-hV-al-in^ The granular substance fouol 
in the stratum granulosum of the skin. 

Keratoiri'tia, Inflammation of both the comca and iris. 

Keratolysis, ker-at-oV-is-is. A throwiog-off of the skin. 

Keratoma, kcr-aUfZ-mah. See CallosUy. 

KeratomalacU, ker-aUo-^al-a* -se-aK A softening of the cofoi 

Keratome, Jt^r'^a^^K^ A knife used for Incising the cornea. 

Keratom'eter. An instrument for measuring curve of the conw^ 

-fferafomefry, ker-at-om* -fi-re. The use oi \Yift VsatiAatiueiitnt. 
Kerafomyco'sla. A fungoid growth on t\ve cwnea.. 
S^ratoDOBUs, ker^at'<>fif'0'Sus. Any dvacaa© cA ^Ve 


of the cora«B.L 


A plastic open Hon on the cornea^ 
nt for examining ibe com««. 
f the keratoscope. 2. SkiA«oopy« 
}/toTta of skin -disease with thickened 
horny fommtion around the hair- 
, dry ccmditioa of the akin In the 

: See Keratomt, 

Incifiion of the oorneft, 
|Mis fron^ lightninS'Siroke. 
y-bt-ah. A morbid ietit of lightniuig. 
Duttiog out a portion of the cornea. 
r ficalp-discuse. 
t of ossification in the occipital l>one« 
magnum. K.*i Valves, the 

k Antimony oxysulphid. 
noin* Add to a solution of creatinin 
icid a solution of pbosphotnngitic or 
Icxystalline precipitate will be formed* 
le or flexion of the knee- and hip- 
k elbow, when the patient is made to 
it is noted in meningitis. 


of the md id© CO wHh two univ- 

f which is the ketone of a complex 

pAct* Encapsulated corpuscles found 
pc birds and representing transition 
|nd Pacini's corpuaclea. K, and SL*t 
fs Foramens, 

I secreting urine. K^ Am'yloid, that 
I K., Fat'ty, one the seat of exten- 
t K^ Float' ingi one loosened and dis- 
hran'ular* the small kidney resulting 
|I nephritis. K.t Horse' -shoe. See 
[»arge White, that of the advanced 
ahymatoua nephritis. K.» Pig'baek, 
py found in alcoholic subjects, K.^ 
I&ge of the large white kidney. K,, 
^ K^ Wan'dering. See K., Fhating. 

Hrlobular spaces of the liver. 

Ipint at whjch the nasal sefptum, owinff 

jr/&i£>/e ta perforatdon, 

Wf^J^-Mt, Sea A'jmxUt*f§ 






KUian'B Line. The line of the promontory of the sacnim. 

Pel' vis, the osteomalacic (halisteretic) pelvis. 
Kilogram, Kiloliter, Kilometer, kiV-o-gram, -W-tett -nuf'tn, 

thousand grams, liters, or meters, respectively. 
Kinase, ki-nds. See Aaivator. 
Kinematics, kin-em-alf-iks. The study of motion. 
Kin'eplasty. A plastic amputation with the object of 

a stump useful for locomotion. 
Kinepox, kln'-poks. Same as Vaccinia. 
Kinesalgia, kin-es-aV -je-ah. .Pain on muscular movement. 
Kinesiatrics, kin-es-e-af-riks. The same as Kinesipathy, q. o. 
Kinesiesthesiometer, kin-es-e-es-tlie-ze-om'-et-er. An instruinent 

for testing the muscular sense. 
Kinesimeter, Kinesiometer, kin-es-imf-et-er, kin-es-g^mf-ti^. 

An instrument for measuring movements. 
Kinesiology ke-ne-se-ol'-o-je. The science of treating 

by gymnastics. Swedish movements. 
Kinesioneuro'sis. A nervous disorder of motion. 
Kinesipathy, kin-es-ip'-ath-e. Gymnastic treatment of 
Kinesodic, kin-es-od'-ik. Pertaining to motor impulses. 
Kinesthesis, kin-es' -thesis. The sense by which muscular 

ment is appreciated. 
Kinesthetic, kin-es-thef -ik. Pertaining to kinesthesis. 
Kinetic, ki-nef-ik, kin-elf -ik. That which produces motion, t 

Ene'rgy. See Energy. K. JeU'y. See Jelly, Kinetic, 
King's E'vil. Scrofula, q. v. K.'s Yel'low, arsenic trisulphid. 
Kino, ki'-no. Inspissated juice of Pterocarpus ntarsupiumt nied 

as an astringent. 
Kinometer, kin-ontf-et-er. An instrument to measure the amoont 

of uterine displacement. 
Kinon, kiW-on. See Quinon. 
Kinoplasm, kin' -o-plazm. The constituent of cytoplasm pvlnS 

origin to the spindlc-fibers. 
Kiotome, ki'-o-tom. An instrument for amputating the uvuls- 
Kiotomy, ki-of-o-nte. The use of the kiotome. 
Kis'singen Wafer. A Bavarian saline and laxative water. 
Klebs-Loeffler's Bacil'lus. Bacillus diphtheriae. 
E^leptomania, klep-to-tna' -ne-ah. A morbid desire to steaL 
Elleptophobia, klep-io-fo'-be-ah. Fear of becoming a thief. 
Klinostat, klV-no-stat. See Clinostat. 

E[lumpke*s Paral'ysis. Paralysis and atrophy of the nmscl*" 

the forearm and hand, with sensory and oculopupillary ^ii*^ 

ances; it is due to a lesion of the seventh and eighth cervicaltiw 

first dorsal nerve-roots. 

Kaapp*s An'g^oid Streaks. Pigment streaks appearing occsrfoB- 

al/y/n the retina after hemorrhage. K.'s Test for Gltf'«;>"jJ 

C^'^riae, A solution is made of 1 prams of mercunc qraadd* 

solved in 100 c.c. caustic-sodn. sohitlon, of a specific gm^l*!* 

^.145. and 
with water 
ot metallic 
are reducec 

patella. K 
f emoris mu 
tendon. K 

footed in ti 

Kxiif e, raf. i 

liarly index 

in tirine. 


Knuckles, nu 



belt's tubec 

w^hich end 

Koberf s Hex 

sulphate o 

zinc hemo( 

Koch** Erup 

jectionof t 

a microorgi 

ing condit: 

present in 

pure cultu: 


and again < 

Ibebner's Mi 

r. Koelliker*! 

tive tissue ^ 

Glands. S< 

Kuekne's Jt 

Cs Tract 


C«nis's Sym] 


&re generall 

ins these al 

qnently a vi 

ileocecal ties 

culous stenc 




i liter. Whro this oolution ii tliltited 
with a shicoSA solution, a rcdlicUon 
place. Teu c.c of thifl •oluticm 
itm of glacos«. 

1 the thii^h ond foreleg. X.-€iip, tho 
ontT&ctiQn of the qtiadnc«p9 en tensor 
ult of a Hght blow on th« patollar 

atmimt of diseaae by wmUdog bait;- 


\f/t for cutting. ]L-r«st Cryt'tAU. pecu- 
mi triple phosphftt« occasionally founa 

I GtnHvaiitmt, 
I joiGts of the phaUngea. 2, Loops of 

iflitnculated cyst formed by one of Ko- 
^ the upper duct« of the Wolffian body 


Treat the solution with one ot zinc 
|th sine powder, when a precipitate ot 
pd. Alkalies color r his precipitate red, 
frbilUform eruption following the in- 
^'« Law or Pottulale*, the specificity of 
lesively demonstrated when the foUow- 
ped; (1) The microorganism must be 
|le disease; (2) it must be cultivated in 
jpculation m.ust produce the diaeaoe in 
from such animals it must be obtained 
pure culture. 

I»ry Tu'moTB, See AUbfiri's Distas* 
^y'er. The layer of fibrous conne& 
|ie substantia propria of the iris. K.S 
^ Ciands, K.*5 Mus'cle Buds. Se* 
ps. K-*8 Retic'ujump the neuroglia 
bn cells, the axona of which pass as 
ihe white columns of the spinal cord. 
IK, Alternation, for a long period, o) 
|», and imegular attacks of coUc which 
^tion and terminate suddenly, Dur- 
idomen is distended, there exists fre- 
^r and a loud gurgling is heard in the 
pymptoms are characteristic of tuber- 

utinar, transverse fold of the rectal 
f^^. aivftf ch0 AjjuM in the anterior 
(^ MI'S Veiaa, tAa superficial theirs 
^-0 Qf the penis upwrard to empty 



Kohones, ko'hones. Sec Chalone. 

Kola, k(/-lah. The seeds of Cola acuminata, used as a nervioe 
and cardiac stimulant. K.-cardinette', a palatable cordial <rf 
kola. BL-tan'nin, a compound of caffein and tannin sepaxmtod 
from kola. 

Kolabon, kc/'lab-on. A confection prepared from undried kola. 

Kolanin, k</-lan-in. A glucosid from kola. 

Kolk's (Schroeder van dcr) Law. A spinal nerve endows the 
muscles with motion through its motor branches and the part* 
moved with sensation through its sensory branches. 

Kolp-. For words beginning thus, see Colp-. 

Kolyseptic, kol-is-efZ-tik. Preventing putrefaction. 

KooBSO, Moos' -o. The same as Kousso, q. v. 

Kopf-tef anus. Cephalic tetanus due to wounds of the bMwL 

Kopiopia, kop-e-a^-pe-ah. See Copiopia. 

Koplik's Sign or Spots. Minute bluish-white spots surrounded " 
by a reddish areola; they are observed on the mucous membnse 
of the cheeks and lips of the patient during the ptodroniBl 
stage of measles. 

Kopp's Asth'ma. Kopp's thymic asthma ; laryngismus stridului. 

Koprosterin, kop-ro-ste^-rin. A modified cholesterol found in the 

Koranyi's Ausculta'tion. Auscultation with percussion upon the 
second joint of the forefinger applied perpendicularly to the 
part. K.*8 Sign. See Grocco's Sign. 
Koro'nion. The apex of the coronoid process of the inferior 

Koroacopy, kor-o/-ko-p€. The shadow-test for refraction of the 

Korsakoff's Psycho'sis. Mental derangement, in the foxm of 

delirium, observed in cases of polyneuritis. 
Kosin, ko'-sin. CsiHasOio. An active principle from the flowed 
of Brayera anthelmintica , used as an anthelmintic. 
^ Kosotoz'in. An active principle from the ethereal extract of 
. * kousso. 

/ Kowel*B Test for Hypoxan'thin. Treat the solution with hydro- 
chloric acid and zinc, and add an excess of sodium hydrate. 
The presence of hypoxanthin is evinced by a ruby-red color. 
Koumiss, koc^-mis. See Kumiss. 
Koussein, koos'-e-in. Same as Braycrin. 
Kousso, koo^-o. See Brayera. 

Kowalewsky'B Canal'. The neurcntcric canal; in the embryo,* 

passage leading from the posterior part of the medullary tube 

into the archenteron. ^^ 

Koyter'B Muscle, iMusculus Coiteri. The corrugator superefliL 

Xnuneria, J^ra-fNe^-re-ah. A genus of shnibs, and also tha Mtrin- 

gent root of K. triandra, rhattany. ^ 

Xrmurosia, kraw-ro'-sis. Sh riveJing and dryness of a ^Mt. ■• 

vurvw, a dry and fiHntvuini; condition of the \'uWat 

KmoM^i Co; 

the genital 
thart divid 
middle. 1 
near the f< 
branch of 1 
ulnar nen,- 
of the tric« 
the oblonc 
tride, the 

Krefttin* kt 
of muscle; 

Kreatiniii, ib 

lution of <; 

KresaproU iiR 

in sodium 


KxcMl, kr^- 

Kxesolid, ibrc 


ear situat< 





rosis reset 

act, piedo 





septiun. p 

tractions • 

Kryofin, kri' 


(rypton, kri 



lnmhne% M 


K-'s Mui"! 


^2bft u\«r 


Sphefoid nervft-ocrrpuicTes 
de», but hft^ang a more ddicat« m- 
i Mpecially in the coniuncti%Ti and 
D'bruitr the dark transverse bond 
(isotropic) «arcous element in the 
I glands found in the conjunctiva 
Ifof the upper lid. K/i Mus'cle, the 
I TEJb HervOp the ulnar collate rat 
IkI nerve that descends along with the 
p lower short fibera of the inner head 
^nitory Tr«ct, the iiolitary fascicle of 
»i. See BirauSs Vah^. K/v Vfiik* 
Uncle of the spinal cord. 
§itOi, A nItrogeiiQtis constituent 

ft Cr^atiniH. 

IFbe trade name for an alcohol lo so- 

lb timde name for a toluttoo of ctesols 
^ solution. 

ilic substance occurring in the urine. 

fcesium compound of creaaote. 
all pocket in the attic of the middle 
r's space, 
of the epigastrium and the contigu- 
^ with e»ch s>'stolc, in adherent peri- 


vpaikh ^irihrocatdiaQHt^ A neu- 
gnia and characterized by a rapid on- 
Isymptoms (inaomnia. vertigo, etc.), 
r"* Sign. 

bitoneal inguinal hernia. 
hteX* A point in the interventricular 
1^ causes incoordinate fibrillary con- 

Idgenc and hypnotic product of the 
letidin and mcthylglycoUic acid. 
I0U8 element found in the air. Sec 

ric vertigo of Japan. 
Peculiar, fusiform enlargements 
lof certain nerves into a muscle bundle, 
boon. See Ferret's Ph^nomtmm. 

Hfrj^Jf IB tho mediAo Mn^ in front of 


pedic^ of ma Pimtit^ 



takes place toward the right if the ttunor is left-sided, and to* 
ward the left if it is right-sided. 

Kuhnt't Spac'et. The recesses of the posterior chamber; a seties 
of radial spaces which cozmnunicate anteriorly with the poste- 
rior chamber of the eye and contain aqueous hiunor. 

Kumiss, Kumyss, ko(/-mis. Fermented mare's milk. 

Kttffer's Cells. Stellate endothelial cells of the liver capillariei 
having large round or oval nuclei and frequently contaimng 
pigmentary matter. 

Kuisein, koos'-e-in. Same as Brayerin. 

Kuasin, koos'-in. See Kosin. 

Kustmaul's Co'ma. Diabetic coma. K.'s Disease', poliomyelhii 
anterior acuta; acute atrophic spinal paralysis. K.'i PUl- 
doz'ic Pulse, a pulse which becomes weaker or disappears dur- 
ing deep inspiration; it is observed in cases of adherent peri- 
cardium and mediastinal adhesions or tumor. EL't Reqiln^- 
tion, the deep, labored respiration of diabetic conuk. K.^ 
Sjrmp'tom, swelling of the cervical veins during inspiration fa 
adherent pericardium and mediastinal tumor. 

Kussmaul -Landry's Paral'ysis. See Landry's Paralysis. 

Kusso, koos'-o. See Braycra. 

Kyestein, ki-es'-le-in. Same as Gravidin. 

Kyllosis, kil-t/sis. Club-foot. 

Ky'mograph. An instrument for recording various movemsntf 
in the form of waves. 

Cy'moscope. An instrument for studying the blix>d-cunent. 

Kynocephalus, kin-o-sef'-al-ns. See Cynocephalus. 

Kyphoscolio'sis. Combined kyphosis and scoliosis. 

Kypho'tis. Hump-back; angular curvature of the spine. 

Kyphotic, ki-fof-ik. Pertaining to k>'phosis 

Ksrrine, ki'-rin. A kind of peptone which resists the hydrolytic 
action of pepsin and tr>-psin and which has basic proijertiea 

Kyithitis, kis-thi'-tis. Vaginitis, q. v. 

Lab. Sai 


I cUorid 


I eralsint 

Labia, la'- 

-the mo] 

Labia]. 2c^ 


fips, toi 


t'on of t) 

bff the li; 

■'olds of si 
!«Iow the 
I. mKnor, 
urfaces a 
iksxixna spi 
L vestibul 
a.!is that i 

'.emal org: 
Equot axnn 
L^ Inatnu 
Mlwrd, ret< 
Bomxal 8[esi 
L^ Precip'i 
celerity. I 
period of ge 


solution of sodium cail^on^te 10 
; it is a disinfectant, 
notic vein that extends from the lat^ 
1 Of t<j the superior longitudinal «anus, 
I 1. ouijo'ra. two cutanecnis folds from 
t penncum, L. mlno'n, the nymphm, 

ng to the lips. 

Defective speech marked by labia] 

> measure the /etal bead !n the pelvis. 
I place to place. 

vcmcnts of the lips with stuttering. 

<>-glos o-iar-in'-ia al. Relating to the 
^. L. PanU'ysis, Sec Paralysis. 
RelatinfiT to the lipe, tonifut:, and 

[of comprehending speech by obscrva- 
Atiy plaatic opcmtton on the Up 
m-aii'-u-lHm, An instrument for hold 
Su ring an operation, 
w L, c«r'«brl, the margin of the cerebral 
b>s the caUostim, L, ma' jus, one of two 

& external genital organs, ansina just 
id surrounding the vuKi^l entrance, 
|lds of mucous membrane at the inner 
pra. L. tympan'icum, the part of the 
Ihe lower border of r.he sulcus spiralis, 
hanging extremity of the lamifia spl- 
isr part of the sulcus spiralis. 
I: a bringing forth of young. L, Ar- 
tother means than the forces of the ma- 
Wy, when there is a deficiency of the 
Id', that brought on by artificial means. 
I aided by use of instruments. L., 
lead fetus in utero beyond the period of 
»stponed\ delayed beyond nine months, 
Iwhich deiivcri' takes place with undue 
k that taking place before the normal 
Wfffrr the fetus £s vxab/e. Z,, Protrmc^ted^ 
h tt^u^U UnuX Z^ ^poaia^neous, thst 

m^Itiea of tb» inienml c^r, com- 


prising the vestibule, cocMea, and semiclrctilar oanals. Li 
Bo'ny. Same as L. , Osseous. L., Cor'tical, the tortuous tttbulM 
and blood-vessels in the intervals of the cortex of the Iddney. 
L.» Mem'branous, the membranous cavity within the uwooui 
labyrinth. L.» Os'seouB, the bony portion of the internal fltf. 

Labyrinthine, Uxb^r-in'-thin. Pertaining to the labyrinth. 

Labyrinthitis, lab-ir-in'thi'-tis. Inflammation of the labyzinfh. 

Lac lak. Milk. 

Lacerated, las^-er-a-ted. Tom. 

Laceration, las-er-a'-shun. Mechanic rupture; rending. 

Lacer'ti, Lacer'tuli cor'diB. See ColumtuB carnets. 

Lacertus fibrosus, las-er^-tus fi-bro'-sus. An aponeurotic band 
from the biceps-tendon to the fascia of the forearm; semilunar 
or bicipital fascia. 

Lachrymal, lak^-rim-al. See Lacrimal. 

Laciniate, las-in'-e-Qt, Jagged or fringed. 

Lacmoid, lahf-moid. A compound of resorcin and sodium nitxita, 
used in alkalimetry. 

Lacmus, lak'-mus. See Litmus. 

Lacrimal, lahf-rim-al. Pertaining to tears. L. Bone, a small 
bone at the inner side of the orbit. L. Car'xmcle, a small xed 
eminence at the inner angle of the eye. L. Ducts, the ducts of 
the lacrimal gland. L. Punc'ta. See Points^ Lacrimal, L. 
Sac. See Sac. 

Lacrimation, lak-rim-a'-shun. An excessive secretion of tean 

Lacrimof omy. Incision of the lacrimal sac or duct. 

Lacrymal, lakf -rim-al. Same as Lacrimal. 

Lactacidu'ria. The presence of lactic acid in the urine. 

Lactagog, or Lactagogue, lahf-ta-gog. An agent inducing milk- 

Lactalbumin, lakt-al-hu'-min. A proteid found in milk. 

Lactamid, lak-tam'-id. C8H7NO2. A crystalline substance from 
ethyl lactate and ammonia. 
^ Lactant, lahf-tant. Suckling. 

pj: Lac'tase. A soluble enzyme found in the animal body which 
^ hydrolyzes lactose. 

Lactate, lak'-idi. A salt of lactic acid. 

Lactation, lak-taf -shun. 1. The time of suckling. 2. The Ux- 
mation or secretion of milk. 

Lacteal, lahf-te-al. 1. Pertaining to milk. 2. One of the lym- 
phatics of the small intestine that take up chyle. 

Lactein, lahf-te-in. The same as Lactolin, q. v. 

Lacteous, lakf-te-us. Milky. 

Lactetcence, lak-tes^-ens. A milky condition. 

Lactescent, hk-ies^-eni. Yielding milk. 
Lactic, laJb^'tik, Pertaining to milk. L. Ac'id. See Acid. PW 

teats, see l/^elmann, Kelling. L. Fermenta'tlon, the aouAfift 
of milk, 
"^McUferous, lak-tif^er-us. Conveying milk; secreting toSSu 

Ucdfnge. UM'tif-H: 
UcticenoQS, lak-tij' 
Itcticerons, lak-tif- 
Uctinated, lakf-Hn-^ 
ItctiB, lakf-tis. Pei 

IlfcCtiTorous, lak-tit/' 
I&ctocele, la]^-to-sil 
I&ctochrome, lak^-U 
:tol, lak^-tol. Be 
kctolA, lak'U/-lah. 
kctolin, Jak^-Uhlin. 
lac^om'eter. An h 
lactone, lah^-tdn. ( 
lactopeptine, lak-ta 
"t-Lxrc of pepsin, di 
cliloric acid. 
lACtoplie'nin. An \ 
la.ctophos'phate. I 
lActoproteid, lak-to- 
Lac'tokcope. An in 
Lactoee, lak^-tos. C 
Lactostxrio, lak-to-su 
Lectn'ca. A genus < 
Lactncarxiun, lak-tu-. 
it is used as a seda 
Itctncerin, lak-tW-se 
lactncia, lak-tW-sin. 
iKtomen, lak-ti/-mt 
Uetyltropein, lak-til 
tropeiii, used as a 
Uenna, la-kuf-nah, 
Qc hollow space. 
L, Interyilloiis, a 
Uood in which the 
Lxttre's g:lands. L 
he Eustachian tut 
kasULT, la-kvf-nar. 
muitila, la-kW-nwl 
Iitnm. hf'kus. A sn 
tri m - Tig i ila r space be 
i(tetidoriP« test for 
rtxmiacum. and thex 
^lood the upper ]« 

iifdifl^ Bed'-etraw. 
iifty Webster's Pills. 
|iensKr« CiL\»xt\f . 

ir ' g tb» 9Mf«tlofi of mitk* 

[tAining sugaf of milk, 
listing on a mitk diet exclu^vely* 

uNOa, An alk&lold from milk. 
il lactate, an intestinal antiseptic, 
millc made from sktmtned milk, 

.for measuring the purity of milk. 

J^n aromatic liquid from lactic acid. 

fTbe pfoprietary name for a mix 

pancTeatin with lactic aod hydro- 

I and a hypnotic substance, 
tic and phosphoric acids, 
A proleid from milk, 
r testing the quality of milk. 
Sugar of milk, 
gar of milk in the urine, 
L. scari'ola, lettuce. 
The dried juice of Lactnca vir^sa, 
I anodyne. 

ative substance from lactucariura, 
Kr principle from lactucarium. 
pBB with curd like spots. 
L A crystalline substance from 
nas or Lacumr. A small cavity 
the infundibulum of the brain, 
the placenta] spaces filled with 
I hang. L. mac'iiap the largest of 
, one at the pharyngeal end of 

bg to lacunas, 
lliall lacuna. 

^ or cavity. L. lacrima'lisi the 
b eyelids at the inner canthus. 
^ Treat the liquid with tincture of 
fl of eucalyptus; in the presence of 
violet and the lower layer 

fiomea ^ 

E-rmm, a Tefrigerant herb, 
e p JIJ5 of jtioes axjd mastic, 
ijfe/uxiatic bToitchJtis with scanty', 

' thif ifnar/ hoboailed Mvwr 


l..*s Perles, touodiah, gelatinottii masses forming the sputum it^ 
bronchial aBthma. L/s Rale, a modified subcrepitani rftie d\ie 
to tnucus in the bronchiolea; it is noted in puIxnotiaTy eiaphy- 
sexD&. L/i Thromn}us, a globular thrombus fonned is th* 
hearty •specially in caacs where tha kttar Is the Beat qI fattif 
Laf ayette^B Mix'ture. A mixture UMd in ^lODorrhea coosistinB ^ 
ccpftiba, cubebs, potassium hydrate, and swuet spirit oC niva. 

Lagena, la-j^-nah. The third upper extremity of the *»!• 

LagneslSr lag-n^-sxs, Satyri&sia. q, v. 

LaEOphthalmos, iag-affthal'-mtts. An inability to clt.*se the evi a 

Lagostoma, lag-os^-to-mah. Sec UaT9-l%p. 

La Grippe, lak grip. See Influf^tsa. 

Laky Blood, W-ke, Dark transparent blood froiu destruciiQa oi 
the ted corpuscles. 

Lallation, lal -a'- sh u n. The imperfetit pronu nciation of the letter r. 

Lallemand-TrouBBeau's Bod'iei. Gelatinous maaaea found ia th< 
secretion o£ the seminal vesicUnj. 

Lallingr taV-ing. See Lal2iitioH. 

Lalonenrosis, laUo-nu-rc/sis. An impairment of tipeech Itm 
spasmodic action of the nerves. 

Lalopathy, lal-or' -alk -e. An y di»ord€sr of speeth. 

Lalopbohia* lalo-Ji/ -bt-uh. Stutter-spasm, with fear of speaklaj 

LaJoplegiflt Uil-c-pW i^-i^i' Pajalysis of speech not due to paai- 
Ybxz of the tongue, 

Lamb'da, The point af*tinion of the lambdoid and *agittal 

Lamb'dacism. An inabllitT,^ tf> pronounce the letter I. 

Lambdoid, hnt^^oid. Resembling the Greek letter lambda, I 

Lamella, tarn iff -ah, A Uun plate or scale, 1. of Bone, one ol 
the rings around the Haversian caiiaU. L., Conccn'fricowol 
the plates of bone around a Haversian caual. L., Interme'diH^ 
one of the plates filbng the spacer between the concent;* 
I&yers of bone. L., Tdang'ular, a fibrous layer connecting tb 
choroid plexuses of the diacele. L., Vas'cular. the endoclioikni 
L,, Vitreous, the lamina basalis of the choroid. 

Lamellar. Dispdsed in lamcUas. L. Cat'aract. See Calanxl 

Lftmeness* /dw'-tttfj. Limping; weakness of a limb, L„ Iot«» 
mit'teat, paralysis with pain, due apparently to sudden ce» 
tion of the arterial supply; intermittent claudication. 

Lamin, la'-min. A hemostatic alkaloid from Lamium album. 

Lamina, iav^4n-<ih. A thin layer or scale. L. af fixa, the few 
of union of the hemisphere with the thalamus. L. Uof^lk 
a ^ructureless membrane on the inner surface of the 
capW&ris: Bmch's membrane, L, cboriocapiUa''riB* the ton* 

^i'fer of Che choroid consisting of a capillary pWxus. L* dei^' 

^^ the layer of grn.y matter between the callosum atwi ^ 

, qpCto chimamA, U mibro'ma, (1) a cerebral peffor&teA fipiiS"^ 

(2) the err 

mzlcTh thro 

portion of < 

Bowman's i 


•clera, L.i 

gold platev 

tema} ptefj 

tht ethmoid 

tween the 


X^ pro'pria, \ 


pots, quad^ 

loeam ( 
<ijviding the 
pflutition di^l 
« short partj 
part only. { 
«ae betweel 
laroma cin« 
choroid coil 
Same as Ldi 
■^Iniiria, tan 
L. di^itata, \ 


La'BiimB* A ] 

r^nnfn, laWn 

I^ace^ lans„ 

IjBocr^AUx's ] 


the points^ 

wbere thead 

pcratioti i« le 

L^cet, U7wf-i 


surgical knife, 
berate or tear. 

piercing: darting, aa a pain; 
f longitudinal atriaa sitaated on auh 


the ethmoid: C3) the pcMtion of thi 
opiic-oerve filament* paaa, L* deo* 
plate on the superior and exteraaf 
a lamina. L. elat'tica aate'rtor See 
elat'tica poate'rior. See Dtscttnet's 
p^G internal pi«njent«d layer of the 
Ja'tua pterygof del, the estemal ptcry- 
m procet'ina pteryioi'dei. the in^ 
I L. upyn'cea, the os planum of 
Hus'tTal, a- layer of white matter be- 
tf the cortex of the Insula. L, |>er- 
tplate of the cthrooid or raeacthiooid. 
^yer of the memhmna tynipani. L. 
if the midbrain from which the cor- 
i the brachia are developed. L. 
Id membrane covering Corti's organ, 
ftinuation of the rostrum of the cal- 
lerea. L. apira^lU, the spiml partition 
Jy. L. Bpfa-alia oa'MA^ the bony spiral 
Wear ca vity, L, ^im'lia §ecunda'ria» 
l« from the cochlear wall in its lowei 
bl'd«a, a thin layer of connective tis- 
ted the choroid. L, tcrmiBali^ the 
|tilo''H, the outermost layer of the 
illl arteries and veins, t* vifrea 

I A genus of ajgnsj also, th« stems of 
IT tents or bougies. 
Ivanged in layers. 

i 1. Arrangement in plates or layeia. 

I fetat skull. 

|U Excijiion of the vertebml lamfna. 

I the laminaa of a horse's foot. 

k L. album* dead nettle. 


ifc a lancet. 2. A lancet, q, v. 

ilfarf tis. Interstitial nephritis due to 

lirantic thromboses always occur at 

t greatest tendency to stasis; that ia. 
Fdiac propulsion and of thomcic as- 


Landolf i Bod'iei. Small, «loti^ffl^Kvate bodies lying be- 
tween the rods and cones and icsimg upon the .outer nucl«fti 
layer of the ittina, L/» Test for Pho'nol- Treat the aolntWJfi 
with bromin w«ter; a white crystalline precipitate of ttibio©* 
phenol is produced. 
Lttndouzy'B Pur'pura, A form with Rrave systemic symptoniB, 
Landouxy-D€jerine*e T3rpft of Proeres'aive Mua'cular Afropby 

The fadoscapiilohumeral type, 
Landry's Par&l'ysiB. Acute as^endiTig paralysis. 
LandMrfa Fos'ta, Paradnodenal fossa; sret«isu3 venosua. A 
fossfa in the peritoneal cavity that is bounded behind by the 
parietal peritoneum «>veriog the ps->aa. the renal vcasel*. the 
ureter, and a part of 'the left kidney, ♦nd below by the raesa- 
colic fold. 
Lane's Kink. A V-shape condition of the ileum, caused bj 

Lani^'fi Reac'don for Tau'rin. A white combination appearing as 
a precipitate occurs on boiling a solution of taurin with freshly 
prtJcipiLated mercuric oxid. 
Lunger's Ai'illary Arch, The thickened border of fascia wWda 

f urma a bridge across the bicipital groove. 
L^ngerhanft's Bodies, or Islands. Minute isolated masses ol 
spheroidal or polyhedral cells found in the pancrean. L,*s 
Gran'ulsr Lay'eTt stratum granulosum; the layer of epidw 
ma) cells above the rete mucosum. L/s SteiTate Cor'pusclw, 
terminations of nerve- fibers which have been observed in the 
rcte tnucoBum of the cpidemvis. 
Laoghans's Cells, The polygonal epithelial cells, with distinct 
nuclei and cell -walls » constituting Langhans's layer, L^'s Gi'ant 
Cell, the giant cell of a tubercular granuloma. L/s Laj^fr» llis 
inner of the two layers of ceila covering the choriooB; it is de- 
rived from the ectoderm, 
^ Languor